RASULULLAH (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:
“This world is jeefah (carrion).”

No entity can ever halaalize this worldly carrion. Allah Ta’ala has created the dunya to be in the category of carrion which can never be the objective for true Muslims to pursue.
For those who have made this world the objective, the Qur’aan Majeed says:
“Those who desire this worldly life and its glitter, We shall compensate them fully for their a’maal (good deeds) in this world, and they will not be wronged. They are the people for whom in the Aakhirat there is only the Fire. Whatever they had done (by way of good deeds) in it (in the world) will be eliminated. And, whatever they had done (in the world by way of good deeds) will become null.” (Surah Hood, Aayat 115 and Aayat 116)

This is the attitude of the vast majority of Muslims in this era which is close to Qiyaamah. Night and day are devoted to the pursuit of objectives of the world and to gratiate the lusts of the nafs. Muslims nowadays live only for the jeefah of the dunya. While they perform Salaat haphazardly, pay Zakaat as if it is a heavy fine, fast in Ramadhaan, go for Hajj and in general mechanically submit to other demands of the Shariah as well, they do
so without understanding and grudgingly.
They are born as Muslims, hence they engage in the rituals of Islam in whatever way they deem appropriate while their focus is firmly set on worldly acquisitions and nafsaani gratification. They have no other
objective and their goal is only the best the dunya can offer of its glitter and adornment. Whether this worldly glitter comes in halaal or haraam ways, they are not concerned. They should understand that they come fully within the purview of the above Qur’aanic aayat. They will be fully compensated here on earth for all their ‘ibaadat’ and for whatever
they practice by way of virtue. But they will be totally deprived of Jannat, and their abode in the Aakhirat will be the Jahannam as the aforementioned Qur’aanic Aayat clarifies.
The vast majority has only an outer façade of Islam. Imaan is not grounded in the heart. They totally lack in the understanding of the Objective for
which they have been created and which the Qur’aan and Ahaadith repeatedly emphasize. Since their objective is only the world and whatever
adornment it can provide, Muslims while generally retaining Islamic ibaadat rituals, and this too with extreme deficiency, grovel in the filth of sins of the heart, eyes, ears and mind without even believing in the
villainy they are morally perpetrating. Thus they indulge recklessly in haraam, fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and even kufr despite being commanded by Allah: “Abandon (all) external and internal sins”. That is sins of the limbs as well as sins of the heart.
This is also the disease of the vast majority of molvis and sheikhs. The disease is not restricted to the ignorant masses. Thus, the ‘ulama’ legalize and halaalize evil, fisq, fujoor and haraam without compunction by far-fetched baseless interpretations to gain the pleasure of the masses and monetary gain from them, and also name and fame from even the
kuffaar, hence the participation in the kufr interfaith ideology and the wholesale acceptance of ideologies fabricated by the atheists.
Usurping and devouring the estates of deceased in flagrant violation of the Shariah’s Law of Inheritance (Meeraath) thereby robbing the rightful heirs, defrauding creditors, squandering the bounty of wealth on many haraam practices, consuming haraam food, violating the rights of wives/husbands, stealing from employers money and time, teaching the Qur’aan and Hadith
merely for monetary gain, not for the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala, gheebat, buhtaan (slandering), abandonment of Hijaab, indulgence in riba, liquor and zina, haraam merrymaking feasts and parties, and a myriad of other acts of fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr are all the effects of either extreme
Imaani deficiency or of the total lack of Imaan.
The poor in the Ummah in this day are no better than the wealthy in so far as attitude and beliefs are concerned. They too wallow in the cesspool of kufr in which they believe and which is displayed by their deeds. The consequences of this total Imaani destruction are being conspicuously manifested in material forms all over the world. The suffering of the Ummah worldwide, in fact portrays the kufr in their hearts.
When the divinely prescribed point of “no return” is crossed, then scenarios such as we are observing in Syria, Kashmir, Palestine, India, Sri Lanka, etc. are the afflictions inflicted by Allah Ta’ala. The severity of the worldly punishment and suffering beyond bearing ability, indicates the La’nat and Ghadhb of Allah Ta’ala. The only solution for this misery and for salvation in the Aakihrat is Islaah (selfreformation) which will open up the clogged brains and the blind spiritual eyes of Muslims.
Regarding this fossilized state, the Qur’aan Majeed says:
“Their (physical) eyes are not blind, But the eyes within the breasts (hearts) are blind.”
Only adherence to the Sunnah and observance of the Shariah will open
the blinded eyes of the hearts.