Pope Francis Updates Bible, Says Homosexuality Is Perfectly Fine Now

Catholics, it is time to convert to Islam. There really is no other alternative.


Pope Francis criticized laws that criminalize homosexuality as “unjust,” saying God loves all his children just as they are and called on Catholic bishops who support the laws to welcome LGBTQ people into the church.

“Being homosexual isn’t a crime,” Francis said during an exclusive interview Tuesday with The Associated Press.

According to the Pope, God loves everyone “just as they are.” But then he also calls homosexuality a sin:

Francis acknowledged that Catholic bishops in some parts of the world support laws that criminalize homosexuality or discriminate against LGBTQ people, and he himself referred to the issue in terms of “sin.”

If God loves everyone as they are and homosexuality is a sin, that means God loves sin. That is the only logical conclusion from what this kooky pontiff is saying.

But he attributed such attitudes to cultural backgrounds, and said bishops in particular need to undergo a process of change to recognize the dignity of everyone.

“These bishops have to have a process of conversion,” he said, adding that they should apply “tenderness, please, as God has for each one of us.”

Pope says bishops need to go through conversion therapy. You know what that means… Any bishop who is not already gay will have to become gay according to papal decree. Is the Pope going too far?

Some 67 countries or jurisdictions worldwide criminalize consensual same-sex sexual activity, 11 of which can or do impose the death penalty, according to The Human Dignity Trust, which works to end such laws. Experts say even where the laws are not enforced, they contribute to harassment, stigmatization and violence against LGBTQ people.

67 countries are still trying to implement God’s law on earth. This makes the Pope very, very angry.

In the U.S., more than a dozen states still have anti-sodomy laws on the books, despite a 2003 Supreme Court ruling declaring them unconstitutional. Gay rights advocates say the antiquated laws are used to justify harassment, and point to new legislation, such as the “Don’t say gay” law in Florida, which forbids instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade, as evidence of continued efforts to marginalize LGBTQ people.

Not teaching kindergartners about anal sex and lesbianism is a human rights violation, and now, it is also a violation of Catholic papal doctrine apparently.

The United Nations has repeatedly called for an end to laws criminalizing homosexuality outright, saying they violate rights to privacy and freedom from discrimination and are a breach of countries’ obligations under international law to protect the human rights of all people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

The United Nations calls for a lot of things. So what? De-criminalizing homosexuality is a slippery slope that eventually leads to things like forcing gay doctrine on kindergartners and teaching primary schoolers that gender is fluid. And eventually, it leads to women proudly having sex with dogs.

All these countries around the world see where opening the door to Qawm Lut eventually leads to. They are not going to fall into the same trap of “We just want to be gay in private” psy-op. Only the brutal force of the liberal Western hegemony can coerce the societies of the world in accepting this Satanic agenda. And the Vatican is saying loud and clear that they are agents of that same liberal Satanic force.

Francis quoted the Catechism of the Catholic Church in saying gay people must be welcomed and respected, and should not be marginalized or discriminated against.

Did God “marginalize” Sodom and Gomorrah? Or did He “discriminate” against them?

Isn’t having passing familiarity with the Bible kind of a job requirement for being pope?

Francis’ remarks come ahead of a trip to Africa, where such laws are common, as they are in the Middle East. Many date from British colonial times or are inspired by Islamic law.

Actually, the criminalization of homosexuality dates back to the beginning of the human species, and definitely to the beginning of civilization. Humans are naturally disgusting by homosexual behavior, as numerous studies have confirmed. It’s a universal disgust reaction, not some invention of British colonialism or Islam. Though, it is important to note that it is only Islamic Law that remains true to human nature in our times.

On Tuesday, Francis said there needed to be a distinction between a crime and a sin with regard to homosexuality. Church teaching holds that homosexual acts are sinful, or “intrinsically disordered,” but that gay people must be treated with dignity and respect.

Bantering with himself, Francis articulated the position: “It’s not a crime. Yes, but it’s a sin. Fine, but first let’s distinguish between a sin and a crime.

“It’s also a sin to lack charity with one another,” he added.

Wow, is the Pope a fan of Yaqeen Institute? He seems to be stealing their lines.

You can just here the Compassionate Imams reading from this same script.

“It is just like any other sin.”

“We must be gentle and treat everyone with love and respect.”

“We cannot push people away.”

“Hudud? What hudud?”

The pope’s comments didn’t specifically address transgender or nonbinary people, just homosexuality, but advocates of greater LGBTQ inclusion in the Catholic Church hailed the pope’s comments as a momentous advance.

What an outrage! The Pope forgot to mention transgenders! And non-binaries! He also forgot the furries and the Minor Attracted Persons! Why is the Catholic Church so hateful and exclusionary?

“It is a demonic mystery of the human soul why so many men and women have a profound and visceral animus toward members of the L.G.B.T. communities,” McElroy wrote Tuesday in the Jesuit magazine America. “The church’s primary witness in the face of this bigotry must be one of embrace rather than distance or condemnation.”

So, the “demonic” mystery is why people have a “visceral animus” to people engaged in sexual licentiousness , mutilation of genitals, and pedophilia? Ok.

Anyway, the Catholic Church is clearly over. Next they are going to allow female priests, along with openly gay ones. Why even talk about “Catholicism” at this point when you can just make up whatever you want as you go along, as Francis has been doing?

I invite all Catholics to join the winning team. Muslims welcome you with open arms.


Respect for Marriage Act: Will LGBT Be Forced on Muslims?

There seems to be a lot of talk surrounding the “Respect for Marriage Act” these days. There’s talk that it will, for example, force private institutions into accepting gay “marriage” or otherwise pay the price.

As the bill is at the moment though, such a claim cannot really be made with utmost certainty. This is because what the bill deals with is government actors or officials rather than even government-funded bodies.

According to the AP:

[the Act] would not affect private businesses or entities including churches, it would only apply to the government and government officials, according to Volokh and Dale Carpenter, a constitutional law professor at Southern Methodist University.

Carpenter pointed to amendments to the bill added in the Senate to make this clear, including one that specifies nothing in the act can be interpreted to affect, alter or deny tax-exempt status from ‘an otherwise eligible entity or person’…

Another section in the recent amendment specifies that nonprofit religious organizations are not required to provide ‘services, accommodations, advantages, facilities, goods, or privileges for the solemnization or celebration of a marriage.’

The bill also specifies that it only applies to “those acting under color of State law,” a phrase meaning that only actual government officials are subject to its non-discrimination requirement, according to Carpenter. That means that even an adoption agency that receives government funding, but is not acting on behalf of the state, would not be subject to the bill.”

Yes, the AP leans to the left. Nonetheless, in terms of the wording of the bill and the proposed amendments (take a look at Article 7, Sections 6 and 7), their reporting does seem somewhat fair here.

According to The Daily Wire though, the bill falls short in terms of truly protecting religious freedom.

While it’s extremely difficult to surmise as to the exact type of problems this is going to cause for religious individuals in the future (it certainly seems sure to), the basic question that many of us are asking is this:

If “homosexual marriage” is already legal, why exactly do we need this act anyways?

Enter the redefinition of “marriage.” This is something that many religious people on the right (e.g., the folks at The Daily Wire) are honing in on. They argue that by definition, marriage is between a man and woman, as was outlined in the Clinton-era Defense of Marriage Act.

Changing this definition marriage to mean…well anything (soon enough!)…will most definitely have repercussions in the future, be it near or far.

I tend to agree with them on this point. However, the backflips and somersaults they are making in order to try and make this clear demonstrates the limits of a secular society in respecting religion.

Check this out:

Ben Shapiro: “It is now apparently the law of the land and societal rule that the only rationale that you could possibly have for saying that marriage is between a man and a woman is because you’re a Christian, or Jew, or a Muslim…[he says mockingly:] ‘We’ll allow you to have these crazy beliefs so long as you acknowledge they’re crazy beliefs’…I’m highly annoyed by the constant derogation of nonreligious arguments into religious arguments…The argument for marriage has literally nothing to do with religion. You could be a visitor from mars and you could see that all of human procreation relies on man-woman-child…”

Matt Walsh: “Yeah…listen to the argument between a conservative and a liberal, and what you’re gonna find is that religion almost always comes into play—someone’s gonna mention the Bible—but, but almost always, it’s the person on the left who’s bringing that into the conversation, because as you point out, that’s the framework they want us to adopt for the argument…They want to pretend that the only reason that we would believe the things that we believe, and say what we’re saying is because we’ve been told by our religion, and we have no reasons outside of that. That of course, that’s totally illogical and it doesn’t make any sense…”

Wait, what?

Either your politics aren’t informed by your religion, which you believe in, or you’re performing some kind of mental gymnastics right now.

Pretty much everyone reading this could easily respond to Matt Walsh and Ben Shapiro, saying:

If you have chosen to believe in your faith, then it should be because you have found it to be correct and because it makes sense to you. It should be correct and it should make sense beyond the confines of your religious communities. You should be able to make political arguments that are grounded within the dogma of your faith, even if you don’t quote the Torah or New Testament when making those arguments.

Perhaps they know this but cannot say it because they want to prove the left wrong. Well then, just make better arguments! Explain the benefits of a child having a mother and a father over having two mothers or two fathers; explain the harms of indulging in every sexual desire, etc.

The US system allows for change, for re-definitions. While I am against the current trend of rendering all words somehow both meaningful and meaningless at the same time (e.g., as Walsh has pointed out, the “gender category,” “non-binary,” is a great example of that, as is, being a man, saying you’re a woman, and then having no definition for the term), unlike “woman” and “man,” the term “marriage” is not a biological one. It is sociological.

If you live in a society that allows for societal change based on the will of the majority, then you may have to accept a change in the definition and usage of the term, and a lot of Republicans are doing just that.

This is yet another example of the bounds of the US system. The only reason it took this long to manifest is because people are becoming increasingly less religious.


LGBT Wrath: Fired for Using the Wrong Pronoun

By Abu Idris -December 20, 2018

Yet again, we witness another life ruined due to LGBT ideology. How many lives does the extreme LGBT ideology have to destroy before people wake up?


A Virginia high school teacher who refused to use a transgender student’s new pronouns has been fired.

News outlets report that the West Point School Board voted unanimously Thursday to dismiss Peter Vlaming after a four-hour hearing that drew an overflow crowd. The school system said in a statement that Vlaming was fired for insubordination.

Over the summer, the ninth-grade student’s family informed the school system of the student’s gender transition to male.

In simple terms, a teacher who has been teaching at a school for almost a decade was kicked to the curb because he chose not to participate in the gender-bending delusional fantasy of a 9th grader. Over the summer, a girl decided to be a guy and demanded that everyone else live in her fantasy world. Objective reality has become a thing of the past with the rabid progressives forcing us into a delusional realm of subjectivity based on whim and desire. For now, any resistance will see you stripped of your job. In the future, maybe you’ll have to serve prison time or worse.

The poor teacher, Mr. Peter Vlaming, even tried to appease the mentally-ill child by calling her by her made-up masculine name.

“I won’t use male pronouns with a female student that now identifies as a male though I did agree to use the new masculine name but avoid female pronouns.”

Unfortunately for him, there is no tolerance for even the slightest deviation from tranny dogma. You must obey your tranny overlords and forsake all other values, religious or otherwise. Mr. Vlaming, his wife, and little children are probably going to have to endure winter this year with unemployment checks and food stamps. Hopefully that is enough to pay the bills to keep the lights and heat on this cold winter season. And if not, oh well. That’s what that bigot and his family deserve for not reinforcing the psychological episodes of a poor child.

The question is, where does this end? If there are infinite genders and one can wake up one day and identify as a female and the next as a male, how can a society possibly function? Forget about language and basic daily communication. What about legal documentation? What about all manner of social norms that depend on a stable notion of biological gender?

Changing genders is just the beginning. Why can’t a person identify as a different race? Why can’t a person identify as a different height? Why can’t a person identify as a different species? Why don’t males identify as a half-African-American, half-Native-Indian female to take advantage of affirmative action policies and scholarships when applying for universities? Whoever refuses to acknowledge such possibilities must be a bigot.

I wonder what will happen when a Muslim teacher, physician, lawyer, etc., inevitably gets fired for not playing the tranny pronoun game. What will Muslim SJWs do when an elderly Muslima teacher (perhaps a Syrian refugee) gets canned for refusing to call little Tommy “Tammy?” Are they going to hold a protest and march in the name of “Islamophobia” and “refugee rights”? Will they give back their rainbow-colored pride hijabs, “equality for all” T-shirts, and don new colors? Or will they double down and tell that Syrian refugee she deserved it for being such a stupid bigot?

Sadly, many of these Muslim activists want us to accept this tyrannical dogma. If asked about such firings, the common answer from “woke” Muslims is that we should oppose discrimination and we should be empathetic to all. But, this is false. We should discriminate against wrongdoing. We should be discriminatory to that which causes harm and confusion and fasad in society. Allah says, “The male is not like the female” [Quran 3:36]. Will we forsake our values for acceptance? What a lovely Faustian bargain.

Muslims need to wake up because if we think we won’t be impacted, we would be dead wrong. The teaching of LGBTXYZZ curriculum in public schools is already mandatory in some states, like Illinois and New York, so Muslim kids are already impacted. The UK is planning to make it mandatory as well.

What are we going to do to stop this nauseating cultural shift? As Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said, “Whosoever of you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand; and if he is not able to do so, then let him change it with his tongue; and if he is not able to do so, then with his heart – and that is the weakest of faith” [Muslim].


The Sinister Agenda Behind the Joyland Movie Being Pushed onto Pakistan’s Muslims

There is a movie called Joyland that has caused immense uproar among Muslims in Pakistan, mainly for being a movie made by liberal Pakistani filmmakers who, after winning a gay award at a pretentious film festival, aim to import this filth over:

Joyland is set in Lahore city in Pakistan’s eastern province of Punjab and depicts the story of a young man who falls in love with a transgender woman. It debuted at the Cannes festival earlier this year, where it received accolades, including the Jury Prize as well as the Queer Palm award.

The director of this movie, Saim Sadiq, is extremely liberal. And considering that he graduated from Columbia University School of the Arts, it’s easy to see why his worldview mirrors that of the average brainwashed liberal. He is specifically ‘inspired’ to make movies about transgenders. One of the main production houses behind this film was Khoosat Films, headed by a famous Pakistani actor, Sarmad Khoosat. This production company has been responsible for other popular liberal films in Pakistan. Examples include Motorcycle Girl, a movie promoting the feminist agenda; Zindagi Tamasha, a movie about a religious elderly man who, after being recorded dancing at a wedding, has his video go viral and faces ‘oppressive societal repression’ from Muslims; and Kamli, another film peddling feminism.

Let’s start by examining the actual plot of the movie, Joyland, so we can ascertain whether or not the severe criticisms against it are justified.

The movie revolves around the Rana family, which includes the old ‘patriarchal’ head of the family whose wife has passed away, as well as his two sons and their wives. The youngest son is impotent, due to which he is unable to please his wife. He goes on to join a theater as an erotic dancer and falls in love with a transgender ‘woman,’ i.e., another man. While the movie follows this gay relationship, the other members of the family are revealed as having forbidden urges of their own. The wheelchair confined patriarch starts a relationship with his neighbor, and the elder son does has an affair with his younger brother’s wife, which results in her becoming pregnant.

This perverted and dysfunctional family is the movie’s depiction of traditional Muslim households in countries such as Pakistan. The movie is basically saying this is what all our fathers and mothers; all our brothers and sisters; and all our husbands and wives are like.

I cannot even begin to fathom how any sane person would take any of this seriously or consider it to be an accurate representation of reality. On the other hand, since the content of a movie directly reflects the views and ideologies of its director and writer, this movie offers a great deal of insight into the inner workings of the mind of a liberal Pakistanis.

The idea of sexual liberation is one of the primary tenets of liberalism. It is for this reason that unsuspecting liberals have been indoctrinated into believing that suppression in the form of religious taboos naturally leads to everyone living within a religious society being sexually corrupt to their very core; and that they are always thinking and acting upon various forbidden and degenerate fantasies. Every other person’s son is a homosexual who loves trans ‘women,’ i.e., men, and every other man lusts for his brother’s wife. This metanarrative is present at the heart of liberal movies and mainstream media, and it is an attempt to justify a degenerate society by pointing at a pure society and saying:

“You may act pure, but deep down, we know you’re just like us! We might not have any actual proof whatsoever to back up such a claim, but we’ll go ahead and make endless movies about it regardless!”

It’s the liberal world’s way of seething and expressing their hatred for pure, traditional Islamic communities. And unfortunately, the Muslims that have been indoctrinated into this worldview also end up believing that the only natural solution to this non-existent problem is for a sexual revolution to take place, just like the one experienced by the Western world decades earlier.

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If everyone was allowed to mix freely with the opposite gender and act upon every sexual fantasy they had; and if society didn’t condemn and censure these immoral and degenerate actions and behaviors, then the world would be a much better place, and no one would be depressed or unhappy.

And the reason they don’t recognize these acts and behaviors as being immoral and degenerate is because of another one of liberalism’s core tenets: you can do whatever you want, as long as you’re not harming anyone. The reality however, is that these liberals don’t realize how they themselves don’t abide by this principle. There are numerous examples of things where no harm is involved which they would not tolerate. Things such as bestiality, necrophilia, incest and a consensual relationship between a child and an adult. When it comes to such scenarios, the ‘love is love’ principle is quickly thrown out the window, and their inner moral compasses awaken.

However, this may not be the case for much longer, since the degeneracy is increasing at an alarming rate with the constant social engineering and brainwashing taking place. They only tolerate the immorality that the liberal world has normalized thus far. Things like homosexuality, premarital and extramarital sex, orgies, etc., are all okay because the liberal culture one day decided it’s okay. This is the deep rooted hypocrisy that the liberal mind fails to perceive.

And while they push for a sexual revolution to take place in Muslim countries, they’re completely oblivious to the damage it caused in the West, where you now have a hedonistic satanic society filled with all kinds of deranged fetishes; where marriage is at an all-time low, the existing ones end in divorce; where homosexuals are allowed to adopt children; where transgenders are allowed to get close to children and explicitly explain their filthy lifestyle to them, often even putting on a perverted and disgusting performance or wearing clothes that reveal their genitals; and where parades filled with all kinds of sexual deviants walking the streets naked are praised as being ‘brave.’ This society, with all its sexual perversions and its consumerist lifestyle, has plunged itself deep into the depths of depression, where the only thing keeping them going is a steady stream of alcohol and antidepressants. This is the lifestyle that these liberals hide but are ultimately pushing for, in ‘the name of art,’ when they defend and promote movies such as Joyland.

Preventing and stopping such filth is precisely the purpose of the societal shunning of immorality and degeneracy. This is an inherent behavioral action that humans implement in order to bar indecent things from taking place, or from spreading within society. If you don’t want people to steal, you depict thieves in a negative light. You teach kids that stealing is wrong and harmful, and society looks down upon thieves. You also include a punishment to discourage the act further. This is why Islam is the perfect model for mankind. Not only does it forbid immoral sexual acts, it mandates public punishments for those who indulge in them. This then discourages their occurrence from society in the most effective way possible. Cheating on spouses, Zina, rape, false allegations and homosexuality would be at the lowest possible level if the Shari’ah were to be implemented fully and correctly. It would ensure that the greater good is achieved for society.

Then the liberals always fall back on sexual needs. Yes, humans have intimate and sexual needs. Men need women and women need men. That’s basic biology. Marriage fulfills this need. And not only does marriage fulfill this need, it enhances it by committing the husband and wife to each other. He has to lower his gaze from non-Mahram (marriageable) women and she has to cover herself up and not interact with non-Mahram (marriageable) men, in addition to staying within the home. They both fulfill their God-given gender roles, have children, and they all thrive as a result of this. This only deepens their love and brings them closer to each other. This natural way of life, one that has existed for all of human history, has been completely warped in the minds of liberals. They see it as nothing more than a social construct which leads only to oppression and misery. This warped image has been disseminated through years of social engineering, through movies and media. Just look at the disgusting way in which marriage is portrayed within this movie as well as all the forms of modern media that we consume today.

You’ll see depictions upon depictions of wives being compared to caged birds and described with derogatory terms such as ‘baby making machines’; the portrayal of husbands being unrepentant alcoholic wife beaters who don’t care about their wives and are completely incapable of pleasing their wives in anyway whatsoever; and the struggle of the wife to break free from all this fictional oppression. The modern scantily clad prostitute is depicted as being better than a traditional housewife. It is shown that there could be nothing worse than a woman being a traditional housewife, living in a traditional marriage. Consumption of such content has turned a ceremony that was once eagerly awaited by youngsters—especially young women—into a prospect that now terrifies them instead. In fact, getting a liberal education, consuming mainstream media and watching modern movies and documentaries is directly correlated with fear of marriage. And then these same liberals, after being afflicted with this agenda, have the audacity to claim that such movies harbor no agendas against Islam or family values.

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When the elites want something to happen, they simply pay for it. The biggest proof of the dark agendas behind Joyland lies in its funding. And it is no surprise that Joyland is the first Pakistani movie to have an all American funding. When foreign investors actively push for a movie about liberal values and sexual degeneracy to be made and released within a Muslim country, what does that tell you? Does it not reek of the well-known liberal formula of indoctrination through mainstream media and entertainment? And for those who all-out reject the notion of media as a tool of social engineering, just take a look at what Israel’s former PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, has to say:

Citing the hundreds of thousands of satellite television dishes in Iran, Benjamin Netanyahu told the House Government Reform Committee that the United States could incite a revolution against the conservative Iranian clergy through the use of such Fox Broadcasting staples as “Melrose Place” and “Beverly Hills 90210” — both of which feature beautiful young people in varying states of undress, living, glamorous, materialistic lives and engaging in promiscuous sex.

In the past this kind of brainwashing was difficult to achieve because you had to actually conquer or infiltrate a land before being able to influence its youth. But now, in the age of technology, the internet and social media are very easy to manipulate avenues in order to spread liberal ideologies. Especially when it’s the liberal world order that controls what constitutes mainstream internet, where they can promote what they want and censor what they want.

In addition to all of this, the infamous Malala Yousafzai has now joined the Joyland team as an executive producer. For those who don’t know, executive producers are responsible for dealing with the legal, financial and marketing aspects of a project. Yes, this Western puppet who pushes for feminism in order to eradicate family values from Muslim societies is responsible for this movie’s financing. The amount of Fitnah this person has generated among young Muslim women by blindly leading them into the pit of toxic feminism is unreal. I highly urge reading this article by Muslim Skeptic in order to get an idea of the extent of the damage that she has done. So, when someone like this finances a filthy movie like Joyland, it should be very clear that the agenda is to turn Muslims into liberals that will eventually leave Islam altogether; and to spread Fitnah and corruption among Muslims. This movie is exactly what Malala denies it being: activism posing as art.

It’s also worth mentioning that it seems to be too much of a coincidence that this movie comes out just a short while after the Transgender Bill in Pakistan suffered well-deserved backlash from Muslims after being brought into the public eye. Feminism was already being heavily pushed in Pakistan, but now the wealthy elites hiding behind the scenes seem to have a particular obsession with pushing transgenderism and homosexuality. It makes sense, as both feminism and homosexuality go hand in hand. Both are meant to make men more feminine and women more masculine, with the ultimate goal being the breaking down of the family unit so both can be controlled more easily.

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This brings me to the next point, which is the backlash. And Alhamdulillah, once again, many Muslims both within and outside of Pakistan showed that their Fitrah and their desire to defend Islam is alive and well. They took Twitter by storm with the hashtag #BanJoyland, rightfully admonishing the movie and its makers; and sharing verses and reminders of the punishment that was sent on Qawm Lut, warning of the consequences that Pakistan might face if this movie is released. And this outrage wasn’t just confined to Twitter. Many complaints were sent directly to Pakistan’s Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC):

“A surge of applications and petitions were received [against Joyland],” Aurangzeb said. “When petitions are received, it is binding to review them,” she added.

“To my surprise, I was told by the censor board that they were [applications] received from middle-class people and parents,” the minister said.

And as a result, the movie was banned from screening. The Information Ministry of Pakistan declared it to be “repugnant to the norms of decency and morality,” and it was ruled as uncertified for screening in cinemas. But, as usual, the vocal liberal minority erupted and took to screeching about it on Twitter, now with the hashtag #ReleaseJoyland. If they were alone in this, the matter would’ve been settled, but they had the backing of not only mainstream media but the government of Pakistan itself. Articles by popular Pakistani mainstream media such as Dawn and Tribune have published articles vehemently defending Joyland, writing sob stories about how sad it is that all this so-called art is being suppressed. Oh my god, homosexuality won’t be aired in theaters and we can’t glue the eyes of Muslims to the screen and feed them this filth—I mean, art—how very SAD! The filmmakers behind Joyland will certainly gobble all of this up and play the victims.

Here’s a tweet from a journalist who attempts to use the intentional confusion inserted into the trans bill, where intersex and transgenders are defined under the same umbrella, to defend the movie:

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This confusion has been one of the two main arguments utilized by liberals in their attempts to defend this movie. It seems like they just pick up whatever arguments the mainstream media is making, without actually thinking for themselves. Intersex people are those who are born with ambiguous sexual genitals and characteristics, but can still be classified as being one specific gender. It’s common knowledge that people who are born intersex are extremely rare because the genetic mutations that lead to such conditions are extremely rare. Their sex is officially assigned very early on depending on a number of factors. The majority of the Khwaja sira community consists of transgenders, i.e., men pretending to be women that are simply imitating women. This is something that the Prophet (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) has cursed.

’Abdullah ibn ’Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates:

Allah’s Messenger ﷺ cursed the women who imitate men and the men who imitate women. (Jami’ al-Tirmidhi)

As for their other main argument that they’re flaunting about, it is the same as when the Trans Bill controversy arose. They say that since a transgender woman is not a man, for a transgender woman to have a relationship with a man is not homosexuality. To those select few who actually believe this, I suggest reading any elementary level biology textbook; an actual book of Islamic law; and maybe try making use of this great thing called common sense. This is not even a point worth refuting, but I mention it here only to demonstrate the blind absurdity that some of these liberals are submerged in.

Here’s another tweet. This one is from the Human Rights Comission of Pakistan (HRCP), calling the Pakistani government “rabidly transphobic” for banning Joyland:

In fact, even the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif, couldn’t sit still at the thought of all the oppression and hate these ‘artists’ were facing for their supposed ‘art’:

Pakistan’s prime minister has ordered a review of the ban on the country’s Oscar entry, the movie Joyland, days after the measure was imposed, one of his advisers said.

Here’s the tweet where this adviser, by the name of Salman Sufi, revealed this information:

I’m astounded as to how amidst all the flooding and displaced homes that have taken countless lives in Pakistan; amongst all the corruption and increasing crime; poverty; inflation; and rapidly declining value of the Pakistani rupee, its government makes sure to divert their time and resources towards what according to them is apparently the REAL problem, i.e., preventing the suppression of art. To all the liberals reading this, ask yourselves, why does the government care so much about releasing this film in their country? Who is controlling them? Is the agenda still not obvious enough?

As a result of the government’s intervention, and despite all the strong opposition to it, it was re-reviewed by the censor board committee and surprisingly enough, the ban against Joyland was lifted. However, the backlash still continued, and many authorities who aren’t having their strings pulled, still realize just how wrong it is for this movie to be aired. Thus the movie was once again banned by the Punjab government, and a petition seeking the banning of the film has also been filed by the Peshawar High Court (PHC). The situation remains in this shaky back-and-forth state, but it is quite clear that the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Pakistan have completely denounced this filthy, degenerate film and want absolutely nothing to do with it.

With information technology rapidly progressing and with these powerful groups finding newer ways to attack Islam, it is reassuring to see many young Muslims waking up to the dangers surrounding them and strongly opposing it, because it’s the Muslim youth today that are going to be role models for Muslims of the next generation. Whether it be the Aurat March, the Domestic Violence Bill, the Transgender Bill, or Joyland, Allah will expose all of their plots, and with Allah’s permission, the Muslims will remain vigilant, in sha Allah.

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Why is US National Soccer Antagonizing Qatar with Pro-LGBT Crest?

The United States’ men’s national soccer/football team are proudly putting their love, tolerance, respect, inclusiveness and acceptance on full display. How, you ask? By forcefully pushing gay values onto a conservative Muslim country that wants nothing to do with them, of course.

The team has gone as far as redesigning their crest to include seven colored stripes, replacing their usual red stripes, to be used in their training facility and media center in order to show their support for the so-called “LGBTQ community” ahead of the FIFA World Cup.

According a recent Daily Mail article:

“The United States’ men’s national team have made a huge statement at the World Cup in Qatar by redesigning their crest to incorporate the rainbow flag, in a bid to show solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.”

The USMNT’s Chief Communications Officer, Neil Buethe, stated to the Daily Mail:

“Our rainbow badge has an important and consistent role in the identity of U.S. Soccer.

As part of our approach for any match or event, we include rainbow branding to support and embrace the LGBTQ community, as well as to promote a spirit of inclusiveness and welcoming to all fans across the globe.”

What about showing “solidarity” with the Muslim country that is hosting you? This is a country where these ideas are not welcome and are rejected outright. Where is your love, respect and tolerance for their religion, beliefs, culture, customs, laws, wishes and so on? Is your love, respect and tolerance reserved only for the LGBTQ?

These people claim to be the most tolerant, respectful and inclusive of all, yet, the reality is that they refuse to tolerate anything that opposes their own beliefs and ideals. They are the biggest bigots on the face of the earth.

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If you don’t abandon your beliefs, culture, laws, etc., they’ll even put a target on your back and invade your country, or impose sanctions to try and starve you all to death.

This is all despite the fact that Qatar has actually gone as far as stating that all are welcome, including people from the LGBTQ community, only that they would need to adhere to the laws of the country regarding public displays of affection. But this is simply not enough for Modern-Day Qawm Lut, as they demand not only be accepted, but praised and celebrated for their “identity.”

Hopefully the American team will face some backlash regarding their new rainbow branding. The good news is that they will not be featuring their “special” rainbow crests during matches.

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US Supreme Court: Jewish Uni Must Accept LGBT Group… Muslims Are Next

By Muslim Skeptic Team -September 20, 2022

This is for those Muslims who allied themselves with the LGBT community for their “human rights” and fought for them to gain recognition for their perceived right to “love” whoever they want. They did this in the name of supposedly protecting religious freedoms for all Muslims within the United States. Just know that you are next.

On Wednesday (September 14, 2022) NBC News reports that:

The Supreme Court said Wednesday that an Orthodox Jewish university in New York is required for now to officially recognize an LGBTQ student group in a rare legal defeat for religious rights.

The article continues, saying:

The decision leaves intact a decision by a New York state judge, who ruled in June that the university was bound by the New York City Human Rights Law, which bars discrimination based on sexual orientation. The university argues that it is a religious institution and therefore should be exempted from the law. Requiring the school to endorse the group would be a “clear violation” of its First Amendment rights, which protect the free exercise of religion, it said.

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The article goes on to conclude with the following:

The LGBTQ Pride Alliance group sought recognition from the Jewish Yeshiva University in 2019. When they had still not been officially recognized by the University, the group sued in April 2021 saying the school was required to grant its request because it is a place of public accommodation that is covered by the anti-discrimination law.

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This story should be deeply concerning for the Muslim community because it is a direct attack against religious freedom in America. It is only a matter of time before extreme deviants from within the Muslim community decide to file similar cases in courts and demand recognition in masjids and Islamic schools.

This problem stems from the clever tactic employed by LGBT activists in pushing for their perverse desires and behaviors to be recognized as being “basic human rights.”

What is even more outrageous is that some Muslims have actually fought alongside them in order for them to attain these rights and also ensure that they are protected!

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There is no such thing as a “human right” to “love” whoever you want.

Love is defined in the context of marriage between a man and a woman for the purpose of bringing new life into the world. This is the only human right that is essential for the continuation of human civilization.

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For those who have fought alongside the LGBT community, you need to take a serious lesson away from this story and wake up. It is not enough to merely state that Islam is incompatible with LGBT. Simply put, it is incompatible with human civilization.

Western societies are navigating directly towards complete annihilation.

If you as a Muslim have any sense of care and compassion towards these people, you will not hesitate. Rather you will openly warn against the immense dangers of accepting and adopting immoral degeneracy and sexual deviance.

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UK Takes Action Against Islamic Schools Teaching Values Contrary to LGBT, Feminism

By Muslim Skeptic Team -July 7, 2022

Guest post by Abu Sufyan

In late June 2022, the UK’s Department for Education published a report detailing a decision to ban a certain Muslim private school proprietor from managing independent schools.

The Secretary of State for Education declared Waheed Alam (popularly known as Abu Khadeejah) unfit to be involved in the management of private schools, “unable to comply with his safeguarding responsibilities, and relevant legislation,” effectively disqualifying him from any and all school leadership roles.

This particular action by the UK authorities represents a much bigger problem that affects all Muslims in the West.

The Secretary of State had previously found Abu Khadeejah guilty of “conduct…aimed at undermining the fundamental British value of individual liberty” with said conduct being “offensive, inappropriate, and contrary to the Equality Act 2010, the Independent Schools Standards, and DfE statutory guidance.”

The report cites a number of sermons and articles Abu Khadeejah produced within the last decade “which fail to show tolerance of, and respect for, the rights of others, and/or undermining fundamental British values,” specifically mentioning “strong messages that are aimed at undermining the fundamental British value of individual liberty.”

Apparently, we must all kneel to the timeless virtue of individual liberty.

Among the most “disturbing” of this online content was rhetoric “aimed at undermining the individual liberty of women by seeking to restrict the activities of women.”

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The Secretary of State also noted Abu Khadeejah’s “shocking” views regarding the LGBTQ lifestyle and, particularly, his “emotive language to denigrate and demonise gay men in particular,” concluding that these were “aimed at spreading prejudice and intolerance towards gay people.”

The report describes Abu Khadeejah as the “former Chair of Directors of Redstone Educational Services Ltd, proprietor body of Redstone Educational Academy, an independent school” where he also formerly served as the governing body Chair. It interestingly notes the findings of an investigation conducted three years prior which found that these “published discriminatory views…would be accessible to pupils.”

In other words, despite running his own independent school, Abu Khadeejah was ultimately reprimanded for not preaching ideas contrary to his own convictions as a Muslim.

This issue is especially serious for those of us involved in Islamic education or those of us who have or plan to have children. If a man can lose his right to educate the children of consenting parents who share his beliefs in an ostensibly “independent” and “private” school, simply because his beliefs do not coincide with ever-evolving British “values,” then how is this anything other than brute authoritarianism?

We should consider where exactly the buck stops with regards to the rights of faith groups to determine their own curriculum, and even parents’ rights to homeschool. Are these really guaranteed by a liberal secular system? Or, can such a right to teach Islam only be guaranteed by an Islamic government that fully implements the Sharia of Allah?

At this point, it behooves all Muslims to ask whether there is even a future for real Islamic schooling in the liberal West. And outside the West, is there a future for such schooling in any country that bows down to Western liberal power?

This incident is just another of many in a clear trend of cultural and ideological warfare in the West and throughout the globe more broadly. Such a decision against this Islamic school is reminiscent of similar instances in France where Muslim community leaders were removed for simply disagreeing with the dominant liberal ideology (or, even just reading verses from the Quran).

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Many Muslims will strongly disagree with the particularities and history of Abu Khadeejah’s dawah, etc., but the governmental actions against him is a much broader attack that threatens Islamic education writ large and, therefore, the future of Islam for our children. We are therefore compelled to speak out against it.

«Our Lord! Forgive us and our brothers who have preceded us in Faith, and do not put any hatred against the Believers in our hearts. Our Lord! You are indeed full of kindness, Most Merciful.» [al-Hashr 59:10]

The Shi’as & LGBTQ Crowd – ImportantAqeedah Notice!

Weekly, from the Manaabir (pulpits) throughout the world, the Imaams echo the words of our
beloved Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) which are as follows:
“Fear Allah! Fear Allah, regarding my Sahaabah (Radhiyallahu anhum)!”
“He who loves them (my Sahaabah), loves them because he loves me.”
“He who hates them, hates them because he hates me.”
The Shi’as who swear and abuse the Sahaabah (Radhiyallahu anhum) cannot be and should not be
included as part of the Muslim Ummah. The supporters and sympathizers of the Shi’as should take
a good warning of the jeopardy of their Imaan in the above Ahaadith echoed from the Manaabir
on Fridays. Can any sane human befriend and ‘act good’ to anyone who swears his mother? The
Shi’as swear and abuse Ummul-Mu’mineen (the mother of the believers), Hazrat Aisha
(Radhiyallahu anha) and other Sahaabah! How can we sympathize with them?
Therefore, it is Haraam to support the Shi’as. Stay far, very far from the Shi’as. The Shi’as are
Kuffaar. Be wary of those scholars who opt to remain silent in exposing the Kufr of the Shi’as!
All the weird, alien-to-humans and inhumane activities, beliefs, doings and concept the LGBTQ
group believes in, are all rejected Islamically and are declared as major sins in Islaam. Supporting
this group, participating in their activities, wearing their coloured clothing, banners and flags are
all Haraam in terms of Deen. Anyone who believes and practices what the LGBTQ believes and
practices in, is out of the fold of Islaam.
Extreme caution should be taken regarding innocent (Muslim) school-going kids who are taught
such subjects whereby their innocent brains and hearts are brainwashed. They are taught to respect
anyone who is a gay or lesbian – Astaghfirullah! Even the animals don’t believe in this garbage!
Parents should really deeply rethink over sending their children to school where today these
subjects are taught. If parents know of a particular school having bullies that hassle students, then
no parent will readily send their kids to that school. The teaching and studying LGBTQ and all
other nonsensical Haraam subjects are subjects which are hassling, harassing, robbing and
murdering the Imaan and Hayaa’ of our kids. What future Ummah do we expect to have?
How can parents still comfortably send their sons – and even worse, their daughters – to schools?
It is sad to note how modern/secular-scholars of Deen encourage godless secular education which
promotes such filthy education. This is ridiculous and a sign of them being part of the Ulama-eBaatil!

Superman Is Gay and Your Muslim Children Are Still Watching His Cartoons

By Hud Lesprit

One of the myths of Liberalism is that it has brought humanity out of war and into peace.

The reality is that everywhere in the world, now more than ever, humanity is under siege. This siege is sometimes military, as in the Muslim countries that are under the yoke of the West. But it is very often economic and cultural…

The truth is, all nations are in hidden warfare. Behind the facade of peace, we must be attentive to the unspoken words that hide behind false smiles.

The American analyst Joseph Nye explained in the 90s that states exercise their power either through hard power, i.e., the use of military and economic resources, or through soft power, i.e., the exploitation of intangible resources such as image, reputation, or culture.

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This theory mainly concerns international politics, but it can be useful to understand the development of certain ideologies specific to the West. Through that lens, we can better understand the pressure that is exerted internationally to propagate Hollywood films, or “Marvel content,” as well as Netflix and others.

A very clear example of this dynamic happened last year when the Saudi government agreed to allow LGBTQ+ content in their country in exchange for Netflix banning anti-Saudi content from their platform.

In January, 2019, Netflix agreed to pull an episode of US comedian Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act from the platform in Saudi Arabia, after the Saudi government said it violated the law by criticising crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, known as MBS.

Hastings said: “It was a very difficult decision. We ended up being able to keep the episode up in Saudi Arabia on YouTube, strangely, not on Netflix.

“With that, we are able to have all of our other content, like Queer Eye, Sex Education and Orange Is the New Black, available in Saudi Arabia.

“It is a troubling compromise, it is not something we approached easily or lightly. But, on balance, we think it’s a good move.”

The cultural-production industry’s mission is to create an emotional attachment between the masses globally and the liberal, pro-LGBTQ+ standards promoted in these popular works of fiction.

You too, Superman?
Lately, Qawm Lut has been implementing yet another tactic to further corrupt our children:

The new Superman, Jonathan Kent – who is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane – will soon begin a romantic relationship with a male friend, DC Comics announced Monday.

That same-sex relationship is just one of the ways that Jonathan Kent, who goes by Jon, is proving to be a different Superman than his famous father. Since his new series, Superman: Son of Kal-El, began in July, Jon has combated wildfires caused by climate change, thwarted a high school shooting, and protested the deportation of refugees in Metropolis.

Does “gay Superman” seem inconsequential to the lives of our children?

To understand what impact this kind of thing can have on a global scale, let’s take an example related to my daily life.

Every year, at the beginning of the school year, Morocco’s supermarkets are filled with school supplies bearing Marvel and DC superhero logos and colors. In the same way, every day at snack time, the children drink from juice containers that depict many superheroes, including Superman.

Kids are surrounded by products branded with superhero images.

The impact of these Western superheroes around the world is huge. In 2019, for example, the Marvel Cinematic Comics was the 11th most profitable franchise in the world. Its impact is far beyond the West, as the Muslim world is voraciously consuming these cultural products.

So what do you think might happen if the man who is supposed to represent the masculine man par excellence starts to be attracted to other men and displays such deviant behaviors?

We are witnessing a campaign of mass manipulation to normalize LGBT behavior for future generations.

Moreover, the world of superheroes overall has been transformed in order to display more and more of this kind of material:

Batman’s sidekick, Robin, recently acknowledged romantic feelings for a male friend (not Dick Grayson – who was Batman’s partner for over four decades – but Tim Drake, a later replacement; there are multiple Robins just as there are multiple Supermen). And a new Aquaman comic stars a gay Black man who is positioned to become the title hero.

This shows us that the case of Superman is not an isolated phenomenon. Qawm Lut has invaded the whole industry. Are Muslim parents aware of this?

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This is not limited to superhero comics, by the way.

Last year, the creator of kids cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants announced that this sponge character too is part of the LGBTQ+ community. Children as young as 2 years old watch this programming.

Every time our children consume this kind of content, they become more likely to develop such behaviors that will destroy their dunya and akhira. They will also develop positive associations and feelings toward fahisha and Qawm Lut.

More than ever, we need to teach the new Muslim generation about the real heroes of the world, figures like Umar Ibn Al Khattab, Khalid ibn Al Walid, Omar Al Mokhtar, and so many more. Above all, it is our duty to put the life of the best man of all history, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ at the center of their childhood.


Muslims in America need to understand the “Equality Act” that has just been passed by Congress.

This is a bill that essentially puts gender identity and orientation discrimination on the same legal basis as racial discrimination.

This will have MASSIVE consequences for every single Muslim in the US, whether they realize it or not.

If the bill becomes law, this would mean that mosques and Islamic schools can be sued and also deprived of any public funding or benefits if they do not allow trans people to join single sex facilities. This includes the women’s sections, bathrooms, wudu areas, gyms, etc.

If a person who identities as a woman but has a penis, beard, etc., wants to go to the bathroom with Muslim women, make wudu with them, pray with them, etc., the masjid has to allow that, otherwise face potential law suits, loss of tax exempt status, etc.

If an Islamic school teacher decides to come out as gay in front of the whole school, the school cannot terminate employment for that teacher as that would be employment discrimination.

Muslim businesses, as well, would have to accommodate all kinds of LGBT demands or face crippling discrimination lawsuits.

Muslim families are not immune either because Muslim children will increasingly have to be exposed to Federally mandated pro-LGBT curricula in schools. It is already the case that all licensed psychologists have to peddle LGBT doctrine, but now, even Muslim counselors generally will have to be careful not to violate LGBT ideology for fear of being sued.

This bill basically empowers the LGBT agenda to the n-th degree. If you thought there was an LGBT hegemony in this country before, just wait till this bill is passed.

In this tweet, Ilhan “The Sharia Is Barbaric” Omar gloats over her central role in pushing the bill. Elsewhere, Rashida “My Allah Is a She” Talib also poses with an LGBT flag to show her support.

What do the promoters of Ilhan and Rashida have to say now?

We were told by “scholars” and Unfit Imams that Ilhan and Rashida are role models for the Muslim community.

Yasir Qadhi explicitly supported Ilhan and said that Muslim leaders have no choice but to support her and people like her.

Omar Suleiman went further and wrote in response to her election: “There is something special about seeing yourself in your leaders.” Not surprising to anyone, of course, that Dr. Omar sees himself in his leader, Ilhan.

Dr. Omar’s partner, Dr. Jonathan Brown, wrote in 2019, “I swear to God this brings tears to my eyes no matter how many times I watch it…” in response to a video of Ilhan at an Islamic school. This was long after her rabid pro-fahisha agenda was clear for all to see.

Dr. Brown, of course, has infamously told Muslims that they should affirm and advocate many LGBT rights and gay marriage, and even attend pro-LGBT rallies. His trash article promoting all this and more is STILL available at Yaqeen Institute, misguiding Allah knows how many Muslims and non-Muslims. It is still on their site despite the “scholarly review board” that Yaqeen installed to give naive people the impression that Yaqeen’s articles conform to Islamic standards.

Organizations like CAIR have continued to support Ilhan and Rashida and promote them at every turn. Yaqeen Institute has a picture of Ilhan as a “Black Muslim” icon in their video series on the topic.

Imam Zaid Shakir has no problem appearing at events that feature Ilhan and Rashida. In 2019, long after Ilhan’s anti-Islam, pro-fahisha stances became known, Shakir praised her in effusive terms:

“Ilhan Omar had the courage to raise her voice, despite the risks, and for that I salute her. While I would not endorse everything she advocates, I will say during this time when she needs the support of our community, that I stand with Ilhan. May God bless and protect her.”

These people who position themselves as leaders of the Muslim community have a great deal to answer for. They do not have the option to remain silent because this is what they pushed.

And what makes it egregious is that people were telling them how anti-Islam Ilhan and Rashida were! But they didn’t listen. When people told them to desist, these Unfit Imams were ever more defiant!

In essence, they pushed the LGBT agenda by pushing Ilhan and Rashida. And every single Muslim who donated a dime to their election campaigns now has the burden of all this in their scales, unless they make tawba and right the wrongs. Doesn’t matter if these people have no shame and don’t regret it, they still have to account for the damage that has been caused and continues to be caused. That’s the reality. May Allah guide them and guide us.

All this will be accounted for, if not in this life, then certainly in the next.

In the meantime, Allah protect us and our children.

And by the way, there are many Americans who are protesting this bill. So it is not like the bill has overwhelming public support. Quite the opposite. So there is plenty of room for Muslims to openly reject this stuff. Yet, these Unfit Imams stay silent. Why? What benefits, financial or otherwise, do they receive for their silence? Inquiring minds need to know.