A Brother living in Kenya sent the following message:

“Since the outbreak of the virus in March, we started reciting Dua-e-Qunoot in each and every Namaaz. Over here in Tanzania in East Africa, the only thing which helped us was Dua.

That is the only thing that helped us in Tanzania, a land of 70 million. No doctors and no medicine helped us. Only Dua – that’s all that helped.

We never closed the doors of the Mosques. Please Convey this message to all.”

(End of message)


Tanzani has been blessed with an intelligent President who has the welfare of the people at heart. He is not a bootlicker like the glut of munaafiq molvis and sheikhs who have lapped up every filth and vomit effluvium discharged by the atheists.

He expelled the rogues and frauds of the United Nations who are prime role players in the pandemic conspiracy.

The Tanzanian President defied the pandemic doomsday call and prediction of the agents of Bill Gates. He kept the country open and did not buckle under the pressure of the world’s conspirators. Whilst all the Musaajid in Tanzania operated normally under the decree of the non-Muslim President, all the Musaajid in every Muslim country were closed down by Munaafiq and kuffaar governments and Munaafiq molvis and sheikhs. All of them were following the conspirators of the west like monkeys. May Allah Ta’ala bestow the treasure of Imaan to the President.

Today western scientists concede the “LACK OF CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAKS IN AFRICA”, and it has these scientists puzzled. Only those scientists who are unaware of the massive satanic plot underlying the bogus pandemic are puzzled. Nevertheless, the acceptance of the factual reality of the lack of coronavirus in Africa speaks volumes for the massive fraud that this pandemic is.

21 Muharram 1442 – 10 September 2020


African country bans face masks – also reopen schools and shops
rtn Reporting The News

Posted on Wed, May 27, 2020 – 10:58 pm

Author David Lewis

The President of Tanzania has reportedly banned the use of face masksafter noting that “face mask usage has caused anxiety among Tanzanians.”

Dr John Pombe Magufuli, who has been leader of the country since 2015, feels his people should not have to wear them due to CO2 emissions.

In a letter dated 24th of May, which was sent to media outlets across the world, through the Director of Presidential Communication in Tanzania, it outlined that he president effected the ban on face masks as well as giving the green light of normal operation of public transportation and also the reopening of schools.

The letter was sent to reporters and said:“To The Media, President of The Republic of Tanzania Dr John Pombe Magufuli has today on 24, May 2020 banned the use of face masks by Tanzanians as the usage has caused fear and panic to Tanzanians leading to some closing down their businesses.

His excellency The President has also allowed normal resumption of public transport as well as normal resumption of schools.We thank God for the defeat against Corona, let continue to wash hands to observe hygene, Bye Corona.”
Tanzania has had lack rules regarding the virus with President Magafuli downplaying the corona pandemic and saying that America ‘makes up numbers’ regarding the cases and deaths.

He and his ministers have also recently told the American envoy to oTanzania not to ’cause panic’ to Tanzanians after the American embassy in the capital, Dar es Salaam, stated that the chance of contracting the virus was “extremely high”.
The President of Tanzania had also brushed off pressure from the west to put his country in lockdown, keeping establishments open and even churches saying: “Coronavirus cannot survive in churches!”


While the secular Christian government of Tanzania has banned face masks, and restored the country to normality, Munaafiqeen, munaafiq Musjid committees and moron molvi jamiats and entities are fully promoting the host of haraam shaitaani conditions imposed by the government for access to the Musaajid.
Instead of being the Agents of th Deen, the molvis, in pursuance of their nafsaani goals, resort to bootlicking and in the process lose themselves in the morass of kufr. They have become the agents of the oppressors whom they are bootlicking.
The ‘partial opening’ announced by the government is in fact no opening. It is not possible for a Musjid to operate with the host of filth imposed by the oppressors. These moron molvis of the jamiats are part of the Zulm (Oppression). They should hang their heads in shame for their disgusting bootlicking and promotion of haraam conditions which in the circumstances are tantamount to kufr.
Anyhow, we have to reconcile ourselves with the predictions of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) who had predicted that in the times in proximity to Qiyaamah, the molvis and the sheikhs will be the worst scum and rubbish under the canopy of the sky.

Salaat in the fong kong style of shaitaani ‘social distancing’ is not valid. The alcoholic sanitizers are najis and haraam. Salaat will not be valid when such rijs is applied to the body and clothes. If the agents of Iblees are in control of a Musjid and if they enforce the host of haraam-kufr conditions, then stay away from the Musjid. Perform Salaat at home or any where else where Jamaat is possible.
6 Shawwaal 1441 – 30 May 2020