This book, internationally recognized as one of the most authoritative and
objective studies of the Bible, was originally written in Arabic under the title Izharul-Haq (Truth Revealed) by the distinguished 19th century Indian scholar,
Rahmatullah Kairanvi, and appeared in 1864. The book was subsequently
translated into Urdu, and then from Urdu into English by Mohammad Wali Raazi.
Rahmatullah Kairanvi wrote the book in response to the Christian offensive
against Islam during the British rule in India, and specifically to counter the
subversive attack made by the Rev. C. C. P. Fonder. Rev. Fonder had written a
book in Urdu entitled Meezanul Haq, the open intention of which was to create
doubts into the minds of the Muslims about the authenticity of the Qur’an and
Kairanvi’s intention in his book was first of all to show that the Bible cannot in any
way be considered as a directly revealed book. He does this very effectively by
means of his voluminous and authoritative knowledge of the Jewish and
Christian scriptures. He demonstrates beyond doubt that the Books of the Old
and New Testaments have been altered, almost beyond recognition, from their
original forms. The work is even more notable in the light of subsequent Jewish
and Christian scholarship and the various discoveries that have since been made
in this field which all bear out the truth of Kairanvi’s thesis.