Describing the degeneration of the Tabligh Jamaat of Australia into a baati, deviate sect, a Molvi who was always a staunch Tablighi, writes:


I live in Australia. I participated in the work of Tabligh for many years. A sad and deplorable condition has come about since the start of 2019. Unfortunately, the Tabligh Markaz was shut down even before the Govt. restrictions, and all the protocols were meticulously obeyed and promoted from the platform of Tabligh. It came to the point that anyone who did not comply was thrown out of the Masjid by the ‘COVID-19 Officer,’ during the performance of any of the five times daily Salaah.

A worse situation happened when the vaccine was introduced to Australia. It was discussed, promoted and pushed in all the Tablighi Mashwaras which moved to online weekly Zoom sessions. Those who had differing views, believing that it was haraam and harmful, were given derogative names. They were accused of being ‘under a deception’ and their intelligence would be questioned for not follow the guidelines. This continued with the regular, falsifying statement that ‘all Australia Ulama’ are unanimous about its permissibility. The non-existent fatwa of its permissibility must be blindly followed and not questioned.

Now that the lock down has been lifted after 77 days and the Masaajid are open for a limited number of patrons, with social distancing, of course, the workers of Tabligh in Melbourne have been told that anyone who has not taken the vax will not be able to participate in any Amal, central or otherwise. A further instruction was made to permit Amal from a private or public Musalla, with a limited number of people, only for those that are vaccinated. So basically we have now been completely ostracised and banned from Tabligh. They have made the work of Da’wah conditional on vaccination.

Basically in all this, the Zaalimeen are being helped and aided by pushing through all these so-called ‘safety’ protocols. We shed tears of grief. May Allah guide this Ummah. Aameen.

So essentially the condition here in Melbourne (with other states to soon follow) is we feel we are heading to a disastrous state of affairs with no Ulama and no work of Tabligh. To what extent should I join the work?

Until this time, the temporary state of Emergency gave the Govt the power to make and enforce such drastic laws. Another major concern we have is that a new law is being passed in this state of Victoria from December 15 that anytime a state of emergency can be declared for three months. If a person is caught, for example not wearing a mask etc, the potential is a fine up to $100 000 or be locked up behind bars for 2 years.

They are also building huge quarantine facilities and are clearly saying that this is going to be used for the ‘unvaccinated.’ These drastic laws, temporary or otherwise, to a certain degree, are being faced in all states of Australia except one. But the quarantine facilities are being built in all states.

Another major worry we have is for our children. They want to bring in some laws that could harm our children’s Aakhirat and Dunya, or take our children away as unvaccinated parents will be considered a threat to society.

In view of these drastic laws, and now no nisbat with ‘Ulama’ here, while being concerned of our Imaan and Aakhirah, we are making Istikhara to do Hijrah. We now have no connection to any effort of Haqq we feel the need to make Hijrah to protect our Imaan and Deen. I sincerely seek Mashwarah in this matter. Would you also recommend us to move looking at the threat to our Deen and Imaan?

(End of the Molvi’s letter)


There is no issue regarding the derailment of the Tabligh Jamaat from the course chalked out by its elders. The time may dawn to brand the entire Tabligh Jamaat a deviated sect – one of the Firqah Baatilah. It is clear that the Australian version of the Tabligh Jamaat is now effectively one of the deviant sects. Any Tablighi group which subscribes to the haraam, shaitaani policies of the Australian Tablighi gang will likewise be branded a deviant sect.

In view of the incremental disease of ghulu’ (haraam extremism) of which the Tabligh Jamaat globally suffers, even blatantly haraam acts such as the covid satanism are being accepted and even promoted. As the Molvi has explained, ‘tabligh’ in Australia is now conditional with the potion of Iblees (vaccine).

It is no longer permissible to join the Australian Tabligh Jamaat. This group has effectively become an Agent of Shaitaan. Muslims in Australia should not dwell in doubt regarding the status of the Tabligh Jamaat. It is now a sect of baatil guided by Iblees.

Those who are able to migrate from Australia should do so. It is not permissible to live in Australia where even concentration camps may be established to separate children from their parents. Islam has practically been abolished in Australia under the covid devil’s pretext. So-called ‘ulama’ and the Tabligh Jamaat have been co-opted by the insane, brutal Australian regime to give effect to the Covid Conspiracy. While millions of non-Muslims all over the world are protesting against the Covid Satanist plot, molvis, sheikhs and many ‘islamic’ outfits such as the Tabligh Jamaat, so-called ‘islamic’ associations of doctors, etc., have been enlisted by Iblees to achieve the fulfilment of the objectives of the Covid Conspiracy.

Among the items on the agenda of this Plot of Iblees is the abolition of Islam, and for this the conglomerate of Munaafiqeen of a variety of hues has been deployed by Shaitaan.

25 Rabiul Awwal 1443 – 1 November 2021



‘Stop unlimited power grab!’ Huge crowd protests in Melbourne against vaccine mandates & sweeping pandemic powers bill

30 Oct, 2021 05:17 Get short URL

A large group of demonstrators gathered around the state parliament in Victoria, Australia to demand an end to a recently imposed vaccine mandate and protest a draft pandemic bill that would grant draconian powers to officials. Photos and videos circulating on social media show a vast crowd outside Parliament House in Melbourne, the state capital, on Saturday, where activists were seen holding signs and placards – one reading “Sack Dan,” referring to state Premier Daniel Andrews.

Similar chants calling for Andrews’ resignation were also heard erupting from the crowd, while other slogans included: “End the mandates,” “Stop medical apartheid,” and “We need Bill of Rights!”

Activists also gave speeches at various points, denouncing the vaccine mandate for “essential workers” that took effect in Victoria earlier this month, as well as a proposed bill making its way through parliament meant to replace the Covid-19 emergency powers currently in place.

The controversial bill would amend a number of other laws if enacted, introducing the country’s steepest fines for non-compliance with health orders and even possible jail time. Anyone found to have deliberately breached a rule, and placed another person at risk in the process, could face up to two years in prison, while other rule-breakers could be fined up to AU$90,500 (US$68,000). Businesses found to be in violation face fines of AU$452,500, though the state government has vowed to impose the maximum penalties only “rarely.”

Introduced to parliament on Tuesday, the bill would also empower Victoria health officials to declare new states of emergency and reimpose lockdowns and other pandemic restrictions, drawing vocal condemnation from lockdown-weary residents.

While Melbourne was placed under lockdown on six separate occasions beginning in March 2020, spending nearly nine months under stay-at-home orders cumulatively, the city’s restrictions were again eased on Friday, with travel bans and outdoor mask mandates lifted, among other things. Victoria as a whole, however, remains under some Covid-19 measures, including 75% capacity rules at indoor entertainment venues and limits on outdoor gatherings to just 30 people.

Saturday’s demonstration in Melbourne appeared to breach the latter rule given its large turnout, however in contrast to previous protests in the city, police did not appear to have a forceful presence and it is unclear if any arrests were made.

25 Rabiul Awwal 1443 – 1 November 2021




From Australia a Mufti writes:

“Since the start of this pandemic we have taken the anti-vaccine stance. We have fought tooth and nail in creating awareness. We have given various talks on different platforms highlighting the harms and have circulated your fatwa far and wide. Alhamdulillah many people have followed and till current resisted to take the vaccine.

However the way these shaytaani governments are playing the game, they have literally made us prisoners in our own homes. In Victoria, Australia we have been in severe lockdown for months. Curfews, helicopters, riots! We feel we in a war zone. All because of a vaccine. It made us all doubt it further.

Now the unvaccinated cannot go to the Masjid for Salaat and even for Jumuah. There is a 10 000 dollar spot fine. The unvaccinated cannot go shopping or enter public spaces. Unvaccinated cannot travel or work. Innumerable people have lost their jobs, and can not travel to their respective countries and visit their ill parents. Children can not attend Makaatib, Masaajid and there are many other repercussions.

We tried to resist this oppression right till the end. However now as we are cornered, is there any concession for us by the Shariah. Everyday I get scores of calls as people are immobilized and cannot function. I have been firm on my stance but too what extent should we resist? I will appreciate your advice in this matter.”

(End of the Mufti’s letter)

The repression, oppression and governmental brutality are on the increase in Australia. The country is perhaps the worst and the vilest link in the Bill Gates conspiracy. The regime in Australia consists of human specimens who are pretending to be insane. The brutality is a carefully plotted scheme for the attainment of the nefarious objectives of the group of human-devils who are the engineers of the pandemic fraud. Most governments have been bribed and co-opted into this massive satanic plot.

Be this as it may. From the Islamic perspective it is imperative to understand that nothing happens without the decree of Allah Azza Wa Jal. The Qur’aan Majeed states explicitly: “Not a leaf drops (from a tree), but He is aware.” It is with the direct intervention and command of Allah Ta’ala that the maut of even a leaf occurs. Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Nothing, be it the finest particle in the earth or in the heavens, is hidden from your Rabb, but it is recorded in a Clear Book.”

The pandemic plot will run its divinely ordained course and will then end. Nothing in creation endures forever. It is essential for Muslims to understand that even this fraudulent pandemic plot is a punishment of Allah Ta’ala for our gross transgression and rebellion against His Law. The punishment of Allah Ta’ala assumes a variety of forms. As long as Muslims do not repent and reform themselves in the light of the Sunnah, the hardships and the punishment will be incremental. One form of punishment is the domination of brutal regimes such as the Australian government.

Like in all countries, Muslims in Australia are a disgrace to Islam, and the molvis and sheikhs are the worst. Allah’s Athaab is commensurate with our rebellion and treason. The more we sin, the greater will be the punishment which will endure until our eyes open to understand the cause of our humiliation and the punishment. When confronted by any issue, the Deen should not be excised.

Muslims from many countries have migrated to Australia because they saw greener worldly pastures over there. The Deen was never in their agenda. They settled in Australia and made the Deen a handmaid of the secular and monetary pursuits. The objective was only the dunya, hence the Deen became a cult of insignificance. Now what they are experiencing is the Athaab of Allah Ta’ala.


Coming to the method and potion of Iblees (vaccination and vaccines), there is not the slightest vestige of doubt in these satanic artefacts being haraam. When confronted by the brutality of the satanic regime and one lacks the roohaaniyat (spiritual stamina) to resist and bear the hardships, then it will not be sinful to submit to the zulm (cruelty and injustice). In such a scenario, however, while it will not be sinful to submit to the brutality, the reality of the harms of vaccination is inescapable. It is like ingesting poison by force or being fed pork by force. Taking the poison and consuming the pork in such brutal circumstances will not be sinful. Nevertheless, the waiver for sin does not cancel the extremely harmful physical effects of the potion of the devil.

23 Rabiul Awwal 1443 – 30 October 2021

Ten police injured, more than 200 arrested in anti-lockdown protest

Ten police injured, more than 200 arrested in anti-lockdown protest

By Tom Cowie, David Estcourt and Ashleigh McMillan

Updated September 18, 2021 — 12.16pm first published at 9.08am

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Ten police have been injured, six taken to hospital and 235 demonstrators arrested after authorities used capsicum spray on groups of anti-lockdown protesters who broke through police lines near Richmond early on Saturday afternoon.

Protesters hurled projectiles and abuse at authorities before surging through the police line, screaming and being soaked in capsicum spray as they went. One female police officer was trampled in the chaos, with scuffles breaking out along the road.

Chief Executive Officer at The Police Association Victoria, Wayne Gatt, is speaking about the anti-lockdown protests in Melbourne yesterday in which ten police were injured and 235 demonstrators arrested.

Travel in and out of Melbourne by public transport and car ground to a halt to prevent the anti-lockdown protest from starting, however it did not thwart the rally completely.

The protesters gathered in Richmond then marched to Hawthorn to avoid checkpoints aimed at keeping them out of the CBD.

Police set up checkpoints on roads into the city to stop people from travelling into Melbourne without a reason ahead of the rally that was originally planned for 12pm on Saturday.

Protesters changed the location to Richmond and began gathering at about midday outside the Richmond Town Hall on Bridge Road.

Hundreds marched in the middle of the road chanting “no more lockdown” and “sack Dan Andrews”. Most were not wearing masks.

Victoria Police northwest region commander Mark Galliott said 235 protesters were arrested, with 193 facing fines for breaching the Chief Health Officer’s directions Dozens are facing charges including assault, riotous behaviour and weapons and drugs offences.

“What we saw today was a group of protesters that came together, not to protest freedoms, but simply to take on and have a fight with the police,” he said.

“We’re here to help and keep the community safe. What we don’t to come to work for is to get trampled, assaulted, and end up going home with broken bones.”

Commander Galliott said police were at times worried about their safety, and that the cost of the total operation would run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The protesters walked up Bridge Road and then turned down Burnley Street, where the rally stopped and protesters sat in the middle of the street shouting “you serve us” at police.

Police used capsicum spray to subdue some protesters, who were closed in on both sides by officers carrying batons.

Another group of protesters later arrived and sandwiched police at one end of the demonstration.

The protesters as one point broke through a gate of an apartment complex to evade police, causing traffic chaos in Richmond’s side streets.

They then walked back to Bridge Road before moving up Church Street in Hawthorn and then back down to Barkers Road to avoid police. Police surrounded protesters again in a gorge on Victoria Street and used capsicum spray to turn them back.

Protesters managed to surge through the police line, screaming and soaked in capsicum spray as they went.

At least one officer was knocked over and trampled in the bedlam.

“God gave free will and freedom of choice, it’s not for government to take it,” one protester yelled from the crowd.

“The mental health toll is too great,” said another.

The protest continued in diminishing numbers in Melbourne’s inner east after winding through streets for up to 10 kilometres.

A group of around 200 protesters again congregated near the corner of Bridge Road and Church Street about 2.30pm, with police blocking both sides of the major thoroughfare, before the protesters dispersed shortly after.

More than 2000 officers have been deployed as part of the anti-protest operation, with senior police stating they will do everything they can to prevent access to the city.

Police made two hundred arrests at the last anti-lockdown rally on August 21 after more than 4000 people descended on the city.

Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said earlier this week that intelligence suggested thousands more may be planning to attend Saturday’s protest in breach of lockdown restrictions.

“This is the biggest game in town for us, to stop this occurring,” Mr Patton said. “There’s nothing more important than what we’re about to embark on this weekend to stop this protest.

“We’ll do everything we can to prevent access to the city.”

Mr Patton also revealed that the longer restrictions go on the more likely it was that people would be fined. He said the longer and heavier the lockdown the greater the temptation was for people to break the rules.

Access to the CBD will only be granted to those travelling for essential work, healthcare or to attend a vaccination appointment.

Earlier in the day, cars were banked up for over 100 metres outside the Women’s Hospital on Flemington Road as authorities closely checked the permit and ID of every motorist trying to get into the CBD.

Rally instructions, sent around on an encrypted messaging service, asked protesters to move in smaller groups of 10 to 20 before meeting up near the final location to hold the demonstration.

On Friday, construction workers brought traffic around the city to a standstill with a demonstration smoko after being told they would no longer be able to use tea rooms.

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Warning all the rebellious fussaaq, fujjaar and kuffaar, and all the brutal oppressive regimes, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“What! Are the people of the cities oblivious (of the fact) that there will (suddenly) come to them Our Punishment during the night time whilst they are sleeping?

What! Are the people of the cities oblivious (ofm theb fact) that there will (suddenly) come to them Our Punishment during the day time whilst they are enjoying (themselves) in amusement?

What! Are they oblivious of the Plan of Allah? Only a nation of losers is oblivious of the Plan (of Punishment) of Allah.

(Al-A’raaf, Aayaat 97, 98 and 99)

Media report massive fires raging and ravaging the entire country of Australia. People in their thousands are fleeing to the sea for refuge against the onslaught of Allah’s Punishment.


In some places the sun has been blotted out, casting a deep, eerie, frightening orange haze in the sky. The ground is blanketed with ash. Millions and millions of hectares have been destroyed by hundreds of massive blazes. Ash was raining on beaches. A businessman said: “It should have been daylight but it was black like midnight and we could hear the fire roaring. We were all terrified for our lives.”


“Thousands of people have fled to a beach in Victoria to escape bushfires racing towards the coast. Only the wind caused the fire to change direction. Locals in Mallacoota described a terrifying experience of camping on wharves and boarding boats under blood-red skies.”


While Muslims in several countries are tasting the punishment of Allah Ta’ala in the form of the brutality of oppressive regimes and rulers, Allah Ta’ala is apprehending the kuffaar savages and oppressors with the Athaab of natural disasters. This kind of Divine Punishment will incrementally overtake the villainous oppressors.


It is of the Way (Sunnah) of Allah Ta’ala, to utilize the kuffaar to punish rebellious Muslims. Then He apprehends these kuffaar oppressors either by wars among themselves or by means of natural disasters. While these swine regimes are basking in what they believe to be security and power, they will suddenly be eliminated by the Wrath of Allah Azza Wa Jal.


Their nuclear arsenals, militaries, navies, airforces and wealth, etc. will not be able to save them from the destruction they will suffer in the wake of Divine Punishment. No empire endures forever. The colossal stupidity of the baboons in power today in the U.S., U.K., China, India, Saudi Arabia, etc. has precluded them from taking lesson from history and to understand that their current power and domination are not everlasting. Lust and material power have blinded them. But suddenly their eyes will open. The reality will then be shockingly devastating.

Map of fires


6 Jamadul Awwal 1441 – 2 January 2020


A Brother from the Tabligh Jamaat of Australia writes:
I live in Australia. The Tabligh Jamaat Effort changed the Lives of Most of the Muslims in Australia.
(Have you done a proper survey of ‘most of the Muslims’ in Australia? If yes, please forward the results of your survey. –The Majlis)
Thousand of muslims have changed their ways from the road to Jahannum to the Road towards the mercy of Allah. Hundreds of Mosques are the result of the efforts of Tabligh. Many Ulama from South Africa have come to Australia to serve as PAID ulema by members of Tabligh. The Tabilgh has increased Fiqr for all Humanity and we send Jamaats to all countries of the world and our Jamaats consist of members from 31 Countries. Very few if any, South Africans). (Our advice is that the jamaats should work only within the borders of Australia, and not waste money on globe-trotting unnecessarily. There is no need for Australians to do tabligh, Tabligh Jamaat style, in other countries. There are ample folk in all countries for this type of tabligh. – The Majlis
Our Amir is Egyptian who has spend his last 50 Years establishing Madrassas, Darul Ulooms and still sending Jamaats to the world and neighbouring Islands and reviving Islam. We assure you that the South African Jamaats coming to Australia are very embarrassing and a Poor example of the Beautiful Work of Tabligh. (We are in full agreement with you on this point. They are in fact hoodlums, puffed with pride and arrogance. They despise even great Ulama and Auliya who are not associated with their specific tabligh methodology which is NOT Sunnah. They have even exacerbated the hostility between the two Tablighi baatil factions.- The Majlis)
I humbly request that you restrict your analysis and Critic of the South African Tabligh to the South African context. (Our comments appear hereunder – The Majlis)
There are now 3 Groups in Jamaat: the deviant Saad Group, the Conflicting Laat Group, and the group in Australia who are just simply adhering to Dawah in all its Forms as was originally guided by Nizamudin but now operates only in guidance from Allah and Rasoolallah (saw). (What is the meaning of ‘saw’? You are a Tablighi and supposed to have greater respect and honour for Rasulullah –Sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Is it then too onerous to write: Sallallahu alayhi wasallam? Why content yourself with the drivel of ‘saw’? In terms of your diagnosis there should be four Tablighi groups. You have omitted the Raiwand deviated group. – The Majlis).
Yes, we are removing any Bidah practises of Tabligh, as new participants are from various countries and Background, including Sheikh Worship etc, and the worst of the Ulema-e-soo we find are from South Africa. (Alhamdulillah! You have diagnosed correctly. The molvis of South Africa and the molvis of the U.K. are most certainly the worst ulama -e-soo’ under the “canopy of the sky” as mentioned by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). They are making a stinking, wretched hogwash of the Deen with their shaitaaniyat and nafsaaniyat. Most of these ‘muftis’ are maajinmoron fellows who are unable to distinguish between right and left, light and darkness. – The Majlis)
May Allah save the Umma from Shirk inshallah and having to ask everyone involved in the Efforts of Tabilgh and Deen for Forgiveness as Not All of us involved in Tabligh are Bereft of Sunnah and love of Allah or in Need of Improvement and Guidance from Allah.
Please send a Delegation to Australia to look on the Gound level inshallah.
Was Salaam (End of the Brother’s lament)
You are the first Tablighi in all the decades of our life who has conceded that there is Bid’ah in the Tabligh Jamaat. In fact, Bid’ah and Ghulu’ (haraam bigotry) are rife in the Jamaat. It is this evil which has split the Jamaat into two hostile factions, each one waging shaitaani ‘jihad’ against the other. Our criticism cannot be restricted to the South African scenario. The deviance of the Jamaat exists in other countries as well, not only in South Africa. It is at its height in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and United Kingdom. In the U.S.A. as well as other countries too, the evil of the split initiated by Sa’d has been imported.
If the Australian Tabligh Jamaat is as you have described, then you are most fortunate for not having been dragged into the cauldron of the shaitaaniyyat in which the Jamaat is floundering. Continue the good work on the six principles of the original Founder of the Jamaat. Abstain totally from ghulu’. There are numerous excesses and haraam acts of the Tabligh Jamaat from which it is imperative to abstain. The work of the Jamaat will be beneficial only if it is retained within the confines of the Shariah. It is essential that Jamaatis understand that the Tabligh Jamaat is not the sole repository of Najaat (Salvation) as is being satanically propagated. The haraam extremism prevailing among the rank and file is actually the teaching emanating from the elders of the Jamaat. Stupid laymen acquit themselves as if they are great ‘ulama’. The degree of arrogance and pride in the Tabligh jamaat is appalling and lamentable.
Your comment regarding the South African ulama is 100% correct. However, this rotten condition applies to almost all the ulama of all countries in this era. In terms of the description provided by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), “they are the worst of people under the canopy of the sky”. They betray the Deen, the Ummah, Allah Ta’ala and His Rasool (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) with their haraam, stupid fatwas of liberalism designed for bootlicking to fulfil the demands of hubb-e-jah (love of fame) and hubb-e-maal (love of wealth). Thus they distort and mutilate the Shariah to justify their convoluted ideas and to argue away the prohibitions of Allah Ta’ala. They ruin the Imaan and Akhlaaq of the masses. The Tabligh Jamaat has also been performing this evil function. The Jamaat has become notorious for its ghulu’. Beware of such bigotry. Remain rigidly clinging to your six principles. The Tabligh Jamaat of this era has added an unwritten principle to their six. The seventh principle is Ihaanatul Muslim, i.e. to disgrace Muslims. Formerly they directed this shaitaaniyyat to those Ulama, even to Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rahmatullah alayh), who are not associated with their specific tabligh methodology. They slanderously accused great Ulama of being anti-Tabligh. That is because they themselves do not understand the meaning of Tabligh.
As long as you remain within the limits of the Shariah, you will, InshaAllah, be successful in your efforts and Allah Ta’ala will then reward you abundantly. Wassalaam