Q.    Please  explain the concept  of Fana which the Sufis  practised. Is this bid’ah?

A.    Fana and the like are not concepts. They are lofty  spiritual states which only the select Auliya experience. These  extremely lofty states of Divine Proximity cannot be verbally explained. Only those Auliya who experience these states can understand. Even they are unable to explain these elevated  states. Fana’ is not  a bid’ah.

    It is not a practice which  could be imparted for adoption. It is simply a state of Divine  Proximity. There is no theory involved. The Sufis did not ‘practice’ Fana. By virtue of their Proximity to Allah Ta’ala, He (Allah Ta’ala) draws them into such lofty spiritual states of Nearness unto Him that they become, in entirety, oblivious  of their own existence. There is no methodology for this attainment. It is purely the Fadhl (Grace) of Allah Ta’ala as He  says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

  “Allah selects (draws unto Himself) whomever  He wills, and  He guides whomever He wills unto Himself.”

  The first  part  of this Aayat brings  Fana of the Sufis within its scope. It is a Gift of Allah Ta’ala while the second part applies to all Muslimeen. If they resort to Inaabat which entails following the Shariah and Sunnah in all aspects, then He bestows the necessary hidaayat (guidance) for onward  spiritual progress and elevation.