Many Muslims have complained about the saahirah ‘aapa’ operating her sihr shaitaaniyat under guise of some confounded ‘therapy’ which itself is a hotch potch of kufr concepts and methods. One of the complainants wrote:

“There is an aalimah in Azaadville who has posted an advertisement about her so-caled ‘jihaadun nafs’ therapy. She is ensnaring a lot of women. She has copied many cults. She has advertised her cult and charges a fee of R6,500 for participation. What is the view of the Shariah regarding this type of therapy and what is the status of this woman who conducts this very expensive course?” (End of letter)
It is shockingly surprising that the girls madrasah has retained the teaching services of this marauding witch who poses as an ‘aalimah’, when in reality she is not even a Muslim. Her ‘therapy’ shaiyaaniyat being spawned by shaitaan is a snare to entrap gullible ignorant women. The saahirah’s motive is the haraam boodle which has driven her into the arms of Iblees. The sihr expels her from the fold of Islam, and all those who submit to her shaitanaiyat, also lose their Imaan.

Muslim women are expected to reflect and understand that the shaitaani wares of this Azaadville Witch are nugatory of Imaan. Participation in her satanism is the elimination of Imaan. It is indeed surprising that Muslim women will pay R6,500 for dabbling and dalliancing with satanism. There is no room in Islam for the haraam cult practices which the Azaadville Saahirah sells, and most deceptively covers the shaitaaniyat with Islamic terminology. Her advert conspicuously testifies to the shaitaaniyat of her haraam therapy methods and concepts.
In all forms of this type of cult-therapies, shaitaan is the originator. He appoints men and women as his agents to promote his shaitaniyat.

This Azaadville saahirah comes within the scope of the evil naffaathaat (witches who blow on knots) mentioned in Surah Falaq. Allah Ta’ala instructs us to seek His protection against the evil of the naffaathaat. Even if the Azaadville witch does not literally ‘blow on knots’, she is in the category of the naffaathaat. “Blowing on knots” mentioned in the Qur’aan Majeed is just one form of the satanic methodology of the saahiraat (witches) and saahireen (sorcerers).
Stay far from all human devils who practice weird therapies, and stay far from also the Ruqyah cartel of the Tunisian character who also utilizes the name of the Deen to promote his baatil khuraafaat. The bottom line and the primary, in fact only objective of these weird characters with their bizarre satanic methods and therapies is nothing but money which they fleece from stupid Muslims whose Imaani deficiency exposes them to the trickery of Iblees and his agents.

12 Rajab 1441 – 7 March 2020


Q. Is it permissible to allow non-Muslims into a Musjid? In response to this question, the Darul Ifta of Azaadville said:

“If entering the Masjid is permitted for a Kaafir as explained above, there is no harm in them viewing the Masjid particularly when done with the Niyyah of giving them Dawat towards Islam. Obviously, giving them Dawat means that we simply invite them towards the oneness of Allah and the Risaalat (prophethood) of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), and not to engage in any sort of interfaith dialogues as has become rife in various places.” (End of Azaadville’s fatwa)
A. In several articles have we explained the impermissibility of allowing non-Muslims into the Musjid. These articles are available on our website. It will suffice here to say that the Darul Ifta has erred in its view. Da’wat to the kuffaar is never reliant on inviting them to the Musjid.

Although the Mufti Sahib says: “not to engage in any sort of interfaith dialogues as has become rife in various places”, he has portrayed short-sightedness and lack of wisdom. Shaitaan is a cunning ustaadh. He initiates his plot with permissibilities, in fact, with even masnoon acts. Only purified Aql fortified with the noor of Taqwa is able to detect the subtle snares of Iblees. To save people from zina, Allah Ta’ala commanded them to abstain from such permissibilities which lead to zina, hence the Qur’aan Majeed states: “Do not come near to zina.”

The Mufti Sahib has not applied his mind in his fatwa. Non-Muslims entering the Musaajid in our era are not rare occasions or isolated acts. They are nowadays invading the Musaajid with the consent of the trustees, the ulama-e-soo’, and short-sighted Muftis, in droves. Tourist buses bring droves of kuffaar wallowing in janaabat and kufr, and dressed lewdly – men and women – to do some sight-seeing in the Musaajid. The molvis in the Musaajid dupe themselves with their ‘dawah’ stupid argument. The male musallis stare lustfully at the kuffaar women dressed immodestly. The entire atmosphere in the Musjid is polluted with fisq, fujoor and najaasat.

The first step in the plot of Iblees was to convince the molvis and muftis with the ‘dawah’ chimera. Gradually, it developed into interfaith dialogue right inside the Musjid. Then the situation deteriorated. Instead of giving them da’wah, the kuffaar give da’wah of Christianity to Muslims right inside the Musjid. This was recently a shaitaani accomplishment in a Musjid in England.

Degenerating further into the cauldron of kufr, the priest ridiculed the Qur’aan Majeed and denigrated Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) right inside the Musjid which had a full-house of musallis, all listening attentively to the kufr preachings of the priests and the insults to Islam. Not a word of protest escaped the lips of a single musalli on that vile occasion created by the Imaam of the Musjid.

The situation has deteriorated further. Now Muslims in New Zealand, drunk with bootlicking and fearful of their own shadows, have invited Christians to sing hymns of shirk and kufr right inside the Musjid. And, the situation is set to deteriorate further when actual cross-worship by Muslims will take place inside the Musjid. Anyone who denies this reality is a kaafir because this is Rasulullah’s prediction. Qiyaamah is in close proximity of our era.

We have today reached this deplorable state of kufr and shirk being accepted inside the Musaajid as a consequence of zig-zag and downright baatil fatwas issued by moron muftis and the ulama-e-soo’ who have their own pernicious agendas. In fact, they are without Imaan. They have absolutely no fear for Allah Ta’ala. Thus they fear their shadows and bootlick the kuffaar.

It is indeed lamentable that Muftis, even sincere ones, of this era are so disgracefully short-sighted to fail to discern the danger in issuing fatwas based on just any permissibility. They lack the ability of applying the mind, and that is because they have hitherto failed to understand the meaning of Taqwa for themselves. Today, branding carrion as haraam, is a ‘taqwa’ not fatwa for these muftis who have lost the Path – Siraatul Mustaqeem.

Once when Hadhrat Shah Abdul Aziz (Rahmatullah alayh) was giving a bayaan to his mureeds and some Ulama, two persons from the public entered and sought a fatwa. The one said: ‘Today my friend drank water which was the left-over of an Englishman. What is the fatwa?” Hadhrat Shah Sahib adopting a very sombre attitude said that since this issue was extremely delicate, it will take time to search for the fatwa. He told them to return for the fatwa after a couple of days. The audience consisting of Ulama, was surprised. The fatwa according to the Shariah is simple. If the kaafir’s mouth was paak (taahir), the water remains paak, hence there was no concern. If his mouth was impure due to liquor or haraam food, then obviously the water was impure. Why did Shah Sahib adopt this strange strategy? But no one had the courage to question him.

On the appointed day, the two chaps came for their fatwa. Shah Sahib said: “The fatwa is Tajdeed-e-Imaan (i.e. renewal of Imaan. By implication he had become a murtadd); Tajdeed-e-Nikah (renewal of his marriage).” Shah Sahib furthermore prescribed some penances to be performed as an expiation (kaffarah) for having drunk the water which had touched the lips of the Englishman. The two persons being sincere, were satisfied. They left and observed the prescription and the penalty.

When the surprised Ulama questioned Hadhrat Shah Sahibm, he responded: “By this measure, I have saved their Imaan.”

Muftis should reflect, apply their minds and not acquit themselves like morons enslaved to the nafs. The objective of fatwa is not to ruin the morals of Muslims and to open the avenue for fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr. A Mufti should be far-sighted. He should be able to fathom the one who poses a question and not pander to the vagaries of people. But bootlicking has become an ingrained disease in the Ulama of today, in even the sincere ones, hence they all are in line for Allah’s Athaab. About them, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“Beware of such a punishment which will overtake not only the transgressors among you.” It will overtake and utterly destroy even the molvis and the buzroogs who excelled in bootlicking and accommodating baatil.

The muftis who have legalized entry into the Musaajid for kuffaar wallowing in janaabat and kufr are the culprits who are laying the foundation for cross-worship in the Musaajid.

16 Rajab 1440 – 23 March 2019



The following article was presented by a Student of Deen of the Azaadville Madrasah:

“by Doctor Abû Anas Muhammed Mûsa Nasr, Translated by Yahya Adel Ibrahim

Taken from the book: Al-Munafiqun: The Hypocrites According to the Quran was-Sunnah
‘Uqbah bin ‘Aamir (ra) narrates that Rasul ul Allah (saaw) said:

“The majority of the Munafiq’s found in my Ummah are its Quraa’[1].” [Sahih: Reported by Ahmed, at-Tabrani and others. See Sahih al-Jami‘ #1203]

al-Imam al-Manawi (rh) in Fayd ul Qadir comments on this hadith by saying

“They are those who interpret it to mean other than what was intended, and they place it in its wrong place. They may also memorize its words while not accepting its dictates. The Munafiqun during Rasul ul Allah (saaw) time were of this persuasion.”
Az-Zamakhshari (rh) comments:

“Rasul ul Allah (saaw) meant Riyaa’ when he mentioned Nifaq. Since both of these characteristics signify an outer deed that is contrary to the inner belief.”
It is also stated that Rasul ul Allah (saaw) meant the Nifaq of ‘Amal not the Nifaq of Kufr.

The Munafiq outwardly displays belief in Allah to ensure the security of his property and life, while denying belief internally. The person who has Riyaa’ outwardly displays the deeds that earn a great reward in al-Akhira (Hereafter) while seeking for these deeds a handsome share in the worldly life. A (misguided) Qari outwardly proclaims that he seeks reward from Allah alone while seeking to have people praise him, his knowledge and deeds. The three all have one thing in common – their hidden intentions are different to their public actions.
For this reason al-Imam al-Ghazali (rh) states:

“Beware of Quraa’ if they have these four characteristics:

* Al-Amal (Hope for worldly reward and renumeration)

* Al-‘Ajlah (hastiness in seeking reward for his deeds)

* Al-Kibr (Pride and boastful arrogance)

* Al-Hasad (Wishing to have what others possess while also wishing for them to lose their possession, namely, envy).”
In seeking a share of the Dunya (Worldly life) a misguided Qari may do all that is deviant, and unethical. He may lie, defame, slander and cheat in a manner of which a criminal would be ashamed.
Al-Imam an-Nawawi (rh) states:

“I do not fear to be slandered except by al-Quraa’ and al-‘Ulamaa’ (who have been led astray).”
Those who heard him say this showed their aversion to the statement. He replied,

“I am not the orginator of the statement. Ibrahim an-Nakha‘i (rh) preceded me.”
‘Attah (rh) said:

”Beware of al-Quraa’. If I was to disagree with one of them about (something as insignificant) as the state of a fruit by saying it is sweet and they saying it is rotten; they would seek to have my blood sanctioned (my death or punishment) from a tyrannical Sultan (ruler).”
Al-Fudayl bin ‘Iyyad (rh) said to his son:

“Purchase a home that is at a great distance from the (deviant) Quraa’. What do I need (or benefit) from them? If one of my shortcomings is uncovered they will seek my demise. And if one of my virtues were to be made public they would envy me for it. You see that they are arrogant, unaccommodating, and surly in their dealings with people. It is as if they feel that their prayer is greater than everyone else. They act as if they have received a divine revelation promising them Jannah and salvation from the Fire. It is as if they seek personal happiness and satisfaction while seeking the wretchedness of all others. Yet, with all of this arrogance and conceitedness they will dress in shabby garments acting meek (to appear humble).”

End of the Abridged words of al-Manawi (Vol. 2 Pg. 80-81).
The Hadith that we have been discussing is a clear example of the prophetic knowledge of Rasul ul Allah (saaw).
I have encountered a great many of these type of misguided Quraa’ prophesied by Rasul ul Allah (saaw).[2]
Our Muslim ummah has been afflicted with Quraa’ who have mastered the articulation and pronunciation of the Quran, but do not implement any of its dictates or obligations. Many of these reciters indulge in major and minor sins without seeking to correct their ways. There are those who are mesmerized by the musical incantations of popular singers; others are addicted to cigarettes and Hashish. We seek refuge with Allah from all of this.
Furthermore, there are those who have turned their recitation of al-Quran into a vocation seeking the lowly fare of the worldly life. Commercialism of al-Quran has become widespread in the Muslim lands. The reciters seek compensation for reciting on special occasions of joy or sorrow; if not promised compensation they would not recite.
The Quran to them no longer carries a meaning. The general population listens to it as if it is a song or a play.
Some of the Quraa’ take pride in the fact that their recitations are sold in America on the A side of Arabic music tapes, or that they used his voice in a movie. They also use the Quran to support a certain political agenda. After the signing of the Palestinian-Israel Peace treaty a particular Qari was instructed to recite:
“But if they incline to peace, you also incline to it, and (put your) trust in Allâh. Verily, He is the All-Hearer, the All-Knower.” [Al-Anfal 8:61]
When this particular Qari passed away they found that he had a fortune in gold earned from his recitations. These are those who recite the Quran and it does not pass their trachea (they do not act upon it). They do all of these deviant deeds while thinking that they are in a state of goodness.
As for those who are upon the truth – small in number they may be – they recite the Quran in the best possible manner while they order its injunctions and do not transgress limits. They adjust their lives in accordance to its dictates and believe in it completely; they remain awake during the night hours engaged in its recitation and act upon its instructions in the daytime; they cling to the book with strength, studying it, teaching it and acting upon it. Surely they are chosen by Allah and known as Ahlul Quran (The People of al-Quran).
We ask Allah to include us with Ahlul Quran.”

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“The majority of the munaafiqeen of my Ummah are its qaaris.”

In one narration Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that in Jahannam there is a department called, Jubbul Huzn (The Pit of Grief). Daily Jahannam itself seeks Allah’s protection 400 times from the intensity of the heat of this Pit. This Pit of Grief has been specially created for these hypocritical qaaris.

It is not permissible to be associated in any way with these scoundrels who utilize the Qur’aan Majeed as if it is a football. They are all Satanist who misuse the Qur’aan for carnal gratification.

23 Jumaadiyuth Thaani 1440 -1 March 2019



We reproduce the valid lament of a Molvi who had studied in Azaadville Darul Uloom. He has commented adequately, hence there is no need for further comment. The Majlis has already written and advised on the topic of exclusive bayaans for the priests.
The Molvi Sahib writes:

“I studied in Darul Uloom Azaadville for approximately 5 years. I saw many Ulama from India/Pakistan/UK etc coming to Azaadville.

They used to give Bayaans to the students mostly and mainly in the Masjid. Some used to give Bayaan after Asr, some after Maghrib and sometimes at 12pm which meant that the last period (classes) before Zuhr used to not take place.

Many of these Ulama-speakers had special Ulama programs as well.

Although I am not in Azaadville, the last personality which I am aware of who recently had a Bayaan at Darul Uloom Azaadville, was Mufti Inaayatullah Saheb of the UK. I have attached the poster. I even have recordings of his Bayaans at Darul Uloom Azaadville – the one which was for ‘all’ and the Bayaan which was specially for the Ulama.

The reason I am sending this to the Majlis is never to object to the Fatwa of the Majlis on the issue of having only Ulama bayaans or special Bayaans for the Ulama. My main reason why I am sending this is because these ‘Special bayaans for Ulama’ are sanctioned by the Darul Ulooms. The seniors from abroad also conduct themselves irresponsibly. I was surprised that Mufti Inaayatullah had a khaas lecture for the Ulama. Was this lecture for one and all and the Ulama were specifically invited because they are more in need of Islaah or was the lecture meant for only Ulama in the sense that only Ulama should listen to the lecture.

After all, when one reads on the Masjid board that the program is specially for Ulama such as in the attached poster of Darul Uloom Azaadville, then everyone understands that non-Ulama should not attend or else they will be the target of some big eyes by some ‘Ulama’.

In fact, I don’t think I will attend any Ulama program as having an Ulama program makes one feel that we are Ulama and the rest are Juhala. Although my Islaah is putrid, I can comfortably say that such special Bayaans for the Ulama are not promoting the Islaah of Molvis, but instead it worsens ones spiritual condition.

Tomorrow people will say that the person who performed Moulana Maseehullahs Janaazah, is having special Ulama Bayaans. Such as Mufti Inaayatullah and all these India and Pakistan seniors. When I was in Azaadville, one India speaker gave a Bayaan in Urdu which was for all. The speaker gave such a beautiful Bayaan in Urdu that myself and other students wished we could go and listen to the Ulama Bayaan in the basement of the Masjid of Darul Uloom Azaadville. I thought that if the speaker rendered such an excellent Bayaan for us, the students, how much more excellent his Bayaan for the Ulama will be! But we could not go for the Bayaan as it was only for Ulama – only for Ustaads and Ifta students!!!

So people do feel deprived and they will lose respect for Ulama. At that time, I believed that special Bayaans for Ulama are permissible. Why I believed it was permissible was for two reasons:

1. Darul Uloom Azaadville allows such Bayaans to be permissible. So it must be correct.

2. The Ijtima have special Ulama sections. And all their Ulama accept this.

That’s it.

But both points are invalid. Neither is Darul Uloom Azaadville reliable nor are the Ulama of the Tableegh Jamaat.

Furthermore, I know they will say: “Anzilun naasa manaazilahum”. Treat people according to their level/status.

The food at the Ijtima for the Ulama section is something else. The type of food they present to the Ulama is such food that I think if a person like myself had to host an Ijtima just to expose every Baatil, those very same people who spoil and pamper and sponsor food for the Tableegh Jamaat Ulama, would boycott me outrightly. The Ulama are Bootlickers. The concern is no more the Deen. The concern is comfort, chows and luxury – milkshakes, cakes and the works. And not to forget – the people must love the Ulama – so the Ulama must not say anything that will take people further away from Deen like condemning their favourite restaurants and functions which the Ulama e Soo don’t speak about!

In fact, I was not allowed to even enter the Ulama section at the Ijtima when one Aalim sent me to go call another Aalim there. And this was because I did not have a VISA or an Aalim to back me up.

Like once I remember, the Hifz Ustaads in one Uloom told me not to worry about having a ‘card’ to enter the Ulama section whilst I was still most probably in my second year Aalim as they will speak on behalf of me. They even wanted me to eat and sleep with all the Ulama. But I was too shy as I was not an Aalim and I then slept with my friends in the provincial non-Ulama tents and even ate normally the normal food given in the non-Ulama feeding tents.

I have experienced their Ghulu in Darul Uloom Azaadville from beginning to end. Like I heard many students saying:

“Without Tableegh you wont be a proper Aalim”

“If you don’t go for one year, you won’t understand what is written in the Kitaabs properly.”

“We going one year for our Islaah.”

“You need to go for Jamaat to understand the haalat of the Ummah.”

And similar nonsense.

The maqsad I realised was numbers – quantity. They have quantity but hardly any quality unfortunately. Boasting is also the draw card. They have something to boast about. I went for saal and I made so much mujaahadah in places where there was no hot water and no proper food.

And they are the ones who promote this only Ulama Bayaans or Bayaans specially for Ulama. I can’t understand – so many Ulama from India come and give naseehat – but there is hardly any change.

It is sad. People like saying that Deen spread throughout the world because of the Tableegh Jamaat. Is this also not the effect of ghulu?

Please do advise and rectify my errors.

Was Salaam

9 Rabiyuth Thaani 1440 -17 December 2018