Q & A

Q. If a boy is interested in a girl for marriage and comes to meet the girl’s family, what questions should they ask him? What qualities should the girl’s parents look for in the boy?
A. The relatives of the girl should not ask the boy any questions at the viewing sessions. They should make discreet enquiries about the boy’s character from others before allowing him to view their daughter. Only if they are satisfied with his moral character should they allow the viewing to take place.
The qualities to look for are good morality, correct Aqaaid (beliefs) and intelligence. It should also be ascertained if the boy is a chap of responsibility. He should not be like an irresponsible tablighi who will abandon his wife without adequate means and arrangement, and go for a few months or a year on a tablighi stint. The purpose of viewing is only to ascertain if the couple is attracted to each other. It is not for ascertaining character, for this is impossible from a couple of moments of viewing.