COVID Fraud – Lawyers & Medical Experts start legal proceedings against W.H.O

COVID Fraud – Lawyers & Medical Experts start legal proceedings against W.H.O and World Leaders for ‘Crimes against Humanity’

By The Daily Expose on May 7, 2021 • ( 198 Comments )

A team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich have begun legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO & the Davos Group for crimes against humanity.

Fuellmich and his team present the faulty PCR test and the order for doctors to label any comorbidity death as a Covid death as fraud. The PCR test was never designed to detect pathogens and is 100% faulty at 35 cycles. All the PCR tests overseen by the CDC are set at 37 to 45 cycles. The CDC admits that any tests over 28 cycles are not admissible for a positive reliable result. This alone invalidates over 90% of the alleged covid cases / ”infections” tracked by the use of this faulty test.

In addition to the flawed tests and fraudulent death certificates, the “experimental” vaccine itself is in violation of Article 32 of the Geneva Convention. Under Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention IV, “mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not necessitated by the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited. According to Article 147, conducting biological experiments on protected persons is a grave breach of the Convention.

The “experimental” vaccine is in violation of all 10 of the Nuremberg Codes which carry the death penalty for those who seek to violate these International Laws.

The “vaccine” fails to meet the following five requirements to be considered a vaccine and is by definition a medical “experiment” and trial:

Provides immunity to the virus
This is a “leaky” gene therapy that does not provide immunity to Covid and claims to reduce symptoms yet double-vaccinated are now 60% of the patients requiring ER or ICU with covid infections.

Protects recipients from getting the virus
This gene-therapy does not provide immunity and double-vaccinated can still catch and spread the virus.

Reduces deaths from the virus infection
This gene-therapy does not reduce deaths from the infection. Double-Vaccinated infected with Covid have also died.

Reduces circulation of the virus

This gene-therapy still permits the spread of the virus as it offers zero immunity to the virus.

Reduces transmission of the virus

This gene-therapy still permits the transmission of the virus as it offers zero immunity to the virus.

9 Zul-Hajj 1442 – 20 July 2021

Here’s WHO’s Really Behind the Global Manmade Health Crisis

Here’s WHO’s Really Behind the Global Manmade Health Crisis

Posted on June 12, 2020 by State of the Nation

by Dr. Mark Sircus
June 01, 2020 from DrSircus Website

What is the true nature of the WHO (World Health Organization)?

Are they merchants of death or servers of life and health?

Is Trump being dangerous and short-sighted in cutting all funding (400 million) to them or is he being a brave leader willing to stand up to a savage organization?

Trump claimed that China has “total control” over the WHO organization of 194 member states.

He said China had pressured the WHO to “mislead the world” over the origins of the pandemic, which he described as the “Wuhan virus.”

The World Health Organization and the CDC initially
advised against wearing masks, saying there was little
evidence that it would help prevent people from getting sick.

Just recently, the media had to rescue the leader of the WHO with a grand snow job…

Amazing the amount of flowers they needed to cover up something they certainly do not want us to know…

Tedros Adhanom is renowned for his warmth and a tendency to call everyone from colleagues to world leaders ‘brother’ or ‘sister’.

He is an incredibly smart, open, honest, science-based man.

He is a man of great principle, and his calm but firm, courageous leadership of WHO during this terrible COVID-19 pandemic is exactly what the world needs right now,” tweeted Laura Hammond, a University of London professor.

Must be something wrong with him…

In all my 67 years never heard anyone talked about like this. For me he is a mainstream hit man for the medical industrial empire, a medical Hitler who has no problem taking apart the world with lock-downs of the human race.

All for good reason and with a smile, right?

The WHO represents the heart of the pharmaceutical world.

They along with the CDC and the FDA have been lording over all our lives for decades without complaint from the public.

On a medical level its already a one world government.

The president of the WHO has been confronted for being a front man for the Chinese and is one of the reasons they are losing American funding.

The tragedy of the global lock-down (take-down) will be remembered for a thousand years.

It will mark the beginning of a world convulsion.

It’s going to be bad, a nightmare, a horror movie.

But to too many politicians its a delight to express their hard authoritarian inner beings.

“China’s cover up of the Wuhan virus allowed the disease to spread all over the world, instigating a global pandemic that has caused more than 100,000 American lives,” President Trump said.

Remember, the WHO had high praise for the Chinese response, which was then copied around much of the world, all with the WHO’s blessing.

Killing People with Misinformation

“Members of Congress, on both sides of the aisle, have consistently worked to fully fund the World Health Organization, in keeping with a long, proud, bipartisan tradition of U.S. leadership in global public health.

Congressional leaders have also spoken out in favor of U.S. cooperation with WHO to help respond to the unprecedented crisis we face with COVID-19.”

Hydroxychloroquine has about 90 Percent
chance of helping COVID-19 Patients.
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci said that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is not an effective treatment for the coronavirus, based on the available data.

A few years ago the British medical journal, The Lancet, published a paper touting the safety of HCQ

But this was before HCQ with zinc was found effective if used earlier enough against Covid-19.

Covid-19 turned HCQ’s effectiveness into a big problem.

One has to understand that there can be no treatment for the coronavirus until an approved vaccine makes its appearance.

They cannot let an inexpensive generic drug free everyone from lock-down.

Any treatment that works would gut the plan for a profitable mandatory vaccine.

The press, of course, is happy for the controversy and confusion.

They love to divide enjoying the conflict of everything…

Now a new Lancet study was essential for Big Pharma to prevent the spread of the HCQ treatment and awareness of its safety and effectiveness.

As soon as it appeared, it was used to close down the World Health Organization’s clinical trial of hydoxychloroquine in coronavirus patients citing safety concerns.

“The intent is to bury HCQ as a low cost effective treatment and to put in its place a high cost alternative whether effective or not, and to supplement this enhancement of profits with mass vaccination which might do us more harm than the virus itself.

Big Pharma could care less. The only value it knows is profit,” writes Paul Craig Roberts.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko‘s medical team in New York used simple cocktail of three cheap, proven, widely available drugs to successfully treat at least 500 patients with the coronavirus in the early going of the pandemic.

“He used an out-patient treatment combining the common anti-malarial drug hydroxy-chloroquine with the popular antibotic azithromycin (known as Z-Pak) and zinc sulfate.”

He has been 100 percent at saving all his patients lives…

Dr. Stephen Smith, founder of the Smith Center for Infectious Diseases and Urban Health in East Orange, New Jersey, talked about the remarkable results he is seeing in his coronavirus patients using a combination of hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin,

marks the “beginning of the end” of the COVID-19 pandemic…

Dr. Smith also said not a single patient he has been treating with the combination over a five-day period has had to be placed on a ‘ventilator.’

“It’s a game-changer. It’s an absolute game-changer,” he said.

“I think this is the beginning of the end of the pandemic. I’m very serious,” said Smith, whose facility is in the New York metropolitan area, the U.S. hotspot for the coronavirus outbreak.

The criminal leaders of the lockdown madness that has overtaken the world are against humanity resolving the coronavirus through either natural or pharmaceutical means.

Personally I am for using natural treatments but sometimes modern medicine has something of value to offer.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) is one of the most trusted medical organizations in the world.

The ‘WHO’, ‘CDC’ and the ‘FDA’ are the last to be trusted in my books…

Hydroxychloroqine – a cheap, widely-prescribed anti-malaria drug which was deemed safe for decades until it showed efficacy treating coronavirus – needs to be made,

“widely available and promoted immediately for physicians to prescribe,” according to Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch.

Harvey Risch notes that the combination of hydroxychloroquine with the antibiotic azithromycin (AZ),

“has been widely misrepresented in both clinical reports and public media,” and that “five studies, including two controlled clinical trials, have demonstrated significant major outpatient treatment efficacy.”

It’s Almost Against the Law to be Against Vaccines

What this is all about will get your legs cut off on social media as well as on Google.

The back side of the pandemic is vaccines. It is about what Robert Kennedy Jr, describes as a criminally corrupt industry…

In his interview with Patrick Bet-David, Kennedy describes what lies have been forced on the public to cover up the corruption and he shows that the truth is the opposite of what we have been told.

For example, Kennedy says his research shows:

1.You are more apt to contract a disease from a vaccinated person than one who is not vaccinated!

2.Vaccines kill more people than the diseases do!

3.Vaccines are insanely profitable to the companies that make them, but that is peanuts compared to the profits from selling drugs and devices to treat illnesses the vaccines create!

The business model of the pharmaceutical industry is not to make people well, but to treat their symptoms and keep them sick so they will be customers for life…!


We are trusting people and organizations to lead the world into a viral driven hell.

The death rates are much lower than advertised and treatments are much better than the no treatment hail Mary of health care officials. It’s a set up, a scam of the worst kind imaginable.

The last thing he wants the world to see is that modern medicine is a killing machine that is being allowed to destroy the world’s economy and people’s lives.

Saying the pandemic is a scam is not to say the virus does not exist and that people are not dying.

However, “Flatten the Curve – Destroy the World” is a fitting motto to describe the WHO’s guidance through the early days of this pandemic.

“It is difficult to identify circumstances in the past half-century when large-scale quarantine has been effectively used in the control of any disease.

The negative consequences of large-scale quarantine are so extreme,

forced confinement of sick people with the well; complete restriction of movement of large populations. Difficulty in getting critical supplies, medicines, and food to people inside the quarantine zone,

…that this mitigation measure should be eliminated from serious consideration,” wrote Donald A. Henderson (1928-2016), who was a great physician who is credited with smallpox eradication.

We need, a vision of an honest medical system that serves rather than destroys people’s lives…


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(President of Madagascar)

Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina has allegedly declared that the World Health Organization, WHO offered him $20,000,000 to put a little toxic in their remedy for coronavirus as the Europeans hacked their Remedy.

Andry Rajoelina says: “People be vigilant, the World Health Organization that we have joined by thinking that it will help us, is there to kill Africans.”

“My country Madagascar has found a cure for coronavirus but the Europeans have told me a proposed $20,000,000 to put toxins in this remedy to kill my African friends who will use it. I ask all Africans not to use their coronavirus vaccine, because it’s killing, come to Madagascar you who are sick, my country is ready to receive you with enthusiasm, our remedy is in yellow color, do not buy the one of the green color, the one of the green color comes from Europe, the Europeans hacked our remedy, they have put poisons to kill only the Africans as they wanted with the vaccines that we protest.” He added

“Please share this message because it is urgent, they hacked our medicine, I want all the Africans to know it, please do not keep this message with you, share!” He concluded.

12 Shawwaal 1441 – 5 June 2020



WHO Offered $20M Bribe To Poison COVID-19 Cure – Madagascar President

By   GreatGameIndia May 16, 2020

In a shocking development the President of Madagascar has made a sensational claim that the WHO offered $20m bribe to poison COVID-19 cure. The herbal remedy called COVID-19 Organics made from Artemisia can cure COVID-19 patients within ten days said the President. He also raised the question that if it was a European country that had actually discovered this remedy, would there be so much doubt?

WHO Offered $20M Bribe To Poison COVID-19 Cure – Madagascar President

The President of Madagascar Andry Rajoelina has accused the World Health Organisation of a plot to have its COVID-19 Organics, the local African ‘cure’ for the virus poisoned. Rajoelina claims WHO offered a $20 million bribe to poisoned their medicine, Tanzania Perspective reported on the front-page of its 14th May edition.

The President of Madagascar believes the only reason the rest of the world has refused to treat Madagascar’s cure for the coronavirus with urgency and respect is that the remedy comes from Africa.

WHO Offered $20M Bribe To Poison COVID-19 Cure says the President of Madagascar as reported by Tanzania Perspective

In an interview with French media, President Rajoelina reportedly said he has noticed what he believes stems from usual condescension toward Africans. “I think the problem is that (the drink) comes from Africa and they can’t admit… that a country like Madagascar… has come up with this formula to save the world.”

“What is the problem with Covid-Organics, really? Could it be that this product comes from Africa? Could it be that it’s not OK for a country like Madagascar, which is the 63rd poorest country in the world… to have come up with (this formula) that can help save the world?”

“If it wasn’t Madagascar, and if it was a European country that had actually discovered this remedy, would there be so much doubt? I don’t think so,” said Africa’s youngest head of state, the President of Madagascar Andry Rajoelina.

The remedy, COVID Organics, is made from Artemisia, a plant imported into Madagascar in the 1970s from China to treat malaria. Artemisia has had proven success against malaria and according to President Rajoelina it can cure COVID-19 patients within ten days.

However, the WHO has criticized such natural therapeutic measures against the coronavirus as blind faith. In response to the skepticism with which the WHO is treating the COVID Organics, Rajoelina said, “No country or organisation will keep us from going forward.”

A host of other African countries including, Tanzania, Guinea-Bissau, DR Congo and Niger, have imported the Madagascan made recipe.


Meanwhile, in yet another African nation Nigeria, Bill Gates has been caught bribing forced Coronavirus program. Based on an intercepted human intelligence report, a controversy has erupted in Nigeria whereby it is revealed that Bill Gates offered $10 million bribe for a forced vaccination program for Coronavirus to the Nigerian House of Representatives.

The opposition political parties rejected the “foreign-sponsored Bill” mandating the compulsory vaccination of all Nigerians even when the vaccines have not been discovered and demanded the Speaker be impeached if he forces the bill on members.

Just a couple of days later, an Italian politician demanded the arrest of Bill Gates in the Italian parliament. Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome denounced Bill Gates as a “vaccine criminal” and urged the Italian President to hand him over to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. She also exposed Bill Gates’ agenda in India and Africa, along with the plans to chip the human race through the digital identification program ID2020.

The Madagascar controversy has erupted days after Tanzania kicked out WHO after Goat and Papaya samples came COVID-19 Positive. With the rise in false Coronavirus cases, the Tanzanian President John Magufuli growing suspicious of the World Health Organization (WHO), decided to investigate the claims himself.

He sent the WHO samples of a goat, a papaya and a quail for testing. After all 3 samples came COVID-19 positive, the Tanzanian President is reported to have kicked out WHO from the country.

Following the Tanzanian lead Burundi also kicked out entire WHO Coronavirus Team from the country for interference in internal matters. In a letter addressed to WHO’s Africa headquarters, the foreign ministry says the four officials must leave by Friday.

Looks like WHO’s days in Africa are over!

22 Ramadhaan 1441 – 16 May 2020

WHO now openly admitting that vaccines cause more polio than actual wild virus

Image: WHO now openly admitting that vaccines cause more polio than actual wild virus

WHO now openly admitting that vaccines cause more polio than actual wild virus
Tuesday, December 03, 2019 by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The World Health Organization (WHO) is finally coming clean about the fact that oral polio vaccines, which government officials claim prevent polio infection, are actually spreading polio all throughout Africa.

Nigeria, Congo, Central African Republic, and Angola are all reporting new cases of polio caused by the oral polio vaccine, which is causing children to become paralyzed and die in the name of “disease prevention.”

In a recent report, the WHO revealed that there are now seven countries throughout Africa, including the aforementioned four, where oral polio vaccine-caused polio is harming children. Oral polio vaccines are also causing children to develop polio in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere throughout Asia.

Contradicting what politicians and health authorities here in the West are claiming about the “miraculous” nature of FDA-approved vaccines, the WHO says that oral polio vaccines are wreaking havoc on public health all throughout the third world.

Because they contain live virus components that have the capacity to morph into full-blown polio, oral polio vaccines are a high-risk “medicine” that we can now clearly see is causing far more harm than good.

“All the current vaccine-derived polio cases have been sparked by a Type 2 virus contained in the vaccine,” admits the Associated Press. “Type 2 wild virus was eliminated years ago,” the AP goes on to explain.

Environmentally speaking, wild polio virus is said to spread via contaminated water and food, and usually affects children under the age of five. Roughly one out of every 200 infections results in paralysis, while an even smaller percentage of cases ends in death.

But the bigger polio threat is now coming from oral polio vaccines, as the pharmaceutical and vaccine industries, as well as their lapdogs in politics and media, continue to push them as some kind of “remedy” for polio.

Rich people are still donating billions to push more vaccines on third world populations
None of this information is new, of course. While it might be new in the sense that health “authorities” are now the ones admitting it, the independent media has long warned about the dangers of vaccines like the oral polio vaccine that contain live virus components, as such vaccines have the potential to “shed” these virus components and cause more disease.

And this is precisely what’s happening all throughout the third world with oral polio vaccines, even as wealthy donors continue to donate money to the tune of billions to see more of these vaccines forced on third-world children and their families who simply don’t know any better.

Big Vaccine is essentially taking advantage of indigenous people groups throughout Africa and Asia by lying to them about the “protection” they’ll supposedly receive against disease if only they’ll submit to getting blasted with live viruses, either orally or through a needle – and high-dollar “philanthropists” are making it all happen.

“Donors last week pledged $2.6 billion to combat polio as part of an eradication initiative that began in 1988 and hoped to wipe out polio by 2000,” the AP reports, presumably referring to billionaire philanthropists like Bill Gates who has openly admitted that vaccines are a ploy to drastically reduce the world’s population.

Amazingly, the WHO is still claiming that more than 95 percent of the world’s population needs to be “immunized” in order to “eradicate polio,” even as this “public health” arm of the United Nations (UN) admits that oral polio vaccines don’t even work.

According to the Independent Monitoring Board, a group established by the WHO to assess polio eradication, health authorities in Africa are already “failing badly” to achieve their goal of stopping these vaccine-induced polio outbreaks within 120 days of detection.

To keep up with the latest news about the dangers and ineffectiveness of government-sanctioned vaccines, be sure to check out

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