A Brother from Pakistan, lamenting the villainy and evil of molvis of the likes of Dajjaal Taroq Jameel, says:

“Tariq Jameel, in a bayaan about some incidents mentioned in Fazaail-e-A’maal, labelled them as extremism and unfit for being presented as Deen. (Pandering to the Arab Salafis and the modernist Zanaadaqah – The Majlis)

Another notorious Youtube ‘mufti’ is also calling to get Fazaail-e-A’maal replaced by Muntakhab Ahaadith (authored by Molvi Sa’d). (Part of a satanic conspiracy to placate Salafis – The Majlis)

Basically what they are saying is: For years they have been calling people towards a ‘baatil extremist deen’ and now they have hit their epiphany and realized that it was all wrong. (From one ghulu’ to another ghulu’. The Tabligh Jamaat’s gravest malady is its ghulu. It is this evil malady which has ruined the Jamaat by deflecting it from the Straight Path of the Shariah. – The Majlis)

Do they even realize what they are telling the public? They stood on a mountain of sand all these years? Nobody realizes, not even their close aides, and no one bothers to ask them. So for all these years you were wrong and now you realize you are right? How can we trust you? (The proof of untrustworthiness is conspicuously portrayed by the two factions standing with daggers drawn to slit each other’s throat. They have cast off their mask of deceptive passivity by demonstrating their true nature par excellence in Bangladesh and elsewhere. – The Majlis)

I feel even though they are giving 2-3-4 bayans daily, and taking Allah’s name on youtube, facebook, videos, tv, in reality they have forgotten Allah, so Allah has made them forget themselves.

The book that brought millions towards deen should be replaced now.

Why is it that when these maulanas and muftis become celebrities, their views start to change, they adopt a moderate ‘deen’; a lot of haraam becomes halaal. They start to believe they are divinely inspired and they know everything because they are dealing with public, because they are ‘famous’. They refuse to listen to anyone.

Like the incident of Tariq Jameel with Aamir Khan, the actor you wrote about. The ulama told him: Hazrat this is your field you know best what to reply.” Then Tariq Jameel was ‘divinely’ inspired while engaging in wudhu. (They are Devil-Incarnate, hence Rasulullah –Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) – feared these ulama-e-soo’ more than Dajjaal – The Majlis)
Did the ulama around him feel any shame in saying “this is your field”. What have you ulama been doing all these years? What did you do in Madrasah for so many years? (They are shayaateenul ins. Devils, especially human devils are bereft of even a vestige of shame. –The Majlis)
The result is that Tariq Jameel believes no one knows the public, the actors, the film industry, musicians, politicians, rulers better than him, and no one can give them dawah better than him. He will sit with Imran Khan and his wife on the same table and have ‘iftaar’ and dinner, and ulama will clap and kiss his forehead. (What else can be expected from an Agent of Dajjaal – The Majis)
When Tariq Jameel’s mistakes are pointed out, the usual defence is that he is a ‘khateeb’. Does being a khateeb mean that you are not a Muslim? You won’t be answerable on Qiyaamat day? You are free to say anything you want to, and that the Shariah doesn’t apply on you?

(This dajjaal is an atheist – The Majlis)
I read a hadith along the lines that the safest person in times of fitnah will be the one who nobody knows. When he shifts from one place to another nobody asks about him in the previous neighbourhood. It seems that the maqsad of these people is to make everything halaal, undermine ibadaat, nafl ibadaat, taqwa, zuhd, and indulge in all kinds of haraam, futility, haraam and mushtabah food, facebook, youtube, movies, make everything halaal and ridicule those who want to live a life of taqwa. (Nothing surprising. Agents of Iblees have no other occupation other than the profession of undermining the Deen. – The Majlis)
The fatwa you posted from Jamiat-ur-Rasheed in which they stated that watching the Turkish drama is permissible, is a prime example of their hearts being sealed. These muftis have become so blind that they don’t even realize that Allah has made them blind. Therefore, they are unable to differentiate between halaal and haraam. They make everything halaal in the guise of ‘dawah’. Their logic is make deen ‘easy’; don’t make deen difficult. They ridicule even the semblance of Taqwa which other sincere Ulama have – the Ulama who are firm on Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar. Please comment.

(End of the Brother’s lament)

The following Hadith of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is adequate comment for the villainy, filth, fisq, fujoor and kufr of the vast majority of molvis and bunkum muftis of this age:

“An age will dawn when nothing of Islam will remain, but its name. Nothing of the Qur’aan will remain, but its text. The Musaajid will be ornate structures devoid of hidaayat. Their Ulama will be the worst under the canopy of the sky. From them will emerge fitnah, and the fitnah will rebound on them.”

A Buzroog commented that: under the canopy of the sky there are even the Yahood, Nasaara, Mushrikeen apes and pigs.” Thus these types of fraud molvis and dajjaali muftis are worse than even the kuffaar, apes and swines. Apes and swines do not tamper and destroy Allah’s Deen. But this Ibleesi task has fallen to the lot of these ulama-e-soo’ who have surpassed the ulama-e-soo’ of the Yahood and Nasaara in villainy and kufr.

They are absolutely bereft of the slightest vestige of Khauf-e-Ilaahi. That is why they are able to so brazenly and flagrantly trample on the Sunnah and undermine the Shariah most recklessly and shamelessly. With their shaitaaniyat they convey the idea that they will not die – there will be no accountability for them. Deep in their hearts is embedded nifaaq. These shaitaani molvis and muftis are in fact worse than the juhala westernized zanaadaqah who parade as Muslims. The harm of these shaitaani molvis and muftis far exceed the damage caused to the Deen by the Zanaadaqah modernists – the secularists who have set themselves up as ‘mujtahideen’.

The scenario is not set to improve. We are on a head-on collision with Qiyaamah. The Signs of Qiyaamah mentioned by our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) have to materialize. The cartel of Dajjaals such as Tariq Jameel, Menk, Suliman Moolla and numerous other Apes and Khanaazeer will incrementally preponderate in the world while Islam and the true Muslims will come within the purview of the Hadith:

“Islam began ghareeb (forlorn and friendless). Soon will it return ghareeb. Therefore glad tidings for the Ghuraba.”

In this Hadith are the glad tidings of Allah’s Pleasure for those who struggle and remain firm on the Sunnah during the times of Fitnah. While we may lament and grieve over the satanic developments engineered by these followers of Dajjaal and Iblees, we should not be surprised. It is to be anticipated.

23 Zul Qa’dh 1440 (26 July 2019)



There is a Turkish drama, ‘Ar Tughrul’ being shown on television. The Muftis of Madrasah Jaamiatur Rasheed of Karachi have issued a fatwa of permissibility. The following is their fatwa.

Translation of the Fatwa
Among the contemporary Ulama-e-Kiraam there is difference of opinion pertaining to digital pictures. According to some, such pictures are permissible while others (other Ulama) say that it is not permissible. According to us, in the light of the dhuroorat (dire need) there is scope for making and viewing digital pictures. Hence, in our opinion there is scope for viewing and selling the Ar Tughrul drama because in this drama is shown the history and culture of Khilaafat-e-Uthmaaniyyah. In viewing it, there is the opportunity for the Muslim youth to become aware of Islamic history and culture which is a very important need of this age.

However, since in this drama the activities of some females are also shown, it is necessary to abstain from looking at these women. If it is difficult for any man to restrain his eyes from the women, then for him it will not be permissible to view this drama because it is a principle of Fiqh: Warding off harm has priority over deriving benefit. Therefore, if there is the fear of evil looking when viewing the drama, then it is incumbent to abstain from sin. In this instance it is not permissible to look at the drama. (End of the fatwa which is signed by three Muftis of the Madrasah).

Please comment in the light of the Shariah on this fatwa.

The drivel (ghutha) which this fatwa contains is indeed surprising. It is surprising and lamentable that three Muftis from a well-known Islamic institution have acquitted themselves with such puerility and incompetency as illustrated in their fatwa. They have displayed lamentable ignorance regarding the application of the principles of Fiqh which they have referred to in their fatwa. Such incompetence is not expected of even students who have not as yet acquired qualification in the sphere of Iftaa’. Minus Taqwa, shaitaan exercises a strong influence of the muftis.

The objective of Fatwa is to bring Muslims closer to Allah Ta’ala, not to widen the chasm which transgressors have created with their fisq and fujoor.

In addition to portrayal of academic incompetence, the Muftis have displayed spiritual (Roohaani) bankruptcy. They appear to be bereft of Khauf-e-Ilaahi (Fear for Allah Ta’ala/Taqwa), hence they have so audaciously and stupidly legalized something (the drama/TV show) which consists of several major (Kabeeerah) sins. To soothe their conscience and to display expertise, the Muftis have cited Fiqhi principles without having correctly understood the import and the incumbent conditions for the applicability of the Fiqhi principle.

tv drama show_e-booklet


Q. I said to an Aalim who teaches in a mixed school that it is not permissible. He said that according to him it was permissible because students in these schools become murtad. Committing a haraam act to save them is therefore allowed because it is the lesser of the two evils. I have seen Ulama nowadays using this argument to justify their commission  of haraam for purposes of da’wah. This aalim also wears a t-cap. When I said that it is not permissible since it is Tashabbuh bil kuffaar/fussaaq, he said the Head Mufti of Jamiatur Rasheed did not say that it is haram. That is why he wears this type of cap. Is his argument valid?
A. The chap is not an aalim. He is a jaahil. The obligation of an Aalim or of any Muslim
is to state the Haqq in a halaal manner. Haraam ways may not be employed to propagate the Deen. Our duty is to state the Haqq, and for this only methods permitted by the Shariah are valid. When Allah Ta’ala has made an act haraam, it is contumacious to utilize that act for propagating His pure Deen.
If someone becomes a murtad, it is ordained in his taqdeer. It never means that the muballigh should violate the laws of Allah Ta’ala in a futile attempt with a haraam stunt. The last naseehat of Hadhrat Maulana Yusuf Binnuri (Rahmatullah alayh) was on this very same subject. He clearly explained the prohibition of using haraam ways for propagating the Deen. Have you seen his article?
The baseless argument about the t-cap further confirms the jahaalat of this so-called aalim. It was the way of Bani Israaeel to follow even the erroneous and baatil fatwas of their Ahbaar and Ruhbaan. Castigating them for this evil obedience, Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed: “They take their Scholars and their Saints as gods besides Allah, and also for Isaa, the son of Maryam.” When it suits the nafs, these juhala molvis jump on to the bandwagon of stupid taqleed – taqleed of Ulama who are no where near to  the Fuqaha whose Taqleed is Waajib. If the Head Mufti of Jamiatur Rasheed had averred
that the kuffaar cap is permissible, then his fatwa is a gross error. It is not permissible to follow such blatant errors of the Ulama.