delaying bath of newborn babies

Q. Doctors are encouraging that the bathing of the newborn baby be delayed. They present several reasons for this.
They claim that there are many benefits for delaying the bathing.
Please comment.
A. Doctors are part of the Satanist western cult of life, hence they recommend what shaitaan whispers to them. Since the advent of Insaan on earth, babies were bathed immediately after being born. Throughout the history of mankind this was and is the system, at least the system of those who believe in Allah and the Last Day.
The Satanist doctors being agents of Iblees, are peddling the idea of shaitaan. Shaitaan loves najaasat (filth) and everything that is haraam, hence his agents among whom are these doctors, promote filth at the behest of Iblees.
The „benefits‟ for leaving the baby to wallow in filth are termed in the Qur‟aan zukhruful qawal, i.e. satanically adorned ideas, theories and statements of shaitaan. The devil inspires these doctors, scientists and the like to see benefit and goodness in filth and haraam.