“What is the matter with their fleeing from At-Tazkirah (i.e. from Islam)?

(They flee stricken with panic) as if they are wild donkeys fleeing from a Lion.”  (Al-Muddath-thir, Aayaat 48, 49 and 50)

      In the wake of the lightening advances and conquests of the Taliban on all fronts and throughout the country, came a panic flight by thousands of Afghans. Why are they fleeing?  From whom are they fleeing?  The barbaric Western and kuffaar forces, despite all their falsehood and slanders, cannot  eliminate the truth.

The Afghans who are fleeing  are Munaafiqeen.  Unlike all other brutal  militaries, armies and militias, the Taliban is an Islamic Army which does not  indulge in atrocities.  The lies of the West  calculated to malign the Taliban are too blatant  for deglutition and acceptance by even non-Muslims who view the mighty upheavals in Afghanistan  with  clear and unbiased minds.

The Taliban have not molested the  people of Afghanistan. Their battlefield successes and victories have not  induced them to  conduct themselves as the brutal  U.S., Nato  and  their coalition forces had perpetrated when they   had invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

The kuffaar media have acknowledged that the Taliban had lists of names of people for whom they are searching. The very fact of apprehending according to lists prepared by their High Command, is glaring evidence for refuting the lies of  them committing atrocities. Everyone understands that  a state of war prevails in Afghanistan. They are not playing  marbles or flying kites. Kill and get killed are of the requisites of war. The lists are evidence for the fact that the Taliban are arresting enemies systematically, not haphazardly.

Lists of earmarked enemies debunk the idea of random arrests and perpetration of atrocities. Furthermore, most of the  regions captured by the Taliban, were handed over by the enemy without a fight. Wherever they had surrendered, the Taliban let them off free.  Even the  enemy forces who had  surrendered can testify that there were no  atrocities  committed by the Taliban.

Those who are fleeing, are pure Munaafiqeen. They are actually fleeing from Islam — from Allah Ta’ala since they abhor the imposition of  Shariah Law.  These Munaafiqeen bootlickers of the U.S. and West in general understand that   with the Law of the Qur’aan will be implemented  all the prohibitions of Islam.  Music, nudity, prostitution, liquor,  women roaming in the streets, lesbianism, homosexuality and the western concept of feminism and the many evils and immorality concomitant to the libertine western culture  will be  prohibited in Afghanistan when the Qur’aan and Sunnah are established. Salaat and all the injunctions of Islam will have to be enforced, for Allah Ta’ala says in His Qur’aan Majeed: 

“When We establish them (as rulers) on earth, they  establish

Salaat, institute Zakaat, command virtue and prohibit vice.”

Thus, implementation of the Shariah is the first FARDH obligation of an Islamic government. If the  rulers fail to observe this Fardh, Allah Ta’ala will remove them.

The Munaafiqeen are fleeing like wild donkeys from the Lion (i.e. from the Shariah). They are not fleeing in fear of hallucinated atrocities. They know that the Taliban are not barbarians such as the Americans, British, French and the rest of the kuffaar savages who specialize in brutality.  In fact, the Taliban have called on these Munaafiqeen, not to flee. Their safety is guaranteed by the Taliban. But,  the kufr lifestyle of the West is more attractive and beloved to these hypocrites and treasonists than Islam.

These fleeing Munaafiqeen are  of the ilk of the Munaafiqeen who will be fleeing from Madinah Munawwarah as predicted in the Hadith. Allah Ta’ala will overwhelm them with fear by causing some light tremors to shake Madinah. The entire City will be emptied of all the Munaafiqeen who will  flee, leaving Madinah purified from the filth of their Nifaaq.


The Imaam of a Musjid in Gauteng writes:

It seems as if we were surrounded by munaafiqeen scoundrels all along and our Imaani senses did not detect them. Everyone here, where I am staying now to help my grandfather, comes to the masjid with a mask. And they take it off when outside as If they are practically telling Allah that His Masjid is dirty. They are all filthy swines. Their hearts are corrupted. They will not wear the mask till the door of the Masjid, but then put it on ‘religiously’ at the door of the Masjid. What type of a mockery is this? They were all along solid munaafiqeen but now it is showing up. Filth doesn’t stay covered forever. The smell and stench will always be exposed. They stink like dirt.

Right now I have a question. People are sick no doubt I am with my grandfather now, and his lungs are definitely diseased. So is this disease man made or Allah sent? No doubt Allah is allowing every bit of this Satanism to plague the Ummah. But were the kufffaar instrumental in initiating this disease? Your answers will be appreciated. (End of the Imaam’s letter)


Some time ago, most people, if not all, could not understand the following Hadith narrated by Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Amar (Radhiyallahu anhu):

“A time will dawn when the people (i.e. so-called Muslims) will gather in the Musaajid and perform Salaat while not a single one of them will be a Mu’min.”

The Musaajid will be full of munaafiqeen and zanaadaqah. What you have seen is a manifestation of this prediction of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Predictions and their materialization are part of the evidence for the Truth of a Nabi.

Whatever you have commented about these munaafiqeen is valid. They are indeed worse than swines. A pig is not a munaafiq, but humans are. Even the dua of a pig is accepted and fulfilled by Allah Ta’ala. But there is no capacity of Dua in a munaafiq.

Whether the covid virus was manufactured by the kuffaar and whether this satanic ‘plague’ has been engineered by the agents of the Devil or not is of no consequence. In reality, it is all in the Plan of Allah Azza Wa Jal. It is Allah Ta’ala who is harnessing all these devilish forces to execute His Decree. Stating this fact, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“Not a leaf drops (from a tree), but He is aware.”

The minutest particle, the atom, the movement of a worm in the darkness of the soil are by the decrees of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Every occurrence regardless of its infinitesimility, is by the direct intervention of Allah Ta’ala.

Keep the focus on Allah Ta’ala. All people, jinn and every entity in creation are all cogs in the Divine Machinery. Everything – every plot and every act of the shayaateen are by the decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Thus, everything will run its divinely prescribed course. Our obligation is to only obey Allah Ta’ala in the manner He has commanded us in His Shariah. He is our Protector. Was-salaam

24 Jamaadil Awwal 1442 – 8 January 2021




From the UK a Brother writes:

During this ‘plandemic’ there has been a subtle perceptible shift from the Ulama in the UK in order to adopt atheist precautionary measures. I say subtle, because they hoped nobody would notice. Most didn’t, because they were already plagued by secularism prior to the ‘plandemic.’ Hence on its arrival, they either saw the logic in the shift from the Ulama, or didn’t see anything wrong due to their Imaani inhibitions being extinguished.

For example, handshaking was relegated from being Sunnah to Mustahab, or even worse, unnecessary. This istikhfaaf can lead to a person apostatising, but nobody noticed.

A brother I know performed Wudhu from home, having yaqeen that Wudhu is a Muslim’s shield. When he got to the Masjid he was instructed that he needed to hand sanitise. He was barred from entering when he refused because Wudhu was deemed insufficient protection. As a result the mureedeen, acting on the instruction of their Hadhrat fell foul of Surah 2, verse 114. They became, in that instant, the biggest dhalims (even worse than the munafiqeen).

In the Masajid the Imams disingenuously use the rationale that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam’s Fardh Salah was short, hence due to ‘plandemic’ by shortening Salah they are acting in accordance with the Sunnah. What they deceptively omit is that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam’s Fardh Salah was never as short as our Fardh Salah even before the ‘plandemic.’ The masnoon qira’at was read in Fardh Salah by Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.

One Molvi’s vermiculated brains caused him to suggest that the musallis should hold their breath in Sajdah to preclude aerosol droplets contaminating the carpet. Picture it! In the House of Allah – a fort – where the Hadith says people are protected from calamities, in the most beloved posture of proximity to Allah, this moronic Molvi is advocating yaqeen in contagion. Shameless! What Salah has he been performing all his life that it led to a conviction in something other than Salah?

This same Molvi was videoed holding the Word of Allah in what looked like surgical gloves. They were white, presumably because it was Jumu’ah and he thought wearing white surgical like gloves was Sunnah. Who knows? Just Picture it! If it wasn’t so serious, it would be a comedy. A Molvi wearing gloves because the Qur’an which is Shifa, & is held with Wudhu can give you a virus.

Another deception perpetrated during this ‘plandemic’ is the invocation of the concept of dharoorah (necessity) or umum al-balwa (common widespread plight). Most common people, so steeped in ignorance and searching for ease, don’t even seek clarification as to the definition of these concepts or when they can be invoked as per the previous pious fuqaha. The Molvis know their congregation are mostly stupid and hence they baffle them with these concepts, subjectively providing their own definitions as though they are the Imam Abu Hanifas of their era.

I have ceased listening to such Molvis talks or rulings because they are demolishing the Deen, brick by brick. Soon the people will be practicing something that is not Islam, thinking it is Islam, thus paving their way to destruction.

Those that defend these Molvis have no substance to their defence. Their hollow defence is that they are ‘Ulama’ without knowing themselves what the true definition of an ‘Alim’ is. Alternatively, they refer to the Molvis’ alleged reputation. They forget, or rather they don’t know, that bigger ‘shaykhs’ than the Molvis of today became murtad in previous eras.

Sadly, most people are comatose to any naseehah, be it imparted tactfully or with harshness. Allah Ta’ala has, as per The Qur’an, sealed their hearts, sight and hearing. Nothing can rouse them, unless Allah Ta’ala has mercy on them.

It is for this reason schools across the UK are open & many Madaris remain closed under the guise of practical improbabilities. These shaytaans didn’t value knee-to-knee Deeni education in the first place, hence Allah Ta’ala has deprived them off it long term.

7 Rabiul Awwal 1442 – 24 October 2020



The very same kufr villainy regarding the Musaajid and the Fardh Salaat with which the Muslim community in South Africa is plagued, is afflicting the Muslim community in the U.K. A Brother lamenting the evil of the U.K. molvis, writes:

MCB (Munaafiq Council of Britain) & Bootlicking

The MCB (Munaafiq Council of Britain), a supposed national umbrella body for Muslim organisations in Britain have outlined six ‘preposterous’ steps, which UK Masajid ‘will have’ to take for a phased reopening as lockdown restrictions are eased.

This is after MCB were at the forefront, together with a group of Senior Scholars, in recommending closure of Masajid in UK well before any Government Law’s to close Places of Worship.

Even now, whilst group’s of Christian Priest have threatened to legally challenge Health Secretary regarding closure of their Churches, so-called Muslims grovel supinely and like willing Uncle Tom’s take ‘bootlicking’ quite literally to a new low – even by the hypocritical standards of UK Masajid Committee’s, Trustees, Medics and Maulvis – the majority of whom are either paid mercenaries or dumb silent lackeys.

Nevertheless, as UK Muslims are so utterly morally corrupt, spiritually bankrupt, lax and drowned in Hubb-e-dunya and Hubb-e-Jaah, such errant nonsense will now deservedly be imposed upon us because of our deeds and apathy towards our Masajid – which had undoubtedly cursed and beseeched Allah Ta’ala to cast us away from His Mercy and House – even during the blessed month of Ramadhaan.

  1. Step one of the guidance states Mosques will have to allocate a Covid Safety Officer who will engage with community members, scholars Imams, volunteers and staff.

If past few months are anything to go by, this will be the jerk and jack-in-the-box who will, sensing his moment of glory and opportunity, act as a stooge quoting fictitious rules, laws and appeasing statistics to bully and harass other Musallees into submission and compromise. None of the other committee members, trustees, musallees, maulvis or Imam’s will have spiritual stamina or mettle to stand up to him and tell him to ‘go fly a kite.’

He will milk the occasion as much as he can – until the day arrives for him to disappear into the gutter of oblivion without name or trace.

  1. Step two involves a risk assessment on the building, looking at exits and entrances to make sure they are well prepared to cope with any emergencies and have access for the disabled.

Another laughable dose of gobbledygook. All Masajid as civic, public bodies have a duty of care towards their visitors. It should take any competent person a few minutes regularly to prepare such health and safety documents – there is no need to wait for a ‘plandemic’ to draft something for the dreaded ‘doomsday’ scenario. In reality, how many Masajid have a policy and measures in place to protect themselves from a ‘New Zealand’ style Masjid Massacre? Almost all Jewish Synagogue have such a system and protocol in place – and no state body would dare challenge them.

  1. Step three involves Mosque estimating a ‘new capacity’ to ensure people can be kept two metres apart during prayer, locals have also been asked to bring their own prayer mats and Mosques will see a smaller congregations throughout the day.

Muslims may as well stay at home and pray in whatever Jamaat formation therein rather then turn up and stand like ‘scare-crows’ with their Salah faasid (rejected) for gross violation of the Hadeeth Command of “La Adwa.” What is even more ridiculous is how, barring a few exceptions, none of the Imam’s or Maulvis/Shaykh’s present will raise a murmur. Notable and supposedly famous senior Maulvi’s will convene and issue an edict to reinforce this ludicrous policy of standing metres apart. True to form, their followers will quote such ‘senior scholars’ as Sharee’ justification in diametric opposition to Hadeeth.

  1. Step four involves supplying PPE to be worn on the premises, as part of this shoe racks will no longer be used and members of the congregation will be provided with reusable bags to put their shoes in to keep close to them as they pray.

It is difficult to imagine a more ridiculous suggestion. It is so senile, downright stupid and silly that it does not merit any intelligent response. On a social-media group, one Munaafiq was even trying to justify this crass proposal by saying Musallees should pray inside the Masjid with their shoes on! This is the depth of our downfall.

  1. Step five involves training volunteers and staff who will be asked to be present at each prayer to make sure people are compliant with the social distancing measures, guiding people in and out Mosques and to disperse crowds outside of Mosques after prayers.

If the number of Musallees during last 3 months is anything to go by, there is no need for any training, especially at Fajr/Esha times, when the majority of Muslims will be sleeping or miss attendance. This is yet another excuse for hypocrites to harass the handful of sincere Musallees and discourage them from spending time in the Masjid.

  1. Step six involves keeping an open communication with the wider community, including the non-Muslim community in their areas to keep them informed on what is being done to safeguard them.

So Musallees who attend the Masjid are somehow to be viewed as possible ‘virus transmitters,’ whilst those who frequent shopping malls, casinos, bars, brothels, sporting events, beaches, theme parks and restaurants, etc., have no obligation whatsoever to update non-Muslim Communities on what is being done to safeguard them?

Sadly all our institutions, Muslim and non-Muslim, as well as the family unit, are husks of their former selves.

They all are a shadow of what they were 50 years ago. All our Masajid and Madrais were pathetically anxious to close themselves and now reluctant to re-open fully despite public tiredness and a willingness to do so. The spiritual stamina of the Muslim Community, as well as Imaan of many, has now been sapped. Allah Ta’ala protect us, but it does appear, matters will only degenerate further as these silly measures will not only be adopted, but promoted in some form or another, by leading Scholars, who for fear of losing their popularity, perceived influence and bakhsises, will readily conjure up something similar, dressed in Deeni rhetoric at one of their get togethers in the name of Ilm Deen.

The MCB are so pathetic, whenever any of their spokesmen or the new breed of celebrity maulvis appear on Media after for example a ‘so-called terror attack,’ they get ripped to shreds by News presenters. Yes, in front of Muslims, they are full of bravado and gusto, these paper tigers are only adept at issuing unnecessary, futile and dopey edicts.

Allah Ta’ala have Mercy upon us. (End of the Brother’s Lament)

We are most assuredly in close proximity to Qiyaamah. The predictions of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) pertaining to the Ulama-e-Soo have to incumbently materialize. We are today seeing this truth which testifies to the authenticity of Nubuwwat.

The entire world today is proliferated with evil scholars for dollars who are suffering from the twin diseases of hubb-e-jah and hubb-e-maal. This combination of diseases is called hubb-e-dunya which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said transforms Muslims into rubbish, flotsam and scum.

The Musaajid are being gradually transformed into churches to fulfil another prediction of our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) who said that Qiyaamah will be only when ‘Muslims’ worship the cross inside the Musaajid.

The Darul Ulooms in all countries are mercenary institutions. The Knowledge of the Deen is being imparted for worldly objectives, and this too is a sign of Qiyaamah. Even our once great Darul Uloom Deoband is slithering into the very same abyss of kufr and ruin in which Jaamiah Azhar has long ago destroyed itself. This tide of kufrization of the Ummah cannot be stemmed. It will continue raging in preparation of the stage for Dajjaal when the molvis and sheikhs of that era will be Dajjaal’s standard-bearers. Today these molvis and sheikhs are already standard-bearers of kufr. May Allah Ta’ala be merciful and helpful to the true Mu’mineen.

13 Shawwaal 1441 – 6 June 2020

“Why me?”

By Maulana Khalid Dhorat

A sign of perfect belief is when one is happy with his Lord in good times, as well as bad times. Both these conditions should be equal to a true believer. If they are not, this is a sign of hypocrisy: hypocrisy in the sense of “when the going is good, we will worship you; but when the going gets rough, then we will shun You, O Lord!” Does the Almighty owe us any favours that we need to have such an attitude with Him?

Many people apply this type of thinking typically to their worldly relationships i.e.  when we can benefit from you, we’ll keep in contact with you, and when you cannot be milked anymore, we’ll look for an excuse to break off with you. We then extend this type of thinking to our Lord, which is totally ridiculous for two reasons:

1.       Relationships are meant to be a two-way thing, but our relationship with our Almighty can never follow this principle. This relationship is always a one-way street. We, human beings, have no right to demand things from the Almighty all the time, expect that He keeps us smiling 24-hours a day, and our pockets lined with gold all the time. He has given us all that we need, and much more, and now it is our time to give back. And give, give, give should be our motto. Whatever prayers of ours are answered thereafter, is a bonus for us. We do  not deserve it, it is only granted thorough His sheer mercy.

2.       Once we realise that our attitude in life should be of constant gratitude and indebtedness to the Almighty, then we need to realise that the Almighty will always be reminding us to show gratitude to Him and to turn to Him for help all the time. The Almighty will create tragic, unfortunate and undesirable situations in our life – as a mercy to us, – in order to teach us gratitude for our times of happiness, prosperity and health. It will also to tell us silently in our hearts: “You forget that I’m still in control. You took a wrong off-ramp on the highway. Now it’s time for you to get back on again.”

Let us read the above two points at least thrice, and let this philosophy of life drench our souls. In it lies the key to our eternal bliss in both the worlds. Accepting the fact that mishaps and problems in life is a sign of the Almighty’s mercy leads to strengthening our bond with Him. This is true happiness. True happiness is not possessing the temporary goods of the world, it’s having a relationship with the Only Eternal Power in this universe – and He is our Lord, the Almighty,

Western Philosophy

However, our typical western lifestyles and philosophy say otherwise. According to this bankrupt philosophy, the purpose of our lives is to “grab the limelight at any cost,” or “rake in the millions.” When this is not possible, or when obstacles arise in our ambitions, we become disheartened, depressed and even suicidal. On the other hand, when we do attain our goals, we become proud, arrogant and oppressive.

Both the situations of attaining worldly fame and success or meeting worldly failure in a secular framework have misery attached to it. But attaining true spiritual contentment with whatever situation we find ourselves in – good or bad, – is the key to everlasting bliss and happiness. The question of “Why me?” will never appear on our lips when we find ourselves in pricky situations, instead it will be replaced by: “Why not me?”

Today, psychiatrists make a lot of money out of merely listening to people’s problems. Yes, they only listen, just a tape-recorder merely listens, and they do not provide any solutions because the west has no solution to offer – other than profiting from your misery. If a solution is provided, it’s usually in the form of expensive pills that will empty your pocket that makes you more depressed and paranoid. This, dear readers, is a fact that none can dispute.

The School of Life

You see, all of human beings are enrolled, like it or not, in a worldwide school called “The Almighty’s School of Life.” Each day in this school, you will be presented with the opportunity to learn some lessons. You may like the lessons or hate them – but a lesson is what you must take for only the spiritually blind do not take a lesson. Further, these lessons will be unique to you, and will be different for everybody. This will force you to think hard and deep.

You will be presented with lessons in every circumstance that surface in your life. When you experience the pain of rejection, the agony of divorce,  the disgrace of grinding poverty, the betrayal of your parents, children and trusted ones, the oppressiveness of the higher authorities … you will learn a lesson. When you experience the joy of success, the feeling of satisfaction after a sumptuous meal, the exhilaration of winning a race or the satisfaction of a stable relationship, you learn another lesson. For every event in your life, there is a lesson that must be learnt. There is really no way of avoiding the lessons you are presented with, nor is there any chance that you will get away learning those lessons!!

Always remember that if the Almighty can take away something you never imagined losing, He can replace it with something you never imagined having. If the Almighty placed you in a certain situation in life, this is the best situation for you – even though it may seem otherwise. Your trust in the Almighty should be absolute at all times. The Almighty’s wisdom can never be fathomed, but our thinking always falters.

When you hear yourself saying: Why did this happen to me, not him,” or “Why am I here,” then you have asked the wrong question. You haven’t learnt the lesson of life, you have merely questioned it. Instead, you need to ask yourself “What is there for me to learn from this experience?” Learning these lessons is a key to discovering the meaning, purpose and relevance of your own life.

Always keep in mind that life will carry on throwing you the same lessons until you have learnt from it. Open the reflective capacity of your heart – not the limited thinking capacity of your brain, – and read the Qur’an and the Sunnah in order to find your answers.

Help for the Road

Remember that life is the only test where you get the questions already in this life for the afterlife. Your life needs to be in fulfilment of those three questions that will be asked of you in the grave and the five that will be asked of you on the plains of Reckoning. Remember the following to pass life’s tests:

1.       The most important step is to accept that everything happens according to the will and plan of the Almighty. He is the controller of all our affairs and always knows what is best for you. Half-heartedly accepting this reality will not allow you to move forward. You will remain stuck in one place. Remember that you did not come in to this world on your own will, and you will not leave this world on your own will. Then why live this live according to your own will?

2.       Always forget who and what pained you, but never forget the lesson it taught you. God will deal with the culprits in good time, but you need to move on. Bitter thoughts about people and events are like weeds. Pluck them out of your heart and its place will sprout the seeds of kindness and compassion.

3.       Always be thankful – rain or hail, sunshine or pain. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Thank the Almighty in every situation, even if you see no reason to be thankful.

4.       Resort to intense prayers and adopt all physical means and strategies to overcome your difficulties. Don’t despair nor lose hope, for losing hope amounts to doubting the power of the Almighty. Remember that trials and difficulties that draw you closer to the Almighty is better than wealth, happiness and success that leads you to arrogance and pride.

5.       Lastly, keep your eye on the goal. Although all of us have some good times in our lives, we were ultimately not created to have a good time – eternal happiness is reserved for paradise.  Our purpose is merely to worship the Almighty, our Supreme Creator, and to trust Him solely for the direction our life takes.

Lastly, in order to understand the overwhelming mercy of the Almighty and the priceless gift which He has granted us called life, I end off by quoting a saying of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (May Peace be Upon Him) that every moment of a believer is indeed amazing; If he finds goodness, he expresses gratitude at it and he profits from it. If he experiences evil, he exercises patience at it and he profits from it. Every second is a second of profit for him.

Now go on, and drink up every second of your life in bliss and enjoyment.




A Brother from the U.K. writes:

The premature closures of the Masajid on Friday 20th March 2020 in the UK, and in some cases earlier, may have been excused on the basis of pressure or confusion, but only if subsequently there had been a call by the trustees and Imams of the Masajids to re-open, particularly in light of the fact that subsequent to the closures, beaches became populated on the May bank holiday weekend; other religious leaders started calling for their places of worship to open and schools opened on 1st June.

The continuing silence on the part of Masjid trustees and Imams, despite the aforementioned incidents and others, seems to negate any excuse that they may have had that the initial closure was based on pressure or confusion. In fact it seems to reinforce the implied narrative that the initial closure was deliberate, intentional and voluntary, based on weakness of faith, particularly where a particular Masjid or Maktab involved is run by the Ulama, who don’t have the excuse of ignorance of the Shar’i rulings. Nobody is saying they should be on the streets protesting with banners like the kuffar, but they could apply pressure by politely speaking up, behaving like an Imam and setting an example to their muqtadis. Even Donald Trump’s call for the Masajid to re-open didn’t rouse the Ulama in the UK from their slumber.
Instead their continuing silence and subservience, bar a handful of Ulama, is demonstrative of the fact that they are not fit to lead the people, and to compound matters, the people’s ignorance precludes them from seeing that the Ulama they have so much blind faith in are not fit to lead them. Either that, or the commoners’ faith is so much weaker than the Ulama, that their conscience is not irked.

Maulana Ilyas (RA’s) famous saying that the destruction of Islam will be from the Muslims has become even more evident during the Covid-19 Plandemic. In future, there is no need for the kuffar to enact legislation to ensure the subservience of the Muslims. This will be delegated to the Ulama themselves. If they can be as meek as a lamb on the basis of a death rate of less than 1%, then it won’t stop them defiling and mangling Shari’ah in the future like the scholars of Bani Isra’eel in order to gain compliance of the masses.
Moving forward, the minority that are Deeni conscious Muslims should inscribe the aforementioned docility, meekness and subservience of the Ulama in their minds and question at the time of seeking guidance whether the person they are seeking tarbiyah from was one of those that behaved like a compliant family pet during this whole Plandemic.
People need to set aside their bias and the hazy fog of Ijma that this is currently one of the biggest Shaykhs in the country. They need to look at his actions and public silence at the time of this plandemic and reach an objective conclusion as to his continuing suitability as a guide.
Alhumdulillah there are a handful of Ulama that promoted or did what they could to preserve the Wajib obligation of congregational Salah until they were compelled to shut down. A handful did try to get the Masajid to reopen on the basis of the primary injunctions found in Surah Baqarah, verse 114 & the Hadith of “La Adwa” amongst other evidences.

These should be our guides going forward, not those that mutilated other Ahadith out of context to try and fit the prevailing secular and scientific narrative.

Unfortunately, blind cattle-like loyalty will preclude many, particularly mureedeen (disciples) from seeing, let alone “Deeni distancing” themselves from their Shaykh, despite him being, as per Tafasir, the equivalent of the Hindu nationalists who made the Babri Masjid shaheed. The Hindus destroyed the structure of the Masjid and that is not unexpected. However, the Shaykhs of today went a step further and extracted the soul of the Masjid, i.e. its a’maal. Since that is less tangible and they have Muslim names, there will be no outrage. In fact, since they have “substantiated” their actions by tampering with the Ahadith and quoting narrations lacking context and explanation, they befuddled the ignorant and naive public.

The weakness of their faith and the lack of foresight on their part has resulted in a long-term devaluation of the Masajid in the eyes of the public for which they will be held responsible. As the Imaan of the of the people degenerates day-by-day due to their lack of affiliation with the House of Allah, that Shaykh who shed crocodile tears at his premature closure of the Masajid, will be the one that is held responsible due to lack of fortitude on his part, which resulted in the public being shunted from the path of guidance. Arguably, premature closure and continuing silence to this day is a sin that has long term repercussions in this world and in the hereafter. Allah Ta’ala says: “For them in this world is disgrace AND they will have in the hereafter a great punishment.” However, if there is sincere taubah and an all-out attempt is made to reverse the situation, then Allah Ta’ala is most-forgiving.

May Allah Ta’ala protect our Imaan and save use from those that are misguided.

10 Shawwaal 1441 – 3 June 2020





“The Musaajid are the Houses of Allah”
“The Musaajid are the Houses of the Muttaqeen”
“He who loves the Musaajid, Allah loves him” “The Musaajid are the cities of Allah”
“The noblest places on earth are the Musaajid and the vilest places are the malls.”
The most detestable places on earth for the Munaafiqeen are the Musaajid. For the Munaafiqeen, the Musaajid are spreaders of disease.
Imaam Raazi (Rahmatullah alayh) says in his At-Tafseerul Kabeer in the commentary of the Aayat:
“Who is a greater oppressor than the one who prevents the Thikr of Allah in the Musaajid, and he strives (plots) in its destruction?” (Baqarah, Aayat 114), “Verily, the text of this Aayat demands that the one who strives to ruin the Musaajid is worse than a mushrik because Allah’s statement: ‘Who is a greater oppressor’, includes the mushrik.”
This is Islam’s verdict – the verdict of the Qur’aan and Hadith for the cartel of Munaafiqeen who have today exposed their rotten, stinking, poisonous fangs of nifaaq by pleading to the non-Muslim female judge in the court to retain the ban on the closure of the Musaajid and the prohibition of the Fardh and Jumuah Salaat in the Musaajid. These Munaafiqeen will, Insha-Allah, be named and listed soon.
Hadhrat Anas Bin Maalik (Radhiyallahu anhu) narrated that Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:
“Verily, on the Day of Qiyaamah, Allah will proclaim: ‘Where are My compatriots? Where are My compatriots?’ The Malaaikah will say: ‘O our Rabb! Who qualifies to be Your compatriots?’ Allah will respond: “Where are the inhabitants of the Musaajid?”
All those who love the Musaajid – who populated the Musaajid – who laboured against the enemies and the Munaafiqeen to uphold the sanctity and honour of the Musaajid – who struggled to keep the Musaajid open – the Musaajid which were closed by reperession and oppression and with the satanic connivance of the Munaafiqqen in our midst – all such Muhibbeen (Lovers) of the Musaajid will be the Compatriots of Allah Azza Wa Jal on the Day of Qiyaamah. Muslim Sisters hear the glad tiding! You to who support the Musaajid of Allah Ta’ala, will be among the Compatriots of Allah Azza Wa Jal irrespective of the Shariah not allowing you today to attend the Musaajid.
Qiyaamah will be another Order. At one stage in Qiyaamah, a Call will be made: “All the Rijaal (Men) step aside!” The first one will be Hadhrat Maryam (Alayhas salaam). “Men” in the parlance of the Aakhirah refers to Auliya. So Muslim women who are not allowed to attend the Musjid will all be among the Compatriots of Allah, Insha-Allah.
Imaam Raazi (Rahmatullah alayh), in the tafseer of the Aayat:
“Only those who have Imaan and the Last Day, and they establish Salaat, pay Zakaat and fear none besides Allah, (only they) populate (and administrate) the Musaajid of Allah. Indeed they are the guided ones.”
(At-Taubah, Aayat 18),
says: “Allah has made the populating of the Musaajid the Daleel (Proof) of Imaan.” This establishes with utmost clarity that those who are striving for the destruction of the Musjid by bootlicking the government and pleading in the court to keep the Musaajid close and to prohibit Salaat, are pure, unadulterated Munaafiqs. They are worse than the mushrikeen, and worse than even the munaafiqeen who existed during the era of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).



On the side of Allah, His Rasool and Islam or on the side of The munafiq uucsa and nnb cartel who are fighting tooth and nail to retain the ban on the Musaajid and to debar Muslims from Fardh and Jumuah in the Musaajid????


“Who is a greater oppressor than the one who prevents the Thikr of Allah in the Musaajid, and he strives (plots) in its destruction?” (Baqarah, Aayat 114)

“Establish Salaat, pay Zakaat and make Ruku’ with those who make Ruku’ (i.e. perform Salaat in Jamaa’t)” (Baqarah, Aayat 43)
Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:
“I take oath by the One in Whose control is my life! Most certainly, I had resolved to command the gathering of firewood. After it has been gathered, the Athaan shall be given. Then I shall command a person to lead the Salaat. He will then lead the Salaat while I shall proceed to those people who are not present for Salaat (in the Musjid). Then I shall burn down their houses.” (Bukhaari and Muslim)

Commenting on this Hadith, Mullah Ali Qaari says: “The imperative importance of Jamaat Salaat in the Musaajid can be adequately gauged. Just ponder with what emphasis the warning of Divine Punishment has been sounded for those people who absent themselves from the Musaajid for Jamaat Salaat without valid reason. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) himself had decided such severe punishment for those who abstain from the Musjid for the Fardh Salaat.”

Another Hadith in Muslim states:

“A blind man came to Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and said: ‘O Rasulullah! Verily, I do not have a guide to lead me to the Musjid.” He then sought permission for abstention. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) granted the concession. As he departed, Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) recalled him and asked: ‘Do you hear the Athaan for Salaat?’ He said: ‘Yes.’ Then Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: ‘Then respond!”.

The blind man was ordered to attend Jamaat Salaat despite not having a guide to lead him to the Musjid.

In the history of Islam this is the first satanic plot in which the Munaafiqeen have flagrantly and openly taken a stand against Muslims who are striving to get the Musaajid opened to enable the Daily Fardh Salaat and Jumuah to be performed in Jamaa’at. The arguments of the Munaafiqeen are absolutely scandalous and kufr. In their court papers they are at pains to prove from every angle that it is not necessary for Fardh and Jumuah Salaat to be performed in the Musaajid, and that in the interest of their satanically convoluted concept of ‘sanctity of life’ it is imperative to keep the Musaajid closed. They believe that the Houses of Allah Ta’ala are the haunts where the virus disease breeds. Insha-Allah, we shall publish all the copro-kufr which the Munaafiq Bham, Munaafiq Yusuf Patel, and the Munaafiq Taha Karan have disgorged in their court papers in support of the ban on Musaajid and Salaat.

Two affiliate members of Bogus UUCSA, namely, Jamiatul Ulama KZN and the Council of Ulama Eastern Cape have publicly dissociated from Bogus UUCSA. They are on the side of the Haqq – on the side of Allah Ta’ala and His Rasool in our clamour for the Musaajid to be opened.
The other affiliates of this Bogus UUCSA must of a necessity stand up and say on WHICH SIDE THEY ARE. The Ummah wants to know their allegiance on the issue of the Musaajid and Salaat in the Musaajid. This is a matter of Imaan and Kufr. If they select to ignore this question, it shall be accepted and understood that they are on the side of true Munaafiqeen. Their names shall be laid bare for the Ummah to see and know who the enemies of Islam and the community are.
The plethora of kufr rubbish disgorged by the Munaafiq Karaan in his court affidavit in the attempt to retain the ban on the Musaajid and Salaat, is defies Imaani credulity.
The good side of the lockdown is that the Munaafiqeen have been compelled by circumstances to surface and expose themselves. Allah Ta’ala operates in ways unfathomable to our minds with their finite abilities. He states in His Glorious Qur’aan:

“And, those who are kuffaar will be driven to Jahannam so that Allah differentiates between the khabeeth (the filth) and the Tayyib (pure and wholesome). And He will pile The filth (munaafiqeen and kuffaar) some on top of others, thus compounding them all (into a homologous mess), then He shall cast them into Jahannam. Verily, they are the Khaasiroon (eternal losers to dwell in Hell-Fire forever).” (Al-Anfaal, Aayat 37)

Remember that Salaat is not valid behind Bham, Karaan, Menk, Yusuf Patel and similar other Munaafiq characters who have stabbed Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) in the back by clandestinely slithering like snakes in the grass, worming their way into government circles to weave their plots against the Deen of Allah Ta’ala. Warning us of such Munaafiqeen, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“What! Do they search for the law of jaahiliyyah? And, whose law is more beautiful that the Law of Allah for people who have Yaqeen?

“O People of Imaan! Do not take as friends the Yahood and Nasaara, for they are mutual friends. Whoever among you (O Mu’mineen!) befriends them, verily, he is of them. Verily, Allah does not guide people who are zaalimeen. You will see those in whose hearts is a disease (the filth of nifaaq) running among them (i.e. bootlicking them), saying: ‘We (bootlick) because we fear the calamities of the time befalling us.” (Al-Maaidah, 50, 51, 52)
The “calamities of the time” in the context of the prevailing scenario is the ‘swart gevaar’ ‘islamophobia’ satanic tactic to stampede ignorant and fearful Muslims into kowtowing, bootlicking and reneging from Islam. They lack Imaan, hence they fear shadows. This fear induces in them the disease of bootlicking. They bootlick and betray the Ummah because they believe that the shadows and phantoms will save them from their hallucinated dangers and calamities. But Allah Azza Wa Jal says in His gracious Qur’aan:

“There is no help except from Allah, The Mighty, The Wise.”

In pursuit of their despicable goals and objectives – money, perks, honour and false imaginary ‘power’ – these contemptible Munaafiqeen betray Allah Ta’ala, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Ummah. Just imagine the monstrosity of the satanic villainy of striving to prevent Muslims from the Fardh Salaat in the Musjid and for keeping the Musaajid closed! In the annals of Islamic history such disgraceful kufr which relegates all forms of other kufr into oblivion, was never seen or heard of emanating from professed Muslims.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that the Musaajid are the noblest and the best places on earth while the malls are the worst venues on earth. The malls are the dens and haunts of the shayaateen according to our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), while the Malaaikah dwell in the Musaajid. But for these Munaafiqeen the virus disease is not in the malls, and not in the overcrowded taxis, but it is in the Houses of Allah Azza Wa Jal. May Allah Azza Wa Jal destroy them. They should understand and remember well that: “Verily, the apprehension of your Rabb is most severe.”

24 Sha’baan 1441 – 18 April 2020

Who are the Munaafiqeen today? AM I A MUNAAFIQ (HYPOCRITE)??


The Sahaabah-e-Kiraam were always alert. They were suspicious of their own nafs, never trusting it. They always took stock of their deeds, hence they felt very strongly the slightest weakness which developed in them. They always feared the contamination of nifaq(hypocrisy). Whenever they discerned any adverse conflict in their internal and external conditions, they would suspect themselves of having become the victims of nifaaq.

Bukhaari Shareef reports the following Hadith:

“Ibn Abi Maleekah said: I met thirty Sahaabah of Nabi [sallallahu alayhi wasallam] all of whom feared the affliction of nifaaq upon their nafs.”

In the commentary of this Hadith it is said:

“None of them regarded themselves free of nifaaq.”

Imam Hasan Basri (rahmatullah alayhi) said:

“It is only the Mu’min who fears nifaaq and it is only the munaafiq who feels secure from it.”

Imam Ghazali (rahmatullah alayhi) said:

“A man said to Huzaifah: I fear Allah, for perhaps I become a munaafiq. Huzaifah replied: If you were a munaafiq you would not have feared nifaaq. Verily, a munaafiq does not fear nifaaq. Only a Mu’min fears nifaaq and only a munaafiq feels secure from it.”

The sign of true Imaan,

therefore, is the recognition of one’s own faults and weaknesses, so much so, that one fears for the safety of one’s Imaan. The true believer feels that his condition is like that of the munaafiqeen. An uncaring and self-assured attitude and indifference to ones faults and defects are ingredients of a hypocritical condition.

Imam Ghazali (rahmatullah alayhi) states in Ihya-ul Uloom:

“Huzaifah said: Today, there are more hypocrites than were in the time of Nabi [sallallahu alayhi wassallam]. During that time they concealed their nifaaq, but nowadays they exhibit it. Nifaaq is the opposite of truth and Imaan. It is a hidden condition.”

“When it was said to Hasan Basri that some claim that nowadays there is no longer nifaaq, he replied: 0 mybrother! [Today their number is so great] that if they all died [now] you will be overwhelmed with fear [because of the desolateness of the earth by virtue of silence in the roads. [In other words, the world will become almost empty and an eerie silence will permeate it as a result of this emptiness.”

Hasan Basri or some other saint also said:

“If the munaafiqeen had to grow tails, then we would not have been able to set our feet on the ground [because the whole earth would be covered by their tails. This expresses their abundance].”

A similar expression is given in Ruhul Maaani:

“The signs of a munaafiq are three. When he speaks, he lies; when he promises, he violates it; and, when he is trusted, he abuses that trust.”

Another sign of nifaaq is also given in the authentic narrations of Ahadeeth. That sign is: when the munaafiq disputes, he becomes abusive. A doubt arises at this juncture. These traits mentioned in regard to nifaaq sometimes are found in such Muslims whose Islam is beyond reproach.

There is no doubt regarding their Imaan. In fact, nowadays a great many among even the Ulama are afflicted with these evils. The Hadith also corroborates this by saying:

“The majority of the munaafiqeen of this Ummah are its Qurraa.”

In this first epoch of Islam the term, qurraa (reciters) referred to the Ulama. The explanation of this doubt is: Since these evils are the characteristics of nifaaq, their presence in one creates resemblance with the munaafiqeen. In having these evil traits which are the special features of nifaaq one will be simulating the munaafiqeen in character. Thus the Hadith: “He in who there exist four traits is a total Munaafiq”, means that such a person has a very strong affinity and resemblance with the munaafiqeen. It does not mean that he is a munaafiq in the technical or actual sense – – a hidden kaafir.

Hadhrat Abu Hurairah (radiallahu anhu) said:

“The signs of the munaafiq are three. When he speaks, he lies; when he promises, he violates and when he is trusted, he abuses that trust.”

Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Umar (radiallahu anhu) narrates that Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“He in who there are four qualities is a total munaafiq. He in who there is one of these qualities, has in him a quality of nifaaq. [This nifaaq remains in him] until he shuns it. When he is trusted, he misappropriates; when he speaks, he lies; when he pledges, he betrays and when he disputes, he becomes abusive.” [Bukhaari, Muslim]

In the Kitaab, Al-Adaabun Nabawi, in the commentary of the Hadith, “In who there are four qualities….”, it is said:

“In reality, these four qualities are major sins which bring spiritual destruction. They are such crimes which bring ruin in their wake. They do not emanate from a Mu’min whose heart is filled with Isnaaa. This Hadith is a great pillar among the pillars of moral character on which is based the honour and elevation of nations.”

In Surah Munaafiqoon, Tafseer Ibn Kathir presents a Hadith from the Musnad of Ahmad. In this Hadith eight factors of nifaaq are mentioned:

“Abu Hurairah narrates that Nabi: [sallallahu alayhi wasallam] said: ‘Verily, the munaafiqeen have some signs by means of which they are recognised. [These are]: their greeting is curse [i.e. instead of greeting, they curse); their nourishment is by plundering; their booty is wealth which has been placed in their trust; they do not venture near to the Musjids, and if they do, they indulge in nonsensical talk; they come to Salaat the very last and in pride; they love none nor do others love them; and, during the night they lay sleeping [like logs] while during the day they wander around bellowing and screaming.’”

ln short, hypocrisy produces moral degeneration, pursuit of ulterior and baneful motives, misappropriation of trust and renunciation of the Deen. When mans moral fibre is destroyed, his tongue becomes abusive and noxious and his actions despicable and abhorrent. When the attribute of amaanat is annihilated, plundered wealth seems wholesome. Khiyaanat (misappropriation) then seems adorable. Affliction with pernicious motives makes one unconcerned with the rights of others. A man suffering from baneful motives recognizes nothing but his own desires. His heart is devoid of love and pity for others. People detest him. This is always the fate which overtakes a selfish person. When indifference to the Deen sets in the heart, there remains no life in Salaat.

A Musim is never neglectful nor indolent in his Salaat which is among the Huqooq (Rights) of Allah Ta’ala. He always presents himself in the Musjid in humility, with respect and on time. No vestige of abuse, vulgarity, misbehaviour and futility will be found in him.

The Hadith says: “Verily, these two [Fajr and Ishaa] are the most difficult on the munaafiqeen.”

Since these two Salaats entail sacrifice of sleep and comfort, they are most difficult on the hypocrites. If this difficulty is merely, a natural state then it will not be evil. In this natural state, one will not be prevented from attending the Salaat on time. One overcomes the difficulty. In fact, such striving (Mujaahada) against the natural propensities is the means of procuring higher spiritual states and reward. However, if this sleep and comfort have become so loveable that they overshadow Salaat and eliminate the very intention of Fajr and Ishaa Salaat, then this will be the condition of the munaafiqeen. Conscious and deliberate abstention from Salaat is undoubtedly resemblance with the practice of the hypocrites. The Hadith shareef says:

“This is the Salaat of the munaafiqhe sits waiting for the sun tobecome yellow until it settles between the two horns of shaitaan [i.e. veryclose to sunset]. He then stands up and makes four pecks in which he[barely] makes the thikr of Allah.” [Muslim]

According to this Hadith, deliberate procrastination of Salaat is evidence of the Salaat being considered insignificant, hence it being compared with pecks (the pecks of a fowl) to indicate the contempt in which Allah Ta’ala holds it. To consider Salaat to be insignificant is the attitude of the munaafiqeen. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Jamaat [Salaat] is of the ways of guidance. Only a munaafiq is negligent of it.”

“The munaafiq is contemptible because of his despicable acts.”

“Nonsensical, abusive and audacious talk are branches of nifaaq.”

About nonsensical conversation, another narration states:

“Verily, I fear for this Ummat every such munaafiq who will speak with wisdom and perpetrate, injustice.”

“The most fearsome object which I fear for my Ummat is every such munaafiq who has the ability of eloquent expression.”

Commenting on this Hadith, the authorities says that it means:

“One who has knowledge and whose tongue is glib with eloquence, but his heart and deeds are ignorant and his beliefs are corrupt. He misleads and deceives people with his evil and eloquence of speech.”
“His tongue operates glibly in knowledge and eloquence while his heart his corrupt and devoid of virtue. Rasulullah [sallallahu alayhi wasallam] feared such a munaafiq for his Ummat because he [the munaafiq] being versed in knowledge will obtain a following of people. People will follow him and he will lead them astray.”

Eloquence of speech and ability in oratory, be it for the masses or for academic discourse, minus virtuous moral character and perfection of Imaan, are not desirable by the Shariah. Far from being considered laudable, the Shariah brands as a munaafiq an eloquent orator bereft of Islamic moral character and perfected Imaan.




What is the Shar’i status of a Muslim who reports other Muslims who go to perform Namaaz in a Musjid?


When the Russian communists had conquered the Muslim lands of Tajikstan, Uzbekistan, Samarqand, etc., annexing these Muslim countries to their then Soviet Union, these atheists had embarked on brutal genocide and extermination of Muslim communities and Islam.

Many Muslims in order to preserve their Imaan and the Deen would clandestinely perform Salaat and engage in Tilaawat of the Qur’aan Majeed in underground basements and cellars. Any Muslim caught in Ibaadat was liable for imprisonment, torture and even execution. While Islam was for all practical purposes eliminated in all the Muslim countries which had become Soviet Union communist states, many Muslims continued to hold on to the Deen in whatever way they were able to, underground.

Shaitaan had put in the field many Munaafiqeen such as those we have in our midst. These munaafiqeen would report to the Soviet authorities the underground Ibaadat activities of the sincere Muslims. Many were apprehended and persecuted. The Munaafiqeen in our midst who are reporting Muslims who engage in communion with Allah Ta’ala are of the ilk of the Tajiki Munaafiqeen. They are scoundrels and hypocrites of the worst kind of Satanism. They will sell their mothers and daughters to gain the opportunity of bootlicking the authorities. The La’nat of Allah Azza Wa Jal percolates from their faces and from every pore of their bodies. They are spineless swines and rats crawling most disgracefully behind the Yahood and Naasara right into their ‘lizard’s hole.’ They have extinguished their Imaan.

They are the satanic vermin for whom Allah Azza Wa Jal has prepared Darkul Asfal Minan Naar (the very lowest department in the dregs of Hell-Fire). Besides this horrendous Athaab awaiting them in the Aakhirat, Allah Ta’ala will break their necks here on earth, and at the time of Maut when their souls will be wrenched horribly from their noxious bodies, they will understand the meaning of NIFAAQ.

“(O Muhammad!) Inform the munaafiqeen that most certainly there is for them a painful chastisement. They (the munaafiqeen) are those who take as friends the kaafireen besides the Mu’mineen. What! Do they search for honour by them. (Know!) Verily all honour belongs to only Allah.” (An-Nisaa’, 138, 139)

These contemptible munaafiqeen and their kaafireen masters will be piled together and cast into Jahannam:

“Verily, Allah has revealed to you (O Mu’mineen!) in the Kitaab (the Qur’aan) that when you hear kufr and mockery being made of Allah’s Aayaat, then do not sit with them (i.e. the munaafiqeen) until they (do not abandon their mockery) and divert to another topic. (If you associate with them), then verily, you will be like them. Verily, Allah will pile together the munaafiqeen and the kaafireen into Jahannam.” (An-Nisaa’, Aayat 140)

Warning the munaafiqeen of Allah’s wrath, Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) said: “Whoever seeks to gain honour from people, Allah will disgrace him.” These Tajiki Munaafiqeen among us who abhor Open Musaajid, Jamaat Salaat and Jumuah Salaat should ponder and understand that they will not escape the consequences of their despicable acts of betraying Islam, Allah Ta’ala, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), and the Ummah.
“They (these Tajiki Munaafiqeen) are cursed by Allah, and those (among the Mu’mineen) who curse, curse them…… Upon them is the La’nat of Allah, of the Malaaikah, and of the People (of Islam). Therein (in Hell-Fire) will they dwell forever. The Athaab shall not be lightened for them nor will they be granted any respite.” (Al-Baqarah)

9 Sha’baan 1441 – 2 April 2020