Why is the world not recognizing the Taliban government?

More than three months have passed since the Taliban took over Kabul, but the world has yet to officially recognize the new government. Even the United States of America that took the lead in inking the Doha peace deal is still weighing the pros and cons of such a possibility.

This situation is lingering on, despite the United Nations warning that Afghanistan is facing a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions and is on the verge of disaster.

So, what are the impediments in recognizing the new reality in Afghanistan, when almost all the stakeholders are in direct contact with the Taliban government?

Broadly, the world can be divided into three major groups on this issue.

The first and the foremost is led by the United States of America. It comprises the European Union, NATO members, most Middle Eastern countries, Japan and India. The second is the regional group that consists of Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, and a number of Central Asian Countries.

The rest of the world can be categorized into the third group that includes at least six countries from the non-permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

All these groups have similar views on at least a few points. They have unanimously asked the Taliban to form an inclusive government, ensure the rights of women and minorities and guarantee that Afghanistan will no more serve as the launching pad for global terrorist operations.

But, all is not as black and white. The truth lies somewhere in the grey area. And, these three groups remarkably differ from each other.

Let’s first consider a group led by the United States of America. The Biden administration has not openly demanded who should or shouldn’t be in the inclusive government. But, there are clear signs that Washington wants to see some significant figures of the previous governments be given important portfolios.

Thomas West, the US special envoy for Afghanistan, has recently participated in a two-day talk with the Taliban. These discussions have the potential to make some headways in economic support. But, the United States is in no hurry to recognize the Taliban. Why?

Well, after the September 11 attacks on the United States of America, Washington had declared the Taliban as a terrorist organization. Gradually, they were divided into reconcilable and irreconcilable ones. Hasn’t the time come to include currently banned figures in the reconcilable ones as they have submitted themselves to the Doha Peace Agreement?

Till now, international pressure to take them out of the cabinet hasn’t worked. There are least chances that it will. True, the Taliban have accommodated dozens of Afghans by giving them ceremonial positions. But, it’s an admitted fact that the top hierarchy remains the same.

This stubbornness has raised some eyebrows in Russia, China, and Iran, who also want a truly inclusive government that represents all the main ethnic and political groups. This second group is also keeping mum about naming those who they want to see in the government.

But, each member of this group wants a friendly and independent Afghan government, which diplomatically means less dependent on the group led by the United States of America.

This second group pretends that it is equally not in a hurry to recognize the Taliban. In reality, with every passing day, this group is becoming more concerned about why the world is not coming to terms with the new reality of Afghanistan.

The reason is obvious. Pakistan, Iran, China, Russia, and the Central Asian countries have more stakes in the region. For this reason, they had cultivated ties with the Taliban long before the fall of Kabul.

The increasing presence of Daesh in Afghanistan has given these countries another reason to join hands. After all, this group has long faced one terrorist organization or the other.

Moscow can’t afford another Beslan Siege of 2004 when 32 Chechen terrorists took 1,200 children and adults hostage and killed at least 330 in a primary school.

China equally wants to stop the resurgence in Xinjiang where Uighur militants killed 39 people in a vegetable market in 2014. Any such incident now has the potential to cast a shadow over the security of the One Belt One Road initiative as Xinjiang connects China with eight major countries.

Iran, already facing a biting economic situation, is putting up all efforts to stop elements seeking instability. It’s a country where militants disguised as soldiers killed 25 people in the Ahvaz military parade, during sacred defense week.

Pakistan is the worst-hit country. In a few days, the nation will mourn the Army Public School massacre that had shocked the whole world.

But by recognizing the Taliban, the world can strengthen them to go against Daesh and affiliated groups that seem to have a bigger agenda in the region and beyond. It will also avert total economic collapse and lawlessness that is serving as the breeding ground for extremist ideologies.

As far as the Taliban are concerned, they should also realize that an inclusive government will strengthen not weaken their rule.

NASIM HAIDERThe author is Controller News at Geo News



Please comment on the following article which has reached me. Are the claims made regarding the Taliban true? Can the contents be true? I and many others are confused. We do not know what to believe.

The Article

Assalaamualaikum. This article has made it way to me… Can the contents be possibly true?

“They left perfectly operational equipment behind, and it was for a specific purpose connected to the Doha Agreement signed back in 2020. Taliban 2.0 signed several deals with America in their time in Qatar. The biggest agreement signed was that after America pulls out, Taliban will wipe out any Dawlah (IS) and AQ members living in Afghanistan. Stanekzai emphatically stated, “We will not let Daesh be a headache for Russia and America.”

That’s the reason behind America leaving the equipment and weapons. It takes the burden off their shoulders because now instead of them having to fight AQ and IS and have their soldiers get killed, Taliban will do it on their behalf.

To understand exactly the magnitude of what is going on behind the scenes, you have to know the history of not just the original Taliban of 1994, but the Afghan-Soviet Jihaad from long before then, with the invasion of Kabul in 1979. You also have to know each and every one of the key members.

Mullah Umar (rahmatullah alayhi) didn't die of TB as the lie was spread; he was assassinated by Mullah Akhtar Mansoor and Gul Agha, to bring an end to the "original" Taliban and bring in a new version. None other than Mullah Daadullaah (rahmatullah alayhi) himself stated that MullahUmar (rahmatullah alayhi) was assassinated and he didn’t die of TB or kidney failure.

The current de facto leader of Taliban is Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. The Americans have a nickname for him: “Mullah Bradley”.

Keep that in mind, and then listen to this: back in the late ’90s already, when the original Taliban under Mullah `Umar (rahmatullah alayhi) were at the peak of their power, the CIA issued a threat to them, saying, “If you raise up Mullah Omar, we will raise up Mullah Bradley.”

At the time, everyone thought it was just a play on words, because an M3 Bradley is a tank, so they thought CIA were simply saying we’ll bring in tanks to overrun Afghanistan. After so many years, Baradar becomes the de facto leader, having spread a lie that Hibatullah Akhundzada and the others are “gravely sick with Covid”, and all of a sudden deals are being signed with America, Iran, Russia, China, etc., and it dawned on some people: the CIA back then weren’t referring to a tank; they were referring to their mole within the Taliban: Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, A.K.A. “Mullah Bradley”.

Baradar was arrested in 2010 in Pakistan, and during his imprisonment deals were signed between him and the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), and in 2018, none other than Donald Trump himself personally ordered Pakistan to release Baradar, and from there America flew him straight to Qatar, where further discussions were had between Baradar and the CIA in Doha, before Baradar flew from there to Afghanistan, as the “hero”, to “take over”, and “conveniently” America ups and leaves behind mountains of weapons.

There is a famous book called “88 Days to Kandahar”, written by the Head of CIA’s counter-terrorism department: Robert Grenier. In it, he means that the CIA have had contact with Baradar for more than 20 years. There is a lot going on behind the scenes which most people are unaware of.

The CIA did indeed use their “Mullah Bradley” and his crew to get rid of Mullah `Umar (rahmatullah alayhi) and the original Taliban leadership, to replace it with a version led by a man who has been in the pocket of the CIA for over 20 years, and now America will relax while the “Taliban of Mullah Bradley” wages the “war on terror” in Afghanistan on their behalf.

Already, in case people don’t know: in an effort to appease China, Taliban will be rounding up nay Uyghurs living in Afghanistan and sending them back to China. Not only that: in an attempt to appease China, Taliban killed six members of the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), a Jihaad group trying to fight the vile, tyrannical Chinese regime. There are approximately 2,000 Uyghurs living in Afghanistan, and Taliban wants to round them up and hand them over to Beijing, to curry favour.

We are living in the era mentioned by Rasoolullaah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) in the Hadeeth: “years of deception.” Things aren’t what they appear to be.

(End of article)


Since we lack knowledge of some details mentioned in the article, we shall refrain to comment on such claims. Nevertheless, in general, what has been said is correct.

The current group is not the original Taliban who were headed by Mullah Umar. With each passing day, the haze of deception surrounding the present ‘Taliban’ is clearing. The conspiracy which ushered the present Taliban to the fore, and their ‘blitzkrieg’ ‘victory’, will be better understood in coming days.

We share much of what is mentioned in the article. We are disillusioned after our initial euphoria created by the success of the ‘Taliban’. But it is increasingly coming to light that these ‘Taliban’ are not The Taliban whose goal was the establishment of the Law of Allah Ta’ala in Afghanistan.

25 Muharram 1443 – 3 September 2021


A Brother from the UK writes:

There is very likely to be a sinister element to the sudden withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. The questions that automatically come to mind are why now, and why all of a sudden, and why the suspiciously open drama on this saga in the carefully controlled Kuffaar media?

In regards to the element of the Nusrat of Allah, the Taliban today are, without doubt, far more liberal and modernized than the Mullahs who had defeated the Russians, and (in many ways) even the Taliban from whom Allah Ta’ala had snatched sovereignty via the American barbarians.

I have hardly kept myself abreast of what’s been going on, but the little I have heard is extremely disturbing to say the least. One Molvi could barely contain his excitement as he informed me recently about how much more media savvy (i.e. the art of showboating snouts on Dajjal’s eye) this new Taliban group is, and some of the “positive” assurances they have been giving to the world at large. Much of it is very concerning. In particular, their pathetic attempts at appeasing the kuffaar regarding women’s emancipation, including giving assurances of allowing women to attend universities (albeit “segregated), is nothing short of satanic. Their open and seemingly sincere dalliance with the Chinese Kuffaar savages is a brutal stab in the hearts of millions of oppressed Chinese Muslims. And, there are other examples of statements, worryingly too many, issued by this new group of Taliban, the tone of which makes it difficult for them to be dismissed as merely “hikmah”, such is the apparent sincerity and passion behind these servile and futile attempts at appeasement of a breed who will never be pleased with us.

I hope my sentiments are proven to be wrong, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to dismiss the disconcerting rankling in my heart that the whole scenario of the sudden (and surely strategic) withdrawal of American troops is akin to a sudden drop in the ocean tide which opens the way for the still-distant tidal wave whose dark shadow is beginning to silhouette the horizon.

As I have said before, I have not really kept myself abreast of recent news, almost all of which is carefully prepared by the cabal who currently are at the helm of world affairs, so I might be missing the mark completely.

(End of letter)

All the concerns raised by the Brother are valid. We share these concerns with him. The near future will, Insha-Allah, reveal the reality and expose any treachery which the new brand ‘Taliban’ may be practicing. Insha-Allah, we shall comment in greater detail within coming days.

17 Muharram 1443 – 26 August 2021


This book was written by Shaykh Abdullah Azzam during the Afghan-Soviet Jihad in the 1980’s. It deals specifically with first hand accounts of the miracles that occured during this Jihad. Shaykh Abdullah Azzam writes, ‘These incidents which are going to be narrated are, in reality, more extraordinary than one can possibly imagine, and appear to resemble fairytales. I have personally heard them with my own ears; and have written them with my own hands from those Mujaahideen who themselves were present. I have heard these miracles from such men who are trustworthy and reliable, and who have been constantly on the battlefield. The miracles are many, so much so that they more or less reach the degree of Tawaatur i.e. such a large number that does not entertain the possibility of fabrication. I have heard numerous such miraculous episodes, but brevity does not allow me to enumerate all of them.


A Brother from the U.S. comments: “On one hand we watch with glee the rapid advancement of the Taliban taking over the Country, region by region. However at the same time it saddens me to see that even they have finally succumbed to television interviews, pictures and other haraam modern techniques to propagate their cause and reach out to the world. They are also desperately trying to find acceptance among the Kuffaar government’s of the world. On the East side they are making deals with the Cow and Urine drinkers (i.e. India) while their fellow Muslims are being killed in Kashmir and also in India at large. Then on the West side they are being Friendly with the Pig Eaters (i.e. China) while the Muslims are being killed in droves and forcibly reeducated into Kufr. Then on the north they are telling the Barbaric Russians that they have nothing to fear also. Now I understand they cannot meddle in the affairs of other nations but isn’t Allah Ta’ala the One Who gives honour and triumph? Is Allah Ta’ala not sufficient as the Qur’aan states? Is this right what they are doing or am I wrong in my observation?
You are not wrong. Most certainly, Allah Azza Wa Jal suffices for the Mu’mineen. The Qur’aan Majeed is replete with this theme. But to understand and accept this reality requires Taqwa, and in this regard the Taliban are lamentably deficient. They also lack proper Deeni knowledge and are controlled by the Pakistani kufr intelligence established, and further misadvised by the bootlicking Pakistani Ulama. That is why Allah Ta’ala has not granted them outright victory and made them to suffer more than 20 years under brutal kuffaar occupation. In fact, they still have no peace. We can only make dua that Allah Ta’ala guides the Taliban and grants them true Taqwa. The only ray of hope visible today for Muslims is in the Taliban. Outwardly, they are still the best Muslims. May Allah Ta’ala make them so inwardly as well.



“Musa said to his people: Seek help from Allah and have patience. Verily, the earth belongs to only Allah. He grants it to whomever He wills… … Soon will He destroy your enemy. Then He will establish you (as the rulers) in the land. (But then) He will watch how you acquit yourselves.” (Al-A’raaf, 128, 129)

After the defeat and expulsion of the Russian kuffaar from Afghanistan, followed the defeat of the other elements of fitnah and fasaad who were in anarchist control of the country. Allah Ta’ala had appointed the Taliban to eliminate the medley of warlords and the un-Islamic government which had assumed the reins of power. Allah Ta’ala had ushered the Taliban onto the stage of political power and allowed them to rule the country. The very first requisite of an Islamic government is the establishment of the Shariah. Thus, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“When We grant them power in the land, they establish Salaat, pay (and establish the institution of) Zakaat. And, they command virtue and forbid evil, and the ultimate end of all affairs is for Allah.” (Al-Hajj, Aayat 41)

This is exactly what the Taliban had instituted. Five times daily the country would come to a standstill. Thousands of vehicles on all the roads throughout the country would come to a halt. Every Muslim had to perform Salaat. Roadblocks came into operation at Salaat times. The Musaajid could not cope with the thousands performing Salaat in Jamaat. Several Jamaats had to be conducted in most Musaajid. Alas! While Allah Ta’ala was watching the Taliban as is mentioned in the above Qur’aanic Aayat, they dismantled this beautiful system a year later, and on the advice of miscreant molvis of Pakistan became snug in the deception that there was no longer the need to enforce the observance of Salaat in the manner that had been instituted for a year. Thus, their first capital sin was to dismantle the system which they had introduced to establish regular Salaat with Jamaat in obedience to Allah’s Command. After this despicable failure, they began to slip from the Shariah by degrees. Due to deficiency in Taqwa and Tawakkul, their reliance was considerably placed on the evil, fussaaq, kuffaar Pakistani Intelligence Agency which has always been a dominant cog in the Afghan Jihad against Russia as well as against the U.S.A. Then at the behest of the Pakistani shayaateen, the Taliban engaged in overtures of odious oddities with the West to gain UN admission and even become part of the kufr Olympic games. But, their haraam overtures were humiliatingly rejected by the kuffaar. All along, Allah Ta’ala was watching this disgusting performance which had derailed the Taliban from Siraatul Mustaqeem. Then Allah Ta’ala sent His kuffaar ‘servants’ – the US with its coalition – to remove the Taliban from power. Everyone is aware of this recent history of Afghanistan in which the Taliban were displaced by Allah’s decree. It is of the Sunnah of Allah Azza Wa Jal to remove from power and to humiliate Muslims with kuffaar domination. In this regard the Qur’aan Majeed recounts the episodes of Bani Israaeel, the Muslim Ummah of bygone times:
“When the first of the two promises arrived, We sent against you Our servants who were powerful in warfare. Then they penetrated the homes, and that was a decree fulfilled. ……
And, when the second promise arrived (We sent them – the kuffaar against you) so that they disfigure your faces (brutalize nd torture you), and they entered, defiled and destroyed the Musjid (Musjidul Aqsa) as they had done aforetime, and they utterly destroyed whatever they overran.” (Bani Isaaeel, 6 and 7)
In like manner Allah Ta’ala despatched His kuffaar ‘servants’, the US with its coalition to remove the Taliban from power. But, at the same time, Allah Ta’ala did not allow these kuffaar to eliminate the Taliban. After all, in this era the Taliban are still the best segment of the Ummah. The vast majority of the Ummah today in addition to their disgusting fisq and fujoor, are in fact kuffaar themselves. They come within the purview of the Hadith narrated by Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Amr (Radhiyallahu anhu):
“The time will come when the people will assemble in their Musaajid and perform Salaat while not a single one of them will be a Mu’min.”
The fulfilment of this prediction is transpiring right in front of our eyes in this era of covid satanism. Allah Ta’ala has exposed all the Munaafiqeen masquerading as Muslims. Their fisq, fujoor and kufr have been laid bare for all to see. The Taliban appear to be on the verge of assuming power and control of the entire country. Allah Ta’ala will watch them. If there is a repeat performance of neglect – neglect of the Shariah – Allah Ta’ala will again remove them, and this time the removal may be a greater disaster. All Muslims should supplicate to Allah Ta’ala to guide and protect the Taliban. May Allah Ta’ala create the circumstances to enable them to break their ties with the evil Pakistani establishment. And this will be possible only if the Taliban focus on the very first requisite for success and victory, namely, Islaah of the nafs – Moral reformation. Minus this fundamental condition, there will only be failure, defeat and humiliation.



This is the vital question which all sincere Muslims of the Sunnah are asking. Beyond the current auro of euphoria over the victory granted to the Taliban by Allah Azza Wa Jal, dark clouds of apprehension and trepidation are discerned. Those who are able to read between the lines – those who have some farsightedness, do discern the development of a culture of acquiescence and ingratiation to gain kuffaar recognition. In the wake of the resounding and lightning victory granted to the Taliban by Allah Ta’ala, there appears to be an ominous silence on the part of the Taliban regarding the establishment of the Shariah. While the kuffaar UN enemy of Islam has emphasized its abhorrence for the establishment of the Islamic Amaarate which was the manifesto of the Taliban since they had been displaced from power more than 20 years ago, the Taliban has neither rebutted the enemy nor proclaimed the establishment of the Shariah. While they speak of the formation of a government, they are silent about the Shariah. It is reported that the senior leader of the Taliban, Amir Khan Muttaqi, is in Kabul negotiating with the political ‘leadership including a former American puppet president, Hamid Karzai. The idea is to bring un-Islamic characters into the government. This will be a fatal flaw which will invite the Wrath of Allah Azza Wa Jal. The ‘friendly relations’ which the Taliban have created with the swine-eaters of China where millions of Muslims have been brutalized and still are being brutalized, are cause for consternation. Will the Taliban violate their covenant with Allah Ta’ala as was the standard practice of Bani Israaeel? It appears that the Taliban are turning their backs on Muslims who are being brutalized by the kuffaar. Let us make dua that Allah Ta’ala guides the Taliban and grants them the taufeeq to fulfil their covenant with Allah Ta’ala. Should they betray the Amaanat, Allah Ta’ala will swiftly once again remove them again from the scene. Insha-Allah, in a future article the Taliban shall be discussed in greater detail – their rise, their fall, their rise again and their many defects.