The following is the response of a Student of Deen responding to the view of a bogus ‘mufassir’ pertaining to beating wives:

Someone recently sent me a clip of Nouman Ali Khan – a popular “Mufassir” and Arabic teacher. In the clip, he relates a Hadith saying, “Do not hit the female slaves of Allah”, and proceeds to emphasise how hitting is “abuse” and completely forbidden.

I have attached the audio with this email.

I checked for the narration he is citing and found that he had committed blatant deception by omitting the rest of the narration. In summary, he omits the following crucially relevant parts of the particular narration he is citing:

1) After Rasulullah ﷺ initially forbade hitting, the women went out of control. They became emboldened and started behaving badly with their husbands

2) When Umar (radiyallahu anhu) complained of this to Rasulullah ﷺ, he gave permission to the Sahabah (radiyallahu anhum) to hit their wives by saying “Hit them”.

3) After the Sahabah (radhiyallahu anhum) then dealt with their wives’ misbehaviour by hitting them, many of the women went to complain to Rasulullah ﷺ

4) Rasulullah ﷺ did not then reinstate the prohibition. He only encouraged them not to, by saying that those who hit are not the best.

Furthermore, he omits to mention that the permission is upheld by numerous other authentic Hadith and, most importantly and undeniably, the verse of the Qur’an.

 (End of the Student’s Response)


The purpose of this rebuttal of the baseless view of the bogus ‘mufassir’ is not to encourage beating women, especially in this era when marriages are regarded as some sport to be broken and ruined on the basis of flimsy and haraam pretexts.

The need for refuting the bogus ‘mufassir’ is to assert the Truth by rejecting the falsehood which the crank propagates to appease modern women who are contaminated with lesbian tendencies.

While it is undeniable that it is not permissible to beat wives for gratifying one’s anger and the nafs, just as it is not permissible to beat children for such nafsaani reasons, the Qur’aanic fact is that it is permissible to beat them lightly when there is valid reason. Anyone who denies this Qur’aanic command loses his Imaan.

Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Men are the rulers over women……….Regarding those women whose disobedience you fear, advise them (give them naseehat),  separate then from (your) beds, and beat them. Then if they obey you, do not then commit excess on them. Verily, Allah is Most High, The Greatest.” (An-Nisaa’, Aayat 34)

The ‘beating’ permitted by the Qur’aan is explained in the Hadith as light beating and as a last resort. No one encourages beating wives. But to deny the validity of this Qur’aanic command is KUFR –kufr which expels one from the fold of Islam.

4 Zul Qa’dah 1444 – 25 May 2023


Posted on Wed 24 May 2023


Allah Ta‟ala, commanding females to remain indoors at home says in the Qur‟aan Majeed:

“And, remain glued in your homes, and do not make a display of yourselves as the exhibition of the former times of Jaahiliyyah’

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Woman is Aurah (an object of concealment).

When she emerges, shaitaan lies in ambush for her.”

Every decent Muslim – Muslim who has not bartered away his/her Imaan – understands well the command and the imperative need for girls to be taught Hijaab (Purdah) from a very young age. Hijaab is not restricted to a cloak. The very first imperative demand of Hijaab is for females to remain indoors at home.

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Pertaining to secular education for girls, Mufti Taqi Usmani proffered the following advice to the Taliban of Afghanistan:

“Currently, the issue of education for girls is of great importance. The enemies have made this issue a propaganda campaign against Imaarat-e-Islaamiyah (i.e. the Afghanistan Taliban government). Alhamdulillah, we appreciate the wise steps which Imaarat-e-Islaamiyah has hitherto instituted. However, in our opinion it is of utmost importance to make arrangements for the education of girls within the limits of the Shariah.

Firstly, this is important because of female masaa-il (issues), and for education and prosperity, educated females are an imperative need for the country so that the fitnah of intermingling of men and women could be ended.

Secondly, it is necessary to rebut the baseless impression that Islam or Imaarate-e-Islaamiyah is anti-female.

For the education of girls, separate facilities should be arranged. I have heard that separate facilities for the education of girls and boys are not available (in Afghanistan). However, its solution is to teach boys and girls in the same building but at different times. Or, the teaching may be in the same building but in separate sections. Such plans could be instituted by mutual co-operation Insha-Allah.

(End of Mufti Taqi’s advice to the Taliban)

The advice of Mufti Taqi is pure bunkum. It displays his lack of understanding of the Deen as well as of the situation in Afghanistan. His advice regarding separate times of teaching in the same building or teaching during the same time in separate sections of the same building, is indeed puerile, insipid and stupid. With this ludicrous advice, Mufti Taqi has made himself ludicrous. His advice is devoid of Islamic substance.

The advice of Mufti Taqi is the effect of his mental inferiority. His advice is for the Taliban to take heed of the stupid propaganda of the western kuffaar by reacting in ways which are in total conflict with the Shariah. When Islam prohibits females from even the Musjid for Salaat, by what stretch of Imaani logic can luring girls out of their homes for worldly education be justified? The Qur’aan Majeed commands females to remain glued within their homes.

Females emerging from their homes to attend secular institutions are of the ways of the kuffaar. Woman is Aurah, and has to remain at home to fulfil the role for which Allah Ta’ala has created her. It is haraam for girls to follow and emulate the example of western females. The pursuit of secular education at all levels is the practice of the western kuffaar females. Now Mufti Taqi advises Muslim purdah nasheen girls to unshackle themselves from Qur’aanic Hijaab and to enter the public domain in the manner of their kuffaar counterparts in the western world.

Donning abayas and burqahs are not the be-all of Hijaab. The very first and fundamental requisite of valid Qur’aanic Hijaab is for females to remain at home. Their duties and roles are at home, not in public educational institutions.

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I didn’t quite understand the significance of fatherlessness until I became a teacher.

I have taught hundreds of students now, and every single student with a missing father (either due to divorce, work, or death) noticeably struggled in school. They struggled with behavior, academics, responsibility, authority, relationships with others, and substances. Even among the more liberal teachers I’ve worked with, it was known that fatherlessness produced trouble — and we would identify it right away.

Among the boys, it created a “fight or flight” reaction — my male students would either act out, or they would simply not show up, not do the work, and not care about their grades. There is something about seeing a working father day-in and day-out that subconsciously teaches a boy that manhood is about hard-work, responsibility, and maturity. A man who has gone through the rites of passage of adulthood can teach his son how to deal with teen angst.

Among the girls, it created a thirst for male attention; and they often got into brief and frequent relationships with men at an early age — often much older men, to make up for the lack of mature male presence in their life.

Now of course, there is a level of generalizing here. These aren’t fatalistic prophecies, and many have risen far above these conditions. The point is, you still have the will and agency to transcend your conditions, regardless of the circumstances. Rely on Allah, it is all easy for Him, if you but knew. In the meantime, while it is important to note the exceptions, we must identify the patterns and trends.

What can be done about children with missing fathers?

I want to make clear that these children and their parents deserve our compassion and not our cynicism and sneer. At the same time, we should not give into the popular notion that all family models are equal, and that exceptional circumstances disprove general rules. This is neither scientific nor ethical.

  1. “It takes a village.”

One problem with urbanization — which has rapidly increased over the last century — is that it creates a highly atomized society. You likely have no substantive relationship with anyone in your neighbourhood. Mixed with Anglo individualism, it is hard to find a sense of community. In rural societies, the people are more homogeneous; they may even be loosely related, if not by blood then by marriage. So if a parent is missing, there is more room for the extended family and society to take up responsibilities and build bonds with the child. So community planning will minimize the effects of a missing parent.

Two years ago, I taught a child whose father had passed away a few years prior. He began avoiding responsibilities and becoming emotionally distant, despite his very proactive and strong mother. The mother was truly remarkable, but she knew that she needed help from male teachers and role models. She decided to move in with her brother — and immediately thereafter, the child began doing his work and achieved above-average grades.

Hence, get your relatives involved — grandparents, uncles, cousins, siblings. Studies suggest that the children who do better in school are the ones that have long conversations with adults.
Today we find that adults and parent figures do not or are unwilling to engage with children on important matters. So instead of helping they opt for children should stay out of adult matters. The fact that the children know what is going on causes them to make up their own minds and this destroys them in the long run.
It must also be kept in mind that such acting should not use this to manipulate the children into following their way of life when it is in opposition to the parents’ ways. They must simply be there for the children to help them grow into a more wholesome person.
Unfortunately, today families are too concerned with their own lives selfishly and are not prepared to give time to these children unless it’s on their terms and around their time. Furthermore rifts between couples cause family members to distant themselves from these innocent children.

  1. “The rule of two”

Apprenticeships were a big part of the pre-modern world. It was the way one learned a trade, prior to modern education. Having an older mentor, shaykh, trainer, etc. will create a healthy bond where there is reward and discipline.

  1. Healthy male spaces

With the decline of male spaces, more men will gravitate toward degenerate corners of the internet. These corners can easily be co-opted by subversive forces. Many become radicalized or join gangs.

It is good to enroll your kids in activities where they are interacting with people of different ages.

There was a musjid that I used to frequent that brought many of the “troubled kids” at 1am, and we used to order food, and just sit and talk about Islam. It was a non-judgmental space and it ended up preventing them from going to shadier places. They even brought one or two non-Muslim friends.

  1. Avoid preventable harm

Unless there is fear of serious physical or religious danger (or some other valid reason that is of detriment to the child), there is no reason to keep a child away from their parent. Maybe your relationship with their parent is complicated, but that parent should still be a part of their life.

Likewise, don’t work far away from your family for protracted periods of time. This is very common in our community, and I can tell you that the consequences can be permanent — and I’ve seen it many times first-hand.
Another thing is that we have got our priorities upside down and thus children are made secondary and work and acquisition of material things has taken preference.

  1. “Buying” Children
    Today we find that too much emphasis is placed on material things and children are not given enough time by parents and adults in the family. The trend is to buy them things but not give them time. Many children complain of this. Those involved in this should understand that a parent is not just there to “provide”, they have a role to play to mould the children. So when children turn to other adults then the real parents should not complain as they have discarded their children.
  2. Make dua!

A sincere prayer will open up the heavens. Never underestimate this tool at your disposal.

And remember, we all make choices. Our circumstances may be tough, but they do not fully define who we are unless we allow it to.
Both parents are important, but father’s role is underestimated and children without a father are more in danger than those without a mother. When you consider that mothers today are in reality absentee mothers for the most part due to liberal agendas, this is a pandemic.
I would be nothing without my father. So please honour your dads and be good to them.

Bilal Muhammad
(Edited by Qalamul Haq)



Everyone is aware that Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has mentioned about the zina of the eyes, zina of the ears, zina of the tongue, zina of the heart, etc. We find ourselves in an era wherein even the zina lusts of the nafs are pursued via the Qur’aan Majeed. A Brother, commenting on this evil, writes:

“Quraan teaching and testing ghair mahram women in purdah and niqaab by a prominent Qari Saheb


A family member informed me that a certain Qari Saheb who runs a Madressah Ihya id deen in Takolias farm in Lenasia conducts weekly Quraan lessons with his female Apa’s where they are instructed to recite passages of the Quraan to him and they beautify their voices when reciting in the name of learning tajweed. The Apa’s are forced to do this. The Qari Saheb explains how to pronounce the letters and they are corrected by him. He teaches them about the specific sounds and expressions in their recitation. Each one is repeatedly corrected and made to recite to him after he recites.

I am shocked to hear this as I understand from my little knowledge that this is haraam. This Qari Saheb may be taking joy from this. Isn’t the voice and reading of these females alluring and seductive in doing so? They are forced as this is their job in teaching in his madressah.

Should the voice of a female not be concealed. These Apa’s are also in hijaab. How can their husbands allow this? Can this not be done by a female who is well-versed in Quraan or a mahram be trained who can teach them? Is this permissible in Shariah even if they are not forced? Are these Apa’s allowed to do this if they are forced and fear losing their job? Is it not against the modesty of a woman to stoop so low? Some Apa’s resigned because their husbands did not allow it. Kindly advise on the shariah ruling so that this Qari Saheb can realize his wrongs and make taubah. Jazakallah khaira” (End of the Brother’s letter)


This miserable qaari comes within the scope of the Hadith: “Most of the munafiqeen of my Ummah are its qaaris.” Indeed he is a veritable shaitaanul ins (human devil).

He derives zina pleasure from his satanic teaching of the females. Most certainly it is haraam for him to teach the Apas and it is haraam for the Apas to submit to the evil teaching based on vile nafsaani desires of this faasq qaari. Husbands who condone such haraam zina teaching are scoundrels of the Dayyooth class of villains.

The idea of the Apas being forced is baseless. Losing a job is not ‘force’ which renders a haraam act permissible. The Apas who submit to the zina-nafsaani-shaitaani ta’leem of the faasiq are complicit with the qaari in his perpetration of his haraam teaching.

In teaching qiraa’t to the Apas, the acts of zina as mentioned in the Hadith are committed. This evil faasiq qaari is bereft of even an iota of khauf for Allah Ta’ala. He manipulates the Qur’aan Majeed for his nafsaani gratification. It is Waajib for females to conceal even their voices from ghair mahram males. Their reciting with alluring tones aggravates the sin. The whole scenario is a stepping stone to zina. The Qur’aan Majeed commands: “Do not venture near to zina.”

Fussaaq and Fujjaar molvis, sheikhs and qaaris are today the greatest fitnah for the Muslim community. In the name of the Deen they corrupt the Imaan and ruin the Akhlaaq of Muslims. This evil qaari also comes within the purview of the Hadith which mentions among the signs of Qiyaamah:

 “The dunya will be pursued with the amal of the Qur’aan.”

The recitation of the Qur’aan Majeed is an amal of the Aakhirat. But this miscreant qaari is using it for nafsaani gratification – to gratify his carnal lust.

Thus he is among the signs of Qiyaamah, promoting baatil and moral corruption under guise of the Qur’aan Majeed.

17 Shawwaal 1444 – 8 May 2023



Your urgent attention is drawn to the following:

Please provide the Islamic view point regarding the following social phenomena incrementally gaining popularity among Muslims in emulation of the kuffaar. Is it at all permissible?

  1. In the immoral culture of the west it is now considered psychologically beneficial for the whole family – husband and children – to be present and view the birth of the latest addition to the family. It is said that the husband should be supportive of the wife’s experience and be by her side during this emotional time.

This is fast becoming the mind-set of young Muslim couples coming not only from secular backgrounds, but even from supposedly ‘deendaar’ families.

The husband is now present with the wife when she gives birth. Is this correct in Islam? The wife will have midwives assisting her.

Even more shocking is that some Muslim couples want their toddlers to be present at the birth of their new baby. How can this be permissible? Will such an experience not be traumatic for a 2 year old boy?

  1. The husband speaks openly about the birth experience and the spectacular arrival of his new-born to his father, uncle, brothers and friends in vivid detail. Shocking as it may come but this is not the case of only irreligious Muslims. Rather, ostensible followers of the Sunnah and young molvis churned out at the Darul Ulooms also unabashedly go minto the details of their experience of being in the delivery room.

Isn’t there some Moral Code which Islaam teaches in this regard? If there is, where is it and why are supposedly Deeni personnel and new Maulanas coming out of the Ulooms unaware of the shamelessness of speaking about the wife’s birth details to all and sundry?

Please provide a thorough appraisal of the situation which is not isolated but rather becoming a trend in the lost Muslim community. The aggravated nature of this issue is that Sunnah dressing and five time Salaah performers are involved in these unspeakable atrocities.”


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Hayaa (Shame/Modesty) is a Branch of Imaan.”

Hayaa is an integral constituent of Imaan. The pioneers in be-hayaai (shamelessness, immodesty, obscenity, immorality) are the Western kuffaar. Their shamelessness and obscenity are integral constituents of their kufr. That is the fundamental reason for the shamelessness and immorality of the Western kuffaar. While Eastern and African kuffaar share the cult of kufr with their Western counterparts, the shamelessness of the former is mitigated by their adherence to some form of religious ideology which the Western immoral kuffar lack. Thus, the immorality of the Eastern and African kuffaar is not as bizarre and satanic as that of the Western Kuffaar who are also the pioneers in the satanistic cult of atheism.

According to the Hadith there is never an excess of Hayaa. Whatever degree of Hayaa we are able to observe, is always less. The burial shrouds which drape the dead female body is vehement testification for the lofty degree of Imaani Hayaa of this Ummah. The dead female body despite being draped with five shrouds, is further covered with a large sheet when being lowered into the grave. The sheet serves as a canopy to prevent the eyes of males falling on the dead female body which is thoroughly concealed by the burial shrouds.

Once Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) was sitting in his home with his izaar (lungi) drawn slightly up to expose a few inches of his legs above the ankles. When Hadhrat Uthmaan Bin Affaan (Radhiyallahu anhu) entered, Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) quickly adjusted his sitting position and covered the legs – the few inches above the ankles. When Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha) enquired of the reason, Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Should I not feel bashful for a man for whom even the Malaaikah feel bashful (shy).”

Such was the lofty degree of Hayaa of Hadhrat Uthmaan (Radhiyallahu anhu) that even the Angels honoured his shyness, hence Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) deemed it intolerable to have even a couple of inches of his legs ( a couple of inches above the ankles) exposed in the presence of this illustrious Sahaabi whose sense of Hayaa was remarkable. What do we now have to say about those Muslim louts donning kuffaar bermuda pants and coming to Musjid in such a lewd, immoral Western kuffaar style?

Every Muslim knows or should know that it is haraam for a Muslim woman to expose her hair and even her arms and legs below the knees to kuffaar females. Furthermore, even if in the home there are no ghair mahram males, then too it is advisable for a woman to keep hair her covered at all times. Whilst it is not sinful for her to leave her hair exposed at home where ghair mahram males and kaafirah maids are not around, it nevertheless is best that she covers her hair because it is mentioned in the Hadith that the Malaaikah of Rahmat finding it immodest, leave the home.

Words cannot sufficiently describe and slate the obscene western practice of birth-viewing. Those who participate in such obscene viewing could be described as swines or worse than swines.

Mankind has inhabited this planet earth for many thousands of years. The females have given birth to billions of babies. Never in the history of mankind did any community, kuffaar or Muslim, ever resort to this vile, obscene practice introduced just recently by the swines of the West. Even the vast majority of Western kuffaar is averse to this practice of satanism which the agents of the Devil have innovated.

Muslims who participate in the immoral and obscene birth-viewing are worse than the western swines. The western swines are bereft of Imaan, hence for them their obscenity has a mitigating factor, that is, lack of Imaan. But the filth and obscenity of Muslim viewers is aggravated by their Imaan, that is, if they really do have Imaan. It is totally unexpected and satanically bizarre for people of Imaan to accept and praise this evil, satanic, filthy and obscene birth-viewing stunt introduced by those who are under the direct instructions of Iblees.

Even Western kuffaar in whom there still exist remnants of humanity are averse to this obscenity.

“Not all medics are convinced either that a male presence is necessary. In 2009, the respected French obstetrician Michel Odent stated men in delivery rooms were the reason for rising caesarean rates, claiming a male partner could make a woman more anxious, slowing the production of the hormone oxytocin, which helps the labour process. And a recent survey by Oxford University showed that men were “deeply affected” by difficult births, with some experiencing subsequent depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Consultant obstetrician Chandrima Biswas, who points out that most fathers who don’t attend births today do so for cultural reasons, says that we shouldn’t mock men who complain of trauma. “I used to think fathers had no right to complain about anything, since women did all the hard work, but experience has made me think it is a very complex process for men,” she says. “There’s a deep-down evolutionary agenda that wants to protect their partners and stop them from coming to any harm.

“I’ve delivered for a few women who ended up needing forceps, and the fathers have come back to me with PTSD. They’ve felt completely out of control and, unlike the mothers, they haven’t been producing oxytocin, which prepares you and makes you more accepting of what’s happening. Some of them say: ‘I can’t look at my partner in the same way any more, I’m not sure if I can have sex with her again.’”

An article stated that one in 20 fathers avoids being in the delivery room when their partner gives birth. Hitherto, most males of even the Western kuffaar reject this obscene devilish practice. How is it possible for Muslims to praise this Satanist obscentity? If there was any good in this filth, surely there would have been some directive in the Sunnah. On the contrary, every step in this shaitaani viewing is obscene and haraam. The only conclusion is that such claimants of Islam are in reality bereft of Imaan. They may have been born in Muslim homes, but their Imaan has been obliterated. This is the only interpretation for ‘Muslims’ participating in the satanism of birth-viewing. They are just not Muslims.

Another non-Muslim, speaking his mind, said:

“Andrew and Nina have a dark secret. “You can’t print our real names because people would be shocked,” says Andrew, 39, a lawyer. “But when our second child is born next month, I’m not going to be there. I’ll arrive at the hospital when the baby’s born and the gore has been cleaned up.”

New figures from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service this week reveal that despite the fact that the number of fathers in the delivery room has increased “dramatically” over the past five decades, one in 20 fathers still avoids being present when their partner gives birth.”

Those who participate in this obscene satanist practice are fussaaq and fujjaar of the worst swinish order.

9 Shawwaal 1444 – 30 April 2023

Women in Islam and i’tikaf

Heirs of the Prophets or Heirs of the Profits

The Ulama are the Heirs of the Prophets

Women in Islam and i’tikaf

Due to the widespread promotion and encouragement of women performing i’tikaf in the masjid, we find it prudent to respond and shut this door of fitnah insha Allah.

Contrary to popular belief, Muslims are expected to lead, and by default, leadership requires foresight. Such foresight is easily obtained by maintaining the suhbat (company) of the pious seniors. It is vile and extreme for juniors not to seek such foresight from their seniors as much as it is for seniors to shut access to these doors.

Furthermore, the idea of encouraging females to attend the masjid for i’tikaf, especially in such an area infested with lesbians is vile, to say the least.

Muslims should not lose sight of the pervertedness that exists in our society, be they online (social media)or not.
Schools are sexually orientating our children by design into these acts of pervertedness. From gender-free toilets to teaching explicit sexual content, promoting homosexuality, encouraging young boys to dress as girls, and vice versa. Encouraging children with sex changes (transgender benders).

In light of this, do we encourage our mothers and grandmothers who are holding the fort (house/home) and guarding the boundaries of Islam by keeping i’tikaf in their homes!

Doing so would also afford you the opportunity to serve your household which carries a far greater reward than making i’tikaf, if you intend to seek the pleasure and reward of Allah.

Muslim communities are plagued with single-parent dysfunctional homes. Despite the brave attempt of surviving parents to manage a family on their own, the reality is this job was designed for two. The bulk of the remaining society then suffers from dysfunctional parenting, something psychologists refer to as ghost parents.
Where both parents exist but they fail as parents as most of their time is spent working, failing miserably at being a mother or father.

Instead of converting the house of Allah into an incubator for lesbianism.
Remain resolute in your homes, guarding the boundaries of Islam.

Consider the following
1) Islamic jurists by consensus agree that a permissible act can and at times should be prohibited for the reformation people.

2) Jurists have prohibited women from kiss greeting and shaking hands in times of such fitnah, as lesbianism rampantly spreads.

3) The Prophet (Salallah Alayhi wa salam) has attributed and, by a greater extent, encouraged women to make Salalah at home and not at the masjid.
What motive should a woman have but to seek what is greater in reward and do what is more virtuous in the sight of Allah.

4) The mother of the believers Sayidina Ayesha (Radiallahu unha) said if the Prophet (Salallah alayhi was salaam) was alive and saw what transpired he would have prevented women from attending the masjid.

5) Allah says to the believing women: “وَقَرْنَ فِي بُيُوتِكُنَّ وَلَا تَبَرَّجْنَ تَبَرُّجَ الْجَاهِلِيَّةِ الْأُولَى” “And remain, in your homes; and do not come out, like the coming out of the first Jaahiliyah (Period of Ignorance)

There are more points to help mitigate the need for women to perform i’tikaf in their homes, however, we find these points sufficient for those with intellect and sincerity.

Furthermore, Ulama in general should remain alert to the scourge lesbianism presents, demolishing homes etc.

Ulama who are imams to masaajid (houses of Allah) are tested the most in this regard. As they are pressured by committee’s. And the feel the need to lobby the support of females to retain “power” or their position in the masjid.
These are the tactics presented to you as Ulama by lucifer (Shaytaan).

Let your focus be Allah, Heirs of the Prophets.

May Allah protect us all, keep us with Ihlsaas, Istiqamat and Aafiyah.




Allah Azza Wa Jal says in His Glorious Qur’aan Majeed:

“Do not compel your slave-girls into prostitution while they intend to remain chaste, for the sake of worldly wealth.” (An-Nur, Aayat 33)

Ibn Ubayy, the chief of the Munaafiqeen, would beat and compel his chaste slave-women to ply the satanic profession of prostitution for the acquisition of worldly wealth. Today, parents compel their daughters to indulge in prostitution of a different kind. For the sake of a worldly/secular profession they compel their daughters to attend universities which are dens of vice, immorality and zina. And, the objective is exactly the same as stated in the aforementioned Qur’aanic Aayat, namely, the greed for money –worldly wealth.

Since such parents believe that this dunya is the ultimate goal of life, its prosperity and pleasure should be pursued and acquired at all costs regardless of the ruin of the moral character of their daughters and the destruction of their Imaan.

Many girls whose intention is to remain chaste as is mentioned in the above Aayat, write to us seeking advice for the miserable dilemma their parents cast them into by forcing them to study in one of these university brothels. Whilst the desire of the girls is Nikah, their parents prohibit this compulsory Sunnah for the sake of a worldly profession which they have set as a precondition for Nikah. In so doing, they are in the same category as the Munaafiq Ibn Ubayy who had compelled his slave-girls into prostitution although it was their desire to remain chaste. And, he forced them into prostitution for worldly, monetary gain. This is exactly what these miserable parents whose Imaan dangles on a thread are doing to their girls. They force their daughters into the university brothels for the sake of worldly gain despite the desire of the girls for Nikah.

Among the many letters of this kind, one girl writes:

“Please advise what I should do? My parents insist that I go to varsity to become a doctor. I hate going to university. I know of the evil of university life. I want to get married. I have received a couple of good proposals, but my parents insist that I must first complete university study, become a doctor then get married. They believe I must become self-sufficient and independent. What must I do?

Our answer was:

What you have to do is quite simple. You are an adult in terms of the Shariah. You will be rewarded by Allah Ta’ala for your good deeds and punished for your sins. The excuse of being compelled by parents will not be valid in the Court of Allah Ta’ala. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Obedience to anyone in anything in which is disobedience to Allah is not permissible.”

It is not permissible to submit to the haraam desires and instructions of your parents. You have to resolutely and with respect refuse. Refuse to go to the university brothel. Bear the rebuke and tantarums of your parents with Sabr. Be firm in your refusal regardless of their satanic tantrums. Do not ruin your Akhlaaq and destroy your Imaan by entering into the cauldron of vice and immorality – the university brothel. May Allah Ta’ala grant you fortitude and steadfastness. (End of our advice).

Another girl wrote:

“I did not want to go to university as I was aware that it was not permissible. But my father forced me to go. He made my life miserable at home. I had no option but to take admission. There was no question about purdah and the many other haraams taking place. No one can be safe in a university. I finally became involved in a relationship with a Muslim boy. It led to zina. I was morally devastated. After a relationship of a year we decided that we cannot continue disobeying Allah Ta’ala in this horrible way. We decided on making Nikah. When I raised the subject of Nikah to my parents, my father went ballistic. Never would he consent. I had to complete my study course and get married after a few years.

My father refused permission for me to marry. Meanwhile we are continuing the haraam relationship. Both myself and the boy are trapped in this haraam relationship. We are planning to elope. What advice is there for us? Do make dua for us to do what is right. Without my father’s permission, will the Nikah be valid?

Our Answer

Understand well that while you have to respect your father and make dua for his hidaayat, he is a scoundrel. Firstly, he committed the major sin of throwing you to the wolves by forcing you into the cauldron of prostitution. His act is tantamount to kufr. Secondly, despite being aware of your haraam zina relationship, he aggravates his kufr with his intransigent insistence that you remain in the den of vice and immorality to pursue a course of study for which the objective is nothing but monetary gain.

Your father’s attitude of condoning your haraam zina relationship, is in addition a denial of the Razzaaqiyat of Allah Ta’ala. He believes that it is valid and good to ruin his daughter’s Akhlaaq and Imaan for the sake of future worldly jeefah (carrion). The fisq, fujoor and kufr of your father has cancelled his Wilaayat. He no longer has the rights which the Shariah has invested in a Wali (Guardian).

You are not in need of his permission to perform Nikah. Zina is haraam. It is one of the worst sins in which you are repeatedly indulging. But it is acceptable to your father while the Holy Bond of Nikah commanded by Allah Ta’ala is abhorrent for him.

You are required to immediately extricate yourself from this haraam relationship by performing Nikah. Don’t elope. It will only worsen your zina situation. Get married by arranging for the Nikah. You don’t need your father’s permission. His Wilaayat over you has been extinguished by his fisq, fujoor and kufr.

After the Nikah has been performed, publicize it. Don’t keep it a secret. Zina is a secret affair. Nikah is a public, holy contract ordained by Allah Ta’ala. May Allah Ta’ala guide and protect you. (End of our advice to the sister).

Parents, whether they like it or not, should understand that by casting their daughters into the cauldron of zina, they (parents) are villains of the worst kind. The only thing of the Shariah which these scoundrel parents know is that their daughters require their permission for marriage. They labour under the satanic notion that they have the right of veto. They believe that they are acting within the ambits of their rights by withholding permission for marriage despite colluding with Shaitaan to perpetuate the zina relationship of their daughters for the sake of pursuing a secular, devilish career regardless of their daughters heading for Jahannam.

Parents! Fumigate your corrupt, vermiculated brains to cleanse it of the evil mistaken notion of your ‘right’ to prevent the Nikah of your daughters who are trapped in zina relationships which you have created for them. Such parents are satanic Rubbish. They have no rights over their daughters. They are no longer valid mahrams for their daughters. In fact, girls must remain far from such villain ‘fathers’ who are prepared to prostitute their daughters for worldly objectives. They come fully within the scope of the Qur’aanic Aayat mentioned in the beginning of this Naseehat.

Elopements are on the increase. We are aware of a number of such cases. When they fail to deter their daughters from marriage, they elope. It is utterly despicable and kufr to tolerate the zina relationship for the sake of the monetary objective dangling in their imagination, but to deny permission for Nikah. So, understand well that your fisq, fujoor and kufr have cancelled your Wilaayat.

11 Ramadhaan 1444 – 3 April 2023



Allah Ta’ala states: “(O Women!) Remain glued within your homes and make not a display of yourselves like the tabarruj (exhibition) of Jaahiliyyah.”

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “A woman is an object of concealment. When she emerges (from her home) shaytaan lies in ambush for her (to create fitnah).”

Today there are many Shaytaanahs being supported and publicized by immoral zindeeqs who pose  as Muslims. These zindeeqs with immoral objectives to serve, are bringing shaytaanahs- lewd women – dubbed  as ‘shaykhas’ to tour South Africa. These daughters  of the Devil travel around without mahaareem. They exhibit their ugly faces and forms on TV; they take photos; do not adopt Hijaab, wear colourful clothing  to attract fussaaq  and fujjaar, publicly expose their ugly faces from which exude La’nat.  Their satanic ways and styles are to make them attractive to an immoral public. They shamelessly speak to men without any necessity. They advertise  their voice to lure the lustful fujjaar. Their approach is most assuredly in violent conflict and in rejection of the spirit and letter of  the Shariah!

These lewd women are going around in public speaking about Afghanistan stupidities which are in total conflict with Qur’aanic Hijaab. They satanically speak of women’s so-called ‘rights’ – ‘rights’ which the Shariah does not recognize, but so-called Kufr ‘rights’ which shameless and immoral women are dying for!

Their talks of ‘women empowerment’ are satanic and haraam because it entails bringing women en masse into the public. Their actions such as gallivanting so shamelessly are proof of this.

Furthermore, they are  the guests of extremely evil local organizations who promote zina. They are Shaytaan’s media. They are a bunch of Zindeeqs and people should not be fooled into believing that their satanic stations are ‘Islamic’ merely because of the Arabic terminology  they deceptively employ.  These Shaytaani media Zindeeqs have made ‘Salaam’ to Islam – they have bid farewell to Islam which they abandoned long ago. These miserable wrecks of murtaddeen are only ‘Muslims’ by name!

 So-called ‘Muslim’ Women’s Forums are also in the forefront promoting these impure (naapaak) foreign shaytaanah-shaykhas. Their forums operate in violent  conflict with the Shariah. Their perpetrations are immoral, obscene and kufr. They are in denial of the  Hijaab  method  of the Qur’aan and Sunnah.  Women’s conferences are  confirmed conferences of the shayaateen.

If they believe that they are Muslim, then these  shaitaani shaykhas  should remain at home, attend to household chores, look after children and honour their husbands if they do have  husbands  and children. They should not exhibit themselves in public,  for  Shaytaan uses them as his ‘traps’ –  traps  mentioned  by Rasulullah (Sallallahu  alayhi  wasallam).

Just look at how immoral they are. They even take photos and post them on public platforms! Not  a vestige of haya/modesty. They are more shameless than professional  prostitutes who ply their immoral trade  in privacy. In reality, they are masculinized ‘females’  or lesbians  who display prostitute tendencies. Moreover, these  so-called  ‘Muslim’ women’s forums are potent traps of shaitaan. Their job is to ensnare males and misguide  women into the  dregs  of kufr  and immorality.

Women’s organizations and forums – women’s activities beyond the home precincts – lightens his burden and maximises the effects of his conspiracies. Participation in the political gatherings and activities of kuffaar – women’s conferences and seminars – are all the machinations of Iblees. All such so-called Muslim females who participate in the vile and obscene activities organized by these half-male women of the transgender type, are devoid of natural modesty and beauty. They were not born with such virtues which are the hallmarks of pure, chaste Muslim women. They are the implements and tools of Shaytaan. Shaytaan has lured these women out of their homes to lighten his task of misguidance and to be his traps.

All the cultural and stupid customs of the people of Afghanistan  about  which some of these lewd shaitaani shaykhas speak, have got nothing to do with Islam. The izzat (honour) and hayaa (modesty) of a woman are protected when they remain in their home – not when she exposes herself in public! The only places for a Muslim woman are her home  or her grave as mentioned in the Hadith.






Hadhrat Zainab Bint Jahash (Radhiyallahu anha) was one of the Noble Wives of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam). She came into the Nikah of our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) at the age of 36 years and passed away when she was 53 years. She is famous for her  Zuhd (Abstinence from the dunya, poverty and extreme frugality).

  The first occasion  when Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu), the Khalifah, sent her a large amount for her annual maintenance expenses, she was under the impression that  it was for all the wives. When she was apprized that the whole amount  was only for herself, she exclaimed:  “Subhaanallah! May Allah forgive Umar. Then she cast a shawl over the money (to separate it from her).” She was averse to even looking at the considerable amount of wealth.

  She ordered Burzah Bint Raafi (Radhiyallahu anha) to move the wealth to one corner and to keep it covered. Then she instructed her to begin distributing the dirhams (silver coins), fistfuls to certain people. This process continued for a while. When a small amount was left, Burzah said: “May Allah forgive you. After all, I too am entitled  to receive  some of it.” Hadhrat Zainab (Radhiyallahu anha) said: “Whatever is left is yours.” Fifty dirhams  remained, Burzah (Radhiyallahu anha)  took it for herself. After the  wealth had been distributed, Hadhrat Zainab (Radhiyallahu anha) made the following dua:

“O Allah! Do not  permit the  stipend of Umar to  find me after this year.”

  Before the expiry of the year, Hadhrat Zainab  (Radhiyallahu anha) passed away.

  When Hadhrat Umar (Radhiyallahu anhu) was informed that she had distributed the entire amount to the Fuqara and Masaakeen, he commented: “It appears that Allah Ta’ala  intends  goodness for her.” He immediately sent another thousand dirhams with the message: “You have distributed  the 12,000. Now keep this thousand  for  yourself.”

  As soon as she received the thousand dirhams, she distributed it as well, not keeping anything  for herself.

  Hadhrat Umm-e-Salmah (Radhiyallahu anha), also one of the noble Wives, said about Hadhrat Zainab:  “She was a very pious  woman, fasting abundantly, performing  much Salaat during the night,  and  giving in Sadqah to the Masaakeen whatever  she  earned.” After Hadhrat Zainab (Radhiyallahu anha) passed away, Hadhrat Aishah (Radhiyallahu anha) said: “Alas! A woman with sterling moral virtues has departed. She was a support  for orphans  and  widows.”