Counsel: The
Message of the Haq
By Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Maseehullah Khan (Rahmatullahi Alaih)
“Whatever misfortune afflicts you is on account of your sins.”
(Surah Shoora, Aayat 30)

Who is oblivious of the waves of anxiety crashing down upon Muslims in these times? Who is not in pain and who does not sympathize with those afflicted with the problems? This sympathy has pressed me to diagnose the disease and present the remedy.

It is therefore submitted that the luxury, pleasure, tranquillity and comfort which Muslims are in search of today, and the road they wish to follow, and the remedy they wish to adopt, can never be found under the guidance of the doctors, professors and scientists of the west. (All of these morons are the bootlickers of their western masters – The Majlis) Following in their footsteps, adopting and affiliating with their political stunts will not provide the desired solution and remedy to the ills of the Ummah.

As a matter of fact, the correct cure, the right road, the proper diagnosis of the causes, the prescription and the medicine is the Kitaab of Allah (the Qur’aan and Shariah) which the Greatest Physician, the Master Hakeem, the Gracious Rasool (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) came with. Only that (the Kitaab of Allah) can diagnose our sicknesses and explain its causes. Its prescriptions can eliminate the viruses, and by virtue of it (the Qur’aan) we can live a life of peace even in this dunya.

The reason for the above is that just as every person’s disposition is different and hence his treatment differs. Similarly the disposition of every nation differs and the sickness and treatment for every nation are therefore respectively different. Thus, if any nation can attain the pinnacle of progress on earth through self-centredness and ostentation, and that nation can find pleasure and happiness in idol-worship, it is not conceivable for the Muslim Nation to choose, Allah forbid, such a course of action and adopt such ways to achieve glory and comfort in this world.

In fact, even if such actions and ways are antidotes for other nations then the same is poisonous for the Muslim Nation.
(Here Hadhrat Masihullah – Rahmatullah alayh – is drawing our attention to the stupid ‘remedy’ which the western bootlickers offer. For them success and glory are to be found in western technology and mundane progress. Whilst these are the tools for the success of the kuffaar, the success of the Ummah is reliant on something else as Hadhrat Masihullah explains further on – The Majlis)

The Book of Cure, the Qur’aan Kareem has diagnosed our sickness in this manner:
“Whoever turns away from My remembrance and obedience then truly his life in this world will become miserable.” (Surah Taha, Aayat 124)
The Tafseer of this is that the one punishment for sinning is indolence and lethargy which will overcome one in Ibaadat, one’s life will become stressed out and one will look for pleasure but will not find it.
“When you (O Muslims) were overcome with the misfortune of defeat (in the Battle of Uhud), whereas they (the disbelievers) were hit with double the misfortune (at Badr), then you (O Muslims!) said: ‘What has happened!’ Say (O Muhammad): ‘It is on account of your erroneous judgement (of abandoning the mountain pass against the instructions of the Rasool Sallallahu alayhi_wasallam).” (Surah Aali Imraan, Aayat 165)

The diagnosis reveals that the cause of the disease is thus sin and transgression. Now, the Qur’aan prescribing the only cure, states:
“Whoever is obedient to Allah and His Rasool, most certainly he has attained a magnificent success.” (Surah Ahzaab, Aayat 71)

Thus, Haq Ta’ala has inextricably interwoven the glory and victory of this Ummah in this world, as well as everlasting pleasure, success and salvation in the Aakhirat in His Taa’at (submission and obedience to Him).

Sin and transgression are lethal poisons for the disposition of the Muslim Nation. The only treatment and medication for all our sicknesses and for the obtainal of complete divine help and victory are Taubah and Itaa’at (contrition and submission).
(Inaabat ilal laah – to turn unto Allah Ta’ala in repentance and obedience which envisage adoption of the Sunnah and following the Shariah meticulously – is the one and only solution and remedy for the ills, misery and humiliation in which the Ummah grovels today – The Majlis)

“O Believers! Turn to the Doors of Allah with sincere contrition.” (Surah Tahreem, Aayat 8)

It should be noted that it is the obligatory duty of every Muslim to protect the Shi’aar of Islam (the Salient Features of Islam) and it devolves as a first responsibility upon Muslim leaders to strive and drive tirelessly and relentlessly to protect and preserve the Features of Islam. (Alas! For us, today, this is a pipe dream. The preponderance of bootlicking molvis, fake sheikhs, juhhaal, fussaaq and fujjaar leaders confirms that the reformation of this Ummah is now left to Imaam Mahdi – alayhis salaam).

If, Allah Ta’ala forbid, anything unfavourable emanates from the authorities then bring this to their attention through repeated correspondence. If unsuccessful, then never adopt an anarchical approach. (i.e. Do not embark on ‘jihad’ programs orchestrated by the likes of the C.I.A. of America and the IS of Pakistan. These ‘jihad’ programs are pure anarchy – The Majlis).

Adopt Sabr and Dua, and diligently engage in moral reformation. Supplicate to Allah Ta’ala. The One Who holds absolute power and Who is the True Benefactor will grant you succour in your hour of need just as it transpired in the incident of the As-haab Feel (Army of the Elephants). It is His promise:
“Surely We shall help Our Messengers and the Believers, in this world and on the Day of Qiyaamat.” (Surah Mu-min, Aayat 51)

Furthermore, He proclaims:
“Besides that (i.e. the Garden of Paradise), there is something else which you love, (O Muslims!). Listen to this wonderful news: the Help of Allah (is with you) and also imminent victory.” (Surah Saff, Aayat 13) (But this Nusrat and Fatah are totally reliant on an Ummah who has cultivated a high degree of morality and spiritual stamina – The Majlis)

Again, Allah Ta’ala says:
“Don’t lose courage and don’t grieve. You will be dominant if you are True Believers.” (Surah Aali Imraan, Aayat 139)

(The imperative requisite for this Victory is to become “True Mu’mineen”. This cannot be achieved by means of western technology. The Pathway for its acquisition is in the spirituality and simplicity which radiantly shone from the Cave of Hira – The Majlis)

Principles of the Shariah Concerning Practices.
Hazrat Maulana Maseehullah (Rahmatullahi alaih) said:
“If something is permissible, however if there is fear of disgrace and insult in doing it, then abstain from that permissible act.

In like manner, if something is Mustahab, but it is beset with makrooh and munkar factors (i.e. that which are reprehensible and abhorrent in the Shariah) then abstain from such a Mustahab act.

If, however, the act is among the Waajibaat (the obligatory acts) and makroohaat and munkaraat have set in then the makroohaat and munkaraat shall be eliminated. The waajib act shall not be discarded.

These are Shar’i Principles which should be remembered and implemented. If you implement these, you will never grind to a halt in confusion.”


The Majlis Volume 25 Number 06

The Majlis Volume 25 Number 06


Q. Why do so many young people nowadays suffer from anxiety and depression? What is  a remedy for  this?

A. The anxiety and depression are the effects of the immoral lifestyle of  the young people of today. The deluges of filth and immorality of the internet, facebook, pornography, movies, etc., etc. which their brains and hearts ingest spawn the light or little punishment of anxiety and depression. The lack of Deen and the grostesque darkness of the heart stemming from the  filthy lifestyle of the young and even the old stupid aunts and uncles, and even grannies and grandads who have become porn addicts, jars mental equilibrium, causing a very mild condition of insanity which the morons term anxiety and depression, and which sometimes culminates in suicide. This ultimate consequence is on the rise among the kuffaar. The anxiety and depression come within the scope of the Qur’aanic Aayat:

“We shall surely  give them to taste of the little punishment, other than  the greater  punishment, for perhaps they may return (to Siraatul Mustaqeem and repent).”


Remember that Deen is not restricted to performing Namaaz. A person whose Imaan is damaged  by  the satanism  of internet filth will be afflicted by depression and anxiety. Nowadays this condition affects numerous young people on account of their evil computer/internet addiction. They soil their eyes, contaminate their hearts and ruin their Imaan with the filth they view on these media. The little punishment of anxiety and depression is therefore to be expected.

As for the remedy: Abandon the internet filth, increase Tilaawat of the Qur’aan Majeed, increase Thikrullaah, perform the Masnoon Sunnah Salaats. Minus roohaani cultivation, there is no cure for anxiety/depression. The harmful drug medication provided by the western psychologists only increase this spiritual disease. It simply aggravates the problem,  makes one a drug addict and adds the disease of paranoia. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Behold! In the Thikr of Allah do hearts find rest.”



Hidaayat (Guidance) is from only Allah Ta’ala. There were some Ambiya who had managed to guide only one person in their entire life. This does not diminish their honoured status by an iota. There were also some Auliya whom no one had ever recognized. A person who is in conflict with the Shariah in any matter is not a kaamil (shaikh) even if he happens to be an embodiment of miracles.  Many yogis display an abundance of supernatural feats. Sometimes a person gains guidance from even shaitaan. (Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi)


Q. Is it permissible to feed 20 people at one time for the kaffaarah of a broken oath instead of feeding 10 people twice?

A. It is not permissible to feed 20 people for the Kaffaarah of the Qasam. The same person has to be fed two meals or the Sadqah Fitr amount must be given to one person. Each one of the ten persons should be given the Sadqah Fitr amount or be fed two meals.

Q. Is it permissible to combine Maghrib and Isha’ Salaat due to heavy rain?

A. It is not permissible according to the Hanafi Math-hab to combine two Salaat regardless of heavy rain. According to the Maaliki Math-hab this is permissible for Isha’ which is combined with Maghrib. But there are conditions for the validity of this combination.

Q.   Darul Uloom has issued a fatwa saying that it is not permissible to hug/embrace on the day of Eid. Is this correct?

A.   The fatwa of Darul Uloom Deoband is nothing new. It is as old as Islam. It is bid’ah (impermissible innovation) to hug and embrace specifically on Eid days as people are doing. The fatwa is correct.

Q. What is the difference between the Arsh and Kursi?

A.   Only Allah Ta’ala knows the difference between His Arsh and Kursi. We only know that these are wonderful creations of Allah Ta’ala.




Several Brothers have made queries regarding our silence on the New Zealand massacre of Muslims. In a nutshell, their query is:

Numerous Muslim organizations have commented on and condemned the carnage which took place in two Musjids in New Zealand. However, The Majlis has adopted an unexpected silence. What is the view of the Shariah on the carnage which has taken place in New Zealand. It is an issue of great importance affecting the Ummah. The silence of The Majlis is mystifying. Please comment.


We are not a member of the Bootlicking liberal and modernist groups and mudhil ulama-e-soo’. It is not among our traits to jump onto stupid bandwagons and participate in stupid circus shows churning up dust and making vociferous howlings emanating from uncinated brains convoluted with the kufr of liberalism.
Insha-Allah, we shall publish the Shariah’s view regarding the New Zealand massacre in our own time when all the stupidities disgorged by silly brains have settled. We shall do so, Insha-Allah, when everyone has forgotten the tragedy. Now currently, liberal and modernists Muslims and deviated molvis are all issuing bootlicking statements which have no validity in the Deen. All of them fail to take into account the decree of Allah Ta’ala.

“And He is aware of what is in the ocean and on the land. And not a leaf drops (from a tree), but He is aware. There is not a seed in the darkness of the earth nor anything moist or dry, but it is recorded in a Clear Book.” (Qur’aan)

14 Rajab 1440 – 21 March 2019




Radio ‘Islam’ is organizing a ‘seerah jalsah’ in Johannesburg and Durban. Na’ts will be sung and lectures delivered by Ismail Menk, Ebrahim Bham and Sulaiman Moola. In Johannesburg the jalsah will be held in the Nurul Islam Musjid in Lenasia, and in Durban in the Hindu Orient Hall. What is the status of these seerah jalsahs in terms of the Shariah?


(1) These so-called ‘seerah jalsahs’ are merrymaking functions of bid’ah, fisq and fujoor.
(2) Singing naa’ts for public entertainment is haraam. These singers are faasiqs and faajirs. It is haraam to listen to their singing.
(3) The triumvirate of fussaaq/fujjaar speakers, namely the Salafi Menk, the Reverend Abraham Bham and the jaahil actor Solly Moola constitute the Trinity of Iblees. These three are confirmed agents of Iblees. It is not permissible to listen to their zukhruful qawl (satanically adorned) talks nor is it permissible to perform Salaat behind them. They are members of the Shayaateenul ins wal jinn fraternity – human and jinn devils.
The preponderance of juhala-e-soo’ (evil ignoramuses) masquerading as ulama has been predicted by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).
(4) The radio which you have dubbed ‘radio islam’ is actually Radio Shaitaan or Radio Devil. This radio is the worst La’nat which has settled on the Muslim community in South Africa. All the juhala ‘molvis’ associated with this Trap of Iblees, are fussaaq and fujjaar of the worst order. It is haraam to listen to anything, even qiraa’t, disgorged by this appendage of Iblees.
(5) About the bid’ah and evil which these devilish bogus ‘molvis’ disseminate in the community of ignoramuses, Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood (Radhiyallahu anhu) said:

“What will be your condition when you will be engulfed by such a fitnah which will render the elderly senile and the young will become old, and it (the fitnah) will be considered by the people (the juhala) to be Sunnah? If anything from it (the fitnah) is left out, they will say that a Sunnat has been abandoned.”

The people asked: “When will that be?” Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood (Radhiyallahu anhu) responded: “When your Ulama (Ulama-e-Haqq) have departed (being in their graves); when your qaaris (and na’t singers) will be in abundance; when your Fuqaha will be few; when your rulers will be abundant; when your trustworthy ones will be few; when the world will be acquired with the amal of the Aakhirah, and when Ilm (Knowledge of the Deen) will be imparted for reasons other than the Deen.”
This prediction is materializing most vividly in our day. It attests to the Truth of the Nubuwwat of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The bid’ah, fisq, fujoor and even kufr which the shaitaani gangs of molvis and sheikhs such as the Trinity of Iblis, the NNB jamiat shayaateen and the MJC conglomerate of shayaateen and murtaddeen, have innovated and introduced in the community are worse that the bid’aat of the Barelwi Qabar Pujaari sect. Even their acts of grave-worship are not as rotten and devilish as the villainy of the Trinity of Iblees and the gangs of Devils masquerading as Ulama. May Allah Ta’ala save this ignorant Muslim community from the evil shaitaani tentacles and shaitaani depredations of the Trinity of Iblees and the other gangs of agents of Iblees prowling around as ‘ulama’.

5 Jamaadil Ula 1440 -12 January 2019

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“The critic of a genuine Sufi (muhiqq al-sufiyya) becomes a target of the hadith: ‘Whosoever shows enmity to a single one of My Friends, I have declared war on him.’ While one that abandons all condemnation for what is clearly wrong in what he hears from some of them, abandons the commanding of good and the forbidding of evil.”

[Allamah Al-Dhahabi]

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