Salaat behind modern day Zanaadiqah

Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

Muhtaram Hazrat Saheb,

I refer to Hazrat’s refutation of the group dubbed Difaa ul-Ulama-e-Soo. Hazrat stated, “According to the Ahlus Sunnah, Salaat behind every Birr and Faajir is valid notwithstanding his fisq and fujoor.”

A question came to mind in light of recent events.

Since the introduction of the covid protocols in the Masjids throughout the UK, I had stopped attending any Masjid which imposed the implementation of these satanic protocols.

As Hazrat has mentioned, Salaat in any of these Masjids which had been temporarily converted into temples, is not valid. The displacing of the Ahkaam of Allah with the Ahkaam of the very worst enemies of Allah is Sareeh Kufr which expels the willing perpetrator from the fold of Islam. Most of the Imams and “Ulama” leading the Jamaats in the Masjids in the UK actually believed that the satanic Ahkaam of the atheists are superior to Islamic Ahkaam and that such displacement was Waajib. There can thus be absolutely no doubt that such Imams and Molvis became Murtaddeen.

Virtually all the modernists such as the Maududis, and also other deviate groups such as the Barelwis and the Salafis began to implement these Kufr protocols even before the government began imposing them. In fact, many Masjids continued to impose these protocols even after the government decided they were no longer Fard.

Regarding those who regard themselves to be Deobandi, there appeared to be some difference of opinion amongst them. Some, like the modernists, implemented these protocols of their own accord, independent of the government imposition, whilst others did so only after and due to the government imposition.

I managed to locate a Masjid in another town which had not adopted any of these Kufr protocols throughout the lockdowns, and Allah Ta’ala enabled me to do Hijrah and move to a flat not too far away from that particular Masjid. This was one of only two Masjids which I was aware of in the entire country which had not adopted the protocols of Kufr.

Around 6 months ago, the government decided that these protocols are no longer necessary. Gradually, all the Masjids began to stop implementing these protocols.

However, since none of the Murtad Imams of these Masjids which had been converted temporarily into temples, had made Tawbah and renewed their Imaan publically, as far as I could determine, they remain Murtaddeen. It is clear, in most cases, that these Imams actually believe that the terrible crime they had perpetrated was something truly commendable.

Most times I have no need to go to any of these Masjids where the Jamaat is led by a Zindeeq. However, once in while, there is no Masjid near enough for me to reach the Jamaat other than these Masjids where a Zindeeq is conducting “Salaat”. Even though these Masjids have stopped implementing the satanic protocols, I have been unable to bring myself to pray behind such Imams whom I believe to be Murtaddeen. I feel it would be a mockery of the Deen. Hence, on such occasions, I feel compelled to pray alone.

However, the statement cited above by Hazrat has brought a question to my mind.

Am I correct in assuming that the Faajir referred to applies exclusively to a Faajir with correct Aqeedah, or a man of Bid’ah whose Bid’ah has not reached the level of Kufr?

While there seems to be some ikhtilaaf on whether or not Salaat should be prayed behind the man of Bid’ah whose Bid’ah is not Kufr (most opining on its validity), there appears to be complete unanimity that Salaat is invalid behind one whose Bid’ah is Kufr. The Fuqaha give the example of Jahmiyyah, Mushabbihah, Raafidhis, and those who believe in Khalq-e-Qur’aan. The recent crimes of Sareeh Kufr perpetrated by the modern day Zanaadiqah appear to be at least as vile as those of the aforementioned ancient sects, if not far worse.

I request Hazrat’s Duas,

7 Rabiul Awwal 1444 – 4 October 2022

Respected Brother,

Your e-mail refers.

Yes, the faasiq-faajir refers to one with correct Aqeedah. It does not refer to such a faasiq-faajir who subscribes to beliefs of kufr.

The state of the Ummah is absolutely deplorable. If we have to resort to takfeer, then logically almost the entire Ummah of this era will have to be branded kaafir. This is indeed most difficult for us. We therefore confine ourselves to pointing out what is kufr, without generally resorting to takfeer unless there is a real need.

My advice is that when you are in a situation where no other Musjid is available, then without making enquiries about the Imaam and his beliefs, simply join the jamaat. If you then feel agitated, simply repeat your Salaat alone.

May Allah Ta’ala always guide and protect you and the family.







Molvi Irfan Nauyock of Mauritius issued a fatwa that there is no Eid Salaah during lockdown because there is no Izn Aam in private properties. Is his fatwa valid? Must we abandon Eid Salaat? On the basis of this fatwa, we are to abandon even Jumuah Salaat since Ithn Aam is also a condition for the validity of Jumuah Salaat.


The honourable Molvi Irfan did not apply his mind correctly hence his erroneous fatwa. Firstly, private property does not negate Izn Aam (general permission to the male Muslim public to attend). The condition of Izn Aam does not hinge on Waqf property. As long as musallis have free access to the venue during the Salaat time, the condition of Ithn Aam is satisfied.

The ‘fatwa’ of Molvi Nauyock is a jumble of confusion in which he sought to acquit himself like a mujtahid, hence he made a mess of the numerous narrations from the different Math-habs. He has no entitlement to resort to the variety of Hadith narrations on which the different Math-habs base their respective views. Furthermore, the vast majority of narrations does not even support the Izn Aam condition of the Hanafi Math-hab.

As a muqallid, he is required to remain within the confines of the Math-hab. Since he is a professed Hanafi muqallid, he had no right to indulge in a twaddle of excrescent citations which clearly displays cognitive dissonance.

According to the Hanafi Math-hab, even if the venue is not a Musjid, Eid and Jumuah Salaat will be valid with a minimum of four males (one to act as Imaam, and three Muqtadis). We fail to understand the ambiguity of ‘imaam’ in the current context of Muslim life. If by ‘imaam’, the Molvi means ‘Sultan’, then he dwells in confusion. The Ummah today has no political Imaam, i.e. Sultan/King/Ameerul Mu’mineen. Jumuah and Eid Salaat have been performed by the Ummah since time immemorial all over the world in places where there was no Sultan. Thus, introducing the ‘imaam/sultan’ factor is a flapdoodle indulgence, and so is the issue of ‘private property’. Eid and Jumuah Salaat are valid even in private property to which the Muslim male community is given access during the Salaat time.

It is extremely short-sighted, to say the least, to issue a fatwa for the abandonment of Jumuah and Eid Salaat solely on the basis of the rubbish lockdown satanism of the atheists. Assuming that Eid Salaat is not valid in private homes in terms of the Hanafi Math-hab (although it is valid), then too, the imperative demand will be to incorporate into our Math-hab the method and view of the other Math-habs in order to safeguard this significant, important and vital Act of Ibaadat. We shall opt for the fatwa of the other Math-habs in order to guard the Eid Salaat and to prevent Muslims from forgetting this important Practice of the Deen. It is not permissible to allow an Act of Ibaadat to become antique and discarded.

It is absolutely ludicrous to set aside the Haqq of the other Math-habs for compliance with the satanism of the atheists who have ordered the devilish lockdown. When there is scope in the Hanafi Math-hab for borrowing from the other Math-habs during occasions of dire need, then it will be imperative to do so, and not to abandon the Shar’i Hukm. However, as far as Eid and Jumuah Salaat are concerned during the satanic lockdown, there is no need for Hanafis to look askance to the other Math-habs in view of the fact that the condition of Izn Aaam is satisfied even in private homes.



29 Shawwaal 1443 – 31 May 2022

UK scraps all remaining lockdown restrictions

Covid-19: UK scraps all remaining lockdown restrictions for England – here are the changes

21 Feb

Queen Elizabeth is determined to continue working despite testing positive for coronavirus on Sunday (20.02.22)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday announced the government would remove all remaining coronavirus restrictions in England and cut access to free tests as part of its “living with Covid” plan. Below is a summary of the changes announced:


From 24 February:

– The legal requirement to self-isolate following a positive test will end.

Adults and children who test positive will be advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for at least 5 full days and then continue to follow the guidance until they have received 2 negative test results on consecutive days.

– Workers will not be legally obliged to tell their employers when they are required to self-isolate

– Self-isolation support payments will end

– Routine contact-tracing will end

– Fully vaccinated close contacts of positive cases and under 18s will no longer have to take a test for 7 days

– Close contacts who are not fully vaccinated will no longer be legally required to self isolate

From 1 April:

– People with COVID-19 symptoms will be encouraged simply to exercise personal responsibility in same way as those with flu would be encouraged to be considerate of others


From 21 February:

– The government is immediately removing the requirement for staff and children in most education and childcare settings to undertake twice weekly asymptomatic testing

From April 1:

– Free symptomatic and asymptomatic testing for the general public will end

– Limited symptomatic testing will remain available for a small number of at-risk groups as well as for social care staff

– The government is working with retailers to ensure everyone who wants to can buy a test


From 1 April, the government will no longer recommend the use of voluntary Covid status certification


– A spring booster vaccine will be offered to over 75s, care home residents and over 12s who are immunosuppressed

– The vaccine taskforce will continue to ensure UK has access to effective vaccines as they are developed

New variants

– The Office for National Statistics survey will be maintained to allow to continue tracking the virus with regional and age breakdowns to spot surges

“it’s time to move on”

Guess where “it’s time to move on” is coming from now

Nobody expected it, but all eyes are on Canada now.

By now you probably know my feelings about politicians, and why I am so little inclined to cheer for any of them. What I report today is more for the purpose of demonstrating which way things seem to be trending.

And so:

Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, just told the press the following:

“You can go to Costco, you can go to Walmart, you can go shopping, you don’t know if the person has a shot beside you or not, but we also know that it doesn’t matter if you have one shot or ten shots, you can catch COVID.

“See, the Prime Minister, he has triple shots, and I know hundreds of people with three shots that caught COVID.

“We just have to be careful, got to always make sure we wash our hands, and move forward. We can’t stay in this position forever. We’ve got to learn to live with this and get on with our lives.

“I bet if I asked every single person in this room, do you want these damn masks or do you want them off, they want them off! They want to get back to normal. They want to be able to go for dinner with their families.

“And there’s every single person, including myself, knows people who are unvaccinated. Sure, there are rabble rousers, and then there’s just hardworking people who just don’t believe in it. And that’s their choice.

“This is about, again, a democracy and freedoms and liberties. And I hate as a government telling anyone what to do.

“We’ve just got to get moving forward and get out of this and protect the jobs.

“I think a lot of people, probably yourself, too, everyone’s done with this. Like, we are done with it. Let’s start moving on, and cautiously. We’ve followed the rules, 90 percent of us, for over two years. The world’s done with it.”

I know some of you are living in countries where this kind of hope cannot be found. Even if we should get “back to normal” over here in North America, there will still be a great deal left to do — not only in helping the remaining places escape the COVID prison, but also in getting our own societies in order. We have a massive number of people who have been completely broken by this experience, and who are now incapable of assessing risk or evaluating situations rationally.

But some places may indeed be reaching an end point.

I hesitate to say that, since there have been numerous times in the past when I’ve thought: surely now it has to come crumbling down.

But this time, maybe it really is.

Still, there is so much to rebuild. And I am happy that throughout all this I have managed to attract an uncensored community of dissidents, known as the Tom Woods Show Elite, who are prepared for an uncertain future, who know the “experts” are a joke, and who understand that nobody is coming to save us.

15 Rajab 1443 – 17 February 2022








The Satanists have plotted and schemed for decades to capture the world and to hoist their Satanist ‘new world order’. In pursuit of their satanism they unfurled their ‘pandemic’ plot. But, Allah Ta’ala is foiling them by harnessing the kuffaar to demolish their pernicious schemes of genocide and mass murder with their witch’s potions – the deadly vaccines.

Massive protests and riots are racking the world. Despite mainline media, in collusion with the Bill Gates Satanists, attempting to stifle the news, they have failed. The protests are just too massive for sweeping under the carpet. All Muslims should supplicate to Allah Ta’ala to utterly foil the schemes of the Devils and to destroy them all.

“QR Code, Never Again!” – Police Fire Teargas At Demonstrators As Freedom Convoy Enters Paris


SATURDAY, FEB 12, 2022 – 06:35 PM

Update (1135ET): Chaos ensues in Paris Saturday as hundreds, if not thousands of demonstrators blocked streets in the capital city.

NYTimes said, “thousands of cars, camper vans and trucks” have entered the metro area, which was part of a convoy to protest President Emmanuel Macron’s medical tyranny of lockdowns and forced vaccines mandates.

This weekend, protests are banned in the city as more than 7,000 police officers were deployed to counter the “Freedom Convoy.”

Officers had set up checkpoints at several of the main entrances to Paris on the road that surrounds the city, known as the Boulevard Périphérique. That prevented many demonstrators from entering.

But small clusters of protesters who managed to get past the checkpoints gathered at several places in the city, honking their cars and waving French flags. Some joined up with the anti-vaccine-pass marches that had been held on most weekends in Paris but had waned in recent months.

The different convoys, which had started out in cities like Nice, Brest, Lille and elsewhere, appear to be only loosely coordinated on social media and on instant messaging platforms. -NYTimes

Demonstrators in central Paris have so far been peaceful. People waved French and Canadian flags and chanted: “QR code, never again!” “Freedom!” “No to the vaccine pass!”

Scenes on the ground show one convoy stopped before the Arc de Triomphe as freedom-loving folks waved French flags.

Police began tear-gassing demonstrators.

More scenes from the Arc de Triomphe.

Police used cranes to remove vehicles blocking streets.

Authorities were very well prepared to handle demonstrators.

Police used armored vehicle carriers to prevent some convoys from entering downtown.

Thousands of demonstrators were seen on the streets of central Paris protesting against medical tyranny by the government.

Roads are being blocked in Paris.

A lot of other demonstrators walked the streets.

According to TomTom traffic data, major delays are seen in and around Paris.

The success of Canada’s Freedom Convoy in recent weeks has spread like wildfire worldwide as people band together and use their vehicles to block highways, city streets, and border-crossings, as they create leverage against overreaching governments who may have to appease the people and be forced to drop vaccine mandates.

French protesters are expected to descend on Paris in a Canada-inspired “Freedom Convoy” sometime on Friday as they voice strong opposition to President Emmanuel Macron’s medical tyranny of lockdowns and forced vaccines mandates.

According to the Guardian, authorities in and around France’s capital have placed more than 7,000 officers on alert and at critical points of the city to deter convoys of trucks, cars, and vans.

“The stated objective of these demonstrations is to ‘block the capital’ by preventing road traffic from circulating in order to further their demands … from Friday, before moving on to Brussels on Monday,” Paris’ police authority said.

“Because of the risk to public order, these protests will be banned from 11 to 14 February,” police said, adding that anyone blocking public roads will face severe fines and jail time.

The Guardian reports convoys of trucks, vans, cars, and even motorcycles left Nice in the south-east, Bayonne in the south-west, Strasbourg in the north-east, and Cherbourg in the north-west, among other cities as they all head to Paris.

Video published on Twitter shows police in the French capital preparing for convoy by ensuring protesters didn’t paralyze the metro area.

More footage shows police erecting metal barriers around the metro area.

“We’ve been going around in circles for three years,” demonstrator Jean-Marie Azais, who was heading to Paris. “We saw the Canadians and said to ourselves, ‘It’s awesome what they’re doing.’ In eight days, boom, something was sparked.”

13 Rajab 1443 – 15 February 2022



CANADA in the frontline – Other countries following “They plot their schemes while Allah too Plots. And, their MAKR is by Allah, but they (the Satanists and atheists) do not understand.” (Qur’aan)

Allah Azza Wa Jal will thwart, foil and reduce to nothing the “new normal” code of the atheists who have resolved to perpetrate their genocide for achieving their Satanist ideals. Their satanic abnormality will be defeated and eradicated, Insha-Allah.



The border obstructions have already impacted business, with the key Ambassador Bridge linking Ontario and Detroit out of service for several days – and major automakers forced to cut back production at several plants as a result.

AFP | Feb 11, 2022

OTTAWA – Trucker-led protests against coronavirus restrictions in Canada shut down another US border crossing Thursday, as copycat movements gathered steam overseas and Washington called on its northern neighbor to use federal powers to end the blockades.

The border obstructions have already impacted business, with the key Ambassador Bridge linking Ontario and Detroit out of service for several days – and major automakers forced to cut back production at several plants as a result.

A second crossing in the western province of Alberta has been blocked for days, and on Thursday protesters closed down a third – in central Manitoba.

Citing supply shortages, Ford said it was forced to slow down production at factories in Canada, while some Stellantis factories in the United States and Canada halted work Wednesday evening, General Motors cancelled several shifts and Toyota said its plants were also hit.

In the Canadian capital, police said Thursday they were bringing in reinforcements, issuing more arrests and tickets, and stepping up truck towing operations in a bid to break the impasse that has paralyzed the city. But protesters were hunkering down and taking pride in how their two-week protest has mushroomed into an international movement. “You know it’s really bad if Canadians are coming out full force,” said protester Naomi Gilman, noting how her fellow citizens had largely remained quiet “for two long years” of Covid restrictions. “So I think that resonates around the world for sure,” she told AFP.


Addressing reporters outside the House of Commons, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau once again called the blockades “unacceptable” and said he was working with authorities across the country to bring them to an end. “This is hurting communities across the country,” Trudeau said. Washington stepped up its pressure too, with the White House saying that US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas “called his Canadian counterparts, urging them to use federal powers to resolve this situation at our joint border.” Despite Trudeau and Washington warning the protests pose an economic threat, rallies inspired by the trucker movement have sprung up elsewhere, from New Zealand to France and Belgium. An anti-vaccine protest turned ugly Thursday in Wellington, with police clashing with demonstrators on the grounds of parliament and more than 120 people arrested. In France, thousands inspired by the Canadian truckers planned to converge Friday evening on Paris, with some aiming to move onwards to Brussels. Paris police sought to prevent the demonstration, saying they would ban so-called “Freedom Convoys” and would stop roads from being blocked, threatening hefty fines or jail – while Belgian authorities vowed similar action. And in the United States, supporters took to social media announcing a “People’s Convoy” of truckers and “all freedom-loving Americans” to gather east of Los Angeles for a two-day rally beginning 4 March before hitting the road, possibly towards the capital Washington. Canada’s self-styled “Freedom Convoy” began last month in the country’s west – launched in anger at requirements that truckers either be vaccinated, or test and isolate, when crossing the US-Canada border. For two weeks they have occupied the capital Ottawa with loud protests marked by music, honking and banner waving. They have caused significant economic disruption by shutting down the Ambassador suspension bridge – a trade corridor used daily by more than 40,000 commuters and tourists, and trucks carrying US$323 million worth of goods on average. Even Trudeau’s political rival, Tory party interim leader Candice Bergen who earlier expressed support for the protesters, urged them Thursday to end their siege. “I believe the time has come for you to take down the barricades, stop the disruptive action, and come together,” she said from the House of Commons.


With blockades dragging on, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer joined a chorus of industry voices warning of the economic impact – saying it was “imperative” that Canadian officials rapidly de-escalate the situation. Presumably eager to stop the movement spreading further domestically, several provinces including Alberta, Quebec and Saskatchewan this week announced a gradual lifting or loosening of COVID-19 restrictions. A court has already ordered the truckers to stop the incessant honking that has upset residents in Ottawa and made sleep difficult. But the atmosphere on the streets of the capital remained one of defiance and celebration. Some 400 vehicles remain camped on Parliament Hill below Trudeau’s offices, against a backdrop of barbecues, campfires and music. Dennis Elgie, a curling ice technician who came from Toronto to join the protest, called the movement “fantastic.” “I’ve never seen Canadian pride like this,” he told AFP. “This is history.”

10 Rajab 1443 – 12 February 2022

The first domino has fallen

Dear Reader,

The first domino has fallen…

Boris Johnson had the courage – or more like the desire for self-preservation – to announce yesterday that all COVID-19 restrictions in the U.K. will end on January 26.

That means everything.

Masks will no longer be required anywhere. Not in shops, not on public transport, not in schools, not outside. Better yet, the removal of masks in schools is effective today.

Even better, Johnson went so far as to make it clear that “we will trust the judgement of the British people and no longer criminalise anyone who chooses not to wear one.”

Working remotely will no longer be advised and people are encouraged to return to work in person.

And COVID passports or passes to prove vaccination status will no longer be required anywhere.

What happened? Why the sudden reversal of policy in one of the countries that supported some of the most draconian pandemic policies?

On December 30, prestigious medical journal The Lancet published the results of a study that demonstrated that 89% of new U.K. COVID cases were among those fully vaccinated. 89%!

It went one step further to highlight the vaccinated population as a source of transmission of COVID-19.

The research went even further, and I quote:

“The COVID-19 case rate per 100,000 was higher among the subgroup of the vaccinated compared to the subgroup of the unvaccinated.”

“Fourteen fully vaccinated patients became severely ill or died, the two unvaccinated patients developed mild disease.”

“It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.”

And that is what happened.

The data was irrefutable. No matter what the U.K. tried over the last two years, absolutely nothing stopped the spread. Remote work didn’t work, sanitizing our hands didn’t work, masking didn’t work, vaccine passports didn’t work, and most certainly the COVID-19 “vaccines” didn’t stop the spread.

Sadly, we knew this already. I’ve been sharing the scientific research with my readers for the last two years. I haven’t been sharing my opinions on these matters, only the research, the data, and the facts.

It might be uncomfortable for some to hear, but it’s the kind of information that I’d like to have to make decisions about my own health if our roles were reversed.

I’m sure that Boris Johnson and his cabinet will claim victory. It’s all for show, of course; to continue down the path of more restrictions and criminalization would have been political suicide.

It’s a smart move for self-preservation. But he really had no choice. In light of all the research and evidence, so many across the country realized the game was up. The truth is, for a highly transmissible airborne virus, we can run… but we can’t hide.

And almost as if in coordination, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in the U.S. released new research that demonstrated that people who had previously been infected with COVID-19 and recovered were better protected against the Delta variant than those who are vaccinated alone.

This was a big deal, as this is an explicit acknowledgement of the power and durability of natural immunity acquired from prior exposure to COVID-19.

But it gets better.

In a shocking admission from the epicenter of COVID fearmongering, The New York Timesstated yesterday, “Unvaccinated people with a history of COVID also had lower rates of infection and hospitalization than those protected by vaccines alone.” It went further, saying, “The data are consistent with trends observed in international studies.”

The facts are not surprising. The fact that The New York Times printed them is…

The most ironic part is that we’ve always known these things. We’ve known that the COVID-19 vaccines don’t “immunize” or provide immunity. They are not at all a vaccine in the traditional sense. I think of them more like experimental drugs for which we are still waiting on two-year safety data.

We’ve known that those vaccinated still catch and transmit COVID-19 to others. It’s the spread of Omicron that has made this fact so obvious. We’ve experienced it in our own lives and networks of friends, family, and colleagues.

This is the reason that vaccine passports make no sense at all. What’s the point? They provide a false sense of security and do absolutely nothing to keep anyone “safe.” Those who are vaccinated transmit COVID-19 like anyone else.

So there we have it… the beginning of the end.

The U.K. now joins Sweden, which was the stalwart of logic in successfully employing evidence-based policy decisions based on scientific research, not political narratives. Sweden has proven to be an incredible model throughout the pandemic. Thankfully, at least one country got it right. I hope other countries will learn from it.

Who will throw the towel in next? I suspect several European countries will do the same. I have to believe that there has been some coordination amongst E.U. member countries on this new policy position.

There have been so many massive and peaceful demonstrations against the COVID restrictions across Europe over the last six months, most of which went grossly underreported by the media. The groundswell was unmistakable and deeply encouraging.

And the U.S. is about to fall as well. For the same reasons as Johnson in the U.K. We’re all exhausted with this nonsense, and we can all see that the interventions haven’t stopped the spread.

And we look to states like Florida and Texas that have been living a normal life for more than a year. None of the dire predictions levied by The New York Times or The Atlantic came true. And we all know it.

It’s time to get back to life… to breathe freely… to let our children and grandchildren see each other’s faces and smile. It’s time to treat each other with kindness and respect.

It’s time to be free.

Source: Jeff Brown – Brownstone Research



Mufti Makada Saheb,
There is much confusion amongst people of knowledge regarding the term difference of opinion.Many Students and Scholars alike latch on to the term when it comes to social distance in Salah and closure of Masaajid .
To clarify this dilemma:

  1. Is social distance in Salah and musjid closure a valid difference of opinion?
  2. What are the limits of and what type of valid difference of opinions ought to be respected?


Haamidan wa Musalliyan

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

A valid difference of opinion (ikhtilaaf) takes place in the case where the differences come within the scope of the textual proofs of the Quraan and the Hadith. These types of differences will be similar to the differences between the four mazhabs who establish their mazhabs from the textual proofs of the Quraan and Hadith. However, if a difference goes against the textual proofs of the Quraan and Hadith, then this is not regarded as a valid difference of opinion (ikhtilaaf) that can be accommodated in Deen. Rather, it is regarded as a violation of Deen (khilaaf).

In regard to the issue of social distancing, then practising this in salaah is impermissible as it opposes the clear and categorical texts of the Hadith. Hence, one will accept the opinion of those people whose view conforms to the command of the Hadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam). One will not accept the opinion of those people whose view opposes the command of the Hadith of Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wasallam).

When we view the Ahaadith, then we see that Hazrat Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) was greatly displeased with the Ummah not joining the saffs and mentioned that this method of performing salaah is the means of one being cut off from the mercy of Allah Ta‘ala, as well as disunity being created in the hearts.

Below are a few Ahaadith that will shed light on the displeasure of Hazrat Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) for the Ummah performing salaah in this manner.

  1. Being Cut Off from the Mercy of Allah Ta‘ala

In one Hadith, Hazrat Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said, “The one who joins the saff (i.e. he does not leave gaps in the saff), Allah will join him (to His special mercy), and the one who cuts the saff (i.e. by leaving gaps), Allah Ta‘ala will cut him off (from His mercy).” (Mustadrak #774).

  1. Creating Disunity in the Hearts

On one occasion, before Hazrat Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) commenced the salaah, he turned his mubaarak face towards the Sahaabah (radhiyallahu ‘anhum) and said thrice, “Straighten your saffs.” Hazrat Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) then said, “By Allah! You will certainly straighten your saffs, or Allah will most definitely create disunity in your hearts!” (Sunan Abi Dawood #662) On hearing this, the Sahaabah (radhiyallahu ‘anhum) immediately ensured that there were no gaps between them.

  1. Shaitaan Entering between the Gaps

Hazrat Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) said, “Join your saffs (i.e. stand joined to one another, with no gaps in between), and keep your saffs close to one another, and ensure that your necks are in line with one another, for I take an oath by that Being in whose control lies my life – I certainly see Shaitaan entering through the gaps in the saff like a small goat.” (Sunan Abi Dawood #776)

From the above mentioned Ahaadith, we understand that through carrying out the salaah in accordance to the sunnah, the mercy of Allah Ta‘ala will be acquired, unity will be created in the hearts of the believers, and they will be saved from the evil effects of Shaitaan.

The Fuqahaa have clearly mentioned that performing salaah with gaps between the musallis is makrooh-e-tahreemi (impermissible) and one will be sinful through performing salaah in this manner. Imagine that salaah is the greatest ibaadat of Deen, and it is a means of acquiring the mercy of Allah Ta‘ala, yet through opposing the sunnah, one receives sin through the salaah instead of reward!

For further details, you may refer to the attached kitaab we have prepared on this topic.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.

Answered by:
Mufti Zakaria Makada
Checked & Approved:
Mufti Ebrahim Salejee




19 November 2021, 2:40 AM | Reuters | @SABCNews

The laws allow employers to ask employees to become vaccinated, but also require them to allow people to opt out for religious, health and other reasons.

Florida on Thursday banned schools and businesses from requiring vaccination against COVID-19 and set the stage for a possible withdrawal from the federal agency aimed at protecting workplace safety.

Governor Ron De Santis, a right-wing Republican widely believed to be planning a run for the US presidency, signed the new laws in a community called Brandon, the same name used as a euphemism for a coarse epithet in a chant against Democratic President Joe Biden.

“We are making sure that people have a right to earn a living, people have a right to have protections at their place of employment and that parents have protections to be able to direct the upbringing of their kids,” said De Santis.

In a later announcement of the bills’ signing on Twitter, De Santis referred to “the free state of Florida.”

Echoing anti-vaccine rhetoric, De Santis repeated a misleading claim that vaccines do not protect against coronavirus infections, and said “natural immunities” should qualify people to return to in-person work.

The bills drew immediate condemnation from public health officials and Democratic leaders.

“Gee,” California Governor Gavin Newsom wrote on Twitter. “What could go wrong…”

The bills were passed in a three-day special session of the Republican-dominated Florida legislature called by De Santis with the goal of thwarting coronavirus vaccine mandates imposed by the federal government as well as by private employers and school districts.

The laws allow employers to ask employees to become vaccinated, but also require them to allow people to opt out for religious, health and other reasons.

People who previously had COVID-19 would be exempt despite evidence the vaccines provide greater protection against reinfection as well as serious cases that require hospitalisation.

Employers who refuse to allow the exemptions can be fined up to $50 000 per violation.

The new laws also ban government entities from requiring vaccinations.

Schools districts may not require vaccinations or ask teachers and students to wear masks.

The laws also ban school districts from requiring otherwise healthy students who have been exposed to COVID-19 to quarantine before returning to class.

The legislature also directed the governor’s office to develop a plan to set up the state’s own agency for the protection of workers, which would replace the authority of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Florida is among several conservative states suing the federal agency to stop it from enforcing the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate.

About 61 000 people have died from COVID-19 in Florida, the third-most-populous US state, although new cases have decreased dramatically there in recent weeks.

19 Rabiuth Thaani 1443 – 24 November 2021

SA doctors have been speaking up against Covid19 restrictions

SA doctors have been speaking up against Covid19 restrictions and protocols all along 

Nuus / News

05 August 2021

Since early last year, several SA doctors have been cautioning against the severe lockdown regulations and how it defies the purpose of ending the pandemic and saving lives.

The first to speak up publicly was prof. Patrick Bouic, although the so-called “mainstream media”  has refused till now to voice any of the concerns of doctors who do not agree with the World Health Organisation’s narrative.

Politicians, dr. Susan Vosloo, dr. Anton Ferreira and prof. Alex Van den Heever also added their voices against the disastrous effects of the lockdown regulations

Also, listen to dr. Beate Setzer’s powerful message regarding media control, inflated stats, and fear-mongering media propaganda since January 2020.

Click on the link to listen to Drs. Fahie Hassan, Tros Bekker and Beate Setzer

Dr. Tros Bekker, a general practitioner in Pretoria, has written two books on the Covid P(l)andemic, both translated into English, and won’t be silenced. He has been threatened, his videos removed, and viciously insulted on social media platforms, but he has been standing his ground to speak UP against what he believes is the biggest medical scandal and cover-up in history.  

 One of the most sobering and chilling summaries of what is truly happening in the world right now by Celeste Solum and Dr. Paul Cottrell . . .