COVID-19 Preventative Measures ‘Advice’ By A Scholar

Covid-19 preventation measures

Question: I’ve heard an audio clip of Ml Bham titled ‘Advice on Covid-19 – Preventative
Measures is Not Against Tawakkul (Reliance on Allah)’. Among the points he makes are:
 Taking preventative steps does not negate Tawakkul.
 Stop disputes, arguing and being judgemental.
 The importance of sympathy, kindness amidst the pandemic.
Ml Bham has, however, not made mention anywhere of the fact that never in Islamic history Muslims were stopped, debarred and prevented from entering a Masjid by fellow Muslims and scholars due to a pandemic, or due to not wearing a face-mask or due to not taking along one’s own Musallah. I also heard a clip of a very senior Aalim of Gauteng who was in Natal delivering Bayaans. I can see the difference between the two speakers. The senior Aalim’s point was that we are making the Masjid the (only) target, thereby turning these distancing stories into ‘religious-distancing’. This is very true! He also said that the (Muslim) organisations that are advocating masks and distancing themselves don’t do so in their own offices. He also made some other pertinent points stating that the very same organisations and scholars that advocate the guidelines don’t observe them themselves. Kindly comment. Shukran
Answer: Firstly, you should not listen to any of the ‘talks’ or ‘advices’ of the people who
have deviated and who are bulldozing the Deen, even if they may be ‘Ulama’. Their talks
are generally Zukhrufal-Qawl as described in the Qur’an Majeed, which means ‘Shaitaani inspired and adorned statements’. In fact, Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said, “Some eloquent speech is (as effective as) magic.” (Bukhari)
The recent direct attacks against the Houses of Allah Ta’ala, against Allah Ta’ala Himself,
against Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam), and against the Teachings, Laws and
Commandments of the Shari’ah are crimes which no Muslim who applies a little of his/her senses will fail to see and realise. Indeed, these disgraceful crimes against the Sacred Pillars of Islaam CANNOT go unnoticed! Among the key-people guilty of these crimes and attacks are the very same ‘Ulama’ regarding whom you are querying.
Hence, these crimes are sufficient for Muslims who have realised and who are interested in the Haq to make them avoid listening to the talks and advices of such men, even if they possess titles of ‘Moulanas’ or/and ‘Muftis’ and even if they may be running organisations such as Jamiats and are doing other welfare and social works.
Secondly, the link you had sent has a Haraam picture of the ‘Molvi’. Furthermore, we went onto the link and found an enlarged Haraam background picture of his. This is sufficient to discard listening to his and all others (of his ilk and thinking) talks since these ‘Ulama’ openly and flagrantly disobey Allah and advertise their sins in public.
Furthermore, the pandemic’s emergence that we are witnessing has been traced to be the planning and plotting of the enemies of humanity – Gates and Co., as written by experts.
These Kuffar-atheists have now gone to the extreme of ‘Playing God’. They’re planning to
control mankind! Their plans also appear to be to the extent of depopulating the world! As Muslims who believe in Allah Ta’ala being the Controller, Manager, Sustainer, Nourisher and Protector, can we get plans more dangerous than those who wish to play ‘God’? May Allah Ta’ala destroy and backfire each and every plan and plot of these enemies of humanity. May He also disgrace them and expose them, Aameen.
Furthermore, it is sad, very sad to note how some Muslim organisations are playing an
‘active’ role in pushing for these agendas and plans of the atheists to ‘materialize’. Thus, it would behoved these ‘Ulama’ to preach to Muslims to remain rather firmly onto Deen,
instead of aiding the agendas of the atheists by offering Shaitaani-guidelines for Muslims to uphold IN THE MASAAJID, since to them the Masjid is the only ‘hot-spot’ of the ‘virus’.
It is truly ironical to witness how these ‘Ulama’ belonging to liberal-minded organisations that are in the fore in demolishing the Laws of the Deen by indulging in many un-Islamic acts such as airing female voices on radios, allowing women to appear on TV with themselves sharing the same studio, etc., plead, remind and repeat to Muslims of their communities to observe social-satanic-distancing in Deeni related circumstances, wearing masks (in the Masjid for Salaah) and avoiding shaking of hands! Yet, they are utterly silent and dumb in repeating the same amount of concern in discouraging women to drive, gallivant the malls with no Mahrams, Muslims arranging Haraam and Bid’ah ‘Sarbet’ (prewedding reception) parties, etc. in which together with the tons of Laws of Allah Ta’ala that are thrown out of the window, social-satanic-distancing and wearing of masks are also not observed! Their silence on these acts of shameless transgression is close to their silence on the Kufr of the Shi’as!
Hence, these activities and attitudes displayed by modern ‘Ulama’, renders them unfit in
certain important decisions of Deen like moonsighting. Yes, their confirmation of any Hilaal sighting in South Africa will NOT be given any Islamic credit!
May Allah Ta’ala keep us on Hidaayat and take us away from this temporary Dunya with
Hidaayat, Aameen. May Allah grant Hidaayat and Tawfeeq to the modern-liberal Ulama to change for the better, Aameen.


Q. In the environment I am working, I am in the midst of females. Speaking and interacting with them is unavoidable. What is the status of this job?
A. Your job is haraam. It is incumbent to find other work. It is not permissible to cast yourself in a zina environment. Rizq has been predetermined and it is sealed. Rasulullah ( S a l l a l l a h u a l a y h i wasallam) said:
“Earning a halaal rizq is the obligation after the Fardh Salaat.” The Mashaaikh say: “Upon us is the obligation to worship Him as He has commanded, and on Him is the obligation to feed us as He has promised.” Allah Ta’ala has not ordained haraam avenues for searching rizq. In this dunya trials must be expected. You are obliged to search for halaal employment. If you earnestly search and make dua, a halaal avenue will open up. Settling for a haraam job is a defeatist attitude which signifies disbelief in the Promise and Commands of Allah Ta’ala. Make a genuine search for halaal rizq and accept a halaal opportunity even if the wage is substantially lower. After the trial and submission to Allah’s Law, He will open up further and better avenues. Your job-environment is satanic. Your akhlaaq are imperceptibly being ruined
and your Imaan is being tarnished in the immoral haraam environment.
Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “If you have tawakkul (trust) on Allah in the true meaning of the term, He will feed you as He feeds the birds. They emerge from their nests hungry, and they return fully satiated.”