The bosom acceptance of the Israeli Iblees by Erdogan serves to expose  the latter’s true colours. While the Muslims of the world had gained the  impression that Erdogan was a ‘saviour’ of the Ummah, they miserably failed to understand that this impression was a stupid notion based on a mirage. The stupidity of the notion is well comprehended by those whose intelligence  has not been corrupted by  mundane designs and  obliviousness of the objective of  Imaan.

   At most, Erdogan was a window  which Allah Ta’ala has opened in the solid wall of kufr in which Turkey was esconsed since the  abolition of the Khilaafat and the imposition of the raw kufr of Attaturkism.  With the advent of Erdogan the  kufr of Attaturk’s oppression was cancelled  for those who had Islam at heart.  With Erdogan, Allah Ta’ala is providing Deeni-inclined  Muslims of Turkey an opportunity to take maximum advantage and to  lay the foundations for the spread of Islam in Turkey where kufr predominates despite the ostentatious  profession of Islam.  

   The occasional Islamic squeak made by Erdogan is politically motivated to gain the support of the Muslims of the world. Playing the national anthem of Israel and paying respects  at the mausoleum of Islam’s greatest enemy, Attaturk are a brutal affront for  Islam and true Muslims. Opening of the Sophia Musjid in Istanbul is another political stunt devoid of Islamic altruism. All the  trappings of Christian kufr  have been retained in the Musjid. The  temple character still pervades the Musjid which is still polluted by droves of tourists wallowing in janaabat and kufr.

    If Erdogan had any understanding of Imaan, the Israeli president’s glowing tribute and showering of accolades on  the Iblees, Attaturk would not have been accepted with a smile and solemn  condonation as  Erdogan had done. If the Israeli president had  for example  said that Erdogan was an illegitimate son of a whore, would he have remained silent? Would he have  smiled?  Yet,  it was perfectly  acceptable and tolerable for him to have accepted  the praises which Herzog lauded on Islam’s enemy, Attaturk who had abolished not only the Khilaafat, but  Islam as well.  The entire population was denuded of Imaan  during his reign, and that kufr endures to this day.

   If political circumstances constrained peace  with Israel, there is scope in Islam  for a treaty with the enemy  as demonstrated  by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) on the occasion of Hudaibiyyah. But, peace with the enemy does not mean bootlicking and  acceptance of the kufr the enemy  proffers.  Peace with the enemy does not permit praising and honouring the kaafir. The Arsh of Allah Azza Wa Jal shudders when  the enemies of the Deen are honoured and praised. Erdogan is guilty of this capital crime.   

    Furthermore, Turkey is  under no pressure of any kind to  enter into a bootlicking friendship with Israel. Israel is not a military threat to Turkey. The Shariat permits a peace  treaty with the enemy only if the Muslim army has been reduced to impotence and defeat. This is not the case with Turkey, hence there is not even  a valid worldly reason  for  Erdogan’s bootlicking embrace  of the Israeli president.




(Palestine Information Network and Agencies)

       President of the Israeli State, Isaac Herzog met Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday afternoon, shortly after landing in Ankara for a “landmark” 24-hour visit.

       In remarks to the media, Erdogan said he believed that “this historic visit will be a turning point in relations between Turkey and Israel. Strengthening relations with the State of Israel has great value for our country.”

  He noted that the meeting with Herzog included a discussion about events in Ukraine and in the Eastern Mediterranean and said he believed “the coming period will bring new opportunities for both regional and bilateral cooperation.”

  The Turkish leader expressed hope that “this important visit, taking place after so long, will provide an opening for future joint opportunities.”

  Arriving at the presidential complex in Ankara, Herzog was greeted by Erdogan and an honor guard, as a band played the Israeli anthem for the first time since 2008.

  Prior to his meeting with Erdogan, Herzog visited the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founding father of secular Turkey, and laid a wreath.

  “It is a distinct privilege to be visiting this historic site, immortalizing the great visionary Mustafa Kemal Ataturk,” he wrote in English.

  “May we follow in the wisdom of this great leader’s legacy of progress and peace, boldly choosing the path of collaboration and welcoming the many fruits to be reaped from the promise of a safer and more stable world for our nations, our faiths, our region and the world,” he added.

  It had been announced that Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu is set to visit Israel next month, as both nations seek to rekindle the once warm relations between the countries.

  Cavusoglu is expected to meet with Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and discuss the reopening of embassies in both countries.

  Regarding Palestine, Erdogan said he raised his concerns in his meeting with Herzog, and stressed the need to improve the Palestinian economy as well as “the preservation of al-Aqsa.” Two states living side by side remains an important goal, he reportedly added.

  An Al-Jazeera correspondent highlighted demonstrations and protests that occurred across

Turkey rejecting the visit of the Israeli president. Turkish activists burned Israeli flags on the road to the airport where the Herzog plane landed in Ankara and instead raised Palestinian flags.

       Islamic civil society organizations also organized demonstrations in Ankara, Istanbul and other Turkish provinces to protest against the Israeli president’s visit.

  In the protest that took place in front of the Israeli embassy in Ankara, the demonstrators chanted slogans against the United States and Israel, and carried pictures of the Turkish martyrs who lost their lives when assassinated by Israeli soldiers onboard the Mavi Marmara. Israeli flags were also burned.

  “We will not forget the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian martyrs, and in the name of the sanctity of Al-Quds and Masjid al-Aqsa, this visit must be confronted, as it is a step towards normalizing relations with Israel,” said the press statement, which was read out by a representative of the Anatolian Youth Association.

  On the sidelines of the protest, Zaki Qanat (one of those wounded by Israeli terrorism onboard the Mavi Marmara) said in an interview with Al Jazeera that Herzog’s arrival in Turkey was a “disgrace.”

  In the same context, a Turkish Islamic Party issued a statement against the Israeli president’s visit, saying, “The visit of the murderer Herzog to Turkey has seriously harmed our nation. This visit means betrayal of the Palestinian cause.”

  The statement called on the Turkish president to sever relations with Israel, and said, “Israel wants to sell the gas it stole from our Palestinian brothers to Europe through Turkey. The Turkish government should not mediate to enable Israeli theft, as our nation does not accept such an agreement that legitimizes Israeli terrorism.”

  He stressed that Turkey’s normalization with Israel will only bring occupation and massacres to Palestine, and can only bring evil to Turkey.

(Palestine Information Network and Agencies)