The Poison Death Shot

The Poison Death Shot


The condemnation of vaccines for their horrible, harmful consequences by thousands of scientists and medical experts conspicuously illustrates the horrible jahaalat of those muftis and molvis who with bootlicking obsequiousness struggle to gain the favour of the government, the atheists and modernist juhhaal so-called ‘intellegentsia’. The modus operandi of these Ibleesi muftis and molvis is to churn out rubbish fatwas   to conform with and to bolster the satanic, kufr theories of the covid atheists. In this vile exercise they display appalling ignorance of reality which they acquit with ludicrous unprofessionalism in their ghutha fatwas.

Their ignorance is twofold: (1) Ignorance, feigned or genuine, of the massive delige of expert medical evidence proving beyond the slightest vestige of doubt that vaccines are murderous potions of Iblees, and (2) ignorance stemming from lamentable lack of panoptic Mutaala-ah (Research) of the Kutub of the SHariah, hence the unprofessionalism percolating their fatwas.

These agents of Iblees stupidly lean over their backs, disgorging Ahaadith which they satanically misinterpret to gain the favour of the government and the other outfits of shaitaan. Lacking in entirety true information regarding the murderous effects of the potion of Iblees, or deliberately turning a blind eye to the deluge of scientific  evidence staring them in the face, these juhala muftis present Ahaadith which have absolutely no relationship with the vaccine potions of the devil.

With the Ahaadith pertaining to medicine, the juhala mufti agents of Iblees stupidly and most perfidiously labour to license vaccines. For example the jaahil muftis of  Darul Ifta Mahmudiyyah, of Darush Shaitaan, of the MJC and similar deviated outfits masquerading as ‘authorities’ of the Shariah, cite in their ghutha fatwas in justification of the potion of Iblees Hadith narrations such as:

“They (i.e. medical treatments) are all from the decree (Taqdeer) of Allah.”, and other narrations relevant to valid, halaal, pure medicines. The citation of Ahaadith by these jaahil muftis in support and promotion of  the poisonous filth known as ‘vaccines’, is the equivalent of promoting pork-consumption with such Ahaadith and Qur’aanic Aayaat which proclaim the halaal status of meat. Since pork is meat, it becomes ‘halaal’ in terms of the interpretation proffered by these agents of Iblees who masquerade as muftis.

Vaccines are pure filth and poisonous – haraam trash which maims, injures and kills by slow torture.  Vaccination is the introduction of poisons and filth into the healthy human body.  It is the introduction of filthy disease into the human body. Thousands of scientists and medical experts have testified to this undeniable fact and reality in their innumerable publications, and the tide of scientific condemnation of vaccination is  incremental by the day.

Bill Gates, Pharma, Mainstream Media & Iblees have failed in their  conspiracy to  conceal the  reality of the murderous effects and consequences of vaccines.  By the day, more and more  evidence  is emerging of the  brutality  which the devils  have inflicted on  millions of people with their devil’s potion.


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