Can Men and Women Be Just Friends in Islam?

Is it possible for men and women to just be friends? And by that I mean, can they be friends without experiencing any kind of feelings of a unilateral or multilateral romantic or sexual bond?

We need a clear answer because Islam warns strongly against friendships between the genders. This is despite the unfortunate fact that many Muslims today do not heed this warning.

Then you have many convert sisters who feel hurt when they are forced to sever ties with their male friends. They are simply not able to understand, at least at first.

And I wish this was a problem that was exclusive to converts. However, sadly it is common even among sisters who were born into Muslim families. Many sisters think it is perfectly fine to have male friends prior to getting married, so long as they just send out messages on the evening of their wedding, politely asking these men to not contact them anymore.

Most of them view this prohibition as simply being a cultural practice, or no longer relevant during this day and age. This is a view that is also perpetuated by modernists/deformists who try to distort the teachings of Islam.

As such, these sisters believe we are simply overreacting. They even wonder how they’d ever be able to find a husband if they’re now allowed to speak with men casually and enjoy their company.

Without even delving into the obvious negative effects that developing bonds with strange men can have on their future marriage, let’s address the nonsensical ideas of it being fine to be friends with men; and that such relationships can flourish in an unambiguous way.

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Allah (Mighty and Majestic is He) says:

وَلَا تَقْرَبُوا۟ ٱلزِّنَىٰٓ ۖ إِنَّهُۥ كَانَ فَـٰحِشَةًۭ وَسَآءَ سَبِيلًۭا

And you shall not ever approach illicit sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is [utter] lewdness and a most evil way. (Qur’an, 17:32)

We already know it is forbidden, but if it can be proven that friendships between males and females may involve arousal and attraction in any sort of way, this should be sufficient for any doubters that such friendships would constitute an “approach” towards Zina and should thus be stopped and prevented altogether.

Take a look at this survey which was conducted in 2007 on a college campus. It highlights how 7 out of 10 women had reported that someone of the opposite sex had misperceived their friendliness as sexual interest. Before you jump the gun and accuse all men of being irrational perverts, 6 out of 10 men reported the same regarding their female friends:

Both women and men frequently report that their sexual intentions have been misperceived by someone of the opposite sex, although substantially more women than men report that their level of sexual interest was overperceived (Abbey, 1987Haselton, 2003Koss & Oros, 1982). For example, Koss and Oros (1982) found that 70% of the female and 53% of the male college students in their survey reported that the level of sexual intimacy they desired from a member of the opposite sex had been misperceived at least once. Similarly, Abbey (1987, Study 1) found that 72% of college women and 60% of college men reported that someone of the opposite sex had misperceived their friendliness as a sexual come-on. Among those students who had been misperceived, the average number of misperceptions was 4.8. These findings are typically explained in terms of the ambiguous meaning of many nonverbal and verbal cues (P. A. Anderson, 1985Fichten, Tagalakis, Judd, Wright, & Amsel, 1992Kowalski, 1993). People may be signaling sexual interest when they smile, stand close, give a compliment, or pat someone of the opposite sex on the arm; however, they also may be signaling friendship or attention. The multiple meanings associated with flirtatious cues contribute to frequent misunderstandings, particularly early in an interaction (Henningsen, 2004Koeppel, Montagne-Miller, O’Hair, & Cody, 1993).

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The reality is that women are very skilled when it comes lying to themselves and ignoring the obvious desires of their male friends. Cynics may argue that women are highly aware of these cues, but they ignore them out of fear of ruining their “backup plan.” This is where women keep a male friend⁠—who is otherwise not “good enough” for them to even consider romantically⁠—so that she can settle for less and simply marry him if she can’t find the man she actually wants. This practice is referred to as “monkey branching,” and some informal surveys suggest that a significant number of women take part in it:

A new, not-so-scientific survey of 1,000 married women conducted by the Daily Mail found that 50 percent have a “fall-back partner” should their current marriage take a turn for the worse.

A spokesman for — the online market research company who conducted the poll for the Daily Mail — said, “For our research to establish that 50 percent of women in relationships have a ‘Plan B’ is a worrying sign.”

To conclude with, a 2012 study showed that men reported a higher average level of attraction to their female friends than vice-versa, succinctly ending the debate over cross-sex friendships once and for all:

The findings from Study 1 highlight men’s greater physical-sexual attraction to their cross-sex friends relative to women’s, as well as men’s tendency to overestimate their friends’ attraction to them. These findings provide initial support for the overarching hypothesis that men’s and women’s perceptions of their cross-sex friends reflect the structure of men’s and women’s evolved mating strategies. We documented these effects using pairs of friends, so the higher level of attraction reported by young men cannot be a result of men’s responses being about a different “type” of friend compared to womenPerhaps the young women were less inclined than men were to admit attraction to a cross-sex friend, but our findings coincide with a variety of other studies that have documented sex differences in attraction toward friends (e.g., Kaplan & Keys, 1997).

There is no absolutely justification for your wife to have male friends or casual, friendly chats and meetings with other guys. Only an effeminate, honorless, ghayrah-less dayyuth would be fine with other guys developing feelings towards their wife and fantasizing about her.

Friendship with a member of the opposite sex is a clear and undeniable path towards fornication. I urge every Muslim, especially the youth, to completely abandon this dangerous practice that has been picked up from the disbelievers. Sacrificing your desires is not always easy, but do it for the sake of Allah and He will facilitate it for you and grant you immense rewards. Otherwise, it may ruin both your dunya and your akhirah; it may destroy your soul as well as your present or future marriage.

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Posted on 27 October 2022

A Concerned Sister lamenting the immorality which is being promoted under deeni guise right inside a Musjid in Cape Town, writes:

“What is this Sheikh? I have never in my life heard of ‘Pink Hijab Day’. When are we as Muslims going to start realizing that these miserable, crank ‘ulama’ and radio stations are tools of shaitaan taking us further and further away from the Deen. YA Allah! May Allah grant us all the ability and understanding to see falsehood as falsehood, and Haqq as Haqq, and keep us firm on Allah’s Deen, Ameen.

We show sympathy, love, respect and compassion for all the sick not just the cancer patients and support all of them equally. Now if I understand correctly, dua and moral support are what is mostly needed for the sick. Therefore, what is happening here in Cape Town with their Pink Hijab day is a mockery in the name of Cancer Patients and Deen. There will be a flee market with ladies like the one in the picture, not even properly dressed (but promote Pink Hijab) day. On the other hand as long as her pants and scarf is pink, it is considered proper…what a joke, making a mockery of themselves, and what a grave sin making a mockery of the Deen! Free intermingling of sexes! Again, all in the name of Cancer and under ‘deeni’ cover, only to mislead the next Muslim as others must see this as something good. May Allah save us from these evils and from these evil so-called ‘ulama’ Ameen.

May Allah Ta’ala send us righteous people who can help us to better ourselves in Deen and bring us closer to Allah Ta’ala and Allah’s Deen Ameen.

(End of the Sister’s Lament)

Worse than this ‘pink hijaab’ circus of the prostitutes, lesbians and homosexuals should be expected as the days roll by. We are living in the era in close proximity of Qiyaamah. Immorality, obscenity, acts of sexual aberration and much more unimaginable filth will be seen being perpetrated by pink and blue Rubbishes, all in the name of Islam and humanity. After all, in accordance with the Hadith the time still has to dawn for the ‘Muslim’ king to commit zina in public on the mimbar of the Jaami’ Musjid in Damascus.

Therefore, all the obscene filth such as the ‘pink hijab’ immoral rubbish of Rubbishes is setting the stage for the total desensitization of all Imaani inhibition to filth, immorality and obscenity. In this manner is shaitaan succeeding in rendering the worst kinds of sexual aberrations and immorality acceptable norms. People fornicating in public roads in full view of passing crowds will become a norm just as today semi-nude prostitutes prowling around are acceptable.

The Musaajid are being converted into temples for obscenity and immorality. This Quds mosque is being defiled with the filth of this ‘pink hijab’ immorality. This mosque is effectively becoming a temple which will cater for all types of haraam functions and satanism. Most certainly the La’nat of Allah Ta’ala will apprehend all these Rubbishes who are defiling the sanctity of the Musjid and making an obscene mockery of the Name of Islam by advertising their zina function as a ‘Muslim’ event and perpetrating it in the Musjid.

The rubbish ‘cancer screening’ by a gang of zindeeqs and munaafiqs is another stupid mockery which not only defiles the Musjid, but also exposes the vermiculated brains and the nifaaq of the gang. It is inconceivable that people who have true Imaan in their hearts would ever participate in the obscene shaitaaniyat of this immoral ‘pink’ so-called ‘hijab’ event. Every participant without exception is a munaafiq or a murtad. It is the very antithesis of Hijaab. These Rubbish Munaafiqeen are utterly bereft of the slightest iota of understanding of the meaning of Hijaab.

1 Rabiul Aakhir 1444 – 27 October 2022


A Response by The Millennial Muslimah
As a public figure who has genuine concern for my followers, it is my MORAL OBLIGATION to speak out against this scandalous abomination that has left our community shocked and disgusted. I didn’t feel the need to say anything previously as many had commented however, The sheer hypocrisy and blatant lies shared by her daughter who resorted to defamatory slander of our illustrious scholars on a public platform has convinced me that this is indeed necessary.
Let me begin by refreshing the memories and recalling what transpired in February 2020 when we exposed this vile woman for teaching courses which she was not trained to do by plagiarizing content from various energy healing modalities which are rooted in Kufr and Shirk!
She lures people with FALSE ADVERTISING by claiming her courses are in alignment with Islamic Aqeedah and that they have been checked and approved by respected Islamic scholars. She uses her role and title as an Islamic teacher to convince people of her adherence to and respect for Islamic principles and to lull them into a false sense of security, leading them to trust that the knowledge they gain from her is in adherence with Islam. This was PROVEN to be untrue repeatedly over the course of many years.
These modalities included “THE JOURNEY”
Having been trained in many of these modalities during my days of ignorance, I was able to recognize and identify exactly where these modalities were incorporated into her courses and how they were camouflaged. I drew parallel with my own course notes from these modalities. This information was sent to Ulema together with her modules which we received from ex students together with their testimony against her.
The claim of her daughter that ulema “don’t want to read her content” is a blatant lie in fact, just last month we sent out some copies of manuals as we received a query from ULEMA , we included notes adivising on the various pagan therapies. So the insinuation that ulema are just saying this because they are vindictive and petty and have nothing better to do with their lives so they unanimously decided to gang up on this one random person because she empowers women, is so ludacris its laughable!
Any conscientious Muslim who finds themself in opposition with numerous ulema bodies would be forced to pause and introspect, to really evaluate their behavior and life choices. Not respond with arrogance and get others to do their bidding by attacking anyone who speaks out. The daughter claims she doesn’t use her names on the books she publishes as Ulema have told her not to, but her name is on all her adverts and social media, she even has a website which is her name…
These ulema have publicly called on her to STOP her harmful courses which she blatantly refuses to do! Why the selective compliance? Could it be the hundreds of thousands of Rands that are at stake?
“Oh, but people benefit”
Even HELLO DARLINGS took scores of people on world class holidays, that doesn’t change the fact that it is A SCAM that fleeced people of MILLIONS!.
Unlike the daughter, this is not some naive little girl who is misguided, this is a qualified and highly experienced Apa who should know better. She has even set up her own online Islamic university and claims to be an “islamic professor” yet she has been called out time and time again to stop her practice as it is causing harm in the community.
Dozens of people came forward last time, women who had ruined their marriages by following her advice people who became suicidal , living in regret of ever getting involved and being robbed of their lifesavings. Women who sent in screenshots of people describing, in detail, their intimate relations with their husbands, this was shared on a watsapp group, for dozens others to see!
Men who admitted enjoying the attention of their wives at first but then spoke of a total personality change leading to their wives requiring professional help. Men desperately trying to save their wives from this coven for the sake of their kids.
Girls who were encouraged to question their faith and religion and were taken to interfaith gatherings! Reports of girls who lost their modesty and left the fold of Islam after attending her courses.
We assisted individuals with counseling, many requiring RUQYA to recover from their ordeals.
This woman charges thousands of Rands to do a course on JIHAD UN NAFS, using imam Ghazalis name in her advert. Now she advertises a raunchy course on seduction in an EXPLICITLY WORDED advert that is devoid on an iota of hayaa! A course that, in her own words, is all about sensual pleasure!
How does such obvious hypocrisy fly over the heads of her adoring fans?!
Almost as if they are mesmerized under a spell…
According to her daughter, it’s “just an advert, so it must be exciting “
NO ! That’s not OK! Actions have consequences that can’t just be explained away!
AS an apa does she not know the hadith of Nabi saw is very clear that hayaa (modesty) is a branch of faith. And if you have to lose your hayaa to hold on to your man, girl, your priorities are upside down! If this is what she as an apa is teaching students, and as a mother is teaching her daughter, we should all shudder in horror at the level of depravity we are witnessing!
You can NEVER rescue halal by indulging in Haraam
In an age where porn addiction is claiming families enmasse this behavior only fuels such momentum.
The advert is deliberately worded and Designed to entice while making women who don’t have what she claims to offer feel like they are missing out!
A “tutorial on how different movements affect sensations” an “almost step by step tutorial” to chase after physical pleasure? With her daughter in attendance? Nowhere in her advert does she claim its an “educational course for women with intimacy issues!” (As one student claimed) Even if it were, and 100% legit and halal (which clearly isn’t the case)
let alone charge money for doing so!
This “apa” has taken something that Allah ta ala has ordered to be concealed and portrayed it as a cheap, smutty circus show! 🎪 talk about red flags this is the whole carnival!
Having someone tap into your psyche to tweak it against your fitra, turning you into a dominatrix! Naoozubillah! I am convinced that these are nothing short of training camps for the army of Dajjal! We seek Allah’s Divine Protection!
There is NO “EMPOWERMENT” here!
This woman who took great offense to an article I wrote entitled “the dark side of life coaching” sending hateful comments in her groups about it, now feels that people speaking out against her immoral, dishonest, criminal behavior is unjustified! Oh, the irony!
The cultish onslaught by her droves of flying monkeys on individuals who reacted with shock and disgust at her public advert is inexcusable! Harassing people and resorting to cyber bullying to defend the head of their coven. Women who forked out tens of thousands of Rands, scrambling to save face and hold on to a shred of credibility! Makes you wonder at they type of training they have received since they clearly cannot keep a hold of their own emotions.
They did the same last time as well, painting her as a victim who was simply “misunderstood”. While behind my back they attempted to smear my name with slander and when that didn’t work they tried to silence me by threatening legal action!
She even had the nerve to send me a hate filled email bashing a very personal post where I explained how I found out that the modalities I had studied were rooted in paganism! the email was written in the third person and was clearly for the benefit of pacifying her minions, so I didn’t dignify it with a response. I will happily share this email should anyone choose to deny its existence and we can all marvel at the malicious vitriol that festers beneath the facade. May Allah protect us all.
We have been hearing about this “simple misunderstanding” with ulema for years
As we said then, we repeat now, I will gladly avail myself and my legal team, fly to jhb at my own expense if need be, to clarify on behalf of the concerned public any issues between this Apa and Ulema pending receipt of the following proof of her own claims which we have been waiting on for YEARS!

  1. The name of the Ulema who she claimed checked and approved her course material.
  2. Proof that she is qualified to teach the modalities she teaches.
  3. Proof that she is qualified to train people in the modalities she offers training.
    For those who choose to DEFEND her please provide these PROOFS BEFORE you attempt such. Without proof of the claims she herself made in her own words, she is nothing but a liar and a con artist who preys on the vulnerable and continues to scam people out if their hard earned cash. This is the opposite of empowerment! I will not entertain private messages in her defense as I’ve been down this road before and have no interest in talking to the “middle people” (She knows exactly where to find me)
    Anyone who was harmed or threatened, or requires legal assistance or counseling with regards to this particular individual, please contact me PRIVATELY we will attempt to assist in sha Allah
    You will be kept anonymous

Qalamul Haq

Fatema Loonat is a no Ego practioner and runs an abundance course, this she gained from new age philosophy of Brian brains and Deepak Chopra who didn’t believe in a formally religion.
She takes their philosophy which leads mankind to themselves and recognizing their own power (which stems from new age garbage of Man himself being God) she tries to cover it up with Islamic terms, this of course has disastrous consequences for one’s Imaan, this is why it has lead to immodesty and feminism.
We stated that we will provide evidence for her courses being gleaned from Kufr ideologies. So here we present some of it for you to look at.
We leave it to the reader to use Aql (intelligence and common sense) to decide if this is coincidence or if the Appa and the Kufaar who designed such courses provide the same teachings-teachings which are based in Kufr and steeped in Imaani danger.

the majlis


Worse than the worst kuffaar prostitutes, and worse than the worst lesbians is a so-called ‘aapa’ who has initiated the vilest, most disgusting school of prostitution for such prostitutes who masquerade as ‘muslims’. Her objective is to teach more effective arts of prostitution. The sexual filth she promotes is the worse form of immoral satanism unheard of even in kuffaar circles of prostitution, lesbianism and the like.

This vile she-devil is the type of woman mentioned in the Hadith, who will be hung up by her breasts naked in Jahannum. There is no worse agent of Iblees in the sphere of immorality than this miserable Rubbish Prostitute who masquerades as a Muslim. It is imperative for the Azaadville Ulama and the Azaadville community to drive this vile witch and abominable wretch of filth out of their town.

A Muslim woman who participates in the filthy shaitani programs of this Rubbish Prostitute/Lesbian loses her Imaan. This type of she-devil and those who join her rubbish class of immoral filth are fuel for Jahannam (Wuqoodun Naar). They were born for Jahannam. Not even Iblees is capable of the type of sexual filth which this Rubbish Prostitute is promoting.

May the La’nat of Allah Azza Wa Jal destroy this vile she-devil who is without the slightest vestige of doubt the worst and the vilest and the most immoral woman on earth. History has never witnessed such a vile creature whose brains and hearts are vermiculated with immorality and obscenity of the worst kind.

18 Rabiul Awwal 1444 – 15 October 2022

Pakistan’s Transgender Bill: How Liberalism Is Being Forced Onto Muslim Society

Ibn ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated: “The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) cursed the women who imitate men and the men who imitate women.” (Jami` at-Tirmidhi, 2784)

Pakistan is one of the Muslim countries that is currently undergoing the process of modernization. Despite this, Pakistani Muslims have proven to be very firm in their opposition to ideological attacks by shady and heavily funded liberal organizations. So much so in fact, that these degenerate forces have had to resort to extremely underhanded tactics in order to infiltrate our community.

And it is the recent controversy surrounding the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act in Pakistan that has been most effective in exposing these tactics.

There’s been a lot of confusion regarding this topic, with a number of people being completely unaware about what exactly is going on. In fact, all of this confusion has been generated by the very same shady groups which control mainstream media. They spread confusion with the express reason of keeping us distracted while they further their goals.

Since this is the case, let us first examine what the actual situation is:

The Senate will take up the Intersex Persons (Protection of Rights) (Amendment) Bill 2022, which aims to make changes in the existing Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2018, on Monday (September 26).

The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act [Download PDF] was drafted and passed four years ago, back in 2018. The bill included changes that are diametrically opposed to the teachings and values of Islam, in effect threatening to actually legalize homosexuality within the country (this will be discussed in more detail shortly). The bill was drafted by mysterious ‘international experts’ and was passed quite hastily by the National Assembly and Senate.

Curiously enough, not a single mainstream political party representative at the time had stood in opposition to this bill.

Most of the general public wasn’t even aware of any of this. That is, until this year when Islamic groups such as Jamat-e-Islami pointed out how dangerous it is. It had been protested against ever since its inception. However, recently Senator Mushtaq Ahmed of Jamat-e-Islami has formally filed for necessary amendments to this bill in order to keep it in line with Islam, and he even challenged it in the Federal Shariat Court (FSC). These amendments are known as the Intersex Persons (Protection of Rights) (Amendment) Bill 2022 and are yet to legally be passed into law. It is these proposed amendments that have SJWs and trans-activists screeching and seething in the streets of Pakistan.

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Several Muslim politicians are now condemning this bill, stating that they had previously been unaware of its implications. One such individual is Senator Mohsin Aziz, a representative for PTI:

During the Senate session today, Senator Mohsin Aziz voiced his reservations with the legislation, saying he was now regretting not opposing the bill when it was introduced and approved in 2018.

“There is a difference between transgender and intersex … we should beg pardon from Allah,” the senator said, adding that transgender persons are not eunuchs (khawaja sira).

Aziz said the amendment should be made to the law “as soon as possible”, warning “the more the delay, the greater the wrath of Allah”.

Transgender vs. Intersex

In order to introduce filth into a society that will not tolerate it (such as Muslims), liberal groups employ the use of ambiguity. They choose to take the path most shrouded in ignorance and confusion, and they use this to gradually manipulate societies into becoming more degenerate and godless.

In this specific case, they took advantage of the ambiguity surrounding the terms transgender and intersex. Several terms are used in Urdu to describe people with ambiguous sexual characteristics, such as Khunsa, Mukhannas, and Khwaja Sira. The latter (Khwaja Sira) was used during the Mughal era to denote castrated males (eunuchs) who would serve as guards. Today however, in Pakistan, it is used interchangeably to describe intersex and transgender people that are part of a mafia of beggars and prostitutes. It is this group that primarily makes up the body of trans/intersex people within the country. They can be witnessed in the streets of modern cities (such as Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi) where such Fahishah is relatively more common (albeit still far less common than anything observed in Western countries).

Now, you may have noticed my classing of ‘intersex’ and ‘transgender’ as being part of the same group, and this is precisely where the pre-existing problem lies.

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Intersex people are those who are born with ambiguous sexual genitals and characteristics, but can still be classified as being one specific gender. Their sex is officially assigned very early on depending on a number of factors.

Transgender people, however, are those who imitate the opposite sex, either due to mental illness or for money (through begging and prostitution mafias). This latter group is unfortunately quite rampant within Pakistan, and the problem is that the general public makes very little distinction between intersex and transgender.

If you download the PDF linked above, you can see that in Section 2 (n) of the original bill, a ‘Transgender Person’ has been defined as:

“Transgender Person” is a person who is :-

(i) Intersex (Khunsa) with mixture of male and female genital features or congenital ambiguities, or

(ii) Eunuch assigned male at birth, but undergoes genital excision or castration; or

(iii) a Transgender Man, Transgender Woman, Khawaja sira or any person whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from the social norms and cultural expectations based on the sex they were assigned at the time of their birth.

As you can see, these liberal powers have deviously placed intersex and transgender people, interchangeably, under the same umbrella. This is in order to manipulate sympathy towards those who were created by Allah in a certain way and twist it into sympathy for degenerates who imitate the opposite sex. And what does this accomplish?

Section 3 of the act states:

(1) A transgender person shall have a right to be recognized as per his or her self-perceived gender identity, as such, in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

(2) A person recognized as transgender under sub-section (1) shall have a right to get himself or herself registered as per self-perceived gender identity with all government departments including, but not limited to NADRA.

Thus, men and women can legally become recognized as being from the opposite gender!

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) is the branch of the Ministry of Interior which makes and provides people with their CNICs (Computerized National Identity Cards). In addition to ID cards, it goes on to also include the person’s driving license and even passport as subject to change. What this means is that if a man were to decide he wants to change his gender to female, he would legally have to be treated as a woman. And because of this, ‘she’ can now legally marry a man and not be considered a homosexual. And thus homosexuality becomes ‘legal’ in a Muslim country.

Homosexuality is explicitly illegal in Pakistan by law. Section 377 of the PPC (Pakistan Penal Code) states:

Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than two years nor more than ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.

Furthermore, Article 277 of the Pakistan Constitution states that:

1) All existing laws shall be brought in conformity with the Injunctions of Islam as laid down in the Holy Quran and Sunnah, in this Part referred to as the Injunctions of Islam, and no law shall be enacted which is repugnant to such injunctions.

It’s extremely strange that, despite these clear pre-existing laws which are diametrically opposed to it, the Transgender Act was still passed.

But that’s not all. It doesn’t simply stop at legalizing homosexuality. The Transgender Act goes on to state, under Section 4, that all forms of discrimination against transgenders is prohibited, and they must not face any form of ‘denial’ when it comes to employment, educational institutions, healthcare services, transport, etc. And then, under Section 5, it goes on to prohibit all forms of harassment as well. It seems like these trans people might now actually have more rights than regular citizens.

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While Section 3 legalizes homosexuality, Section 4 and 5 serve to make the situation significantly worse. Since they can’t be refused access to certain places based on their ‘self-perceived gender,’ they can enter places which are meant exclusively for the opposite gender. Due to this, there was a truly bizarre incident which occurred on August 23, 2020. A transwoman (biological man) applied for the job of a lecturer at an academic institution…under the female category. This meant that he would be in the midst of hundreds of women, both teachers and young students—inappropriately interacting with them; staring at them; and doing God knows what else, on a daily basis. These Muslim women would be made to bear this, day in, day out. Naturally, his application was rejected, but this trans used the Transgender Act to take the matter all the way to the Lahore High Court, where it came to be known as FAIZ ULLAH VS. P.P.S.C AND ORS, and unfortunately the following decision was made:

The counsels appearing for the respondents told the Court that they were ready to concede and allow the Petitioner to take part in the recruitment process under the Lecturer (Female) category. On this basis, the Court set aside the order that rejected the Petitioner’s application and held that she will be allowed to participate in the recruitment process.

I mean, what could they do? Dispute the law in court? Think about just how bad it could get if this act was utilized by degenerates to the full extent possible. Men would be able to enter female prayer areas, perform Wudu next to them, even go to female doctors and request check-ups.

What if a male convict claimed to be a transgender in order to be placed into a female prison? And by the way, this is something that has already occurred in the West.

Liberal and anti-Islamic outlets and politicians have rejected outright the notion that this act can be used as a loophole to legalize homosexuality:

Minister for Law Azam Nazeer Tarar on Thursday rejected criticism over the Transgender Persons (Protection of Right) Act, saying that “some friends” had created a misconception that the law had opened doors for homosexuality and was repugnant to Islamic injunctions.

But the sad reality is that this act has been already been utilized for this very reason, and the undeniable proof of this exists in the form of a legal homosexual marriage that took place in Taxila, Pakistan not too long ago. A female teacher named Asma Bibi groomed one of her students, Neha Ali, then legally switched her own gender to male and changed her name to Akash Ali on her CNIC, thus allowing her to ‘legally’ marry this student.

This lesbian marriage started trending on social media, upon which the father filed against it in Rawalpindi High Court. Subsequently, Akash Ali legally reverted to being female and disappeared.

It is shocking to even consider how this incident didn’t occur in a liberal country, but one where the majority of Muslims still strive to uphold Islamic and traditional values.

And this brings me to the silver lining. I was extremely happy to see the response of Muslims towards this degenerate law, both inside and outside Pakistan, both online and offline. Alhamdulillah, the Muslim youth especially took to defending Islam and condemning this Transgender Act very strongly. So, not only did this act expose how liberals use ambiguity to attack Islamic values, but it also brought to the fore the frustration within young Muslims against our enemies. The line between truth and falsehood has become vividly clear. The minority of Muslims in Pakistan who have been indoctrinated into adopting liberal secular values are just that: a minority, albeit a very vocal one and one that utilizes the online space very aggressively to further their ideologies.

And one of those online spaces is YouTube. Liberal Pakistani Youtubers have made it their mission to make liberalism look like the only saving grace for the ‘oppressive’ and ‘backwards’ Muslim lifestyle. They paint this picture of Islam being the reason behind all the problems that, in actuality, modernization has brought about. And of course they’re not brave enough to say it outright, otherwise Muslims would cancel them in a heartbeat. They simply insinuate it, deceptively sugarcoating their words. One of these Youtubers is Mooroo, who has a million subscribers at the time of this article being written. And, related to the subject of this article, he even had a trans on his podcast. But again, the video’s comment section reveals that Muslims are becoming more and more aware of these ideological attacks, and they won’t be tricked into accepting such values. Many of the comments rightfully call out the filth and degeneracy in the video. This often happens, where liberal groups strongly underestimate just how much degeneracy they can smuggle into Muslim societies without suffering severe backlash.

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But when it comes to the Transgender Act, it simply boggles the mind as to how a Muslim government can cater and provide protection to a group of people that have been expressly cursed by our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ himself. Muslims should continue speaking against it and protesting. I would even go as far as to say we should vocalize our concerns even more aggressively now and not allow a single iota of ground to be further lost, lest our society further sinks to new lows.

May Allah protect us from such a fate and grant us victory over our manifest enemies. Amin.



Masturbation is akin to the shaitaan’s practice of self-gratification which for him is natural, but absolutely and horribly unnatural, obscene and harmful, spiritually and physically for human beings. The following is narrated in the Hadith:
“Allah Ta’ala has created a penis in the right thigh of Iblees and a vagina in his left thigh. In this manner does he gratify his lust. Then every day ten eggs emerge (from Iblees). From each egg seventy male and female shayaateen are born.

Those humans who indulge in self-gratification by way of the obscenity of masturbation should reflect on the Satanism they are emulating from Iblees. The indulger in this vile sin of masturbation is worse than Iblees. Self-gratification of lust is natural for Iblees since Allah Ta’ala has created him with the two organs, but for Insaan it is unnatural and satanic. On the Day of Qiyaamah, the masturbators will rise with their hands pregnant. They will be thoroughly disgraced in the multitudes of people.


Muslim Parents Beware: The Epidemic of Perverted Sex Educators in UK Schools

By Crypto Cranium -July 20, 2022 FOR MUSLIM SKEPTIC

One of the things the West prides itself on is the education it provides to children through schooling. It markets itself to the East as the “Enlightened Half of the World,” which unfortunately persuades many Muslim parents to relocate there so that their own children can receive this “superior” education and have a “bright future.”

Well, now those very same children are being corrupted in the UK with “education” so vile that even some hardcore liberals would be shocked:

Providers of sex education in schools are teaching children that prostitution is a “rewarding job” and failed to advise a 14-year-old girl having sex with a 16-year-old boy that it was illegal.

Outside organisations teaching children about sex also promote “kinks” such as being locked in a cage, flogged, caned, beaten and slapped in the face, The Times has found.

One organisation encouraged pupils to demonstrate where they like to touch themselves sexually, in a practise criticised as “sex abuse” by campaigners.

This is absolutely absurd. Muslims shouldn’t even be comfortable with their young ones being subjected to regular primary school sex education, but this is an entirely different level of depravity.

It’s also absurd just how hypocritical they can be with what they’re willing to teach children versus what they can’t tolerate about Islam.

“Minor marriage” for example—where a proper marriage contract is made between a man and a woman as mediated by her family; where the man has to provide for and protect the woman; where they both develop a mutual loving relationship; where there is intimacy between the two who have hit puberty—is absolutely intolerable in their minds. Yet it’s completely fine to tell an impressionable 14-year-old girl that selling her body like a piece of meat on the internet to countless strange and perverted men is a “rewarding” job? What?!

Muslim parents even lightly disciplining their child is seen as the epitome of abuse – one for which social services needs to be called on them. But teaching kids about sexual arousal through acts of flogging and being beaten and slapped in the face is A-okay?

“Minor marriage,” polygamy, circumcision, preserving chastity and honor, protecting women, and lowering one’s gaze are ALL intolerable acts of extremism, while encouraging little kids to role-play masturbation in front of perverted pedophilic “educators” is absolutely fine and dandy?

Liberalism is truly where rationality comes to die.

These twisted “teachers” are permitted to teach children about degeneracy rather than being arrested on the school premises. At least they’re qualified in the field of child development for example—right?

Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) became compulsory in English secondary schools in 2020, with many contracting out the teaching. Since then an industry has sprung up of providers who produce resources and go into schools to teach sex education and gender issues.

Staff do not need education or child development qualifications and there is no professional register or regulation of their curriculum.

In short, not only are these teachers perverts and potentially pedophiles, they’re perverted pedophiles who are totally unqualified and untrained in anything. And they’ve been given a free pass to not merely enter the same classroom as young innocent children, but to actively traumatize them with filth.

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And the money paid to schools by parents makes its way into the pockets of these unqualified “sex experts.” It’s actually become a booming business. Instead of individual teachers, there are now entire organisations dedicated to outsourcing perverts to children’s classrooms. One of these outright evil organisations is BISH, headed by Justin Hancock – the very same sick person who recommended that a 14-year old girl continues having pre-marital sex with a 16-year old boy (I have no idea where their age of consent values went) while advising her to “use lubricant during anal sex.” And this group makes mega-bank while corrupting children:

A full day of teaching costs £500 a day for local authority schools, £550 for academy schools and £600 for fee-paying schools.

The material they have on this site is shocking to say the least, considering that they’re then responsible for teaching this same stuff to children in schools. For example, there’s an entire article detailing the act of “rough sex” and includes things like slapping, gripping, hair pulling, gagging, and choking—oh sorry, they later corrected the terminology to its proper usage: strangling. What eight-year old doesn’t need to know about these important topics, am I right? There’s another article explaining what kink is and how it’s really fun and enjoyable to restrain, humiliate, and once again, choke your partner (these sickos seem really obsessed with making children strangle each other).

In one article, they explain how the normal way humans have intercourse, i.e., where the man inserts his penis into the vagina of a woman, is just a social construct which was imposed onto the Western world by Catholics. They go as far as saying that every bizarre and unnatural sexual act, like homosexuality, is just as “normal” as natural intercourse. Other insane articles include solo sex, dry humping, and a detailed guide on how to masturbate. The amount of vulgarity in that one is off the charts. Something like this is being taught to little kids at school? They’ve even advocated for the use of clay models out of which kids can shape genitals and practice “touching” them.

According to the Safe Schools Alliance this comes under child sexual abuse. So, even by their own standards they’re going too far.

This raises the question, just who had the power and authority to be able to grant this unlimited access to children to these sick individuals? And the answer is none other than the UK’s own Department for Education:

The Department for Education is introducing compulsory Relationships Education for primary pupils and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) for secondary pupils from September 2020. Also, from September 2020 it will be compulsory for all schools to teach Health Education.

Just like every other sick liberal agenda, they veil their true motives about subjecting young innocent minds to traumatizing filth by using vague and ambiguous flavorful phrases like “put in place the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships of all kinds” and even outright lies like how it’s all going to be about teaching kindness towards friends and family. No mention of kinks, masturbation, or unqualified perverts.

If there’s anything these twisted minds are good at, it’s coming up with clean cookie language to wrap their filth in and sell it to unsuspecting parents. And, as is unfortunately the case here, many parents end up falling for this schlock.

One thing they don’t fail to mention though is the rights of the parents to have their kids withdrawn from this satanic program. And as you may have guessed, they don’t have any! Yep, the very father who provides for and protects and the very mother who loves and nurtures the child have no say in whether or not that child gets to learn about sex from society’s most depraved individuals. Oh, but they can file a request for withdrawal. A complaint’s got to count for something, right? Not that the school will ever accept it, but at least they CAN file it. Come on, let’s give credit where credit’s due. Let’s all applaud the Department for Education for giving despicable degenerates more rights over a child than their own parents. They can force children to learn how to masturbate, and all the parent is allowed to do is complain about it. Bravo!

In all honesty though, do you really believe that this tyrannical system would provide even this much leeway to the parents? Here’s a case study that was shared in the same article as above from The Times:

A mother was reported to social services after she objected to the way her children were being taught about sex an gender at school…

She was summoned to a meeting with social workers, an educational adviser and the member of school staff who had alerted the authorities. I was decided that a social worker would speak to the mother. The social worker summarised that they, along with other social workers, held “no concerns” relating to the mother’s care of the children and that no further action was required.

Wow. A mother rightfully voices her concern to the school that she or her husband (if she has one) is paying for, seeking a better future for her children (six of them in fact, which is a lot of money going the school’s way), and in return she is threatened with having her kids taken away from her. Because let’s be honest, social services acts as little more than a pimp to these kinds of state-mandated educational programs. In the face of concerned parents, the cowardly school staff will not hesitate for even a moment before scurrying off and reporting them to their savior: social services.

The Department for Education has nicely arranged all this information, including the “innumerable” rights of the parent with regard to this compulsory course, in a parents’ guide pamphlet. But what’s strange is that apart from English, this guide is also available in three other very specific languages: Arabic, Somalian, and Urdu. Now I may be mistaken, but isn’t there a certain specific religion that is followed by the majority of the people who speak these languages?

It’s foolish to think that targeting Muslim majority demographics like this is a mere coincidence. And there’s a myriad of examples of this kind of targeted propaganda towards Muslims in the Western world. Just think of the recent debacle with that Canadian university’s poster depicting two Hijabi Muslims kissing. To all the Muslim parents reading this; this is as clear-cut as anti-Muslim agendas get. They know how pure and principled Islam is, and so they know that it will be Muslims parents who will be the strongest opposition to this Fahishah-infused nonsense. They know that it will be Muslim parents with traditional Islamic values that will be the staunchest in protecting their children from this utterly perverted garbage which they want to indoctrinate every kid into, and thus it is Muslims and Islam that they target the most and they do so relentlessly.

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In fact, the FAQ site itself actually mentions that they take into account the background and faith of the children, and that they have even worked with “a number of representative bodies and faith organisations, representing all the major faith groups in England.” So they even have liberal so-called “Muslim” organisations advocating for their filthy agenda. In fact, AMS UK (Association of Muslim Schools UK) blatantly advertises this sinful RSE garbage on the homepage of their website. This should also be a good warning for Muslims against “Islamic” organisations that advocate for liberal values. Look at how they market it nicely under the “Interfaith” banner, boasting about how they’ve worked with all the major faith groups. Yeah, that only means liberalized and secularized faith groups which are barely recognizable any more due to retaining nothing from those actual faiths. Only those obedient puppets get to receive the stamp of approval from their overlords; “accrediting” them.

The UK’s government itself has invested a lot into this project (same Times article):

In 2019 the government announced that schools would be given access to a £6 million RSE training and support packages so that teachers in England could provide new classes on issues such as healthy relationships, safe sex and consent. Last month the website Vice reported that only £3.2 million had been taken up by schools.

What Muslim parents need to realize is that by keeping their children in these schools very little remains in terms of viable solutions. Just how much can they shield and protect them? Telling them what’s right and wrong is beneficial, but they need to remember that these are children: children who are in their formative years where their brains are still developing. This is the point in their lives when their foundation is cemented and when they’re likely to be inculcated with the values that they will internalize for the rest of their lives. This is also the point when they’re most naturally in-line with their Fitrah in its purest state, unadulterated. Just think how much their natural disposition would be corrupted by being exposed to such filth at the hands of such vile degenerates. Once exposed to it, this is something that you simply cannot protect them from via mere information of what is right and what is wrong. This is something that will severely traumatize them, scarring their souls and leaving them mentally dysfunctional for life. The best solution is to simply ensure that they are not exposed to any of it. And when it comes to schools and governments which have mandated such filth, the only real solution is to not send your kids to school at all.

Rather, Muslim parents, in fact all parents that truly care at all about protecting their children, need to start homeschooling them. We need to remove this socially engineered idea that “children must go to schools” from our minds. That isn’t the only way, or even the best way that your child will learn. There are better ways than to send your kid, who can only concentrate for about thirty minutes, off to a place where they’re expected to sit and focus for eight hours straight, learning nothing about Islam and everything about how good secularism is, being instilled with liberal values and being drained of both their Iman and the desire to learn. Where they are engineered to be good little government puppets whose only lot in life is to cheer on gays and trannies and be robotic corporate drones. And to top it all off, every so often some sick pervert will come and teach your child to masturbate.

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Instead we need to opt for teaching them at home, where they learn under those who know them best: their parents. Where they can be taught Islamic values and be warned against all the evils within the world. At home they can be properly introduced to sex-related topics at the right time and from the right people, and they can learn about it via the Islamic lens. Even biologically speaking, children are meant to imprint off of their parents. How can they do that if they’re locked inside a classroom with a pedophile for most of the day? Parents who willingly send their kids off to a place like this shouldn’t be surprised if one day their six-year old returns home naked with a whip in one hand and a studded dog collar around the neck. After all, it was just a regular project from the school for the All-Inclusive Celebration Day. Nothing out of the ordinary. Don’t you know they NEED to learn about healthy relationships? IT’S COMPULSORY!

Despite using terms like “family” and “faith,” this RSE program has set with the purpose of destroying those very things within society by corrupting our children. If you’re considering or deciding on homeschooling your children but don’t know where to start, then a great place that I would personally highly recommend checking out is Alasna Institute. May Allah grant us the ability to protect our children from the ever-growing, tyrannical and intolerant Fitnah of liberalism. Amin.




And why will it not be so? Imaam Ghazaali (Rahmatullah alayh) said that when a man becomes emotionally involved with a woman then 80% of his brain cells become inoperative.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) expressed surprise for the ability of Naaqisaatul Aql (women of deficient intelligence) of overwhelming the brains of males who are supposed to have kaamil aql (perfect intelligence relative to the female’s deficient intelligence).

A father of a girl who attend the Madrasah of a Mufti, complains:

“Assaamualaikmum hope Mufti Saaheb is well, I am writing this message to you because it seems that communities only take practical steps to solve issues when the issue becomes exposed to the public.

Mufti Reverend Kalb Gupta is the principal of a Madrasah. Senior members of the community have now become aware that the Madrasah has been registered under his and his wife’s name as a business and they have been collecting funds duping the public into believing that its an NGO.

He has performed Janaza upon the absent on few occasions as well despite being a Hanafi

Worse than this, is that he has been caught numerous times trying to lure women into becoming his second wife. He was dismissed from another Madrasah due to this very reason. This has been verified and the asaatidha of the Madrasah may be contacted for further verification.

After being dismissed he opened up his own Madrasah and eventually made a girl’s Madrasah that is attached to and part of the boys Madrasah.

Last year he had received a hiding from the parents of a girl that he proposed to from the Madrasah due to directly engaging the girl. He promised to step down as principal, but when the issue died down he carried on as if nothing happened. Currently again he was caught luring/seducing a female student. The parent wrote out a complaint, yet again all he promises is that the girls section will now only be dealt with by females. He says that the issue has been resolved amicably when probed. But this is a lie.

I will also send the complaint of the parent in the next email, Insha-Allah. Could mufti Saaheb please speak about this so that he may be stopped from running at least the girls Madrasah. JazakAllah”

(End of letter)

Both the mufti and the parents are blameworthy for this evil, immoral and haram episodes which occur at all similar institutions. Where there is contact between girls and male ustaadhs, there is almost 100% certitude for zina shenangigans. There is also haraam contact between male ustaadhs and the Apas. It is an inflammable, highly combustible, shaitaani scenario.

It is haraam to have Madrasahs where girls have to interact with male ustaadhs. These ustaadhs at such institutions dwell in self-deception or deliberately imposed self-deception that they will be safe from zina shenanigans. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has warned: “Women are the snares of shaitaan.”

In the light of the Qur’aan and Hadith how is it ever possible for male ustaadhs to repose confidence on the nafs and to dwell in the deception of remaining pure in mind, heart and limb when they are daily in contact with females? The cases of sexual misdeamenour occurring in these types of institutions are numerous.

One Ustaadh quite honestly said that he becomes emotionally (i.e. sexually) stirred even looking at the dainty shoes/slippers of the girls outside the classroom. That is why the Fuqaha have decreed that it is not permissible to even look at the garments of a specific female nor should a man drink from a glass if he is aware that a woman had used the glass. Everything has an athr (effect).

Most of the shaitaaniyat is swept under the carpet and the rot is perpetuated. The sweeping under the carpet and the total abstention from solving the evil in terms of the Shariah are the effects of fear for society: What will the people say if the filth of the molvis is exposed? They do not fear Allah Ta’ala. In this regard, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“They conceal from the people while they do not conceal from Allah while He is with them when they plan their talks (shenanigans) during the night time.”

The molvis operating these girls madrasahs as well as the community are all culpable and blameworthy for the rotten shenanigans being enacted in institutions where the Qur’aan Majeed is being taught. While in the first instance, girls madrasahs are an aberration and should never be established, the situation is aggravated manifold by the presence of male ustaadhs on the same premises.

Then, there is further aggravation of the immoral state of the madrasahs when the rascal principal and the rascal male teachers sit in meetings with the Apas. All of them collectively become scoundrels. They plaster their immoral villainy with a veneer of ‘deen’. They delude the moron parents with deeni appearances. The stupid parents labour under the impression that since the Qur’aan Majeed is being taught and since there is ‘purdah’ being observed, everything is fine, above board and pious. But all of this outward display of Deen and piety does not deter the bestiality of the perpetrators. Allah Ta’ala is furthest from their minds when the nafs asserts its bestial demands for sexual gratification. They become like atheists, totally oblivious of the Ever Presence of Allah Azza Wa Jal and of the Recording Malaaikah standing at their sides.

Males must be incumbently banned from setting foot in a venue where there are females. The principal must be a female. Male ustaadhs must never be allowed to interact with the Apas under Ta’leemi guise. Such interaction is satanic and bestial shenanigans. The niqaabs which the Apas don are red herrings to detract attention from the reality of their haraam interaction with the male teachers. It is the Waajib obligation of the community whose daughters are attending a madrasah to ensure that male ustaadhs do not venture near to the madrasah.

16 Zul Hijjah 1443 – 16 July 2022




A Haafiz recently eloped with a girl with whom he was conducting an illicit/zina relationship for about two years. They forged the haraam relationship at school. There is no gainsaying in the fact that they had indulged in zina multiple times.

They further regularly exchanged lurid, pornographic whatsapp messages of filth and zina. The wording used by the haafiz is absolutely appalling, disgusting and nauseous. This obscenity and zina continued for about two years. The parents of the boy and girl were fully aware of the zina relationship, but did nothing or could do nothing to terminate the relationship.

Ultimately, when the two were drowning in their cesspool of fornication and porn, they realized that the filth had to end, and the only way was for them to get married. However, the parents of the girl were dead against marriage. The zina relationship was tolerable, but not the Nikah solution.

When the girl’s parents resolutely refused to allow Nikah, the boy and girl eloped and had their Nikah performed privately by a Maulana. Was the Nikah valid without the consent of the father?

The girl’s father is now accusing the Maulana who had performed the Nikah of ruining the life of his daughter. The father and the family of the girl want the Nikah to be annulled. Are their valid grounds for annulling this Nikah? Did the Maulana act correctly by having performed the Nikah despite being aware of the opposition of the parents? Please comment on this issue in the light of the Shariah. There are many similar cases. Haraam zina relationships are struck up in schools and universities. Parents almost always turn a blind eye on these relationships. In the interests of secular education, parents quietly accept the zina relationship to continue. But when the couple seeks to terminate the Haraam relationship with Nikah, all hell breaks loose and the parents of the girl will be up in arms, leaving no stone unturned in the endeavor to prevent the Nikah.

What is the verdict of the Shariah for the participants in this type of saga?


The primary rascals and swines in these kinds of zina relationships are the parents. The actual fornicators are secondary in line of damnation. The parents had paved the way of Jahannam for their children by casting them into these ‘educational’ brothels. They should now not bite their fingers and lament when their children have sunk deep into Hell with their zina addiction.

These parents, if they still have any semblance of Imaan, should understand that every act of zina – the zina of the eyes, zina of the ears, zina of the tongue, zina of the hands, zina of the mind, zina of the heart, and the ultimate physical act of fornication – is loaded on to them. Since they had prepared the groundwork for zina for their children, and furthermore, aided and abetted them in the perpetration of innumerable acts of zina over an extended period of years by virtue of their condonation and abstention from instituting drastic measure to terminate the haraam relationship, they will be held fully liable in the Hereafter for the deluge of sin and immorality of their children.

These miserable unfortunate parents, born to be bad, had sent their children to be educated in the school brothel for years. The chimera of secular education dangling in front of them overwhelmed their brains which are denuded of Imaan, and had constrained them to set aside the demands of Imaan and the commands of the Shariah. Thus, they gave preference to secular-kufr education over the imperative requisite of guarding the Imaan and Akhlaaq of their children.

Since kufr education had a greater appeal for the parents than the objectives of Imaan and the Shariah, the two-year period of zina of their children was tolerable and acceptable. But when the boy and girl were sick and felt rotten on account of their zina diseases and desired to submit to the remedy and solution, that is perform Nikah, the satanic parents of the girl, dancing to the tune of Iblees and submitting to the dictates of the nafs, went overboard the cliff of Imaani destruction to prevent Nikah.

They cared not for the perpetuation of zina by their daughter. But they raised a hue and cry and even sought ‘Deeni’ protection in their inordinate, unintelligent and unreasonable attempt to block the performance of the Nikah which is the sacred bond which effaces the past sins if accompanied by Taubah.

Now suddenly they run to the Shariah claiming that their daughter married without parental consent. These swines should understand that they had long ago forfeited their Shar’i rights of which the Shariah had made them the repositories. But the sacred rights granted to the parents were eliminated by the fact of sending their daughter to the school of ZINA. What did they expect of their daughter whom they had cast among the wolves of zina? Did they hallucinate that their daughter will emerge from the portals of the zina hell as a waliah – a saintly lady? Indeed Iblees had urinated on the brains of these miserable parents who had converted their daughter into a vile slut.

Often the parents of the girl trapped in this type of zina situation seek to shift the blame 100% on the male culprit while both are equally culpable. The Qur’aan does not absolve any of the zina participants. In fact, the Qur’aan calls first for the punishment to be meted out to the girl, hence Allah Ta’ala says:

“The zaaniyah (the female fornicator) and the zaani (the male fornicator), flog them…”

In the case of theft, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“The saariq (male thief) and the saariqah (female thief), cut off their hands…”

Note the difference in the Qur’aanic address and acquittal of the Divine Command. Since the female is the greater culprit due to wrecking her Imaani haya, the punishment for zina is announced firstly for her then for the male. On the other hand, in the scenario of theft, the punishment is announced first for the male then the female.

The girl’s parents should not lament and not seek to minimize the immorality and villainy of their daughter by shifting the entire blame on the boy. Both are equally liable for their zina.

All parents who find themselves in this type of situation which they had crafted with their own hands should understand the following masaa-il of the Shariah:

(1) Zina is tantamount to the destruction of Imaan while Nikah is Half of Imaan.

(2) In the scenario of zina which parents create for their children, the latter have every right to proceed with Nikah regardless of the denial of parental consent.

(3) By having dumped his daughter into the cauldron of zina, the father has LOST his Wilaayat over her. As such, she may proceed to have her Nikah performed even if he denies consent. His consent is no longer required. It is a mere imaginary figment which if forthcoming will be a mere ceremonial measure to save a vestige of the ruined respect and honour of the parents.

(4) The girl’s father in a saga of this type loses his right of Wilaayat. Since he is a faasiq and faajir, he is not an appropriate mahram for her. A man who has the Ibleesi guts of tolerating the prolonged and multiple acts of fornication of his daughter for the sake of kufr education is classified a khinzeer. That is why he can tolerate zina, but not Nikah.

The parents of this girl are now shedding wasteful tears. They are more concerned with their image in society. If they had any concern for their daughter, never would they have allowed her to take up ‘employment’ in a brothel. Secular schools are dens of vice and immorality.

The parents of the boy too are equally guilty for the development of the zina saga in which their son has become ensnared by Iblees. It is absolutely haraam to refer to this boy with the title ‘Haafiz’. It is an insult to the Qur’aan Majeed. Never is it possible for one who indulges in prolonged and multiple acts of zina to be a Haafiz of the Qur’aan Majeed. How is it possible for a true Haafiz to send below gutter-level vulgarities and porno words of disgust to a female? The Qur’aan curses such a person who indulges in vice and immorality despite having memorized the Qur’aan. In brief, the parents, the girl and the boy in this saga are khanaazeer. Nevertheless, sincere Taubah will efface their khinzeeriyat and shaitaaniyat.


It is firstly essential to understand that pursuing worldly/mundane education in schools and universities is absolutely HARAAM. There is no scope for permissibility.

If due to misfortune and nafsaaniyat a boy and girl attending these dens of vice and shaitaaniyat at the behest of their evil parents become entrapped in an illicit relationship, they should immediately terminate it. They should fear the Blazing Fire of Jahannam. They should understand that Allah Azza Wa Jal is looking at them and the Two Recording Angels are at their side 24 hours.

If, due to their khinzeeriyat they refuse to terminate the illicit zina relationship, they should then immediately enter into the fortress of Nikah to save themselves from the Wrath and Curse of Allah Azza Wa Jal and from the disastrous consequences of zina – consequences in this dunya and in the Aakhirah.

In such a scenario if the girl’s parents refuse consent, the boy and girl should proceed to extricate themselves from the filth by performing Nikah even without the consent of the girl’s parents. They should not arrange a clandestine Nikah. Remember that zina is a secret affair while Nikah is a public institution.

If they are unable to find a responsible person to perform the Nikah, they should perform their own Nikah.

The performance of Nikah is quite simple in Islam. The validity of Nikah requires only the following factors:

(1) The Ijaab (Proposal). The Ijaab may be by either the boy or girl. The girl should say: “I accept you as my husband in Nikah.”

(2) The Qubool (Acceptance). In response to the Proposal, the boy should say: “I have accepted you as my wife in Nikah.”

(3) Two Witnesses. It is imperative to have two Muslim male witnesses to witness the utterances of Ijaab and Qubool.

Both the Ijaab and Qubool MUST be sufficiently audible for both Witnesses to hear. Once the aforementioned three ingredients have been fulfilled, the Nikah is VALID.

The validity of the Nikah is not reliant on the Khutbah and Mahr. However, for observance of the Sunnah and for barakat, any one present may recite the Khutbah prior to the Ijaab and Qubool. The Mahr should preferably be arranged prior to the Nikah. Payment may be deferred for a future date.


The couple getting married should understand that the aforementioned method of Nikah is not a temporary stratagem for legalizing their zina conduct. It is a real Nikah contract which has permanent effect. It is not a temporary halaalization of zina as is the mu’tah practice of the Shiahs. If the intention is for the nikah to be a temporary measure, it will then be tantamount to Shi’i mu’tah which is haraam, and not valid.


A Mahram for a woman is a male with whom marriage is permanently not permissible and not valid, e.g. father, son, uncle. If a mahram is a faasiq-faajir, then he will not be a valid mahram for a woman on a journey nor should she be in privacy with him. Thus, a woman may not go alone on a journey with her father or uncle if they are faasiq-faajir. Fisq and Fujoor defeat the objective of mahramiyyat.

It is the obligation to the mahram to protect the haya and honour of the female whose guardian he happens to be. This objective is not achieved if the mahram is a faasq-faajir.


Q. Can this nikah be annulled?
A. There are no grounds for annulment. The Nikah is valid.

Q. The father says that the Maulana has ruined his daughter with the Nikah. Is he correct?
A. On the contrary, this miserable, faasiq, faajir father has ruined the life of his daughter by having paved the path of Jahannam for her. He condoned all her zina practices and shenanigans.

Q. Did the Moulana act correctly within the confines of the Shariah by performing the nikah without the consent of the father?
A. The Maulana acted 100% in conformity with the Shariah. He assisted the extrication of the couple from the trap of zina which the parents had created for them.

Q. What is the verdict of the Shariah?
A. The Nikah is valid. The parents must resort to Taubah and so should the girl and boy. The father has lost his Wilaayat over his daughter.

11 Zul Hujj 1443 – 11 July 2022


A Sister writes: “Someone is sending out a message saying that the incident which occurred at the Musgrave Musjid is fake, thus giving the impression that the article has been retracted by The Majlis. Please comment and clarify.”


Brains are not required to understand that some fitnah-spreader who could be acting at the behest of the Musjid trustees or who is a supporter of prostitutes attending the Musaajid, is desperately trying to create the stupid impression you have mentioned.

It is not difficult to understand that the impression is in fact false and utterly baseless. Regarding the incident of zina which germinated from the Musgrave Musjid, only the two culprits, Allah Ta’ala and the Two Recording Angels are aware. Hence, only the one who had informed us can say if his narrative was false. There is no one else who can tender such a claim because whoever makes this mischievous claim has absolutely no awareness of what had transpired.

Whoever claims that the letter is fake and false should produce his evidence. The Majlis has NOT retracted the letter. The incident is an eye-opener for all the RUBBISHES who promote female emergence into the public domain, especially to the Musaajid. Those who seek to abrogate any Decree of the Shariah are Murtadd or Munaafiq or Zindeeq. They are not Muslims.

It is Haraam for women to attend the Musaajid for Salaat. The Prohibition is aggravated if they attend the Musjid to listen to the talks of misguided molvis.

10 Shawwaal 1443 – 12 May 2022