There Is Social Distancing In TheMasjid – What Should I Do?

Question: In my area musjid, ‘no mask no entry’, ‘observe social distancing’ and ‘bring your own Musallah’ are boldly printed and pasted as rules and guidelines for us Musallis to observe. All Musallis stand about 1m to 1.5m away from each other during Jamaat Salaah. A security guard stands at the entrance where he ensures that we enter with masks on our faces – like thieves going to a musjid? – and carry along our own Musallahs. The
security guard also sanitizes the Musallis entering the musjid with hand-sanitizers. I dislike observing such acts in the musjid. My heart doesn’t feel comfortable to follow these guidelines and laws which are enforced more strictly by our own Muslims than by the government. Therefore, few of us have agreed upon meeting at a certain man’s house to perform our Salaah in Jamaat. We manage to read our Fajr, Maghrib and Esha in this
manner. Due to the brothers gone out during the day for work, Zuhr and Asr is not read in Jamaat. I read these two Salaahs alone in my house. Kindly comment on this. Is it fine for me to read these two Salaahs alone, or should I go to the musjid for these two Salaahs?
Lastly, I have heard a senior Aalim mentioning in his bayaans that we are supposed to frequent the musjids. He said that the musjids are empty whereas we are supposed to fill them up, especially during these times that we are going through. What should I do? Does it mean I should go to the musjid where social distancing takes place in compliance to the senior Aalim’s advice? Kindly assist.

Answer: Alhamdulillah, we have published a book discussing these type of guidelines which are enforced by Muslims in the Houses of Allah Ta’ala – the Masaajid. Insha Allah, your questions will be answered by reading this book. The book can be viewed with this link:
Muslims standing in Saffs with NO gaps in between each other is tremendously loved by Allah Ta’ala. An entire Surah is named as Suratus-Saff in the Qur’an Majeed. In various places in the Qur’an Majeed mention is made of the Saff/s. Suratus-Saaffaat (the Surah after Surah Yaa Seen) begins by Allah Ta’ala taking an Oath on those Angels who stand in Saffs.
Numerous Ahaadith encourage the filling of the Saffs. We have written an article previously mentioning some of those Ahaadith. Hence, social distancing in the Saffs during Jamaat Salaah is not permitted.
The description of what takes place in your area Masjid is indeed very sad. The sadness cannot be penned in words. Make Du’a to Allah Ta’ala that the reality and beauty of Islaam, the love for the Masjid and the Sunnah enter into the hearts of those in charge of your Masjid as well as all the Masaajid in the world where such un-Islamic guidelines are adhered to and strangely ‘enforced’ very meticulously by Trustees, Molvis and Musallis. It will be interesting to note if the rules and guidelines are enforced with the same stringency in the businesses, work places (offices), surgeries and other places owned by (these) Muslims.
Regarding your concern, note the following:

  1. In this case where a mockery of Salaah is enforced in your local Masjid by social distancing in the Saffs, do not attend such a Masjid. If you are living in a big residential area where there are several Masaajid, then look for a Masjid where there are no such guidelines enforced. Surely, you will find one such Masjid – Insha Allah.
  2. If there is no nearby Masjid or this is the only Masjid in your locality, then the Jamaat Salaah which you are observing as you have described is correct. It is better to arrange for the performance of Salaah in a manner that is not alien-to-Deen, rather than performing it in a total anti-Sunnah / alien-to-Deen manner.
  3. Try to find someone – even one person – for Zuhr and Asr with whom you can make Jamaat. However, if no one is available, then perform these Salaahs alone, instead of going to the Masjid where Salaah is performed in a tsotsi-style, i.e. with face-masks and social distancing after sanitizing one’s hands with most probably alcohol based sanitizers when entering the House of Allah Ta’ala.
  4. Regarding the advice of the senior Aalim, it applies to frequenting those Masaajid where there are no alien-to-Deen and funny styles, ways and modes of Salaah enforced such as social distancing in the Saffs and enforcing an unhealthy mask to be worn for Salaah.
    The senior Aalim most probably refers and directs his advice and plea to a particular locality’s Muslims who are privileged to have a Masjid where Muslims don’t debar fellow Muslims from entering due to some guidelines offered to distance Muslims from the Masaajid. Surely, no senior Aalim who is known to propagate the correct Deen all his life will encourage Muslims to frequent a Masjid where social distancing takes place for Salaah.
    Hence, as long as the Masjid in your area observes anti-Sunnah activities for Salaah, then find an alternative Masjid where there is NO un-Islamic guidelines observed. If there is no such Masjid, then you should speak to a few brothers who also disagree with the un-Islamic activities in your local Masjid, and start a small Musallah (JamaatKhanah). Start off small – even if it be just three brothers behind the Imaam, but remain punctual on it. Insha Allah, Allah Ta’ala will send more Musallis to join. In this way, at least Jumu’ah Salaah can be performed in the correct Sunnah way.
    May Allah Ta’ala guide all of us, Aameen.

Custodians of the Haq
Amr-bil-Ma’roof Nahi-anil-Munkar
The Haq Sounds Like Hate To Those Who Hate The Haq
“Speak the Haq even if it is bitter” (Hadith)


While the world is in a state of extreme turmoil and chaos under the aegis of the satansim of the bogus pandemic, true Muslims must understand and remember that Allah Ta’ala declares in the Qur’aan Majeed:
“Not a leaf drops (from a tree) but He is aware. There is neither a seed in the darkness of the earth nor anything moist or dry, but it is recorded in a Clear Kitaab.”
“Nothing – not an atom – in either the sky or the earth, nor anything smaller or bigger, is hidden from your Rabb, but it is recorded in a Clear Kitaab.”
Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that if entire mankind unites to harm you or benefit you, they will succeed only to the extend decreed by Allah Ta’ala. Thus, keep in mind, that the calamity will run its prescribed course ordained for it by Allah Ta’ala. No one and nothing can thwart or foil its onward progress in its trajectory.
What we are observing and suffering today is a small taste of Allah’s punishment for our massive sins, transgression, fisq, fujoor, bid’ah, nifaaq and kufr. The greater Athaab is yet to unfold. From what is being seen today emerging from the ranks of so-called ‘ulama’ (all munaafiqeen), it is clear that today’s little Athaab is a prelude for something greater. No one is heeding and taking lesson. These rubbish, scoundrel molvis and sheikhs are increasingly licking the boots and even the hinds of the atheists who are teaching them to transform Islam into a new religion but retaining the name, ‘islam’.
Every true Muslim must incumbently focus on Allah Ta’ala. Hold firmly on to the Rope of Allah (The Shariah). Reflect much on Maut, the Qabar and Aakhirah, and know that Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:
“No one will die except at the appointed time with the Command of Allah.”
The plethora of fong kong shaitaani rules, regulations and measures will not save you from Maut or from whatever calamity Allah Ta’ala has ordained for you.
Therefore, do not fear satanism. Do not fear the inspirations of Iblees which these munaafiq molvis and sheikhs are presenting as if these devilish incantations are the Holy Writ. Every mediocre Muslim knows what Islam is and what the Shariah of the Qur’aan and Sunnah is. You need not seek exposition and clarification from those who practise fong kong prayer rituals in the mosques which they have converted into temples of shaitaan. These acts of satanism are unheard of. They are signs of Qiyaamah.
Do not join fong kong mock congregations. Perform Salaat elsewhere, even alone at home. Maut is stalking us all. The current suffering is a great reminder of Maut and a medium for gaining Divine Proximity. Increase in permanent Thikrullaah, Istighfaar in abundance, Durood Shareef and Kalimah Tayyibah. Be with Wudhu at all times so that you gain Shahaadat when Maut arrives. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) aid: “Wudhu is the weapon of the Mu’min.”
Do not be too much concerned with wazeefas for cure. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that Surah Faatihah is a cure for every sickness. Therefore, recite it in abundance; blow on water and drink, and blow on yourself and your patients. Fall asleep with Allah’s Name on your lips. Do not lose courage. Accept whatever Allah Ta’ala has decreed. Regarding these flues, recite: ‘LAA Ba’sa tahoorun, Inshaa-Allah.’ – seven times every now and again. This is Rasulullah’s prescription. The flu purifies us from our sins.
May Allah Ta’ala keep us all firm on the Deen and take us from this dunya with our Imaan intact. AAMEEN THUMMA AAMEEN! YA RABBAL AALAMEEN. We are from YOU, and we are returning unto YOU.

21 Zil Qa’dh 1441 – 13 July 2020



Please comment on the fatwa of Darul Uloom Bannoori Town (Karachi). According to these muftis, ‘social distancing’ in Salaat, etc. are permissible because:
(1) The contagiousness of the covid disease is confirmed by medical opinion.

(2) The government’s law has to be obeyed.
Is their fatwa in conformity with the Shariah?

There are two shariats: The Shariah of Allah Ta’ala and the shariat of Iblees who is the ustaadh of the government, the medical juhala and these moron bootlicking muftis.
The first ground presented by these maajin (moron, stupid, scoundrel) muftis is kufr. Regarding the second stupidity, nothing supersedes Allah’s Law.

There is absolutely no need for stupid fatwas to bootlick and appease the atheist medical juhala who excrete plain Ibleesi drivel. The government does not compel any molvi to excrete rubbish in the name of the Shariat. The profession of these moron muftis is bootlicking for the acquisition of money, stupid name and fame. They are pursuing worldly carrion under Deeni guise.
This Darul Uloom as well as Darul Uloom Deoband and most other Darul Ulooms have diverted from Siraatul Mustaqeem. They are plodding the devil’s path to Jahannam. They all have become agents of shaitaan, hence they now excel in western liberalism.
The Darul Uloom has not presented a single Shar’i daleel for its Ibleesi excrement. Its stupid ‘fatwa’ is nothing other than a piece of moronic personal opinion disgorged to bamboozle the juhala and to bootlick the government. These Darul Ulooms can no longer be trusted. They trade the Deen for the jeefah (carrion) of the dunya. They are no longer representatives of the Shariah. On the contrary, they are agents of Iblees.
Just imagine! Abrogating the Shariah with a piece of rubbish personal opinion devoid of a shred of Shar’i substance. They all are signs of Qiyaamah. They are plodding the path of dhalaal (satanic deviation). They are mudhal (deviated) and mudhil (leading others astray).
As for the dalai-il debunking the rubbish which these moron muftis disgorge, we have published seven booklets and numerous articles, all available on our website. Suffice to say, that the Bannoori Town fatwa is satanic rubbish.
Their stupid fatwa zigs and zags between right and wrong, but finally settles for shaitaani rubbish. While these moron muftis acknowledge the imperative importance of proper Masnoon Saff formation, they ultimately prostrate to shaitaan and accept his ‘fatwa’ of kufr.

23 Zil Qa’dh 1441 – 15 July 2020

Un-Islamic Masjid Guidelines

Un-Islamic Masjid guidelines

“Verily, he among you who lives long will see much conflict. Therefore, keep to my
Sunnah and to the Sunnah of the Khulafa-ur-Raashideen (the rightly guided Khulafa), those who guide to the Right Way (Deen). Cling to it (the Sunnah) firmly. Beware of the new norms (Bid’ah in Deen), for verily, every Bid’ah (new norm) is misguidance (Dhalaalah). And every Dhalaalah is in the Fire of Jahannam.” (Abu Dawood and Tirmizi)



A Concerned Brother from Newcastle complains:

May you Allah preserve you and reward you abundantly.

Jamiah Darul Uloom Newcastle Musjid personnel prohibits us from performing salah standing shoulder to shoulder.

One would think a Darul Uloom would uphold the Sunnah and hold firm on the Quran. The opposite is true. The gaps they the authorities have made and we are forced to pray our salah are so horrendous and despicable.

Some Mussalees are standing literally five meters apart. It is such a disgusting and incomprehensible situation to be in. Wallahi this is insanity in the extreme. Words fail me. How can our salah ever be accepted and complete ? What answer will we give to our Rabb on yaumul qiyamah ?

Are we so pathetic and weak that we grovel and worship the filthy regulations that our salah is compromised in this fashion ?

I brought this to the attention to the authorities as I refused to social distance yesterday. I was forced to social distance despite my objections. I was reprimanded and hammered to do so. I do not want to expose their inconsistencies and hypocrisy yet they force us to social distance. I decided to just make sabr and make dua for this to end.

My heart bleeds every single time the imam says Allahu Akbar and we are standing like there is a blazing fire like a trench filled with smoldering coals between us mussallees. The sad reality is that even the mussallees now believe it is incumbent to social distance. The very same mussallees who shout at the top of their voices to social distance are the ones who have massive wholesales yet their customers conveniently do not social distance on their premises. Such is the deplorable state of our affairs.

Kindly proffer advice to those who have made this incomprensible decision and please make dua for us here in Newcastle.


(End of letter)

The gaps are filled by the shayaateen. The Musaajid have become haunts for devils. The haraam ‘social distancing’ evil is being given preference over the command of Allah Ta’ala. In the adoption of this evil is the denial of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Thus, the satanic gaps are KUFR – real KUFR which the Munaafiqeen are implementing at the behest of the atheists.

No one can force a person to adopt this evil act. It is not permissible to join such a congregation engaging in mock ‘salaat’. The Salaat is not valid. Do not attend the Musjid which has been converted into a new style temple. Perform Salaat at home. Form your own Jamaat. If no Jamaat, perform alone, but do not join the Munaafiqeen who are bootlicking the atheists.

23 Shawwaal 1441 – 16 June 2020



The satanism called ‘social distancing’ and the masks invalidate not only Salaat. This shaitaaniyat invalidates the Imaan of those who deliberately introduce it in the Musaajid. The innovaters of this shaitaaniyat, in addition to destroying their own Imaan, involve the ignorant ones in haraam acts.

Why does this shaitaaniyat invalidate Imaan?

(1) The Saff (Salaat row)

Those who have initiated these practices are atheists, kuffaar and mushrikeen.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) commanded: “Stand shoulder to shoulder!” The atheists command: “Don’t stand shoulder to shoulder. Stand wide apart.” In obedience to the atheists, the molvi/imam or committee of the Musjid gives preference to the instruction of the atheists.

The instruction of the atheists is adopted on the basis of it being valid and correct while the command of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is denied and rejected on the basis of it being flawed and being a threat to life and health. This is glaring KUFR.

The articles and statements issued by the likes of Bogus uucsa, Bogus jusa, Jaahil mjc and others of this kufr-nifaaq hue, have made it abundantly clear that these vermin believe that standing shoulder to shoulder is a danger to health and life. It spreads the disease.

For a detailed explanation of the shaitaaniyat of ‘social distancing’, read our booklet: “TARAAS-SOO!” – HARAAM SATANIC SAFF FORMATION, SOCIAL DISTANCING

Insha-Allah, a further treatise on this subject shall be published.

(2) Masks

The atheists advise and instruct wearing masks. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) prohibited wearing masks in Salaat. Again, preference is given to an innovation of the atheists on the basis of the belief that performing Salaat without masks constitutes a danger to health and life.

This preference for the act of the atheists and rejection of the prohibition of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) intentionally and deliberately is KUFR.

Those in charge of Musaajid, who profess to be Muslims, are enforcing these artefacts of KUFR because they believe that the theories of the atheists are correct, and that the methods of Salaat (i.e. saff-formation and prohibition of masks) are baseless and a danger to health and life. Their attitude and belief have eliminated their Imaan. They are no longer Muslims. Salaat behind such renegades is not valid.

Duress, Arrest, Compulsion, Majboori, etc.

This is a bogey of the Munaafiqeen who enforce the shaitaani kufr regulations on ignorant musallis. The argument that the government is enforcing the wide gaps thereby allowing the shayaateen to occupy the vacant spaces, is baseless and false. Non-observance of the shaitaaniyat of ‘social distancing’ is not a criminal offence.

Social distancing, Spacing, Masks and Sanitizers

In a letter issued by the South African Police Services to the entire police hierarchy of the country, some of the salient statements are:

(5) “Complaints of torture, excessive use of force, inhumane treatment and punishment of the community by enforcement officers (including members of the SAPS) during the State of Disaster have come to the attention of the National Commissioner. Conduct of this nature by members of the SAPS is unacceptable and will be dealt with in terms of the criminal law and the disciplinary process of the SAPS.”

(6.2.1) “A member may under no circumstances arrest a person in order to punish, scare or harass such a person or to teach him or her a lesson.”

(6.2.3) “Members must ensure that a particular offence exists in law before arresting a person for the commission of an offence. Where certain conduct has not been criminalized (such as the wearing of masks or social distancing)

members must sensitize “transgressors” that their conduct is endangering their health and that of others.”

(6.2.7) “A member who uses force for any other purpose (such as to punish or teach the suspect a lesson), may himself or herself be guilty of an offence, such as assault, assault GBH, attempted murder, etc.”

(6.2.14) “Members may not use private equipment or equipment not issued by SAPS such as a “sjambok”, etc.”

In Guidelines regarding social distancing, the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans, and also the Minister of Police state:

“Social distancing is currently not an offence, therefore, it cannot be enforced. However, Enforcement Officers may encourage and sensitize members of the public to adhere to social distancing.”

The Deputy Provincial Commissioner: South African Police Service Limpopo Province, in a directive to the entire South African Police Service, states:

“1.1. It has come to the attention of this office that members of the public are arrested for not wearing a cloth or other mask. It has further come to the attention that drivers of public transport vehicles are arrested for allowing passengers more than 70% of the maximum loading capacity of the vehicle.

1.1 There are a number of regulations of which the contravention thereof are not criminal offences. ………….. The following are examples of regulations of which the failure to comply, is not a criminal offence. Although the regulations specifically provide that every person must wear a mask, the failure to do so is not an offence and no person may be arrested for the contravention thereof.

Regarding sanitizers, the Deputy Provincial Commissioner states:

“ The failure to comply with these sub regulations is not an offence and no person may be arrested for such failure. The failure to comply with any of the above-mentioned directives is not an offence and no person may be arrested for such failure.

5.2 The arrest of persons for the contravention of the regulations and directives mentioned above is not allowed and will be taken in a serious light. In case of a civil claim against the SA Police Service, members may be held liable for any loss incurred by the state.”

Among the regulations for which arrests may not be made for non-compliance is the use of sanitizers which the Munaafiq committees of some Musaajid are enforcing. These committees surpass the government and the police in the shaitaaniyat of enforcement of kufr demands.

“ The regulations provides that the person in control of retail stores or institutions must:

a) Provide hand sanitizers for use by the public at the entrance of the business ………..The failure of a business owner to comply with the sub regulation is not an offence and no person may be arrested for such failure.”

If a gathering is unlawful in terms of the oppressive and draconian measures of the government, e.g. instead of 50 there are 100 persons present, then the law states:

“An enforcement officer must, where a prohibited gathering takes place —

(a) Order the persons at the gathering to disperse immediately; and

(b) If the persons refuse to disperse, take appropriate action, which may, subject to the Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act No.51 of 1977), include the arrest and detention of any person at the gathering.”

(Government Gazette – 28 May 2020)

Thus, the police may not summarily arrest. An arrest without first ordering dispersal is unlawful.


Non-observance of shaitaani gaps (social distancing) is not a criminal offence.
Not wearing a haraam mask is not a criminal offence.
Not using the haraam sanitizer is not a criminal offence
If the gathering exceeds 50, arrests are unlawful prior to ordering dispersal.

There is no compulsion, no dhuroorah and no majjboori to compel compliance with the host of haraam-kufr conditions which the munaafiqeen have introduced at the Musaajid. All these shaitaani conditions have been accepted and adopted in flagrant rejection of the commands of Allah Ta’ala, hence the KUFR is glaring and flagrant. As such Imaan is invalidated.

The KUFR is of an aggravated nature in view of the fact that the Munaafiq enforcers believe that these conditions advised by the atheists are correct and their observance is imperative whereas the explicit Nusoos of the Shariah debunking the ideology of the atheists is erroneous and practical expression thereof spreads the disease, harms the health and kills.

Those who claim that salaat performed in this evil state is valid are in grievous error. They are either munaafiqs or ignorant or short-sighted or plain stupid.

“Who is a greater zaalim (oppressor) than the one who prevents the Thikr of Allah in the Musaajid (and added to this villainy) he strives in the destruction of the Musaajid?” (Al-Baqarah, Aayat 114)

15 Shawwaal 1441 – 8 June 2020



Social distancing, masks, sanitizers, admission tickets,admission fees, number restrictions, debarring the elderly, checking temperature, etc. – all shaitaaniartefacts of the current shaitaani pandemic of unfounded fear, are all factors of KUFR-KUFR-KUFR.

Insha-Allah, this KUFR which Munaafiq Musjid committees, molvis and imaams have lapped up with bestial relish, shall be discussed and explained in detail in a treatise which shall be published soon. Meanwhile, we present the following guidelines for the Mu’mineen:

(1) If shaitaani gaps in the sufoof (rows) are enforced by the juhala and munaafiqeen, then DO NOT join the fong kong congregation. Salaat will NOT BE VALID.

(2) Sanitizers are impure (naapaak). Salaat is not valid with the application of this impure substance. In all probability the imaam of the fong kong congregation has soiled his hands with the najaasat, hence the Salaat of even those who did not use the najaasat will be invalid.

(3) Do not be registered, and do not accept entry tickets. If the illegitimate progeny of Iblees seeks to enforce this KUFR, go home and perform Salaat even alone within the sanctuary of your home.

(4) Even if it is Jumuah, do not submit to KUFR. Perform Zuhr at home. If you are able to organize your own Jumuah, do so.

(5) In a nutshell: If the Salaat in any Musjid is not conducted as commanded by Allah Ta’ala in the Qur’aan and Sunnah, then do not disgrace yourself by submitting to KUFR and to MOCK ‘prayers’ satanically passed off as ‘Salaat’. What the Munaafiqeen are doing in the Musaajid is NOT SALAAT. It is satanic, KUFR ‘prayers’ of a new KUFR religion in the process of being forged and frauded by the Devil.

The preponderance of Munaafiqeen and Juhala whose Imaan is being eliminated by their submission to KUFR, should render the following Hadith very comprehensible. Reporting the Hadith, Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Amr (Radhiyallahu anhu) said:
“A time shall dawn when the people will gather intheir Musaajid and perform Salaat while not asingle one of them will be a Mu’min.”

DO NOT JOIN A CONGREGATION CONSISTING OF MUNAAFIQEEN, ZANAADAQAH, MURTADDEEN AND SHAYAATEEN (who fill the kilometre gaps) – ALL MASQUERADING AS MUSLIMS. RETURN TO THE MAKKI SUNNAH OF PERFORMING SALAAT AT HOME IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO LOCATE A MUSJID OCCUPIED BY MUSLIMS. “Who is a greater zaalim (oppressor) than the one who prevents the Thikr of Allah in the Musaajid (and added to this villainy) he strives in the destruction of the Musaajid?” (Al-Baqarah, Aayat 114)

11 Shawwaal 1441- 4 June 2020