Narrating a Hadith in which some signs of Qiyaamah are mentioned, Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood (radhiyallahu anhu) said:
“The dunya will be pursued with deeds of the Aakhirah.” “Deeds of the Aakhira” are acts of Ibaadat and all ways and means of establishing and achieving the goals of the Aakhirah. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), stating this very same theme in another form, said: “Recite the Qur’aan. Do not eat by means of it.”
During the Khairul Quroon era, i.e. the First Three Ages (Sahaabah, Taabieen and Tab-e-Taabieen), remuneration for teaching the Deen, reciting the Athaan, performing the duties of Imaamate, Ifta, etc., was haraam. After the Khairul Quroon era, when the Fuqaha-e-Muta-akh-khireen (the Later Fuqaha and Ulama) discerned that these vital Deeni obligations could not be fulfilled because of the acute dearth of men of Taqwa, living only for the Aakhirah, they (the Fuqaha) were constrained by the prevailing situation to invoke the Shar’i principle: “Dire needs legalize prohibitions”, to issue the verdict that henceforth it will be permissible to remunerate monetarily Ustaadhs, Muath-thins, Imaams, etc. – those engaged in vital Deeni capacities. Since this permissibility was dictated by dire need, it applies to only vital Islamic institutions. It may not be extended to acts and practices on which the subsistence and endurance of the Deen are not reliant. For example, if in this age of moral and spiritual corruption in which the Ulama-e-Soo’ preponderate, and also due to the almost total lack of Taqwa which is essential for devotion and sacrifice, Ustaadhs are not paid salaries and Imaams are not paid for executing imaamate duties, and Muath-thin’s are not paid, then all the Madaaris will close down; the Musaajid will be without Imaams and Muath-thins. In brief, the Deen will be severely prejudiced. All of its vital institutions will be severely affected and even terminated. However, despite this lamentable permissibility of accepting wages for pure Deeni services and ibaadat, the ruling may not be extended to non-essential acts. Hence, it remains haraam to remunerate a Haafiz for only reciting the Qur’aan Majeed in Taraaweeh Salaat. The practice of giving gifts to the huffaaz on the completion of the Qur’aan Majeed during Ramadhaan; the practice of huffaaz travelling to other countries to lead the Taraaweeh purely for the sake of monetary gain; operating a Madrasah as a business venture for monetary gain by way of charging fees; operating Zakaat-collecting organizations for monetary gain; operating Daarul Iftas for monetary gain, are all haraam.
If an Ustaadh is wealthy or has an income which is sufficient for his needs, then it will not be permissible for him to teach the Qur’aan and Deen for a wage. If a Madrasah has adequate funds – funds contributed by the community or acquired from
Waqf property, then it will be haraam to charge fees for imparting Ilm-e-Wahi (Knowledge of the Qur’aan and Deeni subjects). If a Mufti has personal wealth or an income, he may not demand a wage for manning the Darul Ifta. Those who have set up organizations to collect Zakaat funds, may not remunerate themselves from the Zakaat funds they collect.

In our present age, the Deen is despicably exploited and commercialized for personal monetary gain. All departments of the Deen are for the attainment of Thawaab in the Aakhirah and for gaining Allah’s Pleasure. The objective of the Deen is NOT monetary gain and worldly status. Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan Majeed:
“Do not purchase with My Aayaat a miserable price (bargain, gain).”



Q. Why are Na’t and Nazam functions not
A. Na‟t and Nazam functions are haraam. Such functions are based on the hurmat of ghina. This is just one factor of the prohibition. In fact, the current type of Qiraa‟t jalsahs are also prohibited. This prohibition is based on several factors: Riya, gathering of fussaaq, beardless qaaris, reciting for money, defiling the sanctity of the Musjid, etc. As for the newly-introduced satanic cult of Na‟t and Nazam, the Fuqaha have explicitly forbidden such organized ghina (singing). It is all nafsaaniyat and shaitaaniyat which according to the Hadith sows nifaaq in the hearts. When Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that most of the „munaafiqeen‟ of his Ummah are the Qaaris, then what epithet should be applied to these qawwaals who publicly, and even in the Musaajid raucously and stupidly insult their intelligence and the intelligence of the stupid crowd trying to sway in tune of the Satanism which defiles the sanctity of the Musjid?






In its fatwa on stunning animals before slaughtering, the Mufti of Darul Ifta Azaadville says:

 “However, the wrongfulness of the act of stunning does not influence the lawfulness (Hillat) of the meat of the animal which was stunned, and does not necessarily mean that all stunned animals are Haraam to consume… If one is certain that the animal was indeed alive at the time of a proper Halaal slaughter, then the meat of such an animal will be Halaal to consume. On the other hand, if it is established that the animal was indeed dead at the time of slaughter, such an animal will be Haraam to consume…”


How will every man in the street be able to establish if the stunned animal/chicken was dead or alive at the time of the killing? Millions and millions of chickens are brutally killed daily. So how should Muslims establish what the mufti says in his fatwa?

This is a typical zig zag fatwa which is an art in which today’s muftis are adept. They excel in sitting on the fence. Neither are they here nor there. Not on this side nor on the other side. While a fatwa is for public consumption and for providing guidance to the masses, this fatwa of Azaadville simply compounds the issue and leaves the community in the limbo of ambiguity. It just does not offer any guidance whatsoever.

The only thing the mufti has done was to regurgitate technicalities from the Fiqh Kutub. Every Tom, Dick and Harry is fully aware of the Hanafi technicality that if there is life in an injured animal at the point of slaughter, the meat will be halaal although the Shaafi’ Math-hab differs with this view of the Hanafi Math-hab. According to the Shaafi’ Math-hab all the chickens and animals stunned -100% of them – are Haraam. The Shaafi’ definition of life in this context differs with the definition proffered by Imaam Abu Hanifah (Rahmatullah alayh).

Imaam Abu Yusuf (Rahmatullah alayh) and Imaam Muhammad (Rahmatullah alayh), who are next in rank to Imaam Abu Hanifah (Rahmatullah alayh) are in agreement with the Shaafi’ view which is also the view of the other Math-habs. An injury which for a certainty leads to the death of the animals is fatal. Such animals which never recover and will die as a consequence of stunning thus are haraam according to the Shaafi’ Math-hab and numerous of the Hanafi Fuqaha.

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“In Islam the meaning of Ilm (Knowledge), is Uloome-Ma‟aad (the Knowledge of the Abode of Return), i.e. the Knowledge necessary for success and salvation in the Aakhirah. This is the Knowledge of the Qur‟aan, Hadith and Fiqah (the Knowledge of the Shariah). It is termed the Knowledge of Ma‟aad because we on earth are on a journey which was initiated in Jannat which is our true and original Home. Just as our Progenitors/Ancestors Hadhrat Aadam (alayhis salaam) and Hadhrat Hawwaa (alayhas salaam) were created in Jannat, so too was all mankind created in Jannat. After the creation of Hadhrat Aadam (alayhis salaam), Allah Ta‟ala extracted all the arwaah (souls) of the entire mankind in the form of infinitesimal creatures, and took the Pledge of Obedience from them. With Hadhrat Aadam‟s descent to earth, his entire progeny was also transferred from Jannat to earth. It is therefore imperative to acquire that Ilm which is necessary for a safe journey back Home. Secular knowledge or only knowledge of the Arabic language is wholly inadequate. Similarly, one who acquires the Knowledge of Ma‟aad but does not submit to it or he distorts and changes it (with baatil interpretation), is like the Kuffaar of Makkah. There is no difference between him, Abu Jahl and Abu Lahab.” (Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi)



When Allah Ta‟ala cursed and expelled Iblees (the Devil) from the heavens, he supplicated for a number of tools with which to ply his nefarious profession of Satanism on earth in his endeavour to entrap and destroy mankind. Among the things he supplicated for were a muath-thin (announcer) and a qur‟aan (scripture). Granting his supplication, Allah Ta‟ala informed him that his „muath-thin‟ would be musical instruments, and his „qur‟aan‟ would be poetry and singing. The first being in creation to sing was Iblees. The first person on earth who made musical instruments was Thoebaal. He was from the progeny of Qaabil who had murdered his brother Haabil. Both were the sons of Nabi Aadam (alayhis salaam). Shaikh Nasruddin Muhaqqiq (rahmatullah alayh) said: “When the false sufi sways to and from in his singing, the devil pokes him in his hind with his finger so that he sways swiftly to and from – right and left.” (Fatawa Burhaanah) Imaam Ahmad Bin Hambal (rahmatullah alayh) narrated: “Aisha (radhiyallahu anha) once said: „Once a female singer came to me and sang a song.‟ Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: „While this woman was singing, shaitaan was blowing in her nostrils.” It has been revealed (kashf) to some Auliya that shaitaan is always present at gatherings of music and singing. Shaitaan exercises his influence on the singers and dancers. He transports them into states of satanic ecstasy. He dances above their heads and even with them, and keeps them enraptured in his worship. Auliya have even witnessed shaitaan physically lifting some of these people and dancing with them. He sometimes lets out a loud scream, and the dancer collapses. In fact, nowadays many of them scream and squeal like insane swines.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “There is not a man who raises his voice with singing, but Allah sends two devils, one on either side of the singer. Both the devils strike their feet (dancing) until the singer ends his singing.” Those who indulge in the satanism of music and singing are pigs figuratively, and a time will dawn when they will become pigs physically. Thus Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “People in my Ummah will consume liquor, giving it some other name. Musical instruments and singing girls will be performing for them. Allah will cause the earth to swallow them, and of them He will transform into apes and pigs.” It is clear from many Ahaadith and the mukaashafaat (revelations) of many Auliya that shaitaan is always present at music sessions and shows. He regulates the proceedings and casts his spell on the participants and the audience. Shaitaan deceives and ensnares stupid Muslims into his den of satanism with even nazams and zain bhikha songs. The over-indulgence in nazams and all songs of the character called „zain bikha‟ are tools of shaitaan, which he employs to destroy Imaan.



1. It is Sunnah to break the fast with dates. This was the practice of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the Sahaabah. It is unhealthy to break the Saum (Fast) with other kinds of food and to eat much at the time of Iftaar.

 2. Maghrib Salaat should commence one or two minutes after the Athaan. There is therefore ample time to fulfil the Sunnah requirement of Iftaar. Begin Iftaar during the course of the Athaan. The time of Iftaar is not an occasion for feasting.

 3. Eating at the time of Sehri ends with the advent of Subh Saadiq which is when Fajr time begins. It is preferable to stop eating a couple of minutes before the „Fast Begins‟ time given on some timetables.

 4. Eating beyond the „Fast Begins‟ time invalidates the fast. Some people continue eating whilst the Fajr Athaan is in progress. The fast is invalid.

 5. If by error a Fast is invalidated, then too it is not permissible to eat. Remain as a fasting person, and make Qadha of the invalid fast after Ramadhaan.

 6. Whilst nonsensical, futile and abundant conversation does not invalidate the physical Fast, it utterly ruins the spiritual Fast. The spiritual benefits of the Fast are ruined by indulgence in futility, and the position is worse if the talk is gheebat (gossip and back-biting). Gheebat also makes the Fast physically difficult.

 7. After Ramadhaan, i.e. during the month of Shawwaal, it is Sunnat to keep six Nafl Fasts. These may be kept all together or spread out over the month.

 8. The reward of one good deed practised in Ramadhaan equals 70 such deeds practised in other months. By the same token, the evil of sin committed during Ramadhaan is also multiplied manifold.

 9. Tilaawat of the Qur‟aan Shareef is of special importance and significance during Ramadhaan. Many khatams (complete recitations) of the Qur‟aan Majeed should be observed.

 10. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has applied additional emphasis on abstaining from arguments during the month of Ramadhaan. If someone initiates an argument, maintain silence. In such silence is success.

 THE EVIL OF TELEVISION At least during Ramadhaan, have mercy on your own soul by abstaining from the evil of television and the evil of the cellphone. The entire spiritual effect, benefit and reward of the wonderful Days of Ramadhaan are gushed down the satanic drain by viewing television and the evils on the cellphone.

THE AWAKE 1444 2023



Many Muslims have written regarding the haraam, shaitaani practice of photography and videoing inside the Musaajid. This evil is becoming an incremental calamity. One Brother justly complaining about this evil, writes:

“Something very serious which the Muslim community needs to rectify urgently is – the removal of permanent haraam videography embedded in some Musjids. CCTV cameras are installed INSIDE some Musjids in the front or side, facing the musallis and recording them as they perform salaah. There are also cameras recording musallis making wudhu. These cameras can be viewed locally or remotely (through the internet) by anybody who has access. A few Musjids have the very same brands of cameras installed – the same brands whose manufacturers have been marketing cameras to profile and oppress Muslims in those lands. 

Aside from the picture maker being cursed by Allah Ta’ala, if these cameras are not removed completely, then in time to come, our children and the unwary will become desensitized to it, and consider it permissible.”

(End of the Brother’s Complaint)

The primary factor for the prohibition of this evil act of shaitaan is the Command of Allah Ta’ala. Denial of this Command is kufr which expels one from the fold of Islam. The La’nat of Allah Azza Wa Jal is of fundamental importance for the imperative need to eliminate these shaitaani instruments from the Musaajid. Those trustees who have brazenly and blatantly introduced these instruments of Kabeerah sins are among the signs of Qiyaamah. They are scoundrels which are perpetrating khiyaanat in the Amaanat of the Mutawalliship post they are occupying. People who believe haraam to be halaal are murtads.

The arguments they proffer to justify their kufr are stupid and satanically inspired. All these scoundrel, illegitimate trustees, to soothe their conscience, cite Taqi Usmani as their ‘daleel’ for permissibility. Regarding such devilish molvi-worship, the Qur’aan Majeed states:

“They take their ahbaar (molvis/muftis) and their ruhbaan (buzrugs) as gods besides Allah…..”

As for the issue of becoming “desensitized in time to come”, this calamity is already a reality. There is no need for “time to come”. Right now, currently, most moron molvis and zig zag muftis, in addition to having been desensitized and no longer having the haziest idea of the evil and notoriety of this very major sin of pictography, have even halaalized it, ostensibly making taqleed of their liberal imaam in this haraam field, namely, Taqi Usmani of Karachi, Pakistan. It is the total desensitization of Imaan which has already ruined millions of Muslims, and this attitude has emboldened them to install the devices of Iblees in the Musaajid.

They have absolutely no concern for the grave warnings of Athaab sounded by Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) for the picture-makers. Our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “The worst-punished on the Day of Qiyaamah will be the picture-makers.” This one Warning suffices for Muslims whose Imaan has not been extinguished. The ultimate desensitization of the Muslim’s heart to inhibition for haraam, leads to the elimination of Imaan.

The first step in the satanic process of desensitization is Istikhfaaf of the Ahkaam, i.e. to regard the laws of Allah Ta’ala as being insignificant. The next step is to resort to satanic baatil ta’weel (corrupt, baseless interpretation) to halaalize the haraam act. And, this is fatal for Imaan, and this is the calamity in which most Muslims are today drowning.

It is the obligation of the regular musallis to apply pressure on the scoundrel trustees and the imaam who has sold his Rooh for a pittance in the belief that these miserable, rubbish trustees are the providers of his Rizq. Thus, they practically exhibit their lack of belief in the Razzaqiyat of Allah Ta’ala. The very first being who made a picture was Iblees. It was by means of pictures that the seeds of idolatry and shirk were sown. In a different form today have Muslims introduced idolatry into the Musaajid. They are in fact sowing the seeds with pictography for the ultimate introduction of idols and crosses into the Musaajid.

This conclusion is not far-fetched. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that Qiyaamah will not come until Muslims will worship the cross in the Musaajid, and Arab women will gyrate with their hinds, dancing around idols. All the signs and introductory measures for shirk are being cultivated by Muslims today.

Musjid trustees and Musjid imams should understand that tomorrow they will rot in their graves. But such decomposition will not save them from the Athaab of the Qabr. Such Athaab is not for remorseful sinners. It is for scoundrels who flagrantly, intransigently and arrogantly are obstinate in their rebellious halaalization of haraam.

28 Sha’baan 1444 – 21 March 2023



While this Glorious Month of Ramadhaan is supposed to be a month of Frugality and Austerity, the lifestyle of Muslims during this Holy Month is the inverse. Instead of gaining closeness to Allah Ta’ala with the sacred practice of Hunger ordained for us by Allah Ta’ala during this Month, Muslims are ruining their Souls with kuffaar-style gluttony. Understand well that gluttony is specific with human beings. Animals are never gluttonous, perhaps pigs are. Animals eat to satiation whereas gluttonous people over-eat and in this satanic process ruin their Souls and destroy their health.

The ‘iftaar’ feasting of Muslims is absolutely scandalous and filthy. In numerous places they soil the Musaajid with the mess and stenches they leave after elaborate feasting in shaitaani / kuffaar style. Savouries have become more ‘waajib’ in Ramadhaan than even the Taraaweeh. Instead of frugality, gluttony has become the norm.

Another exceptionally evil custom is feeding Haleem at the Musaajid during this Holy Month. This custom is haraam for two reasons:

  • It displaces the Sunnah practice of Iftaar with only dates/water. It has become a bid’ah.
  • The evil is aggravated by serving HARAAM food. The chickens and meat used are CARRION which scoundrels have halaalized.

How can your ibaadat be accepted when you devour Haraam, especially in Ramadhaan?

The arguments proffered for providing haleem are stupidly spurious. Whoever fools himself with the idea of ‘thawaab’ for doling out haleem at the Musaajid, should be concerned with genuine thawaab by arranging for the haleem to be delivered to poor homes. In fact, there is no need to be insistent on haleem. This is another bid’ah forged for the Month of Ramadhaan. Give the equivalent in cash or groceries to deserving Muslims, silently and ostensibly without the stupid, haraam show which accompanies this bid’ah.

Furthermore, Muslims should have mercy on themselves by abstaining from halaalized CARRION chickens and meat. All your savouries are HARAAM. Your Rooh is putrefied and your health is ruined with the deluge of jeefah (carrion) you consume. Only those who intentionally smother their Imaani conscience to gratify their inordinate greed, will have the temerity to refute the proven fact that all chickens and meat commercially killed at kuffaar killing plants certified by the Cartel of Shaitaan are Haraam. No Muslim of decent intelligence can deny the irrefutable evidence which proves that 99% of the butcheries deal with CARRION.

Ramadhaan is the Month for spiritual training and upliftment. Take maximum advantage of the barkaat and benefits of this Month by means of more Ibaadat. But more and valid Ibaadat is possible only on the basis of Halaal-Tayyib food, and that too not ingested gluttonously.

28 Sha’baan 1444 – 21 March 2023



Purely by the fadhl and karam of Allah Ta’ala are we once again permitted the wonderful opportunity of entering into the Glorious Month of Ramadhaan. The rewards of Ibaadat in this auspicious month are multiplied manifold. But at the same time the punishment for sins in this month is also multiplied manifold. 

Two ingrained and salient evil acts in which most Muslims are involved during this month of Ramadhaan are gluttonous/devilish feasting at the time of Iftaar and missing Takbeer-e-Ula of Maghrib Salaat. There is absolutely no valid reason for the commission of these two evils. 

Iftaar is an auspicious time. Duas are readily accepted at the time of Iftaar. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that there are two occasions of happiness for the Mu’min: (1) At the time of Iftaar when he breaks his Fast, and (2) At the time when he will meet his Rabb in Qiyaamah. 

However, there can be no valid ‘happiness’ for gluttons who due to their gluttony miss Takbir-e-Ula and even the first raka’t of the Maghrib Fard Salaat. It is indeed lamentable to observe a whole saff or more musallis who are masbooq. They have no shame. They have to rise and fulfil the lost raka’t of Maghrib even during this glorious Month, and for such spiritually ruinous conduct, they have no valid reason. The only cause for this haraam missing of a raka’t is their gluttony. 

While it is Sunnah to break the Fast with only a few dates or dates and water, the gluttons, like animals or worse, indulge in savouries which ruin their health. They devour a full meal while the Maghrib Salaat has commenced. Then they rush to the Musjid to perform Salaat haphazardly. 

During the month of Ramadhaan, ensure that you are in the Musjid a few minutes before the Athaan. Engage in Dua or Thikr. As soon as the Athaan commences, break your Fast with only dates/water. Your Iftaar will end during the Athaan. Thereafter, another three minutes are allowed (at Musjidul Fuqara). Take maximum advantage of these three minutes and engage in Dua. Then you will not miss Takbir-e-Ula. 

May Allah Ta’ala grant us all the taufeeq to gain maximum advantage and benefit from this Glorious and Auspicious Month of Ramadhaan. Who knows if we shall see another Ramadhaan again?

28 Sha’baan 1444 – 21 March 2023



Allah Ta’ala states: “(O Women!) Remain glued within your homes and make not a display of yourselves like the tabarruj (exhibition) of Jaahiliyyah.”

Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said: “A woman is an object of concealment. When she emerges (from her home) shaytaan lies in ambush for her (to create fitnah).”

Today there are many Shaytaanahs being supported and publicized by immoral zindeeqs who pose  as Muslims. These zindeeqs with immoral objectives to serve, are bringing shaytaanahs- lewd women – dubbed  as ‘shaykhas’ to tour South Africa. These daughters  of the Devil travel around without mahaareem. They exhibit their ugly faces and forms on TV; they take photos; do not adopt Hijaab, wear colourful clothing  to attract fussaaq  and fujjaar, publicly expose their ugly faces from which exude La’nat.  Their satanic ways and styles are to make them attractive to an immoral public. They shamelessly speak to men without any necessity. They advertise  their voice to lure the lustful fujjaar. Their approach is most assuredly in violent conflict and in rejection of the spirit and letter of  the Shariah!

These lewd women are going around in public speaking about Afghanistan stupidities which are in total conflict with Qur’aanic Hijaab. They satanically speak of women’s so-called ‘rights’ – ‘rights’ which the Shariah does not recognize, but so-called Kufr ‘rights’ which shameless and immoral women are dying for!

Their talks of ‘women empowerment’ are satanic and haraam because it entails bringing women en masse into the public. Their actions such as gallivanting so shamelessly are proof of this.

Furthermore, they are  the guests of extremely evil local organizations who promote zina. They are Shaytaan’s media. They are a bunch of Zindeeqs and people should not be fooled into believing that their satanic stations are ‘Islamic’ merely because of the Arabic terminology  they deceptively employ.  These Shaytaani media Zindeeqs have made ‘Salaam’ to Islam – they have bid farewell to Islam which they abandoned long ago. These miserable wrecks of murtaddeen are only ‘Muslims’ by name!

 So-called ‘Muslim’ Women’s Forums are also in the forefront promoting these impure (naapaak) foreign shaytaanah-shaykhas. Their forums operate in violent  conflict with the Shariah. Their perpetrations are immoral, obscene and kufr. They are in denial of the  Hijaab  method  of the Qur’aan and Sunnah.  Women’s conferences are  confirmed conferences of the shayaateen.

If they believe that they are Muslim, then these  shaitaani shaykhas  should remain at home, attend to household chores, look after children and honour their husbands if they do have  husbands  and children. They should not exhibit themselves in public,  for  Shaytaan uses them as his ‘traps’ –  traps  mentioned  by Rasulullah (Sallallahu  alayhi  wasallam).

Just look at how immoral they are. They even take photos and post them on public platforms! Not  a vestige of haya/modesty. They are more shameless than professional  prostitutes who ply their immoral trade  in privacy. In reality, they are masculinized ‘females’  or lesbians  who display prostitute tendencies. Moreover, these  so-called  ‘Muslim’ women’s forums are potent traps of shaitaan. Their job is to ensnare males and misguide  women into the  dregs  of kufr  and immorality.

Women’s organizations and forums – women’s activities beyond the home precincts – lightens his burden and maximises the effects of his conspiracies. Participation in the political gatherings and activities of kuffaar – women’s conferences and seminars – are all the machinations of Iblees. All such so-called Muslim females who participate in the vile and obscene activities organized by these half-male women of the transgender type, are devoid of natural modesty and beauty. They were not born with such virtues which are the hallmarks of pure, chaste Muslim women. They are the implements and tools of Shaytaan. Shaytaan has lured these women out of their homes to lighten his task of misguidance and to be his traps.

All the cultural and stupid customs of the people of Afghanistan  about  which some of these lewd shaitaani shaykhas speak, have got nothing to do with Islam. The izzat (honour) and hayaa (modesty) of a woman are protected when they remain in their home – not when she exposes herself in public! The only places for a Muslim woman are her home  or her grave as mentioned in the Hadith.