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With the current Fifa World Cup bringing in audiences from all over the world, one thing can be declared without any shred of doubt- soccer is popular. But if we were to listen to the words of Jorge Luis Borges, the famous writer from Argentina, soccer, and stupidity went hand in hand. One of the nominees for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1965, Borges absolutely despised the culture or the mania that soccer brought into the country.

There have been times when people from countries that are not participating in the world cup end up being more enthusiastic about it- as they get seduced by the cosmopolitan air, the colorful pageantry, and also the nostalgia for the beautiful game- something all of us must have played at least once in our lives. But, one does need to understand that any World Cup that is organized is just the surface, the facade for a lot of evil that is underground.

Should one love and be enthusiastic about the World Cup even when it highlights issues like deepening poverty, corruption, and even exploitation? The current WC in Qatar has a death toll for the workers involved in creating the stadiums. The place itself has enforced several Human Rights violations, and one can’t simply turn a blind eye to the rampant corruption that FIFA propagated for quite some time. And yet, when the World Cup is upon us, the mania for it rises. Most of the advertisements that we see on TV, newspaper reports, Tweets from celebrities, and arguments among rival fans- all help us enmesh ourselves in the game. So, would it be better to be a relative outsider and manage to create a difference between the sport itself, as well as the jingoistic bigotry and violence to is usually associated with the games in several parts of the world?

For Jorge Luis Borges, soccer and stupidity are almost synonyms. And being an Argentine, he has a full vision of what actually transpires in games. All of us must have, at some point, read about gang violence that emanated after games between River Plate and Boca Juniors. This soccer-mad country has extremely deep-rooted social divides, and hence violence plays quite a large role in the sporting vision of the country. The author actually posits that it is quite impossible to separate the beautiful game, from the not-so-beautiful fans.

According to Shaj Matthew, Borges believes that the mass mania and fanaticism for the game is a symbol of dogmatic nationalism or fascism. Matthew also writes about how sporting heroes are often used by authoritarian regimes to drum up support. The recently concluded Brazilian elections would highlight that. Bolsonaro drummed up massive support after having several high-profile footballing giants in the country like Neymar Jr. and others promote him. The bond that fans share with the game and the players can often be used negatively by political groups- something Borges absolutely resented.


In one of Borges’ short stories, “Esse Est Percipi”, the writer tries to show how soccer has now started breeding stupidity. In fact, this short story can also explain his resentment towards how the game has transformed. Halfway into the story, it is found out that the game in Argentina has actually stopped being just a game- and is now quite akin to reality TV. In this universe, the representation of the game has replaced playing the game. So, in his story, fans end up following games on TV and in newspapers- which are completely nonexistent- simply because they are too fanatic and gullible to question any part of it.

From a particular perspective, it could be assumed that Borges laments how the beautiful game has been turned into just a Hydra with many different ideologies. One of the heads would be the media for being complicit in creating this mass hysteria for the game- which has transported it from being a means to derive pleasure to being something that can twist and turn public opinion.

Borges hates that soccer can be used for manipulation- for according to him the popularity of soccer can be ascribed to how people simply don’t want to question the things around them. When they are faced with a game of soccer, they turn into automatons, barely able to have some semblance of the world around them. This is their idea of being a part of something that is greater than themselves. While some may turn towards religion, others make soccer their religion. And just like most religions, soccer can manipulate the minds of the fans- warping them according to the need of the hour.

2022 FIFA World Cup: Deception and Distraction

By Mufti Abdullah Moolla -November 22, 2022

Misdirection is a word used commonly by lay people. In relation to art and magic it is a term used by entertainers, tricksters, magicians, and sorcerers. The common person mistakenly assumes this word ‘misdirection’ to imply ‘distraction.’

For example, a common person will shout out ‘hey’ on the street, and while their target is distracted, the very same person who shouted ‘hey’ snatches the wallet, bag, money, purse, or phone off their distracted target. Then you have the entertainer, who will distract their audience and carry out their trick or act of entertainment while the attention of the onlookers is focused elsewhere.

One of the potent methods employed by entertainers, magicians, tricksters, storytellers, and media houses is to tell the audience a story that they can tell themselves, pacify their consciences and promote to others, without really knowing that they were distracted. The entertainers and magicians offer some sort of explanation to their thrilled audiences, but the tricks are played upon the minds of the audiences and not the objects themselves. If the evidence according to the senses is believed, then the ‘magic’ in the mind is made real.

‘Misdirection is the cornerstone of nearly all successful magic’ – TA Waters

In the same way, within this modern and refined age, non-Muslims whose religions frown upon magic and sorcery, are now embracing magic and sorcery wholeheartedly as part of the package of misdirection employed by scientists. The scientists narrate their stories in light of scientific ‘evidence,’ whilst the reality lies somewhere else. An example of the misdirection offered to the world is the Theory of Evolution. While millions (including misdirected Muslims) believe in the scientific ‘evidence’ presented to them, it is a far cry from the truth. In fact, it is simply a lie against Allah Ta’ala, the Noble Qur’an, the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and the religion of Islam.

In essence, the refined society of the twenty-first century has fallen for more refined sorcery and magic.

As we write this, the entire world seems to be engulfed in pacifying their consciences, telling themselves that everything is well and good while they are kept entertained by a ball being kicked around a pitch. What makes matters worse is when highly educated people and scholars fail to recognize the misdirection that they have fallen prey to.

The misdirection being offered to Muslims is of the host country (Qatar) providing various means and methods to propagate Islam and calling to the faith. This is nothing but misdirection. We are told that the Ahadith will be displayed in all corners, Muezzins have been employed to call the Adhan beautifully, and it will be relayed and heard in stadiums and so on.

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Let us look at a few basic examples of the misdirection being explained. Firstly, it is not permissible for the Adhan to be called out and for the Noble Qur’an to be recited in the restroom, or in a sewage facility. This is severe disrespect to the words of Allah Ta’ala and His blessed name. A ring that has the name of Allah Ta’ala engraved upon it cannot be taken into the toilet, and books of Islam and the Sirah cannot be distributed inside a nightclub. In the same way, it is utter and gross disrespect to the entire religion of Islam for the Adhan to be relayed in stadiums, where every vice is perpetrated.

No Muslim in his right sense of mind can imagine justifying the sorts of vices that are done during major sporting tournaments such as the World Cup. Yet, we find misdirected Muslims and misdirected Muslim scholars who feel the need to appreciate the da’wah work being done during the course of the World Cup. We find it difficult to understand how Qatar saw the need to provide this misdirection service to the millions of people who have come to their country for entertainment, drinking and adultery.

We do not appreciate this kind of da’wah work, as it is not a call to pure and pristine Islam, but it is simply a ruse to pacify the suffering Muslim Ummah. Qatar has fallen to the pressure and has bent over backwards to entertain the vices of the entire non-Muslim world. This is while Muslims look on in horror as they see their homes being torn down; their mothers and sisters raped; and their sons slaughtered by the very same visitors they want to please. Qatar is only promoting the Liberalized version of Islam that the football body will be pleased with. This is the misdirection that Qatar is responsible for. For this reason, Qatar does not deserve any du’a or sympathy from the Muslim Ummah.

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We rue the immense wastage of money on a tournament that brings nothing but destruction in its wake.

Think for a moment before an outburst upon what you have just read. Reflect. Have you not been misdirected by all the hype around the World Cup too?

Our du’a and plea is to Allah Ta’ala, we beg Him for His aid and help. And we call for one and all to look deeper into the misdirection that they have been fed, and to refrain from promoting this misdirection any further.

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Western World Cup Fans Demand Beer: Are They More Astray Than Animals?

This current FIFA World Cup (in Qatar) has witnessed Westerners making the most of their opportunity to recycle many Orientalist clichés, however there’s a particularly telling and recurring complaint that seems odd even by their own standards: the ban on beer (or at least the public consumption of alcohol, as there seem to be “designated fan zones” where alcohol consumption is permitted).

Numerous news outlets consider this to be absolutely outrageous and something beyond comprehension. How could Qatar have taken such drastic measures? For instance, the New York Times discusses it as part of some sort of “culture clash.”

Our focus in this article won’t be the dangers posed by alcohol or ethanol to our health. There are already countless articles on this particular issue.

Let’s instead evaluate the Western inability to live without alcohol. It is simply astounding that there’s an entire civilization that can do without God, without parents, etc., for most if not all of their lives. But here they are, completely unable to swallow the possibility that they may have to live without alcohol for less than a single month.

And why is it that they need and depend on alcohol so much?

Is it because they want to be “rational” (while accusing Muslims of being irrational)?

Is it because they want to “defend women’s rights” (while accusing Muslims of being misogynists)?

The answer to these questions is a pretty straightforward no. In fact, alcohol conflicts with all of the above and more. It transforms people into mindless brutes with no notion of self, consciousness, identity, and so on—basically everything that makes us human.

We could even say that it mutates them into animals or something more astray than animals.

The reason I would use such phraseology is because it is actually what we find in the Qur’an (7:179):

Indeed, We have destined many jinn and humans for Hell. They have hearts they do not understand with, eyes they do not see with, and ears they do not hear with. They are like cattle. In fact, they are even less guided! Such ˹people˺ are ˹entirely˺ heedless.

This is a “controversial” verse for many (if not most) of the disbelievers. However our point here is precisely this. Their entire civilization is obsessed with transforming humans into something more astray than animals.

Counter-intuitively, just to show how this actually goes much deeper, we’ll avoid delving into the most obvious intellectual animalization movement of the modern West that is neo-Darwinian evolution, with its ape-fetish.

Animalization in Philosophy

In modern Western philosophy, the two main philosophical traditions are known as rationalism and empiricism. The former is represented by René Descartes and the latter by British thinkers such as John Locke, David Hume, and others.

For rationalists, the basis of their epistemology—or the means by which one may access certain knowledge—is human reason.

For empiricists on the other hand, the basis of their epistemology is the senses, through seeing, etc., and basing their epistemology on the senses led them to comparing humans with animals. After all, animals have senses too.

It is thus no wonder that Étienne Bonnot de Condillac (Locke’s main disciple in France) is described as “blurring of the oppositions distinguishing man and animal,” as noted in an academic article (p. 70). Then you have the aforementioned David Hume (one of the main empiricist thinkers), who proclaimed that “no truth appears to be more evident, than that beast are endow’d with thought and reason as well as men.”

After all, if access to truth is gained through the senses, then animals exploring their natural habitats are also seeking truth through experimentation.

Some two centuries later, this equating humans with animals would lead Peter Singer (one of the West’s most popular philosophers and “the father of the animal rights movement”) to try and justify bestiality (sex with animals). After all, they’re “just like us” right?

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Animalization in Economics

Scottish moral philosopher Adam Smith is often considered to be “the father of modern economics” because of his 1776-essay, The Wealth of Nations.

Yet many place another name before his: the relatively unknown Dutch physician, merchant, and philosopher Bernard de Mandeville. This is someone that Adam Smith was indebted to and someone whose main essay also includes a reference to animals, The Fable of the Bees (published in 1714).

Mandeville can be described as being the father of liberal economics for having anticipated notions such as free-market and laissez-faire. And when applying these to morality, it becomes a paradigm that is not only centered around notions of egoism, selfishness, and ruthless competition but also as a rebuttal of any form of religious morality.

An article summarizes the book as follows:

In the poem, Mandeville imagines a hive of bees that copies in its every detail and activity everything seen in human society. Greed, selfishness, the pursuit of material profit and pleasure dominate everyone in their activities and in their conduct toward others.

No regard is shown for others in market conduct, with each one following their own defined self-interest for personal gain and enjoyment for the fulfillment of their earthly desires. Yet, out of these “vices” of materialistic self-interestedness comes industry, innovation, a mass of goods and services that generate a life of material and culture comfort and ease that benefit all, even though it was no one’s intention, design, or purpose.

In other words:

Acting evil is not only good, but also necessary “for the economy.” (It should also be noted here that according to Mandeville, bees don’t often appear as evil as they should, unlike humans.)

Those who want to personally evaluate the conclusions of such a liberal, individualist, and utilitarian approach to the economy can read a book by Austrian School economist, Walter Block: Defending the Undefendable (published 1976). Within this book, he basically defends drug dealers, pimps, etc., on the basis that they are, from a purely materialistic perspective, “important” economic actors that are “contributing” to society.

I mean, how would many women “generate wealth” that is “contributing to society” if they didn’t become prostitutes? At the end of the day, all of these “contributions” increase the country’s GDP!

Just let that crazy line of thought sink in for a moment.

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Animalization in Psychology

In psychology there was a strong trend towards animalization too. We could argue that part of this was with Freud’s overt sexualization, but it was mainly manifested by the behaviorist movement, which was very influential after WWI up until the late ’50s when Noam Chomsky dismantled it (and empiricism as a whole), enacting the so-called cognitive revolution.

It was founded in the United States by Watson and in the Soviet Union by Pavlov, and this was for discernible reasons:

America was going through Fordism (the idea of standardized mass production), and the Soviet Union itself was totalitarian. Thus both civilizations essentially needed a “mechanical,” soulless individual. And behaviorism, which desired to study humans as animals in terms of deterministic laws and conditioning, was obviously the perfect psychological tool.

Just as Pavlov famously conditioned his dogs (for which he’d receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1904), behaviorism aimed for the conditioning of individuals in the same way—as valueless workers in Communist Russia or as brainless consumers in Capitalist America.

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The most famous of the American behaviorists, B.F. Skinner, would regularly try and remind us that humans and animals aren’t that different.

So, Are They More Astray Than Animals?

This kind of animalization in philosophy, economics, and psychology wasn’t to be kept in the books of a few select individuals. Instead, it would define the nature of Western civilization, something William Davies calls The Happiness Industry (within his book, named as such).

It is basically the godless civilization of soulless individuals who seek some elusive happiness through their hedonistic lifestyles.

This explains the latest episode in Western behavior with what’s going on in Qatar:

They no longer have God, family, values, etc., but for some reason they’re outraged at not having a beer for a few weeks while watching some silly and completely inconsequential football matches.

Is getting drunk—and temporarily annihilating the very “reason” they try to employ against Muslims—really that important and vital to their existence?

Contrast this with the very purpose of our creation:

And [know that] I have not created [either] jinn or human beings [for any other end] but to [know and] worship Me [alone]. (Qur’an, 51:56)

They are more astray than animals.

Animals at least submit to Allah.

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Why is US National Soccer Antagonizing Qatar with Pro-LGBT Crest?

The United States’ men’s national soccer/football team are proudly putting their love, tolerance, respect, inclusiveness and acceptance on full display. How, you ask? By forcefully pushing gay values onto a conservative Muslim country that wants nothing to do with them, of course.

The team has gone as far as redesigning their crest to include seven colored stripes, replacing their usual red stripes, to be used in their training facility and media center in order to show their support for the so-called “LGBTQ community” ahead of the FIFA World Cup.

According a recent Daily Mail article:

“The United States’ men’s national team have made a huge statement at the World Cup in Qatar by redesigning their crest to incorporate the rainbow flag, in a bid to show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.”

The USMNT’s Chief Communications Officer, Neil Buethe, stated to the Daily Mail:

“Our rainbow badge has an important and consistent role in the identity of U.S. Soccer.

As part of our approach for any match or event, we include rainbow branding to support and embrace the LGBTQ community, as well as to promote a spirit of inclusiveness and welcoming to all fans across the globe.”

What about showing “solidarity” with the Muslim country that is hosting you? This is a country where these ideas are not welcome and are rejected outright. Where is your love, respect and tolerance for their religion, beliefs, culture, customs, laws, wishes and so on? Is your love, respect and tolerance reserved only for the LGBTQ?

These people claim to be the most tolerant, respectful and inclusive of all, yet, the reality is that they refuse to tolerate anything that opposes their own beliefs and ideals. They are the biggest bigots on the face of the earth.

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If you don’t abandon your beliefs, culture, laws, etc., they’ll even put a target on your back and invade your country, or impose sanctions to try and starve you all to death.

This is all despite the fact that Qatar has actually gone as far as stating that all are welcome, including people from the LGBTQ community, only that they would need to adhere to the laws of the country regarding public displays of affection. But this is simply not enough for Modern-Day Qawm Lut, as they demand not only be accepted, but praised and celebrated for their “identity.”

Hopefully the American team will face some backlash regarding their new rainbow branding. The good news is that they will not be featuring their “special” rainbow crests during matches.

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Qatar: How the World Cup Is Being Used to Spread Liberalism to Muslims

By Mufti Abdullah Moolla -October 19, 2022

Qatar will be hosting the FIFA World Cup from 20 November to 18 December 2022.

With all the glamour with which sport is promoted, there also comes a trail of immorality and spiritual corruption. For Muslims, sport stands for nothing and often brings disaster and devastation. In this article, we are not focusing on stats and measures of the perceived ‘benefits’ and profits that accrue from football tournaments, but rather the shocking circumstances and immoral conditions in which such tournaments are held.

When the rights to host the World Cup were granted to Qatar, from the outset, there were accusations of bribery and corruption. These accusations were substantiated later on, but Qatar did not lose hosting rights.

As time passed since Qatar ‘clinched’ the bid to host, more accusations were hurled at the nation. Issues of climate change, human rights, progress, and advancement were prominent in world media. But Qatar dealt with these charges. They showed the world their high levels of “forward thinking” and tolerance in responding to these claims. But now, that tolerance has grown to accept every sin in the book (and out of the book) for the sake of the tournament.

Qatar’s World Cup chief recently told Sky News that:

  • Gay fans will be welcome to display affection and rainbow flags;
  • FIFA will have to decide on captains wearing “One Love” armbands while cautioning against “political messages” by teams;
  • Areas will be set up for drunk supporters to sober up; and

Does it not strike at the īmān and nature of a common Muslim to see such things unfold in a Muslim country? Did a Muslim country just wake up and say, well, today we are embracing alcohol and gay rights? Or, is sport being used as a tool to place within Muslims the capacity to embrace all evil under the guise of advancement?

We have learnt that as things stand, Muslims, like those in Qatar, and elsewhere are willing to bend over backwards to embrace modernity, casting aside every ounce of self-respect and ghayrah for the most treasured possessions of īmān and Islām.

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Why did Qatar capitulate to gay fans and rainbow flags? Did they capitulate now, or, did they willfully employ a strategy to show that they ‘capitulated’, whilst they had secretly embraced and accepted these things when they first put their bid in?

‘We had to, for the sake of the tournament’ can never be accepted as a pretext for embracing alcohol and gay rights under any circumstances.

‘But Muslim players are playing, we support them,’ is another façade. Muslim players across all sports are propped up from time to time to deceive the unwary and ignorant into embracing the evil actions and ‘progressive’ image that the so-called Muslim player displays.

The capitulation of Qatar also goes to show how dogmatic the ‘progressive’ and ‘advanced’ nations are in terms of abusing others into accepting their ways and ideas. Liberals spread immorality without fear or favor, whilst Muslim fans harp on about the achievements of the players? How does this even make sense? Who defines ‘progressive’ and ‘advanced’? The repetition of these words shows us that ‘progressive’ and ‘advanced’ are being applied selectively, because when Muslims choose to progress within the parameters of Islām, they suddenly become ‘backward.’

In what way does hosting a football tournament help the Muslims in various parts of the world, whose basic human rights are being trampled upon all the time?

We place our trust in Allāh Ta’ālā and our hope in His endless mercy to save the entire Muslim Ummah from the trap of the World Cup, and may He grant one and all the ability to see through the filth they are being fed, and the ability to refrain from everything associated with such ‘progressiveness.’

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