Q. Is it permissible to work as a surgical pathologist? Surgical pathology is the study of tissues removed from living patients during surgery to help diag-nose a disease and de-termine a treatment plan. Is the income ha-laal?
A. Islam prohibits de-riving any use from human organs, human parts or tissue in the same way as it prohib-its use from any pig parts regardless of the benefits.
The benefits are not denied. In fact, along with confirming the benefits of liquor and gambling, the Qur‟aan Majeed prohibits the-se evils. So while pa-thology has many ben-efits, the use of human organs/tissue is not permissible. The Sha-riah prescribes burial for any human part even nails and hair.
It is not permissible to indulge in the study involving human or-gans/tissue. The in-come will not be per-missible. We have been sent into this dunya by Allah Ta‟ala for a very brief sojourn to pre-pare ourselves for His Meeting and for our everlasting stay in Jannat. In this world there will always be conflicts between the demands of Allah‟s Shariah and the de-sires of the nafs. This world is the arena for this tussle. Imaan is tested, developed or ruined here in this transitory worldly abode.
The Mu‟min believes that his Rizq is prede-termined, and it will reach him regardless of what he does or does not. In a conflict the devil is always pre-sent. He scares us with poverty if we adhere to the Shariah by abandoning haraam. This is the test for our Imaan.