From the UK a Brother writes:

During this ‘plandemic’ there has been a subtle perceptible shift from the Ulama in the UK in order to adopt atheist precautionary measures. I say subtle, because they hoped nobody would notice. Most didn’t, because they were already plagued by secularism prior to the ‘plandemic.’ Hence on its arrival, they either saw the logic in the shift from the Ulama, or didn’t see anything wrong due to their Imaani inhibitions being extinguished.

For example, handshaking was relegated from being Sunnah to Mustahab, or even worse, unnecessary. This istikhfaaf can lead to a person apostatising, but nobody noticed.

A brother I know performed Wudhu from home, having yaqeen that Wudhu is a Muslim’s shield. When he got to the Masjid he was instructed that he needed to hand sanitise. He was barred from entering when he refused because Wudhu was deemed insufficient protection. As a result the mureedeen, acting on the instruction of their Hadhrat fell foul of Surah 2, verse 114. They became, in that instant, the biggest dhalims (even worse than the munafiqeen).

In the Masajid the Imams disingenuously use the rationale that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam’s Fardh Salah was short, hence due to ‘plandemic’ by shortening Salah they are acting in accordance with the Sunnah. What they deceptively omit is that Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam’s Fardh Salah was never as short as our Fardh Salah even before the ‘plandemic.’ The masnoon qira’at was read in Fardh Salah by Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam.

One Molvi’s vermiculated brains caused him to suggest that the musallis should hold their breath in Sajdah to preclude aerosol droplets contaminating the carpet. Picture it! In the House of Allah – a fort – where the Hadith says people are protected from calamities, in the most beloved posture of proximity to Allah, this moronic Molvi is advocating yaqeen in contagion. Shameless! What Salah has he been performing all his life that it led to a conviction in something other than Salah?

This same Molvi was videoed holding the Word of Allah in what looked like surgical gloves. They were white, presumably because it was Jumu’ah and he thought wearing white surgical like gloves was Sunnah. Who knows? Just Picture it! If it wasn’t so serious, it would be a comedy. A Molvi wearing gloves because the Qur’an which is Shifa, & is held with Wudhu can give you a virus.

Another deception perpetrated during this ‘plandemic’ is the invocation of the concept of dharoorah (necessity) or umum al-balwa (common widespread plight). Most common people, so steeped in ignorance and searching for ease, don’t even seek clarification as to the definition of these concepts or when they can be invoked as per the previous pious fuqaha. The Molvis know their congregation are mostly stupid and hence they baffle them with these concepts, subjectively providing their own definitions as though they are the Imam Abu Hanifas of their era.

I have ceased listening to such Molvis talks or rulings because they are demolishing the Deen, brick by brick. Soon the people will be practicing something that is not Islam, thinking it is Islam, thus paving their way to destruction.

Those that defend these Molvis have no substance to their defence. Their hollow defence is that they are ‘Ulama’ without knowing themselves what the true definition of an ‘Alim’ is. Alternatively, they refer to the Molvis’ alleged reputation. They forget, or rather they don’t know, that bigger ‘shaykhs’ than the Molvis of today became murtad in previous eras.

Sadly, most people are comatose to any naseehah, be it imparted tactfully or with harshness. Allah Ta’ala has, as per The Qur’an, sealed their hearts, sight and hearing. Nothing can rouse them, unless Allah Ta’ala has mercy on them.

It is for this reason schools across the UK are open & many Madaris remain closed under the guise of practical improbabilities. These shaytaans didn’t value knee-to-knee Deeni education in the first place, hence Allah Ta’ala has deprived them off it long term.

7 Rabiul Awwal 1442 – 24 October 2020



A Brother from the U.K. writes:

Two days ago, a few Local Authority Officials are ‘reported’ to have visited 1 or 2 local Masaajid here in UK and are ‘reported’ to have found all the silly Covid-19 measures in order except for their observation of noticing a few Musallees, although wearing face-masks, not covering their noses. They are reported not to have even logged this observation.

However some local Scholars have blown this visit and supposed ‘indiscretion’ of not covering noses out of all proportion claiming, the sin of any Masajid being forced to close will fall on the person not wearing a facemask.

They justify their ruling by quoting Mr Taqee Uthmaani and describing it as ‘waajib.’

No comments are ever made for the wanton neglect of face-masks in supermarkets, restaurants, markets, public transport, pubs, beaches, mass demonstrations, sporting events and a host of other venues of futility and sin.

However, this visit by Covid-19 Officers has gone viral with those very Maulvis trumpeting the possible ‘doomsday’ scenario of Masaajid Closures – who were the first to meet and issue a verdict to close Masaajid in UK over six months ago – well before any Government Ruling on closure of Places of Worship.

They quote Mr Taqee Uthmaani’s fatwa on following the laws of any country wherein we are residing, whilst maintaining silence when Charity and other Criminal Laws are brazenly flouted by their associates.

(End of letter)


Molvi Taqi’s fatwa is baseless. Increasingly, he is veering from the Path of the Akaabir Ulama and issuing fatwas to appease the modernist palate. In terms of the Shariah he is now person’a non grata. The brains of these deviant scoundrel molvis have been rendered impuissant with kufr.

While the ‘scholars’ of deviation were the very first scoundrels to close the Musaajid even well before the atheists had ordered the closure, they are now quick to shift the blame of their kufr to Muslims who seek to uphold the Deen. They have converted the Musaajid into some weird temples completely alien to Islam. It is not permissible to perform Salaat in the Musaajid if the host of kufr conditions of the atheists has to be adopted. In this case Salaat should be performed at home if there is no Musjid where Salaat is performed as commanded by Allah Ta’ala.

Regarding the Satanist conditions ordered by the authorities, there is no imperative need to submit. Muslims do have a choice – the choice of performing Salaat in a weird temple in conflict with the Sunnah and Shariah, and the option of performing Salaat correctly at home. By opting for performing Salaat at home, there will be no infraction of the laws of the atheist government, while at the same time the command of Allah Ta’ala will be correctly fulfilled.

Molvi Taqi and the other corona virus bootlicking molvis are very selective in their obedience and submission to governments. When it suits their whims and monetary objectives, they conveniently forget about obeying the government. They squander millions of dollars in haraam structures in their Darul Ulooms. The bulk of the money is transferred from foreign countries via channels which are criminal in terms of the laws of the atheist governments. Since these molvis indulge in these crimes and the crime of tax evasion and other attendant issues, they have a different standard in this regard. However, regarding the Deen, they have exhibited an appalling attitude of bootlicking to appease the atheist authorities.

Why did these scoundrel molvis close the Musaajid at a time when it was not required by the government? There is a deep underlying sinister objective, in fact a satanic plot to destroy the Deen. The munaafiq molvis and sheikhs all over the world, including South Africa, had decided to close the Musaajid even before the government had issued this satanic and draconian order. The unanimity with which the scoundrel ‘scholars for dollars’ had conducted themselves was not a chance coincidence. It was a planned plot vomited into their mouths by their atheist masters. The yield was extremely lucrative in terms of dollars. The government story fielded by Molvi Taqi and others of his ilk, is another satanic red herring to deflect Muslim focus from the real issue, namely, the plot to destroy Islam by gradual satanic interference and dismantling.

Performing incongruous ‘salaat’ in a Musjid converted into a temple, one will be in violation of the Shariah. Gradually, people will adopt the kufr style permanently and crooked molvis with crooked brains driven on by monetary objectives will dig out from the kutub ‘proofs’ to condone the kufr methods and ways innovated to change the entire Face of Islam. No one has harmed the Deen as much as these scoundrel molvis have. It is not at all surprising that Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had described the molvis and sheiklhs of times in proximity to Qiyaamah as being “the worst of the people under the canopy of the sky from who will emanate fitnah.”

3 Safar 1442 – 21 September 2020


RASULULLAH (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:
“This world is jeefah (carrion).”

No entity can ever halaalize this worldly carrion. Allah Ta’ala has created the dunya to be in the category of carrion which can never be the objective for true Muslims to pursue.
For those who have made this world the objective, the Qur’aan Majeed says:
“Those who desire this worldly life and its glitter, We shall compensate them fully for their a’maal (good deeds) in this world, and they will not be wronged. They are the people for whom in the Aakhirat there is only the Fire. Whatever they had done (by way of good deeds) in it (in the world) will be eliminated. And, whatever they had done (in the world by way of good deeds) will become null.” (Surah Hood, Aayat 115 and Aayat 116)

This is the attitude of the vast majority of Muslims in this era which is close to Qiyaamah. Night and day are devoted to the pursuit of objectives of the world and to gratiate the lusts of the nafs. Muslims nowadays live only for the jeefah of the dunya. While they perform Salaat haphazardly, pay Zakaat as if it is a heavy fine, fast in Ramadhaan, go for Hajj and in general mechanically submit to other demands of the Shariah as well, they do
so without understanding and grudgingly.
They are born as Muslims, hence they engage in the rituals of Islam in whatever way they deem appropriate while their focus is firmly set on worldly acquisitions and nafsaani gratification. They have no other
objective and their goal is only the best the dunya can offer of its glitter and adornment. Whether this worldly glitter comes in halaal or haraam ways, they are not concerned. They should understand that they come fully within the purview of the above Qur’aanic aayat. They will be fully compensated here on earth for all their ‘ibaadat’ and for whatever
they practice by way of virtue. But they will be totally deprived of Jannat, and their abode in the Aakhirat will be the Jahannam as the aforementioned Qur’aanic Aayat clarifies.
The vast majority has only an outer façade of Islam. Imaan is not grounded in the heart. They totally lack in the understanding of the Objective for
which they have been created and which the Qur’aan and Ahaadith repeatedly emphasize. Since their objective is only the world and whatever
adornment it can provide, Muslims while generally retaining Islamic ibaadat rituals, and this too with extreme deficiency, grovel in the filth of sins of the heart, eyes, ears and mind without even believing in the
villainy they are morally perpetrating. Thus they indulge recklessly in haraam, fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and even kufr despite being commanded by Allah: “Abandon (all) external and internal sins”. That is sins of the limbs as well as sins of the heart.
This is also the disease of the vast majority of molvis and sheikhs. The disease is not restricted to the ignorant masses. Thus, the ‘ulama’ legalize and halaalize evil, fisq, fujoor and haraam without compunction by far-fetched baseless interpretations to gain the pleasure of the masses and monetary gain from them, and also name and fame from even the
kuffaar, hence the participation in the kufr interfaith ideology and the wholesale acceptance of ideologies fabricated by the atheists.
Usurping and devouring the estates of deceased in flagrant violation of the Shariah’s Law of Inheritance (Meeraath) thereby robbing the rightful heirs, defrauding creditors, squandering the bounty of wealth on many haraam practices, consuming haraam food, violating the rights of wives/husbands, stealing from employers money and time, teaching the Qur’aan and Hadith
merely for monetary gain, not for the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala, gheebat, buhtaan (slandering), abandonment of Hijaab, indulgence in riba, liquor and zina, haraam merrymaking feasts and parties, and a myriad of other acts of fisq, fujoor, bid’ah and kufr are all the effects of either extreme
Imaani deficiency or of the total lack of Imaan.
The poor in the Ummah in this day are no better than the wealthy in so far as attitude and beliefs are concerned. They too wallow in the cesspool of kufr in which they believe and which is displayed by their deeds. The consequences of this total Imaani destruction are being conspicuously manifested in material forms all over the world. The suffering of the Ummah worldwide, in fact portrays the kufr in their hearts.
When the divinely prescribed point of “no return” is crossed, then scenarios such as we are observing in Syria, Kashmir, Palestine, India, Sri Lanka, etc. are the afflictions inflicted by Allah Ta’ala. The severity of the worldly punishment and suffering beyond bearing ability, indicates the La’nat and Ghadhb of Allah Ta’ala. The only solution for this misery and for salvation in the Aakihrat is Islaah (selfreformation) which will open up the clogged brains and the blind spiritual eyes of Muslims.
Regarding this fossilized state, the Qur’aan Majeed says:
“Their (physical) eyes are not blind, But the eyes within the breasts (hearts) are blind.”
Only adherence to the Sunnah and observance of the Shariah will open
the blinded eyes of the hearts.


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:
“Laughing in the Musjid will be zulmat (darkness) in the grave.”
“Conversation in the Musjid devours good deeds just as cattle devour grass.”
Numerous among the Ulama and the Tabligh Jamaat are lamentably oblivious of the prohibition of conversing and laughing inside the Musjid. At times their talk is so loud as to be a befitting sign of Qiyaamah.
Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that among the signs of Qiyaamah is that “voices will become loud in the Musaajid.”
The worst culprits in this misdeed are the so called people of piety –
molvis and tableeghis.
Even whilst the Athaan is being proclaimed, they continue private discussions right inside the Musjid.

Laughter and worldly talk are sacrilegious inside the Musjid.
When even reciting the Qur’aan Majeed loudly in the Musjid is not permissible when musallis are present, how can indulgence in worldly conversation and laughter ever be permissible? The total indifference in this regard renders these misdeeds kabeerah (major sins).

Small Eyes are Watching

Sometimes, in our “Big People’s World” we totally forget that our “small people”, our children are watching, scrutinizing and learning from us. They too, will be Big People, one day, inshaAllah. Our responses to challenges today form their responses to challenges tomorrow. What we preserve today, they will preserve tomorrow and what we disregard today, they will disregard tomorrow.

Shaitaan uses this principle of life to its fullest. Especially, when we forget that small eyes are watching.
This is precisely how shaitaan introduced shirk to the children of Adam alayhisaalaam. With pictures and carvings of pious elders in the community. Then too, small eyes were watching….watching their parents in front of a picture or carving, shedding tears, muttering what was probably a dua for the deseased, and showing respect to the memory of their elder via the picture or carving. Those small eyes watched and as soon as they were capable or in that position, they did the same. A couple of generations, later what was a mere ritual of respect and remembrance became a full blown act of worship!

Our small eyes are watching us too.
Especially in this “New Normal” times..
Religiously, we don that mask… But we don’t care, for our learned ones are saying that its fine! In the name of a virus, they say its fine…because the Law demands it, they say it is fine.. because the medical domain is not their “domain”, Listen to the “Experts of the Field”, they say it is fine!…
(In this subtle manner they make the Deen of Allah Ta’ala subservient to Medicine and Science, but that’s a discussion for another day, inshaAllah. For now, we cling to our Imaan that DEEN supercedes Everything, and It is Deen that reigns supreme!)

Ignored is the fact that in that same medical and scientific field there is a huge amount of differences of opinion.
Ignored is the fact that the signs of manipulation of facts and figures for ulterior motives of this virus is rife.

So, according to our scholars, it is fine. Some scholars actually emphasize it and bring it to the level of Compulsion…So we wear that mask.
And make our children do so. All for “PRECAUTIONS”…That dreaded word. Simply meaning , “In case it happens” or “should it happen”. A preparation for an uncertainty in the future, near or far.

Now! Look at what the outcome is. …
Masks of every type. Devilish masks, Zorastrian masks, billboard style, advertising masks, masks showing loyalty to teams, companies, names etc etc.
Mask with the devil’s picture, on the face of a musalli deep in his devotion of Salaah! Imagine! Who would have thought a Believer will prostrate to his Rabb with a picture of a small red shaytaan at the side of his face!!!

The intention of Fire Worship or Devil Worship may definitely not be there. The intention is PRECAUTIONS or “Saving Lives”, as the divided medical fraternity has expounded.
But the outcome is a “free for all” imitation and display of loyalty to whoever our nafs desires.

This is now! While those little eyes are watching….They too, are being made to comply.
What do you think is going to be the condition when those little eyes have grown up and they have their own little eyes watching them???

Our reaction to today’s “New Normal” will be the same reaction to their “New Normal” tomorrow!

So, when far-sighted Ulama with a Deep Understanding of Deen come to you and highlight the dangers of just following the “New Normal” Demands without thought, understand that they have you and your progenies’ Imaan and Deen at heart.

Their Guidance and Advises maybe unpopular or conservative, but they have nothing else to gain by saying whatever they are saying, but The Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala in the Preservation of His Pure Deen!
There’s no political, financial or fame-seeking motives in their advises. If anything, they are regarded as “conservative”, “fringe” and devisive. But that does not matter to them.
Deen matters! Sunnah Matters! The total submission to Allah Ta’ala matters!

May Allah Ta’ala open our minds and hearts to Total Submission that is pleasing to Him.
May Allah Ta’ala show us the Truth as the Truth and grant us Total Obedience.
May Allah Ta’ala show us Falsehood as Falsehood and grant us total protection from it.
May Allah Ta’ala keep us with Imaan, take us with Imaan and resseruct us with Imaan while He is pleased with us.
abu Uthmaan




A brother writes:


How does a Deeni conscious young person find a pious wife in this day and age? The following are the issues faced by many Muslim men living in the west

(A) Virtually every woman thinks it’s her right to go out and work and there is no issue with it, despite the Qur’anic injunction to the contrary? The income of that house from her earnings is therefore haraam, yet her, the husband and kids eat from that earning and then wonder why there is discord and lack of harmony.

(B) The work environment and western ideology of liberation means that a wife nowadays is more masculine than her husband in terms of her bullish mannerisms, raising her voice, laughing like a hyena, with no vestige of haya, which is supposed to be the inherent beauty of a woman. In fact, the man is rendered senseless by her increasing bravado, wondering whether he in fact married a woman or a masculine lesbian.

(C) They believe in equal rights as espoused by Western ideology which is at odds with Islam’s concept of roles and duties in society and their importance. In fact, if you explain to them the important role women play in Islam, they perceive it to be backward. Shaytan has urinated the concept of Western ideology in to their brains and they are drowning in it.

(D) Many won’t wear the niqab because either it’s a symbol of oppression or because they deceptively argue that modesty is in the clothes which one wears and, more importantly, modesty is of the heart. There was none more modest than Hadhrat Fatima (Radiallahu Anha) but apparently today’s women know better.

(E) Many “divorcees” are not even divorced in terms of Shari’ah. Either they used a kuffar court, or there is no conclusive evidence that the husband did issue divorce in the correct manner. As The Majlis has mentioned, Deen has become a mere hobby, and therefore people apply their own logic and understanding as to what is correct, without any prior knowledge of the rules.

(F) Nowadays, many a woman, makes kufr utterances weekly, if not daily. Their masculinity has led to lack of control of their mouth. Many a time we hear unthinking or dismissive statements made by them in anger which are clear cut kufr and yet they know it not and the cuckold husband doesn’t have the courage to rectify it.

(G) There is a new phenomenon in Asian communities where the woman despite getting married dictates, as per her western masters, how often she will visit her family. In fact, the time she spends with her family at the expense of the husband would suggest that the function of nikah ceases to exist.

In such fitnas mentioned above, how does a man find a wife, especially to save himself from fitna? (End of letter)


Just as it is almost impossible to find pious husbands in this immoral era in which immorality and kufr dominates, so too is it an almost insurmountable task to find a pious wife. Furthermore, in general it has been observed that even an immoral man hopes to marry a pious woman. This delusion is debunked by the Qur’aan Majeed which says that “khabeethaat is for khabeethoon and vice versa. An immoral man should not expect and yearn for a pious wife, and vice versa.

Marrying a woman who has lesbian tendencies will most certainly create severe problems which will ruin the marriage. All women who work in the public sector have haraam and lesbian tendencies. In fact, they are not only deficient in Imaan, they lack Imaan. They pretend to be Muslims in view of the fact of having been born in Muslim homes.

Whatever the Brother has commented regarding the women of today is 100% correct. But the very same comments apply to the males of today as well, and this includes molvis and shaikhs. Nowadays, being a molvi is not a recommendation for marriage. The molvis are not only corrupt in morals, but also either are deficient in Imaan or lack Imaan.

We are living in a cesspool of inequity. Genuine Muslims are being buffeted in a whirlpool of anarchy and mischief. Fitnah and Fasaad reign dominantly. There is no standard method or plan of finding a pious wife or a pious husband. Just make dua and continue the search in lawful ways. But remember, that as long the man / woman does not obey Allah Ta’ala, and if they indulge in all the porn filth so freely available today, they should regard the quest for a pious wife / husband to be a distant pipedream. They will just have to content themselves with khabeethoon and khabeethaat, and marriages in which shaitaaniyat will reign.

8 Muharram 1442 – 28 August 2020

Signs of the Ulamaa-e-Soo

Back in 2016, someone once asked the late Mufti A.H. Elias عليهِاللِرحمة how
people are to know whether an Aalim is on Haqq or on Baatil. How will
they know whether he is from the Ulamaa-e-Haqq or the Ulamaa-e-Soo. In his response, Mufti Elias عليهِاللِرحمة gave 12 signs which are the hallmarks of the Ulamaa-e-Soo; thus, if you see even some of those signs within a person, then he is definitely not from theUlamaa-e-Haqq. We shall present these
12 signs with some commentary, In Shaa Allaah.

  1. Being Anti-Jihaad.
    Any Mufti, Maulana, Shaykh, or “Hadhrat” on the surface of the earth who is anti-Jihaad is most definitely from the Ulamaa-e-Soo. Being anti-Jihaad does not only mean rejecting Jihaad outright by saying “it’s not part of Islaam”, as is the case with most of the “Mozlems” in places like America, Canada, etc. Rejecting Jihaad is also when a Molvi attempts to alter the true meaning of Jihaad, which refers to fighting, into other meanings. Whenever the term “Jihaad fee Sabeelillaah” is used in the Qur’aan and in the Ahaadeeth, it ONLY means to fight. When the term “Jihaad fee Sabeelillaah” is used, it does not refer to going out in the Tableegh Jamaat, or going to some Khanqah to take Bay’t by some “Pir” or “Shaykh”, etc. Da`wah, Tableegh and Tasawwuf are integral parts of Islaam; in fact, they are compulsory. This does not mean, however, that a person can take Aayaat and Ahaadeeth on Jihaad and claim that they are referring to Tableegh, just as a person cannot take Aayaat and Ahaadeeth which speak about purifying the Nafs (wa Yuzakkeehim) and say that it refers to fighting. This constitutes Tahreef of the Qur’aan and the Sunnah. Throughout the world today, the Ulamaa-e-Soo have done their best to alter the meaning of the word “Jihaad”. Each sell-out deviant peddles his own concocted view of what Jihaad is, aimed at pleasing his Kuffaar masters. Let it be known: Rasoolullaah وسلمِعليهِاللِصلى fought in more than 28 battles in his life. Sahaabah-e-Kiraam fought in Jihaad throughout their lives. Furthermore, the Jihaad fought by Sahaabah-e-Kiraam after Rasoolullaah وسلمِعليهِاللِصلى left this Dunyaa to go on to the Aakhirah, was not a “defensive Jihaad”. Some vile morons make the ridiculous claim that the only Jihaad which exists in Islaam is “defensive Jihaad”. Shaytaan regularly urinates and excretes in their ears, hence their brains have become “vermiculated”. As a result, despite being so-called “Ulamaa” they only spew out ghuthaa (rubbish; filth; trash). In the first place, Badr was an offensive battle, not a defensive one. Sahaabah-e-Kiraam had gone out to raid the caravan of the Quraysh, and as a result of that the Battle of Badr ensued. In later years, the battles Sahaabah-e-Kiraam fought against Rome and Persia were all offensive battles, not defensive ones. However, these agents of Iblees try their best to deny undeniable facts.
  2. Halaalazing Tasweer (taking images of animate beings).
  3. Halaalizing videos.
    This falls under the above point, but one difference between the two is that there are those of the Ulamaa-e-Soo who claim that pictures of animate beings are only Haraam if they’re printed out and available in a physical form, whereas if you store these pictures on your computer, then there is no problem. Furthermore, they feel that the Ahaadeeth on Tasweer (picture making) does not include videos or live-streaming, so some of them accept video making whilst rejecting static pictures.
  4. Appearing on TV.
    There is no such thing as “Islaamic TV Channels”. This is a fallacy of the
    Morons-of-Soo. Certain Molvis appear on these TV shows, trying to be
    “Celebrity Shaykhs”.
  5. Halaalizing commercial chickens.
    Here, Mufti Elias عليهِاللِرحمة was referring to the so-called “Halaal Certifying
    Bodies” (which in reality are Carrion Certifying Bodies) that certify every
    kind of maytah (carrion). He gave an example of Rainbow chickens. The
    facts are there for any person who sincerely wishes to know the truth. Those who claim that the chickens are slaughtered in accordance with the Sharee`ah’s method of Dhabah (slaughter) are liars and deluded. A brief glance at some of their statistics shows the manifest falsehood of their claims. Rainbow slaughters approximately 300,000 chickens a day, and they have only 8 or 9 slaughterers to slaughter all of these chickens, which means each slaughterer has to recite “Bismillaahi Allaahu Akbar” more than 30,000 times. Other factors which render these commercially slaughtered chickens Haraam includes: 1) the stunning, which in many cases leaves the chicken dead even before its neck has been cut, along with the fact that stunning itself is Haraam even if the chicken were to not die from it, 2) the chickens are fed carrion, i.e. dead chickens converted into feed, 3) the slaughters themselves have confessed that, on account of the line-speed being increased, there are chickens that go pass them on the line without even being slaughtered. These chickens die from electrocution and are obviously carrion. If you have 300,000 chickens, and even one single chicken had died before being slaughtered, and you do not know which chicken it was, then just that one factor alone renders all 300,000 chickens Haraam, because any chicken you consume could be the chicken which had not been slaughtered.
  6. “Muslim Schools”.
    There are no “Muslim Schools”. This is a fallacy which has been exposed.
    More Haraam takes place at the so-called “Muslim Schools” than even at the Kuffaar schools.
  7. “Islaamic Banks” – Halaalizing Ribaa.
    These are the Molvis who resemble Bani Israa’eel and are experts at finding “loop-holes” to legalise Ribaa and dupe the masses by quoting Arabic terms and Usooli terminologies. They are generally employed by the banks. There are no “Islaamic Banks”, only Ribaa institutes that give themselves Islaamic sounding names.
  8. Sympathising with Kaafirs and Deviants.
    This refers to the Taariq Jameel species of “Ulamaa-e-Soo”. Iblees is very
    pleased with their work. Under the guise of so-called “Unity”, they strike up friendships with Shaytaan and Kuffaar groups such as the Shias, as well as with the deviant groups. This is done by them in order to destroy the true Islaam, by having Muslims “assimilate” and “integrate” with the Kuffaar groups. They are happy to sit with Kaafir Shias who insult Allaah Taaalaa, insult Rasoolullaah وسلمِعليهِاللِصلى ,insult and curse the wives of Rasoolullaah وسلمِعليهِاللِصلى and Sahaabah-e-Kiraam, and even insult the very Ahl-e-Bayt they falsely claim to love. No one insults and mocks at HadhratAli ِاللِرضي عنه more than the Shias do.
    Hadhrat Thanvi عليهِاللِرحمة used to say: “Understand properly that unity is only needed and deemed praiseworthy when it is beneficial for Deen, and disunity is only frowned upon when it is detrimental to Deen. When unity is harmful for Deen and disunity is beneficial for Deen, then at that point, disunity shall be sought. The people of this world have clearly understood this reality in their daily activities. Thus, in a court
    case, when a plaintiff and defendant raise their matter to a court for arbitration, then neither of the two is told, “Abjure your claim, because it has created disunity between the two of you and disunity is discouraged”. Rather, the rule is that the person who is in contradiction of the Truth (Haqq) is told, ‘Return towards the Haqq and abandon your
    insistence upon the view that is in conflict with the Haqq’. In fact, in some matters, if the plaintiff forgoes his claim, then the government becomes the plaintiff and defends the Haqq.”
  9. Pro Inter-Faith Dialogue.
    Interfaith is Kufr. For details regarding this, read “The Interfaith Trap of Kufr” by Maulana A.S. Desai, Mujlisul Ulama of South Africa. Interfaith is an ideology on its own.
    The fundamental basis of the inter-faith ideology, as outlined by The
    Institute of Interfaith Dialog (IID) is:
     “The premise of interfaith dialogue is that all religions are equally legitimate.”
     “No religion possesses absolute truth.”
     Tolerance
     Inter-Faith dialogue and conversation
     No dogmatism and criticism of any individual’s spiritual concepts,
    beliefs, etc.
     Unity of religions
    These beliefs are Kufr and those who believe in it are Murtaddeen.
    10.Intermingling of Men and Women.
    It has become the norm nowadays for even so-called “Islaamic Events” to
    have intermingling of men and women. This is Haraam and those who
    organise such events and those who take part in it are all equally from the Ulamaa-e-Soo, not the `Ulamaa-e-Haqq.
  10. Scholars for Dollars.
    These are the “Tujjaar-ud-Deen” (those who sell the Deen to make money).
    They trade in the Deen. They use the Deen of Islaam as merchandise to
    purchase the Dunyaa. For the sake of the donations their organisations
    receive, they are prepared to sell-out the Deen of Islaam and throw their
    Aakhirah away. They grovel at the feet of the rulers, like dogs hoping for a bone.
  11. Popularity Seekers.
    Majority of the Molvis of today fall under this category. Everything is done with the intention of acquiring name and fame, publicity, to “be in the limelight”. Furthermore, they wish to be in everyone’s good books even if that means concealing the Haqq or openly propagating Baatil and Kufr. They know that if they proclaim the Haqq they will immediately lose all of that popularity, all of their followers, all of those donations coming to them will dry up, etc., so they try to create a “religion” that will please everyone, Kuffaar and Muslims alike, which is an impossible task. Allaah Taaalaa says in the Qur'aan Kareem: {"Never will the Yahood and Nasaaraa be pleased with you until you follow their Millat..."} The Shias too will not be pleased with you until you become a Shia. Try as they may to appease the Shias, the Shia Kaafirs will always hate them in their hearts until these Murtadd grovelers give up any pretence of being a "Sunni" and wholly embrace Shi'ism. The same goes for those trying to appease any other Kaafir group or Baatil group. Every Aalim has a choice: He can either please Allaah Taaalaa or he can please people. If you try to please people at the expense of displeasing Allaah Taaalaa, you will be destroyed, and if you please Allaah Taaalaa, immediately many people – the agents of Shaytaan –
    will hate you. An Aalim of Haqq, however, is entirely unconcerned with the pleasure or displeasure of the people. His focus is only ever on the Pleasure of Allaah Taaalaa. If, as a result of pleasing Allaah Taaalaa the entire world comes to hate him, then that is his Jannah. Mufti Elias عليهِاللِرحمة also used to say: 1) One must note that the tafarrudaat (exceptions) of the pious, even if they be "elders and seniors", do not constitute Deen or Shareeah.
    2) The action, speech, inspiration or dream of any pious person, especially in our age, does not constitute Shareeah. 3) The law of the Shareeah does not depend on “majority opinion”.
    4) Meat products are Haraam until proven to be Halaal.
    5) Beware of those Ulamaa who hold high positions but silently support
    Baatil from the back.
    6) You as a Muslim are fully entitled to ask the Aalim, humbly, the Shari proof of what he is asking you to do. 7) People ask, "Are you saying that Hadhrat So-and-So is wrong?!" Yes, he is wrong. 8) Some guidelines will help (in identifying who are theUlamaa-e-Haqq).
    See who is doing what, and why:
     Is it done to get and maintain “market share”, like the “Mass Itikaaf" and "Salaatul Istisqaa";  Is it done for commercial gains, benefits and privileges, like "Making Halaal commercial chickens", "Muslim Schools", so-called "Islaamic Banks";  Is it done to sustain "turf", like "congregational loud Zikr done in unison in the Masjid"?  In Ibadaat, see whether that action was done within the period of 220 AH. If not done, discard. I have heard my 'Ustaad', Allamah Mufti Saeed Ahmed Palanpuri, the current Sheikul Hadith of Darul Uloom Deoband, say that he personally heard Hadhrat Moulana Manzoor Nomani (A.R.) say that we Deobandis have/are slowly slipping towards Barelvism, that now there is just a 'balish' (from tip of middle finger till end of palm) distance left, "thus we must be extremely cautious." [End quote.] And Allaah Taaalaa knows best.
  • Muhammad Huzaifah ibn Adam aal-Ebrahim



The culture of Islam is the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) which
covers every aspect in every sphere and department of the Muslim’s life. The greater
part of this Culture of Islam has been displaced from the homes and lives of most
Our ways of life are permeated by western influences. Not only our style of
practical life and appearance have been satanically revolutionised by the alien
culture in whose substratum we live, our thinking too has been colonized. We
consequently cast our leisure and pleasure in the mould we have purchased from the
alien culture of the kuffaar.
While the vice of emulating western ways and pleasures is an incremental process
gripping the Ummah, the most alarming development in this sphere is the fall and
subservience of even Shaikhs of Tasawwuf to the influences of alien cultures.

Among the spiritually harmful, sinful an evil practices of the western kuffaar in
which people of overt Tasawwuf are indulging is the custom of ‘braaivleis’—braai
and brabble parties which are organised after Isha. The very name ‘braai’, has evil
connotations. It is a non-Muslim merrymaking party of men and women where zina,
raucous behaviour, drunkenness, music, singing, dancing and gobbling raw meat
around a mini jahannum take place.
Although these Kabaair (major sins) have not yet been incorporated in the braai
and brabble version adopted by Muslims, it remains decidedly a satanic gathering of
merrymaking. It is a purely nafsaani outing even it is in the backyard.
This alien merrymaking custom has already gained widespread acceptance in the
Muslim community. The lamentable development currently is that Ulama and people
who are supposed to be concerned with and involved in the islaah (reformation) of
the nafs, even those who are supposed to be the spiritual guides, have become the
slaves of their nafs. They too now feel that it is also their right to engage in this
nafsaani pleasure.
Bearded Molvis and Shaikhs of Tasawwuf, flaunting topis and amaamahs, striding
in long flowing kurtahs, instead of being engaged in Thikrullaah during the night or in
some constructive Deeni activity or in the bounty of sleep for which the night has
been created, or rather enjoying themselves in the company of their lawful female
consorts, have finally cast aside the outer robe of piety and Tasawwuf to indulge in
braai and brabble parties.
They have undoubtedly managed to soothe their conscience with weird and
utterly baseless interpretations to justify their organisation of and participation in
braai and brabble parties after Isha Salaat. The shocking level of moral degeneration
of the ‘sufis’ of our time has reached such an ebb that braai and brabble parties are
regarded as acts of ibaadat conducive for Islaah (reformation) of the nafs.
In this era this is a great victory shaitaan has achieved over the jamaat of Ulama
and Sufiya. Although true Tasawwuf is dead, there are still those who claim to follow
the Tareeqah of the Aakaabir such as Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi and
Hadhrat Masihullah (rahmatullah alayhima). The complaint we register here in
particular, is against the Sufis of our own Maslak and Tareeqah.
What relationship does braai and brabble parties of which merrymaking to satisfy
the carnal nafs is the ONLY prompting, have with Tasawwuf, with Islaah of the Nafs
and with the Maslak and Tareeqah of the Auliya? The very name, ‘braaivleis’, reeks
of a zina stench. It is a practice with its roots in zina and liquor. Eating raw meat is
merely the front for all the nafsaani filth, sin and evil of the original braaivleis party
still in vogue among non-Muslims.
The community in general is already destroyed and lost. Now even the Mashaaikh
are treading the path of spiritual and moral ruin.
What connection do the sufi hadhraat have with these nafsaani parties and
gatherings? Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “What relationship do I have
with this dunya? Verily, my analogy with the dunya is like a horseman (travelling in
the desert. After a long and arduous journey in the heat and sand) he arrives at a tree
and rests in its shade (only to soon continue the journey).”
The typical braai and brabble party of Molvis and Sufis begin after Asr Salaat. The
fires are stoked and the contraptions set up for preparation of half-cooked or raw
meat for presentation to the participants in the fete. We remind that this naseehat is
primarily for the Molvis and the Sufis.
Only the fires are operating by the time of Maghrib Athaan, but the ‘vleis’ has not
yet been ‘braaied’ (For our foreign readers: vleis = meat, and braaied = barbecued).
During Maghrib Salaat, the minds are polluted with the preponderance of ‘braai’
wasaawis. The entire Salaat is bereft of even the outward semblance of Khushu’ and
Khudhoo’ which the Molvi and Sufi endeavour to display normally. The Salaat is
discharged defectively and even abbreviated by discarding Awwaabeen which
perhaps the Molvi and Sufi perform daily. But today, the braai and brabble function
has greater importance, or at least the nafsaani magnetism is tonight too strong to
repulse. The Deeni men thus allow themselves to remain within the sphere of the
magnetic belt of the nafs.
After Maghrib the time is squandered in ‘braaing’ the ‘vleis’. It is a time when the
shayaateen are out in droves searching for their prey. Wallaah! On the braai and
brabble occasion, every Molvi and Sufi participant fall prostrate in Sajdah at the feet
of their respective shayaateen appointed by Iblees to oversee their alienation from
Allah’s Thikr on the specific occasion of braai and brabble.
The entire time of Maghrib, right until Isha, is engulfed with the shaitaani and
nafsaani braai and brabble operation. By Isha time, the ‘vleis’ is still too raw for the
members of the braai party. Isha’ Salaat is haphazardly performed. While the body is
in the Musjid, the mind is clogged with braai and brabble wasaawis, and the heart is
outside the Musjid dwelling in the braai arena.
The usual quota of Nafl Salaat and the bit of extra Thikr which some Sufis/Molvis
reserve for after Isha, are curtailed and a rush is made to the braai and brabble
arena. Now commences the ingestion of the raw meat in either drunken boere style
or in animal style. Allah Ta’ala has not ordained for the Mu’min Insaan to devour
burnt raw meat in the manner of drunk people.
The Mu’mineen are required by Islam and its Sunnah culture to eat with humility,
like slaves—the slaves of Allah. The thought of Mun’im-e-Haqeeqi (The True
Benefactor) and Provider of the Ni’mat of Food, should be uppermost in the mind of
the Mu’min at the time of eating. But this attitude of humility and Thikrullah is
repelled by the very hay’t-e-kathaaiyyah (form and manner) of the braai and brabble
party of the kuffaar.
Irrelevant and futile conversation is a notorious feature of ‘Muslim’ braai and
brabble parties, while wine and women are the vital accompaniments of kuffaar
braaivleis functions.
Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has prohibited the Ummah from indulgence
in unnecessary worldly conversation after Isha Salaat. The Ni’mat of the Night is for
rest, ibaadat and deriving comfort within the home sanctuary. It is haraam to
squander the Night in frivolity, in idle conversation with friends, in devouring burnt
raw meat around a fire in kuffaar style, and in any acts which are alien to the Sunnah
Culture of Islam.
Can the Molvi and the Sufi saahibaan cite a basis in the Qur’aan or Sunnah for
their adoption of this merrymaking and nafsaani party? Did the Shaikh appoint the
Sufi as his khalifah for conducting braai and brabble parties after Isha for mureedeen
and others? What answer will they give to Allah Ta’ala for this spiritual zulm they
perpetrate under Deeni guise by the presentation of the worst kind of baatil ta’weel
(baseless interpretation).
We remind the Sufi hadhrat and the Molvi sahibaan of the four essentials of
(1) Qillat-e-Kalaam (Less speech)
(2) Qillat-e-Ta’aam (Less eating)
(3) Qillat-e-Manaam (Less sleeping)
(4) Qillat-e-Ikhtilaat ma al Anaam (Less mixing with people).
All four of these primary principles of Tasawwuf are cruelly violated and cast
overboard at braai and brabble parties. Besides the Fiqhi prohibition of kuffaar-style
parties with their accompaniment of factors of hurmat, this type of nafsani
merrymaking is absolutely intolerable in the Math-hab of the Sufiiya-e-Kiraam. It is a
fatal poison for the Rooh. It destroys roohaaniyat. It creates zulmat in the baatin, and
it invites the Wrath of Allah Azza Wa Jal.
There is absolutely no affinity between Tasawwuf and merrymaking. Parties and
functions are the antithesis of Islaah. When the Sahaabah had once allowed
themselves to indulge in some laughter, the following aayat was promptly revealed
to reprimand them:
“What has the time not arrived for the Believers that their hearts become humble
with the thikr of Allah?”
When this aayat was revealed, the Sahaabah abandoned all jocularism, laughter
and the like—anything associated with causing ghaflat (obliviousness). If the happy
go-lucky, albeit of a temporary nature, of the Sahaabah was intolerable to Allah
Ta’ala, what does the Imaani conscience dictate to the Sufis and the Miolvis in the
matter of braai and brabble parties with all their concomitant evils? If the Sufi Saheb
and the Molvi Saheb ruminate with sincerity and do some soul searching, they will
not fail to discern the spiritually noxious and evil cauldron of nafsaaniyat they have
become embroiled in with their braai and brabble parties.
Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that he was a slave, hence he ate with
total humility like a slave. The Ulama hadhraat are aware of the humble stance which
Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) adopted while eating his Rizq. Was their any
type of frivolity, enjoyment, merrymaking, and happiness expressed at any of the
occasions of Rasulullah’s eating? Did the mureedeen and khulafa observe any of our
Akaabir Mashaaikh indulging in frivolity and merrymaking of this type—the braai and
brabble fussaaq type?
It is of utmost importance that those who believe themselves to be men of the
Deen, men of Islaah and even Muslihs who attend to the spiritual ills of mureedeen
and who deliver lectures of naseehat to the masses, should re-examine themselves.
The spiritual rust and corrosion has desensitised their conscience and dulled the
lustre of the baatin. It is for this reason that they have become so insensitive and
spiritually impervious that haraam frivolity of haraam braai and brabble parties
appear to them from behind the haze of nafsaaniyat as ‘deeni’ and islaahi functions.
May Allah Ta’ala save us all from the deceptions of shaitaan (Talbees-e-Iblees) and
from the evil lurking in our own nafs.

Patrick Hollard, the British expert on nutrition and mental health is the founder
of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. He is also the director of the Brain BioCentre in London. Commenting on the South African custom of braaivleis, he
“Too much meat, especially burnt meat, is bad for the brain. Bad fats make
the brain and you get thicker………Bad fats are found in burnt meat, deep
fried foods and hydrogenated vegetable oils….”



While the world is in a state of extreme turmoil and chaos under the aegis of the satansim of the bogus pandemic, true Muslims must understand and remember that Allah Ta’ala declares in the Qur’aan Majeed:
“Not a leaf drops (from a tree) but He is aware. There is neither a seed in the darkness of the earth nor anything moist or dry, but it is recorded in a Clear Kitaab.”
“Nothing – not an atom – in either the sky or the earth, nor anything smaller or bigger, is hidden from your Rabb, but it is recorded in a Clear Kitaab.”
Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that if entire mankind unites to harm you or benefit you, they will succeed only to the extend decreed by Allah Ta’ala. Thus, keep in mind, that the calamity will run its prescribed course ordained for it by Allah Ta’ala. No one and nothing can thwart or foil its onward progress in its trajectory.
What we are observing and suffering today is a small taste of Allah’s punishment for our massive sins, transgression, fisq, fujoor, bid’ah, nifaaq and kufr. The greater Athaab is yet to unfold. From what is being seen today emerging from the ranks of so-called ‘ulama’ (all munaafiqeen), it is clear that today’s little Athaab is a prelude for something greater. No one is heeding and taking lesson. These rubbish, scoundrel molvis and sheikhs are increasingly licking the boots and even the hinds of the atheists who are teaching them to transform Islam into a new religion but retaining the name, ‘islam’.
Every true Muslim must incumbently focus on Allah Ta’ala. Hold firmly on to the Rope of Allah (The Shariah). Reflect much on Maut, the Qabar and Aakhirah, and know that Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:
“No one will die except at the appointed time with the Command of Allah.”
The plethora of fong kong shaitaani rules, regulations and measures will not save you from Maut or from whatever calamity Allah Ta’ala has ordained for you.
Therefore, do not fear satanism. Do not fear the inspirations of Iblees which these munaafiq molvis and sheikhs are presenting as if these devilish incantations are the Holy Writ. Every mediocre Muslim knows what Islam is and what the Shariah of the Qur’aan and Sunnah is. You need not seek exposition and clarification from those who practise fong kong prayer rituals in the mosques which they have converted into temples of shaitaan. These acts of satanism are unheard of. They are signs of Qiyaamah.
Do not join fong kong mock congregations. Perform Salaat elsewhere, even alone at home. Maut is stalking us all. The current suffering is a great reminder of Maut and a medium for gaining Divine Proximity. Increase in permanent Thikrullaah, Istighfaar in abundance, Durood Shareef and Kalimah Tayyibah. Be with Wudhu at all times so that you gain Shahaadat when Maut arrives. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) aid: “Wudhu is the weapon of the Mu’min.”
Do not be too much concerned with wazeefas for cure. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that Surah Faatihah is a cure for every sickness. Therefore, recite it in abundance; blow on water and drink, and blow on yourself and your patients. Fall asleep with Allah’s Name on your lips. Do not lose courage. Accept whatever Allah Ta’ala has decreed. Regarding these flues, recite: ‘LAA Ba’sa tahoorun, Inshaa-Allah.’ – seven times every now and again. This is Rasulullah’s prescription. The flu purifies us from our sins.
May Allah Ta’ala keep us all firm on the Deen and take us from this dunya with our Imaan intact. AAMEEN THUMMA AAMEEN! YA RABBAL AALAMEEN. We are from YOU, and we are returning unto YOU.

21 Zil Qa’dh 1441 – 13 July 2020

Un-Islamic Masjid Guidelines

Un-Islamic Masjid guidelines

“Verily, he among you who lives long will see much conflict. Therefore, keep to my
Sunnah and to the Sunnah of the Khulafa-ur-Raashideen (the rightly guided Khulafa), those who guide to the Right Way (Deen). Cling to it (the Sunnah) firmly. Beware of the new norms (Bid’ah in Deen), for verily, every Bid’ah (new norm) is misguidance (Dhalaalah). And every Dhalaalah is in the Fire of Jahannam.” (Abu Dawood and Tirmizi)