“Difaaul Ulama International” STUPIDITY OF A STUPID BUNCH


“Difaaul Ulama International”


In a purportedly ‘open letter’ addressed to Maulana Abdul Hamid Saheb, Principal of Darul Uloom Azaadville, an anonymous NNB jamiat clique of a couple of cowards dubbing themselves Difaaul Ulama International, proffer an array of stupid and spurious claims in their tirade of baseless criticism againt Maulana Abdul Hamid in particular, and against the Ulama-e-Haq in general.

While this miserable, unknown group of miscreant molvis dub themselves with a high-sounding epithet, they portray manifest cowardice by not providing even an e-mail. What type of ‘international’ ulama entity can this group of epistasis and infosoria wallowing in their decadent infusions of fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr be the cowards, while presenting grandiose stupidities, display their abject fear the Haq by seeking refuge in a fortress of total anonymity, failing to provide even an e-mail. The morons state in their stupid article:

“We, the members of Difaaul Ulama International…….” If you morons are an ‘international gang of ulama’, who are they? You cowards have made an assault against Maulana Abdul Hamid. You mention his name and you proffer spurious and stupid arguments to assail his Shar’i stances, yet you conceal your names and your fear for the clobbering rebuffs of the Haqq which has constrained you to slink in the darkness of an anonymity of a cowardly kind. An ‘international conglomerate of ulama’, but not even an e-mail!!! This by itself is indicative of your baatil and jahaalat.

Let us now commence the demolition of the spurious and stupid arguments of this miserable gang of miscreants.

Mufti Taqi is their primary patron and leader in fisq, fujoor and haraam. The first point in the stupid litany of the stupid miscreants is their defense of Mufti Taqi.

We say with emphasis that Mufti Taqi has deviated from Siraatul Mustaqeem in a variety of ways. Most certainly he is in a head-on-clash with his noble father, Hadhrat Mufti Muhammad Shafi (Rahmatullah alayh). Taqi Sahib’s halaalization of pictography is a total rejection of Mufti Shafi by Taqi Sahib. The technical arguments of the difference in the methods of producing pictures is spurious and stupid. It is a satanic inspiration urinated into Taqi Sahib’s brains by Iblees. Even a child laughs and mocks at the stupid arguments proffered in condonation of the method of digital production of pictures.

This article is not for presenting the arguments of the Haq against the stupidities of Taqi Sahib and his cronies. Several booklets and articles have been published in which every moronic technicality and spurious ‘daleel’ of Taqi has been thoroughly demolished. These booklets are available. In brief, his claim that a digital picture is not a haraam picture is a stupid, shaitaani idolum whispered into his mind by shaitaan.

Taqi Sahib, in addition to his kufr of halaalizing haraam pictures, is guilty of fisq and fujoor. His embrace of and subservience to the kuffaar riba capitalist bankers have completely deranged his brains. He thus comes within the purview of the Qur’aanic Aayat which states that those who deal in riba “stand like one who has been driven to madness by the touch of shaitaan (Takhabbutush Shaitaan)”.

Taqi Sahib has brought disgrace to himself and to the Deen by bootlicking the riba capitalists for the dollars. He is one of the prime scholars for dollars. The lucre and boodle are the primary concerns of all scholars for dollars whose primary job is to churn out fatwas of jawaaz (permissibility) for the haraam products of the capitalist riba-guzzling bankers. His embrace of the capitalist bankers whose products he legalizes in lieu of the tens of thousands of dollars on the basis of a garble of spurious interpretations of the masaa-il, in particular of the Maaliki Math-hab, designed as cover for his haraam legalizations, added to his halaalization of pictography, nails him securely to the gibbet of takfeer. Ulama-e-Haqq readily understand the gibberish and rubbish of his spurious “dalaa-il”.

His brazen and blatant participation in the fisq and kufr Independence Day celebrations of Napakistan and his flagrant violation of hijaab by conversing with a kaafirah journalist are some of the facets which confirm his fisq and fujoor.

His emulous imitation of the West is more than adequately displayed at his madrasah where he has abolished the Sunnah style of eating and the Sunnah style of teaching the Kutub of the Deen in the manner we have inherited from the Salafus Saaliheen. His daarul hadith class has been converted into a stupid and laughable circus. It is a circus because despite his emulous attempts to cloak the madrasah with the nonsense he has observed in Oxford or Cambridge, he has miserably failed to accord dignity to his daarul hadith. It should be understood that while ‘nonsense’ is befitting for Oxford and Cambridge, and while nonsense does bestow a mundane dignity to these kuffaar institutions, it brings nothing but disgrace and stupidity to Muslims who bootlick and follow the Yahood and Nasaara right into “the lizard’s hole”.

Whatever Maulana Abdul Hamid said regarding the prohibition of digital picture-making and his comments on Taqi Sahib are 100% correct. Most certainly there is no view of permissibility. Those who claim permissibility for haraam pictography which includes the digital form, are not of the Ulama-e-Haq. They are of the ulama-e-soo’, hence their spurious, nafsaani views are of absolutely no Shar’i purport. Most certainly they are guilty of a major crime akin to kufr. Yes, they all are fussaaq. Yes, it is correct that they should resort to Taubah and publicly issue retractions of their corrupt, haraam, baatil views.

In their nonsensical article, the morons of this stupid ‘international’ body of phantoms ask: “Those Ulama and ministers of Islamic Governments (e.g. the leaders of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) that appear on YouTube and other channels to defend Islam and Muslims – are we to say that, according to Molana’s Bayaan, they all are perpetrators of Haraam and are Faasiq and Faajir?”

There is absolutely no conundrum on this score. Most certainly they all are FUSSAAQ and FUJJAAR. Furthermore, the morons of this phantom entity have no idea of the meaning of an Islamic Government. Today there is not a single Islamic government on earth. All governments of all Muslim countries with the single exception of the Taliban, are not only faasiq and faajir. They are KUFFAAR. They have abolished the Shariah. How can they be ‘Islamic Governments’ as claimed by the clique of moron NNB scoundrels parading under the fiction of difaaul ulama international.

While the Taliban have as yet not entered into the domain of kufr by abolishing the Shariah, it is also among the bootlickers of the kuffaar. The Taliban too are confirmed fussaaq and kuffaar. Their bootlicking the kuffaar has driven them into the camp of the fussaaq and fujjaar. They have betrayed Islam and the Ummah. They have betrayed Allah Ta’ala and Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). There is no gainsaying in this incontrovertible fact and reality which stares us all in the face. Only those who opt for deliberate blindness in their pursuit of worldly objectives will deny this reality.

The difference which the Ulama-e-Haq have with the likes of Taqi Saheb are not of the category known as Ijtihaadi. The views of Taqi Sahib and his likes on this issue are tantamount to kufr. Their view is the product of deliberate convolution of the brains, which has dumped them into a cesspool of iniquity comprising of fisq, fujoor and kufr. The degree of desensitization of their Imaan has made their glaring facets of fisq and fujoor impalpable for them. They brains are clogged and blocked, hence they fail to see the glaring kufr of their kufr view. All their spurious arguments are bereft of Shar’i substance. Bootlickers always philander with Iblees. This is the effect of the circumfluence of the filth of western liberalism whose every facet of life is being incorporated into Muslim society on the basis of the baseless arguments presented by the bootlicking ulama-e-soo’ with its incremental membership of reverends of the munaafiq category.

The miserable ‘international’ conglomerate of morons mentions ‘Islamic Governments’ and gives as an example Afghanistan. Should we momentarily assume that the government in Afghanistan is Islamic (although this is not the factual reality), which other Muslim land has an Islamic government? The morons have claimed that there are such governments. Who are they? Where are they? Which Muslim country today has a government which governs by the Shariah? It is a monstrous and a satanic LIE to utter the notoriety of the existence of an Islamic Government in any Muslim country today. Every government in every Muslim country is the arch enemy of Islam. The entire Shariah has been abolished. All of them are confirmed kuffaar and murtaddeen.

Yes, most certainly, the Aayat of the Qur’aan Majeed: “Do not confuse the Haq with baatil”, does apply to Taqi Sahib and to all other modernist members of the ulama-e-soo’ clique. The reverends in this group are adept in the satanic art known as Talbeesul Iblees.

The morons wish Muslims to believe that Taqi Sahib and others of his liberal ilk are ‘mujtahids’. This is indeed a laughable stupidity of extreme absurdity.

The age of the Mujtahideen has terminated many many centuries ago. Informing us of the ending of the age of the Mujtahideen, our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Verily, the noblest of you are my Sahaabah; then those after them (the Taabieen); then those after them (the Tabe-e-Taabieen). Thereafter KIZB (falsehood/lies) will become prevalent.”

Thus, the cut-off date for Ijtihaad and the repositories of Ijtihaad, i.e. the Ammah Mujtahideen, has coincided with the termination of the era of Khairul Quroon. Moron, maajin muftis and so-called ‘grand muftis’ of this age do not measure up to the toes of the Aimmah Mujtahideen. They feature nowhere within the scope of the first six classes of Ulama delineated by Allaamah Shaami (Rahmatullah alayh). Yes, they fit snugly in the category called Haatibul Lail, i.e. they gather firewood during an intensely dark night in a dense and dark forest. They do not know whether their hands fall on snakes or excreta. Many of their fatwas portray putrid socialism and stark superficiality.

The morons have mentioned the name of Mufti Saeed Palanpuri (Rahmatullah alayh) in a stupid bid to eke out support for their disgorgement of tripe and trash. One year prior to his demise, Mufti Palanpuri was in Port Elizabeth. Commenting disdainfully about the state of Daarul Ifta of Deoband where he was a senior Mufti, he personally said to this writer that he has to contend with eight Muftis before he issues a fatwa. He added: “Aap to azaad he” (You are free.) Expressing agreement with our views and stances, Mufti Palanpuri (Rahmatullah alayh) implied that he was not entirely free to issue fatwa as he desired.

Furthermore, this writer heard personally from Hadhrat Masihullah (Rahmatullah alayh) about 45 years ago during his (this writer’s) student days that maudoodi’ism had crept into some Ustaadhs of Darul Uloom Deoband. Thus we do not suffer from the malady of deglutition of the fatwas churned out by the darul iftas of this era. Every fatwa prior to acceptance is subjected to scrutiny and examination for determining its Shar’i worth.

Now remains the age of moron molvis in pursuit of pecuniary gain. The corrupt view of Taqi Sahib and of others of the same liberal breed is the effect of corrupt objectives. Their views of liberalism are devoid of Shar’i substance.

The attempt to differentiate between a picture produced by the camera and a video picture, and on this hallucinated basis to issue the fatwa of permissibility for the latter, speaks volumes for the shaitaaniyat and nafsaaniyat of these miscreant muftis who have deviated very far from Siraatul Mustaqeem. They are scoundrels who have opened numerous avenues of fitnah and fasaad with their haraam narratives and their excretion of haraam fatwas. They are the scoundrel muftis who have embedded cellphone fisq, fujoor and pornography in the masses. They have opened colossal avenues of immorality with their haraam digital pictography fatwa.

Any mufti and any daarul ifta of any Madrasah, including Daarul Uloom Deoband, who condones the haraam pictures produced by the digital method, are followers of Iblees. They need to depurate their brains from the evil effects of satanic sanatization. Iblees ‘sanatizes’ human brains with his urine. According to the Hadith, Iblees is capable of urinating in the ears of people. Allaamah Abdul Wahhaab Sha’raani (Rahmatullah alayh) claimed that he had once observed the urine of Iblees physically dripping from the ears of a mureed who had overslept and missed Fajr Salaat. Thus, Iblees deranges the brains of these liberal molvis with his urine. That is why, they are so stupid and fail to realize the manifest stupidity of their arguments presented in their abortive bid to make halaal what Allah Ta’ala has decreed to be haraam.

The entity of ‘international’ morons asks: “Have any of the senior Muftis from our Madaaris and Darul Ifta’s around the world (who regard digital photography as Haraam) – issued a Fatwa against those that regard digital photography as permissible – that they are committing an act of clear Haraam and are becoming Faasiq and Faajir?”

Let us divest the vermiculated brains of these moron chaps. Maulana Abdul Hamid and the Ulama-e-Haq in general are NOT the muqallideen of the Madaaris and Daarul Iftas of this era. What these Madaaris and Daarul Iftas churn out nowadays is suspect. Our proclamation of the Haqq is not at all reliant on the humbug of these Madaaris and Daarul Iftas. We are not their followers. In fact, the vast majority of them are astray, having deviated from the Sunnah and Siraatul Mustaqeem. Therefore, this question of the moron enity is spurious, stupid and rejected with contempt.

Digital picture-making is HARAAM just as HARAAM as any other method of producing pictures. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that pictures of animate objects are haraam. He mentioned ‘pictures’ not the method of producing pictures. Regardless of the method of production, the end product is a haraam picture. So whether a picture is drawn by hand, by a brush, made by a camera, by television, by video, by the digital method, by donkey’s tail or any other new method which science will still invent, it remains a haraam picture which may not be halaalized on the basis that the method of production did not exist during the era of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Whoever halaalizes digital pictures of animate objects is guilty of kufr, not only fisq.

Yes, it is correct that Salaat behind these fussaaq imaams is Makrooh Tahrimi. Yes, it is correct, that the testimony of such fussaaq is not admissible. The ‘international clique of morons’ proffers a list of molvis and madrasahs who indulge in videos and digital pictures, then asks if Salaat behind this array of molvis is Makrooh Tahrimi, and if yes, should Muslims stop performing Salaat behind them and the Imaams of the Haramain Shareefain?

Without doubt, Salaat behind these deviates is Makrooh Tahrimi. However, the morons should endeavour to equip themselves with better knowledge of the masaa-il. According to the Ahlus Sunnah, Salaat behind every Birr and Faajir is valid notwithstanding his fisq and fujoor. Hence although the Salaat of Fussaaq such as the Imaams in the Haramain as well as Taqi & Co., is Makrooh Tahrimi, those who have no control over the appointment of Musjid Imaams will not be perpetrating a Makrooh Tahrimi act when they perform Salaat behind the Fussaaq Imaams. Circumstances compel them to follow these Fussaaq in Salaat.

Those who appoint these Fusaaq and the Fussaaq Imaams themselves will bear the burden of their fisq. It is not permissible to abandon Jamaat Salaat on account of the fisq of the Imaam.

The Ulama-e-Haq will continue, Insha-Allah, to scream the Haqq from the rooftops regardless of the antics and tantrums of people of baatil. The moron muftis of the liberal daarul iftas of the world are all members of Dajjaal’s league. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had expressed greater fear for these miscreant molvis and sheikhs than for even Dajjaal.

Reverend Gadero (Reverend Abraham Bham) and Reverend Waandro (Reverend Solomon Rawat) of the NNB junk jamiat of Fordsburg who cherish hasad and bughd for Wifaaqul Ulama will not succeed to derail the Wifaaq with their shaitaani shenanigans.

Haqq has come and baatil has vanished, for baatil by its very nature must perish. (Qur’aan)

They should disembowel themselves of the flapdoodle idea that the view of the array of Ulama whose names they have cited has Shar’i validity. A majority does not constitute daleel in the Shariah. Their inability to present solid Shar’i dalaa-il for their repugnant views of kufr testifies to their total lack of perspicacity in the sphere of Shar’i proofs and evidences. No one is awed by the galaxy of molvis the humbug entity has cited in an abortive attempt to browbeat ignoramuses into acceptance of their stance of baatil designed to further the kufr liberalism of the deviated ‘muftis’.

23 Muharram 1444 – 22 August 2022

The Influence of Television

The Influence of Television

This article should be regarded as advice specifically for the Munaafiq, Faajir, Faasiq RIJS (FILTH) molvis who are blatantly, brazenly and most flagrantly committing KUFR by selling their souls to Iblees who has urinated into their brains to become television actors. Furthermore, the arch mudhil, Taqi Usmaani is the prime Agent of Iblees in this Jahannami saga. Purely on the instruction and influence of Iblees did Mr.Taqi open up the door for this television fitnah with His stupid, haraam halaalizing of pictography.

by Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb (rahmatullah alayh)

One of the many sunnats of the Ambiyaa (‘alaihimus Salaam) is that of Hayaa (shame and modesty), a quality which is sorely missing in the lives of the majority of Muslims today and which should otherwise be an outstanding characteristic and feature of all Muslims, whether married or un-married.

Television is such an evil that if our society only understood its reality, then they would find no excuse to watch. Its spiritual harm is that it takes away the hayaa and shame of our men, women and children.

The content of most television programmes is nothing but immodesty and indecency, which invites nothing but immodesty and indecency – into our homes, into our lives and the lives of our children.

However, this truth and reality seems to just pass over the understanding of even those Muslims who have some link with Deen.

Many are regular with Salaah, they are seen in the Musjid, they are wearing the garb of the pious and yet they will be the ones to present flimsy and feeble excuses to view television programmes.

Let us consider this situation of sin from the following view – which Alhamdulillah, has been a means of many getting rid of the television.

If a person has to knock on your door and tell you : ‘I would like to use your lounge to commit adultery.’

Or a group of some friends have to request you : ‘We would like to use your home to gamble and enjoy our liquor.’ Or a group of youngsters have to tell you : ‘We have chosen your home as a venue for our partying, dancing, drug-taking and fornicating.’ Or a Christian family has to request you : ‘We would like to use your home as a venue for our church ceremony : The marriage of our daughter as well as the baptism of our grandchild.

We have already obtained the consent of one of our priests.’ Or some idol-worshippers have to suggest : ‘We would like to carry out some of our religious rites in your home. We would like to bring our idols also. You are more than welcome to observe or participate in our rites. ’

Many Muslims, on hearing such requests, will get very angry; will express disgust – if not swear and curse such suggestions.

However, these very same Muslims who will even resort to swearing and cursing such proposals, invite into their homes all of the above by the switch of the television, by hiring English and Hindi films and DVDs and downloading porn and other films from the Internet. There is so much of adultery, partying and other filth that we seem to just welcome into our homes – least realizing the consequences.

Just to give you one example and this is but the tip of the iceberg – and it is said with the intention of removing the blindfold that most parents wear :

A father of four children mentioned to me that he had got rid of his television and he thereafter explained why.

He said that late one night he heard strange noises from his children’s room. On opening the door of their room, he found their television switched on.

This is our concept of modesty , parents must have their own television, to view all kinds of filthy programmes in their privacy, and children must have their own television to view all kinds of indecency in their privacy (Na-uzu Billah).

The father mentioned that there were dirty and obscene scenes of naked people on the television screen. He mentioned that it was filthy and that it shocked him; but what had him even more shaken was that his children were all undressed, engaging in the same kind of indecent acts.

They were imitating the pornography they were viewing. He said himself, that until then he had not considered the harm of television. It took this kind of incident to wake him up. This is just one example of so many. Do we wish to face something similar ?

Do we care to even know what our sons and daughters are doing in the secrecy of their rooms ? The fact that many demand that no one ‘invade’ their space and privacy to the extent of having ‘No Entry’ signs on their doors, should have parents a little more than worried especially if they are viewing television and are surfing the net or have free access with cell phones.

Many have written, that after watching certain films or programmes, the desire came strongly into their hearts to take drugs, drink liquor, murder their parents, indulge in homosexuality, engage in adulterous relationships, commit suicide, rape, and so much else – and many of them do so.

Moreover, with sins like television and evil, lustful glancing, Allah Ta’ala removes the love between husband and wife and even ones children become disobedient.

There are many husbands who entertain thoughts of and fantasize of other women when with their wives. And they will when they are watching different actresses and television presenters.

Many wives are guilty of the same infidelity having seen or socialized with ghair-mahareem. Many women are so infatuated and obsessed with some soccer player or cricket player that they become dissatisfied with their husbands, and spend their time fantasizing.

Had the person not viewed all those ghair-mahareem (impermissible women) on the television screen and computer screen, and had lowered his gaze in real life situations, then he would not have desired that which he cannot have, and there would not have been dissatisfaction with his (or her) spouse.

Moreover we complain that there is no barkat in our homes; there is no barkat in our wealth; there is no barkat in our time. Our children are rebellious. The husband is having an extra-marital relationship. The daughter has accepted Christianity. The son is on drugs and the list of complaints does not end.

Then who is to blame except the one who brought all of this Haraam into the home by purchasing the television and exposing the family to so much of sin.

Great ‘Ulama became Bay’at upon the hands of Maulana Hakeem Fakhrudeen (Rahmatullah ‘alaih). He mentioned that there was a time, that with the rising and setting of the sun, he saw nothing but noor in Surat.

The atmosphere was one of noor. The day commenced with Salaah, Tilawat, Zikrullah.

After the cinemas and television and videos flooded Surat, there was nothing but ‘zulmat’ (darkness).

With the distraction of such entertainment, Ibaadah becomes a forgotten duty.

One Wali of Allah Ta’ala, on visiting a home, mentioned that he perceived the sin of Zina (adultery) from the walls of that home. He was able to recognize this due to the purity of his heart. The residents of that home were not indulging in adultery but they were watching the sin on television.

When fire burns against a white wall, it blackens the wall. The Ahle-Dil (pious people), with their purified hearts, see the fire of sins which has burnt and blackened the white hearts of the Muslims.

Would that we take lesson and take measures to protect ourselves and our children.

22 Zul Qa’dh 1443 – 23 June 2022


Our classes have ended. Was visiting a friend and another Moulana was present. He was discussing a paper he had written while studying Takhasusfil Hadith in Binnori Town.
He had written it on the basis of a question he was asked by a friend of his regarding the raawis of Ahaadith. The person asked him as to why the Sahabah were not put under the light of scrutiny because they also committed sins.
He had asked another senior scholar but before the senior scholar could answer the Moulana mentioned his own response that when it comes to sins there are 2 types: 

  1. Sins that happen due to the nafs, lust and desire.
  2. Sins that would be to sabotage the Deen or attributing a lie towards Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).
    The first type was possible by them, but the second type is something that is unexpected of them (the Sahaabah).
    The senior scholar told him this is correct.
    After the paper was submitted our Jalalayin teacher and also the Nazim for the Iftaa Department) rejected the Moulana’s paper and said we will attach another reason towards their actions. This was all in 2015. I told the brother that we had been by our teacher. Allah Ta’ala had caused these things to be committed by the Sahaabah. These were things that were against the Shaan of Nabuwwat, hence and for teaching purposes, Allah Ta’ala induced the Sahaabah to commit such acts.
    So the Moulana said yes my class mate gave a similar response but our Aqeedah is that Allah Ta’ala doesn’t force anyone to do anything so they had done it of their own free will. I told him I shall ask my teacher with regards to this because I honestly don’t know. I am still satisfied with the answers the other teachers have given, but want to know if what the Moulana said is correct. Please comment.

“Why the Sahaabah were not put under the light of scrutiny”: After more than fourteen centuries and after thousands of great, illustrious Fuqaha, Muhadditheen and Mufassireen have flourished and written thousands of volumes on every branch of Islamic knowledge, some non-entity in this belated era in close proximity to Qiyaamah comes up with the question;
“Why the Sahaabah were not put under the light of scrutiny”.

Wallaah! This is a pure shaitaani waswasah. This question never occurred to any of the great Souls of the past nor did Iblees have the courage to present this ishkaal to any of the illustrious Muhadditheen and Fuqaha. A total non-entity of our age deemed it appropriate to fabricate this question. It is the first step in shaitaan’s ploy to attack the Imaan of the person concerned. Shaitaan has designed this snare for the elimination of his Imaan. Furthermore, the attempt to answer this question by categorizing sin into two kinds is nonsensical. It does not answer the shaitaani question. All sins are the products of the nafs, lust and desire. Sins to sabotage the Deen are most certainly sins of the nafs. There is no other fountain for sins other than the nafs. Thus, this answer has no validity. The simple answer to the shaitaani question is
that Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) forbid the Ummah from making his Sahaabah targets of criticism. He said:
“Honour my Sahaabah, for verily they are the noblest….”
There is Ijma’ (Con-sensus of the Ummah) on the Adaalat of the Sahaabah. Even the Qur’aan Majeed testifies for the Adaalat of the Sahaabah. It is mentioned in MirqaatulMafaateeh: “ The Sahaabah, all of them, are Udool on the basis of the Kitaab (Qur’aan), Sunnah and Ijmaa’”
There are many Ahaadith to this effect. Putting the Sahaabah under scrutiny will be to put Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) himself under scrutiny. The Hadith to this effect is recited almost every week in the second Jumuah khutbah.
Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had vouched for the uprighteousness, honesty and integrity of his Sahaabah. Therefore, whoever subjects the integrity of the Sahaabah to scrutiny in fact places Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) under the glare of the satanic scrutiny.
If such ‘scrutiny’ had to be accommodated, then the same effects applicable to Ahaadith would have applied to Qur’aanic Aayaat. The same Hadith principles of Saheeh, Dhaeef, etc. would have been applied to the Qur’aan Majeed since it were only Sahaabah who narrated and authenticated the Qur’aanic Aayaat. Some Qur’aanic Aayaat would then be classified ‘dhaeef’ and even ‘maudhoo’.
Only Shiahs are the experts in the satanic science of putting the Sahaabah under the scope of kufr scrutiny. That is precisely their basis for rejecting the authenticity of the Qur’aan Shareef.
The simple answer for the question is that it is a shaitaani waswasah for which Ta’awwuz and Wala houla should be recited to eradicate the thought from the mind.


Q. Some Ulama in UK have issued the fatwa that it is permissible to establish separate facilities for females at the Musjids for Salaat. They cite Imaam Abu Hanifah (Rahmatullah alayh) and Mufti Taqi Usmani in support. What is Shariah’s ruling?
A. As far as Mufti Taqi is concerned he is person’a non grata. He is a liberal who has lost his Islamic bearings many years ago. He has opened the avenue for the fitnah of immorality and riba with his corrupt fatwas halaalizing pictography and so-called ‘islamic’ banking. Meanwhile, all his halaalizing practices, especially banking fatwas are designed for the dollars. The capitalist bankers pay tens of thousands of dollars for fatwas of permissibility for their riba products.
As far as their citing Imaam Abu Hanifah (Rahmatullah alayh) is concerned, they merely flaunt their jahaalat. They are morons wallowing in ghabaawat. Haafiz Ibn Hajr (Rahmatullah alayh) said that it is only a GHABI (a chap whose brains are densely clogged with nafsaaniyat and worldly objectives) who will have the temerity to claim that it is permissible for women to gatecrash into the Musaajid.
All the arguments of ‘hikmat’ proffered by the legalizers of this Prohibition are spurious excrescences of the nafs. We have elaborately discussed and refuted all their ghutha (rubbish) arguments in seven booklets which are available on our website. It is not permissible to have facilities for females in the Musaajid. The Sahaabah had enacted Ijma’ on this Prohibition, hence no one’s view can ever override this sacred Consensus.



Mufti Taqi Usmani has presented several arguments to justify the covid protocols. Please respond and comment on the validity/invalidity of his arguments.


He says: The Hadith does not reject the fact that a disease MAY spread to another. The hadith rejects the aqeedah that a disease WILL spread to someone. In support of this he uses the Hadith of fleeing from a leper.


His argument is baseless. What he says is his personal opinion sucked from his thumb to appease the kuffaar Pakistani government which has been co-opted by the atheists to further their satanic covid plot. Firstly, he presents his own convoluted interpretation in support of the protocols of the atheists. The atheists such as Fauci, Bill Gates & Pharma who have bribed and subdued the governments who are in control of the brains of even molvis and muftis of today. What need does Mr.Taqi discern for justifying the protocols of the enemies of Islam? 

Is Taqi Sahib ignorant of the action and reaction of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the Sahaabah and the Salafus Saaliheen during epidemics? Surely he is not so ignorant as to be unaware of how Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah conducted themselves during a plague. All arguments regardless of how ‘logic’ they may appear ostensibly, pale away into oblivion in the face of the Sunnah. 

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah were more aware of the issue of lepers, yet they did not behave so recklessly and emulative of the mushrikeen as do Taqi Sahib and all the zigzag muftis who bootlick the kuffaar, following blindly whatever haraam, kufr protocols the atheists excrete for the consumption of the juhhaal. 

Rasulullah’s response to the Bedouin who believed like Taqi Sahib is an emphatic rebuttal of his (Taqi’s) claim. The A’raabi believed that the healthy camel WILL contract the disease if a diseased camel mingles with it, hence he (the A’raabi) queried this issue. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) rejected his understanding and belief – the selfsame understanding which today Taqi and his ilk are propagating at the behest of their governments and the atheists. The popular belief has always been of contagion – that the disease WILL be contracted if in contact with a diseased person. The ‘may’ and ‘will’ argument produced by Taqi Sahib is for befuddling ignoramuses. 

The aqeedah of the juhhaal masses is that the disease WILL be contracted. Taqi’s interpretation serves to entrench this false belief. The issue of it ‘may’ be contracted is Taqi’s personal opinion inspired by obedience to the government and to the atheists with whom he is enamoured. 

“Fleeing from the leper” is firstly not an incumbent directive. Secondly, the Sahaabah did not flee from the plague nor from lepers. They did not observe any moronic protocols which Taqi and his ilk are describing as protective strategies. These protocols are artefacts of Iblees designed to abrogate the Masnoon and even Waajib teachings of the Shariah. 

Thirdly, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) himself ate together with a leper from the same plate/bowl. Fourthly, lepers were not banned from the Musjid. Fifthly, when Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) informed the leper that he should not come for the bay’t (pledge of allegiance), this leper was not placed in satanic quarantine as Taqi Sahib advocates. He remained with the delegation, and mingled with all the people, and attended the Musjid for Salaat. 

The Hadith pertaining to the leper may not be presented in refutation of the explicit NO CONTAGION (Laa Adwaa) declaration of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). An interpretation which denies the La Adwaa contention is mardood (rejected). Nor may this solitary Hadith and any other similar Hadith be presented to cancel the Sunnah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah, viz., their tareeqah during the plague. The leper Hadith must incumbently be interpreted to blend in with the Sunnah. It may not be cited in negation of the NO Contagion declaration and in negation of the Sunnah observance during plagues.


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Questions Regarding Jama’ah Tabligh

Q 1.) For an ordinary Muslim (a businessman, a laborer, a farmer, a professional, etc.) who is not associated with a religious organization, is it Fard, Wajib, or Mustahab to go out for three or forty days, etc. with Jama’ah Tabligh?
A 1.) Dawah (inviting people to Islam) and Tabligh (conveying the Message) is a collective responsibility of the whole Ummah and an act of great reward as it has been declared a distinguishing characteristic of this Ummah by the Qur’an.[See Albaqarah 2:104, 110. Yusuf 12:108. Hamim Al Sajjdah 41:33]

Dawah falls in two categories:

Inviting Muslims to follow the religion. It has two levels:
Special or Individual. Every Muslim is required to inform his household and people under his care about religious instructions and to forbid them from performing the munkarat (evils). Quran and Hadith clearly declare it a mandatory duty of everyone. [“Everyone of you is a supervisor and everyone will be asked about those given in his supervision….” Hadith]

In addition, if a particular person alone is in a position to influence another person, and there is a major expectation of his effectiveness, the first person is required to try to correct the behavior of the other person, even though the other person may not be his family member or subordinate. [“If anyone of you witnesses an evil, he should correct it by his hand. If he is not in a position to do so, then by his tongue. If he is not in a position to do so then by his heart. And that is the lowest level of Iman.” Muslim]

This level of Dawah is Fard Ayn (mandatory individual duty).

General or Collective. This involves addressing the Muslims collectively to enjoin good and forbid evil. This is Fard Kifayah or collective responsibility which means that it is a responsibility of everyone who is capable of doing this kind of Dawah but if some people discharge this duty then the burden would be lifted from others. Otherwise, everyone would be in sin.This collective responsibility requires an organized effort designed to perform it according to the teachings of Shariah. The jurists have explained that if the Muslim government fails to perform this function, it would be the responsibility of the common Muslims to establish a group to discharge this responsibility. It does not mean that a formal association must be launched but it does mean that sufficient number of persons should come forward for this purpose whether or not they are part of a formal organization.

Inviting non-Muslims to Islam. Every Muslim in general and the particular group mentioned above, specially would be responsible for this Dawah.
It should be noted that Shariah has not prescribed a special format for the Dawah effort. Whether it is performed by going to homes as Jama’ah Tabligh does, or through writings or publications, or through any other means, the responsibility would be discharged. This explains that it is not Fard Ayn for every Muslim to participate in the work of Tablighi Jamat because a) Dawah at the general level is not Fard Ayn and b) the particular style of work adopted by the Tablighi Jama’ah is not mandated by the Shariah. However, since the work of Tablighi Jama’ah, with the blessings of Allah, has been greatly beneficial and it has proven to be an effective means of countering the work of anti-religious forces, therefore cooperating with this Jama’ah and participating in its work to the maximum extent possible is an act of great reward. Doing it with balance and within the limits prescribed by the jurists is a very effective means of protecting ourselves and the Ummah.

There may be a situation in which participating in the work of this Jama’ah may become Fard Ayn for an individual. Consider the case of a person who has no religious training and who is ignorant of the basic religious teachings concerning his life. For him it is mandatory to seek the minimally necessary religious education and training. If such a person finds no other means of getting this basic instruction other than going out with the Tablighi Jama’ah, then for him it would be required to join this Jama’ah. If this person does have access to other means like sitting in the company of scholars, or joining a religious school, etc. then it would not be mandatory for him to join the Jama’ah. The participation would still be desirable because of the benefits that we have seen through experience.

Q 2.) A person is working with a religious school or Masjid or is involved in a religious work individually, but he does not go out with the Jama’ah Tablighi. He also does not go door to door in his own neighborhood for the purpose of Tabligh, nor does he participate in Jihad (in Kashmir or elsewhere). At the same time, he does not reject Dawah or Jihad. Is such a person a sinner for abandoning the responsibilities of Dawah and Jihad?
A 2.) The person of Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, was the focal point of all good. He, single handedly, established the standards of excellence in all areas of life. Subsequently we see a division of work in the Ummah. Some scholars concentrated on Jihad or Dawah, others on Islamic schools, etc. If everyone is required to work only in one area, other areas will obviously suffer, while all are important for the mission of Prophethood. So the kind of person mentioned in this question cannot be declared a sinner for leaving the responsibilities of Dawah or Jihad.

It should also be noted that different approaches appeal to different people. Some people are influenced by listening to a sermon, others through reading. For some, simple facts have a great appeal, others require in-depth academic discussion. So all approaches should continue for the benefit of their intended audiences.

Q 3.) Is the particular style of Dawah work started by Moulana Ilyas (and used by Jama’ah Tabligh) established by evidence from the earlier Islamic period?
A 3.) As was explained in the answer to question #1 above, Shariah has not mandated a particular format for Dawah work. Religious education, Tabligh, Jihad, etc. are different ways of discharging this collective responsibility and they are all important in their own right. The popular format chosen for a given function is an administrative matter. For example, today our religious schools offer instruction for ten months a year, for six days a week, for six hours a day. They also have exams at predetermined intervals. This arrangement has been found useful through experience but it was not used at the time of Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and one cannot find any evidence requiring it in the books of Hadith. However, since this arrangement is not considered mandated by Shariah, but it is only an administrative matter, therefore it cannot be considered a bid’a (innovation).

The format adopted by Tablighi Jama’ah is also an administrative matter, and therefore, is permissible and it does not need any evidence in its favor as long as it is not considered mandated by Shariah. However, for our understanding, it is sufficient to note that all Prophets and Prophet Muhammad, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, himself had gone to the people to invite them to Islam. And Allah knows best.

Written by Aleem Ahsan Aziz, Darul Ifta, Darul Uloom, Karachi.

Comments by Justice Mufti Taqi Usmani

I concur with the above Fatwa. The discussion of Fard Ayn and Fard Kifayah included here is in accordance with the juristic evidence. However, it does not diminish the importance of the work of Tabligh and it should not be used as a basis for reluctance in this matter. In our times when the forces of evil are very active, the work of Tabligh and Dawah has assumed special importance and Masha-Allah Jama’ah Tabligh is, overall, discharging this responsibility very well. Therefore, Muslims should cooperate with it. At the same time, efforts should be continued to correct the overstatements (ghuloo) made by some of its members. And Allah knows best.

(Abridged and Translated into English by Khalid Baig. The responsibility for any error in translation does not rest with the Darul-Uloom.)

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This answer was collected from Albalagh.net, which is an Islamic site with Q&A and articles authored by many world renowned scholars from the Muslim world. Many of Mufti Taqi Uthmani’s fatawa in English are found exclusively on this site.


The following Istifta’ (questionnaire) was submitted to Mufti Taqi Uthmani:

Is it permissible to take the corona vaccination? Is it incumbent for the government to compel everyone to submit to vaccination? What if someone acquires a fake vaccination certificate?

Mufti Taqi’s Response

While a fatwa was requested, Mufti Taqi Sahib merely made some comments in his statement camouflaged as a fatwa. His statement is not a fatwa. The one who posed the question remains in the same darkness in which he was at the beginning.

In his response to the question of permissibility or impermissibility of the covid/corona vaccination, Mufti Taqi Uthmani stated: 

“It is permissible per se to use any halaal medicine or food as a precaution against sickness on condition that at the time (of its use) no haraam and impure substance had been added. Regarding the corona vaccine, if it is not established by means of some reliable source that it is contaminated with impure substances nor is its harm for the health been confirmed by reliable medical research or by compelling presumption (zann-e-ghaalib) nor is there solid evidence that it is being used for an unlawful objective, then taking the vaccine will be permissible according to the Shariah although not incumbent.”

Our Comment

The aforementioned averment is typical of Zig Zag muftis whose liberal and misleading   ‘fatwas’ are the effects of dubious and even sinister agendas. That halaal medicine uncontaminated with haraam substances is permissible, is known to every Muslim, even to the most ignorant one. 

The one who had posed the question is aware that halaal and pure substances are halaal and permissible. His question does not pertain to pure substances. The question relates directly to the satanic covid/corona vaccine and the satanic vaccination methodology of the atheists.


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The following Istifta’ (questionnaire) was submitted to Mufti Taqi Uthmani:

Is it permissible to take the corona vaccination? Is it incumbent for the government to compel everyone to submit to vaccination? What if someone acquires a fake vaccination certificate?

Mufti Taqi’s Response

While a fatwa was requested, Mufti Taqi Sahib merely made some comments in his statement camouflaged as a fatwa. His statement is not a fatwa. The one who posed the question remains in the same darkness in which he was at the beginning.

In his response to the question of permissibility or impermissibility of the covid/corona vaccination, Mufti Taqi Uthmani stated:

“It is permissible per se to use any halaal medicine or food as a precaution against sickness on condition that at the time (of its use) no haraam and impure substance had been added. Regarding the corona vaccine, if it is not established by means of some reliable source that it is contaminated with impure substances nor is its harm for the health been confirmed by reliable medical research or by compelling presumption (zann-e-ghaalib) nor is there solid evidence that it is being used for an unlawful objective, then taking the vaccine will be permissible according to the Shariah although not incumbent.”

Our Comment

The aforementioned averment is typical of Zig Zag muftis whose liberal and misleading ‘fatwas’ are the effects of dubious and even sinister agendas. That halaal medicine uncontaminated with haraam substances is permissible, is known to every Muslim, even to the most ignorant one.

The one who had posed the question is aware that halaal and pure substances are halaal and permissible. His question does not pertain to pure substances. The question relates directly to the satanic covid/corona vaccine and the satanic vaccination methodology of the atheists.

Taqi Sahib building his case of support for the Pakistani government who bootlicks the atheist West, has presented the above introduction to provide the kuffaar Pakistani government with a licence to justify with its satanic covid oppressive programme. It is indeed lamentable that Taqi has grovelled in a cesspool of inequity to provide cover for the vaccine which has been confirmed by the research of top medical experts and scientists to be an evil, dreadfully harmful potion or a devil’s cocktail.

It is difficult to believe that Mufti Taqi is ignorant of the innumerable research results which condemn vaccination by medical experts, doctors and scientists who have and are vehemently cauterizing the false satanic vaticination of this haraam covid vaccination. Thousands of pages have been published by experts regarding the horrible side effects, maiming and deaths caused by this potion of Iblees which Mufti Taqi is marketing on behalf of the government and other sinister western satanic forces.

It is quite obvious that Mufti Taqi is fully aware of the opposite view – the anti-vaccine view of innumerable medical experts. His feigning ignorance in this regard is pure chicanery designed to mislead. Despite being aware of the researches of the experts and scientists, he speaks ambiguously, without issuing a straightforward, simple fatwa. He does not inform whether the covid vaccination is halaal or haraam. He sits on the fence zigzagging without providing guidance.

The factors of permissibility stated by Mufti Taqi in his abovementioned averment are all non-existent in so far as the covid vaccine is concerned. Contrary to the deception perpetrated by Mufti Taqi, the facts are:

(1) The vaccine is impure

(2) It is poisonous. It is laced with poisonous and impure substances.

(3) It does not cure. On the contrary, it harms, maims and kills.

(4) It is never a precautionary method for saving from the disease.

The conditions which he has enlisted for the vaccine to be halaal are all non-existent. There is emphatic reliable research studies of by top class atheist experts, which prove beyond any shadow of doubt that the vaccine is absolutely harmful. But, Mufti Taqi deems it prudent to submit to the atheist view which is in diametric conflict with the Shariah. And, he feels constrained to tow the government line because of his close association with the fussaaq, fujjaar and kuffaar rulers. Yet, Mufti Taqi does not commit himself since being a molvi/mufti he has to look behind him where the Ulama-e-Haqq are hounding him. He leaves the conclusion to be made by the one who posed the question.

The texts which Mufti Taqi Sahib quotes from the Fiqh Kutub merely state some principles. But these are not helpful for the masses. A fatwa should state whether the issue is permissible or not. If a Mufti is truly unaware of the issue, he should not zigzag and talk drivel. He should not flaunt expertise by citing Arabic texts from the Kutub, which do not assist the one who posed the question. If Mufti Taqi Sahib is genuinely ignorant of the ear-piercing dins of condemnation of the vaccine by innumerable experts, he should state his unawareness and refer the questioner to other Muftis who are versed in the matter.

In another zigzagging exercise, Mufti Taqi states:

“It is not necessary for the government to compel every citizen to take the corona vaccine. However, if the relevant institution regards the corona vaccine to be necessary protection against the disease, then the government may advise every citizen to be vaccinated. Nevertheless, if anyone abstains from the vaccine due to personal reasons, he will not be a sinner.”

Our comment

Firstly, Taqi Sahib has not determined whether the vaccine is halaal or haraam. Due to feined ignorance, he is silent on this issue. Despite his non-committal stance, he justifies the government’s endeavour to have all citizens be vaccinated with the potion of Iblees. His advice to the kaafir government of Pakistan is devoid of Shar’i substance. Advice is permissible only on sound basis – on understanding of the issue, not on conjecture.

He says that if a person abstains from vaccination for some personal reason, then he will not be sinful. This implies that abstention from vaccination for no valid reason renders a person sinful. But this is manifestly baatil. In the very first instance, vaccination is HARAAM, hence the issue of valid reason for abstention does not arise. It is haraam to adopt a haraam method.

Secondly, even if we should hallucinatingly assume that vaccination is indeed 100% beneficial and bereft of any harm, then too the higher option of merit is abstention since it would be the demand a man’s Taqwa. In substantiation, the Maaliki Fuqaha explained:

“There is no doubt that the refusal of medical treatment, placing one’s reliance upon Allah and acceptance of what He decrees, is among matters endorsed by the revealed law. This is supported by what Al-Bukhari reports from ‘Ata b. Abi Rabah from Ibn ‘Abbas that a woman came to the Prophet—upon him Allah’s blessing and peace—and said, “I suffer from seizures to the point that my body becomes exposed. So, pray to Allah for me.” He said, “If you would like, you can endure it and be rewarded with Paradise. And if you would like, I can ask Allah to cure you.” She responded, “I will endure it.” She, then, said, “I become exposed. So, pray to Allah for me not to become exposed.” So, he prayed for her. Hafiz Ibn Hajar al-‘Asqalani said in Fath al-Bari while commenting on this hadith,

The hadith indicates the merit of the one who suffers seizures, that the reward for enduring the tribulations of the world is Paradise, and that embracing the more difficult is superior to taking dispensations for those who know what they can withstand and are not too weak to cling to adversity. It also contains evidence of the permissibility to refuse medical treatment, that treatment of all ailments with supplication and taking refuge to Allah is more beneficial than treatment with prophylaxis (aqaqir), and that the effect of that and the body’s reaction to it is greater than the effect of medicine on the body. It, however, benefits for only two reasons: (1) with respect to the sick person, it is [from] sincerity of intention; (2) The other, with respect to the one seeking medical intervention, is the strength of his spiritual focus and the strength of his faith (taqwa) and trust (tawakkul).”

In At-Tamhid, Ibn Abdul Barr (Rahmatullah alayh) says:

“Among the best of this Nation (this Ummah) were its Salaf (Predecessors and Fuqaha who were people who endured sicknesses until Allah Ta’ala took them away. They abstained despite having access to physicians. But none of them was condemned for having refused medical treatment.”

Imaam Ahmad Bin Hambal (Rahmatullah alayh) said:

“I prefer for a man who has Tawakkul and pursues this path to abandon medical treatment such as consuming medicine, etc.”

Thus, Qaadhi Iyaadh (Rahmatullah alayh) recorded Ijma’ on medical treatment being non-obligatory. It is therefore haraam to compel any person to submit to even valid, halaal medication, leave alone haraam vaccination. Further, in their Fatwa, the Maaliki Ulama of Mauritania say:

“And Al-Nawwawi said in Al-Majmu’, “And it is recommended that the sick not be forced to medicate and to consume other things like food.” And if it is not permissible to force the sick who is suffering from extreme illness to medicate, then how is it permissible to force the healthy who has not been afflicted with any sign of illness? And how can trust and surrender to the divine decree be something desirable for the sick who suffers from an actual illness and that not be desirable for a healthy person who is fearful of an expected illness?”

Once when Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) was confined to bed by sickness, he was advised to call a physician. In response, Ameerul Mu’mineen said: “If I know that my cure is to simply place my hand on my head, I shall then too desist from so doing.” This was his Taqwa and Tawakkul.

Therefore, those who collude with the kuffaar governments and the atheist devils, and issue satanic ‘fatwas’ designed to stampede the ignorant masses to submit to haraam ‘medical’ treatment such as satanic vaccination are all agents of Iblees.

False vaccination certificates

On the issue of acquisition of false vaccination certificates, Mufti Taqi said:

“To acquire false corona vaccination certificates is deception and falsehood which is not permissible. It is necessary to abstain from this.”

While this response is a fatwa for the question, it is highly erroneous and baatil. Firstly, from what Mufti Taqi has mentioned in his statement, he feigns ignorance of the vaccine. Whether it is beneficial or destructive, he pretends not to know. Therefore, he has no Shar’i basis for unequivocally claiming that it is sinful and not permissible to acquire false vaccination certificates.

If a rapist/robber enters your home and searches for your wife/daughter who has gone into hiding somewhere in house, will it be sinful to LIE to the scoundrel and say that there are no women in the house? Or will it be rewardable to speak the ‘truth’, reveal her whereabouts and condone the violation of her chastity by the rapist/robber while you, the scoundrel dayyooth stands by cowardly such as these spineless Muftis and Shaikhul Islams and Grand Muftis of today?

If a robber wants to steal your money or harm you physically, will it be permissible or impermissible to LIE in order to save yourself from the evil of the robber? Only the likes of Mufti Taqi has the erudition to say that it is not permissible to lie even in these circumstances.

This is exactly what Mufti Taqi’s fatwa pertaining to false certificates imply. Let the scoundrel rape your wife and rob you of your money on the basis of your ‘truth’. According to him, observance of his conception of the ‘truth’ is imperative regardless of the injury and harms stemming from the satanic potion of Iblees. Thus, obedience to the kuffaar government is incumbent in terms of his warped logic which is nothing but chicanery designed to mislead Muslims and to bootlick the rulers.

In an abortive bid to justify obedience to the kuffaar government, Mufti Taqi cited an Arabic test without presenting its translation. The translation is:

“It is incumbent on the Muslim to obey his ameer in all permissible things. Therefore, if the ameer orders commission of a mubah (permissible) act, then it is incumbent (Waajib) to act accordingly. If the ameer prohibits a mubah act, then it is haraam to do it……Hence, the Fuqaha have stated explicitly that obedience to the ameer in acts which are not sins is Waajib……Ibn Aabideen said: ‘When the ameer instructs to fast on the days which are not prohibited, then this becomes incumbent………

But, this obedience is Mashroo’ (is of Shar’i significance and import) when the order (of the ameer) is due to a maslahah (valid expedient), not stemming from hawaa (base desire) zulm (oppression/injustice), for verily the haakim (ruler) should not be obeyed per se (li thaatihi). He has to be obeyed from the perspective of him being the mutawalli for the benefit of the masses.”

Even a cursory glance at this text will dispel the basis Mufti Taqi claims for his corrupt fatwa of obedience to the kuffaar Pakistani government. The ‘incumbency’ to obey the ameer in terms of the aforegoing text is conditioned with the following stipulations:

(a) The act must be mubah, i.e. permissible in the Shariah

(b) The ameer’s decree must not be motivated by his base desire (hawaa) and zulm (oppression/injustice)

(c) There must be maslihat (an expediency which is for the benefit of the masses).

Germane to the satan’s potion (vaccine) and the satan’s method (vaccination), all three stipulations are missing. The vaccine is haraam. There exists overwhelming and tumultuous evidence for the hurmat of the potion of Iblees.

The law compelling vaccination is pure zulm motivated by hawaa, and there is no valid maslihat for the people in this dreadfully harmful satanic vaccination which the governments have acquired from Bill Gates in lieu of millions of dollars.

The hallucinated ‘benefit’ of the potion of Iblees has been lapped up from the vomit of the atheists. All the noise, sound and fury which these wayward molvis and muftis have churned up are designed to appease the atheists and kuffaar governments. They are misinterpreting Qur’aan and Ahaadith not for reconciling superficial contradictions in the texts, but to justify the kufr and satanic protocols of the atheists. Their very motive is corrupt and kufr.

Furthermore, the principle stated above is not cast in Wahi or in the Qur’aan and Sunnah. Men of intelligence are entitled to scrutinize the decrees of the ameer and to determine for themselves the validity of the imposition. Should they dissent from the claimed validity, they will have the Shar’i right to differ and to disobey and to reject what Mufti Taqi seeks to convey as if it is the effect of Wahi.

Consider the example of fasting on permissible days. The ameer will firstly have to have a really strong and viable basis for ordering the populace to keep Nafl fasts on certain days on which the Shariah has not made it Waajib to fast. In our opinion a valid reason would be to act against Zindeeqs who believe that it is not Masnoon to fast on Mondays and Thursdays, rather it is bid’ah and haraam. If such an idea of zandaqah becomes embedded in the masses, then the ameer will have the right to order the masses to fast on Mondays and Thursdays until the evil corrupt idea of the zanaadqah has been eradicated. However, despite this validity, it will not be sinful for individuals to silently abstain from fasting, that is, without opposing the decree of the ameer.

Qadha’, i.e. the post of being a Qaadhi, is Fardh-e-Kifaayah. Despite the extreme importance of this position and despite the order of the Khalifah, Imaam Abu Hanifah (Rahmatullah alayh) and Imaam Muhammad (Rahmatullah) resolutely refused to submit to the command of the Khalifah.

Imaam Abu Hanifah opted for imprisonment and being flogged rather than obeying the Khalifah on this extremely important and Waajib issue. And, so did Imaam Muhammad, Imaam Nisaa’i and other illustrious Ulama of the Salafus Saaliheen.

The eminent Sahaabi, Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) disobeyed the Khalifah and refused to take the oath of allegiance, despite this being mubah and even necessary, and so did Hadhrat Abdullah Bin Zubair (Radhiyallahu anhu) disobey the Khalifah to the extent of declaring his own Khilaafat in Makkah Mukarramah. There are many episodes of the Salafus Saaliheen disobeying the oppressive orders and commands of the tyrannical rulers who were NOT kuffaar such as the rulers and regimes in sway of Muslim countries.

The government of Pakistan is decidedly kuffaar. It has abolished the Shariah and substituted in its place the western kuffaar concept of baboonic democracy. Mufti Taqi and all molvis of similar thought should hang their heads in shame for satanically labouring to make Muslims subservient to even the haraam and kufr demands of the kuffaar regime. At the minimum, he should weld his lips and remain silent if he is unable to stand up in opposition to the oppression and tyranny of the kaafir government. It is absolutely despicable and treacherous for an Aalim to lick the boots of the kuffaar government, and worse to mislead the ignorant masses with corrupt fatwas camouflaged with Qur’aanic verses, Ahaadith and texts from the Fiqh Kutub which have no relevance to the situation and scenario for which guidance is sought.

The principle overriding the rule cited by Mufti Taqi, and that too baselessly, is the declaration of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam):

“There is no obedience to any makhlooq (created being) in any act which involves disobedience to Khaaliq (Allah, The Creator).”


(1) Mufti Taqi’s discourse is not a Fatwa. It is merely a statement which provides no guidance for Muslims. Only the portion pertaining to false certificates is a fatwa, but a baseless one.

(2) The entire discourse is baatil in that it is irrelevant to vaccines and vaccination. He feigns ignorance, hence he remains non-committal sitting on the fence.

(3) The conditions listed by Mufti Taqi for permissibility of medication are all non-existent regarding vaccines and vaccination. Vaccines are laced with poisons and haraam substances. Vaccines cause dreadful harms and injury.

(4) Mufti Taqi is guilty of chicanery designed to delude the Muslim masses and to bootlick the government.

(5) His fatwa pertaining to false certificates is absolutely baseless, stupid and treacherous. There is no daleel whatsoever in the Shariah for claiming that such false certificates are haraam and sinful.

(6) The Arabic texts cited by him do not support his baatil contentions.

12 Safar 1443 – 20 September 2021