Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Allah has not created the shifa’ (cure) of my Ummah in substances which have been made haraam for them.”

Najaasat (filth/impurity) is a natural attribute of kufr. Imaan repels najaasat since it is the very antithesis of all Imaani attributes of excellence. It is the natural affinity between najaasat and kufr which draws the western medical establishment irresistibly towards experimentation with filth and impurities. In fact, they savour a coprophilic concept of medical efficacy in impure and filthy substances. It is therefore not at all surprising that despite the existence of millions of varieties of pure and beneficial substances in the plant and stone kingdoms, western medical scientists almost always incline to experiment with filth – blood, urine, faeces, human after-birth substances, diseased cells, and many other items of najaasat. Aggravating this concept, is their concept of brutality to animals. In the name of medicine they inflict the most horrendous acts of torture and brutality on the dumb creatures of Allah Ta’ala. Muslims who are being reared in western culture and indoctrinated with the concepts propounded by the western atheists are increasingly accepting the institutions of najaasat and zulm of their western masters and tutors. This evil trend is overwhelming the brains of even the Ulama who search in the avenues of the Shariah for ways to halaalize the filth and brutality of the western medical establishment. The argument of Dhuroorah (dire need) is invariably presented for halaalizing everything which the Shariah has prohibited. The Qur’aan and the Sunnah unambiguously and emphatically prohibit filth and impurity of all kinds. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) unequivocally declared the negation of shifa (cure) for his Ummah in all impure and haraam substances. Despite such substances possessing medicinal properties and shifa’, the Shariah has decreed its prohibition in the same way has liquor is banned whilst the Qur’aan acknowledges its ‘many benefits’. Since filth is prohibited, it does not behove people of Imaan to incline towards medicine of filth nor to aid the process of entrenching in the Ummah medical treatment with filth and haraam. The permissibility of Tadaawi bil haraam (medication with haraam substances) is never the norm for Muslims. It is firstly a permissibility which Taqwa rebuffs. Secondly, it applies to exceptional cases, urgencies and emergencies, and if at such times halaal medication is not available. The rule of Tadaawi bil haraam was never intended to be a basis for establishing haraam and filthy medication to be a permanent, acceptable and respectable institution as a valid replacement for halaal and wholesome medication. But the erosion of Imaan has made najaasat and haraam acceptable and respectable to Muslims. Thus, filth banks storing najaasat are regarded to be perfectly halaal, and blood transfusions have become the norm. The original element, viz., Dhuroorah (dire need), has been forgotten, in fact abrogated. Initially, the permissibility was conditioned with dire need. No longer nowadays. A Muslim is a being who has or who is supposed to have yaqeen in the Aqaaid of Islam. Beliefs in Islam are not supposed to be limited to verbal profession. They have to permeate our physical and spiritual beings, and be a living force in our life. We believe that every iota that happens in the universe is with the command and direct intervention of Allah Azza Wa Jal. We are under obligation to act within the parameters and boundaries of the Shariah. We are not supposed to think like the kuffaar and atheist doctors and scientists whose minds first and foremost dwell towards najaasat for cure and benefit. Our Fiqah and Shariah, and our entire life must necessarily be blended and painted with the spirit of the Sunnah and conditioned with the demand of our Aqaaid. There is no need to look at kufr and najaasat for our progress and benefit. When Allah Ta’ala has negated the shifa’ of this Ummah in haraam and najaasat, then it is akin to kufr for Muslims to actively and ardently contrive ways and methods of promoting najis and haraam medicine and medication. The argument of ‘emergency’ has no validity. When an emergency develops, the bridge will be crossed at that time. Muslims are required to have tawakkul, sabr and yaqeen on Allah Ta’ala. He will see us through the emergencies. He is the Creator of the disease and of its cure. Our obligation is to submit to His Commands as we have pledged, while His
obligation is to nourish and sustain us as He has promised.

SEPT 2010


Q. A friend informed me that a shocking news is going round on social media under the caption “Australian and English researchers find traces of cow urine in Indian spices, toothpaste and other edibles”. This is really an alarming situation. Muslims should most definitely stay away from all Indian products, Indian Masala and other edibles. What should we do regarding Indian spices, etc.

A. If there is cow urine and perhaps even traces of cow dung in Indian edible products, it will not be surprising. The cow is one among the myriads of Hindu ‘gods’. Everything of the cow is sacred for Hindus. Its urine is holy water and its dung is holy ‘food’. Therefore, these impurities are used for gaining blessings. From who? No one knows! Nevertheless, it is illogical to expect Hindus who slaughter Muslims, to abstain from using in their products their holy cow urine and dung. It is indeed surprising that Muslims find it plausible to consume food given to them by Hindus on their holy festival days. Despite being aware of the status of the cow in Hindu eyes, how is it possible for Muslims to consume the food of these najis mushrikeen? Of greater surprise are fatwas which claim permissibility for
such contaminated Hindu foods.




Dr Ishaan Ramkisson, specialist dermatologist, weighed in on the possible side effects of sanitisers on the skin.

“Frequent washing of hands with alcohol-based hand sanitisers can strip away the skin’s natural, protective oils on the top layer of the skin, leading to a compromise of the skin barrier. This can lead to repeated irritation eventually causing an irritant contact dermatitis,” he said.

(Sunday Tribune 14 June 2020)

23 Shawwaal 1441 – 16 June 2020

delaying bath of newborn babies

Q. Doctors are encouraging that the bathing of the newborn baby be delayed. They present several reasons for this.
They claim that there are many benefits for delaying the bathing.
Please comment.
A. Doctors are part of the Satanist western cult of life, hence they recommend what shaitaan whispers to them. Since the advent of Insaan on earth, babies were bathed immediately after being born. Throughout the history of mankind this was and is the system, at least the system of those who believe in Allah and the Last Day.
The Satanist doctors being agents of Iblees, are peddling the idea of shaitaan. Shaitaan loves najaasat (filth) and everything that is haraam, hence his agents among whom are these doctors, promote filth at the behest of Iblees.
The „benefits‟ for leaving the baby to wallow in filth are termed in the Qur‟aan zukhruful qawal, i.e. satanically adorned ideas, theories and statements of shaitaan. The devil inspires these doctors, scientists and the like to see benefit and goodness in filth and haraam.