Turkey is plagued by a triad of kufr.  There are three  ideologies of kufr predominating in Turkey.

1. Attaturk Kufr   

2. Gulenist Kufr   

3. Zandaqah Kufr

   From the time of Attaturk, it was the sway of Attaturk Kufr. Gulen appeared later on the scene to begin his movement of Kufr in the name of Islam. He was an American agent. To this day he is under US protection. He resides in America where he has amassed a massive fortune.

  The Zandaqah Kufr is the ideology to which Erdogan subscribes. A Zindeeq is a professed Muslim who interprets the Qur’aan and Sunnah to  conform with his whimsical fancies.

   The vast  majority in Turkey today are still kuffaar labouring in the deception of being followers of Islam. There is also a small segment of the population consisting of true Muslims. It was for this tiny segment that Allah Ta’ala had installed Erdogan.


     For the  tiny segment of True Muslims in Turkey,  Allah Ta’ala has opened a window in the  windowless dungeon of kufr  in which Muslims have been languishing and suffocating in Attaturk Kufr  since the abolition of the Khilaafat just over a century ago. That Window is Erdogan.

    Although Erdogan is no paragon of Islam nor is the establishment of the Shariah his objective, nevertheless under his rule there is freedom to practice Islam. It therefore devolves on the small segment of Muslims to extract maximum advantage from this breathing space to spread the Deen. Ta’leem, Tarbiyat and Da’wat are Waajib for the Muslims. If these obligations will be shirked, and if the opportunity provided by Allah Ta’ala is ignored or wasted, then assuredly the Window will close. Erdogan will disappear from the scene to be replaced by either Attaturk Kufr or Gulen Kufr.



The bosom acceptance of the Israeli Iblees by Erdogan serves to expose  the latter’s true colours. While the Muslims of the world had gained the  impression that Erdogan was a ‘saviour’ of the Ummah, they miserably failed to understand that this impression was a stupid notion based on a mirage. The stupidity of the notion is well comprehended by those whose intelligence  has not been corrupted by  mundane designs and  obliviousness of the objective of  Imaan.

   At most, Erdogan was a window  which Allah Ta’ala has opened in the solid wall of kufr in which Turkey was esconsed since the  abolition of the Khilaafat and the imposition of the raw kufr of Attaturkism.  With the advent of Erdogan the  kufr of Attaturk’s oppression was cancelled  for those who had Islam at heart.  With Erdogan, Allah Ta’ala is providing Deeni-inclined  Muslims of Turkey an opportunity to take maximum advantage and to  lay the foundations for the spread of Islam in Turkey where kufr predominates despite the ostentatious  profession of Islam.  

   The occasional Islamic squeak made by Erdogan is politically motivated to gain the support of the Muslims of the world. Playing the national anthem of Israel and paying respects  at the mausoleum of Islam’s greatest enemy, Attaturk are a brutal affront for  Islam and true Muslims. Opening of the Sophia Musjid in Istanbul is another political stunt devoid of Islamic altruism. All the  trappings of Christian kufr  have been retained in the Musjid. The  temple character still pervades the Musjid which is still polluted by droves of tourists wallowing in janaabat and kufr.

    If Erdogan had any understanding of Imaan, the Israeli president’s glowing tribute and showering of accolades on  the Iblees, Attaturk would not have been accepted with a smile and solemn  condonation as  Erdogan had done. If the Israeli president had  for example  said that Erdogan was an illegitimate son of a whore, would he have remained silent? Would he have  smiled?  Yet,  it was perfectly  acceptable and tolerable for him to have accepted  the praises which Herzog lauded on Islam’s enemy, Attaturk who had abolished not only the Khilaafat, but  Islam as well.  The entire population was denuded of Imaan  during his reign, and that kufr endures to this day.

   If political circumstances constrained peace  with Israel, there is scope in Islam  for a treaty with the enemy  as demonstrated  by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) on the occasion of Hudaibiyyah. But, peace with the enemy does not mean bootlicking and  acceptance of the kufr the enemy  proffers.  Peace with the enemy does not permit praising and honouring the kaafir. The Arsh of Allah Azza Wa Jal shudders when  the enemies of the Deen are honoured and praised. Erdogan is guilty of this capital crime.   

    Furthermore, Turkey is  under no pressure of any kind to  enter into a bootlicking friendship with Israel. Israel is not a military threat to Turkey. The Shariat permits a peace  treaty with the enemy only if the Muslim army has been reduced to impotence and defeat. This is not the case with Turkey, hence there is not even  a valid worldly reason  for  Erdogan’s bootlicking embrace  of the Israeli president.