It is insane to vaccinate for ONE virus in such a way that opens the gates for every other virus on the planet to have free access to the patient. The COVID vaccine reduces the body’s ability to produce white blood cells and interferon by 75% or more. This is like having a home security system to blocks one burglar while giving the keys to the home to every other burglar on earth. As if this is not bad enough now it has been discovered that the cause for most of the negative side effects of the COVID vaccine is the graphene oxide (https://rense.com/general96/graphene-oxide-is-toxic-to-human-blood.pdf) that is injected along with the vaccine even though there is no reason for it to be an ingredient.

Graphene can form needle-like structures that are virtually undetectable and have the effect of ripping the inside wall of blood vessels. This has a devastating effect on the heart, brain, and many other parts of our body, in fact anywhere where there are blood vessels so basically it can travel though the patient and wreak havoc throughout the entire system. So for anyone wondering about what is causing the seemingly odd assortment of negative side effects, look no further as graphene can be the cause of most of them, I challenge the vaccine manufacturers to defend themselves on this. Please do come up with some mumbo-jumbo denial rhetoric as a means of defending your vile deeds. While you are at it please do explain why the scientist that published his findings on this subject was murdered. Go on…we are waiting. (Jennifer Henderson: Dec 4, 2021)

By Craig Paardekoppe

The apparent magnetisation of the injection site has been noted and investigated by scientists in Luxembourg –

This and similar observations caused Spanish scientists to become curious about that actual contents of the vaccinations, since they wanted to understand what was giving rise to the magnetic effects.

They obtained more than 100 vials of the vaccine and tested them

They found that 99% was Graphene Oxide (GO).

Spanish lab finds graphene oxide in blood

The Spanish scientists wrote up their report here –


South American lab finds graphene oxide in blood

French lab finds graphene Oxide in blood

If it contains so much GO, that is odd. GO is unnecessary for eliciting any immune response. So what is its purpose.

What Effects Does GO have on the Body?

“As GO can directly act on the respiratory system, research has mainly focused on GO induced damage to this system. … Previous studies on the toxic effects of GO have primarily focused on mitochondrial damage, DNA damage, the inflammatory response, apoptosis and oxidative stress”



GO is paramagnetic. Magnets will stick to it.

mRNA and Lipid nano particles are not paramagnetic.

To know if your tissues have been contaminated with GO, just see if a magnet sticks to the injection site.

To know if your blood has been contaminated with GO, see if the magnet sticks to other parts of your body. This indicates that the V is bioavailable, and has entered circulation.

To know if the V has bi-passed the blood-brain barrier, hold a magnet to your forehead.

See also https://nanocenter.nankai.edu.cn/dowmload/2009/2009-10.pdf

Please note that paramagnetic substances may be responsive to electro-magnetic fields – causing movement and rearrangement of cells so infected. This may result in aberrant effects.

Graphene itself has extraordinary mechanical and electronic properties, but no magnetic properties. This can be made up for with the help of the lightest element: hydrogen, which transfers its magnetic moment on coming into contact with graphene.30 Nov 2017


Not on the Ingredient List

GO is not listed as an ingredient. So if the V contains GO then we might suspect that some batches are deliberately toxic – secrecy suggests intention to harm.

If the V program is a convenient cover for administering poisons, then it is unlikely that every batch will contain GO, since this would be too apparent. The batches would be staggered.

In order to remain elusive, a maximum of 5-10% of batches would be toxic at any one time – and “top-up” Vs would be necessary twice yearly for about 5 years.

Interview with Karen Kingston : former Pfizer employee : currently analyst for pharmaceutical and medical device industries/ analyst of intellectual property/ scientific writer.

Here is some info I teased out of the interview……..

“GO is 100% in the shots”

“Pfizer EUA filing lists 4 LNPs in the V with CAS numbers

“Moderna provides a material Safety Datasheet for each LNP with CAS numbers.”

“When I Googled MSDS + CAS number (of the LNPs) it came up with SINOPEG as the manufacturer – a company in China”

“On the Sinopeg website is a tab called ‘Covid19 excipients’

The Sinopeg website explains the nature of GO in an article called-


As this article title suggests, Sinopeg regard the function of GO as ENERGY STORAGE in the form of CHARGE (dielectric)- this energy being absorbed as electromagnetic radiation (more on this below).

It is the main ingredient. It serves as an interface between an organism and the internet of things.

“It is normally neutral, but in an EM field will become positively charged.”

“Positively charged GO will destroy anything (biological) it comes in contact with”

“In the Moderna and Pfizer patents GO is not listed because it is classified as a “trade secret” and because it is known to be toxic.”

“A company called SHANGHAI NANOTECH filed a patent for using GO in C19 vaccines in August 2020.”

For this patent – see here – vhttps://web.facebook.com/…/permalink/556233155515673

GO Will Produce Sensitivity to EM Fields

“GO is a conductor of electricity”..

“It is a great conductor of electricity, and it can host a magnetic field, so it can literally interact with the internet”

“GO is the main ingredient in hydrogel”

If GO is in the vaccine, then vaccinated people should be highly sensitive to electro-magnetic (EM) fields, since EM fields will induce an electrical charge in the GO which will naturally disturb the electrical nerve signals in the human body. Also the movement of ions through-out the body will be disturbed.

So GO is not necessarily a means of controlling the population; rather it lends itself to a blunter use – a general dysregulation of bodily functions inducible with the on/off precision of a switch.

Is there a Particular Waveband that GO Absorbs?

Every molecule and every chemical has an absorption spectrum – and there are specific frequencies where it absorbs energy the most.

This paper – https://www.tandfonline.com/…/10…/03602559.2018.1542714

shows that GO is currently used to absorb electromagnetic radiation in the 5G wavebands. There are different graphene nanostructures, and the wavelengths where they absorb the most radiation are between 6 GHz and 18 GHz – in other words- just above 4G but below the high frequency 5G.

See here – https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/…/10…/advs.201801057… This means that when GO is exposed to radiation of higher frequency than 4G, it will absorb the energy of that radiation and convert the energy into electricity. This is similar to the photo-electric effect. Absorption of the energy excites electrons in the GO which then jump to higher energy levels and become free charges. Hence GO becomes positively charged, and the free electrons form a current.

– A 2 Stage Weapon

Hence, if GO is present in large quantities within the body then this allows the possibility of a 2 stage weapon. When exposed to a strong enough EM field, GO will take on a positive charge.

“When GO is positive, it will destroy anything it comes in contact with.”

  • • Stage 1: the V
  • • Stage 2: an EM pulse

So, if GO is in the vaccine, then it should be possible to kill all the vaccinated with an EM pulse. Such a pulse would generate a charge throughout their bodies – throwing everything into disarray.

Property and other creatures will remain intact and unaffected – but an EM pulse will instantly kill or incapacitate the vaccinated.

An EM pulse will also shut down electronic equipment and crash the internet and telecoms (it could be blamed on a cyber-attack by “the Russians”), so it would also serve as a blackout – cutting comms.

Such an EM pulse would most likely be released at night, so as to avoid alerting others to the synchronicity of multiple deaths. Those afflicted would simply not wake up. A surprising number of simultaneous deaths would be a sign – but how would we know this without comms? The spontaneous failure of electronic equipment – mobile phone, watch, laptop – would be the only clue.

Alternatively, if 5G masts are able to put out an intermediate frequency – say 12 GHz – then it’s likely that every vaccinated person within 1 square mile will collapse ( and there will be a mast in every road). Once again, this will most likely occur at night to avoid the appearance of multiple instant deaths.

Testing the Hypothesis

The hypothesis that GO renders a person vulnerable to EM fields could be tested – by assessing sensitivity to EM fields amongst vaccinated compared to non-vaccinated. Exposing vaccinated to EM fields of varying frequency.

This hypothesis could also be tested by providing EM shielding to vaccinated, to see if it lessens their adverse effects.

Those suffering tremors following the vaccine, could test this theory by shielding themselves with EM blocking material. It is possible that their continued spasms are being generated by EM interference owing to the presence of GO.

It may also be the case that those suffering severe adverse reactions are dwelling in close proximity to EM transmitters; a correlation may exist.

Protect your Equipment

If the nature of the coming cyber-attack is an EMP, then you should protect your electronic equipment by shielding it. Damage will occur otherwise, even if it is switched off.

“It turns out that a very effective EMP protection measure, or shielding, can be made from aluminium foil. Common heavy-duty aluminium foil successfully blocked all nine million watts of RF energy from reaching the radios. The radio needed to be wrapped in three layers, but it worked!”


Protect Yourself

If you have taken the vaccine, then you will probably be harmed by EM fields above 4G.

The following paper shows the ranges of frequency where graphene nanostructures absorb EM radiation most of all – these ranges are just above 4G and just below 5G – i.e. 6 – 18 GHz

See here – https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/…/10…/advs.201801057…

You could try protecting yourself in the same way that you can protect equipment (as above). As I said, attacks are most likely in the night. So you would create /line a tent with 3 layers of aluminium foil. The vaccinated ones would sleep inside.

However, there will be no escaping the 5G transmitters if they transmit the harmful frequencies throughout the day in every road. Your best protection will be to go to remote areas where 5G is unavailable.

Does this Negate the Effects of the Spike?

No, the Spike is still toxic – inducing micro-clotting in the majority of vaccinated.

If GO is in the vaccine then GO simply adds the potential to use an EMP to take out all the vaccinated simultaneously and cleanly.

It is possible that the Govts are waiting until they have got the maximum number of vaccinated before they “flick the switch”…

Combatting the Effects of GO

GO does damage by emitting electrons. Reducing agents such as zinc or acetyl cysteine are electron acceptor, and consequently “soaks up” the electrons emitted by GO. These molecules do not break down the GO, but act as protectors from its effects.

“GO molecule has the ability to inject electrons depending upon the electro-magnetic environment”

“As soon as its activated, it starts throwing charges where-ever it goes – and of course that destroys everything – they break down.”

“You charge the molecules, and if the molecules are saturated with a charge they shouldn’t, then they’re destroyed – they break down”

“If you get a molecule like zinc, with two positive charges, then it will be neutralised. After a while, 2 or 3 zinc molecules that pass around the GO molecule will end up emptying the electrons from the GO”

“People who have problems with the V, are probably people who live near 5G antennas”

The best shield against 5G is made of GO – which will absorb the 5G. But you cannot shield yourself from road masts on every road. So the only protection for vaccinated will be to move to remote areas without 5G.

Who or What is Behind This Weapon?

The name of the weapon suggests its author –

5 G –> Penta G –> Pentagram

2 Jamaadil Ula 1443 – 7 December 2021