A soccer team from Gaza has been invited to South Africa during March of this year. The hosts are appealing for R180,000 to host the team. They are also appealing for accommodation and other expenses for the team of 35 boys. Is it permissible to contribute for this team?


Contributing money or anything else towards this haraam soccer team is Haraam.  It is not permissible to participate on or to facilitate this team in any way whatsoever.


While millions of Muslims are languishing in extreme poverty and in dire straits of living right on the door steps of Gaza, and while Gaza itself is constantly under Israeli threat, the shaitaani rulers of Gaza allow a shaitaani haraam team to travel, waste money, indulge in haraam sport, etc.


The evil life style of the Gaza people provides the valid explanation for   Allah’s Punishment on them. Instead of turning more towards Allah Ta’ala in their miserable plight, they are drifting further from Allah Ta’ala into the camp of shaitaan. The lifestyle and attitude of the Gaza people justify Allah’s Athaab which has settled on them.


The people of Gaza are immoral. They have not acquired any lessons from the Israeli-inflicted miseries. They exploit each other; usurp the properties of each other. The Shariah’s Law of Inheritance is most wickedly pillaged and plundered by Palestinians. The one who is in control of the properties of the deceased usurps it. Heirs are denied their right of inheritance. This disease is universal in Palestine. Palestinians themselves have reported such satanic usurpation of their properties. The rulers of Gaza facilitate and entrench this usurpation of the properties of others. That is why Allah Ta’ala has handed the land to the Yahood. They have absolutely no regard for the Shariah. Immoral dancing and celebrating have become their customs. They do not deserve to be the caretakers of Jerusalem or the entire Holy Land of Palestine. This is Allah’s decree, hence He has awarded Palestine to the Yahood.


In the following Aayat is a somber warning for the people of Gaza as well as for all other Muslim communities who are grounded in immorality and degradation of every kind imaginable:


“We shall most surely give them to taste of the lesser punishment, not the greater punishment, for perhaps they will (understand) and return (to the Path of the Deen).”

“Who is viler than the person who is reminded of the Laws of Allah, then he turns away? Verily We shall extract vengeance from the criminals.” (Qur’aan)

They are not heeding the signs and the warnings. Therefore, the Greater Punishment is awaiting them.


With their haraam soccer teams and preponderance of vice, the people of Gaza are criminals.



25 Jamadil Ukhra 1441 – 20 February 2020



Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that at the approach of Qiyaamah, the abundance and quick occurrence of fitan (plural of fitnah) will be so overwhelming that it will be like a string of beads cut asunder with the beads scattering helter skelter swiftly. This is precisely what is happening in our era. Every day there arises a new fitnah heralding the Hour of Qiyaamah.

Immorality, perversion and obscenity are organized, proclaimed halaal and promoted for nafsaani gratification and for the haraam boodle which these haraam, satanic events net. The acts of fisq and fujoor are glorified and presented satanically with Islamic hues to deceive the ignorant ones.

One such haraam event being organized by some Zanadaqah has been dubbed:

The One Night Al-Aqsa Movie. This shaitaani event of fisq and fujoor is also being executed in haraam cinema venues. The very venue confirms the haraam and immoral status of the shaitaani show painted with the ‘Al-Aqsa’ colour. The very word, ‘Al-Aqsa’, is a massive deception. All ‘Al-Aqsa’ events, shows, fund-raising programmes, etc., are stunts – nafsaani and shaitaani stunts. Muslims should not be so gullible to entrap themselves in ‘Al-Aqsa’ stunts.

‘Al-Aqsa’ and ‘Gaza’ are the chimera dangled in front of stupid Muslims for siphoning boodle. Everything associated with ‘Al-Aqsa’ and ‘Gaza’ programs and projects is haraam. There is no goodness in these programs of deception. Money is the primary objective.

This haraam ‘al-aqsa’ movie night is an embodiment of fisq and fujoor. Contributing funds towards it, participation in it and promoting it in any way whatever are all among the major sins (Kabaa-ir). Do not be fooled by the ‘funds being for Gaza projects’. In fact all these projects of whatever nature are haraam.

Gaza and the whole of Palestine are under kufr domination. There is nothing of the Deen in Gaza. It is evil just as all other Muslim lands today are evil. Fisq and Fujoor are the order of the day even in Gaza, hence Allah’s Athaab in the form of Yahoodi domination has settled on the fussaaq/fujjaar inhabitants.

The ‘Gaza’ slogan is a trick card for the acquisition of monetary objectives. The very nature of the evil ‘aqsa’ night movie loudly testifies to the shaitaaniyat of this ‘gaza’ zina affair. It is time for even ignorant Muslims to wake up and to see through the thin haraam veneer of shaitaaniyat covering all of these al-aqsa, gaza and palestine projects and programmes. The Muslim community has been tapped and fleeced for boodle in these names for too long a time. Instead of thawaab, there is only athaab for participating in and contributing to the haraam ‘al-aqsa’ movie night shaitaaniyat.

The leaders and rulers of Palestine and Gaza are scoundrels just as all the rulers and governments in Muslim countries are scoundrels, robbers, crooks and the vilest of fussaaq and fujjaar. Yasar Arafat who had so deceptively portrayed himself as a ‘freedom fighter’ struggling for Palestine, left a fortune of a billion dollars. He was an ally of Israel. But the people were too stupid to understand and see the glaring truth staring them in their faces. These rulers are the worst enemies of the peoples, including those of Gaza. They are also the reflection of the evil and filth of the people over whom they are saddled.

17 Jamadil Ukhra 1441 – 11 February 2020