Some shareholders of PepsiCo, Incorporated put forward the following proposal to the directors of the Company:


Shareholders request that the Board of Directors adopt a corporate policy that recognizes human rights and employs ethical standards which do not involve using the remains of aborted human beings in both private collaborative research and development agreements.”

Rejecting this proposal, the Company stated:

“The Proposal may be excluded under rule 14a-8i(7) because it pertains to matters relating to the company’s ordinary business operations.”

These are non-Muslim shareholders who are appalled by the rot and satanism of the company in which they have invested. But, today’s molvis, muftis and sheikhs are licking the boots of the atheists by peddling their haraam satanic wares. They crookedly employ and misinterpret Qur’aanic Aayaat, Ahaadith and Fiqhi texts in support of their shaitaani narratives spun in defence of their atheists handlers.

Deepening the sinister satanic dimension, the Company in refusing to deal with the Proposal of its own shareholders, averred:

“The second consideration is the degree to which the proposal attempts to ‘micro-manage’ a company by “probing too deeply into matters of a complex nature upon which shareholders as a group, would not be in position to make an informed judgment.”

Shareholders themselves being highly perturbed by the information that their company utilizes aborted human foetuses in their flavourings, had made the aforementioned proposal. However, the ‘deep probing’ of the shareholders spells disaster for the company’s sales. Millions all over the world will desist from consuming Pepsi on account of this information which exposes the satanism, disease and filth of soft drinks, not of only Pepsi, but of all similar drinks.

Denials by soft drink and VACCINE manufacturers should be outrightly rejected. When the directors of the company refuse to answer to even their bosses, the Shareholders, what can then constrain them to honestly answer to outsiders who have absolutely no say and no control over the satanic companies?

In order to continue bootlicking the atheists and the Bill Gates, Pharma & Iblees cartel, moron molvis, juhala muftis and dacoit sheikhs in pursuit of dollars and other sinister agendas, swallow the falsehood of vaccines not being manufactured from aborted human foetuses.

Whatever these agents of Iblees proffer in vindication of their deglutition is not dissuasive to men of Intelligence. The satanic villainy of these Munaafiq agents of shaitaan is repeatedly exposed by reliable information from reliable sources.

The collaboration by muftis with the Bill Gates cartel is indeed most lamentable. Their zig zag, fence-sitting fatwas, and also outright condonation fatwas expose the nifaaq and kufr lurking in their hearts. These agents of Iblees act as if there will be no Maut and no Qabr for them.



5 Rabiul Awwal 1443 – 12 October 2021


“Never will you find a change for the Sunnah of Allah.” (Qur’aan)




gistkonnect 11:48 PM BREAKING NEWS:


The President of United States of America, Donald Trump has recently done the following.

  1. Made vaccines voluntary not mandatory. Military will check purity and distribute vaccines.
  2. Defunded World Health Organisation (W.H.O) forever and wants an investigation into its operations.
  3. Cancelled the Democrats HR bill, known as the Covid -19 TRACE Act that was the basis for Bill Gates’s diagnosis and tracking project, which was also cancelled.
  4. Cancels Bill Gates project known as ID2020.
  5. Opened a complaint platform to report censorship on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It was overrun with complaints. They got the evidence.
  6. Stopped 5G rollout nationwide.
  7. Executive Order to reopen states: Governors who refuse to reopen will be sued.
  8. Executive Order for White House to take over all Electrical Grids: Which will include Internet servers, Broadcasting systems, Electronic systems. (Red Flag)
  9. Declares places of worship ‘Essential Services.’ Some mayors are fining people for going to church.
  10. Applauded Australia and 116 countries for insisting on a China Probe into the spread of Covid-19 despite several threats from China about refusing critical exports.

(End of report)

In the Plan of Allah Azza Wa Jal, even shayaateen are spanned in to give effect to the decrees of Allah Ta’ala. It is of the Sunnah of Allah Azza Wa Jal to punish Muslim treasonists and rebels (fussaaq and fujjaar) with kuffaar domination and oppression. After such Athaab has run its destined course, Allah Ta’ala pits kuffaar against kuffaar.

But the end of Athaab for Muslims is possible only when the vast majority of the Ummah repents and resolves to submit to the Sunnah as the Sahaabah had shown and conveyed it to the Ummah. The Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Turn towards Allah in repentance- all of you in unison – so that you may attain victory.”

21 Jamaadil Awwal 1442 – 5 January 2021




It’s time people woke up!

URGENT MUST SEE RACKETEERING: 35 out of 37 on UK Vaccine Network group that advises the Government have been paid off by Bill Gates to the tune of £200 MILLION! Vaccinations ingredients to cause mass sterilization.
Chris Witty received a Grant of £31 Million by the Gates Foundation, and in May 2020 is about to be put on the Executive board of the World Health Organisation (WHO). The BIGGEST funder of the World Health Organisation is Bill Gates!

If you were handed millions of pounds by someone..where would your allegiance lie? Would you say anything bad about them?
Both Chris Witty and Sir Patrick Vallance (chief scientific advisor) are taking “guidance” from W.H.O. that is funded by Bill Gates. The 2 remaining members of the 37 making up the UK Vaccine Network, answer directly to Sir Patrick Vallance. Total Control. Total stitch up.
CORRUPTION OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. (Like backing every horse in the Grand National to ensure you win).
Patrick Vallance, up until 2018 was President of R&D at GlaxoSmithKline (produces vaccines).
GlaxoSmithKline and Bill Gates are part of a £Billion pound deal. In bed together.
Gates has invested £1 Billion, and through testing alone stands to see a return of £14 Billion just from the UK when everyone is “tested” (tests charged are £250 a pop).
The return from vaccinations as well is £45 Billion.
Company Mologic (sounds similar to Moloch) is set up by Bill Gates, and Boris Johnson visited Mologic earlier in the week.

Media paid off. On the Guardian Newspaper Global Development pages, it states “We are now funded by the Gates Foundation”.
GlaxoSmithKline Vaccine Ingredients to create infertility in both Males and Females:
Anti HCG(Anti Human chorionic gonadotropin) causes infertility in women, along with 37 amino acids, CTP (carboxy terminal peptides).
“Principal of Anti HCG is to induce antibodies which combine to HCG and render it biologically inactive”.
GlaxoSmithKline tested on 63 women. The report states that 61 became infertile.
The male version is :
Anti GNRH. Its a sperm specific mitochondrial antigen, that basically kills mitochondrial DNA in the sperm. They are still able to swim around, but when they deliver DNA to the Egg, it’s dead.. and then makes that woman infertile.
So you can have a vaccinated man, sleep with an unvaccinated woman..and she will become INFERTILE.
These ingredients are also planned to be included in other vaccines!
Dr Andrew Preston is responsible for the human trials. He has received £28 Million from the Gates foundation…and.. GlaxoSmithKline provide the ingredients!
It takes around 7-10 years to show in Public.
(See Gates Foundation track record at Vaccination harm on a MASSIVE scale in India).
Specifically under “communicable diseases” states you do not have any confidentiality, mandatory to be vaccinated. Means they can forcibly inject you.
Anybody not taking the vaccine will have their Social Credit Score affected. (Already used in China to stop travel..buying food etc). This system will be delivered by Microsoft. Emma Wolmsley – Chief Executive officer of GlaxoSmithKline also sits on the board of Microsoft, next to Bill Gates.

UK Vaccine Network members and Grants/funding by Gates Foundation:
* Adrian Hill – £10 million
* Andrew Pollard – £36.9 million
* Brian Charleston Director of Pirbright institute – (multiple Grant’s. Last one was £5.5 million)
* Cherry Lynn Adam’s (phonetic spelling sorry) from BBSRC – £4.4 million
* Charlie Weller – all work funded by GF
* Charlotte Watts – London school of hygiene and tropical medicine – £59 million
* Chris Witty – Chief Medical Officer – £31 million
* Christian Schneider MHRA – regular funding
* Eleanor Riley – London School of hygiene and tropical medicine – £50 million
* Fiona Tomley – Pirbright institute – multiple Grant’s
* Gary Entresson same as Fiona
* Ian Hudson – CEO of MHRA, Left to become BILL GATES SNR. ADVISOR!
* Jean Lang – Co leads Gates foundation vaccinations discovery team
* Jeffrey Oldman – Snr Advisor to World Health Organisation & Gate Foundation
* Joanne Prior – Defence Science and tech. Lab (answers directly to *
Patrick Vallance of GlaxoSmithKline). Patrick is now chief scientific advisor to the Government.
* Johann van Hoof funded by GF
* John Edmonds funded by GF
* Jonathan Pierce – Medical research council, multiple Grant’sand works regularly with GF
* Julian Bonajera – MHRA

With thanks to your important message Robin Nesteruk





by T. Durden Sun, 05/17/2020 – 07:00                    Via GreatGameIndia.com,


As the FDA shuts down a Bill Gates-funded COVID-testing program, an Italian politician has demanded the arrest of Bill Gates in the Italian parliament.

Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome denounced Bill Gates as a “vaccine criminal” and urged the Italian President to hand him over to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

She also exposed Bill Gates’ agenda in India and Africa, along with the plans to chip the human race through the digital identification program ID2020.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, in 2015 it were the Italians who exposed secret Chinese biological experiments with Coronavirus. The video, which was broadcast in November, 2015, showed how Chinese scientists were doing biological experiments on a SARS connected virus believed to be Coronavirus, derived from bats and mice, asking whether it was worth the risk in order to be able to modify the virus for compatibility with human organisms.


In an extraordinary seven-minute speech met with wide applause, Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome said that Italy had been subjected to a “Holy Inquisition of false science.” She roundly criticized the unnecessary lockdown imposed on her fellow Italians in the service of a globalist agenda. She urged fellow political leaders to desist in any plans to compel citizens to surrender themselves to compulsory COVID-19 vaccination at the hands of the corrupt elite – whom she identified as the Deep State.

Below is the transcription of the full speech delivered to the Italian Parliament by Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome.

Speech delivered to the Italian Parliament May 2020

[Emphasis ours]

“Hobbes said that absolute power does not come from an imposition from above but by the choice of individuals who feel more protected renouncing  their own freedom and granting it to a third party.


With this, you are going on anesthetizing the minds with corrupted Mass Media with Amuchina (a brand of disinfectant promoted by Mass Media) and NLP, with words like “regime”, “to allow” and “to permit”, to the point of allowing you to regulate our emotional ties and feelings and certify our affects.

So, in this way, Phase 2 is nothing else than the persecution/continuation of Phase 1 – you just changed the name, as you did with the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). We have understood people, for sure, don’t die from the virus alone. So people will be allowed to die and suffer, thanks to you and your laws, for misery and poverty. And, as in the “best” regimes, the blame will be dropped only on citizens. You take away our freedom and say that we looked for it. Divide et Impera (Divide and Rule).

It is our children who will lose more, who are ‘raped souls’, with the help of the so-called “guarantor of their rights” and of CISMAI (Italian Coordination of Services against Child Abuse). In this way, the right to school will be granted only with a bracelet to get them used to probation, to get them used to slavery – involuntary treatment and to virtual lager. All this in exchange for a push-scooter and a tablet. All to satisfy the appetites of a financial capitalism whose driving force is the conflict of interest, conflict well represented by the WHO, whose main financier is the well-known “philanthropist and savior of the world” Bill Gates.

We all know it, now. Bill Gates, already in 2018, predicted a pandemic, simulated in October 2019 at the “Event 201”, together with Davos (Switzerland). For decades, Gates has been working on Depopulation policy and dictatorial control plans on global politics, aiming to obtain the primacy on agriculture, technology and energy.

Gates said, I quote exactly from his speech:

“If we do a good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%. Only a genocide can save the world”.

With his vaccines, Gates managed to sterilize millions of women in Africa. Gates caused a polio epidemic that paralyzed 500,000 children in India and still today with DTP, Gates causes more deaths than the disease itself. And he does the same with GMOs designed by Monsanto and “generously donated” to needy populations. All this while he is already thinking about distributing the quantum tattoo for vaccination recognition and MRNA vaccines as tools for reprogramming our immune system. In addition, Gates also does business with several multinationals that own 5G facilities in the USA.

On this table there is the entire Deep State in Italian sauce: Sanofi, together with GlaxoSmithKline are friends of the Ranieri Guerra, Ricciardi, and of the well-known virologist that we pay 2000 Euro every 10 minutes for the presentations on Rai (Italian state TV. She’s probably talking about Burioni). Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline sign agreements with medical societies to indoctrinate future doctors, making fun of their autonomy of judgment and their oath.

Hi-Tech multinationals, like the Roman Engineering which is friend of the noble Mantoan, or Bending Spoons, of Pisano, which are there for control and manage our personal health datas in agreement with the European Agenda ID2020 of electronic identification, which aims to use mass vaccination to obtain a digital platform of digital ID. This is a continuation of the transfer of data started by Renzi to IBM. Renzi, in 2016, gave a plus 30% to Gates Global Fund.

On the Deep State table there are the people of Aspen, like the Saxon Colao, who with his 4-pages reports, paid 800 Euros/hour, with no scientific review, dictates its politics as a Bilderberg general as he is, staying away from the battlefield. The list is long. Very long. In the list there is also Mediatronic, by Arcuri and many more.

The Italian contribution to the International Alliance Against Coronavirus will be of 140 million Euros, of which 120 million Euros will be given to GAVI Alliance, the non-profit by Gates Foundation. They are just a part of the 7.4 billion Euro fund by the EU to find a vaccine against Coronavirus – vaccines which will be used as I said before.

No money, of course for serotherapy, which has the collateral effect of being super cheap. No money for prevention, a real prevention, which includes our lifestyles, our food and our relationship with the environment.

The real goal of all of this is total control. Absolute domination of human beings, transformed into guinea pigs and slaves, violating sovereignty and free will. All this thanks to tricks/hoaxes disguised as political compromises. While you rip up the Nuremberg code with involuntary treatment, fines and deportation, facial recognition and intimidation, endorsed by dogmatic scientism – protected by our “Multi-President” of the Republic who is real cultural epidemic of this country.

We, with the people, will multiply the fires of resistance in a way that you won’t be able to repress all of us.

I ask you, President, to be the spokesperson and give an advice to our President Conte: Dear Mr. President Conte, next time you receive a phone call from the philanthropist Bill Gates forward it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. If you won’t do this, tell us how we should define you, the “friend lawyer” who takes orders from a criminal. Thank you.

25 Ramadhaan 1441 – 19 May 2020



WHO Offered $20M Bribe To Poison COVID-19 Cure – Madagascar President

By   GreatGameIndia May 16, 2020

In a shocking development the President of Madagascar has made a sensational claim that the WHO offered $20m bribe to poison COVID-19 cure. The herbal remedy called COVID-19 Organics made from Artemisia can cure COVID-19 patients within ten days said the President. He also raised the question that if it was a European country that had actually discovered this remedy, would there be so much doubt?

WHO Offered $20M Bribe To Poison COVID-19 Cure – Madagascar President

The President of Madagascar Andry Rajoelina has accused the World Health Organisation of a plot to have its COVID-19 Organics, the local African ‘cure’ for the virus poisoned. Rajoelina claims WHO offered a $20 million bribe to poisoned their medicine, Tanzania Perspective reported on the front-page of its 14th May edition.

The President of Madagascar believes the only reason the rest of the world has refused to treat Madagascar’s cure for the coronavirus with urgency and respect is that the remedy comes from Africa.

WHO Offered $20M Bribe To Poison COVID-19 Cure says the President of Madagascar as reported by Tanzania Perspective

In an interview with French media, President Rajoelina reportedly said he has noticed what he believes stems from usual condescension toward Africans. “I think the problem is that (the drink) comes from Africa and they can’t admit… that a country like Madagascar… has come up with this formula to save the world.”

“What is the problem with Covid-Organics, really? Could it be that this product comes from Africa? Could it be that it’s not OK for a country like Madagascar, which is the 63rd poorest country in the world… to have come up with (this formula) that can help save the world?”

“If it wasn’t Madagascar, and if it was a European country that had actually discovered this remedy, would there be so much doubt? I don’t think so,” said Africa’s youngest head of state, the President of Madagascar Andry Rajoelina.

The remedy, COVID Organics, is made from Artemisia, a plant imported into Madagascar in the 1970s from China to treat malaria. Artemisia has had proven success against malaria and according to President Rajoelina it can cure COVID-19 patients within ten days.

However, the WHO has criticized such natural therapeutic measures against the coronavirus as blind faith. In response to the skepticism with which the WHO is treating the COVID Organics, Rajoelina said, “No country or organisation will keep us from going forward.”

A host of other African countries including, Tanzania, Guinea-Bissau, DR Congo and Niger, have imported the Madagascan made recipe.


Meanwhile, in yet another African nation Nigeria, Bill Gates has been caught bribing forced Coronavirus program. Based on an intercepted human intelligence report, a controversy has erupted in Nigeria whereby it is revealed that Bill Gates offered $10 million bribe for a forced vaccination program for Coronavirus to the Nigerian House of Representatives.

The opposition political parties rejected the “foreign-sponsored Bill” mandating the compulsory vaccination of all Nigerians even when the vaccines have not been discovered and demanded the Speaker be impeached if he forces the bill on members.

Just a couple of days later, an Italian politician demanded the arrest of Bill Gates in the Italian parliament. Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome denounced Bill Gates as a “vaccine criminal” and urged the Italian President to hand him over to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. She also exposed Bill Gates’ agenda in India and Africa, along with the plans to chip the human race through the digital identification program ID2020.

The Madagascar controversy has erupted days after Tanzania kicked out WHO after Goat and Papaya samples came COVID-19 Positive. With the rise in false Coronavirus cases, the Tanzanian President John Magufuli growing suspicious of the World Health Organization (WHO), decided to investigate the claims himself.

He sent the WHO samples of a goat, a papaya and a quail for testing. After all 3 samples came COVID-19 positive, the Tanzanian President is reported to have kicked out WHO from the country.

Following the Tanzanian lead Burundi also kicked out entire WHO Coronavirus Team from the country for interference in internal matters. In a letter addressed to WHO’s Africa headquarters, the foreign ministry says the four officials must leave by Friday.

Looks like WHO’s days in Africa are over!

22 Ramadhaan 1441 – 16 May 2020



White House to Look at Petition To Investigate Bill Gates for ‘Crimes Against Humanity’; Gets 286K Signatures


(VIRTUE) – petition titled, “We the People” is asking Congress to investigate the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The petition states “Congress and all other governing bodies are derelict in duty until a thorough and public inquiry is complete.”

The petition was created on April 10th and has surpassed 100,000 signatures within only days making it one of the most signed petitions on the official White House petition website.

The purpose of the site is to empower American citizens “to become an agent of change.” If any petition gets 100,000 signatures within 30 days, the White House promises to “make sure it gets in front of the appropriate policy experts”: “We the People is a platform that empowers the American public to take this action like never before – it’s a way for anybody, anywhere, to speak directly to the government and become an agent for change.

“With We the People, you can easily create a petition online, share it, and collect signatures. If you gather 100,000 signature in 30 days, we’ll review your petition, make sure it gets in front of the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response.”

The petition can be viewed here

19 Ramadhaan 1441 – 13 May 2020



A Brother provides the following information regarding the dark, sinister, grotesque plot of the Satanists:


Bill Gates lets slip real reason for Pandemic i.e. Digital Certificate Of Movement, initially on your smart phone. Reading between lines, this will be so as you are tracked on 5G control grid and require compulsory vaccinations to keep your certificate valid.

◾Pandemic is initially to restrict our movement, removing our freedom.

◾ To regain movement, we will require digital certificate of movement on smartphone (eventually on microchip under skin).

◾ Microchip will be for buying and selling, it will be switched off if you protest TPTB. In cashless society you won’t be able to function.

◾ 5G network is to track you, initially by your smartphone which you have to bring everywhere due to digital certificate of movement, and eventually on your microchip.

◾ End Goal – Total Enslavement, Deep State want to own us like cattle on 5G control grids, they can switch us on and off as they wish.

Here is what GATES said

“Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.”

Article below discusses certificate of movement now required in France.

Coronavirus containment: certificate of movement on smartphone

“Due to the coronavirus pandemic, France is placed in almost total containment and the population now needs a certificate to move. But not necessarily need a printer, the smartphone is enough.”

To understand broader context of digital certificate of movement, it’s useful to go back over 10 years to interview with former friend of ‘Deep State’ Rockefeller family, Arron Russo. In interview he exposes plans which member of Rockefeller family had leaked to him in private.

One of most important pieces of information was that in future all humans would be required to have microchip under their skin, and one of its main purposes would be for buying and selling.

Any individual resisting agenda of Deep State would have their microchip switched off, making it almost impossible for them to function in society, thereby giving Elite immense control over population.

Rockefeller family have also been obsessed with pandemics for years like Bill Gates.

Of course, to keep your certificate of movement valid, you’ll need to keep up with your toxic social engineering vaccines, which will modify your fertility, IQ, lifespan, health etc in adverse ways, all under guise of protecting you against various pathogens. Both Rockefeller’s and Gates are known eugenicists, and are both heavily involved with vaccines, and both have admitted on video they want global population down to below one billion.

As you see, it is vital to resist plans of these parasites, do not comply, if significant % refuse to cooperate with their agenda then their agenda will fail.

TLDR – Reason for pandemic = Pretext for introduction of certificate of movement, so as we have to join vaccine social engineering program, get tracked on 5G grid and buy/sell with microchip; fully enslaved by Deep State. It is essential for yourself and future generations that you refuse to comply.

Background videos:-

David Rockefeller talks about over population and population control

Bill Gates wants depopulation, will use vaccines.

Event 201 – Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak?

Rockefeller Foundation Plan


(End of the information)

Regarding these Satanists and their grotesque plots, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“Verily, they (the Satanists) have plotted, and their plot is by Allah. Indeed their conspiracy is such that even mountains will move. (Ibraaheem, Aayat 46)

These vile specimens of living creatures in reality are not human beings. They are Satanists of the worst kind. The Muslim’s belief is that they will be able to inflict only the amount of harm which Allah Ta’ala allows them. They are also being used by Allah Ta’ala to inflict punishment on us for our gross rebellion and villainy. Since we recklessly and flagrantly sin and indulge in evil cesspools of

12 Ramadhaan 1441 – 6 May 2020

Mark of the Beast


The Hidden Back Story Everyone Needs to Know About Big Brother

Posted on April 23, 2020 by State of the Nation


Brought to you by
everyone’s Big Brother

Billionaire Bill Gates went from creating back doors for computer viruses … to creating back doors for corona viruses

State of the Nation

Computer Viruses

Founder and former Microsoft chairman, chief executive officer, president and chief software architect Bill Gates was responsible for overseeing the creation of Windows (and MS-DOS), the original security hole-filled operating system which purposefully permitted the entry of so many computer viruses to gain entry into every PC on the planet

Here’s why Bill Gates changed from creating operating systemswith backdoors for computer viruses to vaccines that make thehuman body vulnerable to coronaviruses!

This complex conspiracy to allow the infiltration of every PC running Windows (it was named “Windows” because the Five Eyes were given several windows through which to peer into your computer) is obviously much larger than Bill Gates.  Gates was merely chosen as the frontman for this covert DARPA project which ultimately necessitated that every PC be ‘protected’ with anti-virus software.  That was the ultimate goal which duly captured the vast majority of PC users.  Who knows what those cyber-security packages are really capable of doing once installed?

Microsoft’s security hole-filled Windows also required a constant stream of updates, each one designed to do things to the computer software (and hardware) that are virtually unknown to the user and/or owner.

For all anyone knows, those frequent and time-consuming updates are setting the operating system up with more vulnerabilities, as well as creating opportunities for Microsoft to retrieve any information whatsoever from everyone’s privately owned personal computer.

KEY POINT: That Bill Gates was at the helm of Microsoft and knew quite well about this intentional invasion of all PCs via built-in backdoors speaks to his true character and willingness to betray millions of personal computer buyers.  This pattern of highly unprofessional behavior has manifested again in his capacity of worldwide vaccine salesman.

So, here was Microsoft’s DARPA-dictated formula that made computer viruses a never-ending threat just like human viruses are today:

 Install an operating system full of security holes and other serious glitches

 Conduct non-stop updates with patches to patch the holes and fixes to fix the glitches

 Recommend that every PC user acquire virus and security software for protection of software and hardware alike

 Provide essential software data to hackers and back-channel OS vulnerabilities to malware makers using the dark web

In each of these steps of executing the preceding Problem~Reaction~Solution strategy was Bill Gates well prepared to smoothly segue over to the realm of human viruses and vaccines.  Read on to understand why.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Now fast forward to 2000 and the founding of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

First, it’s critical to understand that Bill Gates is a totally made man who was given his unearned stake in Microsoft in order to quickly transform him into the world’s richest man and multi-billionaire ON PURPOSE.

Gates was controlled since birth by his various handlers, especially his father Bill Gates Sr. who, at 94 years old, still sits on the board of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The foundation is controlled by its three trustees: Bill and Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffett. Other principal officers include Co-Chair William H. Gates, Sr. and Chief Executive Officer Mark Suzman.[5] [1]

It’s of paramount importance to know that once billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett were given their massive fortunes, they were bound by their hidden masters to use that money in specific, and often malevolent, ways.  In other words, that extraordinary wealth is absolutely not theirs to use; rather, it belongs to the International Banking Cartel and Crime Syndicate.  The banksters at the IBCCS ultimately control the fortunes of every billionaire on Earth—bar none.

Therefore, like virtually all billionaires on planet Earth in 2020, Gates and Buffett are merely bagmen who allocate their ill-gotten gains toward various black operations and black projects such as the Super-Vaccination Agenda.


However, Bill Gates is not only a glorified bagman, he’s also the world’s premier frontman for the exceedingly dangerous and deadly Super-Vaccination Agenda.  His entire life was painstakingly set up so that he would eventually transition from his computer virus scam to his human virus scandal.

Human Viruses

One the primary goals of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is to impose highly toxic childhood vaccination schedules on schoolchildren throughout the Third World.

Another goal is to vaccinate all adults and children with annual flu vaccines that not only do not work, they actually cause major outbreaks of the flu strains being inoculated for.

However, the main goal of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (B&MGF) in 2020 is to see a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine administered to every living person.  Not only that, such a draconian global vaccine regimen will be enforced with immunity certificates if Gates has anything to say about it.

There’s something very wrong when the predictive programming is accurate down to the exact year of the predicted event. That has happened more than once in the case of Bill Gates.

Bill Gates 1997 Prediction: 2020 Extinction By Lung-Attacking Virus

Before there was even a coronavirus called COVID-19, Gates & Company worked very hard to fabricate a full-blown pandemic around any virus that reared its ugly head naturally or was expertly bioengineered in a military bio-lab.

Just like Gates did with computer viruses as he first created the back doors for them to be penetrated, then Microsoft handed the keys to the kingdom to the hackers so they could attack with the right viruses that would then require a whole new regime of cyber-security.

Similarly, vaccines stealthily create a back boor though which microchips, heavy metals, pathogenic micro-organisms, toxic chemicals, nanobots and other harmful ingredients can be introduced into the human body without the knowledge of the vaccinated individual.

In light of the various enterprises that Bill Gates is directly and indirectly connected to, it’s clear he and his silent business partners have set up a horizontal and vertical monopoly that exploits the “Pandemic Problem~Panic Reaction~Vaccine Solution” like a charm.  However, sometimes those foreign business ventures crash and burn like this one did in India. (Why is it that poor Indian and African children are often experimented on and with such great consequences?)

How is Bill Gates NOT IN PRISON after causing a polio epidemic that paralyzed 496,000 children in India?!

Clearly, Big Pharma and the B&MGF have been joined at the hips from day one, just as there is a swiftly revolving door between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the CDC, NIH, FDA and HHS.

Big Pharma-Medical-Government Complex

It’s crucial to correctly comprehend the true depth and breadth of this genocidal enterprise, ongoing depopulation exercise and disease-causing operation.

As the frontman, Bill Gates was selected as the face of the Big Pharma-Medical-Government Complex where it concerns COVID-19.  According to this duplicitous scheme, the wrath of truth seekers everywhere is being directed at him alone just like it was often during his tenure at Microsoft.

Yes, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Robert Redfield, Dr.Deborah Birx are also on the front line of this immense conspiracy to permanently lock down Earth and imprison humanity but they occupy their positions temporarily and will all be fired or resign sooner than later only to be replaced by other stooges from the Big Pharma-Medical-Government Complex. See: Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD Crushes Dr. Fauci, Exposes Birx, Clintons, Bill Gates & W.H.O. (Video)

Each of those three co-conspirators of Bill Gates have been selected because they have vested interests in both the creation of COVID-19 as well as in the pre-planned vaccine solution.  Fauci, Redfield and Birx were each chosen to play their prominent roles because of their personal contributions to the bioengineering of COVID-19.  How can they possibly leave the BPMGC reservation when they have so much skin in the game?

Moreover, a close auditing of their investment portfolios will reveal either a HUGE stake in companies associated with the coronavirus crisis, substantial payments made to them individually or corporately for vague consulting services, and/or various forms of consideration secretly given to family members or business associates.

In the absence of any of these typical acts of bribery and extortion, there is also the great likelihood of blackmail and coercion via Pedogate transgressions which always take place at this high level of government and corporate leadership.

OPERATION COVID-19 = AI Simulation

There is another very good reason why Gates was identified early on to lead this particular part of the New World Order agenda to lock down planet Earth, chip every human being and incarcerate them within an AI-directed Global Control Matrix. See: Bill Gates wasn’t chosen to lead the AI-simulated OPERATION COVID-19 pandemic and global live exercise just because his father was a eugenicist. (Video)

In fact, everything points directly to the high probability that Bill Gates has been totally taken over by either AI or AS.  As an AI-controlled entity whose body and mind have been merged with an advanced form of Autonomous Superintelligence (AS) certainly explains a lot of his sociopathic behavior that goes way beyond his father’s deep involvement with eugenics.[2]

The Gates Family, Eugenics and COVID-19

Perhaps this is why Mary Maxwell Gates, Bill Gates’ mother, was strategically positioned as a fellow United Way committee member of John Opel, the chairman of International Business Machines Corporation.  As the president of IBM, Opel gave Microsoft its first big break and in the process put her son Bill in touch with the most cutting-edge AI research and development in the world.

What’s the essential point?

The entire planetary civilization may now be witnessing or experiencing a global live exercise coordinated as an AI simulation via OPERATION COVID-19.  If that is the case, it behooves everyone to really understand how that might be the case.  As follows:

Welcome to the COVID-19 AI Simulation! Brought to you by your AI ‘friends’ at DARPA.

That’s not to say that OPERATION COVID-19 is not very real, but more likely a live exercise that cunningly blends grim reality with elaborate hoax.  The use of crisis actors on the streets, as well as fictional ICU sets in hospitals and makeshift coronavirus wards with hundreds of empty beds has already been proven.  Furthermore, there has never been such an extraordinary, transparent and coordinated effort by the mainstream media to exaggerate the number of confirmed cases and deaths related to COVID-19.

In this particular regard, unappointed ringleaders like Bill Gates, who basically bought his influence and power over the World Health Organization with a string of massive donations, must be watched like a hawk.  Just since February of 2020, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged $250 million to coronavirus relief efforts run under the rubric of WHO.[3]

Never in American history has a private citizen wielded so much influence over a global response to a civilization-altering pandemic.  Gates has utilized his many MSM and Internet-based platforms to fearmonger nations everywhere into a pen of COVID-19 vaccine compliance.

Now that’s quite an accomplishment even for Gates in view of the fact that there is no vaccine available, nor will there be one that really works.  All the experts have confirmed that this strain of coronavirus mutates so fast that vaccines will be ineffective … … … except to trigger the Coronavirus syndrome in those folks with weakened immune systems and/or serious medical ailments and underlying conditions.

KEY POINTS: Bill Gates built a 66,000 square foot home named Xanadu 2.0, an earth-sheltered mansion in the side of a hill overlooking Lake Washington in Medina, Washington.  According to news reports, the main house is particularly “noted for its design and the technology it incorporates”.  Some detailed press accounts have offered various descriptions which reflect a fully operational Internet of Things where the advanced WiFi and IT configuration; high-tech wireless devices, appliances and equipment; and 6G-level power grid are all state-of-the-art.  Other technological refinements include “a high-tech sensor system that helps guests monitor a room’s climate and lighting”.  The extent to which Bill interfaces with the many AI-driven components via voice and/or mind is not known, but surely 2020’s Big Brother is pushing the edge of the envelope in regard to total command and control of the entire Xanadu 2.o space.  Which is exactly where he wants every home in America to be as he monitors them from Medina (named after the former capital of the Muhammad’s Muslim Empire).


Let’s face it, in Bill Gates did the New World Order globalist cabal find the perfect purveyor of the MARK OF THE BEAST (MOTB).  His whole life and career path were ushered along by satanic forces to give him the range of experience, knowledge base, skill set and public profile so that he could get the dirty work done.

Gates was especially able to apply his knowledge of computer chips to the design of vaccine chips among many other parts and processes that were necessary to fabricate a fully functional MARK OF THE BEAST.

Gates and his vast team of software developers, computer programmers, IT device chipmakers and AI research scientists have colluded over decades to pack as much power as possible into the smallest microchips ever developed.  As head of Microsoft, he had access to the best and the brightest in the various fields of endeavor needed to perfect the MARK OF THE BEAST.

What very few people yet realize is that the MARK OF THE BEAST is actually a binary weapon system.  But not only does it have two components — vaccine-delivered microchips and handheld smartphone — it also has two targets: the human body and mind.

This is exactly why the now ubiquitous smartphone has replaced all wired IT technology practically overnight.  Landline telephones, as well as wired desktops and laptops, have been replaced with wireless devices and WiFi networks by a majority of people the world over.

This stealthy initiative was carried out by all of Corporate America with a vengeance.  There has never been such a concerted corporate effort conducted worldwide like the creation of the smartphone society.  This wireless culture was quite deliberately shoehorned into place just before the same perps pushed the button on OPERATION COVID-19. See: COVID-19 Outbreak Is The Trojan Horse To Increase Smartphone Surveillance

The next revolution within information technology taking place is, of course, the military deployment of 5G as a necessary precursor to the build-out of the Internet of Things.  The 5G roll-out in conjunction with the IoT will surely super-charge the MARK OF THE BEAST.  Not only will it greatly expand the potential for 24/7 monitoring of those who are “marked” (i.e. vaccinated and smartphoned), it will also provide an instantaneous feedback mechanism administered by advanced AI platforms (or AS entities) at the MOTB control center.

Obviously, the opportunities for Bill Gates and his countless partners-in-crimes like Fauci, Birx, Redfield, as well as the founders and CEOs of the notorious FAANGTM companies that dominate the emerging tyrannical technocracy, to manipulate this BEAST SYSTEM, are endless.

FAANGT = Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google, Twitter and Microsoft.

KEY POINT: You know Bill Gates has some serious problems when a fellow Democrat heavyweight is exposing his highly malevolent criminal vaccine conspiracy in real-time. See: Robert F Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates’ Vaccine Dictatorship Plan – Cites Gates’ Twisted ‘Messiah Complex’


There are specific reasons why Bill Gates doesn’t seem to care about his rapidly spreading reputation as an incorrigible and criminally insane psychopath hellbent on the extermination of the human race.

Perhaps the biggest reason is that William Henry Gates III is no longer one of US.  He is now one of them.  Who but a hardcore globalist would ever fund the creation of a pandemic-causing bioweapon, release it in his own country after launching it on 2 other continents, and then promote a bioengineered microchipped vaccine that ultimately allows him to exercise extraordinary control over the human race?!  See: CORONAVIRUS: A Globalist Bioweapon Created by DARPA, Big Pharma, Bill Gates and his British Overlords

Whether Bill Gates has completely merged his consciousness with a state-of-the-artAI platform or a highly evolved AS entity is only known by his NWO masters.  Nevertheless, his sustained level of extremely anti-human behavior is indicative that he has been completely taken over by some very dark forces indeed.

Therefore, it’s incumbent upon every American to expose this extremely dangerous MARK OF THE BEAST pusher and vaccine pitchman.  The more who wake up to the quickly manifesting BEAST SYSTEM, the better the chances of shutting it down—for good!

CAVEAT: It will take only one more generation to pass away before Bill Gates’ dream becomes an all-American nightmare.  That’s because the Baby Boomers are the only remaining generation who were not born with a smartphone in their hand.  In point of fact, the peer pressure to conform to the smartphone society is now so overwhelming that even many computer-illiterate Baby Boomers have surrendered to the wishes of their children and friends and co-workers, etc.  This does not bode well for the wireless and 5Ged American society; nor for the hyper-vaccinated U.S. citizenry.

It cannot be overstated that Bill Gates’ entire life was deliberately shaped for him to make the seamless transition from overseeing an unparalleled computer virus deceit to a cataclysmic corona virus deception.  The fateful progression of his notorious career path profoundly hinged on that baneful reality.  It also provides grist for another great meme.


From computer viruses and invasive updatesto corona viruses and weaponized vaccines

State of the NationApril 23, 2020


[1] Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

[2] Major Advancements in Autonomous Superintelligence Technology Being Made by Google

[3] How the World Health Organization collects its money

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Bill Gates’ Former Doctor Says Billionaire
‘Refused to Vaccinate His Children’

Immunization/Vaccination is a massive fraud perpetrated by Satanists. It is a dark, bizarre and grotesque conspiracy. It is a multi-billion dollar industry of the Satanists whose satanic objective besides the boodle, is the decimation of the people of the so-called third world countries to enable the West to pirate the natural resources of the richest countries of the world – the lands of Arabia, Africa and Asia which are all rich in natural resources of all kinds.
The multi-billionaires who have established the satanic vaccination industry and who are campaigning for mass immunization of the people of the third world countries, save their own children from the dangers and disasters of vaccination. Read the following article for better understanding of the dark plot of the Satanists.
HEALTH, 19 Feb 2018 Baxter Dmitry | Your News Wire – TRANSCEND Media Service
The physician who served as Bill Gates’ private doctor in Seattle in the 1990s says the Microsoft founder and vaccine proponent “refused to vaccinate his own children” when they were young.
7 Feb 2018 – “I don’t know if he had them vaccinated as adults, but I can tell you he point blank refused to vaccinate them as children,” the physician said at a behind closed doors medical symposium in Seattle, adding “They were gorgeous kids, really smart and vivacious, and he said they would be OK as it was, they didn’t need any shots.”
The comments caused a stir among physicians at the symposium with claims he was breaking doctor-patient confidentiality, according to reports. However as he was speaking to other physicians, he was not breaking the industry code of conduct.
Gates has three children with his wife Melinda – Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe – born between 1996 and 2002, and according to his former doctor, they are all unvaccinated and healthy. The news that Bill Gates does not vaccinate his own children, despite being the world’s most active campaigner for mandatory vaccinations, should come as no surprise. Studies prove that the elite do not vaccinate their children. But at the same time they expect the masses to have their children vaccinated.
In California, the children most likely to be unvaccinated are white and come from the wealthiest families in Los Angeles, according to a recent study. The percentage of kindergartners with state-issued personal belief exemptions doubled from 2007 to 2013, from 1.54% to 3.06%. That’s about 17,000 of the wealthiest children, out of more than half a million, opting out of receiving vaccinations.
Vaccine exemption percentages were highest in mostly white, high-income neighborhoods such as Orange County, Santa Barbara and parts of the Bay Area, according to CNN. The study, which was published in the American Journal of Public Heath, looked at more than 6,200 California schools and found vaccine exemptions were twice as common among kindergartners attending private institutions.
“Very rich and privileged parents like the idea of herd immunity, but they don’t want to take the risks associated with vaccinations when it comes to their own children. They are worried about adverse reactions including autism.” (End of report)
Now why would the world’s most active campaigner for mandatory vaccination refuse to have his children vaccinated? There is no conundrum underlying the vaccination farce and fraud. Bill Gates and his cohorts are fully aware of the horrendous consequences of vaccination, Stupid lackeys of the West such as the Pakistani government and all other regimes in the third world countries, bootlicking the West have all become entrapped in this satanic vaccination project.
Moron molvis in Pakistan and elsewhere, without understanding head or tail of vaccination conspiratorial project, are proclaiming the virtues of this bizarre satanic practice in truckling obedience to the evil regime of that unfortunate country. Millions of people have been subjugated to the disease consequences of immunization. These Satanists are fully aware of the horrors of vaccination. It is for this reason that they do not allow their children to be vaccinated. This is the attitude of Satanists which even Muslims are acclaiming as virtue. While the vaccine Satanists are believed to be philanthropists with altruistic motives, they are in fact the worst plotting devils who harbour deep hatred for humanity from which they exclude their own children.
The news of Bill Gates and others of his ilk protecting their children from vaccination should serve as a sufficient eye opener for the morons who have been ensnared into the satanic, murderous cauldron of vaccination.

8 Jamaadul Ulaa 1440 -15 January 2019