Utter Despair: A Call From Allah To Allah

Pearls Of Taqwa

Have we considered when we desperately need help; all doors remain closed and nobody wants to assist? And even close friends cannot be relied upon. Why does this happen?

Allah Ta’ala knows us too well; we are constantly in need of help. Quite unique is that in our state of helplessness, we are still impatient! We want our needs to be fulfilled immediately. Unfortunately, in most cases, our desires are focused primarily on attaining worldly comforts. But the world is treacherous and an illusion. When was the last time we asked Allah Ta’ala for His love and recognition? Have we then not become the slaves of our desires? 

Therefore understand that Allah Ta’ala has created the difficulty so that we can take refuge in Him. Allah Ta’ala knows our needs and yes, He is closer to us than our jugular vein. Obstacles in our lives have made us vulnerable and…

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