The first domino has fallen

Dear Reader,

The first domino has fallen…

Boris Johnson had the courage – or more like the desire for self-preservation – to announce yesterday that all COVID-19 restrictions in the U.K. will end on January 26.

That means everything.

Masks will no longer be required anywhere. Not in shops, not on public transport, not in schools, not outside. Better yet, the removal of masks in schools is effective today.

Even better, Johnson went so far as to make it clear that “we will trust the judgement of the British people and no longer criminalise anyone who chooses not to wear one.”

Working remotely will no longer be advised and people are encouraged to return to work in person.

And COVID passports or passes to prove vaccination status will no longer be required anywhere.

What happened? Why the sudden reversal of policy in one of the countries that supported some of the most draconian pandemic policies?

On December 30, prestigious medical journal The Lancet published the results of a study that demonstrated that 89% of new U.K. COVID cases were among those fully vaccinated. 89%!

It went one step further to highlight the vaccinated population as a source of transmission of COVID-19.

The research went even further, and I quote:

“The COVID-19 case rate per 100,000 was higher among the subgroup of the vaccinated compared to the subgroup of the unvaccinated.”

“Fourteen fully vaccinated patients became severely ill or died, the two unvaccinated patients developed mild disease.”

“It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.”

And that is what happened.

The data was irrefutable. No matter what the U.K. tried over the last two years, absolutely nothing stopped the spread. Remote work didn’t work, sanitizing our hands didn’t work, masking didn’t work, vaccine passports didn’t work, and most certainly the COVID-19 “vaccines” didn’t stop the spread.

Sadly, we knew this already. I’ve been sharing the scientific research with my readers for the last two years. I haven’t been sharing my opinions on these matters, only the research, the data, and the facts.

It might be uncomfortable for some to hear, but it’s the kind of information that I’d like to have to make decisions about my own health if our roles were reversed.

I’m sure that Boris Johnson and his cabinet will claim victory. It’s all for show, of course; to continue down the path of more restrictions and criminalization would have been political suicide.

It’s a smart move for self-preservation. But he really had no choice. In light of all the research and evidence, so many across the country realized the game was up. The truth is, for a highly transmissible airborne virus, we can run… but we can’t hide.

And almost as if in coordination, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the U.S. released new research that demonstrated that people who had previously been infected with COVID-19 and recovered were better protected against the Delta variant than those who are vaccinated alone.

This was a big deal, as this is an explicit acknowledgement of the power and durability of natural immunity acquired from prior exposure to COVID-19.

But it gets better.

In a shocking admission from the epicenter of COVID fearmongering, The New York Timesstated yesterday, “Unvaccinated people with a history of COVID also had lower rates of infection and hospitalization than those protected by vaccines alone.” It went further, saying, “The data are consistent with trends observed in international studies.”

The facts are not surprising. The fact that The New York Times printed them is…

The most ironic part is that we’ve always known these things. We’ve known that the COVID-19 vaccines don’t “immunize” or provide immunity. They are not at all a vaccine in the traditional sense. I think of them more like experimental drugs for which we are still waiting on two-year safety data.

We’ve known that those vaccinated still catch and transmit COVID-19 to others. It’s the spread of Omicron that has made this fact so obvious. We’ve experienced it in our own lives and networks of friends, family, and colleagues.

This is the reason that vaccine passports make no sense at all. What’s the point? They provide a false sense of security and do absolutely nothing to keep anyone “safe.” Those who are vaccinated transmit COVID-19 like anyone else.

So there we have it… the beginning of the end.

The U.K. now joins Sweden, which was the stalwart of logic in successfully employing evidence-based policy decisions based on scientific research, not political narratives. Sweden has proven to be an incredible model throughout the pandemic. Thankfully, at least one country got it right. I hope other countries will learn from it.

Who will throw the towel in next? I suspect several European countries will do the same. I have to believe that there has been some coordination amongst E.U. member countries on this new policy position.

There have been so many massive and peaceful demonstrations against the COVID restrictions across Europe over the last six months, most of which went grossly underreported by the media. The groundswell was unmistakable and deeply encouraging.

And the U.S. is about to fall as well. For the same reasons as Johnson in the U.K. We’re all exhausted with this nonsense, and we can all see that the interventions haven’t stopped the spread.

And we look to states like Florida and Texas that have been living a normal life for more than a year. None of the dire predictions levied by The New York Times or The Atlantic came true. And we all know it.

It’s time to get back to life… to breathe freely… to let our children and grandchildren see each other’s faces and smile. It’s time to treat each other with kindness and respect.

It’s time to be free.

Source: Jeff Brown – Brownstone Research


Vax Stats wrote:
Among all the vaccines that I have known in my life (from my communist country past ) (diphtheria, tetanus, measles, rubella, chicken pox, hepatitis, meningitis and tuberculosis, and I also want to add influenza and pneumonia) I have never seen a vaccine that would force me to wear a mask and maintain social distancing, even if you are fully vaccinated.

I have never heard of a vaccine that spreads the virus even after being vaccinated.

Never heard of incentives, discounts, vaccination incentives.

I have never seen discrimination for those who did not.

If you weren’t vaccinated, no one was trying to make you feel like a bad person.

I have never seen a vaccine that would threaten relationships between family, colleagues and friends.

I have never seen a vaccine threaten livelihoods, job loss or a school ban.

I have never seen a vaccine that would allow a 12 year old to override parental consent.

After all the vaccines I have listed above, I have never seen a vaccine like this one that discriminates, divides and judges society for what it is.

And as the social fabric stretches… This is a powerful vaccine! She does all these things except IMMUNIZATION. If we still need a booster dose after we are fully vaccinated and we still need to test negative after we are fully vaccinated and we still need to wear a mask after we are fully vaccinated and continue to be hospitalized after a full vaccination, most likely, the only conclusion is:

“It is time for us to admit that we have been completely deceived.




World Council for Health Calls for an Immediate Stop to the Covid-19 Experimental “Vaccines”


Globally renowned experts, including Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Byram Bridle, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Prof. Dolores Cahill, and Drs. Sucharit Bhakdi, Ryan Cole, Richard Fleming, Robert W. Malone, Peter McCullough, Mark Trozzi, Michael Yeadon, Wolfgang Wodarg, and Vladimir Zelenko, among many others, consistently warn the world about the adverse effects resulting from Covid-19 experimental injections; they also warn about their longterm effects, which cannot be known at this time since most clinical trials will be not completed until 2023, and some as late as 2025.

In June 2021, Dr. Tess Lawrie, co-founder of the World Council for Health and member of the Council’s Steering Committee, courageously described the global crisis and called for urgent action: “There is now more than enough evidence on the [UK] Yellow Card system to declare the COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans. Preparation should be made to scale up humanitarian efforts to assist those harmed by the COVID-19 vaccines and to anticipate and ameliorate medium to longer term effects.” 


The World Council for Health declares that it is time to put an end to this humanitarian crisis. Further, the Council also declares that any direct or indirect involvement in the manufacturing, distribution, administration and promotion of these injections violates basic principles of common law, constitutional law and natural justice, as well as the Nuremberg Code, the Helsinki Declaration, and other international treaties.


We now know that children are over one hundred times more likely to die from these experimental injections than Covid-19. Injected athletes, globally, are collapsing before our very eyes. In spite of the fact that reporting systems are limited and passive, millions of adverse effects have been recorded, which include death, paralysis, blood clots, strokes, myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks, spontaneous miscarriage, chronic fatigue and extreme depression.

See: (search covid-19 vaccine)


The World Council for Health acknowledges and respects the experiences and testimony of the victims of this worldwide medical experiment. We also declare and confirm that safe, effective and affordable treatments for Covid-19 exist and should be made available to all who need them.



Recent studies confirm the risks associated with Covid-19 experimental injections. Emerging research establishes that the injections are neither safe nor effective, and, in fact, are toxic. While some of the known ingredients of the injections cause biological harm, it is even more concerning that the unknown and undisclosed ingredients may present an even greater threat to human health.


The World Council for Health is ethically and lawfully bound to issue this Declaration, demanding that governments and corporations cease and desist from direct or indirect participation in the manufacturing, distribution, administration or promotion of Covid-19 experimental injections.

The Council declares that every living man and woman has a moral and legal duty to take immediate and decisive action to halt this unprecedented medical experiment, which continues to cause unnecessary and immeasurable harm.


The right of bodily integrity and the right to informed consent are inalienable and universal human rights, which have been trampled by government mandates and corporate imperatives. Thus, the World Council for Health declares that any person or organization directly or indirectly participating in the manufacturing, distribution, administration or promotion of Covid-19 experimental biologics will be held liable for the violation of principles of justice grounded in civil, criminal, constitutional and natural law, as well as international treaties.

About the signatories

We are your World Council for Health

This declaration was created and signed by doctors, lawyers, and others assisting to steer the newly formed World Council for Health

About Us

World Council for Health

Signed November 29, 2021

Charles Kovess

Dr. Jennifer Hibberd

Dr. Naseeba Kathrada

Dr. Robert J McLeod

Dr. Vince Vicente

Dr. Tess Lawrie

Dr. Mark Trozzi

Dr. Maria Hubmer Mogg

Michael Alexander

Dr. Tracy Chandler

Dr. Zac Cox

Dr. Stephan Becker

Karen McKenna

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

15 Jamaadil Ula 1443 – 20 December 2021





The broader, all-embracing meaning of this Qur’aanic Aayat is that it is haraam to bring any type of ruin to oneself with one’s own unjustified actions. 

It has transpired conclusively by the testimony of thousands of scientists, doctors and medical experts that vaccines and vaccination are extremely harmful and brings horrible injury, destruction of health and even death in their wake. There is no longer the slightest credibility for those who peddle the theories of the atheists pertaining to the current Ibleesi-hallunicated ‘pandemic’. It is therefore, haraam for Muslims to destroy themselves with the Potion of Iblees in the form of a cocktail of filth and poison. 

Read in the ensuing pages the categorical claims and advice of the experts. 

May Allah Ta’ala guide and protect Muslims from the deceptions of the nafs and the snares of Iblees and his agents, the ulama-e-soo’ who have sold their souls to the atheists for despicable worldly and nafsaani objectives.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: A Speech to Move Mountains Aimed at Physicians, Lawyers and Anyone with a Soul

By Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Global Research,

December 14, 2021

This symposium has been dedicated to the sounding of a triple call: a call for humanity, a call for freedom, a call for justice.

The call for Humanity is addressed to physicians around the globe. They have played central roles in conjuring up and driving the COVID-19 narrative along its fatal path.

Return to your pledged duties to serve humanity. Recall the Oath of Hippocrates and the 1954 Declaration of Geneva. Avoid doing harm.

Physicians who participate in the vaccination program: search for the truth in your souls. Are you acting out of conviction? Have you attempted to weigh out the evidence for and against the administration of the gene-based agents? Early in the vaccination campaign you may have believed that injecting gene-based COVID products served the best interests of your patients. This Symposium has however irrefutably documented that that stance is no longer viable. The potential of the so-called vaccines to trigger self-destruction is now revealed. Continuance of their application will be equatable with intended infliction of bodily harm. You, medicinal professionals of the world, can and must stop this immediately. Can you bear the thought that your next injection could wipe out the hopes and happiness of an innocent child? Blood that you may have on your hands can still be washed off. But new blood will remain on you until the Day of Judgment.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi Interview: COVID Vaccine Blood Clot Risk Was Known, Ignored & Buried

Physicians, we call upon you to decline to participate in the harm of your patients. Resist the hijacking of medicine by politics, and take patient care and patient safety back into your own hands.

Our Call for Freedom is addressed to the governmental bodies and medicinal agencies, whose conflicts of interest abound. We charge them with usurping their powers in order to serve their own interests. They have inflicted untold suffering on the world populace – cynically, mercilessly, remorselessly. The first individuals we address here are the medical doctors: Anthony Fauci, Ursula van der Leyen, the Austrian and German ministers of health, the next President of Switzerland. Do you not fear that your names will go down in history alongside with the names of the greatest evil-doers of all times – and forever mar the standing and prestige of our once-honoured profession?

We challenge you to come forth and debate the matter with us in an open and honest fashion. This challenge extends to all medical institutions that continue to laud the merits of COVID-vaccination. Colleagues: we cannot both be right and it is our implicit duty to come together and seek the truth. Come, colleagues, convince the world of your honourable stance by accepting our challenge. We await you any time, any day, anywhere.


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The Facts Of The Covid Satanism


 “Vaccines are directly killing and severely damaging millions of people…”

“The jabbed are in a trance of collective denial.”

“The slaughter (by means of vaccination) is over a thousand times greater than any reputed deaths from COVID-19….”

“…..fewer than 1% deaths and adverse events….”

“Vaccines are spreading disease and people who got jabbed can be super-spreaders,  as the CDC admits.”

“The fraudulent PCR test is an acknowledged scam, as per CDC’s and WHO’s admission.”

“The fear-mongering data promoted by the government and Mainstream  Media is all junk data.”

“Tens of thousands of mainstream doctors and scientists have signed petitions calling for the immediate cancellation of all genetic-based COVID-19 vaccines.”

“This is evil at the highest level. It’s a crime against humanity.”

“Hundreds of thousands of people have died within 1 day to 1 week after getting the COVID-19 genetic inoculation. Millions more  suffer immediate debilitation after getting  the shot, and their health steadily declines”.

“For two years now we have been witnessing a global coup de’etat, in which a financial and ideological elite has succeeded in seizing control of part of national governments, public and private institutions, the media, the judiciary, politicians and religious leaders.”

“They are doing it for money, certainly, but even more so in order to centralize power so as to establish a planetary dictatorship.”

“CDS confesses to COVID-19 “vaccine” being a medical HOAX……vaxed individuals shown to have HIGHER viral loads and can be super-spreaders.”

“100,000 Doctors & Medical Professional oppose COVID-19 Vaccine.”

“There is no pandemic, the governments are faking the death counts….all the governments are using a fraudulent RT-PCR machine to mark healthy people as infected… the vaccine is designed to kill, cripple and/or cause infertility….”

“Over 40,000 people, including over 4,000 epidemiologists, doctors, and public health professionals  from around the world have signed the “Great Barrington Declaration” that urges nations to return to normal life, and end COVID restrictions.”



By Walt Gelles

Many U.S. governors—all of them Republican—have vowed to resist President Biden’s authoritarian COVID-19 vaccine mandates.  GOP pushback includes executive orders, lawsuits, and legislative bills.  And all three of Biden’s mandates have now been blocked by federal courts, at least for now—the diktat requiring the genetic-cocktail jab for businesses with 100 or more employees, another mandate targeting healthcare workers, and a third aimed at federal contractors.

But while Republican politicians take aim at the vaccine MANDATES, not a single Senator, Representative, governor, or mayor of either party will come out and state the obvious:

“The Covid vaccines don’t work.  They don’t provide immunity, and they don’t prevent transmission of the virus, as the CDC now admits.  Countless people who have been double-vaccinated are subsequently diagnosed with COVID-19 infection.  All that the vaccines claim to do is reduce the severity of (mild) symptoms of COVID-19 illness.  This transient protection supposedly lasts 4 to 6 months.”

“Even worse, there is overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that the COVID-19 genetic-modification treatments of Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson, falsely labeled ‘vaccines’, are directly killing and severely damaging millions of people both in the United States and around the world.  This is abundantly clear from the U.S. CDC/VAERS data (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) and the adverse-events reporting systems of the United Kingdom and the European Union.”


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The Poison Death Shot

The Poison Death Shot


The condemnation of vaccines for their horrible, harmful consequences by thousands of scientists and medical experts conspicuously illustrates the horrible jahaalat of those muftis and molvis who with bootlicking obsequiousness struggle to gain the favour of the government, the atheists and modernist juhhaal so-called ‘intellegentsia’. The modus operandi of these Ibleesi muftis and molvis is to churn out rubbish fatwas   to conform with and to bolster the satanic, kufr theories of the covid atheists. In this vile exercise they display appalling ignorance of reality which they acquit with ludicrous unprofessionalism in their ghutha fatwas.

Their ignorance is twofold: (1) Ignorance, feigned or genuine, of the massive delige of expert medical evidence proving beyond the slightest vestige of doubt that vaccines are murderous potions of Iblees, and (2) ignorance stemming from lamentable lack of panoptic Mutaala-ah (Research) of the Kutub of the SHariah, hence the unprofessionalism percolating their fatwas.

These agents of Iblees stupidly lean over their backs, disgorging Ahaadith which they satanically misinterpret to gain the favour of the government and the other outfits of shaitaan. Lacking in entirety true information regarding the murderous effects of the potion of Iblees, or deliberately turning a blind eye to the deluge of scientific  evidence staring them in the face, these juhala muftis present Ahaadith which have absolutely no relationship with the vaccine potions of the devil.

With the Ahaadith pertaining to medicine, the juhala mufti agents of Iblees stupidly and most perfidiously labour to license vaccines. For example the jaahil muftis of  Darul Ifta Mahmudiyyah, of Darush Shaitaan, of the MJC and similar deviated outfits masquerading as ‘authorities’ of the Shariah, cite in their ghutha fatwas in justification of the potion of Iblees Hadith narrations such as:

“They (i.e. medical treatments) are all from the decree (Taqdeer) of Allah.”, and other narrations relevant to valid, halaal, pure medicines. The citation of Ahaadith by these jaahil muftis in support and promotion of  the poisonous filth known as ‘vaccines’, is the equivalent of promoting pork-consumption with such Ahaadith and Qur’aanic Aayaat which proclaim the halaal status of meat. Since pork is meat, it becomes ‘halaal’ in terms of the interpretation proffered by these agents of Iblees who masquerade as muftis.

Vaccines are pure filth and poisonous – haraam trash which maims, injures and kills by slow torture.  Vaccination is the introduction of poisons and filth into the healthy human body.  It is the introduction of filthy disease into the human body. Thousands of scientists and medical experts have testified to this undeniable fact and reality in their innumerable publications, and the tide of scientific condemnation of vaccination is  incremental by the day.

Bill Gates, Pharma, Mainstream Media & Iblees have failed in their  conspiracy to  conceal the  reality of the murderous effects and consequences of vaccines.  By the day, more and more  evidence  is emerging of the  brutality  which the devils  have inflicted on  millions of people with their devil’s potion.


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All Covid Variants, Viruses & Sicknesses Are NOT Contagious Even If Virologists & Professors Say They Are – “LAA ADWAA”, Said Our Rasool Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam!
Our beloved Rasool-e-Akram (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) rejected ALL scientific research, theories,
findings and experiments regarding viruses, variants, diseases and regarding the virologists’,
governments’ and professors’ contagion beliefs in the following Blessed words recorded in Bukhari
Shareef: “LAA ADWAA! (There is no contagion)…”
Hence, whether it is a ‘deadly’ variant or a ‘mild’ variant, and whether it is a newly discovered variant
in SA or whether it is something discovered in China’s Wuhan, the Golden Islamic Perspective remains
applicable to each one of them with the same amount of stress and weight, i.e. LAA ADWAA! THEY
Hence, the theological bodies calling themselves ‘Muslims’, as well as their radio stations dubbed with
the name ‘Islam’, should keep the above Hadith Shareef in the front of their minds and instead of
increasing the propaganda of the Kuffaar government, atheists and the WHO, they should keep up with
their organisation’s (Islamic) name and be vociferous in spreading the Islamic perspective to the
Ummah, not the Kuffaar’s findings and tales which go directly against Islamic Teachings.
Alas! How unfortunate is it to learn how these very same theological bodies with its mouthpiece (radio)
goes on with the Kuffaar narrative regarding covid and its newly hatched variants. This shows that these
theological bodies and their radio/s have lost their Islamic ethos entirely since they have failed to uphold
a simple, clear and easy teaching of Nabi (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) which has ALL the solutions in
the face of covid with ALL the latter’s deceit, lies, tricks and Dajjaaliyat.
Muslims are warned that these very same theological bodies who claim to represent the Muslims of SA
to the corrupt government have sold Islam to the Kuffaar. The Importance of Salaah in the Masaajid
was sold in last year’s court case. This year, the Laws of Nikaah, etc. were sold in the name of the
KUFR MMB Bill which they (UUCSA) supported.
The Sahaabah’s honour has also been sold in the deafening silence of these ‘umbrella bodies’ under the
garb of ‘uucsa’, by failing to expose the KUFR of the Shi’as and warning the Ummah of their KUFR,
as well as their slander and abuse to the Sahaabah (Radhiyallahu anhum).
Muslims should incumbently abstain from supporting or referring their Deeni issues to such theological
bodies and every other such organisation or branch which represents them or follows them. Even their
Hilaal sightings should not be supported or accepted. Alhamdulillah, there are many other alternatives,
one being the Wifaaqul-Ulama of SA which is founded by very senior, prominent and pious Ulama-eHaq. Refer one’s Deeni issues to Allah-fearing Ulama-e-Haq. In this lies the safety of one’s Imaan.

Alert: Japan Places Myocarditis Warning on ‘Vaccines’

Alert: Japan Places Myocarditis Warning on ‘Vaccines’ – Requires Informed Consent

Amy Mek

December 10, 2021

Japan announces that public and private sectors can not discriminate against those who refuse the experimental mRNA gene therapy injections.

Japan is now labeling Covid “vaccines” to warn of dangerous and potentially deadly side effects such as myocarditis. In addition, the country is reaffirming its commitment to adverse event reporting requirements to ensure all possible side effects are documented.

These efforts from Japan’s health authority are in stark contrast to the deceptive measures taken by other countries to coerce citizens into taking the injection, downplaying side effects, and discouraging proper adverse event reporting.

Additionally, Japan is emphasizing informed consent and bodily autonomy. Until the coronavirus pandemic, the concept of “informed consent” was considered sacred to healthcare professionals in the West.

Japan is particularly raising concerns about the risks of myocarditis in young men injected with Pfizer or Moderna’s gene–therapy treatment. The country is enforcing a strict legal reporting requirement of side effects that must take place within 28 days of the injections.

Novel Additives: Descriptions Clarify

Three Covid-19 gene-therapy treatments are currently offered in Japan. They include the Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty) and Takeda’s Moderna formulation. The product descriptions (here and here) state that “this product contains an additive that has never been used in a vaccine before.”

Furthermore, the pharmaceutical companies urge you to consult your doctor about the additive if you plan to be injected with it. In addition to the Pfizer and Moderna gene-therapies, Vaxzevria (formerly AstraZeneca) is also administered in Japan. However, Japan only recommends it to people 40-year-old and over. Reference is also made to the new type of additive in the Vaxzevria injections.

No Compulsory Vaccination Or Discrimination

Japan’s Ministry of Health of health website encourages citizens to receive the “vaccine”; however, they stress it is not mandatory,

Although we encourage all citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, it is not compulsory or mandatory. Vaccination will be given only with the consent of the person to be vaccinated after the information provided.

In addition, the government recommends those who are considering taking the shot carefully consider both its effectiveness and side effects.

Please get vaccinated of your own decision, understanding both the effectiveness in preventing infectious diseases and the risk of side effects. No vaccination will be given without consent.

Furthermore, they stress that businesses do not force employees to receive the experimental gene therapy. Nor should employees discriminate against those who refuse the injections,

Please do not force anyone in your workplace or those who around you to be vaccinated, and do not discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated.

The government even links to a “Human Rights Advice,” including instructions for handling any complaints if individuals face “vaccine” discrimination at work.

Japan Breaks Ranks

Doctors worldwide have echoed Japan’s health authority warnings about the gene-therapies side effects. However, this kind of proper informed consent has cost many doctors in western nations their licenses to practice medicine. The government has accused these doctors of spreading ‘vaccine hesitancy.’

Furthermore, while Japan allows its citizens to choose whether to be injected with the experimental gene-therapies, other countries are forcing citizens to receive the jab. For example, in February 2022, Austria will mandate the injections. Citizens who refuse will face heavy fines and up to one year in prison.