Shocking: Major New Findings on the Extent of US Crimes in Afghanistan

The more that emerges regarding America’s twenty-year stint in Afghanistan (you can review some hereherehere and here), the more tragic it just gets.

A reporter, Lynzy Billing, whose mother and sister were killed in Afghanistan thirty years ago, went back to the country to investigate what exactly had happened (Billing was orphaned and then adopted by a British couple), only to be overcome by the stories and eye-witness accounts she heard about special operations, CIA-backed units that went on night raids—“brutal operations designed to have resounding psychological impacts while ostensibly removing [i.e., killing] high-priority enemy targets.”

Here is one of the stories that compelled her to investigate these crimes:

“Mahzala watched as the gunmen questioned Safiullah, 28, and 20-year-old Sabir, before roughly pinning them against a courtyard wall. Then, ignoring their frantic protests of innocence, the masked men put guns to the back of her sons’ heads. One shot. Two. Then a third. Her youngest, ‘the quiet, gentle one,’ was still alive after the first bullet, Mahzala told me, so they shot him again.

Her story finished, Mahzala stared at me intently as if I could somehow explain the loss of her only family. We were in the dim confines of her home, a sliver of light leaking in from the lone window above her. She rubbed at the corner of her eyes; her forehead creased by a pulsing vein. The voices of her sons used to fill their home, she told me. She had no photos of them. No money. And there was no one who would tell her, a widow in her 50s, why these men dropped out of the sky and killed her family or acknowledge what she insisted was a terrible mistake.”

Haunted by Mahzala’s story, the reporter embarked on an investigation into these crimes (there are more heart-breaking stories in her piece)—this was an investigation that took years—culminating in a new report, documenting her findings.

Below are some highlights from the report along with my own two cents.

These special CIA-backed units were called “Zero Units.” There were four of these units in total, and the report focuses on the operations of just one of them, known as “02,” spanning over a four-year period.

The units, or at least the one that the reported focused on, comprised Afghan soldiers accompanied by “US special operations soldiers working with the CIA.” Here is what one Afghan soldier from the unit described about his experience in these raids:

“‘These deaths happened at our hands. I have participated in many raids…and there have been hundreds of raids where someone is killed and they are not Taliban or ISIS, and where no militants are present at all.’”

During the four years investigated, “at least 452 civilians were killed in 107 raids. This number is almost certainly an undercount.” This is in part because of the way in which militaries are allowed to count and categorize kills. In places like Afghanistan, where villagers and actual combatants may live side-by-side, the military can be quite lazy in their categorization of civilians versus combatants killed. Others killed, Billing notes, are often just “written off as collateral.” A’udhu Billah!

Another reason for the likely too-low civilian count is this:

“One coroner in Jalalabad described how, at times, 02 soldiers had brought bodies to the morgue themselves, dismissing the staff and using the facilities before leaving with the dead. These deaths were not allowed to be recorded by him or other staff.”

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Shooting in the Dark

A significant number of raids were carried out based on “faulty intelligence by the CIA and other US intelligence-gathering services.”

Subhan Allah. This always gets me—one would think that with all of the money and resources the US has at their disposal, they would be able to get the story straight. But far too often, they seem to stumble through their “freedom wars,” rarely winning yet astonishingly still eager to undertake wars, both declared and undeclared, time and time again. I’ve discussed this problem before and, once again, it seems relevant. As Billing reports:

“Lisa Ling spent 20 years in the military and built technology that was ultimately used to process intelligence that targeted Afghans. ‘I understand very viscerally how this tech works and how people are using it,’ she said. The counterterrorism mission is essentially: “Who am I fighting, and where will I find them,” she said. But the U.S. struggled to differentiate combatants from civilians, she said, because it never understood Afghanistan.”

This time, I think I’m closer to understanding why exactly this is the case, closer to understanding why the US almost always fails to ‘get’ the people they are fighting. I think the reason is arrogance. Why even bother trying to understand those that are beneath you?

Indeed, Billing also discusses America’s history of sloppy, carnage-filled raids, dating it back to the Phoenix Program of the Vietnam War. The raids under that program killed only 3% of “full or probationary” Viet Cong members. Nonetheless, the program, she describes, served as a “blueprint” for future raids (you can read about that here, especially in Chapter Four).

It will come as little surprise to you then that “[former US Air Force intelligence analyst Daniel] Hale was convicted for disclosing classified information that nearly 90% of the people killed by U.S. airstrikes in Afghanistan were not the intended targets.” We commend Hale for his bravery in speaking out.

The US’s twenty-year foray into Afghanistan created a vicious cycle of destruction. Whether the US was busy installing corrupt leaders, figuring out how to brand the war in an attempt to legitimize it (a war for women, a war [not] against opium), this new report reaffirms that seemingly every action taken by the US in Afghanistan led to deeper entrenchment and, by default, more harm for civilians. In the words of one US Army Ranger:

“You go on night raids, make more enemies, then you gotta go on more night raids for the more enemies you now have to kill.”

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The Leahy Law: Convenience Human Rights

The Zero Units have been kept under wraps thanks to a legal loophole—the Leahy Law. With this law, the US military is prohibited from “providing training and equipment to foreign security forces that commit human rights abuses, but it does not apply to US intelligence agencies.”

This law plus bogus bureaucracy and nonchalance makes for a terribly grim combination which allows for selective ‘human rights.’

Despite all of this, what do we typically hear from the US?

The TaLiBAnS iS HarMINg WoMYN!

Go and tell that to all those women whose children and husbands you killed, to whom you offered little or no support after the fact. It simply makes my blood boil.

Let us never forget that so many innocent people have perished from these heinous actions; that so many lives and families were destroyed.

May Allah reward the people of Afghanistan for their steadfastness through all that they have suffered, and may He preclude us from being among the arrogant. Amin.

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The Many Deaths of Ayman Al-ZawahiriBy Muslim Skeptic Team

On August 1, 2022, Biden claimed that a US drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan, killed “top al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri,”[1] and that the Taliban condemned the strike.

According to Biden, US intelligence located Zawahiri earlier this year and that he had moved to downtown Kabul to “reunite with members of his immediate family.”

Whenever a fasiq comes with any news, we as Muslims are obliged to verify the news lest we unintentionally spread false rumors and cause more harm than good. Allah says in the Quran:

O believers, if an evildoer brings you any news, verify ˹it˺ so you do not harm people unknowingly, becoming regretful for what you have done. [49:6]

According to the White House on Tuesday said that it has “no DNA confirmation that al-Qaeda’s top leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed in a CIA drone strike in Kabul over the weekend,” and said it had confirmed his death by “other” means. According to White House national security spokesman John Kirby, they do not need confirmation:

“We do not have DNA confirmation. We’re not going to get that confirmation. Quite frankly, based on based on multiple sources and methods that we’ve gathered information from, we don’t need it.”[2]

I am sure that they just dumped him in the ocean, you know to keep in line with a “traditional” Muslim burial like they allegedly did Osama Bin Laden. Apparently al-Zawahiri—like some kind of fictional super agent spy—has been able to evade capture all these years; and by the largest intelligence apparatus in the world, with the biggest budget in the history of the world. But now, all of a sudden, they managed to find him in a posh neighborhood in Taliban-controlled Kabul.

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But this is not the first time that al-Zawahiri has been claimed dead. Two years ago, on November 14, 2020 it was rumored that he had died of “natural causes”. This was reported by journalist and NYT Best Selling Author Hassan I. Hassan after allegedly corroborating the report with “sources close to Al-Qaeda.”

Also, in 2008, a US media report by CBS alleged that al-Qaeda’s deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, was killed in a missile strike. That is 2008. However, Pakistan’s military denied any knowledge of the alleged death or injury of al-Qaeda’s number two man as reported by the USA network CBS.[3]

So as you can see, this is not the first time that Ayman al-Zawahiri has been claimed dead, and while I do not deny that he most probably is dead, I do reserve my right to question when and how it actually happened, seeing as I have no confidence in hearing the truth from a US President—certainly not one who likes to tell stories about little kids touching his hairy legs in a swimming pool.

When an ‘evildoer’ comes to us with news, especially one representing the interests of a western hegemonic power with overt aspirations of subjugating the lands of the Muslims, we must verify it first in order to keep with our Islamic obligations. Right now, even the CIA admits that they do not have DNA confirmation of his death and seeing as this appears to be a habit by the US when killing high profile terrorists, vis-à-vis Osama Bin Laden, I am not holding my breath that this is something we’re going to get this time either.

Now I’m sure that Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri are dead. But when, where, and under which circumstances, is a completely different matter. And I am most certainly not trusting the US government to honestly tell me the facts and details. It is like what happened in the wake of the alleged Osama bin Laden killing in 2011 where President Obama was asked to produce evidence of his death. I mean, you are telling us you have the most notorious, most wanted mass murderer of the 21st century, and you are not going to produce any footage, video or pictures in order to document to the world that you ‘got him’?

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Instead, they chose to go with a story of them dumping the body in the ocean without producing any evidence of his death and then claiming it was done according to Muslim burial rites (because you know, we Muslims toss bodies into the ocean after their janazah prayers). Obama’s response to that critique was something to the effect of:

‘Well, look, you’re not going to see Osama Bin Laden walking around this earth anymore.’

So, yeah, there you have it. We are probably not going to see Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri walking around on this earth anymore. And that spells the end of the “War on Terror,” and a new paradigm shift is about to commence.

Why Nobody Cared About al-Zawahiri Being Killed

As an article in The Intercept points out, Gen Z could be forgiven for not knowing or caring who al-Zawahiri was, but it’s pretty odd that no one else seems to know or care either. I mean this is the face of the alleged most terrifying and dangerous terrorist organization to have walked the earth, and all we hear is crickets. The article points to the “sleepy” address by President Joe Biden announcing Zawahiri’s death where he said:

“People around the world no longer need to fear the vicious and determined killer.”

But, as the article points out:

“Very few, though, had been fearing Zawahiri — who had become better known for his conspiracy videos on global politics rather than actual terrorism — for a long time.”

This goes to show that the war on terror rhetoric has been supplanted in the public consciousness over the last couple of years by a new shift in politics and agenda, and that we are moving away from the war on terror, and onto a new war on… Russia? China?

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AHL-E-BHUGHAAT are  traitors and rebels who violate their Pledge of Allegiance – the Pledge  with Allah Azza Wa Jal to uphold His Law –the Shariah  and to obey His Commands.  In the Qur’aan Majeed, Allah Azza Wa Jal states:

“And when We grant them control (political power) on earth, they establish (the Institutions) of Salaat and Zakaat, and they command  virtue and prohibit vice (i.e. they fully discharge the Obligations of Amr Bil Ma’roof, Nahy Anil Munkar).”

In  a series  of  acts of  High Treason in glaring violation of their Pledge of Allegiance with Allah Ta’ala, the Taliban have humiliatingly adopted the culture of bootlicking the kuffaar  for money, food and recognition. Despite the Battlefiled victories  granted to them by Allah Azza Wa Jal, the Taliban have capitulated  and are today  disgracefully licking the boots of not only the western kuffaar, but also of the eastern kuffaar.

At the very juncture of Victory when the U.S. with its coalition were forced to flee from Afghanistan, the Taliban became the victim of  mental colonization. They went to great lengths and  are  incrementally doing so today to gain recognition and China and now the cow-worshippers of India.

The  most recent bootlicking of kuffaar  is the Taliban’s disgraceful  cap-in-hand performance, begging the  drinkers of cow urine and the consumers of cow manure, the Hindu Mushrikeen of India. They disgracefully and gleefully accepted  the crumbs donated by India. The  bag of crumbs consists of  20,000 tons of wheat, 13 tons of medicine, 500,000 doses of Shaitaan’s Urine (covid vaccines) and some winter clothing. In return for these impure crumbs of the Indian Mushrikeen, the Taliban are now compelled to grant  the Hindu murderers of Muslims a firm footing in Afghanistan.

While the declared policy of Hindu India is the forcible conversion of Muslims to Hinduism and the  conversion of all the Musaajid into temples, while Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and Islam are publicly maligned and reviled by Indian politicians and while Muslims are being lynched in public and  harassed, these miserable, most unfortunate Taliban who have betrayed  Allah Ta’ala, are bootlicking the Cow-Worshippers. The Taliban have not  spoken a word in favour of Muslims of India who are being brutalized by the Hindu cow-worshipping mobs.

While Muslims in China are being subjected to horrendous repression, while Salaat and Saum are banned, and while a Chinese Muslim has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for  keeping a beard, the  treacherous Taliban  are bootlicking the godless Chinese atheists who are the worst devourers of pork. Russia, Iran and China had remained enemies of the Talban through the long 20 year war  with America. Today the Taliban are licking the boots of these enemies.

The Taliban have betrayed Allah Ta’ala, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), the Ummah and Islam. It took almost a century  for the kufr metamorphosis of the Saudi regime and population.  A century after  Britain established the Saudi regime, the present Saudi KUFR regime has  come to power. But  the process of  kufr metamorphosis of the Taliban was initiated  even prior to them taking control of the country’s governance. It will now  not take a century  for the Taliban to put the Saudi MBS in the background in so far as Kufr is concerned. They will soon outclass MBS in the culture of Bootlicking and Kufr.

Muslims of Deeni hue all over the world had cherished great hopes in the Taliban. The  expectation was  the blossoming of a true Shariah State in the wake of Taliban victory. But the opposite  has happened.  There is no greater treachery than the treachery perpetrated by the Taliban. There Shariah slogans  were deceptive  and designed to hoodwink Muslims. Now after Allah Ta’ala has installed them in power, they are flaunting their true  colours of shaitaaniyat.

       The little Deeni reforms they have flabbily introduced are mere cosmetic to beguile Deeni concerned Muslims. They will suffer the consequences of their treachery and bootlicking.



The Taliban had always  sent out the message  of Islam – that their objective was to establish the Shariah and to convert Afghanistan into a genuine Islamic or Shar’i state in  full accord with the Sunnah. For more than  twenty years had they  battled and struggled against the kuffaar  superpowers of the world. Allah Ta’ala granted them a resounding victory over His enemies, the enemies of Islam and the Ummah.

However, those who are awake  and aware of the realities of international politics  had not failed to understand that the Taliban’s constant presence in Qatar during their two-decade Jihad was disconcerting. Their presence in Qatar was at the behest of the Pakistani Intelligence Services and subject to a measure of bootlicking – bootlicking the Americans. Since the U.S.A. saw no need for negotiations in Afghanistan, there was absolutely no need for the Taliban to have grovelled in bootlicking style, running to Qatar discordantly in the hope of forging peace with the enemy.

While peace with the enemy is not  prohibited in Islam, most certainly, bootlicking is. The Taliban were riding on the crest of a wave. There was no need for them to crawl and be dictated to by the U.S.A. Their ‘Islamic’ rhetoric cannot be reconciled  with the stark reality of the un-Islamic implementations now that they constitute the government in Afghanistan. They are bending  backwards excessively to accommodate the haraam demands of the West and of the Murtad modernist Afghani people.

Russia, Iran and China were always the implacable enemies of the Taliban. Never had these countries offered  the slightest aid to the Taliban  during the 20 year Jihad.  In fact, Iran had not permitted the Taliban to   even take  temporary refuge on Iranian soil. But what  do we see now that the Taliban constitute the government?  These kufr, anti-Islam, satanic powers have become  the close ‘allies’ of the Taliban.

The Taliban, in bootlicking style, went to Russia and China to assure them that the   Mujaahideen hailing from China and other Muslim lands under Russian domination  would not  be tolerated  and  provided haven in Afghanistan. What was the imperative need for the Taliban to have journeyed to the lands of the atheists to make such haraam promises? This bootlicking the Chinese and Russians was a cruel and disgusting act of treachery. They who had all along claimed to be upholders of the Shariah and that their Jihad was for Islam, had sold their brethren  for monetary and worldly gain.

Similarly, the Taliban are  going to great lengths to appease and soothe the West regarding Islam’s prohibitions pertaining  to females. They are making haraam concession on haraam concession in this sphere.

It is now clear that the Taliban’s objective is not the establishment of the Shariah nor the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. The Maqaasid  of the Aakhirah have no share in current Taliban governance. The Taliban government is not an Islamic government. The shadow of the West  and of the atheists is constantly overhanging the Taliban. While Allah Ta’ala had granted them battlefield victories  and inflicted defeat on the world’s superpowers, the Taliban are miserably failing to capitalize on their Victory. They are now completely oblivious  of the Promises of Allah Ta’ala:

“If you help (the Deen of) Allah, He will aid you and plant your feet firmly (against your enemy). And, if He  abandons you, then who is there besides Allah to aid you?” (Qur’aan)

“Allah is Maalikul Mulk. He grants sovereignty to whomever He wishes and He snatches away mulk (land/power/country) from whomever He wills.

He grants  honour to whomever He wills, and He disgraces whomever He wills. All goodness is in His power.”

By their conduct the Taliban  have implied lack of belief in these Qur’aanic precepts, warnings and promises. The hopes  which true Muslims had cherished regarding the Taliban are all dashed and neutralized. All such hopes were distant pipedreams. The decline of the Taliban – moral decline, spiritual decline and even worldly decline – is incremental with the march of time. There will be no surprise if Afghanistan follows in the  footsteps of  the Saudis who had also ostensibly come to power on an Islamic ticket although they were ushered to the fore and granted a country to rule by their British masters. At one stage the Americans had promised to lay a ‘carpet of gold’ in Afghanistan  in lieu of Taliban bootlicking them. It appears that the Taliban are  following in the footsteps of the Saudis. This is not farfetched  reasoning.

Warning the Taliban and their ilk against befriending the kuffaar enemies of Allah Ta’ala, the Qur’aan Majeed states: “The Mu’minoon should not take as friends the kaafireen besides the Mu’mineen…” Only the Mu’mineen may be taken as friends, not the Russian atheist mass murderers of entire Muslim communities, nor may the Chinese pork-devourers  be taken as friends. They have exterminated millions of Muslims and are still in the process of brutally oppressing Chinese Muslims.

Warning the Taliban from bootlicking the West and kow-towing to their demands of female ‘liberation’ and libertinism, the Qur’aan Majeed says: “What! Do you search for the law of Jaahiliyyah?  Whose Law is  best for a nation having yaqeen? O People of Imaan! Do not take the Yahood and Nasaaraa as friends. They are mutual friends (one  to the other). Whoever from you (Muslimeen) befriends them,  then (know) that verily he is of them. Verily, Allah does not guide a nation of zaalimeen.”

The current Taliban establishment comes fully within the scope of the following Qur’aanic Aayat: “You will see those in whose hearts lurks a disease racing among them (i.e. bootlicking them), saying (to justify their bootlicking): ‘We fear calamity  may befall us (from the kuffaar’s coalition, Nato and the like).”

There are many Qur’aanic Aayaat and Ahaadith severely castigating the type of ‘friendship’ the Taliban have struck up with the Russian and Chinese atheists, and with the  western Yahood and Nasaara. If they continue along this path of treachery, Allah Ta’ala will hand them over to the kuffaar.


How the UK Special Forces Hid Their War Crimes in Afghanistan

In a new investigative report, the BBC alleges that the UK’s Special Air Force (SAS) squadron may have committed what amounts to war crimes in Afghanistan and that they also attempted to cover them up.

The report focuses on SAS raids which were “deliberate detention operations” (or DDO) which targeted Taliban bomb-making operations and the detaining of Taliban commanders. The BBC alleges though that operations were often rushed once they had a list of potential individuals—people who may have in actuality been just ordinary civilians. They allege that 54 people were killed during a six-month SAS tour.

A large portion of the report is based on a cache of internal emails from within the SAS—emails in which the UK Special Forces discussed deadly raids from 2010/2011 which they found to be “suspicious.”

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Then, more leaked documents provided further information, as did corroboration of information they had on the raids with local news reports and a leaked US military log.

Here is an example of the type of raids in question:

“In the early hours of 7 February 2011, Habibullah’s sons, Samiullah and Nisar Ahmad, had been sleeping in a single-room guesthouse in the grounds of the family home. Alongside them were seven mourners who had come to the village for a funeral.

Then four helicopters carrying SAS personnel landed in the nearby fields – and soon, all nine people in the guesthouse were dead.

According to the official SAS account of the incident, they had believed the property was linked to a Taliban leader. As the troops entered the compound, the SAS said, several insurgents opened fire – so the SAS then shot back, killing those in the guesthouse. The report adds that three AK-47 rifles were recovered in the raid.

But that wasn’t how Habibullah remembered it. All those who died had been unarmed civilians, he said, unconnected to the Taliban.

He took the BBC team to the guesthouse. It had been bricked up – the memory of his sons’ deaths had made it too painful to use again. ‘When I remember them it hurts me so much,’ Habibullah said.”

In investigating the raids further (in the case above: locations of bullet holes; Habibullah’s account of where victims were shot; discovering similar findings from others who’d investigated the matter), the BBC suggests that many of these raids appeared to be more like executions.

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Habibullah insisted that those killed in his home were not armed. Reports note three guns recovered from the scene. The BBC suggests that these were likely “drop weapons”—weapons placed at the scene by the SAS to make it look like the victims were armed. Former SAS squadron soldiers also “confirmed they had witnessed AK-47s being planted in this way.”

These events even raised the eyebrows of some higher-ups in the British Military, who found this pattern extremely concerning:

“When the Royal Military Police launched a murder investigation in 2013 into one of the raids conducted on that tour, General Carleton-Smith did not disclose to the RMP any of the earlier concerns over unlawful killings, or the existence of the tactical review.

Colonel Oliver Lee, who was commander of the Royal Marines in Afghanistan in 2011, told the BBC that the allegations of misconduct raised by our investigation were ‘incredibly shocking’ and merited a public inquiry. The apparent failure by special forces leadership to disclose evidence was ‘completely unacceptable’, he said.”

This story should have an unfortunate familiarity to it. Australian forces had taken part in similar crimes in Afghanistan, in which detainees were killed unlawfully (sometimes in order for soldiers to get their ‘first kill’). Drop weapons were also then placed with the victims.

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The BBC has documented a number of SAS incidence descriptions wherein they found eerily similar circumstances of death and in which a suspicious pattern came to light:

  • “‘On 29 November 2010, the squadron killed a man who had been detained and taken back inside a building, where he ‘attempted to engage the force with a grenade.’”
  • “On 15 January 2011, the squadron killed a man who had been detained and taken back inside a building, where he ‘reached behind a mattress, pulled out a hand grenade, and attempted to throw it.’”
  • “On 7 February, the squadron killed a detainee who they said had ‘attempted to engage the patrol with a rifle.’ The same justification was given for the fatal shooting of detainees on 9 February and 13 February.”
  • “On 16 February, the squadron killed two detainees after one pulled a grenade ‘from behind the curtains’ and the other ‘picked up an AK-47 from behind a table.’”
  • “On 1 April, the squadron killed two detainees who had been sent back inside a building after one ‘raised an AK-47’ and the other ‘tried to throw a grenade.’”

The BBC also notes: “no injuries to SAS operatives were reported across all raids scrutinized by the BBC.” This also adds weight to the idea that the few weapons found were likely drop weapons.

For now, the British Ministry of Defence objects “strongly…to this subjective reporting.” They maintain that their own investigations did not find ample evidence to prosecute.

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Maybe they’re hoping this report will be largely overlooked and forgotten, which is all the more reason that it should be remembered.

May Allah have mercy on all the innocent Muslims who died in those raids. May their reward be great. Amin.


Why is the world not recognizing the Taliban government?

More than three months have passed since the Taliban took over Kabul, but the world has yet to officially recognize the new government. Even the United States of America that took the lead in inking the Doha peace deal is still weighing the pros and cons of such a possibility.

This situation is lingering on, despite the United Nations warning that Afghanistan is facing a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportions and is on the verge of disaster.

So, what are the impediments in recognizing the new reality in Afghanistan, when almost all the stakeholders are in direct contact with the Taliban government?

Broadly, the world can be divided into three major groups on this issue.

The first and the foremost is led by the United States of America. It comprises the European Union, NATO members, most Middle Eastern countries, Japan and India. The second is the regional group that consists of Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, and a number of Central Asian Countries.

The rest of the world can be categorized into the third group that includes at least six countries from the non-permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

All these groups have similar views on at least a few points. They have unanimously asked the Taliban to form an inclusive government, ensure the rights of women and minorities and guarantee that Afghanistan will no more serve as the launching pad for global terrorist operations.

But, all is not as black and white. The truth lies somewhere in the grey area. And, these three groups remarkably differ from each other.

Let’s first consider a group led by the United States of America. The Biden administration has not openly demanded who should or shouldn’t be in the inclusive government. But, there are clear signs that Washington wants to see some significant figures of the previous governments be given important portfolios.

Thomas West, the US special envoy for Afghanistan, has recently participated in a two-day talk with the Taliban. These discussions have the potential to make some headways in economic support. But, the United States is in no hurry to recognize the Taliban. Why?

Well, after the September 11 attacks on the United States of America, Washington had declared the Taliban as a terrorist organization. Gradually, they were divided into reconcilable and irreconcilable ones. Hasn’t the time come to include currently banned figures in the reconcilable ones as they have submitted themselves to the Doha Peace Agreement?

Till now, international pressure to take them out of the cabinet hasn’t worked. There are least chances that it will. True, the Taliban have accommodated dozens of Afghans by giving them ceremonial positions. But, it’s an admitted fact that the top hierarchy remains the same.

This stubbornness has raised some eyebrows in Russia, China, and Iran, who also want a truly inclusive government that represents all the main ethnic and political groups. This second group is also keeping mum about naming those who they want to see in the government.

But, each member of this group wants a friendly and independent Afghan government, which diplomatically means less dependent on the group led by the United States of America.

This second group pretends that it is equally not in a hurry to recognize the Taliban. In reality, with every passing day, this group is becoming more concerned about why the world is not coming to terms with the new reality of Afghanistan.

The reason is obvious. Pakistan, Iran, China, Russia, and the Central Asian countries have more stakes in the region. For this reason, they had cultivated ties with the Taliban long before the fall of Kabul.

The increasing presence of Daesh in Afghanistan has given these countries another reason to join hands. After all, this group has long faced one terrorist organization or the other.

Moscow can’t afford another Beslan Siege of 2004 when 32 Chechen terrorists took 1,200 children and adults hostage and killed at least 330 in a primary school.

China equally wants to stop the resurgence in Xinjiang where Uighur militants killed 39 people in a vegetable market in 2014. Any such incident now has the potential to cast a shadow over the security of the One Belt One Road initiative as Xinjiang connects China with eight major countries.

Iran, already facing a biting economic situation, is putting up all efforts to stop elements seeking instability. It’s a country where militants disguised as soldiers killed 25 people in the Ahvaz military parade, during sacred defense week.

Pakistan is the worst-hit country. In a few days, the nation will mourn the Army Public School massacre that had shocked the whole world.

But by recognizing the Taliban, the world can strengthen them to go against Daesh and affiliated groups that seem to have a bigger agenda in the region and beyond. It will also avert total economic collapse and lawlessness that is serving as the breeding ground for extremist ideologies.

As far as the Taliban are concerned, they should also realize that an inclusive government will strengthen not weaken their rule.

NASIM HAIDERThe author is Controller News at Geo News



Please comment on the following article which has reached me. Are the claims made regarding the Taliban true? Can the contents be true? I and many others are confused. We do not know what to believe.

The Article

Assalaamualaikum. This article has made it way to me… Can the contents be possibly true?

“They left perfectly operational equipment behind, and it was for a specific purpose connected to the Doha Agreement signed back in 2020. Taliban 2.0 signed several deals with America in their time in Qatar. The biggest agreement signed was that after America pulls out, Taliban will wipe out any Dawlah (IS) and AQ members living in Afghanistan. Stanekzai emphatically stated, “We will not let Daesh be a headache for Russia and America.”

That’s the reason behind America leaving the equipment and weapons. It takes the burden off their shoulders because now instead of them having to fight AQ and IS and have their soldiers get killed, Taliban will do it on their behalf.

To understand exactly the magnitude of what is going on behind the scenes, you have to know the history of not just the original Taliban of 1994, but the Afghan-Soviet Jihaad from long before then, with the invasion of Kabul in 1979. You also have to know each and every one of the key members.

Mullah Umar (rahmatullah alayhi) didn't die of TB as the lie was spread; he was assassinated by Mullah Akhtar Mansoor and Gul Agha, to bring an end to the "original" Taliban and bring in a new version. None other than Mullah Daadullaah (rahmatullah alayhi) himself stated that MullahUmar (rahmatullah alayhi) was assassinated and he didn’t die of TB or kidney failure.

The current de facto leader of Taliban is Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. The Americans have a nickname for him: “Mullah Bradley”.

Keep that in mind, and then listen to this: back in the late ’90s already, when the original Taliban under Mullah `Umar (rahmatullah alayhi) were at the peak of their power, the CIA issued a threat to them, saying, “If you raise up Mullah Omar, we will raise up Mullah Bradley.”

At the time, everyone thought it was just a play on words, because an M3 Bradley is a tank, so they thought CIA were simply saying we’ll bring in tanks to overrun Afghanistan. After so many years, Baradar becomes the de facto leader, having spread a lie that Hibatullah Akhundzada and the others are “gravely sick with Covid”, and all of a sudden deals are being signed with America, Iran, Russia, China, etc., and it dawned on some people: the CIA back then weren’t referring to a tank; they were referring to their mole within the Taliban: Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, A.K.A. “Mullah Bradley”.

Baradar was arrested in 2010 in Pakistan, and during his imprisonment deals were signed between him and the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), and in 2018, none other than Donald Trump himself personally ordered Pakistan to release Baradar, and from there America flew him straight to Qatar, where further discussions were had between Baradar and the CIA in Doha, before Baradar flew from there to Afghanistan, as the “hero”, to “take over”, and “conveniently” America ups and leaves behind mountains of weapons.

There is a famous book called “88 Days to Kandahar”, written by the Head of CIA’s counter-terrorism department: Robert Grenier. In it, he means that the CIA have had contact with Baradar for more than 20 years. There is a lot going on behind the scenes which most people are unaware of.

The CIA did indeed use their “Mullah Bradley” and his crew to get rid of Mullah `Umar (rahmatullah alayhi) and the original Taliban leadership, to replace it with a version led by a man who has been in the pocket of the CIA for over 20 years, and now America will relax while the “Taliban of Mullah Bradley” wages the “war on terror” in Afghanistan on their behalf.

Already, in case people don’t know: in an effort to appease China, Taliban will be rounding up nay Uyghurs living in Afghanistan and sending them back to China. Not only that: in an attempt to appease China, Taliban killed six members of the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), a Jihaad group trying to fight the vile, tyrannical Chinese regime. There are approximately 2,000 Uyghurs living in Afghanistan, and Taliban wants to round them up and hand them over to Beijing, to curry favour.

We are living in the era mentioned by Rasoolullaah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) in the Hadeeth: “years of deception.” Things aren’t what they appear to be.

(End of article)


Since we lack knowledge of some details mentioned in the article, we shall refrain to comment on such claims. Nevertheless, in general, what has been said is correct.

The current group is not the original Taliban who were headed by Mullah Umar. With each passing day, the haze of deception surrounding the present ‘Taliban’ is clearing. The conspiracy which ushered the present Taliban to the fore, and their ‘blitzkrieg’ ‘victory’, will be better understood in coming days.

We share much of what is mentioned in the article. We are disillusioned after our initial euphoria created by the success of the ‘Taliban’. But it is increasingly coming to light that these ‘Taliban’ are not The Taliban whose goal was the establishment of the Law of Allah Ta’ala in Afghanistan.

25 Muharram 1443 – 3 September 2021


“What is the matter with their fleeing from At-Tazkirah (i.e. from Islam)?

(They flee stricken with panic) as if they are wild donkeys fleeing from a Lion.”  (Al-Muddath-thir, Aayaat 48, 49 and 50)

      In the wake of the lightening advances and conquests of the Taliban on all fronts and throughout the country, came a panic flight by thousands of Afghans. Why are they fleeing?  From whom are they fleeing?  The barbaric Western and kuffaar forces, despite all their falsehood and slanders, cannot  eliminate the truth.

The Afghans who are fleeing  are Munaafiqeen.  Unlike all other brutal  militaries, armies and militias, the Taliban is an Islamic Army which does not  indulge in atrocities.  The lies of the West  calculated to malign the Taliban are too blatant  for deglutition and acceptance by even non-Muslims who view the mighty upheavals in Afghanistan  with  clear and unbiased minds.

The Taliban have not molested the  people of Afghanistan. Their battlefield successes and victories have not  induced them to  conduct themselves as the brutal  U.S., Nato  and  their coalition forces had perpetrated when they   had invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

The kuffaar media have acknowledged that the Taliban had lists of names of people for whom they are searching. The very fact of apprehending according to lists prepared by their High Command, is glaring evidence for refuting the lies of  them committing atrocities. Everyone understands that  a state of war prevails in Afghanistan. They are not playing  marbles or flying kites. Kill and get killed are of the requisites of war. The lists are evidence for the fact that the Taliban are arresting enemies systematically, not haphazardly.

Lists of earmarked enemies debunk the idea of random arrests and perpetration of atrocities. Furthermore, most of the  regions captured by the Taliban, were handed over by the enemy without a fight. Wherever they had surrendered, the Taliban let them off free.  Even the  enemy forces who had  surrendered can testify that there were no  atrocities  committed by the Taliban.

Those who are fleeing, are pure Munaafiqeen. They are actually fleeing from Islam — from Allah Ta’ala since they abhor the imposition of  Shariah Law.  These Munaafiqeen bootlickers of the U.S. and West in general understand that   with the Law of the Qur’aan will be implemented  all the prohibitions of Islam.  Music, nudity, prostitution, liquor,  women roaming in the streets, lesbianism, homosexuality and the western concept of feminism and the many evils and immorality concomitant to the libertine western culture  will be  prohibited in Afghanistan when the Qur’aan and Sunnah are established. Salaat and all the injunctions of Islam will have to be enforced, for Allah Ta’ala says in His Qur’aan Majeed: 

“When We establish them (as rulers) on earth, they  establish

Salaat, institute Zakaat, command virtue and prohibit vice.”

Thus, implementation of the Shariah is the first FARDH obligation of an Islamic government. If the  rulers fail to observe this Fardh, Allah Ta’ala will remove them.

The Munaafiqeen are fleeing like wild donkeys from the Lion (i.e. from the Shariah). They are not fleeing in fear of hallucinated atrocities. They know that the Taliban are not barbarians such as the Americans, British, French and the rest of the kuffaar savages who specialize in brutality.  In fact, the Taliban have called on these Munaafiqeen, not to flee. Their safety is guaranteed by the Taliban. But,  the kufr lifestyle of the West is more attractive and beloved to these hypocrites and treasonists than Islam.

These fleeing Munaafiqeen are  of the ilk of the Munaafiqeen who will be fleeing from Madinah Munawwarah as predicted in the Hadith. Allah Ta’ala will overwhelm them with fear by causing some light tremors to shake Madinah. The entire City will be emptied of all the Munaafiqeen who will  flee, leaving Madinah purified from the filth of their Nifaaq.


More than two decades ago the so-called superpowers of the world – the U.S.A. with its coalition of dozens of countries – invaded its Graveyard (Afghanistan). With its rodomontade stance it trumped that within a matter of days the “rag tag band of terrorists”, the Taliban, would be eliminated.

Today, after more than 20 years, having suffered thousands of casualties and squandering trillions of dollars in its futile attempt to wipe out the ‘rag tag band of terrorists’, the Taliban are riding on the crest of a wave.

The Taliban are on the move, striking the enemy on all fronts, and capturing scores of districts on their march to inflict the last nails in the coffin of defeat of the superpowers.

No one, but the true Mu’mineen, understands the Qur’aanic truth: “Aid is from only Allah, The Mighty.”

Along with their spiritual deficiencies and defective Tawakkul, the Taliban are still the best of today’s Ummah. It is for this reason that Allah Ta’ala has not abandoned them. Allah Ta’ala has sustained the Taliban and aided them to keep their heads high with honour. Allah Ta’ala did not allow them to be humiliated by the kuffaar as He, in His Wisdom, has brought humiliation and defeat on all other Muslim nations who have abandoned the Sunnah in their disgraceful emulation and bootlicking of the western kuffaar – the Yahood and Nasaara. Allah Azza Wa Jal has spared the Taliban from the defeat and disgrace which other segments of the Ummah are suffering at the hands of the kuffaar whose boots they are licking with relish.

The US with its coalition in the form of Nato are today fleeing from Afghanistan, abandoning the puppets whom they had installed as government. In their inordinate rush to vacate Afghanistan, the US and Nato are abandoning tens of millions of dollars of military equipment which is being captured by the Taliban.

Bagram airbase, most probably the largest of its kind, and planned by the US to be its lifelong foreign airbase, has been abandoned. The US has cleared out in haste in its flight from the Taliban.

At no stage in its Afghan trajectory of aggression and brutality, did the savage invaders of the superpowers enjoy peace. They laboured constantly under Taliban attack without respite. On land and in the mountains of Afghanistan, the forces of the superpowers could not match the Taliban. Despite the gross military inferiority of the Taliban, they inflicted heavy losses on the land forces of the superpowers who were able to brutalize and murder village folk from the air with their merciless bombardments. But on the land, the kuffaar soldiers despite all their military training and superiority of weaponry were always in defensive positions. It was the Taliban who staged the attacks while the kuffaar forces would brutalize unarmed men, women and children in remote villages. About these cowardly kuffaar forces, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“All of them (with their coalitions) cannot fight you (O Mu’mineen!) except from inside fortified cities and from behind walls. You think that they are a united force whilst (in reality) their hearts are rent asunder. That is because they are people without understanding.”

They are cowards and morons!




A Brother from the UK writes:

There is very likely to be a sinister element to the sudden withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. The questions that automatically come to mind are why now, and why all of a sudden, and why the suspiciously open drama on this saga in the carefully controlled Kuffaar media?

In regards to the element of the Nusrat of Allah, the Taliban today are, without doubt, far more liberal and modernized than the Mullahs who had defeated the Russians, and (in many ways) even the Taliban from whom Allah Ta’ala had snatched sovereignty via the American barbarians.

I have hardly kept myself abreast of what’s been going on, but the little I have heard is extremely disturbing to say the least. One Molvi could barely contain his excitement as he informed me recently about how much more media savvy (i.e. the art of showboating snouts on Dajjal’s eye) this new Taliban group is, and some of the “positive” assurances they have been giving to the world at large. Much of it is very concerning. In particular, their pathetic attempts at appeasing the kuffaar regarding women’s emancipation, including giving assurances of allowing women to attend universities (albeit “segregated), is nothing short of satanic. Their open and seemingly sincere dalliance with the Chinese Kuffaar savages is a brutal stab in the hearts of millions of oppressed Chinese Muslims. And, there are other examples of statements, worryingly too many, issued by this new group of Taliban, the tone of which makes it difficult for them to be dismissed as merely “hikmah”, such is the apparent sincerity and passion behind these servile and futile attempts at appeasement of a breed who will never be pleased with us.

I hope my sentiments are proven to be wrong, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to dismiss the disconcerting rankling in my heart that the whole scenario of the sudden (and surely strategic) withdrawal of American troops is akin to a sudden drop in the ocean tide which opens the way for the still-distant tidal wave whose dark shadow is beginning to silhouette the horizon.

As I have said before, I have not really kept myself abreast of recent news, almost all of which is carefully prepared by the cabal who currently are at the helm of world affairs, so I might be missing the mark completely.

(End of letter)

All the concerns raised by the Brother are valid. We share these concerns with him. The near future will, Insha-Allah, reveal the reality and expose any treachery which the new brand ‘Taliban’ may be practicing. Insha-Allah, we shall comment in greater detail within coming days.

17 Muharram 1443 – 26 August 2021