Among the worst sins perpetrated by innumerable people on the Day of Qur’baani, is the organization of haraam merrymaking functions where the following major sins are committed in the name of Qur’baani:

  • Gathering of Zaanis (male fornicators/adulterers) and Zaaniyahs (female fornicators/adulteresses) at the venue where the cruel slaughter of Qur’baani animals and the brutal slaughter of Islamic morals take place.
  • The affair is arranged as if it is a kuffaar sporting occasion with performers and spectators in the gallery.
  • The females come dressed up with maximum adornment to attract the gazes and stares of the fussaaq and fujjaar males.
  • The stupid ‘matador’ with sleeves rolled up and chest puffed out prances arrogantly with his knife to demonstrate his silly prowess when slaughtering the bull. He performs to the gallery of men and women whilst his silly brains drift in a limbo of fantasy regarding his ‘courage’ and ‘power’ when slaughtering the immobilized animal.
  • The poor animal is chased by a group of hoodlums – children and stupid men and labourers to catch it. The animal is totally traumatized, bewildered and extremely fearful of the hooligans chasing it.
  • Whilst all of this haraam is being enacted and subjected to haraam videoing and photography, the fussaaq /fujjaar men and women enjoy refreshments.
  • No Islamic consideration is shown to the animals. All rules in Allah’s Book of Raham (Mercy) ordained for observation when slaughtering animals are mercilessly trampled on by everyone present – by the stupid ‘matador’, the helpers and the spectators.
  • An animal is slaughtered and skinned in the presence of other animals. The skinning sometimes commences whilst there is still some life left in the animals. All of this is Haraam – major sins.


Understand well that Qur’baani is not a merrymaking occasion. Allah Ta’ala has ordained this Day for us to commemorate the supreme Qur’baani (Sacrifice) of Hadhrat Nabi Ibraaeem (Alayhis salaam) who was commanded by Allah Azza Wa Jal to sacrifice his beloved son, Ismaaeel (Alayhis salaam). So when your animal is being slaughtered, call to mind that it is your son who is being sacrificed. You are not present to enjoy yourself like a kaafir at some merrymaking function.

It is haraam – totally HARAAM – for women even in burqahs to be present at the slaughtering venue. There are fussaaq males present, and even the molvis and outwardly looking ‘pious’ chaps present are fussaaq and fujjaar, hence they derive carnal, bestial and lustful pleasure from the presence of the womenfolk dressed in their stupid finery.

The animals MUST be slaughtered mercifully, not in the cruel manner which is currently being enacted at most places where mass ‘qur’baani’ takes place.

Our advice is that those who are inexperienced should not slaughter bulls/cows. Instead, 7 goats/sheep should be sacrificed. Most of those stupid ‘matadors’ who slaughter Qur’baani bulls lack experience, hence the need for a score of hoodlums to chase and overpower the cow. It is not permissible for inexperienced persons to slaughter big animals.

Qur’baani is not restricted to mere throat-slitting. It is a holy amal of the Deen. It is among the Shi-aar (Salient Features) of Islam. It is not a funfair. It is not a picnic.  Refreshments should not be served at this haraam picnic. Women should not be allowed to enter the venue where mass-slaughtering takes place. These stupid people¸ in order to participate in the merrymaking haraam function, are adept at citing the mas’alah regarding viewing one’s animal at the time of slaughtering. For this Mustahab, they commit a plethora of haraam acts whilst the act of Istihbaab is the furthest from their minds. They cite it as an excuse for participating in the haraam circus organized on the Day of Eidul Adha. But they are absolutely bereft of the Taqwa which should be the primary attitude when making Qur’baani.


It has been brought to our notice that some Molvis in Natal are selling Qur’baani animals on the condition of distributing the meat themselves. The purchaser of the animal is not allowed to take the meat. This is not permissible. The sale is invalid and haraam. The Qur’baani too is not valid.  The Molvis and the sellers should rectify their corrupt deals for the proper and valid discharge of the Qur’baani obligation.

3 Zil Hajj 1438 (25 August 2017)