The following Istifta’ (questionnaire) was submitted to Mufti Taqi Uthmani:

Is it permissible to take the corona vaccination? Is it incumbent for the government to compel everyone to submit to vaccination? What if someone acquires a fake vaccination certificate?

Mufti Taqi’s Response

While a fatwa was requested, Mufti Taqi Sahib merely made some comments in his statement camouflaged as a fatwa. His statement is not a fatwa. The one who posed the question remains in the same darkness in which he was at the beginning.

In his response to the question of permissibility or impermissibility of the covid/corona vaccination, Mufti Taqi Uthmani stated:

“It is permissible per se to use any halaal medicine or food as a precaution against sickness on condition that at the time (of its use) no haraam and impure substance had been added. Regarding the corona vaccine, if it is not established by means of some reliable source that it is contaminated with impure substances nor is its harm for the health been confirmed by reliable medical research or by compelling presumption (zann-e-ghaalib) nor is there solid evidence that it is being used for an unlawful objective, then taking the vaccine will be permissible according to the Shariah although not incumbent.”

Our Comment

The aforementioned averment is typical of Zig Zag muftis whose liberal and misleading ‘fatwas’ are the effects of dubious and even sinister agendas. That halaal medicine uncontaminated with haraam substances is permissible, is known to every Muslim, even to the most ignorant one.

The one who had posed the question is aware that halaal and pure substances are halaal and permissible. His question does not pertain to pure substances. The question relates directly to the satanic covid/corona vaccine and the satanic vaccination methodology of the atheists.

Taqi Sahib building his case of support for the Pakistani government who bootlicks the atheist West, has presented the above introduction to provide the kuffaar Pakistani government with a licence to justify with its satanic covid oppressive programme. It is indeed lamentable that Taqi has grovelled in a cesspool of inequity to provide cover for the vaccine which has been confirmed by the research of top medical experts and scientists to be an evil, dreadfully harmful potion or a devil’s cocktail.

It is difficult to believe that Mufti Taqi is ignorant of the innumerable research results which condemn vaccination by medical experts, doctors and scientists who have and are vehemently cauterizing the false satanic vaticination of this haraam covid vaccination. Thousands of pages have been published by experts regarding the horrible side effects, maiming and deaths caused by this potion of Iblees which Mufti Taqi is marketing on behalf of the government and other sinister western satanic forces.

It is quite obvious that Mufti Taqi is fully aware of the opposite view – the anti-vaccine view of innumerable medical experts. His feigning ignorance in this regard is pure chicanery designed to mislead. Despite being aware of the researches of the experts and scientists, he speaks ambiguously, without issuing a straightforward, simple fatwa. He does not inform whether the covid vaccination is halaal or haraam. He sits on the fence zigzagging without providing guidance.

The factors of permissibility stated by Mufti Taqi in his abovementioned averment are all non-existent in so far as the covid vaccine is concerned. Contrary to the deception perpetrated by Mufti Taqi, the facts are:

(1) The vaccine is impure

(2) It is poisonous. It is laced with poisonous and impure substances.

(3) It does not cure. On the contrary, it harms, maims and kills.

(4) It is never a precautionary method for saving from the disease.

The conditions which he has enlisted for the vaccine to be halaal are all non-existent. There is emphatic reliable research studies of by top class atheist experts, which prove beyond any shadow of doubt that the vaccine is absolutely harmful. But, Mufti Taqi deems it prudent to submit to the atheist view which is in diametric conflict with the Shariah. And, he feels constrained to tow the government line because of his close association with the fussaaq, fujjaar and kuffaar rulers. Yet, Mufti Taqi does not commit himself since being a molvi/mufti he has to look behind him where the Ulama-e-Haqq are hounding him. He leaves the conclusion to be made by the one who posed the question.

The texts which Mufti Taqi Sahib quotes from the Fiqh Kutub merely state some principles. But these are not helpful for the masses. A fatwa should state whether the issue is permissible or not. If a Mufti is truly unaware of the issue, he should not zigzag and talk drivel. He should not flaunt expertise by citing Arabic texts from the Kutub, which do not assist the one who posed the question. If Mufti Taqi Sahib is genuinely ignorant of the ear-piercing dins of condemnation of the vaccine by innumerable experts, he should state his unawareness and refer the questioner to other Muftis who are versed in the matter.

In another zigzagging exercise, Mufti Taqi states:

“It is not necessary for the government to compel every citizen to take the corona vaccine. However, if the relevant institution regards the corona vaccine to be necessary protection against the disease, then the government may advise every citizen to be vaccinated. Nevertheless, if anyone abstains from the vaccine due to personal reasons, he will not be a sinner.”

Our comment

Firstly, Taqi Sahib has not determined whether the vaccine is halaal or haraam. Due to feined ignorance, he is silent on this issue. Despite his non-committal stance, he justifies the government’s endeavour to have all citizens be vaccinated with the potion of Iblees. His advice to the kaafir government of Pakistan is devoid of Shar’i substance. Advice is permissible only on sound basis – on understanding of the issue, not on conjecture.

He says that if a person abstains from vaccination for some personal reason, then he will not be sinful. This implies that abstention from vaccination for no valid reason renders a person sinful. But this is manifestly baatil. In the very first instance, vaccination is HARAAM, hence the issue of valid reason for abstention does not arise. It is haraam to adopt a haraam method.

Secondly, even if we should hallucinatingly assume that vaccination is indeed 100% beneficial and bereft of any harm, then too the higher option of merit is abstention since it would be the demand a man’s Taqwa. In substantiation, the Maaliki Fuqaha explained:

“There is no doubt that the refusal of medical treatment, placing one’s reliance upon Allah and acceptance of what He decrees, is among matters endorsed by the revealed law. This is supported by what Al-Bukhari reports from ‘Ata b. Abi Rabah from Ibn ‘Abbas that a woman came to the Prophet—upon him Allah’s blessing and peace—and said, “I suffer from seizures to the point that my body becomes exposed. So, pray to Allah for me.” He said, “If you would like, you can endure it and be rewarded with Paradise. And if you would like, I can ask Allah to cure you.” She responded, “I will endure it.” She, then, said, “I become exposed. So, pray to Allah for me not to become exposed.” So, he prayed for her. Hafiz Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalani said in Fath al-Bari while commenting on this hadith,

The hadith indicates the merit of the one who suffers seizures, that the reward for enduring the tribulations of the world is Paradise, and that embracing the more difficult is superior to taking dispensations for those who know what they can withstand and are not too weak to cling to adversity. It also contains evidence of the permissibility to refuse medical treatment, that treatment of all ailments with supplication and taking refuge to Allah is more beneficial than treatment with prophylaxis (aqaqir), and that the effect of that and the body’s reaction to it is greater than the effect of medicine on the body. It, however, benefits for only two reasons: (1) with respect to the sick person, it is [from] sincerity of intention; (2) The other, with respect to the one seeking medical intervention, is the strength of his spiritual focus and the strength of his faith (taqwa) and trust (tawakkul).”

In At-Tamhid, Ibn Abdul Barr (Rahmatullah alayh) says:

“Among the best of this Nation (this Ummah) were its Salaf (Predecessors and Fuqaha who were people who endured sicknesses until Allah Ta’ala took them away. They abstained despite having access to physicians. But none of them was condemned for having refused medical treatment.”

Imaam Ahmad Bin Hambal (Rahmatullah alayh) said:

“I prefer for a man who has Tawakkul and pursues this path to abandon medical treatment such as consuming medicine, etc.”

Thus, Qaadhi Iyaadh (Rahmatullah alayh) recorded Ijma’ on medical treatment being non-obligatory. It is therefore haraam to compel any person to submit to even valid, halaal medication, leave alone haraam vaccination. Further, in their Fatwa, the Maaliki Ulama of Mauritania say:

“And Al-Nawwawi said in Al-Majmu’, “And it is recommended that the sick not be forced to medicate and to consume other things like food.” And if it is not permissible to force the sick who is suffering from extreme illness to medicate, then how is it permissible to force the healthy who has not been afflicted with any sign of illness? And how can trust and surrender to the divine decree be something desirable for the sick who suffers from an actual illness and that not be desirable for a healthy person who is fearful of an expected illness?”

Once when Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) was confined to bed by sickness, he was advised to call a physician. In response, Ameerul Mu’mineen said: “If I know that my cure is to simply place my hand on my head, I shall then too desist from so doing.” This was his Taqwa and Tawakkul.

Therefore, those who collude with the kuffaar governments and the atheist devils, and issue satanic ‘fatwas’ designed to stampede the ignorant masses to submit to haraam ‘medical’ treatment such as satanic vaccination are all agents of Iblees.

False vaccination certificates

On the issue of acquisition of false vaccination certificates, Mufti Taqi said:

“To acquire false corona vaccination certificates is deception and falsehood which is not permissible. It is necessary to abstain from this.”

While this response is a fatwa for the question, it is highly erroneous and baatil. Firstly, from what Mufti Taqi has mentioned in his statement, he feigns ignorance of the vaccine. Whether it is beneficial or destructive, he pretends not to know. Therefore, he has no Shar’i basis for unequivocally claiming that it is sinful and not permissible to acquire false vaccination certificates.

If a rapist/robber enters your home and searches for your wife/daughter who has gone into hiding somewhere in house, will it be sinful to LIE to the scoundrel and say that there are no women in the house? Or will it be rewardable to speak the ‘truth’, reveal her whereabouts and condone the violation of her chastity by the rapist/robber while you, the scoundrel dayyooth stands by cowardly such as these spineless Muftis and Shaikhul Islams and Grand Muftis of today?

If a robber wants to steal your money or harm you physically, will it be permissible or impermissible to LIE in order to save yourself from the evil of the robber? Only the likes of Mufti Taqi has the erudition to say that it is not permissible to lie even in these circumstances.

This is exactly what Mufti Taqi’s fatwa pertaining to false certificates imply. Let the scoundrel rape your wife and rob you of your money on the basis of your ‘truth’. According to him, observance of his conception of the ‘truth’ is imperative regardless of the injury and harms stemming from the satanic potion of Iblees. Thus, obedience to the kuffaar government is incumbent in terms of his warped logic which is nothing but chicanery designed to mislead Muslims and to bootlick the rulers.

In an abortive bid to justify obedience to the kuffaar government, Mufti Taqi cited an Arabic test without presenting its translation. The translation is:

“It is incumbent on the Muslim to obey his ameer in all permissible things. Therefore, if the ameer orders commission of a mubah (permissible) act, then it is incumbent (Waajib) to act accordingly. If the ameer prohibits a mubah act, then it is haraam to do it……Hence, the Fuqaha have stated explicitly that obedience to the ameer in acts which are not sins is Waajib……Ibn Aabideen said: ‘When the ameer instructs to fast on the days which are not prohibited, then this becomes incumbent………

But, this obedience is Mashroo’ (is of Shar’i significance and import) when the order (of the ameer) is due to a maslahah (valid expedient), not stemming from hawaa (base desire) zulm (oppression/injustice), for verily the haakim (ruler) should not be obeyed per se (li thaatihi). He has to be obeyed from the perspective of him being the mutawalli for the benefit of the masses.”

Even a cursory glance at this text will dispel the basis Mufti Taqi claims for his corrupt fatwa of obedience to the kuffaar Pakistani government. The ‘incumbency’ to obey the ameer in terms of the aforegoing text is conditioned with the following stipulations:

(a) The act must be mubah, i.e. permissible in the Shariah

(b) The ameer’s decree must not be motivated by his base desire (hawaa) and zulm (oppression/injustice)

(c) There must be maslihat (an expediency which is for the benefit of the masses).

Germane to the satan’s potion (vaccine) and the satan’s method (vaccination), all three stipulations are missing. The vaccine is haraam. There exists overwhelming and tumultuous evidence for the hurmat of the potion of Iblees.

The law compelling vaccination is pure zulm motivated by hawaa, and there is no valid maslihat for the people in this dreadfully harmful satanic vaccination which the governments have acquired from Bill Gates in lieu of millions of dollars.

The hallucinated ‘benefit’ of the potion of Iblees has been lapped up from the vomit of the atheists. All the noise, sound and fury which these wayward molvis and muftis have churned up are designed to appease the atheists and kuffaar governments. They are misinterpreting Qur’aan and Ahaadith not for reconciling superficial contradictions in the texts, but to justify the kufr and satanic protocols of the atheists. Their very motive is corrupt and kufr.

Furthermore, the principle stated above is not cast in Wahi or in the Qur’aan and Sunnah. Men of intelligence are entitled to scrutinize the decrees of the ameer and to determine for themselves the validity of the imposition. Should they dissent from the claimed validity, they will have the Shar’i right to differ and to disobey and to reject what Mufti Taqi seeks to convey as if it is the effect of Wahi.

Consider the example of fasting on permissible days. The ameer will firstly have to have a really strong and viable basis for ordering the populace to keep Nafl fasts on certain days on which the Shariah has not made it Waajib to fast. In our opinion a valid reason would be to act against Zindeeqs who believe that it is not Masnoon to fast on Mondays and Thursdays, rather it is bid’ah and haraam. If such an idea of zandaqah becomes embedded in the masses, then the ameer will have the right to order the masses to fast on Mondays and Thursdays until the evil corrupt idea of the zanaadqah has been eradicated. However, despite this validity, it will not be sinful for individuals to silently abstain from fasting, that is, without opposing the decree of the ameer.

Qadha’, i.e. the post of being a Qaadhi, is Fardh-e-Kifaayah. Despite the extreme importance of this position and despite the order of the Khalifah, Imaam Abu Hanifah (Rahmatullah alayh) and Imaam Muhammad (Rahmatullah) resolutely refused to submit to the command of the Khalifah.

Imaam Abu Hanifah opted for imprisonment and being flogged rather than obeying the Khalifah on this extremely important and Waajib issue. And, so did Imaam Muhammad, Imaam Nisaa’i and other illustrious Ulama of the Salafus Saaliheen.

The eminent Sahaabi, Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) disobeyed the Khalifah and refused to take the oath of allegiance, despite this being mubah and even necessary, and so did Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Zubair (Radhiyallahu anhu) disobey the Khalifah to the extent of declaring his own Khilaafat in Makkah Mukarramah. There are many episodes of the Salafus Saaliheen disobeying the oppressive orders and commands of the tyrannical rulers who were NOT kuffaar such as the rulers and regimes in sway of Muslim countries.

The government of Pakistan is decidedly kuffaar. It has abolished the Shariah and substituted in its place the western kuffaar concept of baboonic democracy. Mufti Taqi and all molvis of similar thought should hang their heads in shame for satanically labouring to make Muslims subservient to even the haraam and kufr demands of the kuffaar regime. At the minimum, he should weld his lips and remain silent if he is unable to stand up in opposition to the oppression and tyranny of the kaafir government. It is absolutely despicable and treacherous for an Aalim to lick the boots of the kuffaar government, and worse to mislead the ignorant masses with corrupt fatwas camouflaged with Qur’aanic verses, Ahaadith and texts from the Fiqh Kutub which have no relevance to the situation and scenario for which guidance is sought.

The principle overriding the rule cited by Mufti Taqi, and that too baselessly, is the declaration of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam):

“There is no obedience to any makhlooq (created being) in any act which involves disobedience to Khaaliq (Allah, The Creator).”


(1) Mufti Taqi’s discourse is not a Fatwa. It is merely a statement which provides no guidance for Muslims. Only the portion pertaining to false certificates is a fatwa, but a baseless one.

(2) The entire discourse is baatil in that it is irrelevant to vaccines and vaccination. He feigns ignorance, hence he remains non-committal sitting on the fence.

(3) The conditions listed by Mufti Taqi for permissibility of medication are all non-existent regarding vaccines and vaccination. Vaccines are laced with poisons and haraam substances. Vaccines cause dreadful harms and injury.

(4) Mufti Taqi is guilty of chicanery designed to delude the Muslim masses and to bootlick the government.

(5) His fatwa pertaining to false certificates is absolutely baseless, stupid and treacherous. There is no daleel whatsoever in the Shariah for claiming that such false certificates are haraam and sinful.

(6) The Arabic texts cited by him do not support his baatil contentions.

12 Safar 1443 – 20 September 2021



At the outset, we clarify that the target of the Shariah’s critique in this article is not Wifaaqul Ulama of S.A. We are not aware of the local Wifaaqul Ulama’s stance pertaining to the host of kufr covid protocols which the Pakistani Wifaaqul Ulama have lapped up from the disgorgement of kufr excreted by the Zanaadaqah and Munaafiqeen doctors of the western medical establishment. Until such time that the local Wifaaqul Ulama has not clarified its stance,  the criticism herein is directed at the RUBBISH so-called “grand mufti” and so-called “shaikhul islam”, and other members of this  miserable outfit of Ulama-e-Soo’ of  the Pakistani sell-out outfit  called  “Wifaqul Madaaris” or Wifaqul Ulama.

It their presentation of ‘guidelines’ of kufr, these most vile molvis sinking in their cesspool of kufr inequity have proffered the following haraam/kufr ta’leemaat to the Ummah:

“The following guidelines and precautionary measures are suggested for protection from Corona Virus:

• Use a mask in public places

• Wash your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds

• Maintain social distance

• Imams should shorten the congregational prayers and Jummah sermons

• Imams should speak about these guidelines during lectures

• Wedding ceremonies should be postponed, if not, then they should be conducted in the simplest of manners following the Sunnah, with no huge gatherings

• Avoid using carpets in Masajid

• Clean the Masajid regularly with chlorine

• People should be urged to perform Wudhu at home and carry a prayer mat

• Sunnah and Nawafil prayers should be prayed at home

• The Saff must be arranged in such a manner that there is a gap of at least 3 feet between musallees.

• Avoid crowding up, rubbing shoulders and touching the face

• Positive cases of Covid and those having the symptoms like coughing, sneezing, fever should avoid attending the Masjid.”

(End of the teachings of the Agents of Iblees)

The cartel of ulama-e-soo’ which has fabricated and frauded the aforementioned kufr protocols at the behest of the atheists, consists of the following miscreants:

Shaykhul Hadeeth Dr Abdur Razzak Iskandari

(President Wifaqul Madaris Al-Arabiyya)

Shaykhul Hadeeth Moulana Anwarul Haq

(Vice-president Wifaqul Madaris Al-Arabiyya)

Mufti A’zam Mufti Rafi Uthmani

(Vice-president Wifaqul Madaris Al-Arabiyya)

Shaykhul Islam Mufti Taqi Uthmani

(Vice-principal Darul Uloom Karachi)

Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Hanif Jalandari

(General Secretary Wifaq ul Madaris Al-Arabiyya, rector Jamia Khairul Madaris)

Each and everyone of these satanic ‘guidelines’ is an act of kufr – such kufr which expels one from the fold of Islam. As for daleel for their kufr, it is clearer than daylight that the stunts and shenanigans of these molvis are all the products of their kuffaar and zanaadaqah superiors whose boots and hinds they are licking for worldly and nafsaani objects.

What these RUBBISH (GHUTHAA’) molvis, are propagating is part of a massive, sinister plot to demolish Islam by the western kuffaar. But these molvis are too dense in their brains to understand and see through the satanic plot in the making. Their brains have become satanically convoluted with the mess of the filth of papsmear najaasat which they are also condoning. This cartel of ulama-e-soo’ comes fully within the glare of the Hadith:

“Soon will there dawn an age when nothing of the Qur’aan will remain except its text; nothing of Islam will remain except its name; the musaajid will be beautiful ornate structures but bereft of guidance; the worst of the people under the canopy of the sky will be their ulama. From these (rotten, rubbish) ulama will emanate fitnah, and the fitnah will rebound on them.”

A Buzrug commented that under the ‘canopy of the sky’ are also the Yahood, Nasaara, Mushrikeen, dogs and pigs. Thus, these vile ulama whose brains are vermiculated with the najaasat (filth) of papsmear, have absolutely no qualms about propagating clear kufr in the Name of Allah Ta’ala. Just imagine the villainy of these villainous molvis! They condone and promote such acts which are glaringly nugatory of the express and emphatic Ta’leemaat of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

The Sunnat-e-Baidhaa’- the glittering, glorious Sunnah of our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is in front of us. He practically demonstrated how Muslims should conduct themselves during a plague. The Sunnah is not antique to be shoved on some satanic shelf to accumulate kufr dust. This glittering Sunnah is Islam. It is the Final, the Perfect and the Most Beautiful pattern of life which Allah Ta’ala has made Fardh for this Ummah to follow. But these molvis with papsmear brains are murdering the Deen. They are out to demolish Islam by having enrolled themselves as members of the Bill Gates, Pharma & Devil conspiracy. But, never will they accomplish the satanic goal of extinguishing Islam, for Allah Azza Wa Jala Himself has undertaken the obligation of preserving Islam intact until the Day of Qiyaamah. In this regard the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Verily, We have revealed the Thikr (the Qur’aan/the Deen of Islam), and verily We are its protectors.”

“They conspire to extinguish the Noor of Allah with their mouths while Allah will complete (and perfect) His noor (His Deen) even if the kaafiroon (and their molvi helpers) abhor it.”

Let the Ummah know, understand well and remember that:

1) It is haraam to don the niqaab (mask) of Iblees.

2) It is haraam to accept the method of washing hands taught by the atheists and promoted by the RUBBISH molvis of Wifaqul Madaaris of Pakistan.  Our method is the method of washing taught by the Qur’aan and Sunnah. We are not in need of the method of the atheists.

3)  Social distance is Devil’s distance. Observance of the distance of Iblees is haraam and kufr.

4) It is haraam and kufr for Imaams to shorten Salaat and the Khutbah in deference to the advice of the atheists and their molvi agents of Iblees.

5) Nikahs should not be postponed. Niklahs must continue in the Musaajid as usual. In opposition and rejection of the kuffaar plot, at this juncture, huge crowds should be present in the Musaajid to witness a Nikah ceremony.

6) Imaams should not  propagate these satanic guidelines as  is advised by these vile molvis.

7)  It is today WAAJIB to use carpets in the Musaajid. It is haraam and kufr to remove the carpets.

8) It is haraam to ‘clean’ the Musaajid with the urine of Iblees, namely, chlorine. Never should the Musaajid be polluted with the urine of shaitaan. Indeed shaitaan has urinated into the ears of the ‘shaikhul islam, mufti a’zam and the other satanic luminaries of this cartel of unfortunate molvis drowning themselves in a pit of shaqaawat.

9) It is today Haraam to urge people to make wudhu at home. In normal circumstances, while this advice would be proper, it is KUFR today to proffer such shaitaani advice. It is such kufr which expels one from the fold of Islam. It is of the teachings of the atheists whose boots and hinds these evil molvis are licking with relish.

10) It is haraam today to abstain from performing Sunnat and Nafl Salaat in the Musaajid.  While in normal circumstances it will be permissible, in the current scenario of satanism in which the world is embroiled, it is KUFR. These Salaat should be compulsorily performed in the Musaajid notwithstanding being Sunnat or Nafl.

11) The three feet gaps in the Saff promoted by the agents of Iblees is kufr. It is haraam to observe it. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that the shayaateen (devils) fill these gaps. Stand shoulder to shoulder – a standing which the Qur’aan Majeed laudingly says:

“Verily, Allah loves those who fight in His Path in Saffs (ranks/rows) as if they are a solid wall of steel.”

The Saff of Salaat is likewise a “solid wall of steel” against the satanic enemies among whom are these most miserable molvis of the Pakistani Wifaqul madaaris.If the Saff is in accord with the glorious Sunnah – standing firmly shoulder to shoulder – it will also be a Bunyaan-e-Marsoos (Solid Steel Wall) glowingly praised by Allah Azza Wa Jal.

12) Rubbing shoulders and touching the face today are Waajib acts. They are acts to display abhorrence for the ideas of the atheists. They are today noble acts which revive the Sunnah which the Ummah has killed. The thawaab for rubbing shoulders and touching the face when terminating Dua is among the Sunnah about which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) declared:

“He who holds on firmly to my Sunnah at the time of the corruption of my Ummah will receive the reward of a hundred shuhada (martyrs).”

13) Those sneezing, coughing and showing any of the satanic signs indicated by the league of devils should not absent themselves from the Musjid. There is cure for them in the Musaajid. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that Allah Ta’ala averts the disease and His punishment from the inmates of the Musaajid. It remains Waajib for them to attend the Musaajid for their Fardh and Jumuah Salaat.

With their satanic zigzaggery, fence-sitting and villainy do these ulama-e-soo’ masquerading as ‘shaikhul islams’ and ‘mufti a’zams’, etc., mismanipulate the Fiqhi texts of the Fuqaha to fabricate kufr fatwas to peddle and  promote the evil wares of  the Bill Gates, Pharma and Iblees cartel of human shayaateen. Do not be deceived by their self-adopted titles. Never be awed by these deceptive accolades. The ‘shaikhul islam’ is in reality Shaikhul Fisq wa Fujoor wa Kufr. The’mufti a’zam’ specializes in ‘fatwas’ most pleasing to Iblees.

These molvi characters are astray and have lead innumerable ignorant and unwary Muslims astray, firmly placing them on the path leading to Jahannam.  All of these misguides and deceits come squarely within the purview of the Qur’aanic Aayat:

“……Verily,they have gone astray from before, and they have led astray numerous (people), and they  have strayed from the  (Straight) Path.”

(Al-Maaidah, Aayat 77)

This Aayat which addresses the Ahl-e-Kitaab is today more befitting to these ulama-e-soo’ who are aiding the atheists in the destruction of Islam. They are in the process of frauding a new religion in the name of Islam. About such thugs and dacoits who destroy Imaan and ruin Akhlaaq, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Those who have committed kufr from Bani Israaeel have been cursed by the tongues of Dawood and Isaa Ibn Maryam. That is because they (flagrantly) sinned and transgressed the limits.

They abstained from prohibiting evil which the people would perpetrate. Vile, indeed is it which they used to perpetrate.

You will see numerous from among them (the ulama-e-soo’) befriending the kuffaar. Indeed, vile is that which they have sent ahead for themselves – that which invokes the Wrath of Allah on them, and in Athaab (Punishment) will they be forever.”

(Al-Maaidah, 78, 79, 80)

These Ghuthaa’ molvis say that “currently the effects of corona are devastating and increasing daily”. That is why they believe that the protocols of the atheists will be able to thwart and foil Allah’s Plan of Athaab. These evil molvis and muftis whose brains are messed up with papsmear filth, imply that the explicit and emphatic declaration of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) pertaining to plagues, is, Nauthubillah!, false, hence they align themselves with the atheist medical establishment which hallucinates that with its ideas and measures they will be able to combat and nullify Allah’s Scheme.

These evil molvis and muftis do not believe in the truth of Rasulullah’s statement: “The plague is either Athaab or Shahaadat.” For the kuffaar and flagrant fussaaq the plague is a punishment. For the Mu’mineen the plague is Rahmat and Shahaadat. Despite this exceptionally clear and authentic Hadith, these miscreant molvis believe that it is necessary to introduce a host of kufr protocols of the atheists to thwart Allah’s decree of the plague being a punishment or a mercy. The kufr of these brainless or papsmear messed up brained molvis should be crystal clear to all Mu’mineen.


The Ummah has a choice – of choosing between two mutually repellent ways – the way of the atheists and the Way of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and his Sahaabah. The way of the kuffar is the Devil’s way. Every measure and protocol in the tareeqah of shaitaan is haraam and kufr. In contrast, there is the Way of Rasulullaah – the glorious, glittering Uswah-e-Hasanah –the Example and Sunnah of our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).  Every act in this shining and glorious Sunnah is in diametric conflict with the kufr protocols which the Pakistani Wifaqul Madaaris cartel of ulama-e-soo’ are promoting at the behest of their kuffaar government and the atheists.


We urge Wifaqul Ulama of S.A. to state with clarity its stance. Are you in agreement with Wifaqul Madaaris ulama of Pakistan? Do you support the host of kufr guidelines promoted by the Pakistani Wifaaq of Thugs whose thuggery is currently at work to demolish Islam?

We urge you to make clear your stance without the slightest ambiguity. The community requires clear guidance. We trust that you will make bold your stance on this issue. May Allah Ta’ala grant us all the taufeeq to stand up and hold our heads high for the Sunnah of our Beloved Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam – that glorious and glittering Sunnah which even the molvis are today killing.

25 Ramadhaan 1442 – 8 May 2021



Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Soon will an era dawn when nothing of Islam will remain except its name. Nothing of the Qur’aan will remain except its text. The Musaajid will be ornate (beautifully adorned) structures but devoid of Hidaayat. The worst of the people under the canopy of the sky will be the ulama.

From them will emerge fitna, and the fitnah will rebound on them.”


Today that era predicted by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has dawned. A Brother from Pakistan writes:

“The shameful character the Deobandi ulama of Pakistan have adopted in this corona virus episode is absolutely disgusting. Even the Barelwi Mufti Muneeb- ur-Rahman showed more ghairat (honour) than mufti Taqi Usmani and the rest of the Deobandi gang. (They are not Deobandis. They are cranks and bogus ‘deobandis’. They are worse than the Barelwi Qabar Pujaaris. They are traitors. They have sold Islam down the sewerage drain for the carrion of the dunya. They are the worst specimens of creation under the canopy of the sky. –The Majlis)


The ulama have finally accepted that Government has equal authority to Allah and His Rasool. Whatever the government says should be accepted. (They are ulama-e-soo’ of the worst kind. They are the agents of Iblees. They are bootlickers and lap up the najaasat-e-ghaleezah of the kuffaar rulers. The Pit in Jahannam known as Jubbul Huzn is the abode of these stercoroceous vermin who are an absolute disgrace to Islam and the Ummah. –The Majlis)


Thousands of Masjids have been literally locked. Supermarkets, bazaar and other places are open but Masjids are closed. The molvis accepted it. (The la’nat of Allah Ta’ala, of His Malaaikah and of mankind and animal-kind is on these shayaateenul ins –The Majlis)


The extent to which the molvis bootlick the government and have Imaan on science and doctors is also amazing. (They are not Muslims. They have no Imaan. Their nifaaq has been exposed by the corona Athaab of Allah Ta’ala. Their outer façade of the Deen is to hoodwink the masses and to parasitically extravsate money from people to fill their haraam coffers. Their Madrasahs and Deeni institutions are used by these vermin for worldly objectives. They are Signs of Qiyaamah. – The Majlis)


The worst thing is they have towed the WHO line and issued a fatwa that people older than 50 should not come to the Masjid. (They are munaafiqeen.  They are in the pursuit of haraam boodle, hence the kuffaar have become their ‘muftis’- The Majlis)


I was listening to these fatwas and press conferences of these molvis, no where do they ever mention death that those who are 60+ are already living a bonus life. They should come to Masjid, and if they die they will die as Shaheeds. But no! Molvis are heard saying that saving life is very important and I heard a senior molvi saying ‘jaan hai to jahan hai.’ (If you have life, then you have the world.)

(This scoundrel molvi is a zindeeq or perhaps an atheist. Life and death are the prerogatives of Allah Ta’ala. The Qur’aan Majeed says: “No person will die except at the appointed time with the command of Allah.” These scoundrel molvis have no Imaan on the Qur’aan. They have traded the Deen for the dunya for an extremely miserable price. – The Majlis)


I met a Tablighi who is over 75 years of age, in the Masjid wearing a mask. I said salaam and extended my hand for musafaha but he said: “No! No musafaha sorry.” I said to him its sad that at this age you are fearing death. If we young people fear death its somewhat understandable but you at this age and for 30+ years you have been teaching people “Imaan ki mehnat”.   It’s sad indeed.

(Although sad and lamentable, it is not surprising. The abject putrefied condition of the Ulama was predicted by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The molvis of today are the materialization of Rasulullah’s prediction. They are the worst destroyers of the Deen. They have placed shaitaan on vacation. –The Majlis)


When our Masjid was still open, 90% of the old people 60+ had vanished. They are sitting in isolation and quarantine as if they will never die. Even the regular namazis have vanished. (Dictated to by the kuffaar, they bootlick and demonstrate their kufr. This is the proof for their lack of Imaan. All these hidden kuffaar are now surfacing – The Majlis)


I am attaching the press release of the government regarding Masjids and a diagram how people will stand 6ft apart. And Mufti Taqi Usmani’s twitter statements, and how he is happy that WHO (World Health Organization) has released guidelines for Masjids. (On the Day of Qiyaamah they will be resurrected with these WHO kuffaar whom they are today bootlicking. The Taqi character is the arch-bootlicker and mudhil in the world. –The Majlis)


These ulama are happy that they feel that they have succeeded in ‘opening’ Masjids and that they have won.  In fact, they have utterly disgraced the Muslims by accepting stupid conditions. (The kuffaar prescribed conditions are an utter disgrace. These molvis have no shame. Truckling at the boots of the kuffaar is for them honour and respect. – The Majlis)


My questions are:


(1)  Should I go to the Masjid and pray in this 6ft part style? It seems like making fun of Namaaz and Masjid. I feel its better to pray alone rather than praying in this stupid fashion which I believe invokes the la’nat of Allah Ta’ala.


(2) Secondly, should I pray Taraweeh in this stupid fashion or pray at home?

JazakAllah khair.  Was-salaam”



May Allah Ta’ala protect our Imaan.  We do not know what the morrow holds for us. The Mashaaikh say: “Imaan is suspended between fear and hope.”

“Disgusting” is too mild a term to describe the khanaazeer molvis mentioned by you. In fact, they are worse than khanaazeer. Pigs do not harm our Imaan, but these human devils ruin and destroy the Imaan of the juhala (ignoramuses). Thy are rotten bootlickers of the kuffaar. They are NOT Deobandis. They are worse than the Qabar Pujaaris. They are the illegitimate progeny of Iblees.


The character who had pretended to be the ‘grand mufti’ of Pakistan is a sell-out, a vile traitor who has betrayed Allah Ta’ala, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Ummah. The dunya and shaitaan have embraced him totally. This Taqi character is a great danger for the Imaan of the ignorant masses. They are accursed vermin, the worst under the canopy of the sky.  The answers to your questions are:


1) The kuffaar-advised spacing of the Salaat sufoof is HARAAM. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) commanded: “Taraas-soo” (Stand shoulder to shoulder). Even a small gap between two musallis is filled by shaitaan.  The kufr spacing has brought in numerous shayaateen into the Musaajid. Every musallis has several devils alongside him.


This spacing is not only haraam. It is kufr since the kuffar-advised system has been acquired from the kuffaar and has been adopted to displace the Waajib Masnoon practice. The Salaat performed in the clownish manner is a mockery and is NOT VALID.

2)   Perform Salaat at home. Do not demean yourself standing stupidly like a devil and a clown in the kuffaar style. It is a kufr mockery of Salaat.  If you are able to call some brothers, then perform Jamaat at home. If not, then perform alone.


3)  Taraaweeh too should be performed at home. Do not join the stupid, devilish mockery in the Musjid. During the day time when all the devils  have left, i.e. before the Salaat times, go to the Musjid, sit in Nafl I’tikaaf for a few minutes, and perform some Nafl so that on the Day of Qiyaamah the Musjid will testify regarding your presence in the Musjid.


Brother, we are yet to see worse kufr, fisq and fujoor in the Musaajid. The Musaajid invoke the La’nat of Allah Ta’ala on these vile vermin.

28 Sha’baan 1441 – 22 April 2020


Bill Gates’ Former Doctor Says Billionaire
‘Refused to Vaccinate His Children’

Immunization/Vaccination is a massive fraud perpetrated by Satanists. It is a dark, bizarre and grotesque conspiracy. It is a multi-billion dollar industry of the Satanists whose satanic objective besides the boodle, is the decimation of the people of the so-called third world countries to enable the West to pirate the natural resources of the richest countries of the world – the lands of Arabia, Africa and Asia which are all rich in natural resources of all kinds.
The multi-billionaires who have established the satanic vaccination industry and who are campaigning for mass immunization of the people of the third world countries, save their own children from the dangers and disasters of vaccination. Read the following article for better understanding of the dark plot of the Satanists.
HEALTH, 19 Feb 2018 Baxter Dmitry | Your News Wire – TRANSCEND Media Service
The physician who served as Bill Gates’ private doctor in Seattle in the 1990s says the Microsoft founder and vaccine proponent “refused to vaccinate his own children” when they were young.
7 Feb 2018 – “I don’t know if he had them vaccinated as adults, but I can tell you he point blank refused to vaccinate them as children,” the physician said at a behind closed doors medical symposium in Seattle, adding “They were gorgeous kids, really smart and vivacious, and he said they would be OK as it was, they didn’t need any shots.”
The comments caused a stir among physicians at the symposium with claims he was breaking doctor-patient confidentiality, according to reports. However as he was speaking to other physicians, he was not breaking the industry code of conduct.
Gates has three children with his wife Melinda – Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe – born between 1996 and 2002, and according to his former doctor, they are all unvaccinated and healthy. The news that Bill Gates does not vaccinate his own children, despite being the world’s most active campaigner for mandatory vaccinations, should come as no surprise. Studies prove that the elite do not vaccinate their children. But at the same time they expect the masses to have their children vaccinated.
In California, the children most likely to be unvaccinated are white and come from the wealthiest families in Los Angeles, according to a recent study. The percentage of kindergartners with state-issued personal belief exemptions doubled from 2007 to 2013, from 1.54% to 3.06%. That’s about 17,000 of the wealthiest children, out of more than half a million, opting out of receiving vaccinations.
Vaccine exemption percentages were highest in mostly white, high-income neighborhoods such as Orange County, Santa Barbara and parts of the Bay Area, according to CNN. The study, which was published in the American Journal of Public Heath, looked at more than 6,200 California schools and found vaccine exemptions were twice as common among kindergartners attending private institutions.
“Very rich and privileged parents like the idea of herd immunity, but they don’t want to take the risks associated with vaccinations when it comes to their own children. They are worried about adverse reactions including autism.” (End of report)
Now why would the world’s most active campaigner for mandatory vaccination refuse to have his children vaccinated? There is no conundrum underlying the vaccination farce and fraud. Bill Gates and his cohorts are fully aware of the horrendous consequences of vaccination, Stupid lackeys of the West such as the Pakistani government and all other regimes in the third world countries, bootlicking the West have all become entrapped in this satanic vaccination project.
Moron molvis in Pakistan and elsewhere, without understanding head or tail of vaccination conspiratorial project, are proclaiming the virtues of this bizarre satanic practice in truckling obedience to the evil regime of that unfortunate country. Millions of people have been subjugated to the disease consequences of immunization. These Satanists are fully aware of the horrors of vaccination. It is for this reason that they do not allow their children to be vaccinated. This is the attitude of Satanists which even Muslims are acclaiming as virtue. While the vaccine Satanists are believed to be philanthropists with altruistic motives, they are in fact the worst plotting devils who harbour deep hatred for humanity from which they exclude their own children.
The news of Bill Gates and others of his ilk protecting their children from vaccination should serve as a sufficient eye opener for the morons who have been ensnared into the satanic, murderous cauldron of vaccination.

8 Jamaadul Ulaa 1440 -15 January 2019