Question from Pakistan
The housing loan which the prime minister, Imran Khan is giving under the scheme of Mera Ghar, Mera Pakistan, is not being given by banks. It’s being given through the banks but from the exchequer. As you know very well that all the land in each city  has been grabbed by  the Army and the corrupt Bureaucracy since decades and they have formed societies and selling the plots at highly inflated prices in Crores (tens of millions of rupees). 
Every month they increase the electricity rates, the gas rates, the petrol price. They have once more taken billions of dollars of loan from the IMF. So now, can we take a loan from the government as there is no other way for ordinary people like us to acquire a home? (End of question)
A. Regarding ‘loans’ acquired from governments, such money is in reality not a loan. It is merely taking from the haraam, zaalim, rahzin (dacoit) government what it has acquired by robbery and oppression, and continues to extract by force from the people in the form of a variety of zulm taxes and many other haraam fees. You will only be taking temporarily from the government a small portion of what these robbers owe you. It will be in the form of a ‘loan’ while in reality it will be a portion of what the government has usurped from you by oppression and dacoitry. They are always indebted to the people, and they will understand the meaning of their highway robbery and zulm on the Day of Qiyaamah. Feel no inhibition regarding taking a ‘loan’ from the government, and if there is some legal loophole by means of which you can avoid repayment, take maximum advantage of it.