Several Brothers have made queries regarding our silence on the New Zealand massacre of Muslims. In a nutshell, their query is:

Numerous Muslim organizations have commented on and condemned the carnage which took place in two Musjids in New Zealand. However, The Majlis has adopted an unexpected silence. What is the view of the Shariah on the carnage which has taken place in New Zealand. It is an issue of great importance affecting the Ummah. The silence of The Majlis is mystifying. Please comment.


We are not a member of the Bootlicking liberal and modernist groups and mudhil ulama-e-soo’. It is not among our traits to jump onto stupid bandwagons and participate in stupid circus shows churning up dust and making vociferous howlings emanating from uncinated brains convoluted with the kufr of liberalism.
Insha-Allah, we shall publish the Shariah’s view regarding the New Zealand massacre in our own time when all the stupidities disgorged by silly brains have settled. We shall do so, Insha-Allah, when everyone has forgotten the tragedy. Now currently, liberal and modernists Muslims and deviated molvis are all issuing bootlicking statements which have no validity in the Deen. All of them fail to take into account the decree of Allah Ta’ala.

“And He is aware of what is in the ocean and on the land. And not a leaf drops (from a tree), but He is aware. There is not a seed in the darkness of the earth nor anything moist or dry, but it is recorded in a Clear Book.” (Qur’aan)

14 Rajab 1440 – 21 March 2019




According to Molvi Ebrahim Bham it is important and necessary for Muslims to participate and to take an interest in issues related to the governance of the country. Is his view correct in terms of the Shariah?

Reverend Abraham Bham has lost his Imaani soul many years ago. He is among the worst mudhilleen (misguiders) masquerading as a ‘maulana’ and a guide for Muslims. He is infact one of the many small dajjals which clutter history and who will bob up from time to time to further the cause of Iblees.

Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Those who do not govern according to that (Shariah) revealed by Allah, indeed they are the kaafiroon.”
“Those who do not govern according to that (Shariah) revealed by Allah, indeed they are the zaalimoom.”

“Those who do not govern according to that (Shariah) revealed by Allah, indeed they are the faasiqoon.”
Those who profess to be Muslims, but participate in kufr governance are kaafiroon, zaalimoon and faasiqoon in terms of the Qur’aan Majeed. The entire fabric of governance in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries is kufr and haraam. How can it ever be permissible for Muslims to be a party to such governance?

A Muslim of healthy Imaan does not require a high level of Deeni Ilm to understand the haraam drivel which Reverend Abraham Bham has disgorged. These mudhilleen are experts in executing the job of Iblees – the job of paving the pathway to Jahannam.

Allah Ta’ala has created us for the Aakhirah, not for this dunya. Participating in the najaasat of kuffaar politics is tantamount to kufr. It hardens the heart, blights the intelligence and seriously corrodes Imaan. It is not permissible for Muslims to indulge in activities which divert the mind and heart from the Objective of the Aakhirah. Every step in the process of kufr government is violently in conflict with the Shariah.

Muslims should attend to their moral reformation to gain the Proximity of Allah Ta’ala. He is our protector. The Qur’aan Majeed states: “And Allah protects you against the people.” Our gaze is on creatures because of the extreme deficiency of our Imaan. Our hearts are bereft of Allah’s khauf, hence we suffer from the malady of fear for shadows. Once Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) informed the Sahaabah that a time will dawn “when Allah will eliminate from the hearts of our enemies fear for us, and He will implant in our hearts wahn.” When he was asked to explain ‘wahn’, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Love for the dunya and dislike for Maut.” Nabi-e-Kareem (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) furthermore said that at such a time Muslims “will be rubbish, like the flotsam of flood waters.”

Reverend Abraham Bham and other agents of Iblees of his ilk, call towards shaitaan and Jahannam while Allah Ta’ala calls us to the everlasting success and salvation of the Aakhirah. The Qur’aan Majeed says:
“Then We have established you on a Shariah regarding (all your) affairs. Therefore, follow it (the Shariah), and do not follow the vain desires of those who do not know.”

It is haraam to participate in the politics and governance of countries in this era even if the country is a Muslim one. All regimes in all Muslim countries are kuffaar.

2 Jamaduth Thaani 1440 (8 February 2019)


The Deeni and Imaani conditions of Muslims in the U.K. are incrementally deteriorating. The U.K. authorities as well as numerous among the kuffaar public are implementing policies and measures of repression against Muslims in line with the repression in China against the Uighur Muslims. Although the methodology of the U.K.’s repression is at this stage much less than its Chinese counterpart, it (the U.K.) has adopted the self-same anti-Islam policy in terms of which the Soviet Union had brutally committed genocide, wiping out whole Muslim populations in the Muslim states which it had annexed to its satanic empire.
The difference in the U.K. is that the devilish Britishers have introduced their anti-Islam policy under the guise of ‘British Values’. Overtly and deceptively, it is peddling the idea of peaceful transition from faith to Satanism in so far as Muslims are concerned. In terms of this satanic policy, any Islamic teaching or belief which is in conflict with its satanic values, is criminalized and Muslims are increasingly being harassed in the public domain.
Muslims are constrained to accept intermingling of sexes, abandonment of Hijaab, adoption of the devil’s interfaith concept, introduction of Christmas trees in the Musaajid, etc., etc. Different ways are being implemented by the evil U.K. authorities to compel compliance with ‘British Values’.
In view of the worsening position which threatens to eliminate the Imaan of the new generations of Muslims, and in view of impending repressive measures which the government will incrementally be introducing such as depicted in the Chinese scenario, Hijrat (Migration) has become Waajib.
Those Muslims who are by the means to migrate, should leave the evil country. Those who are unable to make Hijrat, should make dua and the necessary endeavours to migrate as and when this becomes possible. The plot in Britain and Europe is to exterminate Islam. The satanic conspiracy to wipe out Islam is camouflaged under the guise of British and European values.
Numerous cases of harassment of Muslims in the various public sectors are regularly reported. In the U.K. and Europe the profile of a ‘terrorist’ is a man dressed Islamically, a beard, attending Musjid five times daily, abstention from liquor and the like. A woman in Hijaab is also deemed a ‘terrorist’.
It is also necessary to remind Muslims that the current satanic attitude of the U.K. authorities is in reality the backlash of Muslim indifference and Muslim rebellion against Allah Ta’ala and the Deen. In other words, it is the unfolding of Allah’s Athaab which has been initiated on a lesser scale as a prelude to the greater chastisement. In this regard Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:
“Most certainly We shall let them taste of the lesser punishment, not the greater punishment, for perhaps they may (heed) and return to (the fold of the Deen.)”