Recently a marriage was contracted between a Hindu man and a woman who is known to be Muslim. The father, Mr. Ebrahim Rasool, a former premier in Western Cape, gave his daughter in marriage to a Hindu man. Present to grace the marriage were Sheikh Ebrahim Gabriels of the MJC. The dua was made by Sheikh Ighsaan Taliep also of the MJC.
Besides the issue of intermingling of sexes a variety of activities which all Muslims know are haraam took place. The following is the list of these acts:

Indian dance
A procession
A variety of Hindu religious rituals, including the couple walking around the traditional hindu fire.
Musical tributes
Cutting the wedding cake

It appears that this was the first time in the history of the Muslims of the Cape that this type of Hindu marriage ceremony has been accepted by senior sheikhs of the Muslim Judicial Council. Even the ignorant masses are aghast. Please comment in the light of the Shariah on these proceedings.
(1) What is the status of

(a)The sheikhs who had participated in this marriage?

(b) The girl’s father who had given his daughter in marriage to a Hindu Mushrik?

(c) The girl who married the Hindu man?

(d) The marriage?
(2) What are the consequences of such a marriage in terms of the Shariah?
Kindly comment in detail for the guidance of Muslims. May Allah Ta’ala reward you.

(1) (a) The ‘sheikhs’ of the MJC who had participated in any way whatsoever in this haraam, baatil marriage of the mushrikeen, have undoubtedly lost their Imaan. They are confirmed MURTADDEEN.

(b) Likewise the girl’s father has abandoned Imaan. He too is a confirmed MURTAD.
(c) The girl who paired herself with the Hindu man is also a MURTADDAH.

(d) The marriage has absolutely no validity in terms of the Shariah. Marriage between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim male is never ever valid. The marriage is thus baatil. According to the Shariah she will be living in the state of zina (adultery) with the Hindu man.

The consequences of this haraam, baatil function are most severe. All those who had professed to be Muslims and who participated in the marriage ceremony or in any other sphere related to the marriage of the mushrikeen, have become MURTADDEEN.
If any among these murtaddeen now realizes their shaitaani folly, then it will be imperative for him/her to renew his/her Imaan, resort to Istighfaar, have his/her nikah renewed if he or she happens to be married, and make a public announcement of their error and return to the fold of Islam.
Ties of inheritance between the murtaddeen and their Muslim relatives are automatically annulled.
Animals slaughtered by a MURTAD are haraam carrion.
It is not permissible for the community to perform Janaazah Salaat nor accord any Islamic burial rites to the murtaddeen.

It is Waajib for Muslims to sever all ties with all those murtaddeen who had participated in the haraam, baatil marriage of the mushrikeen.
If a married man had attended alone without his wife, she should understand that her nikah has been dissolved. She will be in the state of Iddat. Any husband-wife relations will be adulterous, and offspring from such a union will be aulaaduz zina (illegitimate).
It is of vital importance for the community to understand that Salaat performed behind these murtad, mudhiel ‘sheikhs’ will not be valid. Regarding these types of ‘sheikhs’ Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) expressed the gravest fear. He said:

“Verily, I fear for my Ummah the leaders of misguidance (aimmah mudhiellen).” In one Hadith it is mentioned that Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) feared these mudhilleen imaams’ and ‘sheikhs’ more than even Dajjaal. These MJC sheikhs constitute the greatest and the gravest danger for the Imaan of the Muslim community in Western Cape.
Ulama who condone the Participation in SHIRK of these murtad MJC personnel by some kind of shaitaani justification or diplomacy will also enter into the fold of Irtidaad, and join their murtaddeen, munaafiqeen cohorts in Ad-Darkul Asfal in the Fire of Jahannam.
Insha-Allah, a further bulletin shall be published soon.

May Allah Ta’ala protect the Imaan of the unwary and ignorant masses from the shaitaani depradations of the Agents of Iblees masquerading in the guise of sheikhs, imams and molvis. All of them are mudhielleen worse and more dangerous than Dajjaal-in-Chief himself.


7 Jamaadil Ula 1440 -14 January 2019