7 Habits Of Successful Muslim Youth

Source: Tuhfatush Shabaab
Success in this world is directly related to the strength of your relationship with Allah Ta’ala. The further one is from Allah Ta’ala and the teachings of Nabi Muhammad ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him), the less likely one is to achieve success in this world and, even less likely to achieve success in the hereafter. It is necessary for us to reflect upon our Islamic teachings and become a highly successful Muslim youth.
Here are seven habits which are essential for a Muslim youth to be highly successful, derived from the Qur-aan and the teachings of Nabi Muhammad ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him).
Being truthful is the greatest quality of a Muslim. Nabi ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him)was known as As-Saadiq (The Truthful) even before he became a Nabi. The highest position on the Day of Qiyaamah will be afforded to those who are TRUTHFUL. Many a times we feel it difficult to speak the truth especially when we make a mistake. We worry over whether or not to disclose exactly what happened. We are often afraid that if we speak the truth about what we have done or said, we will be in trouble with our parents or friends. What we forget is that Allah Ta’ala knows exactly what took place, whether the people around us know or not. A person is immediately relieved when he speaks the truth even if he will be punished for what he did. Allah Ta’ala tells us in the Qur-aan “This is a day in which the truthful will benefit from their truth. For them is Jannah, with rivers flowing beneath their eternal Home: Allah is well-pleased with them, and they with Allah. That is the great salvation, (the fulfilment of all desires).” (Al-Ma’idah 5:119)
One who speaks the truth is always respected by people whereas a liar is always disgraced in the sight of people. He will have to keep on lying to cover up for his first lie. Being truthful is not an option for Muslims. It is an obligation, because our goal in being truthful is Jannah.
Rasulullah ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) has said, “Truthfulness leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to Jannah. And a man keeps on telling the truth until he becomes a truthful person. Falsehood leads to Fujoor (wickedness, evil-doing), and Fujoor leads to Jahannam, and a man may keep on telling lies till he is written before Allah as a liar.” (Sahih Bukhaari, Hadith #116)
Ultimate success is therefore achieved by living one’s entire life as a truthful person.
Are you considered a trustworthy person? Nabi Muhammad ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) was known in Makkah to be the most trustworthy person. If you want to progress in life you have to become trustworthy and reliable. The Ambiyaa (Prophets) of Allah Ta’ala were all trustworthy people. Practice developing the habit of being trustworthy daily. Accept responsibility and then fulfil it. When others trust you, do not betray their trust.
You can read in the beautiful biography of our Nabi Muhammad ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) how people used to entrust him with their valuables, knowing that upon their return they would find their valuables safe and unharmed. His personal and business practices were commendable to such an extent that he was known for it in his community. Even before he became aware that he was the Nabi of Allah Ta’ala, he was known as the one who is most truthful and trustworthy.
3. HAVE TAQWA (Self-restraint and be Allah-conscious)
Perhaps the most difficult challenge while passing through youth is to restrain oneself from one’s evil desires. Our success in life depends to a great extent on how well we are able to restrain ourselves from what is impermissible. Shaytaan’s goal is to make man a slave of his desires.
To become a highly successful Muslim youth, that is, a youth deserving of the greatest fortune, it is important that you develop self-restraint. How wonderful it will be if in your old age you can look back at your life and say to yourself, “All praise is due to Allah Ta’ala that I did not succumb to my desires and instead adopted Taqwa.
A Muslim youth must be systematic and organised in everything that he does. We should never get into the habit of doing things haphazardly. If we are entrusted to do some work by our elders, we should make sure it is done correctly and respectably. Rasulullah ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) liked people to be organised and systematic in what they did. He praised those Sahaabah (radiyallahu anhum) who were organised in their work.
A Muslim youth must always be focused on what he is doing. One should never allow his mind to wander around and day dream. This then takes his focus away from his goals. Developing the habit of being focused ensures that you are awake, alert, and totally motivated to work on and complete the task at hand, whatever it may be. Being distracted by video games and constantly changing scenes on television shows, makes one unable to concentrate and focus. Among the best ways to develop focus is to perform ones salaah with deep concentration focusing on the Greatness of Allah Ta’ala.
Do your best to develop focus, no matter what activity you are engaged in whether it is Ibaadat, in studies, at work or with your family. Nowadays it has become a trend for people to be glued to their phones in such a way that they cannot focus on anything else around them.
Punctuality is the stepping stone to success in any field. Due to us always being late we are made to understand that Muslims are always late. Successful people understand and appreciate the value of not only their time but the time of everyone else with whom they interact. Keeping people waiting for hours on end is neither something to be proud of nor a habit that has a place in the mind-set of a person who tries to be successful.
One of the central pillars of Islam is Salaah, and Allah Ta’ala and Nabi Muhammad ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) have given us clear reminders that we are to establish Salaah at their due times.
When `Abdullah (radiyallahu anhu) asked, “Which deed is the dearest to Allah?” Nabi Muhammad  replied, “To offer the Salaah at its fixed time” (Sahih Bukhaari, Hadith #505).
If indeed your day is to be considered successful, you must have performed all the Salaah at their prescribed times and as many voluntary Salaah as possible. If your day is planned around the times of Salaah, you should perform Salaah exactly at its time. Being punctual is a habit which, when perfected, demonstrates to others the tremendous value that Islam places on time — not only ours but that of everyone else with whom we interact.
Apart from all the habits listed above, the one that is sure to help you become a highly successful Muslim youth is that of being consistent. Be consistent on what you do. Don’t be a shirker. Let your elders have trust in you knowing full well that they can be rest assured you will fulfil all the necessary tasks correctly and accurately. Rasulullah ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) has said that the action that is most beloved to Allah Ta’ala is the one that is done with consistency, though it maybe a little.
We urge you to be as consistent as possible, especially in those areas of your life which need constant improvement, such as your Salaah, your fasting, your manners, your studying habits, etc.
O Youth………
 Stay away from debt and borrowing money. Learn to live within your means.
 Don’t violate the rights of others.
 Try and stay in the state of wudhu at all times.
 Try to secure a place for yourself under the shade of Allah’s throne on the Day of Qiyaamah by staying in the obedience of Allah Ta’ala in your youth.
 Always think good, see good, hear good, have good desires and urges, good intentions, good deeds, manners and habits, character, good friends.




The following letter from a Sister speaks volumes for the KUFR of parents – for the zina-training parents mete out to their children cast into the cauldron of filth and zina by their own parents. The letter is reproduced verbatim.

Assalaamualaikumwa rahmatullahi wabarakathuhu

21 Shawwal 1443 ( 23 May 2022

Below is a message I received from one of my students.

“Apa, today   Aamina came home and told me that another boy in her class said to her when they big they must go for coffee and he will get a fast car for her and they must find a place to live together.  He also said to her that he wants a baby with her and this is soo shocking, they are grade R kids.

I was against sending her to school from the beginning because of fear of what goes on.  (Yet you sent her to the brothel! You paved the pathway of Jahannam for her—The Majlis)

I just wanted to share this with apa.”

Few weeks back I received the following messages from elsewhere. It’s forwarded as received.




[4/27, 10:05 PM]

I would like to share with you an experience I had today.

While teaching my grade 7 class about Bulooghat and the different ways in which a girl can reach maturity we happened upon  wet dream. And ofcourse this set off a flurry of questions from the girls.  (You were utterly shameless. Your Imaan must  be in an advanced degree of  putrefaction  to enable you to  be so shameless  with a group of girls already set on the pathway of prostitution and zina—The Majlis)

One Question that took me by surprise was not the LGBTQ one no… that one I was ready and well prepared for.

The one that hit me for a six was whether it is haraam to have intercourse with a dog and why it is haraam if you are not harming anyone.

If you have intercourse with a dog and fall pregnant, will you give birth to a werewolf. That would be awesome sight?

Our children have been exposed too much, much more than we realize and it has been glamorized by movies and series Teen Wolf and Twilight and all those things.

We don’t realize the damage.

I did not know how deeply morally corrupt and depraved the world is out there and how they literally prey on the minds of young children and chipping away at their imaan until now.

That bestiality can become attractive to them is so much more beyond our dilemma with LGBTQ. May Allah protect our children. (Your dua is empty, devoid of  sincere substance. Parents are aware  that there daughters are  well on the way of zina and prostitution, but they  choose to remain blind  because of their  own worldly and nafsaani pursuits. Their Imaan  has been extinguished. While they  deceive themselves and others to portray themselves as Muslims, they are actually kuffaar – The Majlis)

[4/27, 10:05 PM] .: Slmz mums hope u all well

So after reading yesterday story… I tawt I’d share this with the mums just so we can be on an alert mkde with our kids and cell phones  (These mums are rubbishes. They  have  the tendencies of prostitutes, hence they are able to condone the  filth and zina of their children – The Majlis)

My sister teaches grade 4 kids

In Ramadan they had an incident where the boys told some girls about a few inappropriate websites to go see and they even said to them when u watching it dont forget to use cream.

At least the girls were clever enough to tell their mums about the incident but unfortunately we living in scary times…. (The scare is the  making of the parents who are  first class RUBBISHES! –The Majlis)

We just need to be sooo careful with what our kids get upto on the fones.   (Don’t acquit yourself with stupid advice. Parents have placed devices of zina and porn into the hands of their children, so don’t proffer stupid advice! – The Majlis)

Also there’s only so much u can control but these things are happening these days and its as small as grade 4 kids.”  (You are satanically wrong. Parents have full control over their children. But for their own  evil motives and goals they cast their children into the cauldrons of immorality and zina. – The Majlis)

I am at a loss of words. When are our Muslim parents going to realize that Imaan and Akhlaaq are superior  “School”. Actually, parents are finding it increasingly difficult to take responsibility and nurture their children. It’s just simpler for them to send the children out to schools and madrassas so that they out of their way- nevermind the ruining of Imaan and Akhlaaq. Muslim parents have forgotten that children are our Amaanat and a means of our salvation or destruction.

The best advice The Majlis gave us is not to allow our children to mix with other children freely and not to send them out of the home to learn if they will end up mixing with other children otherwise their Akhlaaq will be ruined.

23 Shawwaal 1443 – 25 May 2022


Can Mufti Saahib please advise on the following: I often get into arguments with people regarding the issue of gaining secular education. Initially we thought that gaining secular education while not physically attending school is allowed by the Shari’ah, but after looking at the content that is being thought, we realised that it is completely haraam to be learning such things irrespective of physically being in school or not. How does one explain to an individual who says that not all people can become Muftis or Aalims, their reasoning being that there is a need for Muslim doctors, lawyers etc. People also say that they attended school but they all turned out fine in the end, they didn’t loose their Imaan etc. How do you respond to such individuals in a respectful manner?

Much of “Secular” education – the kind being taught nowadays is fujoor (immorality) and kufr. The secular college/university environment is immoral. Anyone who denies this clearer than daylight fact is a confounded liar, munaafiq and murtad. In fact, a university is worse than a brothel. Indulgence in brothel activity (zina and the like) despite its villainy and immorality does not efface Imaan nor does it have the disastrous immoral consequences which are integral to university life.
A person who emerges from a brothel after indulgence in zina, comes out with remorse, regret and shame. He does, in most case, gain the taufeeq for Taubah. He does not justify his fujoor. He conceals his villainy. On the other hand, in direct contrast, the John and Jane, even if they profess to be Muslims, indulge in the fisq, fujoor and kufr which are integral to all universities. It does not cross their minds that they are wallowing in filth, immorality and kufr. They are proud of their haraam accomplishments or shenanigans. They justify all their haraam, and emerge from university with arrogance flaunting scrap degrees and donkey qualifications.
Consequently, they never acquire the taufeeq for Taubah. They perish without Imaan whilst believing all the time that they are ‘Muslims’. They are in fact Munaafiqeen of the worst kind. You say: “We realised that it is completely haraam to be learning such things irrespective of physically being in school or not.”

We are not aware of the full content of what is being taught online. However, if the full content is haraam as you say, then obviously it will be haraam to pursue such satanic education even online.
The ‘need’ for Muslim doctors and lawyers is trounced by the imperative need to preserve Imaan and Akhlaaq. It is never permissible to pursue a ‘need’ at the price of sacrificing Imaan and Akhlaaq. If the universities stipulate that a condition for admission is to renounce your Imaan and adopt interfaith, that is to believe that Islam is not the absolute truth, will a true Muslim succumb to this kufr for the sake of the ‘need’ which in reality is a hallucinated need?
If the hallucinated need does materialize and becomes a reality in the future, then the Shariah allows it to be surmounted by resorting to the services of kuffaar physicians. Hence, Muslims are not faced with the problem of selection between two evils – a greater evil and a lesser evil. This principle comes into operation only when there is absolutely no third halaal option available. But in this case, there is no incumbency to pursue donkey education and in the process of this satanic pursuit to lose one’s Imaan and Akhlaaq. The answer is simply to abstain from this haraam secular pursuit.
Furthermore, understand well that Muslims who pursue secular careers are not motivated by any altruism. They are not out to become philanthropists. On the contrary, the sole objective is the boodle. Doctors, among all these secularists, are the worst, vilest and most brutal scoundrels. They are real butchers, physically and figuratively. The rare exceptions are obviously excluded from this pejorative appraisal.
That “they all turned out just fine in the end”, is a massive shaitaani deception. In reality, the vast majority remain munaafiq, kaafir and murtad while professing to be Muslims. Their Aqaaid and Akhlaaq are absolutely corrupt and spiritually nauseating. Just view the statements of flagrant kufr which so-called ‘islamic’ medical associations issue. They wallow in kufr. Even those whose Imaan has not been effaced, do not emerge unscathed from university. Their Imaan and Akhlaaq are adversely affected to some degree. You will be able to glean this Imaani damage in the writings of sincere professors who had the good fortune to become mureeds of Akaabir Ulama. They are just unable to totally shed the cocoon of kufr, fisq and fujoor which was fitted on to their brains at university.
You will not be able to respond to such individuals “with respect”. You simply have to call a spade a spade and say with clarity to them that they are on the path leading to Jahannam. Don’t waste time in the futile attempt to convince those for whom kufr and Jahannam have been ordained. Allah Ta’ala guides whomever He wills, and He misleads whomever He wills.


Q. Is it permissible for an aalimah to accept females as mureeds in the manner Mashaaikh do? Is it permissible to enter into bay’t with her?
A. Such a woman is a shaitaanah. Making bayt with a female is satanic. Such a woman is never an ‘aalimah’. She is a jaahilah.
Q. I am a contributor to an islamic school and madressah. I have recently found out that in these so called islamic institutions there have been confirmed multiple haraam affairs by male and female educators in the institutions. At the moment I heard there is once again an affair in this so called islamic institution. Is it permissible for me to discharge my zakaat to any of these institutions? Is it permissible for me to assist them financially with the hope of reward? Should encouragement be made to send children to these places? 

A. The immorality you have now so belatedly discovered is old hat. At all these so-called ‘islamic’ schools there is a combustible mix for zina. Sins of sexual misdemeanour are rife at these institutions. These schools are Mal-oon (Accursed) aberrations in the Muslim community. It is not permissible to contribute your Zakaat or any other funds to this school where haraam and immorality take place. Do not assist these schools. They cause more moral and Deeni harm than good. If anyone wishes to ruin the moral character of his child, then these schools are the ideal places. Ustaadhs, molvis, sheikhs, apas and pupils are all trapped in this shaitaani and nafsaani web of zina. It is a wicked morass of filth.
We have for decades criticized these so-called Islamic schools. There is too much evil in these schools. Never encourage people to send their children to these institutions of moral disaster and destruction




Please view the Fee Structure of Darul Uloom Zakariyya. Are these exorbitant fee amounts permissible? Please comment.


Most certainly these exorbitant fees charged by an Institution imparting Knowledge of the Qur’aan and Hadith are exploitive and haraam. It is tantamount to trading the Deen for a miserable price. The Qur’aan Majeed states: “Do not trade my Aayaat for a miserable price.”

During the early era of Islam it was haraam to pay a wage to the Muath-thin of the Musjid. It was haraam to pay an Imaam. It was haraam to pay Ustaadhs to teach the Qur’aan. This was the unanimous fatwa of the Fuqaha-e-Mutaqaddimeen – The Fuqaha of the Salfus Saaliheen era – the Fuqaha of Khairul Quroon.

It is a great pity and extremely disgusting that the Madaaris have become mercenary institutions. That is precisely why the Ulama of the Darul Ulooms refrain from proclaiming the Haqq. They have abandoned Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahy Anil Munkar because of their mercenary attributes. The Ulama no longer have Yaqeen although they blow much hot air about yaqeen and tawakkul in their bayaans. Tawakkul is a strange concept for the Ulama of this age. It is something antique to be shoved into oblivion or at best to make it a topic of idle and futile story-telling. It has no practical significance and value for the Ulama. That is why the Madrasah charges such haram exorbitant fees for teaching the Qur’aan and Hadith.

The later fatwa of permissibility of paying Ustaadhs wages, issued by the later Fuqaha was based on extreme necessity. Since personnel of Tawakkul were no longer available to attend to these important and necessary Deeni activities, the Fuqaha based their permissibility fatwa on valid Shar’i principles.

The R28,600 annual fee of the Madrasah is absolute insanity and haraam.  The Madrasah emulating kuffaar institutions have adopted the haraam fee structure which is the imposition of exploitation and zulm on students and their parents, as well as on the Institution of Zakaat, if the latter is utilized to capture the funds by way of the stratagem of Tamleek. And, who taught them the lesson of ‘registration fee’? It is a haraam stupidity adopted from kuffaar institutions.

There is no need for the Madaaris/Darul Ulooms to charge fees. These Madaaris have such donors who bask and swim in wealth. They donate millions to these Institutions. The Madrasah personnel bask in luxury. They come within the purview of the Hadith, in which Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“The noblest of ages is my era, then the next era, then the next era……Thereafter will come people who love obesity.”

They will ruin their physical health and spiritual health with ill-gotten money. Their motive will be acquisition of money. They will roll in luxury and extravagance. Their obesity (fatness) will be the consequence of love for the dunya, hence money will be their primary objective. They will be such people about whom Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“They will pursue the dunya with the amal of the Aakhirat.”

Imparting knowledge of the Qur’aan and Hadith is the highest form of Tableegh. There is no greater and no more nobler Deeni activity than teaching the Qur’aan and Hadith which emanated from Ghaar-e-Hira (the Cave of Hira). Alas! This wonderful amal of the Aakhirat is despicably utilized to earn the miserable crumbs and jeefah (carrion) of the dunya.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:  “The best of you are those who learn and teach the Qur’aan.” Those who have mercenary and worldly motives are excluded.

The argument of the funds necessary for the upkeep of the Madrasah, hence the need for these exploitive fees, is baseless and devoid of Shar’i substance.  These Ulama are products of Darul Uloom Deoband or of Mazaahirul Uloom or of any other Deobandi Madrasah in India and Pakistan. They are aware of the fact that our Madaaris do not charge fees despite the poverty. Fees and Madrasah are two incompatible opposites.

Fees are despicable. The ta’leem must be solely for Ridha-Ilaahi (the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala). He will make the arrangements for the operation of the Madrasah. The funds will be forthcoming in honourable ways, not in the despicable way of trading the Qur’aan and Hadith for a miserable and lousy pittance such as the fees of exploitation.

Besides the funding acquired from the haraam fees, the Darul Uloom receives millions annually from wealthy donors. There is therefore absolutely no need for extravasating and leeching these exorbitant fees from students or their parents or by the stratagem of Tamleek.

We are in the era in proximity to Qiyaamah, hence these evils must be expected. The Madaaris have also become signs of Qiyaamah. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on us.

8 Shawwaal 1443 – 10 May 2022



The following message is circulating in the public domain:


For years, my daughter, student at the school, has told the stories of numerous incidents that have happened. Male teachers at the school have been acting inappropriately with our underage girls. Letters have been written, phone calls have been made, teachers have been notified YET there is still nothing done to adress the situation. Mr Haffejee, Mr Naicker and Ml. Osman excluded.

Mr hussein who teaches accounting has on many occasions touched students hands, faces, and other places and called them affectionate inappropriate names such as babygirls, wives, honeys, etc. This matter has been brought up multiple times to the office yet he has faced no repercussions.

Mr Peerbhai has also been doing the same and has been seen watching the girls as they have PE. He constantly makes inappropriate jokes and comments and has even suggested to certain students that they should come to his office and live with him etc.

Mr khan made inappropriate comments about girls bodies, weights and has been found taking pictures of the grade 9 students while they were changing for a performance.

The girls who have spoken up are targeted, belittled and are made to seem delusional.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. This has been going on for years and while the female staff are extraordinary and have shown the great lengths that they will take to protect their students, this matter has been hidden by those in charge.

It is time that this ends. This school of excellence is an institute that has for 21 years produced nothing but wonders. The school is famous for the 100% pass rate and for never having a student fail. YET THEY ARE FAILING THEIR STUDENTS. And for this their prestigious reputation is tarnished.

The formal procedures have been followed but after nothing being done for years… This matter is now open to the public.

The school is Maritzburg Muslim Girls School. It is part of the Raisethorpe Musjid. (End of message)


We have in numerous occasions commented, castigated and damned all secular educational institutions which are haunts of vice and immorality. Regarding the aforementioned message, we are indifferent to the accused teachers. They are not our concern. Our comment is reserved for the rubbish parents. Thus we say to them:

You have no entitlement to complain. You are Murtaddeen worse than the school’s staff you are now accusing of sexual misconduct. The vile shenanigans which you are attributing to the teachers are the norm in all secular schools, colleges and universities. There is no surprise.

The issues complained about are not new revelations. All these vile misdeeds are old hat. ‘Muslim’ parents who send their children, especially daughters, to these educational brothels are the worse scum. They are in flagrant denial of all the Ahkaam of Allah Ta’ala pertaining to Hijaab. They are in fact the actual pillages and plunderers of the hayaa and chastity of their daughters.

These miserable murtad parents have no right to complain. They must accept the misconduct of the teachers. Parents, themselves, have plunged their daughters into the cauldrons of sexual immorality and villainy. They must not complain and look for scapegoats when the hayaa and chastity of their daughters are plundered. Their daughters will ride on their backs right into Jahannam on the Day of Qiyaamah. Both the parents and their daughters are Hasabu Jahannam (Fuel for Hell-Fire).

These parents are infinitely worse criminals than the miscreant teachers.

18 Sha’baan 1443 – 21 March 2022


A truly Islamic government based on the Shariah and the Sunnah cannot be found in any Muslim country of today. For a successful Islamic government (Khilafate), the essential requisite is a spiritually and morally reformed Islamic ummah. There does not exist any such Islamic ummah anywhere today in the Islamic world. Therefore, even if a pious man or group of Muslims succeed in installing themselves in government, they will not succeed in the endeavour to implement the Shariah because they will be confronted by corrupt Muslim masses who will not allow the Shar’i process to be introduced.
It was precisely for the successful implementation of the Shariah that Islamic government was preceded by a thirteen year period of spiritual and moral reformation during the time of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Once the community was Islamically prepared, there was no difficulty in the implementation of the Shariah among the masses.
It was not possible to introduce Islamic Law among masses who are inimical to the Shariah. A people who has become westernized and who has abandoned the Sunnah of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) will sabotage the deeni efforts of benign Islamic rulers. The rulers will be compelled to enlist the services of the un-islamic masses to maintain the working of the country. If those who man the country’s services have no Islamic inclinations and Islamic character, they will resort to a variety of stratagems and co-operate with the enemies to bring about the fall of the Islamic rulers. Roohani and Islaahi training are, therefore, essential for the success of any Islamic government.
It is not possible to implement the shariah in a corrupt community by force. There will be a need for large scale repression, imprisonment and killings if force has to be used to implement the Shariah among a people who has lost its Islamic character. The sunnah way is, therefore, Taleem. Muslims should be educated and the Sunnah explained to them. As long as Muslims do not adopt the Sunnah voluntarily, there is no hope for the success of any Islamic government.
The view of first capturing the means of power and then enforcing the Shariah in an inimical populace is to put the cart before the horse. There is no hope of success.
Muslims are so alienated from Islam, that they will readily vote for an unislamic party or any irreligious group to rule them rather than submit to Shar’i rule. Under such circumstances, one can only expect the wrath of Allah Ta’ala to descend on the Ummat. This is the lamentable plight of the present day Ummah all over the world. Muslims themselves have an aversion for Islam, hence they so quickly adopt foreign and immoral cultures as their ways of life. There is no wonder that so many hardships & disasters are settling over Muslims on all fronts.



Q. A government school in our town has arranged an educational trip to visit various places including several historical sites. They include certain temples with ancient statues which are venerated by Buddhists as well. Some Muslim parents are planning to send their children too, though the school has not made it compulsory. The parents say it’s part of education and will create understanding between communities. Is it right for Muslim parents to send their children to visit these temples with idols?
A. This shaitaani understanding will create destruction of the Imaan of these children who are being exposed to shirk indoctrination. Firstly, attending the government/secular school is haraam. Visiting the kuffaar temples is a greater haraam act. It is darkness compounded with darkness. Parents are paving the path for the ruin of the Imaan of their children by allowing them to be exposed to kufr and shirk.
Instead of abhorrence for idolatry, the visit and the commentary of the teachers will dilute the villainy of the shirk. In fact it will imbue congeniality for kufr and shirk in the minds of the children. The rijs (filth) of idols will become subconsciously acceptable to the children. The Qur’aan refers to idols with the designation of RIJS (FILTH).
It is not permissible to visit even such places which Allah Ta’ala had destroyed with His Athaab, e.g. the Dead Sea region where the nation of Nabi Loot (Alayhis salaam) was wiped out by Allah’s Punishment. Such places are perpetually under the La’nat (Curse) of Allah Ta’ala. Hindu temples and all temples of shirk and kufr are worse than the areas destroyed by the Punishment of Allah Ta’ala. The Curse of Allah Ta’ala perpetually descends on places of idol-worship. Those who visit these abodes of shirk and kufr will be destructively affected by the La’nat and Ghadhab of Allah Azza Wa Jal.
Parents and teachers are opening the avenue of shirk and kufr for the children with such haraam visiting. This type of education is satanism (shaitaaniyat) and haraam.

Q. Recently I heard that if a child has clothes, toys etc. and we hand it over to someone else then we need to reimburse the child. Is this true? I didn’t think of this before. How do we reimburse? What sort of value do we give to used items?
Another question I had is what about when we encourage children to give to others or to charity and they chose to give their items like this. Is it okay? 
A. If there is any real value for the items, then pay that amount. If there is no real value, then give an amount you think is reasonable. It is always advisable not to make the children the owners of the clothes, etc. The parents should remain the owners. Then there will be no problem when the parent instructs the child to give an item to charity. However, if the child has already been made the owner, and if the item is still in the child’s use, it will not be permissible to give it away or to tell the child to give it away. If it is given away, it has to be replaced with a similar or a better item.

Q. When writing school exams, is it permissible for the Muslim child to answer with kufr, e.g. Darwin’s theory’ and the ‘big bang’ theory? The origin of the universe and mankind are based on these kufr theories. What should Muslim school children do?
A. It is firstly haraam to attend these secular kuffaar schools. Both Imaan and Akhlaaq are ruined in the immoral kuffaar school environment. It is kufr for the students to repeat the kufr in their writings even if they do not believe in it. If a baaligh child writes such kufr, he/she loses his/her Imaan. Their parents will join them in Jahannam for their kufr since these evil parents have chosen Jahannam for their children by casting them into the cauldron of kufr and immorality.

Q. I am a female physician. Is it permissible for me to attend to an 18 year old boy?
A. If a Muslim male physician is not available, then the boy should be referred to a non-Muslim male. If a suitable non-Muslim male physician is not available, then a Muslim female physician may attend to him observing Hijaab to the best of her ability.

Q. Is it permissible for a Maulana to teach Hifz to a boy who shaves his beard?
A. It is not permissible for a Maulana to teach Hifz to a boy who shaves his beard or who openly violates any law of the Shariah.

An Investigation into Western Education

Author: Hakeem-ul-Ummat Hadhrat Moulana Ashraf ‘Ali Saheb Thanwi (rahimahullaahu Ta’ala)
In the Name of Allah Ta’ala, the Most Kind and the Most Merciful
All praises are for Allah Ta’ala, the Nourisher of this world,
And prayers and salutations be upon His Nabi,
Our Leader Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alyhi wa sallam), and his children and his companions.
In our time, the permissibility or impermissibility of Western education is often discussed. Since the proofs of the majority of either side are not enough for a decisive answer, hence, every day the (severity of this) controversy increases without a (satisfying,) authentic answer (from a qualified researcher). We found it suitable that we should decide (i.e. the answer to this mas’alah) according to our opinion.
We hope that it would be enough for the (reader to) judge. As for the fossilized, no speech or writing has ever proven enough, and there is no hope (of it happening) in the future.

Case For The North American Muslim Community

The Case For The North American Muslim Community To Divest From Darul Uloom Al Madania And Darul Uloom Canada

Endorsed by Mufti Abdullah Nana

Published November 10, 2021 By Umer M. Sheriff, Guest Contributor

Trigger Warning: physical abuse, spiritual abuse, sexual abuse

Introduction and Background

The latter half of the 20th century saw successive waves of immigration from Muslim lands into North America. The nascent immigrant Muslim community quickly realized that for Islam to continue in its offspring, it was imperative for it to establish its own schooling, whereby the tradition could be transmitted to future generations. An integral part of this effort was establishing institutions of learning that imparted the higher Islamic sciences with the aim of producing homegrown traditional Islamic scholars. To further this goal, the South Asian immigrant community began establishing schools modeled after the madrasas common in that part of the world. For over a century, these madrasas produced rich scholarship in South Asia which eventually grew into a global phenomenon. A key feature of these madrasas is that they are predominantly boarding schools. Initially, they tend to start off as male-only institutions and as the institutions grow and become established, many, especially in the West, commonly expand their operations to include women’s schooling as well.

The early 1990’s Muslim community in North America saw the establishment of the first full-fledged madrasa of this kind in Buffalo, New York called Darul-Uloom Al-Madania (“DUM”). This institution was founded by Dr. Ismail Memon and his sons, mainly, Maulana Mansoor Memon and Maulana Ibrahim Memon. Though Dr. Ismail Memon was a medical doctor by profession, he had the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time in the company of one of the foremost Hadith scholars and sufi shaykhs of the latter half of the 20th century, Shaykh-ul-Hadith Zakariyya Kandhelwi (d. 1982). Through Shaykh Zakariyya’s mentorship, Dr. Ismail himself earned his ijaza in tasawwuf. His sons, Maulana Mansoor, Maulana Ibrahim, and Mufti Husain, all attained ijazaat in the advanced Islamic sciences from leading Islamic institutions. With this type of background, the family presented impressive credentials representing authenticity, authority, and erudition. From Darul-Uloom Al-Madania in Buffalo they expanded to Chatham, Canada and opened Darul-Uloom Canada around 2009. These two institutions represent North America’s oldest institutions offering the world-renowned dars-e-nizami curriculum that are still in operation.

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As a former student, someone who keeps in touch with Darul-Uloom alumni, and its happenings, I would like to inform the Muslim community unequivocally, unambiguously, and emphatically, that we as a community need to completely divest our support from any institutions connected to the Memon family. We need to stop supporting them financially, and most importantly, we need to stop sending our children to their institutions. Muslims are not immune from the type of corruption and abuse that commonly occurs in non-Muslim boarding schools. Sadly, these North American madrasas headed by the Memons are rife with corruption and abuse. This article’s aim is not to shut down the positive religious services these madrasas provide. Unfortunately, however, given the problematic nature of the Memon family’s administration, they, and their loyal acolytes, must be excised from the management and stewardship of the institutions they founded. Until this happens their institutions are not worthy of being supported by the North American Muslim community.

My Personal Experience as a Student

In the roughly three decades since the establishment of DUM, the Memons’ administration has cemented a track record of abuse and corruption. The Memons leverage their religious authority to take advantage of their students and their parents, employees, and even their benefactors for personal gain. The list of their violations includes brutal physical abuse of children as young as 6–7 years old, sexual abuse of both male and female students, sexual improprieties with female students, and misappropriation of donations[i].

Although much of the misconduct was done openly, students failed to recognize it because immediately after walking through their doors, a brain washing process occurred. Dr. Ismail Memon was presented as one of the great spiritual sages of our time, someone whose very presence was a boon for mankind, and who had been divinely gifted with an awareness of realities that were veiled from the rest of us. His son, Maulana Ibrahim, was presented as being among the foremost Hadith scholars and jurists of our era. Therefore, even if on the surface the actions of the said individuals, and even the other school administrators, seemed to oppose Prophetic teachings, there was a Khidhr/Musa dynamic at play[ii]. They were operating privy to hidden realities and with a higher wisdom that we could not fathom. This brainwashing allowed us to make sense of the obvious tension between the sublime Prophetic character on the one hand and the vile conduct displayed by the Memons: conduct that included teachers, mainly Maulana Ibrahim and Maulana Mansoor, meting out vicious daily beatings on students until they were bloodied and bruised, by using a wide array of items found at hardware stores from extension cords to various types of flexible and solid piping to 2x4s[iii].

When I left the school at the end of 1997, the Memons were going through a bit of an existential crisis. Their religious authority and integrity were in serious jeopardy. Parents of some students from New Jersey, including my own, discovered the extent of their devious conduct. Maulana Ibrahim had viciously attacked a student from my locality caught in possession of a cell phone. Around the same time, this very student, who was a child then, was being molested by a senior student over the age of 18[iv]. The senior student may have been lightly reprimanded, if at all[v].When the victim’s father confronted the school’s administration about the molestation incidents, Dr. Ismail tried to diminish the gravity of the perpetrator’s infraction by saying something to the effect of, “Forgive him, he succumbed to a heat that we all feel”[vi]. Maulana Ibrahim eventually found himself on the verge of serious legal trouble and the school was at threat of being shut down[vii]. Around this time, the same New Jersey parents discovered a dispute between the Memons and a senior teacher that had recently been recruited from overseas. The Memons were trying to take advantage of this teacher by attempting to coerce him, and even his wife, into performing duties beyond the scope of his teaching agreement. They were leveraging his immigration status that was soon to be in flux and threatening to throw him and his pregnant wife out onto the street with nowhere to go[viii]. When the New Jersey parents became aware of this situation, in an effort to save face, Maulana Ibrahim attempted to blackmail a student who was caught having engaged in homosexual activities into maligning the character of and lying about the teacher. Notwithstanding his own flaws and grave mistakes, the student did not allow himself to be blackmailed and spoke the truth when asked about the teacher’s character[ix].

In light of this tumultuous situation, all of the New Jersey students, including myself, left the school. In the following years, we moved on from this experience with the thought and hope that although these people demonstrated wayward character in the past, they are learned in the Prophetic tradition (even if only in an abstract sense) and they are connected to the righteous; maybe they would mend their ways.

Ibrahim Memon’s Inappropriate Relations with Female Students

Unfortunately, about 10 years later in 2007, allegations of sexual improprieties between Maulana Ibrahim and at least 2 female boarding school students came to light.[x] Their stories are similar. They were both enrolled in the boarding school from before they reached age of majority. During their tenure, they had direct private contact with Maulana Ibrahim, which one of them now describes as grooming. When they reached legal adulthood, Maulana Ibrahim married them in a secret nikah. Upon finding out about the secret marriages, the parents of these women were confused, angry, and hurt, and they intervened for their daughters. The women eventually ended up realizing that they were taken advantage of and that Maulana Ibrahim had no intention of treating them as real wives. They subsequently obtained Islamic divorces. This new set of troubles involved people from the Muslim community in Binghamton, NY. The elders of that community apparently resolved the matter with a written agreement, signed by Maulana Ibrahim, where he agreed to step down as DUM’s principal and stop teaching female students.[xi] The Binghamton community likely moved on with the same hope and thoughts that the parties involved in the incidents a decade earlier had. However, the women involved in these secret marriages and their families were left scarred by these traumatic experiences.

This article was prompted by new recent allegations against Maulana Ibrahim involving sexual improprieties and abuse of authority. Ibrahim Memon ended up circumventing the agreement with the Binghamton Muslim community, which required him to desist from teaching female students, by teaching female students online. He ended up taking a liking to one of his online female students, Asmaa Naviwala[xii]. who also happens to be related to him through marriage. Unlike the circumstances of his previous secret marriages, this time he married her with the consent of her parents. However, this consent was obtained by making false promises, which his second wife and her family soon came to realize he had no intention of fulfilling. When it became clear that he had no intention of fulfilling his promises nor would he maintain her equally with his first wife, as Islamic Law demands, the marriage ended in divorce[xiii]. After the dissolution of their marriage she gave birth to Ibrahim Memon’s daughter whom she is currently raising as a single mother.

Again, Ibrahim Memon was leveraging his teaching platform and his position of authority to court young female students into unviable marriage situations. From this it is reasonable to conclude that marriage is not the true intent of Ibrahim Memon when he enters into these relationships; rather, it is merely to satiate a carnal desire.

How the Muslim Community Should Respond to the Infractions of the Memons

The purpose of this article is not meant to exhaustively recount all, or even most, of the grievances former students have against the Memons. It is not even meant to recount the most atrocious of their indiscretions. I am merely conveying my own first-hand experience and that of other former students, who myself and some other colleagues are in direct contact with, that will adequately demonstrate that the Memons and their institutions are not worthy of being supported by the Muslim community.

Though the majority of the unbecoming conduct mentioned above pertains to Maulana Ibrahim, his father, Dr. Ismail, and brothers, Maulana Mansoor and Mufti Husain, cannot be completely absolved from any wrongdoing. Students are coming forward with separate allegations against Dr. Ismail[xiv]. With regards to Maulana Mansoor, he meted out his own vicious beatings on students in the early- to mid-90s. I am unaware if Maulana Mansoor’s beatings continued beyond that. Furthermore, even if these allegations against Dr. Ismail remain unconfirmed and Maulana Mansoor repented and sought forgiveness for his indiscretions, they are still guilty of enabling Maulana Ibrahim to engage in his egregious behavior, particularly related to female students. However, I can empathize with Maulana Mansoor. Notwithstanding some of the beatings Maulana Mansoor inflicted on students 25 years ago, it seemed like they were done with a twisted but sincere desire for the betterment of the students. Also, from what I have been told by loyal disciples of the Memons, behind closed doors Maulana Mansoor disapproved of his younger brother’s conduct. However, this type of ‘behind-the-door’ disapproval is woefully inadequate. On one hand, I can empathize with Maulana Mansoor’s efforts in trying to balance his loyalty to his family with his personal disapproval of his younger brother’s conduct. However, on the other hand, as representatives of the Prophetic tradition, Maulana Mansoor’s and Mufti Husain’s loyalty to Rasulullah ﷺ demanded that they publicly call out their brother or take some other action to prevent him from preying on the students.

The Memons and their institutions are currently in their fourth decade of operation. Throughout that time, they have produced numerous huffadh and graduates of the alim course. At the same time, they have victimized, traumatized, and scarred a far greater number of students and their families. What is even more disappointing is that after being in operation for so long with a great number of loyal students and disciples, similar types of allegations of abuse and sexual improprieties are emerging against DUM graduates and its offshoot institutions. These recent allegations, including Maulana Ibrahim’s latest secret marriage, were the tipping point for many former students who know the reality of the Memons and their institutions. This article is an effort to help protect the Muslim community from further harm.

We want the Muslim community of North America to know that it is a great travesty that people with such aberrant character are associated with the tradition of Allah and His Messenger ﷺ. Our commitment to Allah and His Messenger ﷺ demands that we expose their unbecoming conduct so that they be divested of any religious authority and from being able to use this deen as a means for their own personal gain. Furthermore, the purpose of this is not to attain justice or revenge. With over thirty years of victims, attaining justice and avenging all their wrongdoings is an unrealistic goal. That is something that will be achieved in the court of the All-Mighty on the Day of Reckoning. For now, allegiance to Allah’s Messenger ﷺ demands that the Muslim community be warned about the dangers posed by the Memons and their institutions because the most beloved thing in this world to Allah’s Messenger ﷺ was his Ummah. Protecting its honor and dignity, in whatever capacity we are capable of, is a great deed. If your children are currently enrolled in their schools, pull them out. If you are thinking about sending your children to their institutions, do not do it. If you are a student in their online programs, unenroll and find another online program. The sublime nature of the Prophetic knowledge demands that it be taken from a righteous source. If you are a donor to any of the institutions connected to the Memons, terminate your donations and find another, more worthy institution. You owe it to yourself to entrust your hard-earned income given as sadaqa to trustworthy people of taqwa. If you value the honor, dignity, mental, spiritual, and physical health of yourselves and your children, you will heed this warning.

Guidance About Boarding School Madrasas In North America

To the parents who are interested in sending their tender-aged children to a boarding school madrasa, you should know that in our current time this is probably not a wise decision. We live in an era that is quickly moving towards the era of Dajjal. As such, we are surrounded by unprecedented levels of evil and corruption that are only going to get worse. Therefore, even when we are dealing with the “pious” and the “righteous” we cannot afford to let our guards down and assume that these people are divinely protected. This is not to say that truly pious and righteous people do not exist, but that the status of someone’s heart and their rank with Allah is veiled from us in this world. Therefore, prudence demands that we be cautious in protecting ourselves, our iman, and our families at all times — even when dealing with the pious and the righteous.

Undoubtedly, these types of boarding school madrasas have done a great deal of good; however, they are also susceptible to corruption by providing ample opportunities to take advantage of vulnerable populations. Boarding school administrators possess unique power positions and there can be considerable temptation to take advantage of this power even for those who have spent extensive time in self-purification and rectification. This is not to say that all madrasas have these types of problems, but before deciding to send your children to a boarding school madrasa, it is the parents’ responsibility to thoroughly investigate the madrasa. If parents start uncovering stories of abuse and other improprieties in their vetting process, even if they cannot be confirmed, it is better to err on the side of caution and forego enrolling your children.

A Message to the Loyal Students Defending the Memons

Before concluding, I would like to address some of the common defenses that are normally raised by supporters of the Memons. The first, is that as long as Ibrahim Memon’s subsequent marriages met the Shariah requirements for a nikah it was Islamically valid and therefore his relationship was beyond reproach. The second, is that we are obligated to hide the sins of our brothers, therefore this type of expose is contrary to Prophetic guidance. The third, is that these types of issues should be handled by aggrieved parties and the alleged perpetrators in private. Making a public display of this is a sign that this is motivated by a hidden agenda of revenge.

This first contention demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of the issue. The issue is not whether a valid nikah took place or whether the alleged conduct was haram or halal. The issue is: was Maulana Ibrahim’s conduct consistent with the ethos of Prophetic teaching? Prophetic teachings promote the path of taqwa, i.e. what one ought to do to please Allah. It is possible for conduct to be in opposition to what one ought to do but also be situated in the grey area that immediately precedes the boundary between halal and haram. This is the realm of the undesirable act (makruhat). To simply ask whether or not there was a valid nikah when assessing the morality of these secret marriages is disingenuous. What about the entrustment of the parents who expected the school and its administrators to assume the role of a guardian for these young girls, only to have that trust violated when they were secretly married without their consent? What about the trust that these young girls placed in Maulana Ibrahim upon marrying him that, of course, this learned man who claims to be an inheritor of the Prophetic legacy, would at least try to fulfill their rights? After assessing the whole situation, it is abundantly clear that Maulana Ibrahim’s dubious conduct was opposed to the ethics of Prophetic teachings. Someone who habitually operates within this grey area, for his own personal gain at the expense of others, demonstrates questionable character that is inadequate to be perceived as a religious authority and scholar.

The second and third contentions fail to consider the fact that madrasas are public institutions entirely reliant on public support. Even if their finances are taken care of by private sources, their success is still largely dependent on the public to entrust them with their other most valuable resource — their children. This type of trust and support is built on the assumption that the religious scholars and leaders running these institutions are wholly committed to upholding the ethics of Islamic teachings. When they engage in actions that would directly impact the public’s willingness to support them that information is legitimate for public consumption. The public has a right to know who they are donating their money to, to whom they are assigning guardianship over their children to, and from whom they are taking their deen from.

The loyalty and support that the Memons receive from many former students and disciples is understandable when considering the high status that Allah and His Messenger ﷺ assigned to teachers. Knowledge, especially Prophetic knowledge, is so valued that when the teacher enlightens the student with this knowledge, the student becomes forever indebted to the teacher similar to how children are forever indebted to their parents. These loyal students and supporters are understandably conflicted by the fact that they have received this treasure of Prophetic knowledge and are connected to the Prophetic inheritance through them. On the other hand, these very teachers have been engaged in conduct so egregious that it could undermine the validity of their own religious credentials. These loyal students and supporters need to realize that nobody is demanding that they now take the Memons as their enemies and actively work against them. However, they also have to realize that allegiance to Allah and His Messenger ﷺ supersedes all other loyalties. This reality demands that the students of the Memons address their teachers’ indiscretions while maintaining their love and support for them, similar to how we would be expected to handle a situation where a dear parent is involved in egregious conduct. Blindly supporting them, covering up their misdeeds, and continuing to present them as religious authorities to the public is actually not a sign of love or respect, but rather it is helping solidify their ruin, if not in this world then definitely in the Hereafter.

Concluding Remarks

In the end, this is not about demanding perfection from our scholars and mashaikh. That would be an unrealistic and unjust expectation. We understand that Prophethood is the sole repository of human perfection, of which Rasulullah ﷺ is its crowning jewel. However, what we do expect from our religious scholars and mashaikh is a sincere and wholehearted commitment to uphold the Prophetic ethics, a commitment that is demonstrably absent when assessing the conduct of the Memons. For this violation of the public trust they need to be divested of any religious authority conferred to them by their own fraternity of religious leaders and the Muslim public. We must withdraw any support, financial or otherwise, to their institutions. Any Muslim community that is currently working with them to develop religious institutions needs to seriously reconsider their association. Islam is the deen of Allah and His Messenger ﷺ. Allah is not in need of any institution, family, or individual to effectuate its spread and preservation.

If the Memons are sincere in their work for this deen, then they will take the steps necessary to preserve and maintain the valuable aspects of their operation. They will remove themselves from the leadership of their institutions; they will institute policies that will preemptively address the issues highlighted above; and they will hand the leadership and management of their institutions to others who are competent enough to take its reins. However, if after becoming aware of this article they launch a defense against its allegations, which we know to be true, then it is indicative of a lack of sincerity and that they are more motivated by self-preservation than the preservation of the deen of Allah. The onus is on them to take the corrective measures needed to continue with the valuable work that they so incompetently have been engaged in.

As of now, a number of lawsuits have recently been filed[xv]. Other victims have been talking to various media outlets about their stories. If you come across them, do not write them off as some sort of CVE or Islamophobic conspiracy to undermine Islam. Nor is this being pushed by those with a liberal progressive agenda. They are real stories of real people that many former students can attest to. Even if after becoming aware of all this information if you are still unsure about the truth of the matter, wisdom still demands that you err on the side of caution and refrain from supporting the aforementioned individuals and their institutions with your wealth and your children. If after publicizing this information, the support that these individuals and institutions receive from the Muslim public does not change, we will still be satisfied knowing that at least now the Muslim public has full disclosure about the individuals and institutions they are dealing with.

End notes:

[i] During my tenure at DUM from November 1993 — December 1997, items donated to the school by parents intended for distribution among the students routinely found their way to the school’s store to be sold back to the students. One instance that I can clearly recall is when parents of an alima student from NJ donated socks with the intention of having it distributed to the students. After taking possession of the socks the they were made available to the students for purchase.

[ii] This is in reference to the Hadith of Bukhari and Muslim wherein an incident from the life of Musa (alayhis) is recounted. Musa (alayhis) was to accompany Khidr (alayhis) while he performed his divinely ordained tasks. On the surface, these tasks contravened the shariah of Musa (alayhis). When Musa (as) could no longer tolerate the open contravention of God’s law they parted ways. Upon parting ways, Khidr (alayhis) revealed to Musa the purpose of each task. In reality, each task served the purpose of furthering the aims of God’s law. http://qaalarasulallah.com/hadithView.php?ID=3266

[iii] The number of eye-witnesses to these incidents are numerous to the point where it is mass transmitted by former students. I myself attest to the vicious nature of these beatings as well as their daily occurrence.

[iv] This student has filed a lawsuit under the NY Child Victim’s Act against DUM.

[v] This senior student eventually graduated and has remained close to the family and their institutions to this day.

[vi] This is an English translation of the approximate statement he uttered in the Urdu language. I was in the presence of the student’s father after he informed us of what Ismail Memon had said.

[vii] According to the student’s parents, they had initially pressed charges against Ibrahim Memon. The parents dropped the charges after Dr. Ismail and Maulana Ibrahim came to their house seeking forgiveness. This incident of the Memons seeking forgiveness was witnessed by my own parents.

[viii] This teacher had directly relayed his predicament to a few of the madrassah students including me.

[ix] The student who was being blackmailed had informed myself and a few others directly of what Maulana Ibrahim was attempting to do. The other student who was involved in these homosexual acts has just filed suit against DUM.

[x] A number of former students of DUM and I are currently in contact with one of these women. She has asked to remain anonymous. The other woman’s story was publicized by a local news outlet: Islamic principal ousted over sex allegations He may have taken student as second wife | Latest Headlines | buffalonews.com

[xi] We are currently in possession of a copy of this signed agreement.

[xii] We have obtained her permission to use her real name.

[xiii] Asmaa Naviwala has provided screenshots of her text messages with Maulana Ibrahim that corroborate her account.

[xiv] Two lawsuits have been filed by former students directly against Dr. Ismail under the NY Child Victim’s Act alleging sexual abuse.

[xv] Lawsuit of former students Nida Makhdoom and Jane Doe can be found here: ViewDocument (state.ny.us). Law suit of former student Muhammed Khan can be found here: Mohammed Khan Complaint FINAL.pdf (state.ny.us). Lawsuit of former student Usman Makhdoom can be found here: Usman Makhdoom Complaint FINAL (state.ny.us). Lawsuit of former student Abdullah Islamovic can be found here: Abdullah Islamovic Complaint FINAL v2 (state.ny.us). Three separate students, male and female, have anonymously filed lawsuits that can be found here: ViewDocument (state.ny.us); ViewDocument (state.ny.us); ViewDocument (state.ny.us). There may have been many more students with legitimate claims and adequate grounds to file suit but the extended deadline to file suit under the NY Child Victim’s Act expired on August 14, 2021. The lawsuits that are posted above are from the former students who were able to file suit in time. The actual number of students who suffered sexual abuse at the schools is likely much greater.