The Tabligh Jamaat liken their tablighi effort to Jihad fi sabeelillaah. They claim that the same rewards, in fact even more, are acquired by participating in their tabligh activities. They bestow thawaab of tens of millions to themselves for what they say is ‘khurooj fi sabeelillah’. Please explain what is the meaning of fisabeelillah as used by the Fuqaha? According to Ahsanul Fatawa, the Raiwand Tabligh Jamaat’s deduction of such thawaab based on some Ahadith is incorrect. The Tablighis say that their tablighi journeys are the same as the Jihad journeys of the Shaabah.

A Mufti Mackoojee of Mauritius gives preference to Tabligh Jamaat activity over the Masnoon I’tikaaf. Please throw some light on this very controversial issue.


Literally, a journey for any Deeni activity will also be fi sabeelillah just as the Hadith mentions that a person who leaves home in the quest of Ilm is fi sabeelillah (In the Path of Allah). However, the criticism is directed at the haraam ghulu’ of the Tabligh Jamaat. While they have made their specific methodology of tabligh ‘fardh-e-ain’, they sweep under the carpet their haraam mutual hatred and violence of the two Tablighi factions.

They do not keep issues within the prescribed limits of the Shariah. They exceed all bounds and promote their methodology to be Fardh, and they condemn to Jahannam those who do not join their jamaat. This is the problem of the Tablighis. They are on the path of deviation. Since the split of the Tablighis into two ugly factions, their evil and ghulu’ have become worse. Their demeanour shows that they regard their innovated methodology of so-called ‘tabligh’ to be superior to Jihad and the Quest for Ilm of the Deen.

The conceit (ujub) and pride (takabbur) of Tablighis are shockingly lamentable. They are drunk with the idea of their own ‘piety’. Everyone who is not a tablighi is a Jahannami to them.

While the Maqsood of the Jihad of the Sahaabah was I’laa’ Kalaimatullaah (to raise and establish the Word of Allah), the maqsood (objective) the Tabligh Jamaat is to promote themselves and their methodology over and above the Sunnah. They deceptively speak much of the ‘sunnah’ and they stupidly monotonously pipe the theme of ‘yaqeen, when in reality they do not have the haziest idea of the meaning of Yaqeen nor do they give practical expression to the genuine Sunnah of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah.

For Tablighis, the Sunnah consists of a couple of external acts such as miswak, beard, turban and kurtah. In fact, this is the be all of their conception of the Sunnah. They lack even in the aadaab of the Musjid. They do not know how to respect the Musjid nor the musallis whom they shamelessly disturb and distract with their bayaans at the wrong time.

They introduce bid’ah upon bid’ah. Then have the stupid temerity of claiming millions and millions of thawaab for their bid’ah activities. It appears that the Tabligh Jamaat is degenerating swiftly into becoming a new sect.

The issue is not: What is better – 10 days Masnoon I’tikaaf or ten days in Tablighi Jamaat activity. The evil issue is that they believe that their ten days in their tabligh activity is superior to the Masnoon I’tikaaf. This is their ghulu’ and their downfall. They believe that their tablighi methodology which bootlicks all types of baatil and proponents of baatil is superior to Jihad fi sabeelillaah.

A man who is slain in Jihaad is a Shaheed. His shahaadat is confirmed by the Qur’aan and Hadith and all rites of a Shaheed are conferred to him. On the other hand, a person who dies in the quest of Ilm or tabligh, may attain the rank of a Shaheed. But the rites of a Shaheed are not conferred to him nor is there categorical Nass to conform his shahaadat.

It is evidently wrong and haraam for the Tablighis to apply the narrated rewards of the Shaheed to their acts of tabligh. While there is Nass for the former, there is no such Nass for the latter. If a muballigh of any kind (not only a tablighi) attains the rank of a Shaheed, it is known to only Allah Ta’ala.

It should also be understood that TABLIGH is not restricted to tablighu jamaat methodology. Genuine Sunnah Tabligh consists of many branches. The way of the Tabligh Jamaat has come into existence only recently, about 13 and half centuries after Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

The Tablighi Jamaat measures its success in terms of crowd and number of buses bringing people to their parties and festivals. Their focus is not on Haqq. That is why they are at home on baatil platforms and feel snug in bed with even the enemies of Allah Ta’ala. As long as the deviate can attract crowds, he is given preference over the Haqq. This clearly shows that they are not concerned with the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala and the Aakhirat.

They are now surpassing even the Barelwis in their bid’ah and ghulu’.The crux of the matter is the HARAAM GHULU’ and Bid’ah of the Tabligh Jamaat. This is the target for criticism.

“These are the limits of Allah. Whoever transgresses the limits of Allah, verily, he has oppressed himself.” (Qur’aan)

4 Shawwaal 1444 – 25 April 2023


A Sister whose father is a member of the Tablighi Jamaat, telling her sad story, says:

“I would like to know the rights of parents in the following situation:
From the time we were born, no attention was given to us children nor love. My father joined the Tabligh Jamaat when we were small kids. He started going four months every other year, leaving us with barely enough. He always called us his enemies, saying it’s in the Qu’ran, Naudhubillah! We were beaten up for very small mistakes, forced to fast all Sunnat fasts and pray all the Sunnats, and go to Ta’lims. If we didn’t we were beaten. We were never taught Deen. We were expected to know everything and do everything right. We were taunted for every thing we ate and drank, and my mother was more or less the same. As we grew we all hated to be at home and so my sisters got married early just to be away from home. My brothers were thrown out. 
I got married too but came back, and things have only become worse with me. Many times I was told to work but I refuse because it’s not permissible. There is a lot of harshness towards me. I have been thrown out of the house too, so I went to my brother’s house. I had gone into depression. I started hating my parents. 
After leaving my husband, we decided to live all together, my brother and I, as parents are old, and nobody to take care of them. But our  parents don’t really want to live with us because they find us a burden as my brother has low income and my father is working but doesn’t want to support us in the house. He says it’s my son’s responsibility to feed me. Things are worse in the house, not better.
My father is very Tablighi, and he expects us to be the same. He is always giving us lectures, but all sorts of Haraam happen in our house and my father is involved in them like photography, mixed gatherings, etc, we have told them it’s haraam but they give justifications. Then they tell the outsiders every thing going on in the house. This is just a brief description of our haal with our parents. 

Now we are trying to do Khidhmat (be of service) to them, but there is no love in the heart. And with all the shouting it creates distance, I have been feeling stressed up, I feel I will go mad with this situation. I feel anger and hatred for them. I feel depressed. Please advise.” (End of the Sister’s sad narrative).

Our Advice and
Your experience is not an isolated one. Innumerable families of Tablighi men languish under the yoke of zulm (oppression) of their jaahil tyrannical husbands/fathers. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:
“His similitude is like that of a smooth rock on which (has gathered) some soil. Then a heavy rain shower falls on it, leaving it (once again) bare (and smooth as it was before the soil had gathered on it).” (Al-Baqarah, Aayat 264)

Generally, this is the condition of Tablighis. There is hardly any Islaah of the Nafs in their programmes. Their concentration and emphasis  are on their innovatory methods and recruiting followers without  ensuring proper self-reformation. The moral corruption and spiritual maladies remain  embedded in these people.  The overwhelming majority of Tablighis are juhala who quickly become bloated with false ideas of piety and greatness as a consequence of their  changed outward appearance. They believe themselves to have attained lofty ranks of piety on the basis of appearance – kurtah, beard, amaamah. In fact even their appearance is  not altogether in conformity  with the Sunnah. Innumerable of them wear their trousers on  and below their ankles.
Their moral corruption is vividly displayed in their total abstention  from Mushtabah (Doubtful) food and in  consuming  haraam carrion and the like. The villainy of the nafs  becomes conspicuoulsy exhibited  when they are angered. This kufr feature of disgracing Muslims and assaulting Muslims violently has incrementally come to the surface  since the Tabligh Jamaat  broke up into two hostile camps. Both camps abolished their sixth principle  of Ikraamul Muslim (honouring Muslims), and now the unwritten principle  incorporated  is Ihaanatul Muslim (Humiliating a Muslim), hence the mutual  goondagerry and violence.
Their abject jahaalat (ignorance) is illustrated vividly even in the Musaajid. They lack adab  for the Musjid and for Musallis. They ignore Ahkaam of the Shariah. There is much to say and comment on their jahaalat and moral and spiritual corruption. However, for the sake of brevity we  confine our comment to the sad lament of the Sister.
Your father’s tyranny is the  consequence of two factors:  (1) Gross ignorance of the Shariah, and (2) No Islaah of the Nafs. That is why he committed the zulm of going for his fake four month ‘tablighi’ stints without making adequate  arrangements for the family back home. His abuse, shouting and assaulting  are the effects of shaitaan’s control. He is a slave of his  rotten nafs. Whilst he displays  piety  with his outward appearance  and sweet talk when he is in public, he reveals the true colours of his hypocrisy at home by disgorging  all the filth in his nafs and heart.  When the tap of a barrel is opened,  only that which is inside  flows. Thus, when your father opens his mouth, the rot and filth inside him gush out.
Sister, this is the general condition of  Tablighis, including their molvis. Their piety is like the sand on the smooth rock which gets washed clean  as soon as a torrent of rain  falls. They  pout their lips very ‘adeptly’ and deceptively with the word ‘yaqeen’ whilst they are totally bereft of yaqeen. In fact, they lack the haziest idea of the meaning of yaqeen.
Whilst your father is guilty of  tyranny  (zulm) on his children, you are after all his daughter. Notwithstanding his  zulm and villainy you should never become insolent towards him regardless of the lack of love you have for him.  Do not give vent to the enmity in your heart. Render khidmat to your parents and tolerate with silence their abuse. Do not incur the Wrath of Allah Ta’ala by becoming  disrespectful  to your parents. Your Sabr and Dua will be well and abundantly rewarded, Insha-Allah.



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The following anecdote from the Malfoothaat of Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rahmatullah alayh) should serve as an eye-opener and a Naseehat for such husbands who spitefully withhold Talaaq despite the total breakdown of the Marriage precluding the possibility of reconciliation.

Hadhrat Thanvi (Rahmatullah alayh) said:

Huqooqul Ibaad (the Rights of People) are of utmost importance and gravity. A man came here with the intention of Ta’leem and Talqeen (that is, for self-reformation and spiritual progress). I asked him about the arrangement he has made for his wife during his planned absence. He said that she is presently staying with her parents.

Later it transpired that there was discord between them, hence she left to stay with her parents, and that she is insisting on Talaaq. I then said to this person: “Since she insists on Talaaq, why are you imprisoning her? It is imperative to resolve this issue. If she refuses to live with you, then issue Talaaq (as she insists). Go and issue Talaaq, then come.” He went back home. After resolving the issue by giving her Talaaq which she demanded, he returned. Now he was able to engage himself in the objective (of Tasawwuf) with peace of mind.”

(End of Hadhrat Thanvi’s malfooth)

A similar anecdote pertains to Hadhrat Maulana Ya’qoob (Rahmatullah alayh) who was an Ustaadh of Hadhrat Thanvi (Rahmatullah alayh). The wife of one of his mureeds demanded Talaaq. She accused her husband of zulm, etc. When Hadhrat Ya’qoob (Rahmatullah alayh) investigated the matter and had ascertained the correctness of the wife’s demand, he physically beat his mureed who was a well-known Maulana. He compelled his mureed to issue Talaaq. (Note: It may have been another one of our Akaabireen Ulama, not Maulana Ya’qoob. This anecdote was also acquired from the Malfoothaat of Hadhrat Thanvi).

Numerous husbands refuse to issue Talaaq despite the fact of the total collapse and breakdown of the marriage, and even when there is no possibility of reconciling due to the adamancy of the wife in her demand for Talaaq.

Whether she is right or wrong in her demand is another issue. The immediate concern is the fact that the marriage has ended for all practical purposes. She has developed an extreme abhorrence for her husband, and in most cases the husband is responsible for such abhorrence. However, acting like an atheist, completely oblivious of Allah Ta’ala and the Reckoning of the Aakhirat, the husband resolves to acquit himself with venomous spite. He should understand that with his haraam and stupid action he is cutting his nose to spite his face.

Sometimes years wile away in separation, but the man refuses to release the wife from the marriage which has in reality practically terminated long ago. Flogging a dead horse is unintelligent and also sinful. It is incumbent that in such cases of irreconcilability, the man should release the woman honourably with Talaaq.

Furthermore, if she was not guilty of infidelity, then when parting, he should in addition to Talaaq, laud her with gifts to end the sad saga amicably and honourably.

Tablighis too should understand that they are guilty of grave injustice when they go on their four month and one year tablighi stints without making adequate arrangements for the family at home. They will have to answer to Allah Ta’ala for their zulm. Such tabligh which brings about violation of huqooq and zulm is Haraam.

25 Jamaadil Ula 1444 – 20 December 2022


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Please comment on the under mentioned message. I am not sure how credible this message is.

“FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Karguzari 

MashaAllahKarguzari of 21 Jamats of RaiwindMarkaz making efforts on the eve of Fifa World Cup in Qatar under the Mashwera of elders 

Alhamdulillah upon the request & Taqaza of Qatar Markaz Elders in Raiwind Ijtema, 2 months ago, our  Elders Sheikh MaulanaNazarurRehman, Sheikh Maulana Ibrahim Dewla, Sheikh QariZubair& others decided to send 21 Jamats for the efforts of Deen

The way of work by above mentioned jamats is that, they do short bayan after Fajr salah, then mashwara. After slight rest, they gather for Taalim from 10 am & do remaining fikr along with any taqaza (requirement) for that area. 

Efforts of Deen among FIFA guests are done after asr salat. There are some zones namely “fan zones” where guests are available. Our saathis used to spread amongst them in various zones & do ikram with dates, juice, water, fruits, etc.

When guests saw the Jamaats in Sunnah Appearance they reach us themselves. Ma’sha’Allah we don’t need to reach them. Maximum of them address jamat as “tableegh, tableegh”. They understood from beard, cap, turban.

We do remember some guests came towards us & revealed that their grand & GREAT grand father was Muslim. They became Christian. May Allah forgive.Efforts is going amongst guests. Thousands of various language-based Preachers from ministry of religion (Govt of Qatar) has been given responsibility for guests of various countries. Daily 5 to 7 are getting blessed with Wealth of Islam. 

An incidence of few days back,One Croatian citizen, American passport holder, came to Qatar. By seeing culture and akhlaq of Qatarianarabs, after returning to New York, he met with imam (son of our late Maulana Abdul Aziz) of local masjid, expressed his desire and embrraced Islam. After that, within few days, he made more 25 persons of his family  embrace Islam. Work is going on. Allah is putting impact of His work anywhere thru’ this noble efforts . It’s not known, on whose crying &Fikr ,Allah will give Hidayah . One doesn’t know that his dawat to that Croatian helped to embrace Islam & ultimately helped to convert more than 25. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. Allah is doing everything. Make dua for us. AssalamuAlaikumwarahmatullahewabaraqatuhu.”

The above is verbatim reproduction of a ‘karguzari’ by a tablighi.


The Tableegh Jamaat is really not concerned with Islam and Imaan whose objective is the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala and Aakhirah, and this is acquirable only by total submission to the Shariah which is the uncompromising Divine Ideology – the product of Wahi. Thus, everything must be viewed and scaled on the criterion of this Shariah, and nothing else. Results, benefits, advantages, number of converts gained, sitting on the Arsh by a tablighi buzrug or dreams of felicitation and the like have no role in this determination.

But these tablighis assign their methodology and ideology a greater pedestal than the Shariah which they believe could be compromised for promoting their ideology to which they have added a new satanic principle, Ihaanatul Muslim (Disgracing Muslims) after the excision of their principle of Ikraamul Muslim (Honouring Muslims) emanating as a consequence of the daggers the opposing Tablighi camps have drawn for their oppositions. Thus the two mutually oppugnant camps of this fallen jamaat consider it an act of great merit to violently assault each other, and to demonstrate their goondagerry abilities.

Their objective is their specific methodology of ‘tableegh’ which has greater significance   for them than even the Masnoon Salaat and the Ahkaam of the Shariah in general. That is why they almost always abandon the Shariah and compromise the Deen’s teachings for promoting their own methodology. When any hukm of the Shariah clashes with their innovated methodology, they set aside, misinterpret and even reject the Shar’i hukm. Their ambassador, Tariq Jamil is a prime example of their leadership of misguidance.  For example, their kitaab-reading immediately after Fardh Salaat is of greater importance to them than the Sunnatul Muakkadah Salaat following after the Fardh. Their methodology has greater importance that the Shariah’s laws applicable to Purdah and the like.

It is haraam to go to a haraam place and compromise with haraam even if the intention is tableegh just as it is haraam to intentionally go to a brothel, smile and dine with the prostitutes, then convert one or two, then climb on the roof cackling like a hen who has just laid an egg.

Furthermore, these people are adept in the art of hallucinating and fabricating dreams to promote their ideology. They are also adept bootlickers of officials, the wealthy and western professionals. They suffer acutely from mental inferiority, hence the conversion to their cause of a doctor or an engineer is a huge feather in their cap.

Whatever is stated in the “Fifa karguzari’ is stupid fifa bunkum disgorged for promoting the ideology of the tablighi sect, not the Shariah/Deen of the Sunnah.

21 Jamaadil Ula 1444 – 16 December 2022



Please comment on the Tabligh Jamaat’s practice of giving bayaans immediately after Fardh Salaat right in front in the Musjid. If the talk is not immediately after Fardh, it is always before the musallis have completed their Sunnat and Nafl Salaat. Also totally unqualified persons are allowed to give bayaans. Is this proper? Musallis who are still performing Salaat are disturbed and distracted by these talks.


The primary purpose of a Musjid is to be the venue for pure Ibaadat – Salaat, Tilaawat, etc. Besides the Jamaat Salaat which has precedence and priority, bayans/talks may not be conducted in a manner which disturbs the musallis who are engaging in their own acts of Ibaadat.

The practice of talks immediately after Fardh Salaat is not permissible. If the Fardh is followed by Sunnat Salaat, then giving a talk or even reciting the Qur’aan Majeed immediately after the Fardh is not permissible. It is incumbent to first perform the Sunnat Salaat. Thus, the Tabligh Jamaat’s practice of giving a bayaan or reading from the kitaab immediately after the Fardh Salaat is bid’ah and not permissible.

Furthermore, beginning the bayaan even before people have completed their Sunnat Salaat is likewise not permissible as it interferes with the concentration of the musallis, causing them to make mistakes in their Salaat.

The Musallis have a greater right than the Tabligh Jamaat. The Ibaadat of the Musallis is of greater importance than the bayaans of the Tabligh Jamaat. Bid’ah has become embedded in the Tabligh Jamaat. If their elders do not wake up to stem this evil tide, the Jamaat will then become one of the baatil sects of deviation.

The Jamaat members should understand that jumping up and standing audaciously and shamelessly facing Musallis who are still engaged in Salaat, will not induce anyone to sit for their bayaans. Those who wish to participate, will wait until the Musallis have completed their Salaat and Dua. Those who do not wish to sit, will not be induced to participate by the Tablighi chap short-circuiting his own Salaat to stand up to announce his bayaan.

It is extremely audacious and rude for the Tablighi to stand facing the musallis whilst they are still in Salaat. He attempts to influence them to quickly terminate their Salaat for the sake of listening to his bayaan. Whilst they speak much of the virtues of Salaat, they show scant respect practically for Salaat, hence they consider their bayaans to be of greater importance than the Sunnat and Nafl Salaat which are attached to the Fardh Salaat. The haste they exhibit for delivering their bayaans is satanic and not permissible.

The best is for the Tabligh brothers to deliver their talks at the back of the Musjid where the disturbance and distraction for musallis will be minimal. They should not expect the Musallis to hastily terminate their Ibaadat merely for listening to their bayaans. This expectation and indirect application of pressure by the Tabligh Jamaat on ignorant musallis is tantamount to preventing the Musallis from Thikrullaah. Thus, they come within the purview of the Qur’aanic Aayat:

   “Who is a greater zaalim than the one who prevents from the Musaajid of Allah that His Name be remembered therein……” 

Ignorant musallis are indirectly pressurized to sit for the talks. They are prevented from their Thikrullaah, Tilaawat and Nafl Salaat. Some hastily retreat from the Musjid to avoid participating in Tabligh Jamaat bayaans and activities. Indirectly, some ignorant musallis are pressurized to leave the Musjid whereas they have a greater right to being present for even a brief period for Nafl I’tikaaf. Their right is greater than the right of the Tabligh Jamaat for its bayaans.

It is not permissible to appoint juhala and unqualified laymen to give bayaans. This is another vile impermissible practice of the Tabligh Jamaat.

17 Rabiuth Thaani 1444 – 12 November 2022



The fracas, uproar and riots which have rocked the foundations of the Tabligh Jamaat threatening to destroy the noble work initiated by the Akaabireen Ulama and Auliya, are no longer secret issues. The riots have been widely publicized in the newspapers in India and elsewhere. The police have made a number of arrests of gangsters employed by one Molvi Sa’d who is the culprit plotting to usurp the imaarat (leadership) of the Tabligh Jamaat.
At the Markaz, Ulama have been assaulted by Sa’d’s goondas (gangsters), and rooms and property have been smashed. While it grieves us immensely to mention these developments, it is not something which can be swept under the carpet and concealed. It is already in the public domain. The newspapers have splashed the haraam fracas at the Markaz.
We are grieved because the Tabligh Jamaat is part of the Institution of Deoband. It is the movement to revive and establish the Sunnah initiated by the Ulama of Deoband.
Now the enemies such as the Barelwi Qabar Pujaaris will sit back, observe and enjoy the internecine struggle which has culminated into hooliganism and thuggery plotted by one thug-in-chief intoxicated with the lust for power and leadership. The chief goonda of this plot to undermine the Tabligh Jamaat is one Molvi Sa’d who has installed himself at Nizaamuddeen with the aid of his hired thugs and gangsters.
While the disturbance in Nizaamuddeen is sad and lamentable for us and all our Ulama, it is not at all surprising. It is surprising for only those who have no understanding of history, the nafs and dunya. All Institutions of the Deen have undergone an evil metamorphosis with the passage of time.
The Madaaris and Khaanqah have suffered the same fate. Even our headquarters, Daarul Uloom Deoband had suffered the same shaitaaniyat which ultimately split the Madrasah down the middle into opposing factions. The same has happened in Mazaahirul Uloom in Saharanpur, and likewise in Jalalabad, and in almost every place where there existed a flourishing Deeni Institution. This evil fate has now overtaken the Tabligh Jamaat. It was just to be expected. Unity of the Ummah is an unattainable dream. No matter how much the Ulama pipe the theme of unity and offer naseehat to achieve it, it is simply not to be realized because Allah Ta’ala did not accept Rasulullah’s dua for the unity of the Ummah. Disunity and infighting are forms of punishment for Muslim transgression of the Law of Allah Azza Wa Jal.
The commencement of the disunity was during the very era of the Sahaabah. Since that time, it has continued, and so will it be until the Day of Qiyaamah. That the Tabligh Jamaat was entering the doldrums and was on the downward slide intellectually, morally and spiritually is no secret. The ghulu’ (extremism) as well as other un-Islamic tendencies which have crept into the Jamaat were the signs foreshadowing the evil which has now broken out into the open.
The fossilization of the Jamaat signified loss of direction. Success has come to be measured in the number of jamaats going out and the number of buses and people at an Ijtima’. Pride and arrogance have become the hallmark of its present-day seniors who deride the Tablighi efforts of all those who are not associated actively and physically with the Jamaat. Their seniors have become fat cats, and this is conspicuously noticeable at big Ijtimas where special quarters are reserved for the Ulama, and the laity requiring ‘visas’ to visit and make musaafahah with the elders. Also, too much of extravagance and waste have become evil accretions of Ijtimas. A deplorable degree of commercialisation also accompanies the Ijtimas. Some corruption and Shar’i violation underlay the granting of rights to business people for setting up trading stalls within the precincts of the Ijtima venue.
The concept of the Tabligh Jamaat being the Ark of Hadhrat Nooh (Alayhis salaam) has become an ingrained belief. Anyone outside the ‘Ark’ is doomed for Jahannam.
Then comes the women’s jamaat which was a sure sign of liberalism planting the seeds of the Jamaat’s demise. Senior Jamaat members no longer sleep and eat in the Musaajid. They have abandoned this principle of simplicity. They now put up at homes and expect hotel treatment. Big pots of food are prepared by the neighbourhood females and sent to the Musaajid for the rank and file Tablighis while the fat cats receive special treatment and service in homes.
The introduction of bid’aat such as kitaab reading immediately after Fardh Salaat thereby displacing the Sunnah requisites, and the kabeerah and haraam act of permitting and encouraging women to go on Tabligh journeys without a valid mahram also were indicative of the descending Wrath of Allah Ta’ala which has erupted in the uproar in Nizaamuddeen. The fracas in Nizaamuddeen is a real volcanic eruption of heartrending proportions.
As long as the reality of the Jamaat’s deflection from Siraatul Mustaqeem and its restoration to its original simplicity by firm adherence to its foundational principles are not attended to and rectified, the Jamaat will continue to wither away into extinction, and become just like the worn out, desolate khaanqahs and the Darul Ulooms which are devoid of Soul and Spirit.
The goonda-in-chief, molvi Sa’d, is only the symptom. The Jamaat elders should do much soul searching, and not endeavour to solve the problem and eliminate the rot by focusing only on the symptom. The goondagerry of molvi Sa’d is a punishment for deflection from the Sunnah and the original principles of the Jamaat, and for the ghulu’ which characterizes the Tabligh Jamaat of today. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to strive for the removal and expulsion from Nizaamuddeen of the goonda-in-chief. But for enduring success it is imperative to eliminate the unislamic and anti-Sunnah tendencies and ideas which are throttling the Jamaat. Even laymen members of the Jamaat have become so vile with arrogance that it means nothing to them to insult Akaabeer Ulama and Auliya such as Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rahmatullah alayh) and Hadhrat Masihullah (Rahmatullah alayh) simply because they were not participating in Tabligh Jamaat activities.
As an interim act for immediate implementation we advise that all the Jamaat Shuras in all countries should write to Sa’d to vacate the Markaz premises. As long as he tarries there, all jamaats should bypass the Markaz. He must be pressurized to quit the Markaz. The rot should not be allowed to continue with its decomposition. The stink will only be incremental until it becomes totally unbearable. Sa’d’s introduction of goondagerry at the Markaz is intolerable and unacceptable. If the Jamaat’s elders are going to adopt silence and turn a blind eye to the rot which has overtaken the Markaz, they will be guilty of a great disservice to the Deen. It is imperative that the Tabligh Jamaat be kept on track. It is currently wildly veering off course. This deflection must not only be stemmed. It has to be eliminated. The immediate step is to institute measures to kick the GOONDA out of the Markaz. This will be achievable only if the Jamaat elders act on a universal basis.
This Goonda displays shocking audacity bordering on kufr. He once claimed that even Imaam Abu Hanifah (Rahmatullah alayh) did not fully/correctly understand the meaning of Imaan.
During the current uproar, in a tumultuous slanging match with his adversaries at the Markaz, he shouted like a drunk man, that all those who do not accept his imaarate (Leadership) are ‘jahannamis’. Well, this is just a reflection of the mentality of recent elders of the Jamaat. Their idea of the Tabligh Jamaat being like the Ship of Hadhrat Nooh (Alayhis salaam) implies that all those outside this ‘ship’, i.e. the Tabligh Jamaat, are inmates of HellFire. Their conception of Tabligh is that 100% of Tabligh is confined to the Tabligh Jamaat, and all other branches of Tabligh are redundant.
A fatal defect of the Jamaat was its inability to appoint an Ameer. For years the Jamaat has been floundering without an Ameer.
This is in stark conflict with the Sunnah. Besides a Shura, a Deeni Institution requires a strong Ameer who can override even the Shura should it resolve issues in conflict with the Shariah or in conflict with the principles established by the Akaabir Ulama who were the founders of the Movement. A Deeni institution without a strong Ameer is like a rudderless ship. Today the Jamaat has become a rudderless ship tossing in the raging waves of the nafs.
The elders of the Jamaat should immediately install an Ameer and strive for the expulsion of the Sa’d Goonda from the Markaz. If this cannot be immediately accomplished, Nizaamuddeen should be bypassed and an alternative venue as Markaz should be established. If necessary, and if possible, a court order should be acquired for the eviction of Sa’d from the Markaz premises. No matter how distasteful this step will be, in the larger interest of the Jamaat and the Ummah, it may be imperative. After all, the police had been called more than once to the Markaz to handle the rioting and to make arrests. A court order for the eviction of the chief goonda will be permissible.
The Jamaat elders should broaden their outlook and endeavour to understand the criticism and naseehat of well-wishers and supporters. Every critic is not anti-Tabligh Jamaat.
A downfall of the Jamaat is also its abhorrence for criticism and naseehat no matter how sincere and how beneficial it may be. They simply refuse to accord any attention to good advice coming from beyond their narrow confines.
Hadhrat Maulana Salimullah Khan, the most senior
Aalim today in Pakistan has written letters of naseehat to Molvi Sa’d and to Maulana Arshad Madani Sahib. The naseehat is standard advice which will fall on deaf ears. In other words, it will have no affect on the Sa’d character. One who resorts to goondagerry suffers from a chronically diseased nafs. It is not possible for such a diseased person to accept good advice. Nothing will penetrate a nafs rendered impervious by the filth of nafsaaniyat. Hubb-e-Jaah and Hubb-e-Maal preclude the possibility of understanding. He will not understand and not accept any advice for him to step down from the pedestal he has usurped by means of gangsterism.
It is quite probable that there is a sinister dimension to the upheaval in Nizaamuddeen. Only a naive person lacking in baseerat will believe that the Tabligh Jamaat hierarchy has not been infiltrated by sinister western agencies.
This Sa’d goonda appears to be manipulated by these agencies to destroy the Deeni work of the Jamaat from within. This aspect should not be overlooked.



as salaamu alaikum
dear hazrat
regarding the following q&a in the latest majlis
Q. A hafiz who is not a Molvi, gives bayaans before the Jumuah Khutbah on the subject of Islaah of the Nafs. Is it permissible for a non-Aalim to give such talks in the Musjid?
A. It is haraam for a jaahil to stand up in the Musjid to give a bayaan. His bloated nafs impels him to create an image of Ilm for himself. He prepares his abode in Jahannam with his nafsaani bayaans. A layman may not deliver bayaans to the public.
The Hadith prohibits laymen from giving lectures. This chap will most assuredly mislead other juhala. It is mentioned in the Hadith that in the era close to Qiyaamah, the jaahil will issue fatwas to the juhala masses and all of them will be astray

does this prohibition of a layman giving talks in the masjid extend to the talks given in the masjid by the tabligh jamaat?
can one correctly conclude that only if a proper maulana is in the jamaat group that he and only he can give the bayan and it is improper for the other members to take turns giving the bayans as it is usually done nowadays?

25 Rabiul Awwal 1444 – 22 October 2022

Respected Brother,

Yes, the prohibition to give public bayaans also refers to the Tabligh Jamaat. If there is no Aalim, the chap should only read from the kitaab without making any comment.




Question: Is it permissible to have kitaab-reading immediately after Fardh Salaat? It has become customary with the Tabligh Jamaat to begin reading a kitaab to the musallis immediately the Salaat is terminated.

According to a fatwa issued by Darul Ifta of Darul Uloom Azaadville, it is permissible. Please comment and guide us.


We have read the fatwa issued by Azaadville. In addition to its gross error, it is also somewhat nonsensical and flagrantly fence-sitting, neither this side nor the other side. Just discard the fatwa. It is a fatwa of dhalaal (deviation).

It is not permissible to engage in kitaab-reading immediately after Fardh Salaat, and this applies to all Five Salaat. After the Fardh of Zuhr, Maghrib and Isha, there are the Masnoon Sunnat-e-Muakkadah Salaat. It is ludicrous, to say the least pejoratively, to shunt the Sunnatul Muakkadah Salaat from its Masnoon pedestal and to usher in its place the bid’ah of Tablighi Jamaat kitaab-reading. This is most assuredly not permissible.

It is necessary to observe the Ittisaal rule, that is to perform the Sunnat Salaat immediately after the Fardh and not to delay it with even Qur’aan tilaawat. According to some Fuqaha the Sunnah significance of the Sunnah Muakkadah Salaat is effaced if it is delayed after the Fardh Salaat. This kitaab-reading is BID’AH and it has now reached Bid’ah Sayyiah (Evil Bid’ah) proportions.

The benefit mentioned in the fatwa – i.e. the benefit from abandoning the Sunnah of Ittisaal for the sake of observing the bid’ah of the Tabligh Jamaat, is decidedly evil and not permissible. It is a ta’leem of Iblees who approaches people via ostensible ‘deeni’ channels to ensnare them into his tentacles of Bid’ah. All acts of bid’ah made inroads into the Deen via deeni channels. Shaitaan is a great teacher in the science of bid’ah.

It is also not permissible to engage in kitaab-reading immediately after the Fardh of Fajr and Asr whilst the musallis are reciting their Masnoon Athkaar and making Dua. The kitaab may be read after completion of these Athkaar.

There is no noor in bid’ah. Bid’ah is pure zulmat (darkness). That is why those who engage in this bid’ah and other bid’ah acts are always haughty and inconsiderate. They speak from a pedestal of pride. Test them. Say to them that they are morons, and you will see the fumes of Satanism gushing from their nostrils. They believe that their innovated acts have greater significance and importance than even the Masnoon acts of Ibaadat.

Safety of Imaan is always in observance of the Sunnah. Deviation from the Sunnah brings into existence sects such as the Qabar Pujaari Jamaat. Many practices of the Tabligh Jamaat have entered into the domain of bid’ah. If this evil trend is not curbed and eliminated, the Tabligh Jamaat will one day be branded as a sect of baatil.

Remain within the confines of the Glittering Sunnah, and BEWARE of the zulmat of Bid’ah.

13 Zul Hujj 1443 – 13 July 2022