O You The Monstrous Liar!

Yaa Kath-thaab!
O You The Monstrous Liar!
1. O You The Monstrous Liar! Where were you just 40 hours before the demise of
Hazratji (Hadhrat Maulana Maseehullah) Rahmatullahi alayh when Hazrat in his final
hours in this earthly sojourn exhorted two South African students to study and
emulate Maulana AS DESAI!!!
2. O You The Monstrous Liar! Where were you in the final days of Hazratji’s life on earth
when he ratified his Khulafa List and the name of Maulana AS DESAI was preserved till
eternity as Khalifah Mujaaz-e-Bai’t of Hazratji!!!
3. O You The Monstrous Liar! Where were you when in 1990 Hazratji fell so ill, that all
Majaalis had come to a standstill? Then Maulana AS DESAI came and never were the
likes of such Majaalis seen – official Majlises 3 times a day; after Fajr, mornings and
after Asr!!!
4. O You The Monstrous Liar! Where were you when Hazratji dedicated the Majlis
Mujaahadah Thaaniyah to Maulana AS DESAI calling his name almost a dozen times in
the Majlis and devoting his attention to Maulana AS DESAI!!!
5. O You The Monstrous Liar! Where were you when Hazratji said in an open Majlis that
there was never such a diligent student like Maulana AS DESAI in Jalalabad and never
will there be one like him!!!
6. O You The Monstrous Liar! Where were you when Hazratji took Maulana AS DESAI’s
hand and took bai’t from him!!!
7. O You The Monstrous Liar! Where were you when Hazratji told a chap of your ilk
complaining about the Fatwas of haraam and saying that he is going to make the
water also haraam, “Never was there a student like him. And even if he says that the
water is haraam then stop drinking the water.”!!!
8. O You The Monstrous Liar! Where were you when Hazratji said that Maulana AS DESAI
will do the work of 100 Aalims!!!
9. O You The Monstrous Liar! Where were you when Hazratji and all Ustaads of the
Madrasah escorted Maulana AS DESAI to the bus stand and bid him farewell after he
completed his course!!! Was such a privilege shown to any other student in
10. O You The Monstrous Liar! Where were you when Maulana AS DESAI completed his
studies in Jalalabad and then wished to proceed to Darul Uloom Deoband as there was
no post-graduate studies at that time in Jalalabad!!! What did Hazratji do? He
instructed Allaamah Rafeeq Saheb the top Ustaad in Jalalabad to teach Dorah Tafseer
to Maulana AS DESAI. Which student had that honour!!!
11.O You The Monstrous Liar! Where were you when the great Allaamah Rafeeq Saheb
Shaikhul Hadith of Jalalabad actually stood up for the student, AS DESAI!!!!
12. O You The Monstrous Liar! Where were you when Maulana AS Desai told Hazratji that
people were calling him harsh, Hazratji responded: “Be stern and harsh on them.”
13. O You The Monstrous Liar! Where were you when Hazratji said that people are
complaining now, but in 50 years’ time they will be crying and making Du’aa for him!!!
14. O You The Monstrous Liar! On the Day of Qiyaamah, the Truth of the Saadiqeen will
avail them and the Lies of the Kaathibeen will destroy them!!!
Salaam to those who follow guidance.

O You The Monstrous Liar


Q. Why do so many young people nowadays suffer from anxiety and depression? What is a remedy for this?

A. The anxiety and depression are the effects of the immoral lifestyle of the young people of today. The deluges of filth and immorality of the internet, facebook, pornography, movies, etc., etc. which their brains and hearts ingest spawn the light or little punishment of anxiety and depression. The lack of Deen and the grostesque darkness of the heart stemming from the filthy lifestyle of the young and even the old stupid aunts and uncles, and even grannies and grandads who have become porn addicts, jars mental equilibrium, causing a very mild condition of insanity which the morons term anxiety and depression, and which sometimes culminates in suicide. This ultimate consequence is on the rise among the kuffaar. The anxiety and depression come within the scope of the Qur’aanic Aayat:

“We shall surely give them to taste of the little punishment, other than the greater punishment, for perhaps they may return (to Siraatul Mustaqeem and repent).”

Remember that Deen is not restricted to performing Namaaz. A person whose Imaan is damaged by the satanism of internet filth will be afflicted by depression and anxiety. Nowadays this condition affects numerous young people on account of their evil computer/internet addiction. They soil their eyes, contaminate their hearts and ruin their Imaan with the filth they view on these media. The little punishment of anxiety and depression is therefore to be expected.

As for the remedy: Abandon the internet filth, increase Tilaawat of the Qur’aan Majeed, increase Thikrullaah, perform the Masnoon Sunnah Salaats. Minus roohaani cultivation, there is no cure for anxiety/depression. The harmful drug medication provided by the western psychologists only increase this spiritual disease. It simply aggravates the problem, makes one a drug addict and adds the disease of paranoia. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Behold! In the Thikr of Allah do hearts find rest.”



In terms of the Shari’ah the two words, Imaan and Islam , are inextricably interwoven. The Shar’i meaning of the one is incomplete without the meaning of the other. The two terms are complementary. The one is a necessary corollary of the other. The existence of the one is dependent on the existence of the other. Negation of the one implies the automatic negation of the other. A proper understanding of Imaan is, therefore, possible only by a study of the Shar’i definition of both words and their interrelationship to one another.
Literal Meanings

Imaan literally means:

To verify, to accept, to attest with the heart.

The acceptance by the heart with conviction is termed Imaan in the literal sense. Hence, Imaan is a state or an internal (Baatin) condition.

Islaam literally means:

“To submit oneself to another; to make oneself lowly in the presence of another .”

In the literal sense. Therefore,Islam is an external (zaahiri) state in which a display or demonstration of the internal (baatini) condition is made.

These literal meanings of the two words have their share in the Shar’i definition of Imaan and Islaam. Basing the technical (i.e. the Shar’i ) meanings on the literal meanings. Imaam Abu Muhammad Mas’ud Baghawi Rahmatullah Alay says:

“Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi wasallam) defined Islaam as the name for external acts and Imaan as the name of the internal beliefs.”

kitaabul Imaan_ERead

Who Is Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai (Daamat Barakaatuhum)?

Pearls Of Taqwa

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“The critic of a genuine Sufi (muhiqq al-sufiyya) becomes a target of the hadith: ‘Whosoever shows enmity to a single one of My Friends, I have declared war on him.’ While one that abandons all condemnation for what is clearly wrong in what he hears from some of them, abandons the commanding of good and the forbidding of evil.”

[Allamah Al-Dhahabi]

Regarding the Maulana’s harshness towards the Ulama-e-Soo’ and deviants who drag countless people with them into Jahannum, the following article provides an adequate answer:

Why is the Majlis so Harsh and ‘Extreme’ Towards Deviations and Deviants?

Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai can be easily contacted for Deeni queries or spiritual advice on:


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