The illustrious Shaafi’ Faqeeh, Muhaddith,Mufassir and Sufi of the 9 th Islamic century, Allaamah Abdul Wahhaab Sha’raani (Rahmatullah alayh) said:
“We (the Ummah) made a general Pledge to Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) that we shall resort to medical treatment by means of Thikr of the Name of Allah Azza Wa Jal on the painful and ailing portion of the body. We had pledged that we shall not call a tabeeb (medical physician) except if the sickness does not disappear with the Name of Allah Ta’ala. The reason for the sickness not being cured with the Name of Allah Ta’ala is deficiency of belief in the Name of Allah Azza Wa Jal. If the yaqeen is powerful, a mountain will move with the Name of Allah Ta’ala as it had moved for Fudhail Bin Iyaadh (Rahmatullah alayh) and Sufyaan Thauri (Rahmatullah alayh) when they had climb Mount Thaur. When on the mountain, Fudhail said: “When the obedient slave of Allah says to a mountain: ‘Move!’ It will move.” Then, suddenly the mountain moved. Fudhail said to the mountain: “Stop! I did not intend you to move. I was only explaining an example.”
When my Shaikh, Shaikh Ameenuddin Imaam of Jaamiul Ghumra in Egypt would take an oath that an object would move, it would move. Shaikh Abdul Qaadir Ad-Dashtuti (Rahmatullah alayh) said:
“Do not resort to a doctor for medical treatment except when you have not been cured by Ruqyah, and your Sabr has become exhausted. Only then will you be in need of a tabeeb (physician). However, the condition is that the physician should be a Muslim because the physician too has an effect in the cure by virtue of focusing on Allah Ta’ala in the medicine he prepares. The Yahood and Nasaara are not of this class, for verily, they are the enemies of Allah Ta’ala. Therefore it is improper for us (Muslims) to seek cure from them.”

This should be the stance of Muslims. What can now be said about these rubbish maajin muftis whose brains are smeared with the pap smear filth and obscenity? Moron muftis and stupid molvis who sanction the kufr pap smear satanism should renew their Imaan. Their halaalization of this obscenity is absolutely shocking and lamentable. When afflicted with sickness, the Muslim’s first resort should be the Name of Allah Ta’ala, not doctors. This is the Islamic stance when one is genuinely sick. Even the sick are advised by Islam not to make haste by running to doctors. The first step is the Name of Allah Ta’ala and the Qur’aanic Aayaat prescribed by Rasulullah ( Sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) f o r shifa’ (cure). The next step is natural remedies, also prescribed in the Hadith. As a last resort due to Imaani deficiency comes the doctor. And as far as possible avoid kuffaar doctors. Also search for a Muslim doctor whose Imaan is valid, not a zindeeq such as the kuffaar characters of socalled ‘islamic’ medical associations. All of them are munaafiqs. This then is the law of the Shariah, namely, even the genuinely sick should not hasten to acquire medical treatment. What inference shall now be drawn from the absolutely horrendous and obscene papsmear filth which in entirety violates the purity and honour of the Muslim woman who is not even sick, but stupidly and satanically submits to be raped by these human devils? We seek Allah’s protection from the horror of these doctor devils!





Clobbering the papsmear doctor, the Waliah from Pakistan, in an open letter addressed to him says:

Doctor Moinuddin Ally!

I read your letter sent to Mufti A.S. Desai Saheb of The Majlis. As I don’t know how to write to you regarding your remarks on the shameful Papsmear Test, I am writing to you through the Majlis.

Doctor! how can you defend this vulgar and degrading test which you and other shameless doctors prescribe to Muslim ladies. Years ago when a lady doctor suggested that I have this test to rule out an imaginary cancer, I was so ashamed on hearing the details that I did not even have the nerve to repeat her words to my husband. Alhamdolillah! Allah Ta’ala saved me from this shameless test.

Leave alone all the fake “protocols” and other scientific proofs, I say with conviction that no Muslim doctor in his/her right mind will suggest such vulgarity to a Muslimah.

I have a small request to make to you, instead of prescribing the Papsmear Test (even the name causes nausea) and relating its obscene details, please give them the Hakeem Prescription which a Waliah asked me to take and by Allah Ta’ala’s greatest Fadhl I got complete Shifa. Its the easiest and simplest prescription ever.


  1. Eat two medium sized ripe bananas first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and take a light breakfast forty minutes after this.
  2. Eat two medium sized ripe bananas after Asr on an empty stomach and take a light dinner after Maghrib.
  3. Recite Surah Fatiha (seven or three times) blow on water and drink this morning and night.

Do recommend this prescription, I assure you that you will, Insha-Allah, get 100% success rates, if ladies are consistent and regular in following it. They should follow it for at least two months.

Doctor Saheb, I know you will brush aside this prescription by saying there is no scientific proof behind it, so I ask you what proof do you have of the imaginary “Cervical Cancer”, on the basis of which you humiliate and degrade Muslimahs? Wassalam

(End of the Waliah’s letter)

About the Author of this letter: Her Mother is Siddiqah Hadhrat Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha). Her Grandfather is Hadhrat Siddique Abu Bakr (Radhiyallahu anhu), and her Father is Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). May Allah Ta’ala reward this Waliah abundantly for her Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar.

Muftis with brains smeared with the filth of papsmear satanism have not only abandoned Amr Bil Ma’roof, they are in reality digging up the foundations of Islam with their zigzag papsmear convoluted ‘fatwas’ of misguidance. Allah Ta’ala is clobbering them with the Haqq Fatwas of uprighteous Ladies who belong to the Aristocracy of Islam such as this Honourable Lady.

As Naseehat for Muslims whose Imaan is still sound, we reproduce hereunder this noble Waliah’s recent very moving letter. Despite our awareness of the tantrum she will throw up when seeing her letter published, we deem it appropriate to share with others her very moving letter. We do so in contravention of her prohibition. The Majlis the Taaifah of Allah Azza Wa Jal, hence we need no one’s permission in the discharge of the obligation of Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar. Sister! Overlook the liberty we have taken. Your Naseehat is valuable advice for this Ummah.

The Waliah’s Letter (Comments in brackets are ours)

“Respected Mufti Saheb Assalamoalaikum

Just now as I was reciting Qur’an Paak. I was talking to Allah Ta’ala that when the time of my Maut comes, please send the most beautiful Malaaikah to take me to meet You and give them my Salaam.

Mufti Saheb for years it has been my most fervent yearning and begging dua that I breathe my last in Madinah Munawwarah and get a Noor filled Qabr in Baqi InshaAllah. After every Adhaan ka jawab (Response to the Athaan), I read the dua of Hadhrat Umer رضى الله عنه., and I am only telling you this that I also beg Allah Ta’ala to give me a Qabr near Ammi Ayesha’s رضى الله عنها Qabr. I don’t know whether its bai adbi (disrespect) or not but I love her very much. (No, it is not disrespectful Hadhrat Aishah Siddiqah – Radhiyallahu anha – is your Mother –The Majlis) I want to write her Manaqib (Virtues – Yes, do so. It may benefit the pro-Shiah scoundrels lurking in our community –The Majlis). I will, InshaAllah. I want to sing her praises. I love reading about her life with RasoolAllah صلى الله عليه وسلم. I love reading her life over and over again. (And so do we and all true Mu’mineen. Only Shiahs and the modernists with Shiah tendencies masquerading as Muslims hate and slander our Beloved Mother. These scoundrels here in South Africa slink in the community. They are known as the NNB Jamiat, MJC and similar other Munaafiq outfits whose eyes are set on Iranian dollars – The Majlis).

As for doing dua for you, I take your respected name and do dua. May Allah Ta’ala keep you with hifazat (protection) and aafiyat (safety). (Jazaakallaah! We do appreciate your sincere Duas for us. We are at your feet. You are our Mother, and Rasulullah –Sallallahu alayhi wasallam – said that Jannat is under the soles of Mother —The Majlis)

Its not that I am against doctors, but doctors like Moinuddin Ally are nausiating. It is a fact that whoever under goes this shamefull test, chances are that she will get cervical cancer after it. Same is the case with suspected breast cancer biopsy, normal healthy ladies get seriously sick once they have these biopsies. But doctors and the so called “experts” dont believe it.

May Allah Ta’ala save us from all such scary sicknesses and all sickness and such doctors, and keep all of us in His hifazat, Aameen. Alhamdolillah I read the masnoon dua of saving oneself from all dangerous bemariyan (sicknesses) after every Fardh Namaz and have been doing so for years. Duas are my only refuge and shelter. Duas for my khatimah (Maut) on Iman are requested.”

(End of the Waliah’s letter)

Even on earth in this era of corruption in which fisq, fujoor, bid’ah, kufr and papsmear obscenity predominate, there are such Waliahs who resemble Qaasiraatut Tarfi Eenun: Ka-annahunna Baidhum Maknoon. Whoever is interested, may check these Qur’aanic verses and their Tafseer – Surah As-Saaffaat, Aayats 48 and 49. This Waliah is one of them. After all, Gold and Diamonds are found in the dust.

Sister continue providing us with Naseehat. Your Naseehat will, Insha-Allah, benefit innumerable true Mu’mineen and Mu’minaat.

17 Ramadhaan 1442 – 30 April 2021




A doctor, Mr.Moinuddeen Ally, suffering a bout of intellectual constipation which is endemic to all those whose brains have been fitted with the straitjacket of western kufr, sent the following letter to Mufti A.K.Hoosen Sahib:

Respected mufti. I trust Ramadan is going well for you with the fadl of Allah. Mufti sahb from your posts and recordings you appear to be an associate or supporter of the majlis and Molana AS Desai. Mufti please read the pamphlet attached hereto.

I implore you to reason with the Molana not to publish incorrect information.

We have been told not to read the hadith or quraan and then make our own interpretations based on our understanding but to rather leave that to the scholars of Deen. Why then is the Molana doing that with medical issues?

With regard to the pamphlet, I do not argue whether or not the t fast breaks. That I leave to scholars to debate. I also agree in most cases a pap smear can probably be deferred to a time not in ramadaan.

But as a medical professional I take great issue with the other comments the Molana published. Saying that even a muminah who is sick would not (and Implying should not) subject themselves to the test. That the test in itself is haraam. That the procedure can cause cancer? That is a lie and the Molana should hang his head in shame for putting out lies to the public. Are the ulema suggesting that people should not seek treatment when they are ill? Is that not contrary to Islamic teachings?

There are protocols in place to suggest if and when the test is necessary. I see no harm if it is recommended by a specialist and performed by a Muslim female doctor.

But this inaccurate information is inappropriate and lying is a major sin and haraam as far as I was taught.

Molana and the ulema should seek opinion from qualified independent specialists and not willy nilly from Google. Just as the the awwaam are encouraged to seek from the ulema.

With salaams and regards

Dr Moinuddeen Vally

(End of the doctor sahib’s chagrined outpouring)


The Respected Mufti A.K.Hoosen Sahib is unassociated with the article we have published on the Satanist ritual dubbed with the nauseating term, ‘papsmear’. We fail to understand why the doctor seeks to draw Mufti A.K.Hoosen into this Satanist saga which the moron doctors wish to create. The Honourable Mufti Sahib has no sway over us, and the world full of Muftis have no sway over us.

The Majlis is that Taa-ifah about which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “There will forever remain until the Hour a Taa-ifah (a small band) of my Ummah who will fight on the Haqq. Those who oppose this Taa-ifah or abstain from aiding it will not be able to harm them (i.e. the members of this Taa-ifah.”

Doctor Sahib! Open your clogged ears and try to unshackle your brains from the kufr straitjacket which the atheists have fitted you with at university. Understand well that the Honourable Mufti A.K.Hoosen cannot dictate to us what to publish and what not to publish and likewise is applicable to all the Muftis of the world. We are not the underlings of any Mufti or group of Muftis as you are the underling of your atheist tutors who have convoluted your brains with satanist attitudes and the kufr ethos of the Yahood and Nasaara.

Your ‘medical professionalism’ is junk professionalism. Just keep your pugnacious snout out of Shar’i issues for which you are totally unqualified. Your scandalous attempt to venture into this domain serves only to illustrate compound ignorance.

We reiterate with the greatest emphasis that it is HARAAM for even a sick Mu’minah to wreck her Haya and ruin her Imaan by subjecting herself to these Satanist doctors whose brains are smeared with the filth of the papsmear obscenity and satanism.

Their brains are absolutely necrotized by the spell of Iblees. Just imagine! Denuding a Mu’minah of her garments and haya, strapping her on a table with her legs spread open for the progeny of Iblees to obscenely tamper with and in her Satr-e-Ghaleez. Any woman who has the satanic temerity of subjecting herself to such nauseous obscenity cannot be a Mu’minah. She must be incumbently diseased with prostitute tendencies.

Muslim Mothers, Sisters and Daughters! Understand well that you are Mu’minaat. After Imaan your greatest Treasure is that Natural Haya which Allah Azza Wa Jal has bestowed to you. It is a Treasure inherent and intrinsic in your Nature. It is a Sacred Amaanat. How can you ever even dream of destroying such a wonderful Treasure and Amaanat at the altar of these Ibleesi doctors. They are scoundrels of the worse type. They are a satanist species in human form.

A true Mu’minah, even if she has cancer, cannot and will NOT submit to such obscene indignity. Maut is the better choice. She will depart from this dunya as a Shaheedah. Never fall prey to the diagnosis and prescriptions of these Satanists when such acts are in violent conflict with the Shariah. Confound their diagnosis and their prognosis pertaining to their satanic hallucination of ‘cervical cancer’. They are drunk and obsessed with obscenity and immorality. Allah Ta’ala has deranged their brains with FILTH. Regarding this najaasat on the brains, the Qur’aan Majeed declares:

“Thus does Allah cast RIJS (FILTH) on the (brains) of those who are incapable of understanding.”

They look at everything through the kufr glasses fitted for them by their atheist masters. Even blatant kufr and brazen obscenity which are appealing and valid to their atheist bosses are shoved into the Deen by muftis and molvis whose brains have been papsmeared, with flaccid and flapdoodle arguments baselessly extravasated from Shar’i Usool of which they lack even a hazy idea.

Doctor sahib! We do not ‘imply’ that a Mu’minah should not submit to the test. We state unequivocally that we warn the Mu’minah that it is HARAAM to subject herself to such Satanist obscenity even if she has confirmed cancer. There is no dubiosity and ambiguity in our Naseehat to the Mu’minaat. We are ignorant of the dubious diplomacy which today’s moron molvis describe as ‘hikmat’.

The Ulama are not suggesting that sick people should not seek medical treatment. The Ulama are saying that it is HARAAM for our Mothers, Sisters and Daughters to lay sprawled on a table with their legs wide open to allow Satanist practitioners to manipulate them in a manner of obscenity unthinkable and unacceptable to Imaan.

You rubbish doctors are the worst liars who prey on vulnerable females under medical guise to gratify your inordinate carnal instincts. So do not proffer rubbish advice to us. We don’t seek advice and opinion from Satanists who are adept in the science of obscenity.


It is our fervent Dua that Allah Azza Wa Jal maintains the Haya of Muslim womanhood. “Haya is a branch of Imaan”, said our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).



A mufti maajin (moron-jaahil) stupidly asked: “What is your daleel for saying that the fast breaks with the papsmear test?”

Answer: Your brain is befogged with the filth of papsmear. Your Aql is smeared with the Rijs stated in the Qur’aan Majeed. Search for your ‘daleel’ in Hell, and remain there.

14 Ramadhaan 1442 – 27 April 2021



Question: Does the papsmear test which women undergo nullify the Fast? According to Mufti Ebrahim Desai, it does not break the Fast. Please comment.


This mufti has become notorious for zigzagging corrupt ‘fatwas’ which distract people from Allah Ta’ala and the Aakhirah. Something is wrong with his brains. Only brains convoluted by nafsaani filth can ever condone the obscenity and immorality of this evil test which women with prostitute tendencies submit to.

The very name, papsmear, is nauseous. Describing this Satanist test, the medical experts say:

“A Pap smear, also called Pap test, is a procedure to test for cervical cancer in women. A Pap smear involves collecting cells from your cervix – the lower, narrow end of your uterus that’s at the top of your vagina.

The test is done in your doctor’s office or clinic. It takes about 10 to 20 minutes. You’ll lie on a table with your feet placed firmly in stirrups, You’ll spread your legs, and your doctor (the Devil) will insert a metal or plastic tool; into your vagina. They’ll open it so that it widens the vaginal walls. This allows them to seem your cervix. Your doctor will use a swab to take a sample of cells from your cervix.” (End of the obscene, immoral act of satanism).

Which decent Mu’minah can ever submit to such obscene indignity? Women who are desirous of becoming cancerous in body and soul, submit to this satanic obscenity. Without being sick, only a prostitute submits to this satanic filthy and obscene procedure of the kuffaar. Even a sick Mu’minah will never submit to this haraam, obscene, immoral indignity which the shaitaani mufti has legalized.

And, it is only a mufti who’s brains and heart are convoluted with shaitaaniyat and nafsaaniyat who has the devilish temerity of condoning this obscenity. Only a Rubbish mufti has no care for the Muslim woman’s Imaan and her Hayaa has such obscene audacity. Without a word of caution and naseehat he simply encourages and promotes this filth which has smeared his brains with ‘cervical’ cancer.

Muslim women should understand well that this obscene papsmear test is HARAAM. It nullifies the Fast. And, how is it possible for a Mu’minah to ever go during the auspicious month of Ramadhaan for such an obscene and filthy test on the pretext of getting tested for cancer when she has no cancer. There is the grave danger of this shaitaani procedure giving her CANCER.

13 Ramadhaan 1442 – 26 April 2021