Read carefully the following article by Dr.Mark Sircus, OMD. DM (P) – Professor of Natural Oncology, Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine, and Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine:
Published on June 29, 2011
The global diabetes epidemic is ballooning because of cruel ignorance. Cruel ignorance is a disease of modern man. When we look at contemporary medicine we see this disease commonly playing itself out and costing people and their children a lot of suffering and sometimes even their lives.
Today’s Reuters article on diabetes illustrates the cruel ignorance of our media, the medical profession and the government. It starts off by telling us:
The number of adults with diabetes worldwide has more than doubled since 1980 to 347 million, a far larger number than previously thought and one that suggests costs of treating the disease will also balloon. In a study published in the The Lancet journal, an international team of researchers working with The World Health Organization found that rates of diabetes have either risen or at best remained the same in virtually all parts of the world in the past 30 years.
The estimated number of diabetics is markedly higher than previous projections that put the number at 285 million worldwide. This study found that of the 347 million people with diabetes, 138 million live in China and India and another 36 million in the United States and Russia.
Dozens of diabetes treatments, both pills and injections, are on the market. Global sales of the medicines totaled $35 billion last year and could rise to as much as $48 billion by 2015, according to drug research firm IMS Health.
That’s a lot of diabetics and a lot of money for pills and injections that do nothing to cure this dangerous disease. Once you get it your chances of having a heart attack or getting cancer immediately go up. These billions of dollars spent on treatments that simply address the symptoms of disease are a product of cruel ignorance and simply another example of Big Pharma profiting from sickness by keeping the masses in the dark about how to either address the cause of diseases or how to prevent them.
Diabetes is a serious disease, which, if not controlled, can be life threatening. It is often associated with long-term complications that can affect every system and part of the body. Diabetes can, among other things, contribute to eye disorders and blindness, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, amputation, and nerve damage. Diabetes makes pregnancy more difficult and can cause birth defects.
Diabetes is not the hopeless disease that most doctors would have us believe it is though it is a long and losing battle if you walk the trail western medicine wants you to walk. The allopathic medical establishment does not want you or your doctor to become conscious of the real causes of diabetes (or any other chronic disease facing humanity today) and it certainly does not want you to receive treatments that will reverse or prevent diabetes from destroying your life.
Each year, approximately 80,000-84,000 lower-limb amputations are performed due to complications from diabetes in the United States alone.[1]
My book on diabetes breaks through the veil of ignorance and takes the doctor and diabetic patient on a journey through all the lies and the deliberate deception fostered by the pharmaceutical companies and the medical officials they keep in their pockets. In  New Paradigms in Diabetic Care we discover the best medicines (natural of course) for avoiding diabetes or treating it. It should come as no surprise to anyone that magnesium deficiency leads directly to the diabetic condition as does bicarbonate deficiency due to reduced pancreas output. Diabetes is not caused by obesity alone! In fact, magnesium deficiency combined with exposure to many chemicals is being found to contribute to the obesity and diabetes problem.
“While a lot of attention has correctly been attributed to caloric excess and sedentary behaviors, additional factors[2] may provide novel approaches to diabetes prevention.” – Dr. Allison Goldfine – Joslin Diabetes Center
In the book I uncover keys like inflammation, chemicals and mercury poisoning as well as fungal infections that combine to destroy our metabolic functions. Diabetes results from contamination from heavy metals and other toxic chemicals that are flooding the cells and the bloodstream. Diabetes also results from radioactive particles that are burning up cell physiology. This is something governments really don’t want people to know.
Cancer Course
What Doesn’t Work
An experimental vaccine to prevent progression of type-1 diabetes failed at the second phase of the three-phase trial process reported by The Lancet. The vaccine sought to protect insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas from the body’s immune system. Its formula is based on an enzyme called glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD), which the over-sensitized immune system targets—and in doing so destroys the precious beta cells.
Nice try but such an approach does nothing to protect the pancreas from acid conditions brought on by chemical and heavy-metal poisons. Nor does the vaccine address magnesium deficiencies and how that affects insulin shape and function and cell receptivity to this important enzyme. No wonder it did not work!
What Works
A study published online on June 9 in the journal Diabetologia said that a diet of just 600 calories a day reverses diabetes. After one week on the diet, diabetes patients saw their blood glucose levels return to normal, indicating their diabetes had gone into remission. Eight of the 11 patients remained diabetes-free three months after they stopped the diet. If all had remained on an appropriate diet no doubt the cure rate would have come close to 100 percent!
Previous studies have found a similar reversal of diabetes immediately after gastric bypass surgery. Researchers at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom are now showing that a quick resolution of diabetes, especially in its early years, is possible through diet alone.
The patients adhered to a liquid-based diet consisting of meal replacement drinks. It also included three portions of non-starchy vegetables per day. The diet lasted for eight weeks. After seven days, the participants’ blood-glucose levels were comparable with those of people who did not have diabetes.
The findings may only apply to people who have not had diabetes for a long period of time —the participants had diabetes for less than four years prior to the study. The point though is that liquid fasting with vegetable and fruit juices, or better yet, juices loaded with great tasting Rejuvenate, with its spirulina and chlorella backbone and loads of combine organic superfoods, provides real medical miracles. In my Winning the War on Cancer book I wrote extensively about fasting and the special case of fruit fasting.
At Sanctuary Retreat Center we will be employing, in part, the teachings of Dr. Augusto Vinholis, a brilliant doctor down here in Brazil. He is famous for his five day retreats and it is truly amazing what can be done on only a five day liquid-based diet combined with an intense holistic protocol including multiple body work sessions each day.
Both my wife and I have worked on and off with this doctor over the course of 20 years and some of the key ideas in my protocol came from seeing what Dr. Vinholis can actually do in a very short period of time with his patients.
Our progam begins a month before arriving at Sanctuary and it continues from a distance for three months after for follow through. We plan on taking reservations for retreats for dates beginning in September.
The above study also sustains the work of Dr. Norman Cousins who uses raw food diets at his Tree of Life Center where they recover most diabetics from their disease.
Please visit the diabetes website:
[2] Strong Link Between Diabetes and Air Pollution Found in National U.S. Study.
[3] ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) are natural byproducts of oxygen metabolism in the body. Free radicals and other byproducts are formed as a result of this metabolism, and at lower levels can be very beneficial, but when too many of these byproducts are formed the situation of oxidative stress occurs.  reactive oxygen species (ROS) include oxygen ions, free radicals and peroxides both inorganic and organic. They are generally very small molecules and are highly reactive due to the presence of unpaired valence shell electrons.  Oxidative stress is a medical term for damage to animal or plant cells (and thereby the organs and tissues composed of those cells) caused by excesses of these reactive oxygen species, which include (but are not limited to) superoxide, singlet oxygen, peroxynitrite or hydrogen peroxide.  Superoxide is produced deleteriously by 1-electron transfers in the mitochondrial electron transfer chain.  It is defined as an imbalance between pro-oxidants and anti-oxidants, with the former prevailing.  The causes of these excesses are many, and include environmental influences of every type.  Enzyme activities are sometimes affected negatively, leading to greater production of excess ROS,  and  heavy metals such as chromium, vanadium,  and others are said to be involved, now this new  evidence that methylmercury definitely plays a significant role in the pancreas. Cells are normally able to defend themselves against ROS damage through the use of enzymes such as superoxide dismutases and catalases. Small molecule antioxidants such as Ascorbic acid (vitamin-C),uric acid, and glutathione also play important roles as cellular antioxidants. Similarly, Polyphenol antioxidants assist in preventing ROS damage by scavenging free radicals. Studies are conflicting on some antioxidants such as Vit. E. The resulting inflammatory processes are believed to be the result of these ROS excesses and include cardiovascular disease, ALS, neurodegenerative diseases, and many others.
[4] Kajimoto, Y., and Kaneto, H. (2004) Role of oxidative stress in pancreatic beta-cell dysfunction. Ann. N. Y. Acad. Sci. 1011, 168-176.
[5] Tiedge, M., Lortz, S., Drinkgern, J., and Lenzen, S. (1997) Relation between antioxidant enzyme gene expression and antioxidative defense status of insulin-producing cells. Diabetes 46, 1733-1742.
[6] Inoue, M., Sato, E. F., Nishikawa, M., Hiramoto, K., Kashiwagi, A., and Utsumi, K. (2004) Free radical theory of apoptosis and metamorphosis. Redox Rep. 9, 237-247.
[7] Rolo, A. P., and Palmeira, C. M. (2006) Diabetes and mitochondrial function: Role of hyperglycemia and oxidative stress. Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 212, 167-178.
[8] American Chemical Society (2006, September 29). Mercury Compound Found In Fish Damages Pancreatic Cells. ScienceDaily. Retrieved June 27, 2011
[9] Most of today’s pharmaceutical preparations, because of their harmful effects, may be labeled poisonous,” says chemist Dr Lisa Landymore-Lim, who has worked for the National Institute for Medical Research, London, and the Dunn Nutrition Unit, Cambridge. Her 1994 book, Poisonous Prescriptions, describes Landymore-Lim’s investigations which have found that diabetes may in fact be a major side effect of antibiotics and other common pharmaceuticals. The book provides evidence from studies and hospital records. Diabetes, usually thought to be largely a genetic disorder, may actually have increased so much in the last 50 years because of the proliferation in the use, and over-use, of medicines.
Dr. Mark SircusAC., OMD, DM (P)
Professor of Natural Oncology, Da Vinci Institute of Holistic Medicine
Doctor of Oriental and Pastoral Medicine
Founder of Natural Allopathic Medicine
(End of the Professor’s article)
Those who suffer from diabetes and cancer should acquire the following books:
(1) New Paradigms in Diabetic Care by the same Professor
(2) Winning the War on Cancer by the same Professor
(3) How to Fight Cancer & Win by William L.Fisher
Sickness is from Allah Ta’ala and so is the Cure. Nabi Ibraaheem (Alayhis salaam) said: “When I am sick, then He (Allah) cures me.” Don’t lose hope on account of the evil and pessimistic diagnosis of the doctors whose brains are sealed in the straitjackets fitted by the atheists.
Resort to Istighfaar and Taubah (Repentance). Abstain totally from sin and futility. Sickness is also a punishment for gross disobedience and sin. Abstain from consuming carrion meat and carrion chickens. Abstain from the junk ‘foods’ of the kuffaar establishments. Such ‘food’ is not fit for even dogs and vultures. Increase Thikrullaah.  Supplicate to Allah Ta’ala after purifying your heart with Taubah and renewal of the Pledge of Obedience which we all have given to Allah Ta’ala and to Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).
Fulfil the huqooq (rights) of all people, especially of wives. Guard your eyes and tongue. Most pollution which contaminates the baatin(the spiritual heart) enters via these two channels. Cut yourself down to your contemptible size and understand well that as long as you fail to understand and consciously perceive that you are more contemptible than a dog, then know that you suffer from the satanic disease of KIBR (rotten pride).
And of the greatest importance in this age: ABSTAIN FROM CELLPHONE PORNOGRAPHY in which 99% of the people, even the molvis and sheikhs, are trapped.  May Allah Ta’ala guide and protect us all. The Writing of Athaab is on the Wall, staring us in the face. The Qur’aan, warning us says:
“And only the People of Intelligence derive lesson.”
30 Safar 1444 – 27 September 2022


Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has stated,
لَا عَدْوَى وَلَا طِيَرَةَ وَلَاهَامَة وَلَا صَفَرَ
“There is no contagious disease, nor is there any bad omen from birds, nor is there any evil prediction, nor any bad omen in the month of Safar.” (Bukhari Shareef, Baabul Juzaam, Hadith 5707)

👉 If the most knowledgeable of mankind refuted the belief in contagious diseases then that refutes anyone else that promotes it.

👉The reality is that the fraudulent diagnosis of contagious diseases are a cover up for biological warfare and spiritual problems…..things that are not taught at secular health courses and are therefore beyond the ability of majority of secular qualified health practitioners to comprehend, except a few who made an effort to get a real education outside of the secular indoctrination system (masquerading as an education).

👉Conventional Muslim doctors are not regarded as a legitimate point of reference in determining what is Islamically valid.

👉Conventional Muslim doctors are not taught to have a technical understanding of the Shariah.

👉Conventional Muslim doctors do not have training in Islamic medicine and they do not practice Islamic medicine and healing…..they promote the occult system of PHARMAKEIA.

👉They cannot pronounce on Islamic issues….this is outside their sphere of competence.

👉In fact Conventional Muslim doctors around the world have stood guilty of the deplorable betrayal of the Islamic system of prophetic medicine by adopting the unislamic beliefs and practices of the kuffaar system of medicine.

👉 Conventional Muslim doctors opinions should count for nothing in the context of the Shariah as they are not considered as health experts according to Islamic standards.

👉 Conventional Muslim doctors are the most schizophrenic by believing in things(like contagions) that does not exist.

👉 Conventional Muslim doctors need to know their place in the Shariah.

👉They have no right to indulge in shariah matters which is outside their sphere of competence.

👉A Muslim allopathic doctor is no point of reference for a shariah ruling.

👉 Conventional Muslim doctors should not be given a platform to promote their deviant beliefs to unsuspecting Muslims.

👉 Anti vaccine Muslim doctors who are still involved in practicing the occult system of PHARMAKEIA and who still promote the contagion narrative are trapped in serving controlled opposition agendas and are still deviates.



“The Person Most likely to Kill You Is Your Doctor”

Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc  29TH JULY 2022

Watching the medical establishment lie, deceive and exhibit Olympian quality incompetence has been quite a shock for many during the last two years. Doctors have helped sustain the biggest medical fraud in history; smiling away as they jabbed and pocketed the cash.

But no one should have been shocked.

Members of the medical establishment, and their praetorian guard, the experts, always believe they know best. Anyone who questions the establishment must be ignored and, if they persist they must be crushed, suppressed, vilified and ostracised.

However, it isn’t difficult to compile a litany of medical incompetence – incompetence so egregious that, along with cancer and circulatory disease, doctors have for decades been one of the three most important causes of death and injury.

Many of the injuries and deaths among patients are caused by simple, straightforward ignorance rather than bad luck or unforeseen complications. The recent enthusiasm for giving millions of patients an untested experimental drug that didn’t work and wasn’t safe is just one more example of professional ineptitude.

If terrorists killed a fraction of the number killed by doctors the world would be in a state of constant panic. The person most likely to kill you isn’t a burglar or an aggrieved relative – it’s your doctor.

Doctors often claim that it is thanks to them that we are all living longer these days and that drug companies and doctors have improved our general health. But evidence shows that there really hasn’t been much change in life expectation for centuries. Way back in biblical times, ordinary folk were encouraged to expect a life-span of three score and ten.

It was cleaner drinking water, and better sewage facilities (introduced in the 19th century) which resulted in a fall in infant mortality levels – and reducing infant mortality made a tremendous difference to overall life expectancy figures.

In Australia, around half a million people are admitted to hospital every year because they have been made ill by doctors. One in six British hospital patients is in hospital because he or she has been made ill by doctors. Around half of all the ‘adverse events’ associated with doctors are clearly and readily preventable and are usually a result of ignorance or incompetence or a mixture of both. The rest would be preventable with a little care and thought.

Drugs are wildly over-prescribed, both by hospital doctors and by general practitioners. And doctors and hospitals are often appallingly and inexcusably slow. Waiting lists are so long that most patients will now die before they are investigated, let alone treated.

Doctors have always made mistakes but we have now reached the point where, on balance, many well-meaning doctors do more harm than good; killing more people than they are saving and causing more illness and discomfort than they are alleviating.

Worryingly, the epidemic of iatrogenic disease which has scarred medical practice for decades has been steadily getting worse. Today most of us would, most of the time, be better off without a medical profession.

Major disorders are not picked up in around four out of ten patients. When doctors compared post-mortem results with the patients’ medical records, they discovered that out of 87 patients only 17 patients were diagnosed completely correctly.

A major study of patients who’d had heart attacks showed that staying at home may be safer than going into hospital. Whatever advantage patients might have had through going into hospital was more than matched by the multiple hazards of going into hospital.

Before the industrial age, hospitals were built like cathedrals in order to lift the soul and ease the mind. Hospitals were decorated with works of art, flowers and perfumes. Modern hospitals, designed by experts, are built with no regard for the spirit, eye or soul. They are bare, more like prisons than temples, designed to concentrate the mind on pain, fear and death.

In the old days nursing was a noble profession. Caring was the key word. The most powerful jobs in the profession were occupied by ward sisters and matrons — all of whom still had close, daily contact with patients.

Today’s career structure means that ambitious nurses must move up the ladder to a point where they spend no time with patients. The number of highly paid managers in hospitals has risen every year for decades. There are more administrators in hospitals than there are beds, nurses or other practical staff.

A few decades ago, patients were cared for in hospitals which were run by matrons and ward sisters — nurses who still knew how to turn a patient, make a bed and empty a bedpan.

In many countries, doctors (both in general practice and in hospitals) are now working strictly limited hours. As a result, it is rare to see a doctor in a hospital at weekends. You are up to 26% more likely to die if you are admitted to hospital at the weekend than if you are admitted to hospital during the week.

You are more likely to catch a serious, life-threatening infection in hospital than anywhere else. The great danger is, of course, that you may catch an antibiotic resistant infection. Hospitals are poor at hygiene.

American researchers have concluded that in an average sort of year, surgeons working in American hospitals perform 7.5 million unnecessary surgical procedures, resulting in 37,136 unnecessary deaths and a cost running into hundreds of billions of dollars. One Congressional Committee in the US found that 17.6% of recommendations for surgery were not necessary.

Back in 1988, I reported that coronary artery bypass surgery (the commonest procedure performed in cardiac surgery) had been in use for nearly thirty years without anyone trying to find out how patients’ everyday lives were affected by the operation. The experts just ‘knew’ it was a good thing.

When a survey was eventually done, it was found that the operation had little positive effect on patients’ lives but did put a good many out of action for some time. And many died as a result of surgical complications. Moreover, patients who have symptoms of heart disease often don’t need surgery at all but stand a better chance of recovering if they are put on a regime which includes a vegan diet, gentle exercise and relaxation. Psychiatrists and psychologists are constantly eager to create fashionable new bandwagons It is now possible to be clinically afraid of over 500 different phobias including korrhaphiophobia (a fear of defeat), apeirophobia (a fear of infinity), chrometophobia (a fear of money) and hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliphobia (a fear of long words). It’s difficult to tell when the experts are being serious and when they’re having us on.

Psychologists have been proved to be worse at making judgements (or offering advice) than hairdressers. Research has shown that psychiatrists are worse than useless.

When doctors in Israel went on strike for a month, admissions to hospital dropped by eighty five per cent, with only the most urgent cases being admitted, but despite this the death rate in Israel dropped by fifty per cent — the largest drop since the previous doctors’ strike twenty years earlier — to its lowest ever recorded level. Much the same thing happens wherever doctors have gone on strike. The Great Reset doesn’t have a place for doctors or hospitals. Maybe we shouldn’t worry too much. Just give us open access to painkillers.

An editorial published in the British Medical Journal stated that: ‘only one per cent of the articles in medical journals are scientifically sound’ and that ‘only about fifteen per cent of medical interventions are supported by solid scientific evidence’.

Uncomfortable truths (such as those the truth-tellers have been screaming about for the last two years) have always attracted abuse, ridicule and persecution, and those who dare to speak out against the establishment have always been regarded as dangerous heretics.

Original thinkers, daring to question the establishment, are still being demonised and cancelled by a modern culture which is just as constrained, as restrictive and as destructive as anything in history.

There may not be much burning at the stake going on these days but original thinkers are destroyed by being described as ‘conspiracy theorists’ or, for absolutely no reason at all, and with no supporting evidence for the slur, they are labelled ‘discredited’.

The licensing authorities remove the licenses of doctors who dare to question the officially approved line of thinking. Doctors who voice views which question drug industry research are told that they must be suffering from mental illness.

When I was invited to speak to NHS staff about drug side effects, I was banned because the drug industry protested. I was replaced by a drug industry spokesman.

Still, I mustn’t complain. Michael Servetus wrote a book suggesting (accurately) that a separate pulmonary circulation existed within the body. For sharing this truth with the world, Servetus was burnt alive in 1553.

These days we just have to put up with censorship and lies and garbage on Google and Wikipedia.

Vernon Coleman’s latest book is Medical Heretics: How the medical establishment crushes the truth and suppresses good ideas is available as a paperback. Vernon Coleman’s international bestseller How to stop your doctor killing you is also available.

A Brief Comment:

“Research has shown that psychiatrists are worse than useless”. We say that they are GARBAGE.

18 Safar 1444 – 15 September 2022



A Sister sent the following remedy for Sugar Diabetes:

Finally Good News For Diabetes.

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A woman (65) was diabetic for the last 20+ years and was taking insulin twice a day.

She used the enclosed homemade medicine for a fortnight and now she is absolutely free of diabetes and taking all her food as normal

including sweets.

The doctors have advised her to stop insulin and any other blood sugar controlling drugs.

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( Bombay Kidney Speciality expert )

made the extensive experiments with perseverance and patience and discovered a successful treatment for diabetes.

Now a days a lot of people, old men & women in particular suffer a lot due to Diabetes.


1 – Wheat 100 gm

2 – Barley 100 gm

3 – Black Seeds (kalunji) 100 gm

4 goondar 100gr

Method of Preparation :

Put all the above ingredients in 5 cups of water.

Boil it for 10 minutes and put off the fire.

Allow it to cool down by itself.

When it has become cold, filter out the seeds and preserve water in a glass jug or bottle.

How to use it?

Take one small cup of this water every day early morning when your stomach is empty.

Continue this for 7 days.

Next week repeat the same but on alternate days. With these 2 weeks of treatment you will wonder to see that you have become normal and can eat normal food without problem.


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👉 In order to introduce the unislamic secular education system and the unislamic western allopathic system of medicine(Pharmakeia) the western powers had to destroy true Islamic knowledge by murdering the scholars, burning islamic books and closing down legitimate institutions of islamic education so that Muslims would have no convenient alternatives but to accept the western ways of doing things.
👉 “Pharmakeia” is the use or administering of drugs; poisoning; and sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it.
👉 “Pharmakeia” is where we get our English word “Pharmacy” which is a well organized and deceptive system that administers poisonous drugs & black magic.

‘In 1861 the British Government launched a campaign against the Qur’ān. 300,000 copies of the Noble Qur’ān were set alight by the government. Thereafter, they made a resolution to eradicate the ulemā’.

An English historian, Mr. Thompson writes in his memoirs:

“From 1864 to 1867, the British government firmly resolved to eradicate all the ulemā’ of India. These three years are one of the most heart-wrenching periods of Indian history. The British hanged 14 000 ulemā’ to death. From Chandi Chowk of Delhi up to Khaibar, not a single tree was spared the neck of the ulemā’.The ulemā’ were wrapped in pig-skin and hurled alive into blazing furnaces. Their bodies were branded with hot copper rods. They used to be made to stand on the backs of elephants and tied to high trees. The elephants would then be driven away and they would be left hanging by their necks. A makeshift gallow was set up in the courtyard of the Shāhī Mosque of Lahore and each day up to eighty ulemā’ were hanged. The ulemā’ were at times wrapped up in sacks and dumped into the Rawi river of Lahore after which a hail of bullets would be pumped into each sack.”

Thompson writes further:

“As I got into my camp at Delhi, I perceived a stench of putrefied flesh. As I stepped out and went behind my camp, I saw a blazing fire of live coals. I saw a group of forty naked ulemā’ being led into the fire. As I was witnessing this scene, another group of forty ulemā’ were brought onto the field. Right before my eyes, their clothes were taken off their bodies. The English commander addressed them thus: ‘O Molvies! Just as these ulemā’ are being roasted over this fire, you will also be roasted. To save yourselves, just one of you must proclaim that you were not part of the 1857 uprising of freedom. I will release all of you the moment I hear just one of you affirming this.”

Thompson writes:

“By the Lord who has created me! Not one of the ulemā’ said any such thing. All of them were roasted over the fire and another group was also brought and roasted over the blazing fire. Not a single ālim surrendered to the demands of the British.”

By 1867 not a single Islamic institute remained. One would be quite astonished to realize that in 1601 when the British arrived in India for trade, there were a thousand Islamic institutes in Delhi alone.’

Not only that ,
But they were tied with the canon and if they refuse to surrender they were just blown away with the canon.

“Verily, Allah does not take Ilm away from the servants all of a sudden. Rather, He takes it (Ilm) away (from the Dunya) gradually through taking away the Ulama (who are upon the Haqq). This continues until such a stage is reached when not a single (true)Aalim is alive on the face of the earth. At that time, mankind will take Juhhaal (Ignoramuses) as their leaders. These Juhhaal (ignoramuses) will be asked questions (by the people) and will issue Fataawaa without any `Ilm (Knowledge). So these people (The Juhhaal) are deviates and they will cause others to become deviates.” [Bukhaari Shareef]

The identity crisis that Muslims face today is neither accidental nor spontaneous. It is the result of efforts and attempts planned and executed with military precision by the enemies of Islam.

While they were bombing innocent children and raping our women, they were also bombing our Iman and raping the Shariah, under the guise of “reform” a movement was celebrated and Promoted by our very own Ulema who camouflaged it with religious texts and presented it to the Ummah claiming it was the way forward for the “progressive” amongst us.

As we near the culmination of efforts,the agenda becomes increasingly clear. The true intention of this “reform” was to create a new improved Islam acceptable to the The New World Order. A phrase that was previously attributed to conspiracy theorists, is now being regurgitated by almost every world leader.

This “reform” of Islam happened in stages.

It is imperative for all Muslims to awaken to the reality of this movement. This Islamic reform has not solved a single problem. It has failed to produce real Muslim leaders who can show us the path to victory. The reason for this monumental failure is the profound deviation that made them think that Islam needed to be reformed or modernized!
There needs to be a massive unlearning and Decolonisation of the Muslim Mind

In order to understand the deviation of the “new-age” Ulama-e-Soo’, it is also necessary to understand who the trueUlama were. A person will only understand how lamentable is the state of the present Ulama when he understands how great were theUlama of before; how much were their sacrifices for the Deen of Allaah Taala; how much torture and persecution they had gone through; how strong were they in their “Zuhd” (Abstinence) towards this Dunya and how powerful was their Taalluq (Connection) with Allah Rabbul Izzah. This is amongst the main sicknesses ailing the present dayUlama and the thing which makes them so very different from the glorious `Ulama of the past; the lack of this Sifat (Quality) of “Zuhd” (Abstinence) in them towards the Dunya.

In the miserable pursuit of Jaah (name and fame) and worldly riches, these Ulama have sold away the Deen of Allah Taala. For the sake of the pleasure of their Kuffaar masters many of them have promoted the mind control weapon of the kuffaar known as the unislamic secular education system and many of them have given legitimacy to the secular health qualifications of indoctrinated Muslims who are promoting the unislamic system of western allopathic/secular based medicine within the ummah which is used by the enemies of Islam as a tool of oppression against mankind and has funded the Zionist controlled pharmaceutical industry in their oppression against Muslims.

These Ulama-e-Soo’, who are the housewives of the Americans & British, appear to be displeased with this Deen of Islam simply because their American & British Kuffaar masters are displeased with it. The Kuffaar find the Words of Allah RabbulIzzah in the Qur’aan Kareem and the words of Hudhoor (Sallallaahu `Alayhi wasallam) in the Ahaadeeth too ‘harsh’, therefore they bring out their puppet scholars and their modern fraudulent Darul uloom system of indoctrination to attempt to destroy it through their Tahreefaat (Alterations of the intended meanings of the Qur’aan and Hadeeth) until it reaches a form which is acceptable to them.

However, the level of alteration wrought by their puppets are only acceptable to them initially; after some time these Kuffaar will again look over this ‘new’ Deen of Islam created by their modernist puppets, and find it yet too ‘harsh’ and ‘unpalatable’, so further Tahreefaat will again have to be made by their puppet scholars and ‘Imams’, some of them who are currently known for promoting the closure of musjids and altering the Sunnah way of reading salaah by forcing “Secular health protocols” which they implemented due to the infiltration of the deviant sect of secular qualified Muslim health Practitioners who serve the agendas of the kuffaar oppressors that have enslaved mankind and persecuted Muslims around the world.

This process will occur time and again until they feel that they have succeeded in eradicating the Deen of Allah Rabbul Izzah from the Dunya, but they will fail miserably in this attempt. Allah Subhanahu wa Taala has already made this promise in the Qur’aan Kareem:

“They desire to put out the Noor of Allaah Ta`ala with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His Noor, even if the Kaafireen detest it.” [Surah as-Saff: 8]

Therefore, Allaah Taala will continue to safeguard this Deen. And Insha ’Allah Taalala, just like how the ulema of haqq stood up to their oppressors and the deviant sects in the past, there will always be such Ulama-e-Haqq who will stand up to defend the Deen of Allah RabbulIzzah even if it means that their heads must be severed from their shoulders or get assassinated with a number of bullets. Is that not the least one can do for the Deen of Allah Ta`ala?

Unfortunately, this is not the case with many of the modern misguided ulema who would rather bow down to their kuffaar masters in closing the musjids, changing the Sunnah way of reading salaah, promoting the health and education system of the west and funding the Zionist controlled pharmaceutical industry. They not only become deviates but they serve the system of the enemies of Islam and they themselves become agents of the kuffaar and become complicit in the destruction of Islam.

Let these Ulama-e-Soo’ who keep the Muslim ummah enslaved to the oppressive systems of the kuffaar by concealing the truth meditate on the threat of Rasoolullaah (Sallallahu Taaalaa `Alayhi wasallam) in the Hadeeth of the punishment which will be meted out to them: That on the Day of Qiyamat, bridles of fire will be placed around their neck.

They may receive some false honour from the Munaafiqeen in the life of this world, but they will receive no honour when they are dragged into the Divine Court of Allaah Rabbul Izzah, by the Malaa’ikah ofAdhaab. Every `Aalim who, despite knowing the Haqq conceals it, becomes an agent of the kuffaar that keeps the Muslim ummah enslaved to the oppressive systems of the kuffaar.

This Fitnah of the rise of these A’immah-e-Mudhilleen is something which had been promised to this Ummat by Rasulullaah (Sallallaahu Alayhi wasallam) more than one thousand four hundred years ago. “Yaqoob narrated to us, “My father narrated to me from his father who said, “A brother of Adi’ bin Artaa narrated to me from a man from Hadhrat Abu Darda’ (RadhiyallaahuAnhu) who said, “Rasulullah (Sallallaahu `Alayhi wasallam) had told us that, “The thing which I fear most for you (my Ummah) is (the rise of) the A’immat-e-Mudhilleen. (Such Imaams who lead others towards deviation).” [Musnad-e-Imaam Ahmad]

In this Hadith, Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi wasallam) himself refers to these people as “Al-A’immat-ul-Mudhilloon”. It is the reality of the matter that whichever unfortunate person undertakes upon himself to follow one of these “Imaams of Dhalaalah (Deviation)” is likely going to end up in the fire of Jahannum. That is because such people are very far from the original, true Deen of Islam which was brought to us by Janaab-e-Rasulullah (SallallaahuAlayhi wasallam) and practiced by the Sahaabah-e-Kiraam (Ridhwaanullaahi Alayhim Ajmaeen). These people have invented a Deen of their very own which they follow and invite others towards. This religion of theirs (which they have invented) is such a (false) Deen which is appealing to those in whose hearts lurk the wretched evils of Kufr and Nifaaq. This religion of theirs is quite acceptable to their western Kuffaar masters as it is a religion which is very far removed from the original pristine Deen of Islam.

Although we know that whatever Sarkaar-e-Do Aalam (Sallallaahu Alayhi wasallam) had promised will come to pass, nevertheless it is disappointing to note the speed at which the putrefaction of theUlama has taken place. In this belated age, deviants who resemble the Ulama of Bani Israaeel have sprung up declaring the western Allopathic system of biological warfare (masquerading as medicine) to be Halaal while they give legitimacy to the secular titles of doctors and professors(false experts) who are indoctrinated and brainwashed into many Unislamic beliefs… the same deviant beliefs which they acquired from the institutions of kufr mind control (masquerading as secular medical schools) in order to serve the Zionist controlled pharmaceutical industry and oppressive governments who commit despicable acts of oppression against mankind.

You will never find a people who ˹truly˺ believe in Allah and the Last Day loyal to those who defy Allah and His Messenger, even if they were their parents, children, siblings, or extended family.” Quran(58:22)




A Sister from Pakistan provides some very beneficial remedies in her letter which is reproduced hereunder:


This is in reference to the article “Shenanigans of Doctors”. The sister is so right about Doctors prescribing over dosage of painkillers and other medicines.

This Ramadhan the mother-in-law of my grand daughter called me at Sehri and said that my grand daughter had high fever and body pain, should she give her two Panadols (a pain killer). I immediately suggested to her not to give the painkiller, instead make her drink a large glass of water every ten minutes. In an hour she will pass much urine, and her fever will subside and the body pain will be significantly reduced. Continue this the entire day.

However, she put the phone down and called a doctor who advised her to give two Panadols to the “patient’. This she gave at once. My grand daughter started to perspire excessively after 15 minutes and collapsed. The inlaws and her husband panicked, and called me again. I warned them not to take her to any hospital as she will get worse with the emergency treatment, but to give her plain water and boil a teaspoon of Saunf (Fennel) in a glass of water for two minutes and make her sip it hot, she will get better, Insha-Allah.

Saunf is a “Diuretic” and helps to clean kidneys. This is not my prescription but the prescription of great Hakeems. Saunf tea should be given thrice a day.

Alhamdolillah, with this water and “Saunf tea” treatment my grand daughter recovered so fast that she was up and about in a couple of days and Alhamdolillah, she did not need to visit any Doctor.

Mufti Saheb there are such easy and simple Hakeem prescriptions for all ailments but even if informed, people do not pay any heed to it and rush to doctors. A friend of mine had very high blood pressure I suggested that she boils a teaspoon of whole coriander seeds in a glass of water for three minutes and drink it a bit hot (not very) thrice a day and keep on taking this thrice a day for at least fifteen days. Alhamdolillah, her blood pressure became normal in just 3/4 days.

These are prescriptions of great Hakeems of the past, not mine. Taking tablets is easy for all but making and taking these simple but sure remedies, is spurned


Shifa is only from Allah Ta’ala, if He wills a sip of water and a pinch of ash can and will give Shifa.


6 Muharram 1444 – 5 August 2022