“When We intend to destroy (the people of) a town/city, then We increase its affluent ones (who drunkenly become drowned In their fisq and fujoor). Then the decree (of punishment) becomes confirmed for them. Then We utterly (uproot and) destroy them.”

(Bani Israaeel, Aayat 16)



The party in the Saudi desert looked like any other rave until the music stopped for the Islamic call to prayer, leaving attendees in ripped skinny jeans and combat boots to stand in silence.

Fifteen minutes later — religious duties completed — thousands of party-goers got back to business. Men and women danced with abandon in a country where that would have been unthinkable five years ago.

In contrast, the four-day festival called MDL Beast Soundstorm was endorsed by the government and included performances by global DJs like Tiësto and Armin van Buuren. Organizers say more than 180,000 people attended the opening night, pushing boundaries as the kingdom transforms.

“Allow us progress, allow us to represent ourselves in the way that we feel fit,” said Prince Fahad Al Saud, a royal family member and entrepreneur who attended in a psychedelic-patterned jacket and sparkling eyeliner. “We are very eager to be part of the international community, but we can’t be stifled every time we try to make progress because it doesn’t look like what you want to see.”

*At a recent international film festival in Jeddah, women strutted the red carpet in sleeveless gowns and an openly queer man, Adam Ali, won best actor. *

British supermodel Naomi Campbell was photographed sitting on the floor in front of a traditional Saudi meal, eating with her hands.

“Now everything is here and the world has come to us,” marveled Abdullah Alghamdi, 29, who attended the weekend rave. “There are honestly so many events that you don’t know where to go.”

(End of report)

The reckless, insane and flagrant indulgence of the Saudis in fisq, fujoor and kufr is the commencing sign of the impending Athaab of Allah Azza Wa Jal, which will deracinate these rubbishes and khanaazeer and transform them into history such as the history of Aad and Thamud who had been obliterated by the Punishment of Allah Ta’ala.

16 Jamaadil Ula 1443 – 21 December 2021


Q. King Salman of Saudi Arabia has ordered that Taraaweeh will henceforth consist of only 10 raka’ts, no longer 20 raka’ts. What is the Shar’i status of this king who has tampered with the Taraaweeh Ibaadat?
A. The status of this jaahil, Najdi agent of Iblees is not a mystery. Every Muslim can understand the kufr of this miserable Najdi who has transformed Arabia into Darul Kufr. Reducing Taraaweeh to 10 raka’ts is not at all surprising. The entire Shariah has been abolished by the current Kufr regime. The people who support the kufr regime with their presence are also guilty of aiding kufr. People should perform the full 20 raka’ts at home. It is not permissible to participate in the fong kong style of worship which these kuffaar Najdis have introduced in the Musaajid in Arabia.




The Ministry of the so-called ‘Islamic’ Affairs of the Saudi Darul Kufr has ordered that loudspeakers be restricted to only the Athaan and Iqaamat. Furthermore, the volume will now be drastically reduced to “one third level”.

The announcement does not clarify if loudspeakers are totally prohibited for Salaat and Khutbah or will these devices still be used inside the Musaajid for Salaat and Khutbah albeit at drastically reduced levels.

Since about a century ago, there has been consensus of our Ulama of Deoband on the prohibition of using loudspeakers for Salaat and
Khutbah. But the Saudi view was the opposite. What has now constrained Darul Kufr to abide by the Fatwa of Deoband?

While the Fatwa of our Ulama is based on solid Shar’i daleel, the order of the Najdi regime is motivated by the desire to appease the
western kuffaar tourists. Since in the understanding of the kuffaar regime the Athaan disturbs the kufr palates of the kuffaar tourists,
the kuffaar Saudi regime has imposed the restrictions on the use of loudspeakers. Thus, the decision of the kuffaar Saudi regime, like
all of its decrees, is kufr. This should not at all be a surprising emanation from the Saudi-Najdi Darul Kufr.

13 Shawwaal 1442 – 25 May 2021



From being the most powerful, honourable, respectable, chivalrous, pious, progressive, courageous and admirable nation once on earth, the Arab leaders of today have sullied the name and the race of our most noble Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him).  The present Arab powers, far from their previous prestige, have indeed greatly deteriorated in stature to such an extent that they are now known for everything un-Islamic. These include their exploitation of labour, oppression of others, opulent and deca dent lifestyles, betrayal of their own race, war mongering, extremism in religion, manipulation and selective application of religion, and the cherry on the top – their open love, alliance, and adoration of USA and Israel. If this love was kept hidden in the heart, one could still be in doubt, but the Arab leaders have demonstrated themselves their willingness to be the Zio-Western underdog and poodle on all levels: economic, social, political and even religious. The only thing now left to change is the Saudi flag. The pure Kalimah (Islamic Creed) should be removed and be replaced by a woman in a bikini.

But being a friend of the devil is no ordinary task. You need to do two things to be afforded this disgraceful privilege. Firstly, you have to sell your religion – a demand which is currently being fulfilled; and secondly, you have to take your Lord and Protector to be the mighty West, the formidable East, or anyone else besides the One Almighty. This has already been done many decades ago. In return, you get protection of your throne and license to kill your own people.


Saudi Jeddah Fest: The Desperate Face of Liberalism

The last couple of Ramaḍān days in 2018 coincided with the beginning of the World Cup in Sochi, Russia. Kicking off the tournament was the Saudi Arabian football team, who, along with its coaches and fans, was given the green light to break their fast, en masse. [1]

Besides the rightness or wrongness of eating for the sake of what would have, in a recent era, been regarded as a futile pastime, the stakes were set for a revitalised win. Awkwardly, they were crushed 5-0 by an unhopeful Russia, to which some on social media began sneering: “They neither ended up fasting with the believers nor playing like the disbelievers.”

Fast forward a year and we hear that a rapper, known for her “typically revealing outfits and explicit lyrics”, according to a BBC [2] reference I have chosen to omit, will perform at the Jeddah World Fest on 18th July. It is scheduled to be the largest live music festival in the heartland of Islām and will take place just 50 miles from the House of Allāh, the Kaʿbah, running into the sacred month of Dhul Ḥijjah when millions will visit the Sacred House, announcing, “we are here, Allāh, we are here.”

Though the fest’s organisers (at whatever political level) think they have done well in showcasing an aesthetic, liberal face, their cajoling the West is still failing in hugely embarrassing ways. The billions of dollars of petrol money have done little to bribe the West’s silence over the premeditated murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, war crimes committed in Yemen, and numerous human rights violations. Even with the moral and financial beg-friending, television exposés of gulf-ruling families that divulge seriously shameful revelations, on public BBC television, are becoming routine. [3]

“But Allāh is mocking them, and drawing them on, as they wander blindly in their excessive insolence.” [4]

Conversely, and quite ironically, the self-respecting advocates of philosophies are very different to those recognised in the West: those who are imprisoned in Saudi Arabia are still held in higher esteem, in the West and continue to be seen as ‘people of principle’ and victims of expression and personal conscience. [5] [6]

In other words, much like the encounter with Russia, those seeking to ‘liberalise’ the country have become neither stately custodians of Islām, nor paraders of proper Western liberalism or its political systems, and thus, they sway between the two and belong to neither.

“[They, the hypocrites, are] swaying between this and that, belonging neither to these nor to those; and he whom Allāh sends astray, you will not find for him a way [to the truth – Islām].” [7]

Let us discuss this further. For starters, the Jeddah Fest misfits only got their ‘freedom’ to corrupt when they barred the liberty of others to speak out against them and incarcerated scholars and activists. To be honest, this is a general conundrum that all forms of muscular liberalism around the world suffer from: “You can do and say what you want, so long as you do and say what I want”.

These desperate displays of ‘liberty’ are thus clumsy because they are oxymoronic, built on repressing voices of reason and religiosity. Political Theorist Professor John Dunn, in fact, notes autocracy as a component of the antithesis of liberalism. [8]

Secondly, why is it that sexual promiscuity is always the only thing the Gulf brandishes when showcasing their path to ‘reform’? Seriously, which dullard decided that the path to civilizational reform must start with bikini beaches, [9] dozens of new cinemas, [10] and pop concerts? [11] [12] Liberalists, at best, see these things as ‘entertainment’ after a busy day of civil service where such activities do not take place.

In fact, John Locke, the so-called ‘Founding Father of Liberalism’, outlines in his 1690’s foundational thoughts on a liberal society, the Two Treatises of Government, that legitimate governments are only those that have the consent of the people. Are we allowed to ask if this founding tenet of liberal political theory will be on the agenda of the Gulf’s drive to liberalism? [13] Will the ragdolls being used to showcase Saudi Arabia’s new ‘liberal’ face be demanding their democratic voice when electing a government, or just be photographs at ‘belote’ betting games for its gawky-named General Entertainment Authority? [14]

Thirdly, Western liberalism, for all its flaws, is supposed to be a vehicle, not an objective. Being a liberal does not automatically make you impressive, but rather, exercising your liberty to do good is what makes you good. In laymen’s terms, ‘pimping around’ at exposed festivals, even by liberal standards, makes you a playboy just as taking the liberty to overdrink makes you a drunkard.

The buffoons signing up to this gig are, in fact, being forcibly shaped into the exclusively sexual manifestation of ‘liberation’ that the facilitators recognise. Having been convinced ‘reform’ means inaugurating the filthy industry, they have become like national mannequins, leaving passers-by perplexed at why they are entirely undressed. By this, they are neither succeeding in following the ‘etiquettes of liberalism’ – if there ever were any – nor the virtues of their original identity as pure, honourable Muslims.

It is a shame and it wrenches the heart that the ‘Land of Tawḥīd’ and ‘Land of the Two Holy Sanctuaries’ is allowing itself to head in this direction. This is not denying the colossal amount of scholarship, modesty, and virtue that remains. Muslims across the world, however, expect better representation from whom they have historically and naturally wanted to confer the custodianship of Islām to.

In a statement attributed to ʿAlī (raḍiy Allāhu ʿanhu), he says: “Truth is not known by men. Know the truth, you will know the men upon it.” No doubt with an honest knowledge of Islām, we will unsurprisingly look for alternative role-model.

Muslims in the West simply find no inspiration in godlessness and carnalism. They not only see these things everywhere but see that they have not done any favours to their proponents. If anything, Western non-Muslims admire Muslims for being able to serve the opposite. The two have failed to bring contentment to the West, let alone underpin ‘reform’ efforts in Muslim heartlands, chasing ends those that have reached them are running away from! But it is as Allāh (subḥānahu wa taʿālā) says:

“…If you turn away, He will replace you with a people other than yourselves and they will not be like you.” [15]

Source: http://www.islam21c.com


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“Most certainly, We shall cause them to taste from the lesser punishment, not the greater punishment, for perhaps they will return (to the Path of Rectitude). And, who is more unjust than the one who turns away from the Signs of his Rabb when these are narrated to him? Verily, We shall extract vengeance from the criminals.”

(As-Sajdah, Aayat 21)

Only those whose brains and hearts are convoluted with kufr will deny the irrefutable reality of the swarms of insects which had settled on Makkah, including Musjidul Haraam, being an Athaab of Allah.
The Qur’aan Majeed says:

“And, none knows of the armies of your Rabb except He.”

(Al-Muddathir, Aayat 31)

This occurrence is Divine Chastisement in small measure. It is a warning to jolt the kuffaar inhabitants of Saudi Arabia of the impending great punishment which will obliterate them all if they refuse to heed this warning and refuse to repent and adopt the Path of Rectitude. They should understand that: “Never will you find for the Way of Allah a change.” When nations of bygone times intransigently and rebelliously resolved to plod the path of villainy and treachery, sin and transgression, then Allah’s Athaab descended in a variety of forms to eliminate the transgressing nations. The same is in the divine pipeline for the kufr regime and the kuffaar inhabitants of Saudi Arabia.
The regime and the vast majority of Saudis have abolished Islam and taken the ideology of the western kuffaar. These Saudi criminals will not escape Divine Wrath and Divine Curse. Allah Ta’ala warns in the Qur’aan Majeed of vengeance which He will extract from these criminals.
Compared to the swarms of insects which had plagued Fir’oun and his people, the swams which have descended on Makkah are miniscule. Allah Ta’ala grants leeway and much rope. If the warning is not heeded, they will rue the days they were born.
The kuffaar concern to discover the causes to which this phenomenon can be attributed are silly and futile from the Islamic perspective. The swarms of insects have now been eliminated, NOT by the measures undertaken by the municipality of Makkah, but by the decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Understand well, that every occurrence and operation in the universe runs its course by Allah’s decree and command. The Qur’aan Majeed states:
“By Him are the Keys of the Ghaib (whatever is unseen and unknown to us is the Ghaib), No one, but He knows it. And, He is aware of what is in the ocean and on the earth. Not a leaf drops (from a tree) but he is aware. There is not a seed in the darkness of the earth (underground) nor anything moist or dry, but it is recorded in a Clear Book.”

(Al-An’aam, Aayat 51)
“Nothing is hidden from your Rabb of the tiniest speck neither in the earth nor in the heaven, nor anything smaller nor bigger, but it is recorded in a Clear Book.” (Yoonus, Aayat 61)
The mulhideen and zanaadiqah of the kufr Saudi regime should not feel snug in the deception that the municipality has succeeded in eliminating the swarms of insects. The termination of the Divine Operation was a decreed event. Its termination is respite granted to the evil populace and kufr regime of Saudi Arabia. These insects were merely the initiation of the process of Divine Punishment. Great upheavals are destined to follow. It will then be too late for regret and even repentance will then not avail.

7 Jamaadil Ula 1440 -14 January 2019