I have noticed 2 things openly prevalent in our local Musjids recently –

  1. Alhamdolilah, there is no shortage of printed Qurans in the Musjids, yet
    some musallis are putting their cellphones on silent, and using their cellphones inside the Musjid to read Quran. And messages, calls can come through when this same phone is on silent. In addition, there is a very high probability that animate pictography, icons and other peoples messaging profile pictures (commonly animate pictures) are downloaded and stored on these phones. Furthermore, impermissible pictures or profile photos can appear automatically on the screen in these devices inside the Musjid (for example, when a new message is received).

I (a layman)was surprised, observing an Imam reading a Jumuah khutbah in the Musjid from his own smartphone…now how does someone tell the person sitting next to him to switch his phone off, when this is the example set by the Imam himself…

  1. Instead of being switched off, some cellphones are put on silent and being openly used for instant messaging (generally have a high content of animate pictures) by both adults and teenagers in our local musaajid immediately before and after fardh salah. This texting has become so common and ‘brazen’, that it appears that answering cellphone calls will become the next norm in the Musjids.

Most people do not even understand the effect of harmful radiation these devices emit or receive at close proximity to the human body, let alone subjecting the person sitting next to them and the Musjid to it. In my simple opinion, there could also be great spiritual harm associated with this type of radiation.

While reading the Quran on a cellphone could be permissible outside of the Musjid, it sets a precedent of being able to use the cellphone for other purposes inside the Musjid simply by others observing some musallis reading Quran on it.

Most of the local Musjids already have ‘switch off or no cell phone’ signage, but this doesnt seem to work because people are still using their cellphones ignorantly.

Perhaps, what used to be done back in the day, needs to be re-introduced. And, that was the regular reminder by our older Imams who would announce before each salah to switch off all phones completely (and not on silent).

If you feel it is appropriate to address this on your website or other communication, then please feel free to edit and post as you need, for the sanctity of our Musjids, and for our communities benefit. (The Musjid could curse such people for introducing animate pictures into the Musjid and for partaking in futile instant messaging conversations in the Musjid).

JazakAllah khairan (End of the brother’s comments)

Our Comments

(1) It is not permissible to load the Qur’aan Majeed on cellphones in which haraam matter is stored, e.g. pictures, etc.

(2) It is not permissible to recite the Qur’aan Majeed from a cellphone in which haraam and rubbish are stored.

(3) It is improper and unbefitting of a Mu’min to recite the Qur’aan Majeed from a cellphone in the Musjid when copies of the Mushaf are available.

30 Jamadith Thaani 1443 – 2 February 2022


Q. Last week Friday on Jummah we saw a Moulana with an iPad or Tablet in his hand from which he delivered his lecture. This week Friday on Jumuah, the Moulana who came to lecture us and deliver the Khutbah, had in his hands a Smartphone from which he delivered his lecture and Khutbah.
I’ve arrived at a conclusion and that is that these ‘new Moulanas’ are coming from the jamiat in Fordsburg as I know they both studied there.
They’ve discarded the Kitaabs for Smartphones & iPad or Tablets. Now remember that these Smartphones and tablets don’t only have Islamic content in them, they have pictures and images of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat and other social media content.
Tell us what we should do when confronted by these modern day “Ulama”.
A. Be extremely wary of these deviates who are misguided by the NNB jamiat of
Fordsburg. The „madrasah‟ which this shaitaani NNB jamiat entity operates is an institution of shaitaan. The Deen is used as a front to entrap students into the web of modernism.
Only such so-called „maulanas‟ whose brains have become corrupted with the evil modernism acquired from the institution of shaitaan have the temerity of discarding the holy kitaabs to read the Jumuah khutbah from a porno device. These fellows are bereft of any Imaani haya and Imaani understanding, hence they fail to understand the notoriety of reading the Jumuah khutbah from a device which is filled with and used for immorality and satanism.
If the trustees of the Musjid are proper Muslims, then they should not allow these hybrid “molvis‟ to use devilish devices in the Musjid, especially for the purpose of the Khutbah and bayaans.

the majlis 25/6