2022 FIFA World Cup: Deception and Distraction

By Mufti Abdullah Moolla -November 22, 2022

Misdirection is a word used commonly by lay people. In relation to art and magic it is a term used by entertainers, tricksters, magicians, and sorcerers. The common person mistakenly assumes this word ‘misdirection’ to imply ‘distraction.’

For example, a common person will shout out ‘hey’ on the street, and while their target is distracted, the very same person who shouted ‘hey’ snatches the wallet, bag, money, purse, or phone off their distracted target. Then you have the entertainer, who will distract their audience and carry out their trick or act of entertainment while the attention of the onlookers is focused elsewhere.

One of the potent methods employed by entertainers, magicians, tricksters, storytellers, and media houses is to tell the audience a story that they can tell themselves, pacify their consciences and promote to others, without really knowing that they were distracted. The entertainers and magicians offer some sort of explanation to their thrilled audiences, but the tricks are played upon the minds of the audiences and not the objects themselves. If the evidence according to the senses is believed, then the ‘magic’ in the mind is made real.

‘Misdirection is the cornerstone of nearly all successful magic’ – TA Waters

In the same way, within this modern and refined age, non-Muslims whose religions frown upon magic and sorcery, are now embracing magic and sorcery wholeheartedly as part of the package of misdirection employed by scientists. The scientists narrate their stories in light of scientific ‘evidence,’ whilst the reality lies somewhere else. An example of the misdirection offered to the world is the Theory of Evolution. While millions (including misdirected Muslims) believe in the scientific ‘evidence’ presented to them, it is a far cry from the truth. In fact, it is simply a lie against Allah Ta’ala, the Noble Qur’an, the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and the religion of Islam.

In essence, the refined society of the twenty-first century has fallen for more refined sorcery and magic.

As we write this, the entire world seems to be engulfed in pacifying their consciences, telling themselves that everything is well and good while they are kept entertained by a ball being kicked around a pitch. What makes matters worse is when highly educated people and scholars fail to recognize the misdirection that they have fallen prey to.

The misdirection being offered to Muslims is of the host country (Qatar) providing various means and methods to propagate Islam and calling to the faith. This is nothing but misdirection. We are told that the Ahadith will be displayed in all corners, Muezzins have been employed to call the Adhan beautifully, and it will be relayed and heard in stadiums and so on.

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Let us look at a few basic examples of the misdirection being explained. Firstly, it is not permissible for the Adhan to be called out and for the Noble Qur’an to be recited in the restroom, or in a sewage facility. This is severe disrespect to the words of Allah Ta’ala and His blessed name. A ring that has the name of Allah Ta’ala engraved upon it cannot be taken into the toilet, and books of Islam and the Sirah cannot be distributed inside a nightclub. In the same way, it is utter and gross disrespect to the entire religion of Islam for the Adhan to be relayed in stadiums, where every vice is perpetrated.

No Muslim in his right sense of mind can imagine justifying the sorts of vices that are done during major sporting tournaments such as the World Cup. Yet, we find misdirected Muslims and misdirected Muslim scholars who feel the need to appreciate the da’wah work being done during the course of the World Cup. We find it difficult to understand how Qatar saw the need to provide this misdirection service to the millions of people who have come to their country for entertainment, drinking and adultery.

We do not appreciate this kind of da’wah work, as it is not a call to pure and pristine Islam, but it is simply a ruse to pacify the suffering Muslim Ummah. Qatar has fallen to the pressure and has bent over backwards to entertain the vices of the entire non-Muslim world. This is while Muslims look on in horror as they see their homes being torn down; their mothers and sisters raped; and their sons slaughtered by the very same visitors they want to please. Qatar is only promoting the Liberalized version of Islam that the football body will be pleased with. This is the misdirection that Qatar is responsible for. For this reason, Qatar does not deserve any du’a or sympathy from the Muslim Ummah.

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We rue the immense wastage of money on a tournament that brings nothing but destruction in its wake.

Think for a moment before an outburst upon what you have just read. Reflect. Have you not been misdirected by all the hype around the World Cup too?

Our du’a and plea is to Allah Ta’ala, we beg Him for His aid and help. And we call for one and all to look deeper into the misdirection that they have been fed, and to refrain from promoting this misdirection any further.

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Islam and the Folly of Women in Politics

By Hud Lesprit -November 1, 2022

The Prophet ﷺ said in an authentic hadith:

“Never will succeed a nation that makes a woman their ruler.” [Bukhari]

Consider Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi. If you’re unfamiliar with American Politics, consider Angela Merkel, Margaret Thatcher, and Queen Elizabeth II of England—who passed away just last month.

What do all of these political women have in common?

They all have short hair and try to look like boys.

Isn’t it surprising how all of these ‘women in politics’ role models adopt the look of masculine tomboys and look nothing like the average female?

If you feel like the examples I’ve given above are anecdotal, please consider the following list:

  • Jennifer Granholm
  • Christine Todd Whitman
  • Madeleine Albright
  • Janet Reno
  • Barbara Boxer
  • Dianne Feinstein
  • Geraldine Ferarro
  • Sandra Day
  • Madeleine Junin
  • Patricia Harris
  • Theresa May

The list just goes on and on. 

Within the contemporary political sphere, long-haired feminine women being in vital positions is something of an anomaly. The most notable exceptions are Melania Trump and Michelle Obama, and they only became famous due to their relationships with important men. It had nothing to do with their own personal accomplishments.

This fascinating observation regarding women in politics raises some interesting questions such as:

“Why is it that all of these women try so hard to embody masculine features?”

Feminists claim that it is due to the rampant misogyny within the political sphere. They say that women feel pressured into adopting a masculine code of conduct so they will be accepted by their peers. Politics is somewhat misogynistic. Earlier this year for example, elected official Cécile Duflot (French housing minister) decided to attend the French National Assembly wearing a floral dress. How did the male ministers react?

The Guardian reports:

It wasn’t Duflot causing the commotion, but rather the male ministers who wolf-whistled and shouted: “Phwoarr!


It comes as no surprise that both these men, and many others who wolf-whistled, leered and phwoarred, are in the opposing Union for a Popular Movement party. What they did wasn’t appreciation, or even a joke, it was cold political strategy – using a woman’s gender against her.

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Feminists however, have this unfortunate habit of seeing patriarchy as the cause of every evil. Their analysis of short hair and pants in politics might be a little convincing, but it is also somewhat victimizing and naïve. Another commonsensical explanation is that these masculine qualities are actually essential for exercising power and leadership.

Masculinizing politics is therefore a necessity. And stating this is not being misogynistic.

Negotiation, persuasion, leadership, delegation and loyalty require a person to have qualities such as high stature, confidence, charisma and sometimes even aggressiveness. Likewise, handling the affairs of millions of people is an extremely stressful ordeal. Enduring this level of pressure, while effectively making the best decisions, requires stress management and cold thinking. In relation to all of these points, women are generally inferior to men.

Women in politics act masculine because politics itself makes you manly. They try to look like men because they wish to be imposing like men. This simple explanation is the most evident, but it will never be a satisfactory answer for modern feminists. Acknowledging this simple fact undermines the West’s policy over the past seventy years of integrating women.

If you consider all of this from an economic standpoint, the Western policy of parity and positive discrimination is one of the most absurd decisions that one could make in appointing a leader within any community.

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Some might argue that women are only generally inferior in terms of political qualities, and the fact that some women can be better leaders than some men is sufficient to argue in favor of giving women a chance in politics—since some elected women will be capable of doing a better job than some elected men.

This is completely fallacious. Nobody cares about who may or may not be potentially better on average. It is an undeniable fact that the top 100 best leaders are all men. Nobody grants political power to the average citizen. It just makes sense to take the best of the nation and to elect him as the leader.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to political qualities, all the elites of the nation are men.

Why then take the risk of assigning such roles to women?

The inevitable consequence of forcing women into politics is the bringing about of a less efficient parliament and a less effective government for matters that are crucial and vital for everyone.

Alhamdulillah, Islam does not fall into this bottomless pit because it prohibits women from being given positions of leadership.

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It’s Official: Your Government Used You as a Guinea Pig for the Vaccine

I wonder, is it now okay to be a conspiracy theorist?

On October 10, 2022, Pfizer’s president of international developed markets, Janine Small, made a momentous admission before the European parliament.

HITC reports:

Janine Small was asked directly at the European Union Parliament whether Pfizer knew if its vaccine fully prevented transmission of covid-19 before it was rolled out globally.

Netherlands MEP Rob Roos asked during the board hearing: “Was the Pfizer covid vaccine tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market?

“If not, please say it clearly. If yes, are you willing to share the data with this committee? I really want a straight answer, yes or no, and I’m looking forward to it.”

The senior Pfizer executive responded that they had not known.

She said: “Regarding the question around, um, did we know about stopping the immunisation before it entered the market? No.

“We had to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market, and from that point of view we had to do everything at risk. I think Dr Bourla, even though he’s not here, would turn around and say to you himself, ‘If not us then who?’”

This is an extremely significant and concerning admission. It directly calls into question the accountability of many government officials, as well as the media and all the news “fact-checkers” that publicly criticized the anti-vax movement.

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In this moment in time, everyone is simply too distracted by the Ukraine conflict and whether or not it will end up developing into a massive nuclear war. They’re so completely focused on this one new thing that they are no longer able to even think about Covid. Unfortunately for the pro-vax coalition however, despite people having a short attention span and a tendency to forget things quickly, the internet still keeps a relatively good record of almost everything.

Have we so easily forgotten that, for a year and a half, governments were forcing the Covid vaccine onto the population? And that it was on the very basis of the vaccine supposedly protecting people from transmitting the virus?

They did so while knowing fully well, in the beginning at least, that there was no scientific evidence to back up their claims. The vaccine campaign was nothing more than a major gamble. And what were the stakes? Only the health and well-being of the entire population!

The pro-vax narrative placed the focus entirely on transmission in order to try and reconcile liberalism and the restriction of individual liberties. How do you justify the imposition of a vaccine pass for the most insignificant aspects of everyday life when the West has been waging war against tyranny and totalitarianism for years?

According to the liberal mind, your individual liberty ends where the individual liberty of others is infringed upon. This translates simply as: you are free to go outside as long as you do not infringe upon the right of other people to be safe.

For this to be applicable, it needed to appear as though the vax prevents transmission. Otherwise, under liberal reasoning, it could not be used as an excuse for it to be mandated and imposed upon the people. All governments and media outlets joined hands in declaring that we must all get the shot in order to protect others. If you are civil, you have to get the vax. There is no question about it.

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Now they’re in a bit of an awkward situation since they need to try and convince everyone that they had not made any definitive claims regarding transmission. And this is despite the fact that there is clear and undeniable evidence to the contrary.

Recently they’ve been desperately seeking to execute complete damage control, only making themselves look utterly idiotic in the process. And the awkwardness and hypocrisy of it all was so transparent that even some journalists started publicly denouncing it.

Translation of CheckNews answer: What contempt for the work of your colleagues! Things that are not simplistic and definitive are declared as “Squirming.” Disgusting.

This new revelation once again succinctly demonstrates the absolute hypocrisy of the reigning forces within society.

Is it necessary for us to now debunk their desperate line of defense, one which argues that later studies had proven that the vaccine prevented the transmission of Covid; that there was no evidence at the time of the distribution suggesting that the vaccine did not stop the transmission; and that the risk of inoculating it onto the population was therefore justified due to the existence of a mere possibility that it may work?

That’s some seriously twisted logic, and only an incredibly biased person would be convinced by it.

Here’s the last question I have regarding these shenanigans:

If conspiracy theorists are correct—in their allegation of the vaccine being dangerous and having been forced upon the population as part of an evil agenda—why then did the various heads of state and ministers of most governments publicly take the jab?

Well, this question can be answered based on a recent interview with Jean Lasalle, a former deputy and candidate for the French presidential election.

He said:

The side effect nearly killed me.


I was not aware that Macron, most members of the government, and a large number of my deputies’ colleagues were all not vaccinated.

Jean Lasalle is well-known for his straightforwardness and honesty. We have no reason to assume that he is lying to us. This also explains an old controversy, when details of Emmanuel Macron’s health pass were leaked, and people realized that the date shown on the pass did not correspond with the date for when he had publicly announced his jab:

The head of state announced that he had been vaccinated on May 31. However, according to data from Medicare consulted by Mediapart, he would have been vaccinated on July 13, the day after his presidential address on the health pass.

Ultimately of course, we will likely never know the truth. These professional con artists will always claim that this is all just a big lie against them. If you dare to believe Jean Lasalle with regard to his accusation, they will label you as a rotten conspiracy theorist. So I guess this would apply not only to Lasalle but also to myself and everyone else that had warned about the vax not having been tested prior to its dissemination.

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Shaykh (Maulana) Ashraf Ali Thanwi (RA) on Democracy & Elections

Shaykh (RA) has extensively refuted Democracy in many of his writings. Shaykh (Mufti) Rasheed Ahmed Ludhyanwi (RA) has written a 64 page booklet entitled “Hakeemul-Ummat Kay Siyasi Afkaar (political thoughts of Hakeemul-Ummah)” which can be read in Volume 6 of Ahsanul-Fatawa under Kitaabul-Jihad (Book of Jihad).

I will only translate the funny quotes.

“…People have invented a new criterion for the truth; they believe that majority is always right. Brothers! This may be true in some cases but you have to check and see whose opinion is majority! Ignorant laymen? If that’s the case then how come Sayyidina Huda (AS) discarded the opinion of his entire nation and continued steadfastly on Tawheed? Why did he risk the enmity of the entire nation? That’s because the opinion of the entire nation was based on total ignorance…”

Source: Fadhail-e-Ilm wal-Khashiyya

“…Maulana Mohammad Hussain Ilahbadi (RA) had told Sir Syed Ahmed Khan that these decision which you make based on majority are indeed decisions of foolishness because it is naturally accepted that there are more fools in this world then people of intellect. Therefore, majority verdicts are based on sheer stupidity…”

Source: Taqleel Al-Ikhilaat Maa’al-Anaam

…”First of all majority is a collection of fools so their congregation is in itself a gathering of fools and then the foolishness is compounded by making them accept an opinion i.e. they are taught that we will ask this and you should reply in this way, just like an attorney teaches and makes the witnesses practise (parrot fashion)…”

Source: Taqleel Al-Ikhilaat Maa’al-Anaam

…Thus Islam has no place for Democratic government instead Islam has rule by an individual (Khilafah)…

Source: Ahsanul-Fatawa

They Mock Islamic Rituals, But Look at Their Rituals for Burying the Queen

By Muslim Skeptic Team -September 24, 2022

The following is a translation of a piece written in Arabic by Dr. Wael Habannakeh commenting on the recent death of Queen Elizabeth.

“Honoring A Dead Person is by Burying Them….”

This axiom and aphorism is the byproduct of Islamic juristic understanding of the teachings of the leader of creation Muhammad – Allah’s blessings and protection be upon him. However, this statement “honoring the dead person is by burying them” is not an actual Prophetic saying.

As for the Prophetic narration, the Messenger ﷺ says:

O ‘Ali! three things are not to be postponed or delayed: the ritual prayer when it’s time comes in, the body of the decreased for burial once it’s prepared, and a single woman if she finds a compatible suitor for marriage. [Tirmidhi]

For ten days they caused us heart ache with the “old witch/devil” as they were running with her corpse from place to place.

By Allah, if this were an Islamic ritual or it happened among Muslims – we would have seen Western media with a sweeping torrential outpouring of ridicule of our Din, our rituals, and our traditions/customs.

We would have seen the pens of the liberal secularists in our ranks being creative in expletives and mockery of us. They would have described us as backwards.

They would not have left any aspect of extracting faults whether humanitarian, societal, racial, psychological, religious, behavioral, except that they would have done this dissection on their lab table through their scientific, just perspective on the concepts of life and death.

A British citizen whom King Charles passed by on his country wide tour, to draw closeness to his people during the past ten days, said to King Charles, “We do not have money for heat or food, while you are spending exorbitant amounts on the queen’s funeral?!”

King Charles ignored him, as per the custom of Western politicians whenever someone confronts them with an embarrassing truth.

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I have attempted to find in this festival of rituals which lasted for ten days some value and I did not come up with any spiritual meaning that will benefit the embalmed corpse in the coffin.

The question which baffles me is: who thought up all of these idiotic details for the procession? I am certain that multiple committees of the biggest government officials, royal personalities, those responsible for the treasury, the King’s Guard, ministry of interior, the military, etc… all of them got together to think, then decided the following:

The pall of the coffin has a drawing of a naked female!

A goat with the rank of lance corporal participates in the funeral procession and is looked after by an English officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel!

Two beautiful dogs who are residents/owners of the Royal Palace receive their portion of honor in the presence of death, the terrifying condition!

Even the addresses which were said as a farewell to her were meaningless.

I reckon that if students in primary school wanted to throw a festive party for something they would not be at this level of idiocy, distasteful/repugnant pretentiousness, and empty talk.

One person carries a bowl from place to place with solemn movements, in the presence of the army’s great legions, and the state’s most distinguished men. Yet not a single one from among them knows what this bowl even is!

Another person breaks a stick in front of the coffin!

Another one walks solemnly, wearing embroidery. It is unknown who he is, neither do we know what he wants, where he is going, or even where he came from!

Soldiers like slaves moving in a spectacle embodying/showcasing slavery in its clearest form according to the instructions of a family that hallucinates whatever they desire in light of their hereditary psychological complexes!

The state’s and citizens’ interests were disrupted during a catastrophic financial crisis!

All these actions resemble the behavior of crazy people in an open insane asylum. What is strange is that not a single person is bewildered, not a single person opposed it. Rather, the opposite. Everyone is participating and sympathetic to these great Royal rituals.

It is said about the cross-eyed rich person with strabismus, “an off balance sign of beauty.” A proverb says: everything that goes beyond its appropriate level becomes deficient and the opposite of itself. Spiritual emptiness, material degeneracy, human deviance, ethnic/racial arrogance and superiority are the real headlines that we witnessed.

In conclusion, I felt that Great Britain can sense the decline of its global position. It desired through this occasion to prove to the world that it has not lost its edge by means of these fables and superstitions which were not done by anyone before her.

The one that is protected and concealed by strength will be exposed by his foolishness. Conceitedness and vanity will expose him. There is a huge difference between the one whose power stems from below and the one whose power is from above.

The reality is that my article is long, however what we have witnessed for ten days of absurdity and stupidity under an international patronage requires articles, upon articles, upon articles.

We ask Allah for a good ending.

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On the 8th of September 2022, the world mourned over an oppressive lady named Elizabeth ALEXANDRA MARY AS HER GUARDS (EVIL FORCES) WERE HELPLESS IN SAVING HER FROM DEATH WHERE ANGELS BEAT HER ON HER FACE AND BACK
 • She was “QUEEN REGNANT” OF 32 Sovereign states and served monarch for 15 of them. Her oppression was the longest of any British monarch and “Muslims” globally are emotionally disorientated by this inmate of the blazing fire.
 • So called Muslim leaders, the general public, countries are sinking in their new concocted religion of pity, mourning their beloved Firownah (Pharoanah)

No Shame: US Officials Admit Plotting Coups and Assassinations

“This is an especially appalling example of the government of Iran perpetrating egregious acts of transnational violence.”

That’s what Assistant Attorney General Olsen told us about the alleged assassination plot of Former National Security Advisor under Trump, John Bolton.

These people are the satirical manifestations of themselves.

They commit acts of egregious transnational violence themselves. And they do it all the time⁠; in Iraq, Afghanistan, and even within the country in question. In fact, the target in question himself—John Bolton—admits this.

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John Bolton Admits Planning Coups: ‘Not Here But, You Know, Other Places’
Travis Waldron

From the article:

“As somebody who has helped plan coups d’etat ― not here but, you know, other places ― it takes a lot of work. And that’s not what [Trump] did. It was just stumbling around from one idea to another. Ultimately, he did unleash the rioters at the Capitol. As to that, there is no doubt.”

This is what makes the Assistant Attorney General’s statement frankly annoying.

If true, this plot just isn’t exceptional.

Sure, the government can announce it and punish the foreign agent who tried to make it possible. Who wouldn’t? But to pretend like this is some kind of unprecedented act of evil is a joke.

Politics is a dirty game, and the US is more than capable of slinging mud with the worst of them. Let’s not forget that.

When we do, we end up swallowing these theatrical pleas hook, line, and sinker.

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Democracy: Is the Population Responsible for Killing Muslims?

By Hud Lesprit -July 4, 2022


It has become a recurrent trend where Muslims all over the World are deemed collectively responsible for terrorist attacks which have unfortunately lead to the deaths of civilians in the West.
When the pundits are mature enough to recognize that most Muslims have nothing to do with these killings, they instead blame Islam, alleging the religion to be the root cause of these violent transgressions.
This is just a petty attempt to try and seem tolerant while still blaming all Muslims. Undoubtedly, no true Muslim would say that he condemns Islam. So according to such a claim, this would make all Muslims moral allies to terrorists.
What is the difference, then, between blaming Islam and blaming Muslims?
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Now, let me first be very clear in stating that we condemn the actions of terrorist extremist groups and that they do not represent the true beliefs, laws, and teachings of Islam. They are shady individuals, criminals, often have questionable ties to various intelligence agencies, and are not known in the Muslim community for their knowledge or steadfastness. And often their Islam can even be doubted.
That being said, let us now talk about the Islamophobes that use this line of reasoning. 
These hypocrites quickly label all Muslims as belligerents, when they themselves are not willing to acknowledge the blood on their hands for their active role in the killing of millions of Muslims.
Nobody wants to take on the blame for the devastating crimes committed by democratic governments throughout the Muslim world.
Bush killed millions of Iraqis?
They will tell you:
“It is not my fault! He’s the one that did it, not me!”
But in a democracy, isn’t the head of state the representative of the population? One assumes power in such a system by the majority of the voters voting him into office. And those who did not vote for him still endorse the system which he used to get elected. They also recognize his legitimacy in representing them as the elected leader of their country.
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How then can anyone escape the logical conclusion that, when Bush commanded the killing of millions of Iraqis, every defender of democracy within the USA is also accountable?
They want Muslims to collectively assume the blame for 9/11, but who voted for Osama bin Laden?
Who voted for Cherif and Said Kouachi, or the murderers of Charlie Hebdo?
Who voted for Omar Mateen before he killed dozens of people in Orlando?
Muslims certainly didn’t. All Muslims of sound mind know that these individuals strayed far from the true beliefs, laws and teachings of Islam, and we would never accept these criminals as our representatives.
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Meanwhile, most of the killings against Muslims in the last century have been perpetrated by elected officials who were chosen and appointed by the population. And the citizens are to blame according to the principles of democracy.
Certainly, most Western people do not want to be seen as culpable for the crimes of their governments, much like Muslims around the world do not want to be held accountable for the crimes of random terrorists. Unfortunately, most Western people are not aware of the crimes their governments commit due to the brainwashing they receive at the hands of the mainstream media.
But, as we have seen, Muslims have far more grounds to deny this accountability. It seems logical that, for Westerners to be able to deny accountability, they would have to renounce their governments and claim that they are not true representatives of the will of the people. Maybe they could renounce the concept of democracy as a whole and admit its deep flaws.
Until Westerners renounce the liberal philosophy underlying their bloodthirsty governments, they are in no position to criticize Muslims or Islam.