Purely by the fadhl and karam of Allah Ta’ala are we once again permitted the wonderful opportunity of entering into the Glorious Month of Ramadhaan. The rewards of Ibaadat in this auspicious month are multiplied manifold. But at the same time the punishment for sins in this month is also multiplied manifold. 

Two ingrained and salient evil acts in which most Muslims are involved during this month of Ramadhaan are gluttonous/devilish feasting at the time of Iftaar and missing Takbeer-e-Ula of Maghrib Salaat. There is absolutely no valid reason for the commission of these two evils. 

Iftaar is an auspicious time. Duas are readily accepted at the time of Iftaar. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that there are two occasions of happiness for the Mu’min: (1) At the time of Iftaar when he breaks his Fast, and (2) At the time when he will meet his Rabb in Qiyaamah. 

However, there can be no valid ‘happiness’ for gluttons who due to their gluttony miss Takbir-e-Ula and even the first raka’t of the Maghrib Fard Salaat. It is indeed lamentable to observe a whole saff or more musallis who are masbooq. They have no shame. They have to rise and fulfil the lost raka’t of Maghrib even during this glorious Month, and for such spiritually ruinous conduct, they have no valid reason. The only cause for this haraam missing of a raka’t is their gluttony. 

While it is Sunnah to break the Fast with only a few dates or dates and water, the gluttons, like animals or worse, indulge in savouries which ruin their health. They devour a full meal while the Maghrib Salaat has commenced. Then they rush to the Musjid to perform Salaat haphazardly. 

During the month of Ramadhaan, ensure that you are in the Musjid a few minutes before the Athaan. Engage in Dua or Thikr. As soon as the Athaan commences, break your Fast with only dates/water. Your Iftaar will end during the Athaan. Thereafter, another three minutes are allowed (at Musjidul Fuqara). Take maximum advantage of these three minutes and engage in Dua. Then you will not miss Takbir-e-Ula. 

May Allah Ta’ala grant us all the taufeeq to gain maximum advantage and benefit from this Glorious and Auspicious Month of Ramadhaan. Who knows if we shall see another Ramadhaan again?

28 Sha’baan 1444 – 21 March 2023


FASTING the Month of Ramadhaan is a wonderful spiritual and physical remedy. Allah Ta‘ala is the Creator of the Rooh (Soul) and the physical body, and He has designed all practices of Ibaadat for the welfare and development of both the soul and the body. Although the intention underlying Fasting is only to gain Allah‘s Pleasure by fulfilling His Command, the Fasting comes with many health benefits.
An expert non-Muslim naturopath observed that the Islamic practice of Fasting a month is a wonderful health benefit, however, Muslims nullify the beneficial effects of the Fasting when they break their fast in the evening. They go overboard in reckless gluttony. This gluttony commences immediately at Iftaar. Instead of heeding Rasulullah‘s advice and command of breaking the fast frugally, Muslims nowadays indulge in nauseating gluttony.
The gluttony begins with the commencement of the Athaan. Elaborate meals are spread out in the Musaajid for anti-Sunnah and physically and spiritually ruinous feasting. The holy moments of Iftaar are treated as an occasion of haraam merrymaking. The fasting ones devour to the point of satiation or even more. Then generally they leave their mess on the Musjid carpets. After Maghrib Salaat, they rush home for the ‗primary‘ and main meal. It boggles the mind to fathom how they manage to locate space in their bellies for the deluge of the harmful foods they ingest after Maghrib. Then after Taraaweeh, commences another round of feasting with deserts, etc.
A human being should utilize his intelligence to understand the physical and spiritual villainy perpetrated to the body and soul by such reckless gluttony unknown to even dogs and the beasts in the jungle. The inevitable consequence of this style of horrible, nauseating gluttony is the ultimate breakdown of the physical body which becomes afflicted with many diseases, and the utter ruin of the Muslim‘s spiritual fibre. In the wake of this self-destruction the evil nafs becomes bloated and remains in full control of the intelligence.
Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) ordered us to make iftaar with only dates and/or water.
This exhortation is for practical implementation and has been designed by Allah Ta‘ala for our all-round welfare.


A Brother writes:

Sympathising with the Muslim community of Cape Town in the aftermath of the New Zealand killings, Rabbi Greg Alexander of the Progressive Jewish Congregation at Cape Town had this to say;

” I want to invite any Muslim in Cape Town or beyond to join our Synagogue for our Ifthar Shabbat on Friday 31st May 2019, during the Holy month of Ramadaan.

For the past three years it has become an annual tradition to invite our Muslim neighbours to come and break your fast with us at our Shul. We will make a space available in the centre of our sanctuary for you to pray Maghrib and we will provide Halaal food for you to break your fast with our community as we welcome our Sabbath together.”

(End of the Brother’s letter)

It is not permissible to have Iftaar in a synagogue. Muslims should have their Iftaar at the Musjid as is the usual practice all over the world.

Iftaar is an Ibaadat, and an occasion when duas are readily accepted. This Ibaadat should not be in a synagogue. The Musjid is an abode where Malaaikah are present, and they say, “AAMEEN”, to our duas.

The community which has been invited, should write to the Rabbi thanking him for his kindness and compassion. It should be briefly mentioned that whilst the invitation is appreciated, for religious reasons, the community has to decline.

12 Rajab 1440 -19 March 2019