A Brother writes:

After the recent SANHA ham flavoring saga some concerned brother raised some questions. I prompted the brothers to contact SANHA themselves for clarity on the question which infact is very interesting.

They wanted to know if SANHA approves a product do they only inspect the factory where the final product is made or do they also inspect the factories/ laboratories where other ingredients are manufactured. i.e other ingredients present in the final product

For example SANHA approves Lays chips. But lays do not manufacture every ingredient in the Lays chips themselves. Additives such as flavoring, colorants, MSG, etc are all sourced from suppliers. The question is, does SANHA know what is going on in the factories/Labs of the suppliers of each and every ingredient present in the Lays chips. Is there a chance of contamination, what else is being produced in these factories/Labs, what extraction methods are being used to manufacture these additives, is there ethanol present in the extraction process, etc etc. At times there are up to 20 different ingredients in a single packet of chips. Does SANHA visit the suppliers of all these ingredients.

The answer to all of this was honestly answered by SANHA themselves in one simple question

CALLER: ……. So if Lays source their colorants and flavorings from another factory do you guys go to that factory where they getting their ingredients for inspection aswell

ANSWER GIVEN: There is a check in but obviously it would not be at the same level because ummm, Im just giving you hypothetically, if Lays has a SANHA agreement with us then we would check their stuff but we wouldn’t now just say everyone… for example if the product is halaal certified we would not just be able to get into everyone’s factory unless they have an agreement with SANHA also. But the ingredients is checked properly

It is amazing to see that SANHA so confident to put their stamps on products that have ingredients that they themselves haven’t seen being manufactured, who knows what goes on in the hundred’s of suppliers factories and Labs. A simple internet search will prove that many food additives go through heavy chemical processes involving various types of alcohols and animal derivatives. And even if an ingredient is known not to have alcohol or animal derivatives who can guarantee no contamination in factories without physically visiting these factories.

Jazakallah for always standing up and warning us. Hadhrat has for years warned us about these type of issues but people find it very difficult to believe.

May Allah Ta’ala allow us to continue taking maximum benefit from Hadhrat

The brother who made the call wishes to remain anonymous

(End of letter)

Supervision by SANHA and all other shaitaani carrion halaalizers, is a massive lie, falsehood and hoax to deceive the stupid masses who have become addicted to devour carrion like vultures.

We have explained in several articles that it is humanly impossible to supervise the billions of kuffaar factories and other links in the chain of production. The innumerable ingredients are camouflaged with hieroglyphics, chemical names, many unpronounceable, and with deceptive e-numbers, many representing swine derivatives. All of this is acceptable to SANHA and the cartel of carrion halaalizers.

In the answer which the SANHA shaitaan gave to the Brother, is a clear admission of SANHA’s unawareness of the ingredients which it halaalizes. The whole filthy devilish mess centres around only haraam boodle. Boodle is the only objective for the shaitaani profession of halaalizing carrion.

17 Muharram 1441 – 17 September 2019




Please find attached picture of chips and explanation given by SANHA for the permissibility of the HAM flavour in the chips. Are these HAM-flavoured chips halaal?

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Seek a fatwa from your heart.” If the Muslim’s heart has not been darkened and convoluted with the addiction of haraam carrion, pork and the like of satanic food, then the fatwa which will emanate from a healthy Imaan will be adequate for guidance regardless of any corrupt, zig zag fatwa any mufti issues to halaalize the HAM favour or any other haraam ingredient of which there is a deluge in all commercial products halaalized by the haraam, shaitaani carrion-certifying outfits such as SANHA, MJC, NIHT, etc.
SANHA’s explanation of ‘synthetic’ pork, bacon and ham will soothe the Devil and his progeny. It does not satisfy those whose Imaan is intact and untarnished by carrion consumption. The questioner says:

“According to SANHA this was not fraudulent usage of their logo as the product uses synthetic ham flavouring and is produced in a SANHA certified plant.”
The whole certifying mess is a massive FRAUD akin to kufr. While this jaahil, zindeeq SANHA group of carrion halaalizers does “not
permit the logo to be appended on any product which has connotation with Haraam such as ham, bacon, etc.’, the pork substance is produced in a SANHA-certified plant. What happens in these certified plants is the action of Iblees. The claim of supervision by any of these carrion juhala is a massive LIE. Haraam ingredients are utilized in almost all ‘halaal’ certified products.

The appearance of the HAM ingredient on the packets of haraam chips is not a mistake. These satanic ‘mistakes’ are a recurring issue. When consumers discover the ‘mistake’, then only will SANHA come to know of it. In the numerous cases of malpractice ‘mistakes’, the discoveries were made by only consumers, never by SANHA’s so-called supervisors. The claim of supervision is a satanic lie and rubbish.

If the satanic ‘halaal’ SANHA logo is not permitted by SANHA to appear on packets if the product contains synthetic HAM, then by what logic does SANHA certify the plants where such HAM is produced? The convolution of SANHA’s illogical principle is the effect of the crave for haraam boodle which is extracted from entrepreneurs against their volition.
Sight should not be lost from the fact that the so-called synthetic HAM does have the flavour and odour of real VARK (SWINE FLESH). Minus these essential pork-aligning attributes, ham-flavour will be meaningless. Even if the satanic food of synthetic HAM is without any real pig ingredient, it will be HARAAM to consume it. It is haraam for a man to say that he is having sexual relations with a prostitute when the woman is his wife. If at the time of sexual indulgence with his wife, he ruminates on another woman, then this ‘synthetic’ sex with the prostitute in mind will be recorded as zina in his Book of Deeds by the Recording Angel.

SANHA and the conglomeration of other carrion halaalizing outfits have absolutely no valid argument for certifying the meat and chicken establishments of the kuffaar. Their only valid shaitaani argument to soothe themselves is the boodle factor. For the sake of haraam monetary gain, they have ruined the Imaan of ignorant Muslims, their own Imaan and have driven themselves towards the precincts of kufr with their brazen and blatant violation of Allah’s commands.

Muslims who devour the meat, chicken, chip and other such products certified by SANHA and the other shayaateen outfits, have no valid argument to justify their haraam consumption. On the Day of Qiyaamah, passing the blame to SANHA will be of no avail.

“And, eat from the wholesome and lawful (halaal and tayyib) foods which Allah has provided for you, and fear Allah in Whom you believe.” (Al-Maaidah, Aayat 88)

20 Zil Hajj 1440 – 22 August 2019