They Mock Islamic Rituals, But Look at Their Rituals for Burying the Queen

By Muslim Skeptic Team -September 24, 2022

The following is a translation of a piece written in Arabic by Dr. Wael Habannakeh commenting on the recent death of Queen Elizabeth.

“Honoring A Dead Person is by Burying Them….”

This axiom and aphorism is the byproduct of Islamic juristic understanding of the teachings of the leader of creation Muhammad – Allah’s blessings and protection be upon him. However, this statement “honoring the dead person is by burying them” is not an actual Prophetic saying.

As for the Prophetic narration, the Messenger ﷺ says:

O ‘Ali! three things are not to be postponed or delayed: the ritual prayer when it’s time comes in, the body of the decreased for burial once it’s prepared, and a single woman if she finds a compatible suitor for marriage. [Tirmidhi]

For ten days they caused us heart ache with the “old witch/devil” as they were running with her corpse from place to place.

By Allah, if this were an Islamic ritual or it happened among Muslims – we would have seen Western media with a sweeping torrential outpouring of ridicule of our Din, our rituals, and our traditions/customs.

We would have seen the pens of the liberal secularists in our ranks being creative in expletives and mockery of us. They would have described us as backwards.

They would not have left any aspect of extracting faults whether humanitarian, societal, racial, psychological, religious, behavioral, except that they would have done this dissection on their lab table through their scientific, just perspective on the concepts of life and death.

A British citizen whom King Charles passed by on his country wide tour, to draw closeness to his people during the past ten days, said to King Charles, “We do not have money for heat or food, while you are spending exorbitant amounts on the queen’s funeral?!”

King Charles ignored him, as per the custom of Western politicians whenever someone confronts them with an embarrassing truth.

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I have attempted to find in this festival of rituals which lasted for ten days some value and I did not come up with any spiritual meaning that will benefit the embalmed corpse in the coffin.

The question which baffles me is: who thought up all of these idiotic details for the procession? I am certain that multiple committees of the biggest government officials, royal personalities, those responsible for the treasury, the King’s Guard, ministry of interior, the military, etc… all of them got together to think, then decided the following:

The pall of the coffin has a drawing of a naked female!

A goat with the rank of lance corporal participates in the funeral procession and is looked after by an English officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel!

Two beautiful dogs who are residents/owners of the Royal Palace receive their portion of honor in the presence of death, the terrifying condition!

Even the addresses which were said as a farewell to her were meaningless.

I reckon that if students in primary school wanted to throw a festive party for something they would not be at this level of idiocy, distasteful/repugnant pretentiousness, and empty talk.

One person carries a bowl from place to place with solemn movements, in the presence of the army’s great legions, and the state’s most distinguished men. Yet not a single one from among them knows what this bowl even is!

Another person breaks a stick in front of the coffin!

Another one walks solemnly, wearing embroidery. It is unknown who he is, neither do we know what he wants, where he is going, or even where he came from!

Soldiers like slaves moving in a spectacle embodying/showcasing slavery in its clearest form according to the instructions of a family that hallucinates whatever they desire in light of their hereditary psychological complexes!

The state’s and citizens’ interests were disrupted during a catastrophic financial crisis!

All these actions resemble the behavior of crazy people in an open insane asylum. What is strange is that not a single person is bewildered, not a single person opposed it. Rather, the opposite. Everyone is participating and sympathetic to these great Royal rituals.

It is said about the cross-eyed rich person with strabismus, “an off balance sign of beauty.” A proverb says: everything that goes beyond its appropriate level becomes deficient and the opposite of itself. Spiritual emptiness, material degeneracy, human deviance, ethnic/racial arrogance and superiority are the real headlines that we witnessed.

In conclusion, I felt that Great Britain can sense the decline of its global position. It desired through this occasion to prove to the world that it has not lost its edge by means of these fables and superstitions which were not done by anyone before her.

The one that is protected and concealed by strength will be exposed by his foolishness. Conceitedness and vanity will expose him. There is a huge difference between the one whose power stems from below and the one whose power is from above.

The reality is that my article is long, however what we have witnessed for ten days of absurdity and stupidity under an international patronage requires articles, upon articles, upon articles.

We ask Allah for a good ending.

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On the 8th of September 2022, the world mourned over an oppressive lady named Elizabeth ALEXANDRA MARY AS HER GUARDS (EVIL FORCES) WERE HELPLESS IN SAVING HER FROM DEATH WHERE ANGELS BEAT HER ON HER FACE AND BACK
 • She was “QUEEN REGNANT” OF 32 Sovereign states and served monarch for 15 of them. Her oppression was the longest of any British monarch and “Muslims” globally are emotionally disorientated by this inmate of the blazing fire.
 • So called Muslim leaders, the general public, countries are sinking in their new concocted religion of pity, mourning their beloved Firownah (Pharoanah)



The death of the Queen in Britain has given rise to a number of questions. These questions are as follows:

(1) Is it permissible to attend a memorial service held in honour of the Queen?
(2) Was it permissible for Muslims to attend the grand funeral service that was held for the Queen?
(3) Is it permissible for Muslims to follow the Royal funeral procession on TV or Radio or via their mobile phones?



We will proceed to answer the above questions in the above sequence. However, before doing so, there is lament that needs to be shared. These questions are an indication of how far Muslims have drifted from the true and orthodox teachings of Islam. Muslims have become so heavily influenced by modernism, that even basic Islamic beliefs are discarded for the sake of appeasing the kuffaar. Our mentality has become aligned to the thinking of the kuffaar, to the extent that we feel the need to conform to the standards and norms of the kuffar society, at the expense of Allah’s Law. Why should such questions even arise, if we really understood correct Islamic Belief? When will Muslims realize that we are different in culture and etiquette to other societies? We are different because our culture is rooted in the Sunnah of Our Nabi Muhammed (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). We are not always permitted by Shariah to abide by the normativity of the kuffar. …

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